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                    City of Heroes Comic
                     Player Cameo Guide

                Weston "The Mess" Wedding

(Copyright 2005 Weston Wedding)

This guide exists primarily because of the information Brandon
McKinney, the artist behind the first 12 Issue story arc, has generously
given out to players in posts and e-mails directly to my inbox.

There will be, eventually, a fancy-shmancy website dedicated to the
player characters that have made it to the pages of this comic book
because, whether you think the comic is any good, I think we can all
agree it's pretty cool to see real player characters in a comic book!

My hope is that, with this guide, no one will need to make any more posts
pondering what characters are player cameos, the prized reward for
City of Heroes' many contests.

Last update: 5-04-2005

The Cameos!

Not much needs to be explained in this section! Here's some very basic 
info about what player characters have appeared in each issue of the 
official City of Heroes comic book.

Issues: 1,2, 3, and 4

Issue #5
This issue is noteworthy because it is the first case of Player
Character cameos.  With the exception of Apex, telepath/mentalist in 
red and purple, and MoJo Texas, the jury consists of Beta Characters 
picked from a pool given to the artist.

Freija -  The blonde female with the topknot wearing pink/orange 
(described as pink by the artist, looks orange to me).  Has a 
non-speaking role in this issue.

Janey Kindheart - The female foreperson.  Introduces herself by name, 
and wears purple tights and has purple hair.

Lady Elenya -  Female with black hair and red skin, in a skimpy black 
outfit.  No speaking part.

MoJo TeXaS - The rather outspoken male with brown dreadlocks and pimp 
suit.  This character belongs to the letterer, Neil Hendrick.

Namaste -  The mage in blue with an eye in the middle of his forehead, 
uses a spell to gather info about the trial.  Helps get everyone in 
trouble with the Bailiff. 

Pawn of Fate - The lone dissenting Jury member.  He has brown hair, eyes 
without pupils, and is wearing a white "wifebeater" shirt.  This 
character is known to have re-created for retail by the player and you 
might even run into them someday.

The Last Ancient - Big male with skin colored black.  Has big horns, 
and no spoken lines.

Soljourn - The male grey-skinned, ninja-type sitting next to Fate.  
Has no lines.

Stars'n'Stripes - The redheaded female wearing red, white, and blue.
  No lines are spoken in this issue.

Wes The Mess - The big male with blue hair, wearing blue and yellow pants.
No spoken lines.

Issue #6

The Jury continues to appear in this issue, but go separate ways
eventually.  Wes The Mess speaks up this issue, as does Freija with
a one-liner.  Janey flirts it up with Apex a bit, too.

New cameos in this story arc are...

Eddie - One of Namaste's SG members.  Male that has black dreadlocks, 
dark/tan skin, and teleportation powers.  Has several lines.

Firehands - One of Namaste's SG members.  Female blond in futuristic 
body armor and a short black skirt. Uses several fire powers and has 
several lines.

Sir Arctic - One of Namaste's SG members.  Large male tanker in 
medieval armor with a big axe.  Speaks several lines with a "medieval" 

Issue #7

Fate, Janey Kindheart, Lady Elenya, Namaste (with SG members Eddie, 
Firehands, and Sir Arctic), Soljourn, Stars'n'Stripes, and Wes The 
Mess stick around once more.  Not a whole lot of talking goes on by
everyone as they get pounded on by the pair of Titans, except for the
three main characters and Eddie and Janey.

Our first cameos involving non-Beta characters begin in this issue!

Cyberlynx - In one of the tubes at the end.  Is the artist's character!

KC Render - Another one from the tubes.  Only spoken line: "URRMRR."  Is
one of the first characters the artist met in-game.

Melanie - Another tube hero!  Also is someone the artist met in-game.

Issue #8

Contest winners begin to appear in the comic books!  The first contest
winners won the Bumper Sticker Contest, earning themselves an Issue #8
appearance.  An NPC, Kayla, also makes her 2nd appearance.

Payback - Referred to a "Captain Planet lookin' fella" by Kayla.  Aside
from the black hair, pale skin, and white t-shirt it is a fairly
accurate description.  Several lines and an interaction with primary

Lady Flame - Scantily clad, "hot blonde" character.  Literally, a hot
blonde... with the flames and all.  Several lines and interaction with
primary characters.

M'lojnir - The electric blaster in the first flashback of a conflict
between Crey Industries and a hero.  No spoken lines.

Badmoon - An assault rife blaster wearing black and red armor. He is
in a flashback, only this is a different conflict with some Paragon
Protectors.  No spoken lines.

Supergroup AKLM - Appear in the top panel of page 7.  Left to right they
are: Victor Wells, Jennifer Render, Rayvenwolf, Lightning-Rod (alt of 
artist), Jesse Sterling and Melaine (2nd appearance!).  No spoken roles.

Jaded Angel - In the monitor on the first panel of page 10.  Only "real" 
hero out of all of the other heroes appearing on various screens 
throughout the issue.

Issue #9
The attempt to get answers about Horus' origins continues, while
Apex and War Witch do their own part in the hunt for the 5th Column
base.  2 more contest winners (or something) appear in this issue.

Enigma - The male in dark/black and green armor who joins Apex and
War Witch in Independence Port.  Has what appears to be Super Speed,
but is given a green color for the f/x.  Has a few lines, mostly
one-liners like the comical, "BLARGH!"

Mentl Midget - Short male in shades, a fedora, a suit coat, and
tights... all very red-brown or maroon.  Is a Force Field hero and
has plenty of lines, and has an important role in tracking down the 
5th Column base.

Jack Emmert - Not a spectacular likeness, but this developer of CoH
appears in the elevator with Horus.

Issue #10
   Horus' origins revealed... although the suprise probably wasn't
TOO suprising for some/most of us!  Two more cameos in this issue,
the other two apparently teleported to the hospital safely.  Sorta
disappointing how repeat cameos are being avoided in these issues,
when they would make sense.  Let's not forget the heroic representations
of the various people that bring this comic to us on the bottom of
the first page, either (they aren't in-game hero appearances).

The Weevil - Short and spunky claws scrapper in brown tights and with
bug-eyes.  Plays an important role in the issue, many spoken lines.
Calls ladies "toots" and men "jack" frequently.

The Director - Director-looking guy with a black-and-white theme and
the masks of joy and sorrow on his chest.  Some lines, most of them 
directing-related like "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Issue #11
    Horus kicks some butt with his regained power, War Witch gets
a tad blood thirsty, and Apex bumbles around like he always does. Crey
shows up a bit more, too, and a brawl ensues... probably sending renters 
insurance rates sky high.  Bring on the costume contest winners for

Hellgeist - The illusionist/mind-controller in a simple blue costume
that decides to investigate the gaping hole in War Witch's wall.  Has
several lines and plays an important role in the issue.

Avonlea - Brown-haired woman with wearing wings on her head.  The
costume is one of my favorites, simple but still eye catching.
Teleports into War Witches room after Hellgeist, for the same reasons.
Many lines, important to the plot.

Fire Dust - Female with short red hair, a metallic eye plate, and lots
of circuitry.  Many lines, as important as the rest of the cameos.

Issue #12
    The final issue of the Blue Kings Studios run.  Can't really
say much without spoiling things.  Some plot parts are left completely
unresolved, though.  Just what happens between Crey and Apex's sister?
Anyway, lots of names to drop here...

The previous three appear for a little bit, but don't make it to the
big battle later.

Avro Arrow - Male in red and white, with pointy shoulder pads.  Has no
lines, and takes part in a battle against the 5th alongside Backalley

Deneige - Female with brown hair and goggles, not really in any clear
shots except a panel where she gets tossed around by a warwolf during
the big fight.  No lines spoken.

Jerrica - The sarcastic female with the bright pink hairdo and revealing
top.  Funny line, in response to "here come's the cavalry!": "Cavalry?
More like special guest stars!"

Null Op - The guy with the skull-face and dark hood.  No spoken lines,
and is mostly obscured by foreground characters during the big brawl.

Louis Train -  Shirtless bad guy with a tan and a heart on his chest.
No spoken lines, is obscured in each frame of the fight.

The Exfoliator -  Female fighting evil in a bath towel!  No
spoken lines, obscured by foreground characters.

Obsidian Faust -  Demon-looking character, probably see less of him
than any of the other guys during the fight.

Gyromiss - Blue robo-lady, with several lines during the big brawl.
Shouts "Nazis and Vampires and Werewolves, oh my!" as the rumble

Two-Tone -  The big guy in blue with goggles and stars on his
chest.  No spoken lines, and is mostly obscured by the brawl.

Last but not least, we have the final page of the issue.  While
no one speaks, they're all real characters, and Brandon Mckinney
lists them for us...

"On the last page (22), I got to draw a lot of people I know from
  the game and from the message boards.
- English Rose
- Super Villain
- Sigma
- Celtic Lord (SG mate)
- H8ter (SG mate)
- Hellfire-X (SG mate)
- Deraath (SG mate)
- Cyberlynx (my character)
- Burning Wrath
- Xanatos (I think you know him)
- Wes the Mess makes a comeback!
- Mal (The writer, Rick Dakan's character)
- Mojo Texas
- Lady Grasp
- Darkweaver
- The Retailer
- Jennifer Render (SG mate)
- Jack Styx (SG mate)" 

Thanks initially goes to Fate for pointing out he had a cameo, and
myself for actually recognizing my own character appearance!  That
started the desire to make the guide in the first place.

The hugest, most important credit, goes to Brandon McKinney.  He's
the artist of the first 12 issues of the comic, and was remarkably
willing to supply the information in this guide.  Without him,
this guide would simply not exist.

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Update History
--- 5-4-2005
      Issue 11 and 12 update.  Dubbing this the final update until
another source of info is found.

--- 3-12-2005
     Issue 10 update.

--- 1-28-2005
     Added Issue 9 info.

--- 1-08-2005
     Added character info for Issue 8.  Also added bit of extra info
to MoJo TeXaS: Is the letterer's (Neil Hendrick) character.

--- 12-06-2004
     First version is born, added characters from issues 5-7.