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If you don't like MMORPGs, you probably wont like this game.primetonal3/10
Best MMORPG I have had the pleasure of playing.Azrael deFenris9/10
One fairly good gameBulletBill226/10
WOW is WOW!CaptainKO8/10
World of Warcraft lacks all the things that make a good role-playing game, except for equipment and area size.Evil_Random_Man5/10
The Downfall of MMO GamingExilious2/10
More addictive than McDonald's fries?EZfriedchicken10/10
I didn't know that games of this quality even existed....FireMonkey3110/10
One of the Best, Greatest, MMORPGS out there.Flare_Dragon1238/10
Blizzard has once again rasied the bar.i love food10/10
WoW, A different kind of MMORPGJedi Knightz9/10
The Only MMORPG Out There Worth Playing!JediKrys0410/10
Great and Addicting MMORPGKelvin7429/10
Put your life on hold, World of Warcraft has arrived.lbiggy10/10
World of Warcraft, World of Fun.LightBlade10/10
Excelent Money Drainer.liquidSeks8/10
An Un-biased True Reviewm0rpheu210/10
Blizzard Delivers The "WoW" factor. Another Hit In the bag!Paolosantos9/10
This is it, this is WOW!Poesghost10/10
There are better ways to spend your time and money...randomdudeftw4/10
World of Warcraft a failure? I think not!Raven2210/10
Not As Good As It Is Said To Besheik__freak6/10
I don't doubt that it's the greatest MMO of all time, I just don't think the basic MMO formula is a good one.Spark06/10
Great GameTheOnlyHeal9/10
A great MMORPG for a more casual gamerVader479/10
Addicting and fun!Wewt Wewt9/10
WoW - Its a love hate thingWhiteWingDevil7/10
Best RPG!!WWEKnight9/10
Blizzard Uses Deception and Addictions to their AdvantageZenitine99996/10
Its alright.zero86915/10
Could this be it? The greatest MMORPG of all time?Zydicore10/10

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