Broadsword/Super Reflexes Scrapper Guide by TwilightPhoenix

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/21/10 | Printable Version

City of Heroes
Broadsword/Super Reflexes Scrapper Guide (I19)
by TwilightPhoenix

Table of Contents

1. The Purpose of the Guide
2. General Overview of the Power Sets
3. Broadsword's Powers
4. Super Reflexes' Powers
5. Ancillary/Patron Power Pools
6. Generic Power Pools  ...Plus Fitness
7. Incarnate Abilities
8. Alignment Abilities
9. FAQ
10. Contact Info
11. Copyrights
12. Version History

The Purpose of the Guide

At the writing of this, there were no guides on the Scrapper combination of
the Broadsword primary and Super Reflexes secondary.  This is actually
quite a bit surprising, as the two sets synergize together pretty well
(though it's hard to find any combination for Scrappers that don't work).
Having played a BS/SR Scrapper up to 50 and using him quite a bit 
afterwards still, including some forays into the arena and PvP zones, I
decided to put together this guide to the power combination.  Please note
that this guide is suggestive.  Your play style and experiences will vary,
as will what you build it for.  Consequently, while I will give some
slotting ideas for the powers, I'm not going to suggest specific slotting
or post any builds.  After all, a build meant for soloing an AV won't be
the same as one meant for murdering people in PvP.

General Overview of the Power Sets

As with any combination, you'll have things you can do very well and things
you won't be so hot at.  These are things you'll have to cope with.
Luckily, CoH offers plenty of ways to make up for your weaknesses while
playing to your strengths, especially with the generic power pools (which
will be covered later).  Broadsword/Super Reflexes is a late blooming set.
You get some of your important things early on, but the first seven levels
are really the hardest part of your journey.  On the other hand, once you
reach your higher levels, things will just get easier, especially once you
start getting Single Origin Enhancements (SOs) or comparable strength 
Invention Origin Enhancements (IOs).  Mixing and matching set IOs will also
help a great deal, but can be expensive.  Remember, slotting up all of your
powers is much more helpful than dumping all your cash into a single,
rare and powerful IO, such as a Miracle +Recovery.  If you want the big
shinies, be patient and wait until you can get them without gimping 
yourself, because this set can gimp itself hard without enhancements.

Anyway, lets look at the two sets apart from each other.  Broadsword is a
slow, but powerful set.  It relies on heavy bursts of lethal damage to kill
its targets.  Early in the game, two-shotting even-con minions isn't
uncommon.  Later on, three-shots will often do them in, even if they have
some resistance.  Broadsword also has a good mix of single target and
crowd controlling abilities.  It has three main single target attacks 
(Hack, Slash, and Disembowel) and three main multi-target attacks (Slice,
Whirling Sword, and Headsplitter).  It also has Parry for added 
survivability and a standard Build Up for some serious pain.  Finally, 
every hit you land will reduce the opponent's defense, making them easier
to hit.  On the downside, the attacks are slow.  Early on with your
incomplete attack chain, you'll notice you'll have plenty of time to toss
Brawl around in between attacks.  Additionally, Broadsword also is fairly
endurance heavy.  Big orange numbers come at a price.  Finally, it's purely 
lethal damage.  While normally not a problem (and even a plus against the
likes of the Carnival of Shadows or Zombies) lethal damage is the most
commonly resisted type in the game.  And enemies that resist it usually do
by a good amount.  Fortunately, they're typically obvious:  made of metal
or a Circle of Thorns spectral daemon.  Additionally, your damage
numbers are high enough that your heavy bursts are still pretty

Super Reflexes is a very powerful set, but very late blooming.  It doesn't
solve all of it's problems until a lofty level 35 and may very well be the
weakest defensive set until you hit SOs.  However, it pays off well.  Well
slotted, SR is a beast and can often survive whatever killed the tank.
With plain slotting without Parry in the higher levels, Super Reflexes is
either the first to die because the Random Number Generator dictated it,
or, more often, the last.  With some help from generic powers and a couple
of IO sets, SR will be the last to die, if at all (barring the few
enemies with auto-hit attacks in the game.  Malaise, Rommulus' pet Nictus,
I'm looking at you).  SR's main weakness is the low levels.  Early on, your
defense will maybe stop a quarter of the incoming attacks and the 
omni-present assault rifle low level mobs carry will debuff your defenses
like mad, sometimes into the negatives.  Higher levels, however, will see
not only less defense debuffs, but even up to 95% resistance (the maximum)
to defense debuffs.  Without even using a single IO.  SR additionally
gets resistance that scales with the amount of life you have remaining,
a global recharge boost, boosted perception, and perhaps the best mez
protection power in the game.  On the downside, it's a tight build (you'll
need at least seven of the powers to do well), fairly endurance heavy,
and relies purely on its defense for survival.  Yes, it does have the
scaling resistances I mentioned, but they don't do a whole lot in most 
situations.  In the end, you'll probably see your health like this:  full,
enough to survive more than one big hit, enough to survive one more big
hit, in danger of getting killed by the next hit, and dead.

Overall, your main weaknesses are endurance, defense debuffs causing
cascading defense failures early on, the robot with heavy lethal 
resistance, and slowness.  Luckily, with power picks, levels, and slotting,
these can all be overcome.  Your strengths are your high damage, silly
survivability later on, defense debuffs, and ability to handle both big,
tough targets and groups about equally, if you so choose to make yourself
able to handle both equally.  Again, your hardest levels will be the
first seven.  If you just keep in mind that you will improve down the road,
and I mean massively, the early struggles will pay off in the end, and they
will pay well.  The biggest possible payoff will be softcapping your 
defenses, if you so choose to do so.  The enemies have a 50% chance to hit
without any other modification and everyone has a minimum of 5% chance to
hit.  Consequently, 45% defense is a softcap.  Reach it, or at least get
close, and your survivability will become utterly ridiculous.

Broadsword's Powers

Remember, you are a Scrapper.  Your primary is a damage set.  Your job is
to run up to the enemy and hit it until its dead.  If it's not turning 
dead, then you're not hitting it hard enough.  While you'll certainly need
the secondary, your main job is to kill stuff, not to tank.  Not to mention
you're not going to want to tank early on if you can help it.  With that
in mind, lets look at our powers.

Melee, High Damage(Lethal), Foe: -Defense
Available Level:  1
"You Hack your opponent for a high amount of damage. This attack can reduce 
a target's defense, making him easier to hit."

As late as your single-target attack chain will bloom, Broadsword is nice
enough to give you one of your most useful powers right from the get-go.
Hack is a power that does quite a bit of damage and you'll use as often
at level 50 as you did at level 1.  It's a very good attack, I strongly
recommend taking it at level 1 and getting some slots into it as soon as
you can.

Slotting ideas:  The standard slotting for most attacks, using anything but
set IOs, is 3 damage, 2 accuracy, 1 recharge/endurance reduction.  I
personally prefer the endurance reducer.  Once you start to outgrow the
lowbie accuracy boost, put emphasis on getting your accuracy in before the
damage.  Also make sure to get the endurance reduction in there to ease up
on your endurance costs, it'll make a difference.  Slotting for defense
debuffs is an alternative, but I wouldn't do it to the exclusion of 
accuracy.  After all, if you can't land the attack, you're not debuffing
anything.  An IO worth noting in particular is Achilles' Heel: Chance for
Resistance Debuff.  This is a defense debuff IO and works in almost all
of your Broadsword attacks.  If you have a few million to spare, consider
getting one or more for Hack or your other attacks.

Melee, Moderate Damage(Lethal), Foe: -Defense
Available Level: 1
"You perform a quick Slash that can reduce a target's defense, making him
easier to hit. This attack causes moderate damage, but has a quick recharge

The more controversial of the two level 1 options.  Slash is the weaker,
faster recharging, more endurance light, fast animating attack of the two.
Some people skip it entirely, some people take it early for attack chain
filling and later respec out.  Some still actually respec into it to fill
in for the removal of Parry.  And a few, who are the ones I choose to
disagree with, take this over Hack and never get the higher damage power.
Try it if you like, respec out of it later if you don't like it or need it.
If you can wait until level 8, Parry has a similar recharge time and gives
great survivability in exchange for damage, making it a more useful filler.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Hack, except recharge is less of a concern.  One
idea is to use Slash as a proc shooter, aka IOs, like the aforementioned
Achilles' Heel, that have a chance for an effect on hit.  Stick a couple
of accuracies and your procs in and Slash away.  This is attractive simply
because of Slash's fast animation and higher recharge time, as well as
procs not caring how strong the power they are in is.

Melee (Cone), Moderate Damage(Lethal), Foe: -Defense
Available Level: 2
"You slice your sword in a wide arc, attacking all enemies in front of you.
Slice does less damage than Slash, but can hit multiple foes and reduces
their defense."

Your first crowd control ability, and only at level 2!  I strongly 
recommend getting it early as possible, even if you plan to focus on single
targets.  It does enough damage for single foes, but while your defenses
are weak, it'll help compensate by killing groups quicker.  And dead
enemies are not hurting you.  Later on Disembowel will replace its use as
an attack for single targets, but it's still good for groups.  Do note that
it requires some positioning to use right, being a cone and all.  However,
the arc is very generous, so it doesn't take much practice to get to where
you know how to hit the whole mob.

Slotting ideas:  Again, same as Hack.  Procs work here well too, simply
because you can fire them off against multiple foes and can help boost your
damage output against the whole mob.

Build Up
Self +Damage, +To Hit
Available Level: 6
"Greatly increases the amount of damage you deal for a few seconds, as well
as slightly increasing your chance to hit."

Build Up can bring your damage to scary levels.  It roughly doubles the
damage each hit will do as well as increase the likely hood of those hits
landing.  Trust me, when your 300-damage-while-resisted-Headsplitter turns
into 600 and can critical for 1200, mobs will cry and you'll be amazed at
the size of those numbers.  Get it as soon as you can fit it in.  It's
incredibly useful, but you'll have some other powers you may need sooner.
Alternatively, Build Up can be used in situations where the foe is
difficult to hit.  Extremely useful against stacked Vengeanced Nemesis,
Rikti Drones, or anything with defense.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge is a no brainer.  A bit of a brainer is To-Hit. 
Remember, Broadsword attacks debuff defense.  If you're fighting a hard
to hit foe, you can pop Build Up, land a few blows, and still have a 95%
chance to hit against the enemy after it wears off.  Another idea is to
slot a Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control: Chance for Build Up.  It won't
fire very often, but a double Build Up is an awesome sight to behold.  I
actually had a teammate once say "Did you just critical the AV for 2000!?"

Melee, Minor Damage(Lethal), Self: +Defense(Melee, Lethal)
Available Level: 8
"You can use this power to Parry incoming melee attacks. The parry itself
does minor damage, but every successful hit will increase your defense
against melee and lethal attacks for a short while."

Damage-wise, Parry is your weakest attack.  Utility-wise, it's the best
power in your set.  Every hit you land with Parry will boost your Melee
and Lethal defense by 15%.  With a little recharge, you can easily maintain
a double-stacked Parry for 30% defense.  Toss in more recharge or Hasten
and you can sometimes hit triple stack.  By the time you can maintain 
triple stack, you won't need to be able to (and with the amount of 
influence you'd spend to get there, you could make yourself not need Parry
to begin with).  Get this power immediately, it'll be a massive turning
point in your journey to 50.  You'll suddenly go from being squishy to
quite resilient in the face of melee and lethal attacks.  Most of those
early defense debuffs will be less dangerous because they come from
lethal sources.  Consequently, they'll hit you less.  In the late game, you
can eventually outgrow Parry by choosing certain other powers and getting
the right bonuses from IO sets to softcap your defenses.  Until then, get
and use Parry.  Open every fight with it and use it frequently.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy is the most important aspect, followed by a 
little bit of recharge.  You want Parry to hit often.  If it misses, no
defense for you.  And if you do miss, you want to be able to get your boost
back ASAP.  Beyond that, you can either add defense to make Parry even
stronger or slot damage and make it into more of an attack.  Both are
viable.  Also, don't forget an endurance reduction.

Ranged, Foe: Taunt
Available Level: 12
"Challenges a foe to attack you. Useful to pull a villain off an ally who
finds himself in over his head."

Your a Scrapper.  Your job is to kill things, not hold aggro.  And when
your defenses are still growing, you really don't want to be the one
holding the aggro.  However, if you take a route for very high defenses,
particularly the softcap, Confront will help you sub for a tank in a pinch.
The main draw a Scrapper may find is that taunts now reduce the target's
range.  You can bring an enemy closer so you can make better use of Parry.
Or, in PvP, you can make that annoying Blaster throwing Fireballs at you
get closer... or at least go away for awhile.  However, despite the 
benefits, this is a very low priority power and should only be picked if
you really have no better choices.  I respecced my Scrapper into it after
I realized Focused Accuracy was doing me almost no good and because I
already used all four of my pool picks, so I couldn't pick up Hasten.  It
lets me "Scrank" nicely, but I in no means actually need it and neither
will you.

Slotting ideas:  Outside PvP, slot for taunt, recharge, and/or endurance
reductions, if you add any slots at all.  Procs are also an interesting
though, since in PvE Confront is an auto-hit.  The stun proc is very cheap
at the writing of this guide.  In PvP, accuracy and range are probably the
way to go.

Whirling Sword
Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, Moderate Damage(Lethal), Foe: -Defense
Available Level:  18
"You perform a Whirling Sword maneuver, attacking all foes in melee range.
This attack wounds your opponents, causing them to take minor damage over
time and reduces their defense."

Your only true area of effect.  It does good damage and also adds a 
(usually) insignificant damage over time on hit foes.  Yes, the damage adds
up, but the bulk of the pain will come from this power's first hit.  If you
have Slice and are good at positioning, you can possibly skip this power.
However, having both will help you kill groups even faster, though
Whirling Sword is fairly poor for hitting a single target.  Too endurance
heavy for that.  Perhaps my favorite thing about the power is the fact it
is a PBAoE.  If you get bored, you can fire it off anywhere to show off
or just to do it.  No enemies required.

Slotting ideas:  Everything said about Slice applies here.

Melee, Superior Damage(Lethal), Foe: Knockup, -Defense
Available level:  26
"You perform a powerful Disemboweling maneuver that deals a great amount of
damage, and can knock a target up into the air. This attack can reduce a
target's defense, making him easier to hit."

This power is as wicked as its name suggests.  Disembowel is the top of
your pure single-target damage attacks and is pretty much a must have.  It
activates quick and looks awesome while doing it.  When you hit a foe,
they'll have a good chance of getting popped into the air, which is a form
of soft control.  An enemy in the air and on his back after he lands isn't
running away or attacking anyone.  This is a power made of sheer win and
is my favorite in the set.  Get it, slot it up, and love it.

Slotting ideas:  As much win as Disembowel is, slotting is pretty much
the same as Hack.  You can slot Knockback sets into it though, but putting
Knockback into it is generally a bad idea, except just for laughs.

Melee, Extreme Damage(Lethal), Foe: Knockback, -Defense
Available level:  32
"You perform a devastating Head Splitter attack that deals a massive amount
of damage and can even knock a foe down to the ground and reduce it's
defense. This attack has an exceptionally good critical hit capability,
better than other broadsword attacks, that can sometimes deal double
damage. The power of this attack can actually extend a short distance
through multiple foes."

The top end of your crowd control and the crown jewel of the set.  This
power does the most damage of all of your attacks, so it'd be silly to pass
up on this.  Note, however, its crowd control capabilities are limited.
Yes, it's a cone, but a very narrow cone.  It takes a lot of practice to
figure out how to hit more than one enemy, and those guys don't like to
cooperate in letting you do that.  Even still, it works awesome for 
whatever you plan on whacking.  Enemies hit by it are very likely to get
knocked back, usually down in front of you instead of out of reach.
Headsplitter does have one serious flaw:  the animation.  Whereas sets like
Katana and Martial Arts get pretty, flashy tier 9 attacks, Headsplitter is
pretty darn meh.  In my personal opinion, it looks more like a shoulder

Slotting ideas:  Pretty darn identical to Disembowel.  Don't slot for
knockback unless you like chasing your targets after hitting them.  The
amount it has is good enough for keeping an enemy off of its feet.

Super Reflexes' Powers

Ah, Super Reflexes, a much misunderstood power set by those with little
knowledge or experience with it.  While all the new players are running
around with their shiny Regeneration, Willpower, and other earlier
blooming defense sets, you'll be fighting tooth and nail to stay alive.
Those unaware of SR's strength will think you're weak and may even laugh
at you.  But, once you start to bloom, everyone who laughed at you will
be force to stare out your awesome mitigation prowress.  This is, of 
course, not to say SR is the king of defense sets in the end or anything,
it just blooms powerfully late game whereas in the early game you almost
might as well not have a secondary.  SR likes to take things slow with
those who pick her.  Stay faithful to her and soon enough she'll return
the favors.  However, beware of RNG, for he will every now and then step
in and try to break you two apart.  

... Ahem!  Random romantic allusion aside, let's get to the powers...

Focused Fighting
Toggle: Self +Defense (Melee), Resistance (Confuse, DeBuff Defense)
Available Level: 1
"You become more evasive to melee attacks while you have Focused Fighting
activated. This will increase your Defense verses melee as long as it is
active. Your focus also offers you resistance to Confuse effects and
Debuffs to Defense."

You don't have any say whether you get this or not.  Fortunately, for a
power you have no choice in, it's a good one.  This is your primary source
of melee mitigation.  It's a toggle, so once you turn it on, it won't go
away until you die or run out of endurance.  However, it does take a small
amount of endurance to keep running and will suppress if you get stunned,
held, or slept.  Focused Fighting also helps you with those defense
debuffs and provides protection against the very rare Confuse status.  
Well, rare outside Mission Architect at least.  On the rare occasion you
fight a foe without melee attacks, like a Skull Buckshot, you can turn off
Focused Fighting.

Slotting Ideas:  Get at least three slots onto it before you hit SOs.  Once
you hit SOs, putting three defense SOs into Focused Fighting will make a
night and day difference in your survivability.  Depending on your
endurance, you may want to consider adding an endurance reduction in
addition to those.  Just bear in mind that your attacks are the big
endurance suckers, not your toggles.  Outside of IO sets, you probably 
won't need more than four slots in any of your toggles.  Speaking of IOs,
one thing you might want to consider putting somewhere is a Kismet 
+Accuracy, which isn't exactly what it says on the tin.  It doesn't boost
accuracy, it gives you an additional 6% chance to your to-hit rolls, which
is quite nice.

Focused Senses
Toggle: Self +Defense (Ranged), +Perception, Resistance (DeBuff Defense)
Available Level: 2
"You become more evasive against ranged attacks while you have Focused
Senses activated. This will increase your Defense versus ranged attacks as
long as it is active. Your improved senses also allow you to perceive
stealthy foes as well as resist Defense Debuffs."

Essentially the same as Focused Fighting, except for ranged attacks.
Almost every enemy in the game has a single-target ranged attack, so you'll
almost always need this on.  Get it no later than level 4 and keep it
running.  Not only will it add additional cushion against defense debuffs,
it also boosts your perception.  The boost is enough to see everything in
PvE that stealth's or tries to blind you.  In PvP, it'll let you see anyone
that isn't trying to stack stealth powers on themselves.  In other words,
virtually everyone else except PvP oriented Stalkers.

Slotting Ideas:  Same as Focused Fighting.

Auto: Self +Defense (Ranged), Resistance (DeBuff Defense), Resistance
(Damage, Special)
Available Level: 4
"You become innately more Agile, and are able to naturally avoid some ranged 
attacks and resist Defense Debuffs. Your Agility also grants you
minor Damage Resistance to all damage except Toxic and Psionic. This Damage
Resistance is only available as you lose Health but it improves as your HP
declines. This power is always on, and will permanently increase your
Defense versus ranged attacks."

Your first auto power.  Doesn't provide a big boost, but it's always on
and doesn't cost endurance.  You can put this power off a bit, but it's
strongly recommended you don't skip it outright.  The defense stacks with
Focused Senses, making ranged attacks even less dangerous, and therefore
allowing you to close with a foe more safely.  It adds even more defense
debuff resistance, protecting you some more from cascading defense 
failures.  It also provides scaling resistance.  You won't really notice
it with just Agile, but with all three autos, it helps if your health gets
low.  Often you'll get taken from too high to too low or dead before 
resists really kick in.  But, ironically, all three of the autos can make
you more survivable at 30% health than at 50% health.

Slotting Ideas:  3 defenses and nothing else.  Agile takes nothing else
and beyond that you don't need anymore defenses in it thanks to Enhancement
Diversification.  You can, however, put defense uniques in it and/or
other auto powers and enjoy them permanently (or until you replace the
enhancement or remove it during a respec).

Practiced Brawler
Self +Resistance (Knockback, Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize)
Available Level: 10
"Your training has allowed you to become a Practiced Brawler, tuning you
into a perfect fighting machine. You gain a resistance to Knockback,
Disorient, Hold, Sleep, and Immobilization powers for a short duration."

This is your mez protection ability, and it is a click.  Theoretically,
you can go without this power, but it'd be painful.  Very painful.  You
can delay it for a little bit, but grab it before level 20 when mezzes
really start to show up.  Again, it's a click power, so it isn't always
up without some slotting and/or global recharge.

Slotting ideas:  No more than two Recharge enhancements, only one if you
enough recharge from other sources.  Two recharge SOs plus Quickness should
be enough to make it "perma", aka self-stacking.  Just control click the
power so it automatically fires whenever it's up.  Bear in mind, it won't
auto-fire if you're using an attack or have one queued.  So, take advantage
of the gaps you'll have in your attack chain to let it fire.  Later on
when you finally get a gapless chain, you'll have to pause to let it fire.

Auto: Self +Defense (Melee), Resistance (DeBuff Defense), Resistance
(Damage, Special)
Available level: 16
"You have the ability to innately Dodge some melee attacks and you resist
Defense Debuffs. Dodge also grants you minor Damage Resistance to all
damage except Toxic and Psionic. This Damage Resistance is only available
as you lose Health but it improves as your HP declines. This power is
always on, and will permanently increase your Defense versus melee

Agile for melee attacks, so it stacks with Focused Fighting instead.  Delay
it if you must, but don't skip it.  It also stacks with your growing
defense debuff resistance.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Agile.

Auto: Self +Recharge, +Speed
Available level:  20
"Your Quick reflexes allow you to move faster than normal, as well as
resist slow effects. This power is always on and permanently increases your
attack rate and movement speed."

A very useful power.  The only reason to put it off is to get Stamina, in
which case you should get Quickness at 22.  The main usefulness of getting
Quickness is that it's essentially putting an extra recharge DO in all of
your powers.  For free and without ED.  It's an incredibly useful power
and not one you want to skip.  It also boost your running speed and gives
some resistance against slows.  Note that you can take Quick, Swift, and
use Sprint to make a ghetto travel power.  Won't be as fast as real ones,
but it's nice if your build is that tight.

Slotting ideas:  All Quickness takes is run speed enhancements.  Therefore,
do not put slots in it.  Just stick a run speed enhancement in it if you
want and put slots where they'll actually help you.

Auto: Self +Defense (vs. Area of Effect), Resistance (Debuff Defense),
Resistance (Damage, Special)
Available level: 28
"Your superior reflexes make you seem incredibly Lucky. Lucky improves your
Defense to Area of Effect attacks and grants you resistance to Defense
Debuffs. Lucky also grants you minor Damage Resistance to all damage except
Toxic and Psionic. This Damage Resistance is only available as you lose
Health but it improves as your HP declines. This power is always on, and
permanently increases your chance to evade area of effects and cone shaped

Your auto area of effect power.  It comes seven levels before your AOE
defense toggle, so it's the first AOE defense available to you.  It'll do
a little bit to help with the gaping AOE hole in your protections, but it
won't plug it.  Even still, you'll want to get it at some point, ideally
sooner.  Of the three autos, it is the most skippable since it blocks the
least common positional source.  In PvP, it could be skipped entirely since
AOEs and cones do less damage than usual in PvP.  However, don't skip it
if at all possible.  It'll make your scaling resistances noticeable and
helps you hit the golden number of 95% defense debuff resistance.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Agile and Dodge.

Toggle: Self +Defense (vs. Area of Effect), Resistance (DeBuff Defense)
Available level:  35
"You are Evasive against area of effect and cone shaped attacks. This power
increases your Defense versus such attacks as long as it is active. Evasion 
also helps you resist Defense Debuffs."

For such a much needed plug in your defense hole, Evasion is slightly 
lackluster in the fact it doesn't have an extra perk like Focused Fighting
and Focused Senses do (Confuse protection and +Perception, respectively).
Even still, you want this power ASAP.  It'll finally solidify your defenses
and, while active with all your toggles and passives (all slotted), will
bring you to 95% defense debuff resistance one you slot, which will all
but eliminate cascading defense failures.  If endurance is an issue, 
however, consider turning it off when the opponents are not using AoE
attacks.  If you're speccing for PvP, Evasion may be skippable since AoE
attacks are uncommon and weaker against other players.

Slotting ideas:  Amazingly, it's just like Focused Fighting and Focused
Senses!  I bet you weren't expecting that!

Self +Defense, +Speed, +Recovery, Resistance (Debuff Defense), +Special
Available level: 38
"You can improve your reflexes, making yourself so quick you can Elude 
almost any attack, be it ranged, melee, or area of effect. Your running
speed and jumping height and Endurance Recovery are also increased. Elude 
also grants you high resistance to Defense Debuffs. When Elude wears off, 
you are left drained of all Endurance and unable to Recover Endurance for a
WARNING:  Some old guides mention "perma-Elude".  Note that making Elude
permanent is no longer possible.  So no, this power does not nullify the
rest of SR.

Elude is your tier 9 defense power, your "god mode" click.  It's very
powerful, as it will take you to the softcap without your autos or toggles.
With them, you'll go even higher.  For three minutes, you'll be nigh
unkillable.  Though, keep in mind, you don't get extra resistances or
regeneration.  So, if you pop it, you may want to get your life up just in
case that heavy hit does come through.  For the sake of making it clear, 
but I felt that needed to be clear.  Now, while Elude is very powerful, it
does come with a nasty crash.  Once it wears off, all your endurance goes
bye bye and your recovery shuts off, though blue inspirations still work.
Conserve Power is nice to help you get back into the fight right after a
crash.  However, despite it's power, Elude is the most skippable power in
PvE (in PvP, it's always useful).  Not everyone likes the nasty crash at
the end.  Plus, if you soft-cap your defenses, it really does nothing to
help you survive longer.  Whether you get it or not is up to you, but if
you aren't softcapped, it's really nice to have if you don't mind the 

Slotting ideas:  While Elude can be slotted for several things, all you
really need is recharges.  No more than three recharges so it can be up
again as soon as possible.

Ancillary/Patron Power Pools

Once you hit 41, you have access to new, shiny powers to round out your
Scrapper.  All Scrappers get access to Blaze, Body, Darkness, and Weapon
Masteries.  However, if you go to the dark side for little while as a full
villain, you can run a patron arc and unlock Leviathan, Mace, Mu, and Soul
Masteries, bringing up your EPP options to eight.  Scrapper EPPs are not
that amazing compared to out squishier counterparts, since we already
have just about everything we need, but they're great for a few odd
powers here and there as well as helping fill out an AoE attack chain.
Note, to get the PPPs, you need to own Going Rogue in order to become
a villain Scrapper.

===Blaze Mastery===

Issue 16 gives Scrappers a whole new APP to play with, and a much needed
fourth to bring parity with... well... all the other ATs.  Except 
Kheldians, they don't get any APPs.  As the name suggests, Blaze Mastery
lets you fight with fire.  Oddly, this isn't pure damage.  Instead, it
contains a pair of controls, a blast, an AoE, and the Scrapper's first
AoE debuff.  It is a very nice set and beats both Weapon Mastery and
Darkness Mastery for control.  Poor Weapon Mastery, that set just seems to
get kicked in the teeth a lot.

Ring of Fire
Ranged, Moderate DoT(Fire), Foe Immobilize
"Immobilizes your target in a Ring of Fire. Deals some damage over time.
Useful for keeping villains at bay."

Simply put, Ring of Fire is a single target immobilize.  It's similar to
Web Grenade, but trades the -jump and -fly for damage.  And Scrappers love
damage.  But, on the other hand... why immobilize the target when you can
hold them?

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy, immobilization, and damage.  The power also
takes both ranged damage and immobilization sets.  You can slot the 
Gravitational Anchor proc (which is a purple and therefore expensive, by 
the way) to have a chance to stack a hold with Char for locking down 

Ranged, Minor DoT(Fire), Foe Hold
"Incapacitates a distant foe by Charring him with smoldering soot and
cinders. The target is left helpless, choking on the soot. The target will
take some fire damage from char, but the damage is very trivial."

Personally for locking stuff down, I think Char is the superior pick to
Ring of Fire.  Held targets can't fight back, after all.  Ring of Fire does
so more damage, however.  If you're planning on using either and not just
taking them to get later powers, that's something you'll have to consider.
Unless you get both.  Mixing them both in PvP can be handy for keeping
ranged players from staying too far, though the durations will be short.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy, hold, and damage.  It takes IOs from ranged
and hold sets, letting you toy around with those slotting potentials for
sets you normally can't utilize.

Fire Blast
Ranged, Moderate DMG(Fire)
"Sends a Blast of Fire at a targeted foe and sets the target on fire for a
short period of time. Slower recharge rate than Flares, but more damage.
You must be level 44 and have Ring of Fire or Char before selecting this

A decent single-target attack.  Unlike Laser Eye Beams and Dark Blast, it
doesn't carry a debuff with it.  But, it is stronger than those (and
Shuriken) since it also carries an additional damage over time component.
Good for lobbing at runners and fliers or opening at a distance.  Though
runners are better handled with Char or Ring of Fire since those, you know
make them still.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting with ranged set potential.

Melt Armor
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -DEF(All), -Res(All)
"The searing Heat from this power is enough to melt the armor and defenses
of all targets in the affected area. Melt Armor significantly weakens the
Defense and Damage Resistance of the affected targets. You must be level 44
and have Ring of Fire or Char before selecting this power."

While not as powerful as an actual Corruptor or Controller using this
power, Melt Armor can still be quite effective as it makes a group of
enemies easier to hit and take more damage.  As a Scrapper, more damage
is good for you.  This would be REALLY nice for an AoE centric build, but
unfortunately all those cones are over in Darkness Mastery.  You can still
Fireball 'em though, which is probably more than enough.  It's also nice
for hard targets, like AVs, as the resistance debuff will give you (and
your team, if applicable) a bit of a boost to your damage.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy, recharge, and defense debuff comes to mind.
However, do you remember that Achilles Heel proc?  The -resistance one?
Yeah, that works here too... on an AoE debuff attack.  Just think about 
that for a moment.

Fire Ball
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Fire/Smash)
"Hurls an exploding Fireball that consumes a targeted foe, and all nearby
enemies. Anyone in that explosion is burned and set ablaze. You must be
level 47 and have two other Pyre Mastery Powers before selecting this

The top of Blaze Mastery's line is Fireball, a decent AoE attack.  Because
it's fire, it'll add an additional damage over time component, making it
the strongest AoE attack from the APPs.  It's a good follow-up to Melt
Armor as you close in, followed by Slice and Whirling Sword for chewing up
a group.  And besides, it's throwing a ball of fire, how cool is that for
a Scrapper?

Slotting ideas:  Same as Exploding Shuriken.

===Body Mastery===

Body Master has some nice utility powers and a couple of ranged attacks.
Many people take it for the utility, particularly Conserve Power, as of 
I16, Physical Perfection.  If you're looking for ranged attacks and don't
want the utility, I'd recommend either Darkness or Weapon Masteries.

Conserve Power
Self Endurance Discount
"You can focus for a moment to Conserve your endurance. After activating
this power, you expend less endurance on all other powers for a while."

One of the most useful APP powers, Conserve Power makes all of your powers
cheaper.  If you have high enough recovery, this will give you basically
infinite endurance while the power's effects are still on.  Many players
dip into Body Mastery just for this ability.

Slotting ideas:  Three recharges and nothing else.

Focused Accuracy
Toggle: Self +To Hit, +Perception, +Resistance(DeBuff ToHit)
"When this power is activated, the Hero focuses his senses to dramatically
improve his chance to hit. Additionally, Focused Accuracy increases your 
perception, allowing you to better see stealthy foes. It also grants you
resistance to powers that debuff your accuracy. Focused Accuracy is a
toggle power and must be activated and deactivated manually. Like all
toggle powers, while active, Focused Accuracy drains endurance while

A very powerful but expensive toggle, Focused Accuracy costs more endurance
per second than your three defensive toggles combined.  Also, note that
Focused Accuracy was recently changed.  Some of it's To-Hit was changed
to Accuracy, making it less useful.  It is still very useful, however.  It
also has +Perception to stack with Focused Senses, useful for hunting
Stalkers in PvP.

Slotting ideas:  To-hit and certainly endurance reduction.  If you're
doing PvP, the To-Hit +Perception IO works well here if you don't take
Tactics or stick it in Build Up.

Laser Eye Beams
Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy), Foe: -Defense
"You can emit Laser Beams from your eyes, dealing moderate energy damage.
This attack can reduce the target's defense. You must be level 44 and have
Conserve Power or Focused Accuracy before selecting this power."

A decent ranged attack.  When I had it I mostly used it to take out runners
or flyers.  It deals energy damage, which is a nice change from your pure
lethality.  Also, it debuffs defense, which will stack with hits from your
Broadsword.  Laser Eye Beams also look pretty cool too, though can be a
bit concept breaking as well.

Slotting ideas:  Remember Hack?  Yeah, that works here too, though has
some different options such as a Hold Proc available to ranged powers.

Physical Perfection
Auto: Self, +Regeneration, +Recovery
"By achieving perfect harmony of body, mind and spirit you are able to
regenerate health and endurance slightly faster than normal. This power is
always active and consumes no endurance. You must be level 44 and have
Conserve Power or Focused Accuracy before selecting this power."

Really devs?  You're going to make Body Mastery this much better when
many players considered it to the best Scrapper APP already?  Physical
Perfection is a new, I16 added power that doubles as a sort of combination
of Health and Stamina, albeit weaker on both.  Even still, it is a really
good power.  So good, there were many petitions to get it to be a level 41
pick instead of a 44 (as well as petitions to get it removed since it's
redundant with Conserve Power).

Slotting ideas:  Obviously for SOs, 3 Health and 3 End Mod.  For IOs, you
remember those nice unique and proc IOs we stuck in Health and Stamina?
They work here.  In fact, because the power grants bonus end mod and can
be enhanceable, Miracle +Recovery and Numina +Regen/Recovery get ENHANCED
by this power.  If you have cash to blow, this is the best power for 
handling endurance issues.  Just remember, if you go this route, your
endurance will suck again at 39 and below.

Energy Torrent
Ranged (Cone), Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback
"Energy Torrent unleashes a cone of powerful energy that can smash foes and
possibly send them flying. You must be level 47 and have two other Body
Mastery Powers before selecting this power."

Energy Torrent is nice if your goal is to kill groups as fast as you can
instead of individual targets.  It's a mixture of Energy and Smashing,
two types you don't have.  It also can knock foes back, though the
magnitude is low so it usually knocks them down instead.

Slotting ideas:  Similar to Slice and all, though there's no defense debuff
component to take advantage of.  You can grab knockback procs, however.

===Darkness Mastery===

Darkness Mastery has lots of ranged attacks and a trio of cones, as well
as to-hit debuffs that indirectly stack with your defense.  It's good for
additional survivability and taking on larger groups all at once.  Torrent
and Tenebrous Tentacles work well with Slice and Whirling Sword for 
clearing crowds.  The APP, however, is sorely lacking in utility outside
of a hold that's not very useful in PvE.

Ranged(Cone), Minor Damage(Negative Energy), Foe: -To Hit, Knockback
"You summon a wave of mire that sweeps away foes within its arc. The attack
deals minimal negative energy damage, but sends foes flying and reduces
their chance to hit."

The more useful and easily accessible version of Energy Torrent.  Deals a
rarely resisted damage type and also inflicts to-hit debuffs on all 
affected foes, which indirectly stacks with your defenses.  If you want to
kill groups as fast as possible and boost your survivability at the same
time, Torrent works pretty well for that.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Energy Torrent, though you get to play with
To-Hit Debuff IOs along with knockback IOs.  There's some interesting
things you can do, like a recovery debuff or a to-hit buff.

Petrifying Gaze
Ranged Hold
"Petrifies a single targeted foe with a terrifying gaze. The victim is held
and defenseless."

For PvE Petrifying Gaze isn't too helpful to a Scrapper.  It's best use is
for locking down runners or some of the more annoying minions and 
lieutenants (Immunes Surgeons, Malta Sappers, etc.)  In both PvE and PvP,
however, it can be used to detoggle offensive toggles, such as Hurricane,
Radiation Infection, and Rise to the Challenge.  Personally, I see this
more as a PvP power, especially for BS/SR who lacks a mez for detoggling.

Slotting ideas:  Three hold, two accuracy, and one recharge/endurance
reduction should do well enough for all but sets.

Dark Blast
Ranged, Moderate Damage(Negative), Foe: -To Hit
"A long range blast of dark energy. Deals moderate negative energy damage
and reduces the target's chance to hit. You must be level 44 and have
Torrent or Petrifying Gaze before selecting this power."

If you're looking for single target ranged attacks, Dark Blast is probably
your best APP option.  It's an exotic damage type that helps your
survivability, instead of redundantly stacking -defense or dealing damage
you already do.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Laser Eye Beams, except you can do -to hit instead
of -defense.

Night Fall
Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Negative), Foe -To Hit
"Unleashes a cone shaped burst of particles from the Netherworld. All
targets within the modest range of this power take Negative Energy damage
and have a reduced chance to hit. You must be level 44 and have Torrent or
Petrifying Gaze before selecting this power."

Issue 16 adds another cone to Darkness Mastery, making it even more AOE
centric.  Night Fall is a stronger cone than either Torrent or Tenebrous
Tentacles, improving your AOE game by quite a bit.  And it also brings all
that nice -To Hit that stacks with your defenses.  Between the other two
Darkness cones, Slice, and Whirling Sword, you can do quite a bit of AoE

Slotting ideas:  Same as Torrent, just without knockback IOs.

Tenebrous Tentacles
Ranged(Cone), Moderate Damage(Negative/Smash), Foe: Immobilize, -To Hit
"You can create a cone shaped rift to the Netherworld that allows its
native creatures to slip their oily tentacles into our reality. These
creatures will snare all foes within range, immobilizing them while the
Tentacles drain their life and reduce their chance to hit. You must be
level 47 and have two other Darkness Mastery Powers before selecting this

Another damaging cone like Torrent but also immobilizes everyone caught in
it.  It works for keeping the mobs from scattering, which is nice for the
AOE oriented members of your team or yourself so you don't have to chase
them down.  Mix with Torrent, Slice, Whirling Sword, and Headsplitter for
your best possible AOE carnage.

Slotting ideas:  You can slot this for as purely an attack if you so
choose, but increasing the immobilization duration isn't a bad idea
either.  Just make sure you have plenty of accuracy.

Just to say, an AoE attack chain for you could go Tenebrous Tentacles >
Night Fall > Torrent (if it won't scatter) > Slice > Whirling Sword.  I
haven't seen it in practice, but in theory that should pretty much clear
all the minions, leaving you to use your big, single target hitters for
whatever else is left.  If stuff is still standing... well... you still
have plenty of AoE to finish it off when it recharges.

===Leviathan Mastery===

For those Scrappers who are allured by the dark side, they have a chance
to pick up the patron pools with Leviathan being the first of the four.
Leviathan introduces Scrappers to Hibernate and PPP pets while also tossing
them some ranged attacks and a pseudo-pet similar to Storm Summoning's
Tornado.  Unlike other Epic pools, it lacks any real AoE potential.

Spirit Shark
Ranged Damage over time (Lethal) Foe: Knockback
You are empowered with Spirit of the Mako Shark. You can project this
spirit to attack and maul your opponent. The Shark Spirit Energy will
manifest and attack your foe, quickly dealing heavy Lethal damage over

A basic ranged attack, except this one does knockback.  That can be a
good thing or a bad thing.  The damage type, unfortunately, is lethal,
so no sneaking around a robot's resistances.  In the plus side, this let's
you throw sharks at people!  This can be either silly or cool.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting here, though you can toy
with some knockback sets.

Water Spout
PBAoE Minor Damage (Smashing) Foe: Knockback/Fear/Disorient
Conjures up a Water Spout at a targeted location. The Water Spout will
chase down your foes, tossing them into the air and hurling them great
distances. The victims are left Disoriented and with reduced Defense. The
Water Spout is a menacing sight, and can even cause panic among your foes.

Water Spout is essentially Tornado from Storm Summoning, complete with
all the chaos that power causes.  This thing will scatter mobs to no end
if they're not immobilized.  I've heard it can do great damage if the
mob cannot be knockbacked, but I've yet to see anyone actually do that.
I'd probably leave this power alone except for concept.

Slotting ideas:  To be honest... I'm not really sure.  I've never used a
power like this one before.  So, I shall remain clueless until someone
cures my ignorance.

Spirit Shark Jaws
Ranged Moderate DoT (Lethal) Foe: Hold -Fly
You can summon a massive Spirit Shark that will attack your foe from below.
The Shark will grip your foe with its massive jaws and attempt to Hold the
target while he mauls it, dealing Lethal damage over time. Flying targets
will likely be pulled to the ground. You must have one other Leviathan
Master power before selecting this power.

A single target hold, much like Char.  The main differences is the damage
type and this one doing -Fly, which is probably more useful.

Slotting ideas:  Identical to Char.

Hibernate (Hibernoob)
+Regen, +Recov, Invuln, Self Hold
"When you activate this power, you encase yourself in a block of solid ice,
making yourself invulnerable, though you are frozen solid and cannot act.
While Hibernating within this block of ice, you heal damage and Recover
Endurance at an incredible rate. You can emerge at will by deactivating the
power, but you cannot Hibernate for more than 30 seconds. If you activate
this power while in the air, you will fall.

Hibernate is sort of a panic button combined with rest on steroids.  Using
it will make you invincible to all attacks, aside from Hamidon and powers
activated and still enroute when you use Hibernate.  For up to thirty
seconds, you'll sit there, immobile but invincible while healing.  You'll
fully recover long before the thirty seconds are up, but you can continue
hiding if the situation is bad.  You can also use this to take 
alpha-strikes in pure safety by flying overhead and using this power.
You'll drop down into the spawn and they'll ineffectually attack you.  
Tanks may not be pleased you can eat alphas better than them.

Note that using this power will activate "No Phase" for a minute.  So, you
cannot immediately using any sort of Phase after Hibernate.  Phase will 
also prevent Hibernate.  So, just use one.

If you plan to PvP, you'll either need Hibernate or Phase Shift.  PvP is
also where the name Hibernoob comes from.  I don't know the exact origins,
but it probably is from people complaining about Hibernate being a "Get out
of jail free" card.  I mostly hear the name used in a more joking fashion.

Slotting ideas:  Three recharges should be all it needs.

Summon Guardian
Summon Warder: Ranged Moderate Damage (Smashing)
Captain Mako will show you how to summon a Coralax Guardian Sentinel to do
your bidding. These creatures are composed of living coral made from the
sea-goddess Merulina.

I had to look up what these (and other pets) all do on City of Data.  
This Coralax, like other Patron Pets, are love-it-or-hate-it and have
varying levels of usefulness.  They are also on a looong recharge of 15
minutes and only last 4.  This pet is resistant to Smashing and Lethal
and deals primarily those damage types.  He has two melee attacks:
Coral Hammer (knockback) and Stunning Blow (stun).  At range, he
attacks with Coral Dart, Coral Spray (cone), Water Spray (cone with
speed and recharge debuffs, deals Cold damage), and Fossilize (hold).

Slotting ideas:  Recharge, of course, you want him up more often.
Boosting his damage and accuracy is always good, but you can also buff
his mezzing capabilities as well, though this guy is really more of a
damage dealer.  You may need to mix and match IO sets to maximize 

===Mace Mastery===

Want more redraw?  Mace Mastery is here to help?  Now you can wield both
a sword and an Arachnos mace!  Just... not simultaneously.  You'll have
to put one up to draw the other.  Aside from annoying redraw, Mace
Mastery throws the standard fair of ranged attacks but with little utility.
It does have a snipe though!

Mace Blast
Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smashing, Energy), Foe: Knockback
"The Executioner's Mace is capable of firing a powerful bolt of kinetic
energy. The blast is powerful enough that it may knock down some foes.
Arachnos Bane Spider Troopers call this the Mace Blast. The Arbiters who
invented it scoff at this simple term."

Standard EPP ranged attack, except dual typed damage and has knockback.

Slotting ideas:  Same as the others, except with knockback options.

Mace Beam
Sniper, Superior Damage (Smashing, Energy), Foe: Knockback
Fires an extremely long range and accurate beam of kinetic energy from the
Bane Mace that deals tremendous damage and knocks back the target. This is
a sniper attack, and like most sniper attacks, is best fired from a
distance as it can be interrupted.

Snipes are of questionable utility these days, especially on a Scrapper,
but they can be handy if you need to pull from a long way away.  It also
hits harder than other epic ranged attacks.  Be warned, however, if an
enemy gets knocked back, the whole spawn is likely to come.  Keep that
in mind if you're trying to, for whatever reason, pull part of a spawn.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Mace Blast, though one advantage:  Sniper sets.
Dirt cheap because nobody uses them.  So, you can use this as a set mule
if you wanted.

Web Cocoon
Ranged, Foe: Slow/Hold -Recharge -Fly
The Bane Mace can fire a more powerful version of the common web grenade.
The sinewy fibers of this grenade are strong enough to completely Hold one
target. Targets able to resist the Hold are still likely to have their
attack and movement speed dramatically Slowed. Web Cocoon can also bring
down flying targets and prevent foes from jumping. You must have one other
Mace Mastery power before selecting this power.

Basically, Web Grenade version 2.0.  It holds instead of immobilizes.
Unlike other APP/PPP holds, this one does zero damage but instead debuffs
the target's recharge and drops them from the sky.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy and hold along with the usual sets.  It also
takes slow sets too, so you can grab a proc from those sets too.

Disruptor Blast
Ranged (Targetted Area of Effect), Moderate Damage (Smashing, Energy), 
Foe: Knockback
Fires a tremendous charge of kinetic energy from your Executioner's Mace.
This charge is so powerful it will explode on impact, blasting all nearby
foes. Some affected foes may be knocked down by the force of the blast. You
must have one other Mace Mastery power before selecting this power.

Similar to Fireball, except available a little earlier.  However, it is
less desirable.  Why?  Knockback. Using this power in a melee AoE attack
chain will scatter everything from you, ruining your own chain.  That's
not very fun.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Fireball, except with knockback too. 

Summon Spiderlings
Summon Spiderlings (3): Ranged, Moderate Damage (Lethal)
Black Scorpion will grant you access to a small squadron of Arachnobot
Spiderlings. Three Spiderlings that are one level less than you will show
up when summoned. Your access to these Arachnobots is very limited. You can
only summon them once every 15 minutes and they will leave after 4 minutes,
or if you exit a zone or mission. You must be level 47 and have two other
Mace Mastery Powers before selecting this power.

They come in a trio, are small, fast, and resist Smashing, Lethal, and Psi.
Individually, they aren't very powerful, but that's why you get three.
They're essentially Fire Imps, except not as strong but with a ranged
attack.  They use Claw in melee and Chain Gun at ranged (debuffs defense).

Slotting ideas:  Recharge, accuracy, and damage.

===Mu Mastery===

Mu Mastery is a pretty standard A/PPP.  It's nearly identical to Mace
Mastery, except saps instead of knockback and doesn't have the extra
weapon to redraw.  The pet also offers good utility by being pretty mez

Mu Bolts
Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy), Foe -Endurance
You can quickly hurl small bolts of Mu electricity at foes, dealing some
damage and draining some Endurance. Some of this Endurance may transfer
back to you. Mu Bolts deals light damage, but recharges quickly.

Ye olde standare APPe rangede attacke.  Except it can sap.

Slotting ideas:  Same as others, except with end mod options.  Energy
Manipulator proc will let it occasionally stun.

Sniper, Extreme Damage(Energy), Foe -Endurance
A focused blast of Mu electrical energy that can travel great distances
with high Accuracy. Zapp drains Endurance, and is best fired from a
distance as it can be interrupted. Some of the Endurance you drain may
transfer back to you.

This is like Mace Beam, except better at pulling targets from groups since
there's no risk of knockback.  It'll sap instead.

Slotting ideas:  Like Mace Beam with endurance options rather than

Electric Shackles
Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy), Foe: Hold, -Endurance
Electric Shackles binds a foe's limbs, leaving the target Held and
helpless. The target is drained of some Endurance and some of that
Endurance may be transferred back to you. You must have one other Mu
Mastery power before selecting this pow

Another hold, except with a cooler animation and some endurance sapping.

Slotting ideas:  Like Char, but you can play with endurance modification
sets.  Just don't put the Performance Shifter proc here.

Ball Lightning
Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect), Moderate Damage over Time(Energy), 
Foe -Endurance
Hurls a highly charged ball of Mu lightning that explodes on contact. Ball
Lightning deals good damage in an area of effect, and drains some Endurance
from each target it hits. You must have one other Mu Mastery power before
selecting this power.

Standard APP AoE attack.  Not as strong as Fireball, but available earlier
with less power picks.  It also saps a marginal amount of endurance.

Slotting ideas:  Fireball basically, except with some end mod stuff to
play with.

Summon Adept
Summon Mu Adept: Ranged Moderate Damage(Energy)
Scirocco will show you how to call upon a mystical Mu Adept to assist you.
The Mu pulse with the blood of their slaughtered ancestors in their veins,
and are well practiced in the dark arts.

Unfortunately, this isn't the awesome guy who heals you that Controllers
and Dominators get (why the heck do they get PPP pets anyway?)  This guy
is pretty control heavy.  Sporting Energy and Negative Energy resistance,
the Mu Adept can mez with Cage of Lightning (sleep), Shocking Bolt (stuns),
and EM Pulse (AoE hold with a regen debuff attached).  He can also zap and
sap with Lightning Bolt and Lightning Blast, both of which are single
target.  He can also Fly.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge and damage never hurt.  However, slotting mez
reliably is best done with Hami-Os.  His mez effects are too varied for you
to do it with more specific SOs/IOs.

===Soul Mastery===

Soul Mastery mostly follows the standard PPP pattern.  The difference is it
has a really awesome utility power.  Not so much if you're soft-capped
doing the older content, but great in other cases.  The powers also all
look pretty cool too.

Dark Blast
Ranged, Moderate Damage(Negative), Foe: -Accuracy
A long range blast of dark energy. Deals moderate Negative Energy damage
and reduces the target's Accuracy.

Hey, it's back from Darkness Mastery, complete in being identical!

Slotting ideas:  Same as the Darkness version.

Moon Beam
Sniper, Superior Damage(Negative), Target -Accuracy
An extremely long range and accurate beam of Negative Energy that deals
tremendous damage and reduces the target's Accuracy. This is a sniper
attack, and like most sniper attacks, is best fired from a distance as it
can be interrupted.

Another PPP snipe, this one sporting a to-hit debuff.  Basically the
same in usefulness as Zapp.

Slotting ideas:  Same as the others, except you get to-hit debuff sets to
toy around with.

Soul Storm
Ranged, Moderate Damage over Time(Negative), Foe: Hold
Like Ghost Widow, you will be able to summon the souls of your victims to
do your bidding. Soul Storm enraptures a single target, holding them while
their life-force is drained from their body. You must have one other Soul
Mastery power before selecting this power

Soul Storm is like Char and Electric Shackles except that it has
a pretty cool animation.  Also note, the enemy is forced to animate falling
to the ground and getting up, which means the mez effect technically
extends past the animation.  This can result in some weirdness where the
target moves or attacks between falling out of being held and the get
up animation.

Slotting ideas:  Same as the other mentioned single-target holds.

Shadow Meld
Self: +DEF
Your mastery over the shadows allows you to become a living shadow entity
for a short time, increasing your defense to all attacks. You must be level
44 and have Dark Blast or Moonbeam before selecting this power.

It's essentially Moment of Glory from Regeneration with a lot of the
awesome stripped out.  But that still leaves a fair bit of awesome.  
For fifteen seconds, it'll boost all of your defense by about 20%.  If
you aren't softcapped, you will be.  And if you are, defense debuffs and
to-hit buffs are less of an issue.  The power recharges in ninety seconds,
so it can be up pretty often.

Slotting ideas:  Three slots of recharge.  Then, if you want, more defense.

Summon Widow
Summon Night Widow: Melee Moderate Damage(Lethal)
Ghost Widow will assign a beautiful and deadly Blood Widow assassin for you
to command. Her weapons of choice include wrist retractable mounted razors
and darts, all tipped in deadly poison.

That description is wrong.  You actually get a Night Widow, which is 
better.  The Night Widow is a rather tough pet sporting stealth and
resistance to Psi and mez effects as well as defense to all positions
and Psi attacks.  She also is a lot more accurate than other pets.  Top
this off with her tendency to spam Smoke Grenade (AoE to-hit and perception
debuffs) and you have one very survivable pet (there's a reason why they
kick so much butt in Gladiator arena matches).  They are primarily a
melee attacker with Lunge, Slash, Strike, and Swipe.  All of those will
debuff recharge and run speed and do both :ethal and the rarely resisted
Toxic damage.  She also can fire at range with Mental Blast, which
carries a recharge debuff.  All in all, a nasty pet to have at your side.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge and damage.  You want her up often and hitting
hard!  A little accuracy never hurts either.

===Weapon Mastery===

Weapon Mastery has a mix of utility and damage through ranged attacks.  In
the past, it paled in comparison to the other two APPs simply because it
wasn't that good.  However, it now has a shiny new power that boosts it's
utility.  Because of what it has, this set is probably better for PvP than
PvE.  But, then again, that just might be my bias against the first two
powers in the set.

Web Grenade
Ranged, Target Immobilize, -Recharge, -Fly
"Upon impact, the Web Grenade expels a strong, tenuous, and very sticky
substance that can Immobilize most targets. This non-lethal device deals no
damage and does not prevent targets from attacking, although their attack
rate is Slowed. The Web can bring down flying entities and halts jumping."

If you're looking to stop a group of foes, Tenebrous Tentacles is far
superior.  Web Grenade, however, is better for stopping runners and can be
stacked on bosses.  It also doesn't require two powers to get.  Even if the
target resists your immobilization, it'll stop them from flying or jumping,
minus a few instances.  This is excellent in PvP because if they don't have
Super Speed and you nail them with this, they're essentially a sitting duck
for you.

Slotting ideas:  Immobilization and accuracy.  Consider adding range for
PvP so you can stop jumping and flying from farther away.

Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT(Lethal), Foe -Speed
"You toss a handful of Caltrops at a targeted location and spread the tiny
metal spikes over a large area. Any villains that pass over the Caltrops
will be forced to move at a slower rate. They will also take some trivial
Lethal damage over time."

Caltrops would be very useful if it weren't for the fear effect.  Throw it 
at an enemy and they'll try to run off of it, potentially away from you.
One or two enemies is no problem, but it will scatter a group.  You can,
however, stack it with Web Grenade to slow foes even more.  It also stops
jumping, but keep in mind flying is unaffected.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge and maybe slow.  The damage isn't worth slotting
for, though I've heard of people using damage procs to make it pretty

Ranged, Minor Damage(Lethal)
"A classic small throwing weapon, you can throw Shurikens at a pretty fast
fire rate. You must be level 44 and have Web Grenade or Caltrops before
selecting this power."

A ranged attack with no special effects that's weaker than Dark Blast and
Laser Eye Beams.  It also does a damage type you already do.  Not really
that great, though it fits conceptually with Broadsword than the other
ranged attacks.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting for here.  Less sets than either
Dark Blast or Laser Eye Beams.

Targeting Drone
Toggle: Self +ToHit, +Perception, Res(DeBuff ToHit)
"When this small device is activated, the small Targeting Drone hovers
around your head and emits targeting laser sights. The lasers can
dramatically improve your chance to hit and increase your Perception,
allowing you to better see stealthy foes. Targeting Drone also grants you
resistance to powers that DeBuff your chance to hit. Targeting Drone is a
toggle power and must be activated and deactivated manually. Like all
toggle powers, while active Targeting Drone drains endurance. You must be
level 44 and have Web Grenade or Caltrops before selecting this power."

An alternative to Focused Accuracy, though harder to get.  It works in the 
exact same way as Focused Accuracy.  A good utility power to pick up on the
way to Weapon Mastery's final power.  But, if you just want it for the
utility and don't care for the rest of the set, get Focused Accuracy

Slotting ideas:  Same as Focused Accuracy.

Exploding Shuriken
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate Damage(Lethal)
"This small throwing star is rigged to explode on impact. You must be level
47 and have two other Weapon Mastery Powers before selecting this power."

The only ranged targeted AOE you can grab as a Scrapper (outside of Shield
Charge, arguably), Exploding Shuriken is a bit easier to use than the cones
from the other APPs.  Just target the guy in the middle of the mob and
throw it.  Unfortunately, it deals lethal damage, which you already have
plenty of.

Slotting ideas:  As this has no special effects, standard attack slotting
is the way to go.

Generic Power Pools

You can have up to four generic Power Pools.  Each one has four powers,
with the first two available at level 6, the second at 14 so long as you
have at least one from that pool, and the last at 20 so long as you have
at least two from that pool.  Four pools have travel powers and one of them
is considered to be required by some players.  You can get a lot of utility
out of your extra power pools, but be aware any click power will cause

The first of the PPs is one that really doesn't work well for a Scrapper.
You're a Scrapper, you run in and hit things, not sneak in and backstab
them.  One of the powers doesn't work on you and two of them don't let
you attack.  You can also get stealth powers for free pretty easily, such
as by doing PvP zone patrols.  Personally, this is one of the more useless
pools in the game, though it has its moments.  They're just not Scrapper

Toggle: Self Stealth, +Defense (All), Self -Speed
"You blend into your environment and can only be seen at very close range.
Even if discovered, you are hard to see and have a bonus to defense to all
attacks. If, however, you attack while using this power, you will be
discovered and will lose your stealth and some of your defense bonus. While
stealthy, your movement is slowed. Stealth will not work with any other
form of concealment power such as Shadow Fall or Steamy Mist."

Stealth would actually be useful for you if the defense didn't mostly 
suppress when you attack or got hit.  It's handy for ghosting a mission,
but that's really about it.

Slotting ideas:  Defense, no more than three slots if you even add any,
which assumes you even take this power.

Grant Invisibility
Ranged, Teammate Stealth, +Defense (All)
"Grants a targeted teammate invisibility. The invisibility lasts about two
minutes. While your ally is invisible, he probably will not be detected
unless he attacks a target. If he attacks, he is still hard to see and
maintains some bonus to defense to all attacks. This power works with other
concealment related powers."

Handy for making an ally ghost a mission, but that's about it.  Like 
Stealth, the defense suppresses when the ally is hit or attacks.

Slotting ideas:  If you're crazy enough to take this, consider endurance
reductions so you can buff the team more cheaply and/or defense.  I really
wouldn't add slots, however.

Toggle: Self Stealth, +Defense (All)
"You can bend light around yourself to become invisible. While this power
is active, you are almost impossible to detect. While invisible, you cannot
attack and can only use powers that affect yourself; however, you do have a
defense to all attacks. You must be at least level 14 and have Stealth or
Grant Invisibility before selecting Invisibility. This power will not work
with other self-affecting concealment powers such as Stealth or Shadow

It's essentially Stealth+.  Except you can only affect yourself while
using it, so no attacking.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Stealth.

Phase Shift
Toggle: Self Intangible
"You can Phase Shift to become out of sync with normal space. Although you
do not become completely invisible, you are translucent and hard to see.
You are intangible, and cannot affect or be affected by those in normal
space. Although this power is a toggle, you cannot remain phase shifted for
more than 30 seconds, even if you still have endurance. Phase shift cannot
be used with rest. You must be at least level 20 and have two other
Concealment powers before selecting Phase Shift."

A nice "Oh crap!" power, though you can pick Hyper Phase up from a Warburg
patrol for free.  You can't attack or be attacked while using it, so it's
great for escapes.  However, you can affect other phased targets, in PvE
and PvP.  Not a good reason to pick it up, however.

Slotting ideas:  Endurance reduction.

The first half of the fighting pool is crap.  The second half, however, is
quite useful.  So useful, in fact, many people will pick up this pool and
put up with a wasted power pick for the last two powers.  Those two powers
are also beneficial to a SR Scrapper.

Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Disorient
"A decent punch that has a small chance to Disorient foes."

It's weak and it causes redraw.  It can stun, but that's about it.  You can
slot it creatively as an attack (or use it in PvP where it actually can
hurt), but that may not be the best idea.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting, though you can play with stun
enhancements and IOs.  I wouldn't slot it, however.

Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
"A modest kicking attack that has a small chance to knock opponents down."

It's Boxing.  Except it has a longer animation and may knock a foe back
instead of stunning them.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting, though you can play with 
knockback enhancements and IOs.  I wouldn't slot it, however.

Toggle: Self +Res(Smash/Lethal)
"While active, you are tough and slightly resistant to Smashing and Lethal
damage. You must be at least level 14 and have Boxing or Kick before
selecting Tough."

A decent skill, it gives you some resistances you otherwise don't have
outside of scaling passives and is a resist all in PvP.  The real reason
for a SR to get it is to get to Weave.  Then there's also the 3% Defense
IO and the horribly expensive 3% Defense PvP IO that can be slotted in it,
which is pretty darn significant.  For you soft-cappers out there, Tough
with the normal 3% defense IO is one of the powers many use to reach the

Slotting ideas:  The two IOs mentioned aside, three resistances and maybe
an endurance reduction is the best course of slotting outside of sets.

Toggle: Self +Def(All), Res(Immobilize)
"While active, you bob and weave, increasing your Defense to all attacks,
as well as your resistance to Immobilize. You must be at least level 20 and
have two other Fighting Powers before selecting Weave."

Ignore the immobilization resistance, you shouldn't be getting immobilized
with Practiced Brawler to begin with.  Weave gives you defense to 
everything, which stacks with Super Reflexes nicely.  For SR, it's the
crown jewel of the pool.  However, if you don't plan on softcapping, going
for it just for defense probably isn't viable.  Combat Jumping and 
Maneuvers are less costly to get.

Slotting ideas:  The same as your SR toggles.


Controversial in whether it's needed or not among some, Fitness is a very
useful pool for anyone.  It's all auto powers and therefore costs no
endurance.  In fact, one power boosts your recovery.

Auto: Self +Speed
"You can naturally run slightly faster than normal. This ability is always
on and does not cost any endurance."

Increases your run speed and stacks with Quickness.  Use with that and
Sprint for a ghetto travel power.

Slotting ideas:  All it takes is run and flight speed.  Don't add more 
slots unless you just have to go as fast as possible.

Auto: Self +Jump
Increase jump height.

Faster than Swift, actually.  Use it with Combat Jumping for a ghetto
travel power.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Swift, except for jumping.

Auto: Self +Regeneration, Resistance (Sleep)
"You heal slightly faster than a normal person. Your improved health also
grants you resistance to sleep. This ability is always on and does not cost
any endurance. You must be at least level 14 and have Swift or Hurdle
before selecting Health."

A very useful power, as it makes you heal faster.  Health is the first
good power of of the set.  However, where it really shines is at...

Slotting ideas:  Three healing enhancements.  Or, if you really want some
fun, Health can take three unique IOs:  Miracle +Recovery, Regenerative
Flesh +Regeneration, and Numina's Convalesce +Regeneration/Recovery.  If
you get all three, your performance will most certainly have a noticeable
increase.  However, be prepared to shell out lots of influence and/or 

Auto: Self +Recovery
"You recover endurance slightly more quickly than normal. This ability is
always on and does not cost any endurance. You must be at least level 20
and have two other Fitness Powers before selecting Stamina."

Bam!  Suddenly, BS/SR doesn't seem as endurance heavy as it was before.
Unless you plan to slot for a lot of endurance reductions, always team
with people who can boost your recovery, or use Rest often, you want this
power.  Your life will get a lot easier.

Slotting ideas:  Three endurance modification enhancements.  Worth noting
is the Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance.  It's not too pricy
compared to Health's uniques and makes a significant difference.


The most common, and arguably the most fun, travel pool.  With flight, you
can go anywhere that doesn't have collision detection.  It doesn't have
that many tools useful to a BS/SR Scrapper.  But, if you want to fly, here
you go.

Toggle: Self Fly, +DEF(All)
"For hovering and aerial combat. This power is much slower than Fly, but
provides some Defense to all attacks, offers good air control, costs little
Endurance, and has none of the penalties associated with Fly. Switch to
this mode when fighting other flying foes. Hover also grants pseudo
knockback protection; instead of getting knocked down and jumping back up,
you just flip over in the air."

Hover is a bit slow for a Scrapper, though now can be slotted to tolerable
speeds.  It gives some defense that stacks with Super Reflexes quite
nicely, however.  But if you use this for more defense, be prepared to drop
some slots here.

Slotting ideas:  Increasing the fly speed and the defense is the way to go.
To do that, you may need to invest up to six slots, however.

Air Superiority
Melee, Moderate Damage(Smash), Foe -Fly
"This two-handed overhead melee attack can knock a flying target to the

Some people swear by this power.  I don't, especially since it causes
redraw and the damage is anemic compared to your primary attacks.  It does,
however, knock people out of the air and has guaranteed knock-up.  No, not
THAT kind of knock-up!  Trust me, you can use this against Carnies without
having to pay child support later.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting should be sufficient.

Toggle: Self Fly
"Fly allows you to travel long distances quickly. If you attack a target
while this power is on, your Flight speed will be temporarily reduced to
Hover speed. Your top Flight speed increases with your Level. You must be
at least level 14 and have Hover or Air Superiority before selecting Fly."

Weeee, I'm as free as a bird!  One of the more fun travel powers in the
game, and also one of the slowest... and laziest.  Fly is very fun, but it
IS just a travel power.  Hence, not much to say on it.

Slotting ideas:  If you slot it, fly speed and, if you use it in combat,
endurance reductions.

Group Fly
Toggle: Team Fly, -ACC
"You can endow your nearby teammates with Flight. Be mindful! Your friends
will fall if you run out of Endurance or if they travel too far away from
you. Group Fly travel speed is slower than Fly. Flying allies suffer from
reduced Accuracy. You must be at least Level 20 and have two other Flight
Powers before selecting Group Fly."

Group Fly... Group Fly... Group Fly...  As fun and awesome of a power as
this is, the most use you'd probably get out of it is griefing your team,
outside of a few specific instances.

Slotting ideas:  Endurance reduction, maybe fly speed.


Outside of concept, Leadership isn't too helpful to a Scrapper.  While many
pools are affected by AT mods, Leadership is more so than other PPs.  And
Scrappers get one of the lowest values from all the powers in this pool of
all the ATs.  Even still, Leadership can be handy.

Toggle PBAoE Team +DEF(All)
"A good leader knows how to protect his team. While active, this power
increases the Defense of yourself and all nearby teammates to all attacks."

Probably the most useful power in the pool to you, Maneuvers will give you
a modest boost to your defenses, which will bring you closer to the softcap.
It also has the side benefit of affecting your allies, but for you that's
just a convenient side-effect for this power.  If you need more defense
cheaply and don't mind another toggle, Maneuvers is a worthwhile choice.

Slotting ideas:  Defense, no more than three slots worth.  And maybe an
endurance reduction.

Toggle PBAoE Team +DMG Res(Taunt, Placate)
"While this power is active, you and your nearby teammates deal more damage
and are resistant to Taunt and Placate."

A modest boost to your and your allies' damage.  Not very significant for
a Scrapper, I recommend Maneuvers instead for /SR or any defense based
secondary.  The Taunt and Placate resistance rarely comes into play in PVE,
but could be useful in PvP.

Slotting ideas: Damage, no more than three slots worth.  And maybe an
endurance reduction.

Toggle PBAoE Team +ACC Res(Confuse, Fear) +Perception
"While this power is active, your Accuracy and that of all your nearby
teammates is increased. Your advanced Tactics also protect you and your team
from Confuse and Fear effects, as well as your Perception so you can detect
Stealthy foes."

A useful power in that it makes you and your teammates hit more, though
that's something good slotting can take care of.  The mez resistances are,
again, rare in PvE but may prove handy in PvP.  The perception bonus in PvE
will be redundant with Focused Senses, but will help with Stalkers when
fighting other players.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy and endurance reducers.  The +Perception IO can be
placed here for you PvP players.

Click Targeted AoE Team +DMG +ACC +DEF(All) Res(Effects)
"The loss of a comrade enrages the team. When a teammate is defeated in
combat, activate this power to grant you and your teammates a bonus to
Accuracy, Damage and Defense to all attacks. A Vengeful team has no fear,
and Vengeance protects you and your Teammates from Fear effects. It also
gives you and your team great resistance to Sleep, Hold, Disorient,
Immobilize, Confuse, Taunt, Placate and Knockback. This power does not stack
with multiple castings."

Vengeance is a rather nifty power, but takes some effort to get and should
really only be taken as a filler.  Since it doesn't stack, it's best to let
the defender or another AT with a higher modifier use theirs.  But if you do
take it and nobody else has it, fire away when that Blaster goes down again.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge reductions and maybe some healing.


The jumping travel powerset, Leaping is one of the more useful ones to a /SR
Scrapper due to one power.  The travel power also is pretty nice.  The other
two powers are a bit lackluster, at least for you.  If you want as much
defense as possible, however, you may want to delve into Leaping.

Jump Kick
Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
"A good jumping kick attack that may knock foes back. Good if you are
looking for another attack power."

More like flip kick.  It has a long animation and short recharge, making it
almost permanent out of the box.  It will, however, cause redraw and 
inflicts anemic damage.  Strongly recommend not taking this power.

Slotting ideas:  Standard attack slotting should be sufficient if you 
actually do take this and slot it.

Combat Jumping
Toggle: Self +Jump, +Def(All), Res(Immobilization)
"While active, Combat Jumping increases your Defense to all attacks, and
adds resistance to Immobilization. Moderately increases your jump height and
distance while providing good air control."

The alternative to Jump Kick is made of win.  Perhaps the cheapest toggle in
the game, it will boost your defense, stacking with the rest of Super 
Reflexes and increase your combat maneuverability.  Additionally, it can be
combined with Hurdle for a decent ghetto travel power.  This is a good power
to take and the one I recommend if you go into Leaping.

Slotting ideas:  Three slots for defense, maybe more for defense uniques.

Super Jump
Toggle: Self Long Jump
"While this power is active, you can leap great distances and heights,
easily jumping over buildings and from rooftop to rooftop! If you attack a
target while this power is on, you will temporarily be reduced to a normal
jump height. You must be at least level 14 and have Jump Kick or Combat
Jumping before selecting Super Jump."

A nifty travel power, but tedious if you hate holding a key to do it.  
However, because it suppresses, you're better using Combat Jumping for
fighting in PvE and using this to get around.  In PvP though, it's strongly
recommended more moving about the arena/zone as well as hitting fliers.

Slotting ideas:  Jump speed and, for combat, endurance reductions.  I
generally don't slot my travel powers beyond the default slot, but it's not
always a bad idea.

Toggle: Self +Res(Knockback, Hold)
"While this power is active, you are very nimble and Acrobatic. You can
avoid most Knockback effects and are resistant to Hold effects. You must be
at least level 20 and have two other Leaping Powers before selecting

For you, this power is useless.  While squishies and a few protective sets
will get great mileage out of it, you have the far superior Practiced 

Slotting ideas:  For the sake of completeness, I'll go ahead and recommend
endurance reductions for the random guy who reads this and still takes


The healing pool, it's more of a healing set than Empathy and Pain 
Domination proportionally.  All but one power cannot be used on yourself,
making this pool mostly useless to the Scrapper.  However, Super Reflexes
does like the one power you can use on yourself.

Aid Other
Close, Ally Heal
"Heals a single targeted ally. This power is interruptible."

The description says it all.  Aid Other is fairly powerful with some 
slotting and is easy to use in mid-combat once your defenses are solid.
The issue, however, would be finding slots to spare to this power.  Not too
bad of a pre-requisite power for the one you actually want, but you
probably won't use it often.

Slotting ideas:  Healing, of course.  Interrupt time reductions are also
not a bad idea.

Close, Ally +Res(mez)
"Frees an ally from any Immobilization, Sleep, Disorient, Hold, Fear or
Confuse effects and leaves them resistant to such effects for a brief time.
Protection will improve with multiple applications and as you advance in
level. This power is interruptible."

Does everything you want it to do without any slotting.  It's essentially
an interruptible version of Clear Mind, but not as good, of course.  If
you're going after Aid Self, this is the better choice if you don't want to
slot a pre-requisite power.  Good for helping out the squishier teammates
who get mezzed if you have a moment to spare.

Slotting ideas:  Don't need anything but the base slot.  Maybe an interrupt
reduction in it.

Aid Self
Self Heal, Res(Disorient)
"Allows you to heal yourself, you will also be wide awake and resistant to
Disorient. This power is interruptible. You must be at least level 14 and
have Aid Other or Stimulant before selecting Aid Self."

This is the Scrapper's crown jewel of the Medicine pool.  With solid 
defenses and slotting, you can heal yourself for a nice amount in mid-combat
relatively easily.  It's great for recovering after a big hit and making 
sure the next hit won't one-shot you.  This is the whole reason to go into
the Medicine pool.  However, it's 4-second activation time is a bit of a

Slotting ideas:  Slotting heals is obvious.  Recharge reductions and maybe
interrupt reductions are also good ideas.

Close, Ally Rez
"Revives a fallen ally, leaving him with full Hit Points, but no Endurance.
The Resuscitated target will be protected from XP Debt for 15 seconds. This
power is interruptible. You must be at least level 20 and have two other
Medicine Powers before selecting Resuscitate."

For the Scrapper-Who-Cares, you can take this to revive your teammates when
they go down.  If you're well slotted and the RNG doesn't hate you, you
should be up to do it.  However, I don't recommend taking this except as 
filler, something I almost did but grabbed Confront instead.

Slotting ideas:  Recharge and interrupt reductions are all you need.  You
should be able to get away with the base slot no problem.


In my opinion, this is the most useless pool in the game.  Not to say it is
useless, but it's not something I'd use.  It has two taunts and two fears.
You might could get some use, especially if you want to be a dedicated

Ranged, Targeted Taunt
"Challenges a foe to attack you. Use this to pull a foe off of an ally in
trouble or away from a mob of foes. Not as effective as a typical Scrapper
Confront and Challenge powers. An Accuracy check is required to successfully
Challenge a target."

There's no reason to get this over Confront, as Confront is superior and
always hits in PvP.

Slotting ideas:  If you absolutely must take it to spite me, accuracy
and taunts are probably the way to go.

Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect), Foe Taunt
"This power attracts the attention of a foe and all those around him. Use
this to pull several enemies off of an ally in trouble. Not as effective as
a typical Tanker Taunt powers. An Accuracy check is required to successfully
Challenge a target."

If you dip into this pool, get this power over Challenge.  It gives you a
more Tanker style taunt, which is handy if you want to be a dedicated
Scranker.  If you get Confront as well, which probably isn't a great idea, 
you can decide whether you want one or several targets, which can be
situationally helpful.  Though if you get Provoke, I recommend skipping

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy first and foremost.  After that, perhaps taunt

Ranged, Foe Fear
"You can threaten a single foe and cause him to helplessly tremble in Fear
for a brief while. You must be at least level 14 and have Challenge or
Provoke before selecting Intimidate."

I can see this being potentially useful in PvP or for stopping runners in
PvE, but it's not something I recommend.  Fear is a lousy mez ability
since it doesn't detoggle and the enemy can fight back if hit.  On the other
hand, it is very rarely resisted.  But if you want Fear powers, you're
probably going for the next power.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracies and fears are the way to go.

Invoke Panic
Point Blank Area of Effect, Foe Fear
"This power causes sheer terror in all foes around you, causing them to
tremble in Fear uncontrollably. You must be at least level 20 and have two
other Presence Powers before selecting Invoke Panic."

Since you're in the thick of things as a Scrapper, with some slotting this
could provide decent mitigation, so long as AoEs aren't being tossed around,
which they will be.  I really don't recommend going for it, but if you're
this far into the pool, you might as well.

Slotting ideas:  Same as Intimidate.


A popular power pool due to a very useful power and a travel power that's
also fun to use.  However, like other travel power pools, some of it's 
powers really aren't that helpful.

Moderate Damage (Smashing) Foe Disorient (minor)
"Unleashes a super fast Flurry of punches to pummel your foe. Flurry is so
dizzying that it has a chance to Disorient the target."

Very long animation time, redraw, and craptastic damage.  Really no reason
to get it other than the fact it actually looks pretty decent.

Slotting ideas:  I'd go with, you guessed it, standard attack slotting.

Self +Recharge
"You can reduce the recharge time of all powers for 2 minutes. Although
Hasten does not cost any Endurance to activate, you can tire easily since
your Endurance does not recover more rapidly. After Hasten wears off, you
become tired and will lose some Endurance."

One of the powers that everyone loves and some find mandatory.  It gives a
huge recharge bonus that stacks with Quickness.  Broadsword really, really
loves Hasten if you can hit it in, as it helps with the slow recharge.  And
if you hit "perma-hasten", then things should really improve for you.
However, it isn't necessary.  I currently go without it since all four of my
pool choices are needed elsewhere, sadly.  If only I had 500+ million 
influence to burn on that +3% defense PvP IO...

Slotting ideas:  Three recharges and nothing else.  It takes nothing else

Super Speed
Toggle: Self +Speed (Minor Stealth)
"You can run at super-human speeds! While running at such speeds, you are a
blur, and many foes will not even notice you as you speed past them. If you
attack a target while this power is on, you will temporarily be slowed to
normal speed. You must be at least level 14 and have Flurry or Hasten before
selecting Super Speed."

A fun travel power that lets you zoom!  Good for running away, closing
distances, and generally getting around.  It also has a small stealth
component, letting you stealth missions if you so choose.  It's also a very
handy PvP travel power, usually combined with Super Jump for maximum combat
mobility against other players.

Slotting ideas:  At level 50, two runspeed IOs will put you at the speed
cap.  If you want other stuff after that, endurance reductions are the way
to go.

Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback
"You spin around at an amazing speed to create a Whirlwind around yourself.
Any foes that enter this Whirlwind will be tossed into the air. You must be
at least level 20 and have two other Speed Powers before selecting

It knocks foes away from you.  Since you fight in melee, it's 
counterproductive.  Plus, Whirlwind is just plain silly.  Most people I see
using it are just trying to annoy other players.

Slotting ideas:  Endurance reductions if you feel so inclined to take this
power.  And if you really want to hurt yourself, slot knockback into it.


A fun pool, but not too useful for a Scrapper outside of traveling.  It can
pull foes or bring a slow teammate to you, things of that nature.  Probably
the least used travel pool.

Recall Friend
Zone-Range: Teleport Teammate
"You can teleport one of your teammates to yourself. The target must be a
teammate and can be selected from the team window. You can also rescue a
fallen teammate who may be in a hostile location, as long as he is on the
same map. Range is not infinite, but extremely long and can be enhanced.
This power can be interrupted."

Well, the description says it all.  Please don't use it to grief your 
allies, as amusing as that may be.  A good filler for helping your friends
get around and for stealthing missions.

Slotting ideas:  Range or interrupt reduction.  I don't recommend slotting
outside the base slot.

Teleport Foe
Ranged, Teleport Foe
"You can teleport a single foe directly next to yourself. A successful hit
must be made in order to teleport the target, and some powerful foes cannot
be teleported. This power can be interrupted."

Primarily a minion and Lt. pulling power.  Personally, I'd rather use
Confront for pulling, if I'm pulling at all.  It doesn't affect all foes
and needs some good accuracy in it to work well.

Slotting ideas:  Accuracy and range.  Maybe interrupt time and recharge as

Ranged (Location), Self Teleport
"You can teleport long distances. Teleport has no recharge time, and can be
reactivated without pause, as long as you have endurance. You must be at
least level 14 and have Recall Friend or Teleport Foe before selecting

A fun but hard to use travel power.  Use it and BAM you're there!  Excellent
for escapes or popping into a mob.  Though the near immobile hover at the
end is rather annoying.  Potentially the fastest travel power.

Slotting ideas:  One endurance reduction SO with Stamina should let you go
long distances without exhausting yourself.  Range IOs work really well as

Team Teleport
Ranged (Location), Team Teleport
"You can teleport yourself and your nearby teammates to a targeted location.
Teammates must be in close proximity to you. Team Teleport costs slightly
more endurance than Teleport, but you can teleport your entire team for no
additional cost. You must be at least level 20 and have two other
teleportation powers before selecting Team Teleport."

Like Group Fly, there just isn't a whole lot going for this one outside of
amusement and griefing.

Slotting ideas:  Range and endurance reduction.

Incarnate Abilities
If you do not own Going Rogue, you may skip this section.

Incarnate Abilities are optional, like IOs.  You don't have to get them
and you don't need them for most everything.  However, if you want to run
end-game incarnate content, having the slots unlocked is mandatory and
having something in them is strongly recommended.  The bulk of the 
Incarnate System isn't available yet, but this is where it'll be added as
it comes.

Note that becoming an incarnate unlocks a third build.  Now you have even
more room for experimentation without respeccing or hopping into test.

===Alpha Slot===
The alpha slot acts as a global enhancement.  It is mostly effected by
Enhancement Diversification and will boost all of your powers that can be
slotted for those effects.  Some of the Alpha ability will ignore ED: 1/6
for Common, 1/3 for Uncommon, 1/2 for Rare, and 2/3 for Ultra Rare.  Rare
and Ultra Rare will give a "level shift", making you fight as though you
were level 51, though you're still level 50.  Youcan use these for boost
strengths even more, shore up your weaknesses, or to totally change your
slotting if you don't ever plan to exemplar on that build.

There are two trees for each boost:  Core and Radial.  Core
focuses on the main aspects of the boost type whereas Radial throws in
extras.  Also, you can only ever have one Alpha ability slotted at one time
and can only slot powers after you've been out of combat for a few minutes.

Note:  Only the common and uncommon abilities are currently available, aka
Boost, Core Boost, and Radial Boost.  Though, for completeness sake, I'll
list the rare and ultra rare abilities since we do already know what
effects they'll have.  This should help with long-term planning.

Common:  Boost
Uncommon:  Core and Radial Boost
Rare:  All four Revamps
Ultra Rare:  Core and Radial Paragons

Unfortunately, the Alpha slots do not seem to be that amazing for BS/SR.  
It mostly depends on which primary boost you want.

The primary effect of this set is endurance reduction, which is great 
since BS/SR can be end hungry.  The secondary effects are Range and Damage
Resistance, neither of which really help you.  The tertiary effects in
the radial tree are Fear, Sleep, and Intangibility Duration, none of which
help you.  If you go into Cardiac, I'd recommend going down the Core tree.

Boost:  33% End Redux
Core Boost:  33% End Redux, 20% Range
Radial Boost:  33% End Redux, 20% Resistance
Total Core Revamp:  45% End Redux, 20% Range
Partial Core Revamp: 33% End Redux, 20% Range, 20% Resistance
Total Radial Revamp: 33% End Redux, 10% Range, 20% Resistance, 33% Sleep
Partial Radial Revamp: 33% End Redux, 10% Range, 20% Resistance, 33% Fear
Core Paragon: 45% End Redux, 20% Range, 20% Resistance
Radial Paragon:  33% End Redux, 20% Range, 20% Resistance, 33% Sleep, 33%
Fear, 33% Intangibility

The primary effect of tree is damage.  This one will likely suffer from ED,
but the later alphas should fix that.  The secondary effects are defense
debuffs, which will boost all of your primary attacks and is probably
something you didn't slot for, and Immobilize, which only really benefits
APP/PPP immobilizes and some PPP pets.  The tertiary effects in the Radial
tree is Endurance Modification, Run Speed, and To-Hit Debuff.  End Mod 
will mostly benefit Stamina, Conserve Power, and Physical Perfection.  
Run Speed boosts AM, Swift, all versions of Sprint, Quickness, and Super
Speed.  The To-Hit Debuff only helps Dark and Soul Mastery.  I'd lean
towards the Core tree myself on this one, but depending on your power picks
the Radial tree can boost a number of your powers.

Boost:  33% Damage
Core Boost:  33% Damage, 33% Immobilize
Radial Boost:  33% Damage, 33% Defense Debuff
Total Core Revamp:  45% Damage, 33% Immobilize
Partial Core Revamp:  33% Damage, 33% Immobilize, 33% Defense Debuff
Total Radial Revamp:  33% Damage, 33% Immobilize, 16.5% Defense Debuff,
20% To-Hit Buff
Partial Radial Revamp:  33% Damage, 16.5% Immobilize, 33% Defense Debuff,
33% End Mod
Core Paragon:  45% Damage, 33% Immobilize, 33% Defense Debuff
Radial Paragon:  33% Damage, 33% Immobilize, 33% Defense Debuff, 33% End
Mod, 33% Run Speed, 20% To-Hit Buff

The primary effect of Nerve is accuracy.  You should already have accuracy
slotted and your defense debuffs should make more less necessary, though it 
will come in handy in the Apex and Tin Mage TFs, as those are minimum level 
54.  The secondary effects are Hold Duration and Defense Buff.  Defense 
buff will, of course, increase your defense, which can be important in
some of the new content since enemies are a fair bit more accurate.  
The tertiary effects of the Radial tree are Taunt, Confuse, and Fly.
Taunt is useless if you've not taken a taunt power, but it's nice if you're
a Scranker.  Confuse is totally useless to you.  Fly is really for it's
namesake.  For Nerve, I'd, again, go for the Core tree.

Boost:  33% Accuracy
Core Boost:  33% Accuracy, 33% Hold
Radial Boost:  33% Accuracy, 20% Defense Buff
Total Core Revamp:  45% Accuracy, 33% Hold
Partial Core Revamp:  33% Accuracy, 33% Hold, 20% Defense
Total Radial Revamp:  33% Accuracy, 16.5% Hold, 20% Defense, 33% Confuse
Partial Radial Revamp:  33% Accuracy, 16.5% Hold, 20% Defense, 33% Taunt
Core Paragon:  45% Accuracy, 33% Hold, 20% Defense
Radial Paragon:  33% Accuracy, 33% Hold, 20% Defense, 33% Taunt, 33%
Confuse, 33% Flight Speed

The primary focus of Spiritual is Recharge.  This is good if you don't
have Hasten, but be wary you don't boost your recharge to levels where
your blue bar starts screaming for mercy.  The secondary effects are stun
and healing.  Neither are particularly useful, though the latter boosts
Health and, if you have it, Aid Other/Self. The tertiary effects from the
Radial tree are Slow, Jump Speed, and To-Hit Buffs.  Slow is useless for
you outside of a couple of A/PPPs.  Jump speed is mostly for Hurdle and
Super Jumpers.  To-Hit Buffs can be handy for enhancing Build Up, Focused
Accuracy, and Tactics for getting through high defense.  But, even still,
if you guessed I'd recommend the Core tree once more, you were right.

Boost:  33% Recharge
Core Boost:  33% Recharge, 33% Stun
Radial Boost:  33% Recharge, 33% Heal
Total Core Revamp:  45% Recharge, 33% Stun
Partial Core Revamp:  33% Recharge, 33% Stun, 33% Heal
Total Radial Revamp:  33% Recharge, 16.5% Stun, 33% Heal, 33% Jump
Partial Radial Revamp:  33% Recharge, 16.5% Stun, 33% Heal, 33% Slow
Core Paragon:  45% Recharge, 33% Stun, 33% Heal
Radial Paragon:  33% Recharge, 33% Stun, 33% Heal, 33% Slow, 33% Jump, 33%
To-Hit Buff

Alignment Abilities
If you do not own Going Rogue, you may skip this section.

Alignment Powers are granted seven days after changing or confirming
alignments.  You may only have the one available to your alignment and,
since you need to do tips to get them, are available starting at level 20.
They cannot be slotted and, as far as I can tell, seem to be immune to
recharge speed buffs.  They're mostly for flavor but, if you care about
min-maxing regardless of your alignment, here's a section so you can find
the right power for you.  Note that all of these powers seem to have very
long activation times.  Also note, you can use these in the arena, even
if temporary powers are turned off.

Call to Justice (Hero)
PBAoE, Allies +DMG, +To Hi
You inspire your nearby allies to bring justice to your foes. Using this
power will moderately increase the damage and to hit of yourself and all
nearby allies

A team buff, great for those of you who are more focused on helping the
team.  It effects you as well, so it isn't useless to those who want more
personal strength.  It does 40% damage and 10% ToHit for all allies in
range for 30 seconds.  It recharges in six minutes, unfortunately.

Duplicity (Rogue)
PBAoE, Foe Confuse, -Damage
You trick nearby enemies causing weaker enemies like minions to become
confused for a short time. Affected foes will also have their Damage output

It basically confuses minions for about ten seconds unless other confuse
powers are stacked, like World of Confusion.  It'll also toss out a small,
10% damage debuff on everyone you hit, confused or not, for fifteen
seconds.  It recharges in three minutes.

Fear Incarnate (Vigilante)
PBAoE, Foe Terrorize, -To Hit
You strike fear into the hearts of the guilty causing all nearby foes to
tremble in fear for a short time. Fear Incarnate will only affect Minion
and Underling class enemies. Affected foes will also have their To Hit
chance reduced.

Near identical to Duplicity.  Replace confuse with fear and damage debuff
with to-hit debuff.  The debuff does stack with your defenses indirectly,
so that's something to keep in mind, even if it is brief.

Frenzy (Villain)
Self +Recharge, +Special
You drive yourself into a blind rage to strike down your foes! Upon
activating this power you will increase your recharge rate. All Hero
Archetypes, Masterminds, Corruptors and Soldiers of Arachnos will receive a
high damage increase, Dominators will have their Domination bar filled,
Brutes will have their Rage bar filled and Stalkers will be put into a
hidden state and receive a minor damage buff.

More of a personal buff than Call to Justice.  It recharges in six minutes,
but instead boosts your own damage by 60% and gives you 30% recharge.  It
also lasts a little shorter, only 20 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What difficulty settings should I play on?
A: Depends.  The higher your level, the stronger foes you can take.  If you
go heavy single target, opt for stronger and fewer enemies, say +3 for 2
players.  If you go mixed, balance it out more, say +2 for 5 players.
For heavy AoE, aka Darkness Mastery, +1 or +0 with 6 to 8 players may be
the way to go.  Tweak your settings until you're at a level that's fun and
rewarding, but doesn't pwn your face off or is laughably easy.

Q: How do I solo an AV/Pylon?
A: Lots of influence.  Once you have that, you'll want a build with strong
single target attacks, aka Hack, Disembowel, and Headsplitter.  You'll
want soft-capped defenses, which is easy to get on a /SR.  And you'll also
want lots of endurance, so Stamina and/or Physical Perfection is a must.
Maybe Covserve Power too.  I'm not going to list any builds, there's 
several ways to build it.  Just toy around with a build in Mids and then
make a mission in the Mission Architect with an easy AV, such as Bobcat, 
and test once you have a workable one.  Ask on the Scrapper forums too for
feedback.  For your APP, you'll probably want Body for Conserve Power 
and/or Physical Perfection, though Blaze for Melt Armor is nice too.

Q: What should I take for PvP?
A: First, ignore the advice to take Boxing, Air Superiority, Jump Kick, and
Flurry.  Hack, Disembowel, and Headsplitter are all stronger than the 
comparative pool powers by a tad bit and animate faster.  Plus you can
debuff defense and stack Achilles' Heel procs.  You want strong single
target attacks, as high defense as you can get, Elude, decent recovery,
and good accuracy.  Super Jump and Super Speed is a near essential combo,
but if you can only do one, get Super Jump.  Weapon Mastery shines best
in PvP where it can slow, deny aerial movement, boost your accuracy, AND 
attack from range.  Body gives some end management instead, Blaze a debuff
and some controls, particularly a hold for detoggling (which you otherwise
lack), and Darkness -to hit for added survivability and a detoggler.
Personally, I'd rank PvP APPS for Weapon > Blaze > Darkness > Body, but
your mileage may vary... especially since I don't have a real PvP build on
my Scrapper.  Oh, and IOs.  You need them.  I tested my normal build, which
is heavily IOed, and a SOed PvP spec build against my friends 
support-specced, heavy IOed Emp/Dark Defender.  She kicked the SOed build's
butt without much difficulty, but made zero progress on my IOed build.
So yeah, as sad as it is, IOs > power picks... unless your IOed picks are
just that bad.

Q:  Can Broadsword really do decent AoE damage?  I thought other sets
were for that?
A:  Yes, it can.  In fact, it's better at it than I ever anticipated.  With
I19, I got tired of my AV soloing build and respeced and moved powers
around.  I picked up Mu Mastery for Ball Lighting, since it only took
two picks compared to Fireball's three and it'd be easier than slotting
three cones from Darkness Mastery.  The result was a surprisingly beastly
AoE attack chain without really compromising my single target chain (was
a tricky and tight build to figure out).  So yes, Broadsword can put out
very respectable AoE damage with a little help from an A/PPP.  It's not
Spines or Electric Melee, but unlike them, you can still do more than
respectable single target damage too!

Some theoretical attack chains.  Yours will vary depending on powers chosen
and how you slot.

Blaze Mastery:  Fireball > Whirling Sword > Slice
Body Mastery:  Energy Torrent > Whirling Sword > Slice
Darkness Mastery:  Tenebrous Tentacles > Night Fall > Torrent > Whirling
Sword > Slice
Mace Mastery:  Whirling Sword > Slice > Disruptor Blast > Chase down
scattered mobs
Mu Mastery:  Ball Lightning > Whirling Sword > Slice
Weapon Mastery:  Exploding Shuriken > Whirling Sword > Slice

Q:  I hear Katana is extremely similar to Broadsword.  How does it stack?
A:  It is.  Katana is basically the faster, less bursty version of
Broadsword, complete with cooler animations.  Aside from damage,
recharge, and endurance costs, the powers are all identical.  So much that
this guide could be used for a Kat/SR with near perfect accuracy.  In
terms of burst damage, Broadsword wins down.  However, in long-term DPS, 
Katana will win out when the comparing builds have either a little or a
lot of recharge.  With moderate recharge, Broadsword pulls ahead by a
little bit.  Overall though, both sets are pretty close and really come
down to personal preference or concept.

Q:  I have lots of defenses or am softcapped and I'm still getting hit
a lot!  Why?
A:  Some enemies have to-hit buffs.  Vanguard Sword have it natively,
Rularuu Eyeballs pretty much ignore defense, Devouring Earth can place
Quartz Eminators that give all nearby DE 100% to-hit buff, summoned pet's
have base 75% to-hit, etc.  Some powers, like those in Mind Control and
Illusion, are non-positional and therefore ignore SR's defenses.  Others
still, such as one of the AV Nictus in the Imperious Task Force, have 
attacks that auto-hit.  And, of course, Hamidon laughs at any form of
defense or resistance that isn't an Essence of Earth inspiration.

However, with I18, some enemies in tips have base 64% chance to hit.
It sucks.  I19 added some more missions with enemies like that and some 
with even higher.  For example, on the Apex Taskforce, Battlemaiden has a
49% chance to hit my soft-capped Scrapper!  And I'm not talking about the
blue auto-kill patches that she summons.  That really, really sucks.
The reason for all these new defense-busting enemies is probably all those
Blasters and what not grabbing tons of defense from IO sets and soft
capping themselves, something that wasn't intended.  Consequently, being a
bit of a one-tricky pony set, Super Reflexes suffers quite a bit.  I admit,
I am worried about these new defense breakers going too far, rendering
/SR near useless at any new content.  It's too early to make a call for
doom and gloom, but I am wary.  I'd hate for my main to essentially no
longer have a secondary while at 45% defense to all positions.

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