Regen Scrapper Guide by panthols29

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City of Heroes

Scrapper Regen guide by Panthols.

Well, I'll start by saying this, Regen is in my opinion the most 
versitile defensive set avaliable.  You can get decent resistences 
to lethal/smashing damage, some resist to toxic, and everything else
you just heal as it comes in.  That's another thing that I love 
about regen, we take more damage than any other AT out there (by 
take more, I mean damage that gets through).  There are various 
differant builds you can go with, but the one I will reccomend 
(secondary powers, and pool powers to support them) is basically a 
min/max build.


I: Regen Powers
II: Reccomended Pool Powers
III: Final Defense/Resist Percentages:
IV: Slotting of reccomended powers:
V: Example Build (mine):
VI: Final words:

I: Regen powers:

Fast Healing (auto):  You are forced to take this, just dont slot it.

Reconstruction (clickable):  Nice healing power with a decent 
recharge.  As of I3, it now grants temporary toxic resists.  I 
wouldn't reccomend slotting this, lvl 2 - 16 may be a little more 
difficult with it unslotted, but you should be able to get by 
without too much of a problem.  After 16, throw either a recharge or
damage resist SO in here and make sure to hit it before you engage 
any mobs that use toxic damage.

Quick Recovery (auto):  Lets face it, yer regen, yer gonna have more 
than a few toggles.  Take it, 6 slot it asap (before integration).

Dull Pain (clickable):  Not necessary at the lower levels, later on 
though, it's a life saver.  This increases your max HPs by 40%, 
which in turn increases your heal rate by 40%.  You want 4 slots in 
this (perma'd with perma haste).  You dont need to keep this up all 
the time, but durring some big AV fights, you are dead if it drops.  
You can stack this for an 80% increase in max hps, but it lasts for 
a maximum of 30 seconds (6 slotted with +3 SO's) so it isn't worth 
it.  Being a successful regen scrapper is knowing exactly what you 
can take and eliminating most or all variables, 30 seconds out of 
120 where you HOPE you take the hits that would normally alpha 
strike you is not how I play, if it sounds appealing to you, SR is 
a fun secondary for gamblers =].

Integration (toggle):  Was our status resist powers, now it's the 
bread portion of our bread and butter power(s).  It's a constant 
heal similar to, but less powerful than, instant healing, oh and it 
still offers a magnitude 15 status resist (stun, hold, sleep, 
disorient, etc.).  Take it, 6 slot it, keep it up all the time (this 
is why you 6 slotted quick recovery).  Depending on your primaries 
endurance usage and how much you want to heal, do either 2 end 
rdx/4 heal or 1 end rdx/5 heal.

Resilience (auto): Nice power, gives lethal/smashing resist, as well 
as resistance to disorient.  This is most noticable when using an 
awaken, past lvl 35 (approx) you can use any awaken with no 
disorient.  I've seen arguments about how much resist this offers, 
some say 5% up to 10%, my testing has shown 9.5% (approx).  Keep 
this single slotted, until late game, then I reccomend you 6 slot it 
with damage resist.  Will give approx 21% resist 6 slotted.

Instant Healing (toggle):  The butter portion of your bread and 
butter powers.  The heal rate was recently reduced because of the 
heal added into integration, the split is about 30/70, the 70 being 
instant healing.  You want this 6 slotted ASAP, and run this all the 
time.  Standard practice for this is 2 end redux/4 heals, you can 
modify this based on your play style and end usage, but I would not 
reccomending going with less than 1 end redux, or 3 heals.

Revive (click): Is what it sounds like, you come back to life.  
Normally surrounded by the group of mobs that just put you into your 
current situation thus ensuring that you incur more debt.  VERY 
limited use (only when dead, and in probably 1/4 of those 
situations).  If you die and are in a position to be revived, you 
are probably on a team with someone that has an awaken or rez.

Moment of Glory (click):  A power almost everyone agrees is not 
worth it, and a slap in the face to a regenner.  Basically 
eliminates all your other toggles, doesnt allow you to heal, and 
just isnt very fun.  When you click it, your hps drop to 20% of 
their max (up from 10% before I3), and you become highly resisnt to 
all but psy damage (takes 2 or 3 SO's to cap resist), and are unable 
to heal or be healed.  This is known to most high level regenners as 
the "sapper button" (or something of that sort), Malta sappers drain 
your end and stun you, basically ensuring that a regen scrapper 
drops like a fly.  This power avoids being hit by them for the most 
part, and if you do get hit, you dont have any toggles that can be 
dropped anyways.  So unless you want a panic button that is useful 
against 1 type of mob and nothing else, dont take this.

II: Reccomended powers:

Haste (click): Doubles the recharge speed of any power, you want 
this.  6 slot it, hold ctrl and click the power to make it auto.  
Will drain 20 end every 2 minutes when it dies, but it's well worth 
it.  This also allows you to perma Dull Pain with only 4 slots 
instead of 6 in that.

Stamina (auto):  Regen uses alot of end. .  A LOT.  Take this, 6 
slot it, your end problems should go away.

Tough (toggle):  Base 15% reist to lethal/smashing.  Very nice to 
help regen avoid alpha strikes, as this is one of very few 
resistance powers (3) avaliable to us.  Take it, 6 slot it for 
approx 33% resist to lethal/smashing, add this to the 21% you get 
from resilience 6 slotted and 54% isnt a bad number.

Weave (toggle):  Base 10% defense.  Pretty helpful, but not as much 
as resistance powers.  I reccomend throwing 5 slots into this power.  
The reason I say 5 will become apparent when I add up the slots this 
build takes.

III: Final Defense/Resist Percentages:


Haste: 5%
Weave: 20%
further optional:
Combat Jumping: 5%
Super Speed: 5%
Hover: 5%
Stealth: 7.5%


Tough: 33%
Resilience: 21%

IV: Slotting of reccomended powers:

Qucik Recovery: 	6
Dull Pain:		4
Integration:	6
Resilience:		6
Instant Healing:	6
Haste:		6
Stamina:		6
Tough:		6
Weave:		5

Total awarded slots required:	42

You have 67 slots given to you from lvl 1 to 50.  So this leaves 
you with 25 slots to put wherever you want them (attacks).  So 
whatever primary you have, pick the 5 powers you like the most and 
that is what you are stuck with.  Like I said, this is a min/max 
build, defense wise this is the best it gets for scrappers.  As for 
travel powers, I suggest sticking with Super Speed until lvl 41, 
then taking Combat Jumping, and Super Jump at lvl 44. Also for 
endurance reasons, turn off sprint while fighting, it will make a 

V: Example Build:

Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers - Melee : Claws
Secondary Powers - Defense : Regeneration
Slot 01 Level 1:Strike /Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Acc
Slot 02 Level 1:Fast Healing /Heal
Slot 03 Level 2:Reconstruction /Rchg
Slot 04 Level 4:Quick Recovery /EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec
Slot 05 Level 6:Hasten /Rchg,Rchg,Rchg,Rchg,Rchg,Rchg
Slot 06 Level 8:Swift /Run
Slot 07 Level 10:Dull Pain(Regen) /Rchg,Rchg,Rchg,Rchg
Slot 08 Level 12:Boxing /Dmg
Slot 09 Level 14:Super Speed /Run
Slot 10 Level 16:Integration /Heal,Heal,Heal,Heal,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot 11 Level 18:Focus /Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Acc
Slot 12 Level 20:Resilience /DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Slot 13 Level 22:Health /Heal
Slot 14 Level 24:Stamina /EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec
Slot 15 Level 26:Eviscerate /Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Acc
Slot 16 Level 28:Instant Healing /Heal,Heal,Heal,Heal,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot 17 Level 30:Tough /DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Slot 18 Level 32:Shockwave /Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Acc
Slot 19 Level 35:Weave /DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot 20 Level 38:Combat Jumping /DefBuf
Slot 21 Level 41:Super Jump /Jump
Slot 22 Level 44:Web Grenade /Slow
Slot 23 Level 47:Shuriken /Dmg
Slot 24 Level 49:Exploding Shuriken /Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Acc
Slot 25 Level 1:Brawl /Dmg
Slot 26 Level 1:Sprint-Prestige /Run
Slot 27 Level 2:Rest /Rchg

VI: Final Words:

All this information was gathered from 700+ hours playing as a regen