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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Weapons FAQ 
By Dokurider (dokuriderdoke@yahoo.com)
Version 0.9  Juun 25, 2012

0. Table of Contents

0. Table of Contents

1. Version History

2. Preamble

3. Weapons

	- Knife

	- Chainsaw

	- Revolvers

	- Thompson Machine Gun

	- Minigun

	- Rocket Launcher

	- Grenade Launcher

	- Flamethrower

	- Sniper Rifle

	- Laser Gun

	- Cannon Gun

	- Serious Bomb

4. Credits and Contact Info

5. Legal

1. Version History

v0.8 (July 31, 2011)
First Version. All the weapon analysis are written. Legal and other fluffy 
sections to be added later.
v0.9 (June 25, 2012)
Some miniscule changes. A year later, and I actually decide to actually upload 
this baby. Added wispy promise of a better guide.

2. Preamble


3. Weapons


According to the descriptions, it's supposed to instantly kill small 
enemies from behind. I wouldn't know since I've never pulled it 
off before in-game. Small range, weak, slow rate of fire, it 
completely pales in comparison to the Chainsaw. Avoid.

This is your melee weapon of choice. However, your real fall-back 
weapon are your shotguns, so you'd only be using this when you're 
REALLY desperate. Actually, there are some situations where the 
Chainsaw is a god send. You'll be mainly using the Chainsaw 
versus those frog swarms, as the hitbox on the Chainsaw is 
deceptionally wide. Just hold down the fire button and watch those frogs jump 
into your chainsaw and get grinded into a fine paste. With the chainsaw, it's 
very easy to make out of those swarms without a scratch. Just be careful. 
Sometimes, those frogs can actually jump OVER your chainsaw and into you, but 
that happens rarely.

The Chainsaw is also useful when you are being swarmed by those 
cyclops monsters and backpeddling is not an option. It really makes 
quick work out of them and leaves you very safe.

You can also use it to destroy those green energy balls before they hit you. 
Of course, you'll have no way of actually hitting the demons back unless 
they are somewhere you can get to them, like in the very first level.

And finally, the Chainsaw is good at cutting down trees, naturally, as well as 
destroying other destructable objects. Sometimes, you want to 
cut down every tree you see, especially in the Babylon levels, where 
enemies use them to hide themselves with. It can really save you 
some grief.

Use one or dual wield them. Dual wielding does double damage,
but takes longer to reload. You'll mainly be using this to pick off weak 
or stationary enemies from a distance when you want to conserve 
ammo. When you're out of bullets, you'll be falling on this to kill those 
green demons as you can shot those green energy balls out of the sky with 
these. Sometimes you'll want to switch to the single revolver as the reload 
time with the dual wielding can get you hit. Dual wielding fires two shots 
every time you fire, so try to adjust. Either way, you have six shots with both 

Single Barrel Shotgun:
The first weapon you pick up. Fairly decent. You'll never run out of ammo for 
this as ammo for it is pretty much around every corner. Your main fall back 
weapon. You'll actually be using this late game as it's very good for 
dispatching with those kamikazes that are getting close. It's firing rate and 
range put it heads over it's Dual Barrel cousin. 

Dual Barrel Shotgun:
Uses two shotgun ammo for each shot. This is not a good weapon to have out 
when you are panicking as it's slow reload time will be the death of you. Add 
that to it's short range and it you'll find that it's single barrel cousin is 
a superior weapon. However, know that this baby can 1-shot a skeleton. 
However, it has to be at point-blank range or else you'll be wide open for the 
skeleton to attack you. It takes some practice to get the timing down, but 
it's very satisfying. It's also pretty good for dealing with those electric 
fish things.

Thompson Machine Gun:
Use this to dispatch of mobs weak enemies at a range. Don't go buck wild and 
go full auto with this gun as you'll find your ammo drained pretty quickly. 
Instead, fire in accurate bursts to conserve ammo as much as possible, as this 
is one good gun and ammo is harder to come by than most. The Thompson is very 
good at attacking and defending yourself against destructible projectiles 
simultaneously. It's also pretty good at shooting down those damn harpies when 
they are close.

Use this when you want to kill something at a range urgently. Be very careful, 
as reckless firing will find yourself depleted of bullets and that's always a 
pain. It has a wind up time, so you can't use this on reaction. It will start 
to wind down when you stop firing, so take that into consideration. It is a 
very good weapon to kill those giant biomechs when they get to you up close, as 
you can destroy the rockets before they come of them. Again, try to use this 
weapon sparingly, as it's a great weapon, but you can use it all up in a 
minute. It also overheats if you fire it for too long, but that's rarely an 
issue with responsible use.

Rocket Launcher:
Your standard weapon for dealing with tough enemies. It can 1-shot those 
skeletons with ease, but you want to avoid using rockets on those as there are 
a lot of skeletons in this game, but you can only carry 50 missiles. Has a 
slow traveling time, so you have to compensate for that by leading your shot. 
When dealing with fast enemies that are hard to hit, realize that you don't 
always have score a direct hit to kill. Firing at the ground of where it's 
going to be can stun them, if not outright kill them, as the more quicker 
enemies don't have that much health. Do not fire this in hugging distance of 
enemies as the splash damage will hurt you.

You can actually use rockets to rocketjump by firing at your own feet and 
jumping. You'll jump very high. With practice, you can land on walls and 
buildings and get at secrets and get out the reach of enemies. Fire it closer 
to your feet for more height and away from you for more distance.

Grenade Launcher:
The Grenade Launcher is much better at dealing with clusters of enemies then 
the Rocket Launcher. It does more damage, too. It can drop those pumpkin guys 
and those bulls in one hit. It arcs and it also doesn't explode when it hits a 
wall, so you can bank it to kill enemies around corners and walls. Hold down 
the fire button to fire it for longer distances. 

It can be a tricky weapon to use. Because it arcs and bounces, it can be 
difficult to hit with sometimes. Using this gun in close range is suicide as 
it deals a crapload of damage if it blows up in your face. Not good for 
rocketjumping at all. The explosions can sometime make enemies bounce, so if 
you are rapid firing into a crowd, some enemies can bounce and your grenade 
can just slide right underneath them, or worst, accidentally blow them 
FORWARD. Combined that with it's massive self damage can spell disaster. You 
can prevent that by not skidding it on the ground. In the right hands, the 
Grenade Launcher is an excellent weapon for crowd control and killing 
tough enemies efficiently.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best video game flamethrower ever. This is one of 
the best weapons in the game. This will be your main weapon until the later 
levels, and even then, it's still a solid choice. When the enemy is getting 
too close, pull out your flamethrower and cut them down like a goddamn 
samurai. It deals great damage, fires as a continuous stream, consumes 
ammo rather slowly and it's ammo is not that hard to come by. To 
further boost it's ammo efficiency, it adds afterburn, which damages 
the enemy after you've stopped firing on it. Learn how much time of firing 
it takes so that it's weak enough to die from afterburn. 

This is the perfect weapon for dealing with those damned skeletons and 
whatever else get too close. It also VERY good at killing those skinless 
aliens up close as when they are weak enough, the afterburn will continuously 
hitstun, so you can concentrate on other things while they helplessly burn to 
death or you can choose how to finish them off at your leisure. It doesn't 
work on those blue ones. It's also fun to burn down those harpies when they 
get close enough. Why? Because it knocks them out of the air and it's a fun 
thing to do. Watching them burn to death is so therapeutic and hilarious. 
It can handle those frogs, but the chainsaw is a much better weapon for that.

It's only flaws is that it can't fire underwater (even if the pilot light 
still burns) and it has short range. It's short range makes it a bad idea to 
use versus the really big and tough enemies as you have to get close to them 
and that's usually a bad idea. It can also hurt you by splashing back onto 
you if you fire it on a wall, but you have touching it in order for that to 
happen and the damage is minimal anyways.

Sniper Rifle:
On the other side of the range spectrum, the Sniper Rifle is obviously the 
best weapon at long distances. Use to pick off bulls, the scorpions, pumpkin 
guys, those pig guys, blue biomechs, harpies and whatever else you don't like 
in one hit. It deals more damage when it's scoped. You can zoom in and zoom 
out. Don't worry about recoil. It's just your standard sniper rifle. Oh and it 
kills those red biomechs and other tough enemies just fine, it just takes two 
or three more shots to kill them.

Laser Gun:
Use to kill off swarms of tough enemies. When the game is really throwing the 
tough shit at you, use this gun. It has a travel time, so you have to 
compensate for that by leading your shots and learning how long you have to 
fire on an enemy to kill it. Otherwise, you can be wasting precious ammo 
firing on an enemy that's already good as dead. Believe me, you want to 
conserve ammo, as it's hard to get and it goes so quickly. 

Cannon Gun:
Use it to kill bulls, red biomechs and columns of unlucky enemies. It'll go 
through weak enemies, but stop on tough enemies. If you charge it up by 
holding down the fire button to it maximum, you can go through everything 
but the huge enemies it can't one shot. However, you have only 30 or so and 
ammo is rare and sparse, so you have to really get the most use you can get out 
of each and every shot. You can accomplish this by lining up your shots to hit 
as many enemies as possible. It's like playing billiards. Beware of using this 
indoors as if the ball rolls over you, it's instant death.

Serious Bomb
The ultimate weapon. When you detonate this thing, it instantly kills 
everything around you that isn't a boss. You only get 20 or so of these things 
in the game and you can only carry three, so use them wisely. It also has a 
start up time, so take that into consideration when deploying as well.

4. Credits and Contact Info


5. Legal

Copyright 2011-2012 Dokurider