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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat (other characters with my dk)? Open 7
Level Help status answers
Level 10-24? Open 4
Vial of sands? Open 1
Where do I get the level 225 riding? Open 3
Plot Help status answers
Why do people like mmo's? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
"Game data is currently being downloaded" ? Open 2
3.3.2 Patch problems? Open 2
Aliance is awesome help please? Open 1
Anyone know when "Shattered Halls" is going to be back on? Open 1
Burning Cursade installation problem...? Open 2
Can i tansfr a death knight without a lvl 55?? Open 3
Can multiple people use the cds for the benefits? Open 1
Can u use an i3 processor for this game? Open 2
Do I need to buy all expansions? Open 5
Freeze? Open 1
Help installing vista? Open 3
Help with moving installed file? Open 4
Help With Trial Please? Open 1
Help!!!? Open 2
How come evrytime i play a fulscreen game my internet disconnects? Open 1
How come the game is fast when im inside a building but slow whe im outside? Open 1
How do I activate addons? Open 10
I don't have a screenshot folder. why? Open 2
I installed wow but what is my account? Open 1
I sign up for the 10 day free trail and i don't know how to use it? Open 1
Is it possible to do the 10-day trial and RAF? Open 1
Is it possible to run WoW from a flash drive without downloading it onto the PC? Open 2
Macro help - anyone here a macro pro? Open 1
Meters? Open 4
My game isn't installing properly?? Open 2
Patches? Open 1
Problems DL new patch? Open 1
Scroll of Resurrection help? Open 2
Strange graphical glitches, certain things not showing up, etc.? Open 3
Talking help?? Open 2
What update was initiated? Open 1
Why cant i play WOW in Syria? Open 1
Why doens't my Questhelper work? Open 5
Why does my computer keep exiting WoW while i'm trying to start playing? Open 3
Why does the game keep restarting iteslf on me? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me "need more space on hardk disk"? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me Athenacating? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me cannot start account because of trial? Open 2
Why does the game not appear when I click the icon? Open 4
Why does the game not let me play? Open 3
Why doesnt my wow lauch? Open 2
Why won't the game run? Open 1
Will my laptop run this game smoothly? Open 4
Will wow work on the d100 laptop? Open 2
WoW isn't running. Help? Open 1
Other Help status answers
2 Vs. 2, etc? Open 4
Acceptable reason for opening a ticket? Open 2
Addons? Open 3
Armor???. Open 4
Best Class For Soloing with Elemental Magic/Magic Based Attacks? Open 2
Can alliance players get raptors as mounts? Open 3
Can Anyone send me a scroll of Rez? Open 1
Can I formguilds in the trial version of the game? Open 2
Can i play on my ps3? Open 3
Can some one send me a scroll of resurection its been a few years? Open 1
Can somebody sned me a scroll of Resurrection? Open 1
Can you really create crazy characters in this game. Like Mr. T driving a Ford Truck, or Ozzy Osbourne? Open 1
Can't enter The Underhold raid in LFR? Open 1
Cataclysm portals? Open 2
Dead account ? Open 1
Do I need a strong pc? Open 4
Do I need to buy the past versions/expansions of world of warcraft to play mists of pandaria? Open 2
Do Loot Cards from TCG work with the Starter Edition? Open 1
Do the graphics change between the cd's and the game client from the world of warcraft website.? Open 2
Does anyone have a runescape account they dont want anyymore? Open 2
Emails From Battlenet? Open 3
Ever tim i try to donlowad the free trial it says:please close all diolages and try aging what do i do? Open 1
Expansions questions? Open 1
Gamers: What do you think of Life after Death??? Open 1
Help with selecting new Characters? Open 1
Help? Open 1
How come my monitor of the PC always turns off [the button which will only shutdown the monitor]? Open 2
How does a level 31 night elf make some good quick money? Open 3
How many hours does it take to reach level 70? Open 1
How much grinding is there in this game? Open 1
How To Download This Game ? Open 2
Hunter's pet exp? Open 2
I need PC help? Open 1
I wanna play on a existing members computer? Open 2
I'm buyin a new computer for gaming can sum1 help me? Open 1
In cataclysm how many raid bosses will be released? Open 2
Is it possible to do double leveling without the other person using a trial account? Open 1
Is it true that leveling is easier now? Open 5
Is it worth it? Open 1
Is mist of pandaria worth me getting back into wow? Open 1
Is there any other way to get a cat besides the auction if your horde? Open 1
Is this game for Mac too?? Open 1
Is this game fun cause im getting sick of runescape? Open 1
Jewelcrafting or Skinning? Open 2
Jewelcrafting skill on 221 and char level 50? Open 1
Me again??? Open 1
Mounts & Fighting? Open 3
My friend is on eu servers how can he change to us? Open 2
Original Wow? Open 3
Peak raid times on servers? Open 1
Pre-paid? Open 1
Question about upgrading while in trial? Open 1
Quick Question? Open 3
Scroll of res????? Open 1
Stopping reoccuring billing but not stopping my account? Open 2
Subscription - How do I switch from recurring to pre-paid? Open 1
Sysetm requirments and fees? Open 2
Tanking pet? Open 2
Thunderclap Isn't stacking to increase Shockwave damage? Open 1
Trial disapeering? Open 2
Trial help? Open 1
Water Elemental Help? Open 1
What cause starfire to sometimes heal you for my balance druid? Open 1
What disks do you need to play? Open 2
What else? Open 1
What is the catch to playing free? Open 2
What is the quickest way to level up for a gnome warlock lvl 19? Open 2
What makes more money? Skinning or Herbalism ? Open 2
What should my stats be before I start tanking a raid? Open 3
What's the best gear for wow lvl85 player? Open 3
Where can a 15th level Warlock train? Open 1
Where can i find quests that continue off of the original Warcraft 3 story line? Open 3
Where do i go to grind? Open 1
Where do i go to level my Enchanting? Open 2
Where do I learn Aimed shot? Open 1
Where is the true weapon smith for the alliance on the Wrath of the Lich King?) Open 1
Where to get what armor? Open 1
Why should I come back? Open 4
Worgen issues? Open 3

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