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(How do i enable cheats?)

I cant get the cheats to work. i pressed the tilde key a thousand times please help


scorpion_9856 answered:

Open the folder where you have installed the game. Open the configuration file Named as Hitman.ini with notepad. In the end add
EnableCheats 1
EnableConsole 1
Now save it. Cheats will be enabled.
Now Start the game.
Then, when in game open the console by pressing tilde key (~) and type in the following cheats:

IOIRULEZ - God Mode (on/off)
IOIGIVES - All Weapons and Items
IOISLO - Slow motion (on/off
IOIER - Bomb Mode (on/off)
IOIHITALI - Ali Mode (on/off)
IOILEPOW - Special attack Mode (on/off)
IOIGRV - The force of gravity Mode (on/off)
IOINGUN - Nail rifle
IOIPOWER - Mega Power
NOTE: Some have noted that you can simply type the codes in while playing (with CAPS LOCK on) instead of using the console. If you have an US keyboard, just write IOIRULEZ. On any other keyboard the z and y change place so you have to type in IOIRULEY. Also, try not to enter them too fast. Do it more or less slow.
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