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Asked: 4 years ago

Leveling Armor?

During one of my many recreations of my chars (I have so many level 1-40 chars its not even funny) I saw a person who had some interesting armor. When I inspected him it said 'level 1-80' I asked him about it and he said 'yea its account bound leveling armor.' Then he logged before I could ask him this.

Where do you get this armor? At what level do you need to be to purchase/find said armor? How much? Can it go 'between' realms? Does it come in different armor types or just the Leather I saw him wear?

Please help with this it would really help me as I really want this so when Cat comes out I can have said armor for the Priest I plan to make (I despise leveling priests yet I constantly do >_<

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From: joshiki_r 4 years ago

OK im gonna answer all this in order top to bottom

"where do u get this armor?"
you get it from a certain vendor in dalaran. OR in a pvp area known as wintergrasp. since later patches theres now a 3rd area to buy em but its a pain in the @$$. i know on my server at least, noone does the quests to get the currency for it

"At what level do you need to be to purchase/find said armor?"
must be lvl 80 to buy it

"How much?"
depending on the piece, anywhere from 50-i think 75 heroism emblems. if in wg(all pvp based gear), i think its 100-300 stone keeper shards. havent bought from there in a long time so im not sure on the price there at all

"Can it go 'between' realms? "
short answer, no.

"Does it come in different armor types or just the Leather I saw him wear?"
come in all types. and theres also weaponry and trinkets. with recent patches, theres also chest armor. on a side note, for classes that learn a better armor class at lvl 40, if u buy say, the plate lvling shoulders for a paladin, it will be treated as mail armor on that toon till 40, then automatically become plate

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Google heirloom

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