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Answered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Achievement points? 1
Any good items for a lvl22 hunter? 1
Band of the Victor and Circlet of the Victor? 1
Bloody duel weilding? 1
Can engineers make parachutes to reduce/eliminate fall damage? 1
Can I fix a hearthstone? 1
Can I get some help with certain properties of the Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape? 2
Crossbow shooting? 1
Defense cap? 3
Do Glyphs stack with Talents? 3
Emblem of Frost? 2
Epic Flying? 2
How and where do you learn to use guns? 9
How can I get a Crapton of cash Relatively easily and quickly? 1
How do i get a pet? 2
How do i get mounts from other races? 7
How do I mine for fish? 5
How do i move sharp arrows into the paper doll slot? 4
How do I use the forge? 4
How much does DK flying mount total cost? 1
How to obtain Satchel of Helpful Goods? 4
I need more pouch!? 2
Is there such thing as a totem weapon? 1
Level 80 hunter gear?!? 2
Leveling Armor? 2
Lich king? 1
Lightforce Armor? 2
Lil Deathwing? 2
Ranged Weapons? 1
Robes of Arcana? 2
Rogue Level 70 Quest? 2
Sea Turtle? 4
Soulshard (warlock)? 1
Tailor crafting? 1
The AshBringer??? 4
Warriors tier armor??? 1
Were can a undead warlock find a weapons trainer? 4
What is needed more in sword spec?? 2
What is the best gear for an afflication warlock and were can i get it ? 1
What is the fastest flying mount? 1
What is the highest? 1
What is the name of the fist item from ZG that has a CoH to make you look like one of the bosses? 1
What is the use of pet? 1
What level can I get a mount? 3
What's the best method of obtaining cosmic essence? 4
What's the earliest I can get a sword of any kind? 1
Whats a good weapon for 80 hunter? 2
Where can I buy Bows ? 1
Where can I buy medium leather? 3
Where can I find (athenaeum's tomb}? 1
Where can I find (books)? 1
Where can I find (devouring maggots and ewes)? 1
Where can I find (dungeons)? 2
Where can I find (hourglass)? 1
Where can I find (soul shard)? 3
Where can I find a cheap mount? 8
Where can I find a lot of linen? 2
Where can I find all of the books for (Higher Learning)? 2
Where can I find copper deposites? 1
Where can I find Earth Totem? 1
Where can I find flight master's license? 2
Where can I find flying machine? 1
Where can I find flying mount? 1
Where can I find iron deposits? 1
Where can I find mageweave cloth? 9
Where can I find Malachite? 7
Where can I find mounts ? 2
Where can I find mounts? 1
Where can I find Silver Ore? 4
Where can I find Silver ore???/ 4
Where can I find the BC heroic keys? 1
Where can I find the smelt copper recipe? 1
Where can I find the tokens for s1/s2 lvl 70 pvp gear? 3
Where can I find the zambian sword and shield? 2
Where can I find these items? 1
Where can I find trainers ? 1
Where can I find trainers? 1
Where can I train for Axes? 3
Where do I find the Mind-Control Dish and Jeeves on the PTR? 1
Where is the best place to find iron and gold ore????? 3
Which Darkmoon card? 1
Why won't my (Mining Skill) surpass 100? 2
Strategy/Tactics Hel Answers
Best class and race? 5
Best class for a pure mage? 9
Best Hunter job? 7
Best rotation for assassination rogue? 1
Best way to get? 1
Best way to increase Enchanting? 1
Can i get a free respec after a patch? 1
Can i get arena tokens solo? 4
Can you change your class? 1
Can you stack glyphs? 2
Death Knight auras? 4
Death Knight Talents? 3
Donations? 1
Easiest way to get gold? another? 1
Easy way to get gold for lvl 50's? 2
Enchanting profession and..? 1
Help for a lvl 50 enhancement shammy? 1
How do I get Pet's (Hunter)? 4
How do I place spells and commands on the right side of the screen? 1
How fast can I get from 21-55? 2
How to be a paladin? 9
I keep seeing specs and talent trees every time I read up on WoW. Does this mean....? 3
I would really Like to get to level 55 soon, how do i get there really quick? 2
If i quit skinning do i lose master of anatomy? 1
Im lvl 80 now and i STILL dont have artisan riding. How do i get more gold????? 2
Nice places to increase Skinning as an Alliance dude? 1
Ressurection help? 1
Talent treee help? 2
The horde? 4
What are Glyphs? 1
What are hunters best at in Warsong Gulch? 1
What are the best talents to use for my unholy dk? 1
What are the funnest classes/which classes get accepted to parties more? 5
What can I do to maximize my DPS as an Arms Warrior? 1
What dungeon is best for gold farming for my lvl80? 2
What is a fast way to get to 70? 3
What is a good Shadow Priest Spell Rotation for a level 80 Shadow Priest? 1
What is the best Caster? 9
What is the best rotation for Combat Rogue? 3
What is the best spec for a 80 raiding Hunter??? 1
What is the best spec for leveling as a Death Knight? 4
What is the best strategy for engineering? 1
What is the best strategy for mining money for a level 8? 1
What is the best talent tree for a paladin? 17
What is the best Talent Tree for a Wolf Hunter? 8
What is the best Talent tree for Druids? 6
What is the best talent tree lines for pve warriors? 1
What is the inscription profession? 2
What is the most dominant 2v2 arena team out there? 6
What's the best Arms Warrior rotation? 1
What's the highest dps seal for horde ret pallies after the patch? 4
Whats the best way to obtain higher DPS? 2
Where can I get 500g+ in hald an hour? 2
Which hunter pet is the best? 4
Who's better for a beginner: Druid or Hunter? 8
World of Warcraft, Warlock Professions? 1
Technical Help Answers
?WoW Client 1
Aliance is awesome help please? 1
BC Trail? 1
Can i download wow offline if i have the cd? 1
Can I switch from the WoW trial to the full version smoothly? 2
Can my laptop run this game? 8
Can this game be played offline, if you don't have an internet connection? 1
Can you download wow on more than one computer with the same disc? 2
Can,t log in? 1
Cant run the game through the luancher or the wow.exe? 1
Computer crashing? 1
Do i need patches? 3
Do need to buy WotLK to make a Death Knight as of Patch 3.0.8? 2
Do you have to play every month? 6
Dont know how top get me free month ? 2
Expansion Pack? 1
Help with graphics/frame rate issues...? 7
Help!!?? 1
How can i speed up wow? 9
How do i fix "error retrieving character list"? 2
How do u run it as an administrater (i have vista)? 1
How long does it take? 1
How long should it take to download? 1
How much does it cost? 2
How much does WoW weights? 1
How well will my computer run WoW? 1
I can't connect? 1
I could'nt barely hear the sounds!!!!?? 1
I downloaded to get the battlebot pet won't let me run game look at description? 6
I have two identical spells in the same action bar? 3
I may have asked this before, but.....? 1
I think I will miss this game!!????? (Impossible) 1
If I have more then one character...? 2
Installing the game with Vista? 2
Intel X3100 and WOW? 2
Is there a legal way for someone from England to play on US servers? 5
Is there a way to download the game if I have a key from the actual disc version? 2
Is this game playable with macs? 2
Minimum level to raid? 1
My game doesnt let me play? 1
New version download? 1
Other way to download WoW? 6
Realm shut down? 1
Running Wow? 1
Satellite Connection question? 3
The most simplest difference on realm types? 1
The servers sais that i don't have wotlk installed and that i should, but i have installed it?! 2
What about vista? 7
What do I need to buy? 3
What gfx setting/fps/ performance should i be getting? 1
What kind of computer do I need? 1
When does Battle Net Maintenance end? 1
Why are npcs, some objects, and player characters missing parts of their body/hair and such? 2
Why do I DC as soon as the load screen ends? 12
Why does my computer constantly run it one 8 FPS!? 3
Why does the game have a black line on the left side? 2
Why does the game keep telling me cant find suitable Display driver? 1
Why does the game keep telling me i cant run this game on mac? 2
Why does the game keep telling me it cannot connect to the server? 2
Why is the background downloader so slow? 2
Why is the Blizzard downloader telling me I am behind a firewall? 1
Why is the screen flickering for a few seconds them go black and I have to reset my pc? 2
Will a slow internet connection affect my game? 3
WIll I be able to run WotLK? 3
Will WOTLK ativation code works on classic wow trial account? 1
Other Help Answers
Aldor or Scryer? 1
Alliance/Horde switch? 1
Anybody know how to create a group? 1
Are mods here illegal? 1
Are raids really only for 80s? 1
Battlegrounds? 1
Best leveling place for a lvl 35 warrior and a lvl 24 rogue? 1
BEST leveling place on northrend? 2
Best pvp talent for DK? 1
Best rogue spec when pvp? 1
Bg timer addon? 1
Blizzard asked me to full up a research survey? 1
Blood elf shaodw priest vs undead shadow priest? 2
Can a alliance character ever, learn the language and become friends with the Horde? 1
Can i get? 3
Can I have two classes at the same time? 4
Can i just buy the original warcraft and burning crusade in order to play the whole game? 7
Can I play WOW with a joypad? 4
Can i play WoW without internet connection?? 5
Can i talk and interact with people that have both expantion packs if i do not , and only have the first wow ? 1
Can i turn off exp? 3
Can I use a visa gift card to pay for month's subscription? 4
Can ou just buy Wrath of the Lich King or do you also need the original World of warcraft? 1
Can Warlocks learn to wear leather armor? 1
Can you buy pets or do you have to get youe owne? 2
Can you play this game for free? 1
Can you retrive old accounts ? 1
Can you stack time cards ? 1
Can't find addon folder? 1
Character Limits? 1
Characters??? 2
Class And Race? 5
Cold weather flying? 1
Death Knight Race? 2
Death Knights? 1
Demo PVE Rotation? 1
Difference between public and private servers are? 1
Do You Have To Pay? 2
Do you pay double if you have Burning Crusade? 1
Do you still have to pay 50 cents/day even if you don't play? 1
Does anyone want my beta code? 3
Does creating aa Death Knight will replace a character or just create a new character to create a DK? 1
Does Enslave Demon work when u have a minion out? 2
Easy money? 1
Elder? 1
Elite beasts tameable? 5
Engineering? 2
Expansion Packs? 2
Expansions? 1
Find character? 5
Finding a player? 1
Flying licence? 2
Free level 30 mount for lock? 3
Frost PVP DK spec and Rotation? 5
Game like this for Xbox 360? 1
Gear Tiers? 1
Good Guilds to join? 1
Guild Banks??? 2
Helpful websites for finding good guilds? 2
Hi, im just woundering if there is a way to pla WOW in a window instead of fullscreen? 2
Horde or alliance recomended? 4
How Can I Get Into...? 4
How can I load my character? 1
How can I set a weapon in my Night Elf Druid's "Off hand" weapon section? 4
How come my PC always shows the user menu [the one with brightness, contrast etc.] even if im not pressing it? 1
How do Alliance members go to Horde Territory? 1
How do I gain the tame pet ability? 1
How do i get pet talents? 2
How do I get to loch morogh from storm wind? 1
How do I get to Tirisfal Glades? 1
How do I join/make a raid? 1
How Do I Pass Lvl 300 First Aid? 2
How do I play ? 1
HOW do I raid? 1
How do i set up marcos? 2
How do I speak in the general chat? 1
How do i switch or delete my trade skills? 1
How do I talk in general chat? 1
How do i tell what my gs is? 1
How do i turn off righteous fury? 1
How do you change the default floating combat text font? 3
How do you forget a profession? 1
How do you get Sunreaver Reputation? 1
How do you revive a hunter's pet? 1
How does and Elf get to Stormwind? 1
How much AP does one strength give for a warrior? 1
How much armor should a lvl 30 druid have? 1
How much armor should a lvl 40 druid have? 1
How soon can i start cata areas? 2
How time I have to play to get lvl70? 1
How to do an action? 1
Hunter - Mount and pet at the same time? 1
I fell off teldrassil while dead. How do i get back? 3
I have bought the game but do they still expect me to pay? 2
I keep reading about talent trees and specs. but what are they? 3
I trained in swords but cant use two handed. Why? 1
I want Steamwheedle rep at 80. Where do I go? 5
I'm having bad latency problems, any hints? 1
I've been playing this game for a year and I still have'nt over 20k gold in total!!!!? 1
If I buy the WoW battle chest do I get 30 days of game play with it? 1
If i pay for a month but dont play? 1
If I quit a proffesion, will its skills be saved? 1
Im planning to make a troll.. But what class and proffesion? 1
Installing the game? 1
Is it possble to get a Druid to dual-wield? 4
Is my account automatically billed for the WotLK upgrade? 9
Is there a game most similar to WOW but... ? 5
Is there any single player game? 1
Is there anyway to put wow on my computer without? 1
Is there Level 70 PvP armor anymore? 1
Is there still a way into "Old Ironforge?' 2
Is this a Good amount of money for my character? 2
Jewelcrafting help? 2
Leveling up low levels? 11
List all Exotice Beats / pets? 1
List all the classes special quest when lvl 10? 1
looking for skinning trainer near Teldrassil? 3
Lv85? 1
Macro to switch off-handers. How is it done? 2
My rogue is always on top of lvl 20's BG, but I want to have more hp, anyway to get more? 1
One 'kinda confusing' question? 1
Over 10 million people online! Really? 1
Paying For WOW play time? 1
Payment for WOW? 1
Play Time? 1
Please help? 1
Problem with chat bar? 1
Professions? 1
Question about downloading WoW, BC, and WotLK? 1
Quests for lv85? 1
Race Class? 1
RAF question about how you can ding others? 3
Raiding guild in Illidan server during nights?? 1
Recruit-A-Friend Character Transfer? 2
Recruit-A-Friend Question? 1
Recruit-a-Friend, will this work? 3
Recruit-A-Friend? 2
Rejoin the game? 2
Restro druid hps? 2
Shaman or Paladin ? 7
Should I level a mage or a shadow priest? 1
Should i try this? 1
Starter editions grouping? 1
Taking Screenshots? 1
Talent Tree Help? 4
Tell me, is a warlock's worst nightmare a rogue? and a rogue's worst nightmare a mage? (etc) 1
The tank class? 1
Themes? 2
This Sucks??? 1
Trial Question? 1
Trying to move WoW folder to external hardrive to free up space, but...? 1
Warlock Fast Mount how do u get it? 2
Warlocks have many summons, but I don't seem to find the Infernal. Where or how to find it? 1
Warriors biggest weapons? 1
Were do i find the dark portal for horde? 1
What and how to use Macros??? 1
What are DK's? 1
What can play it? 1
What can you do on a private server? 3
What class or race to equip a gun? 1
What class starts with the ability to use maces? 1
What do i need to start as a worgen? 1
What does "Proc" mean? 1
What does bind do? 1
What happens if you die? 2
What if a beast master hunter tames an exotic pet, then(cont.)? 1
What is a fast way to get gold at level 80? 5
What is ganking? 1
What is it about Dalaran? 2
What is the best place to find tin for a lvl 25 night elf? 1
What is the best talent tree for a druid? 6
What is the best WoW modding site? 1
What is the code you whisper to the Elder next to Auction house in Stormwind?? 1
What is the difference betw. a shadow and holy priest? 4
What is venting? 3
What level do i have to be to go from wow to wow burning crusade ? 3
What level do warlocks get demons? 2
What lv is lowest i can get a turtle pet? 2
What's up with the Faction Change?! 2
Whats a fast way to lvl from lvl 48 to 60? 3
When will hunters have their first pets????? 1
When you start out with world of warcraft , what level do you have to be (minium) to start the burning crusade ? 1
WHEN... O WHEN will they port this game? 3
Where are all the Portal trainers? 3
Where can i sell my account? 1
Where do i get it? 1
Where do I go to get rid of Soulbound crystals or item? 2
Where do I play? 2
Where do you get a flying mount? 2
Where do you get addons and who should I trust? 5
Where does the instance portal in Stormwind lead to? 2
Where is Ironforge? 2
Where to level mining? 6
Which class and species should i choose? 1
Which is the best spec for leveling a Mage from level 65 to 80? 3
Which is the high light in WOW? 2
Which professions would be better? 1
Which realm is the most populated and what time(inWoW eime) will ppl be online? (US) 3
Which World of Warcraft games play OFF-LINE ? 2
Why am i missing spells? 1
Why can't I loot anything? 7
Why can't I Talk to a Demon Trainer? 1
Why is there a monthly fee? 1
Will Blizzard NERF more classes? 1
Will i like WoW? What can you do at LvL 80? I Need How many Games? 6
Will my laptop run this game? 1
Worth buying? 1
Wow addons help? 3
WOW Disk Trial? 1
WoW Extension ? 3
Wow noob plez help? 2
Wow similars? 1
Wrath of lich king downloadable? 1
Wrath of the lich king? 2
XP to money for classic accounts? 1
Y are ppl putting questions on that u can use wowhead/thottbot for or ask blizz on the game itself? 5

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