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"It's back and better than ever."

The Good
It is like the last, which was awesome.
A new very awesome addition: Armies
Building is 10x faster
Your creature has a thought bubble.
Graphics finally test my PC.
The tutorial is a lot quicker than the first
You get the creature as the very first thing you do in the game.
The wolf is available for the first creature, which is incredibly awesome

The Bad
You might have to stick to the game a little more, instead of spending time on your creature solely.
Pretty long loading times.
They replaced the Tiger with the Lion for beginning creature, I love the tiger!

New Features

There are many new additions. The biggest new feature is buildings. There is also god building. God building is dragging the blue-print of an existing building and place it anywhere you want. To speed up the process, you can take wood or trees and hold the action button. Your building will start forming and be complete in about 7 seconds, depending if you have enough wood and it requires no ore. Houses will take about 2 seconds since they require less wood and no ore. If you don't know what ore is, it is certain rocks that can be picked up and put in the storage facility. Why did I bold certain rocks? if you pick up normal rocks and try placing it in the storage, it will smash it. When you build, you get influence which expands your power, and of course, influence which can get villages to migrate to your village. New buildings were added, some are good such as retirement homes and nurseries, and some are evil such as torture chambers and punishment spikes.

There are now objectives. When you complete an objective, you are rewarded with tribute and ore. Tribute is like money, and can be spent on new types of buildings and miracles.

Miracles are now easier to acquire. As I mentioned, you get them with tribute. You can now buy miracles for creatures. So now, instead of getting miracles and having to teach your creature them, you can buy it instead.

New creature AI features. Your creature now has a thought bubble, so you know what to punish and reward. Now, if you missed something that you don't want him to do, there is a toolbar that you can find what he did and punish/reward for that action.

A new toolbar is added. You can buy new miracles and buildings with it, along with getting the blue-print for buildings and placing them within your influence.

Wars!! The best feature ever. You can build an armory and set up platoons. Basic platoons hold 20 soldiers. They have flags that you can move anywhere (even out of influence) and use that to capture village centres or attack other platoons and enemy villagers. If you want to be good, don't use soldiers and get villagers the honest way buy influencing them. I say capture and destroy.

Creature leashes have been replaced with newer, better leashes. They removed the leash of aggression, compassion, and learning. Now you have leashes that make your creature build, gather, become a soldier, and free will. Your normal leash should be free will, which lets him do anything he wants. Gathering leash makes him gather crops, building leash makes him build, and soldier makes him fight battles. Careful, if you keep him on a leash other then free will for too long, his free will bar goes down and he becomes a mindless zombie doing the only thing he knows. For instance if you keep him fighting not he soldier leash, he'll become a mindless attacking machine. It may sound cool to some people, but it really isn't good.

Your temple is removed. Instead of having a room with all the knowledge, you have a town centre will all the information about the town. It also shows your villages' needs, village information, a building that your village most desires, and a new cool feature. It tells you how good or evil you are. If you are evil, a flame appears and tells you how much percent of evil you are. If you are good it is a water fountain.

There are many other features, but buy the game and figure out the rest.

Graphics and Sound
You must have a good computer first and foremost. When you load the CD, it has a small menu. You can play the game, have the readme document, ect. It also has a diagnostic menu which tells you if you have all the requirements. If you are missing anything, bad luck. On to the graphics. The graphics, if you remember last game they were spectacular (for it's time period). This game is no different. The creatures have real fur, the grass has its own individual blade, the villagers' age shows, so if they are old they look old, pregnant women now look pregnant. The landscape is amazing and so real. The water now looks like water, with waves and ripples. The sound is amazing too. You can hear the chatter of the villagers, you can hear the battles between your platoons as if you are fighting, and you hear the call when they move out. It is mind blowing.

I won't write too much here, the gameplay is much like the last and is complex like the last. Just keep in mind that the action button and the movement butting are switched, and the pitch and rotation is now 3rd button.

Final Word

Amazing. This is not a game to pass up. Don't "borrow from a friend" don't rent, buy it.


Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 10/12/05

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