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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Somewhat Complete Guide  --By:Eric Zeltinger--

Table of Contents
A. Introduction
B.  Goal Guide
	1. Foundry
	2. Canada
	3. Suburbia
	4. Airport
	5. Los Angeles
	6. Cruise Ship
C. Unlock-ables
D. Legal ****

A. Introduction
This is my first FAQ ever.  So bear with me.  THPS3 is the highly
anticipated sequel to THPS2, it as far as Iím concerned, it lives up to the
hype and surpasses it.  Well Iíll move on with the FAQ so enjoy!  (Note: I
am not going to explain the goals that have to do with getting a sick score
since they are self-explanatory.  And I will not explain where the letters
for s-k-a-t-e are since they are different for each charecter)


B. Goal Guide
1. Foundry

"Cannonball over the pipe" - Just get a lot of speed, bust a no comply,  and
do the cannon ball move over the pipe in the beginning of the level.

"Soak the foreman" - The foreman is the guy that is right in front of the
water tank (kina looks like a whirlpool).  Just grind the rail behind him
and a hook will knock him into the water.

"Grind the molten bucket" - You have to grind the bucket that is pouring the
molten metal, not the bucket that is receiving it.  To Start out, go to
where the control room for the bucket is (it has glass windows and there is
a man inside and there is two lights that light up depending on where the
bucket is)  Then you should see the bucket move over top the place where it
dumps.  Just as it starts to dump, start to move forward to it, then use a
no comply to pop yourself up high and grind one of the rails on either side
of the bucket

"50-50 TCís Rail" - TCís rail is the left rail of the walking platform on
the ground that is in between the molten metal press and  the tanks.  Just
hit the grind button while parallel to the rail to grind it across.

"Get the secret tape" - The secret tape is in the air on a beam going
through the middle of the level.  The easiest  way to get there is to stay
on the level you start the stage on and look to your right, you should see
the edge with a little ramp on the end with the elevated walkways  in front
of it.  Just hit the ramp with a little bit of speed and get onto the
elevated walkways and then make your way towards the room with glass on each
side of it.  When you get there you should see the tape.  Just get some
speed, hit the mini kicker ramp, and shoot yourself onto the beam with the

"Turn off 5 valves" - The valves are the very small rails with a red light
blinking behind it.  There are 3 on the right side of the level and 2 on the
left.  Just grind them and they will turn blue, meaning you shut them off.

2. Canada

"Impress the skaters" - In this goal you have to impress the skaters by
doing a move worth at least 2,500 in front of them.  You can distinguish
them between the normal people because they are standing on top of quarter
pipes and they have skateboards in their hands.  They are all in the area
with the multiple bowels.   There is 1 on the top right hand corner of the
bowel filled part of the level, 2 in the center, 1 in the bottom right hand
corner, and one in the bottom left hand corner.

"Bury the bully" - This is an easy one.  Just go down from where you start
out, do a 180, then come back up the quarter pipe and hit the snow covered

"Nosegrind around the horn" -  Go down from where you start out, do a 180,
then come back and hit the ramp and land on the elevated walkway ahead of
it, then continue and go over the next ramp and you should be at a tree with
the walkway going through it.  Then turn around and follow the walkway (it
should have a rope on the outer edge) hold the "up" button and hit the grind
button and you will do a nosegrind...keep on doing this till you go all the
way around, then jump off.

"Do a melon over the blade" - Another easy one, just go down from where you
start out, do a 180 and do a melon over the middle part of the quarter pipe
and land in the other section of quarter pipe.

"Get the secret tape" - First go to the spot with the tree with a walkway
going through it (stated in the nosegrind around the horn goal earlier) then
instead of turning around, keep going straight and go over the ramp, you
should see a quarter pipe ahead of you with a half pipe beside it.  Grind
the rail to the right of you and you will hit a switch that will raise the
half pipe.  Go from the quarter pipe to the half pipe.   Then go from the
half pipe to another half pipe ahead of it.  Then from that half pipe go
onto the platform ahead.   Then when you get to the edge of the platform hit
the grind button and you will start to grind on a railroad track with the
tape at the end.

"Get chuck unstuck" - Another easy one, Ollie over the fence to the left of
you and hit the boy in blue with his tongue against the pole.

3. Suburbia

"Help the thin man" -  First off, go to the house that is still under
construction and grind the pieces of wood that are on the ground, you will
get an axe, that is the key.  Then go to the big "haunted" mansion that is
to the left of where you start and go up to the thin man.

"Clear the power lines" -  The easiest way I can think of doing this is to
go to the house directly behind the fence that you can get to by just going
straight from where you start out.  Go up the ramp leading to the roof of
the house nearest the fence then you will see two lines with tree branches
on them, just grind the top one first, then when you get to the roof of the
other house turn around and grind the other wire back, completing the goal.

"Get the secret tape" - First you must help the thin man.  Then go into his
house and clear the gap from one quarter pipe to the next.  Then you will be
in a room with a high rollin wood on it.  Hit it then go in the opposite
direction and it the quarter pipe with the ramp on top of it and you will go
through the window and bats will fly out.  Then just center yourself  in the
hallway, and when you break through the other window, hit the grind button
and you will grind onto the tape.

"Heelflip the trailer gap"  - The trailer you have to heel flip over is in
the extreme upper right hand corner of the level (it has a silver quarter
pipe behind it).  Hit the silver quarter pipe, then hit the ramp on the
trailer, bust a no comply, then do a heelflip while in midair.

"Smash 5 pumpkins"  -  To smash the pumpkins you have to just simply run
into them or you can do a move on them if you want.  There is one on the
front porch of the grey building with a jeep in the driveway.   One on the
half pipe on the right side of the haunted house.  One on the quarter pipe
on the left side of the haunted house.  One on the wood fence/quarter pipe
beside the manís house that you helped clear the wires of the debris.  And
the last one is in that same mans garage, on the brick fence.

"Nosegrab over the pipe" - Simply nosegrab over the two mini quarter pipes
on the right of the quarter pipe that is beside the haunted house.

4. Airport

"Stop the pickpockets"  - The pickpockets are the guys in black.  Just run
into them to stop them.  There are two on either side of the conveyor belt
on the very beginning of the level (top floor)  there are two in the locker
room on the second floor.  And there is one on the 3rd floor near the

"Get the tickets to your skate buddy" - To start out, grind the counter with
the lady behind it in the beginning of the level to get the tickets.  Then
you must make it all the way down two sets of escalators without bailing,
while at the same time ramping over the metal detectors because they will
void the tickets.  If you bail or if the tickets are voided, you have to
start over.  After you make it all the way down to the 2nd escalator, take a
left and you will see your skate buddy with his chick (or mom, I don't know
:) ) just skate up to him and the goal is complete

"Crooked grind the baggage return machine" - To start out, hop over the
counter to the right of where you start out, then hop onto the conveyor belt
and skate into the baggage intake thing.  You will see some flashes and then
you will see a helicopter.  Just keep going straight and you will see
escalators going underground, follow one  of them.  Then you will see the
baggage return machine.  Just press the "up" and "right" buttons
simultaneously and hold them, then get up to the baggage return machine and
Ollie and press the grind button, you should be crooked grinding it, just
grind a complete circle and jump off.

"Airwalk over an escalator" - Go to the same spot as the goal above.  Then
simply get some speed, hit one of the quarter pipes, then airwalk over one
of the escalators and land on the other side on the other quarter pipe.

"Find the secret tape" - Go to the floor in which you help your skate buddy.
  Then go to the opposite end of that floor and you will see the tape up in
the air against the curved glass.  To get there hit the quarter pipe on the
side, up against the wall, and then grind the rail closest to the ceiling.
Keep your balance and you  will make it to the tape.

"Visit 10 countries" - Go to the same floor as you found the secret tape.
You will notice 5 flags on each side of that floor with a rail going
underneath them all.  Just hit the rail beside the quarter pipe to the
right, (stated on the goal above) and you will grind all the way around,
hitting 10 flags.  Then go to the opposite side of the airport and do the
same thing.

5. Los Angeles

"Start the earthquake" - You have to grind 4 rails in the area immediately
ahead of you.  There are 2 rails on either side of the block, one going down
the middle (it is the straight one going though the building), and one going
horizontally, with the road, on the bottom of the block (it's in between the
newspaper dispensers and the grass).

"Free ball it" - Take off your boxers. j/k.  There are two big orange balls
in the center of the level (between the purple building and the yellow
building) just Ollie into them to knock them free.

"Stop the car chase" - First you must start the earthquake (see above). Then
go to the part of LA where the fire truck is.  Hit the quarter pipe nearest
the fire truck, opposite of the car wash.  Then hold the up button and Ollie
as you come up the other quarter pipe so you land on top of the car wash.
Hop onto the part of broken highway going into LA, then head up it and Ollie
onto the next section, you will see a turquoise car teetering on the side of
the highway.  Simply grind the section of highway he's teetering on and he
will fall, stopping the van, and a shootout will start.

"Vertical Kickflip the Gap" - The gap they are talking about is the one
between the rails behind the building with the glass you can skate through.
Just gain speed, hit one of the rails, grind up, Ollie, do a vertical
kickflip, then land and grind on the opposite rail.

"Find the secret tape" - Go back onto the broken highway, then keep on
hopping from section to section until you get to the section that has
plywood up against the edge, forming a ramp.  Get some speed, then hit the
ramp with a no comply and you should be launched to the awning of the
building that was in front of you.  Then get a skating start, and grind the
awning you are on, then Ollie and grind the curved awning in front of you,
then Ollie once more and you will grind the rail with the secret tape on it.

"One foot Japan the tower popping gap" - This is the gap on top of the
building with the breakable glass.  Hit one of the quarter pipes on either
side of the building,  Bust a one-footed Japan, then land in the mini half
pipe on top of the building.

6. Cruise Ship

"Impress the Neversoft girls" - This can be a tough one if you aren't
careful.  You must do a trick in front of them (they have a tank top on with
Neversoft across it), worth at least 4000 points to impress them.  There are
7 girls you must impress.  To start out, drop down on the quarter pipe from
which you start on, do a 180, go in-between the two quarter pipes, drop down
to the second deck (there is a single wire with flags on it going down) then
do a trick to impress her.  Then drop down one more deck and do the same
thing,  then head on either side of the ship and impress the girls there.
Then there are 3 more left and they are on the middle to the back of the
ship.  One being in the very back, and one is by the pool with a blue
waterslide and one is beside the pool with a cake beside it.

"Raise the ferry" - This is an easy one.  Go onto the bottom deck.  Then go
onto the side of the ship where there are multiple rescue boats lined up.
There will be a man checking out a blue box.  Just wall ride the blue box
and the ferry will raise.

"Find the secret tape" - Go down from where you start, do a 180, then come
back up the pipe, being sure to get enough speed to make it to the top wire.
then grind.  You should grind the flagged wires all the way to the "tail" of
the ship.  Then jump off, get some speed, center yourself on the tail, and
use the mini half pipe to get the secret tape.

"Invert the high wires" - First you must drain the pool by grinding the
silver pipe beside the "tail" of the ship (itís the big red and white metal
thing coming out of the ship with the secret tape on it).  Then go into the
pool, get some speed, then bust an invert on either of the wires with flags
on them.

"Wreck the museum" - The museum is located behind the pool area, or under
the spot you start out on.  Once you get there, grind the outside edge of
the museum, where there are 2 ropes holding up a huge propeller.

"Noseblunt slide an awning" - Go to the bottom floor of the ship, then go to
the spot where the lifeboats are lined up.  Hit one of the low rails, then
jump up and press Up Up and the grind button to Noseblunt slide one of the
brown awnings coming out of the side of the ship.

C. Unlock-ables
These are the cheats or secret characters/levels you open by beating the
game (9 for 9 on all level goals and 3 gold metals)

1st Time - Darth Maul
2nd Time - Wolverine
3rd Time - Warehouse
4th Time - Officer Dick
5th Time - Private Carrera
6th Time - Burnside
7th Time - Ollie the Magic Bum
8th Time - Kelly Slater
9th Time - Roswell
10th Time - Demoness
11th Time - Snowboard Mode
12th Time - Always Special
13th Time - Perfect Rail Balance
14th Time - Super Stats Mode
15th Time - Giant Mode
16th Time - Slow Motion Mode
17th Time - Perfect Manual Balance
18th Time - Tiny Mode
19th Time - Moon Physics
20th Time - Expert Mode
21st Time - First Person Mode

D. Legal ****
This FAQ is only to be used on www.gamefaqs.com unless you get permission
from me. Um I guess thatís it.