Question from Bradenhad

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is the best place to find iron and gold ore?????

I want to know which one has the most of each

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From: Blazblu 5 years ago

125-175 Iron Ore

Collect: Iron Ore, Gold Ore.

Zones: Badlands, Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Thousand Needles.

Iron Ore is pretty plentiful, but to increase the speed I usually run cycles between Badlands, Arathi Highlands, and Hillsbrad Foothills. Once you get to level 155, you have the ability to smelt gold. The same thing applies just like it did with smelting silver. If you can afford to purchase gold ore (or if you can find some) make sure you smelt it for extra skill ups. From level 155-175 it takes about 30-40 Gold Ore. This will give you an idea on how much to purchase. :)

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I find all of my iron ore in the Hillsbrad foothills. It is pretty plentiful there. Although you will have to look somewhere else for a lot of Gold

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Go to website

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