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	S . T . A . L . K . E . R : Shadow of Chernobyl



Version 1.0 of this FAQ is based upon version 1.0001 of S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Version History:

V 1.0 (4/2/07)  Started FAQ.  So many little things about this game that take
interest, and only two main FAQ's at the time of writing.

V 1.1 (4/11/07) Allowed FAQ to be hosted on "SuperCheats", as well as fixing 
some typos

V 1.2 (4/12/07) Allowed FAQ to be hosted on two more sites, fixed some typos,
and added stats to artifacts (thanks to dark_scourge's FAQ).


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If you see it on any other site, please let me know.  
This FAQ is purely for Non-profit and will not be sold to anyone, public 
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In short, if you want to use this FAQ, e-mail me at the address at the top
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What are Anomalies?


Anomalies are, in more simple words, a screwed up piece of reality.  
More often then not, they defy the laws of physics in some form or another.  
In all cases, they are harmful to everyone and everything.  This includes you, 
your dog, your neighbor down the street, and the Bloodsucker mutant about
to eat your face off.  Anomalies vary in strength, and in some cases,
element.  It might leave you with but a scratch, or it might send you off
in a pile of blood and bones beneath it.  It goes without saying, that
you should avoid anomalies all together.

Bolts:  You have an infinite number of these with you.  You get them out
by pressing 6 (default) on your keyboard.  Where The Marked One keeps
these I'd rather not know.  By throwing a bolt into an anomaly it will
activate it or make some kind of easy to see visual cue, letting you know,
bluntly, that you shouldn't walk this way.

Anomaly Detector:  Some mystical machine that The Marked One has and
apparently nobody else does.  When you get close to an anomaly, it
will start beeping, more and more rapidly as you get closer, like a
Geiger counter.

Geiger counter:  The faster it clicks, the more radiation in the area.
Sometimes you get false alarms, where it'll be going nuts, but no 


What are Artifacts?


They are, in a sense, the offspring of anomalies.  From time to time you'll
find them near the anomalies that made them.  More often then not, you'll 
get them as prizes from other characters, or from stashes.  In most cases, 
there are 3 levels of the artifact, except in a few special cases, where
there is a fourth level with no negative qualities.  Generally, they are 
among the most expensive things in the Zone, and should be one of your 
main sources of income.


List of Anomalies (rather ones that I know of, notify me if I missed 

1A.  Springboard
2B.  Whirlgig
3C.  Vortex
4D.  Electro
5E.  Burner
6F.  Fruit Punch
7G.  Burnt Fuzz
8H.  Radiation

NOTE:  I will not be providing the descriptions from the game, as
ALT-Tabbing is a pain in the rear


1A.  Springboard

Visibility: (medium)  These can be spotted by an air fluctuation just above
the ground and dancing / twirling leaves.  Not too difficult to spot, 
but are easy to run in to

Danger: (medium-low)  Not too deadly, but can cause bleeding and light to
medium damage.

Activation Time: (instant)  These will activate the instant anything comes
in contact

The most common anomaly you will see in-game.  These things are
quite literally everywhere.  Chances are you'll see 20 or more if
you decide to rush through a single area.  When activated, they make
what seems a sudden rush of air outwards, away from the anomaly.
Usually not too deadly, but they almost always will cause bleeding.
Occasionaly, NPCs will run into these, especially in Cordon,
where they're usually right on the roads.

These create the Artifacts:  Jellyfish, Stone Flower, and Night Star

The artifacts created by Springboards are among the most useful, as they
provide extra bullet proof protection (the best suit in the game only 
goes to %55), and chances are you're gonna get shot the most.

Downside:  They irradiate you, so either you'll be drinking vodka 
and injecting yourself more then a heroin addict, or you should grab 
an artifact that reduces radiation, such as the Burnt Fuzz or Burner 
series artifacts.

*SPECIAL CASE*  The artifact "Mama's Beads" increase bulletproof by
5%, but does not irradiate you.  Very rare.  Quest item only.

Artifact stats for Springboard series:

Jellyfish:  +2% Bulletproof / +5 Radiation 

Stone Flower:  +3% BulletProof / +5 Radiation

Night Star:    +5% BulletProof / +5 Radiation

Mama's Beads:  +5% BulletProof


2B.  Whirlgig

Visibilty: (low)  Very hard to spot without bolts.  If you look
carefully enough, you can see leaves and dust twirling around, 
getting sucked downards.  Occasionaly, a rainbowish colored 
circle will appear, which you will see if you throw a bolt at it

Danger:  (fairly high)  Deadly if you don't run out of there and it goes 
off.  Instant death or severe damage.

Activation Time: (slow)  Really, you can sit and watch these for a while.

Another very common anomaly, usually seen in Garbage.  When activated,
air will start spiraling upwards compress itself, then explode outwards.
If you get caught in one, stand up and start sprinting, because you WILL
die if you don't, if not severely injured.

Artifacts:  Stone Blood, Meat Chunk, and Soul.

Contrary to what it may seem, these artifacts DO NOT increase your total
health.  Instead, they increase your health regeneration, with Soul
giving a %600 increase in regeneration.

Downside: These 3 artifacts increase the damage you take from bullets, 
ruptures (bites, scratches, etc.) and explosions by %10.  Not the 
most useful for combat, but can be useful for saving medkits after a 
major fight.

Also the most hilarious anomaly to watch when an enemy gets sucked 
into one.

Artifact Stats for Whirlgig series:

Stone Blood:  +200% Health / -10% on BulletProof, Rupture, and Explosion

Meat Chunk:  +400% Health / -10% on BulletProof, Rupture, and Explosion

Soul:  +600% Health / -10% on BulletProof, Rupture, and Explosion


3C.  Vortex

Visibilty:  (low)  Pretty much the same as Whirlgig.  Hell, they almost
look the same, and bolts make the same reaction.

Danger:  (high) Same as Whirlgig.  Instant Death or severe damage.

Activation time:  (medium)  Not the same as Whirlgig.  Much faster
activation time, and much less time to escape.

Rare to see, the best example is in Agorprom, where there will be 4 gas
/ oil storage thingies.  There will be a broken wall leading towards a
stash, but I guarentee if you take this path in, you're dead.  Another
good example, if not the best, is near the end of the game outside the
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.  After proceeding closer, you'll see a
Helicopter crash on your right.  Don't check it out, the Vortex there
will grab you before your beeper goes off.  In short, a Vortex sucks
you in like a Whirlgig, and will explode about 3 times as fast.

Artifacts:  Wrenched, Gravi, and Goldfish

The sister artifact of Springboard's artifacts.  Instead of increasing 
bullet protection, they increase rupture protection (attacks from 
mutants and such).

Downsides:  Like the Springboard series, they also irradiate you.

*SPECIAL CASE*  The artifact "Kolobok" works just like Mama's Beads.
No irradiation, but increased Rupture protection.  I've seen a few in 
Red Forest.

Artifact Stats for Vortex series:

Wrenched:  +2% Rupture protection / +5 Radiation

Gravi:  +5 Radiation / +3% Rupture protection

Goldfish:  +5% Rupture protection / +5 Radiation

Kolobok:  +5% Rupture protection


4D.  Electro

Visibility:  (high)  Not too hard to spot.  It sticks flat to the
ground though, so it can be hard to see around hills.

Danger:  (medium)  Depends on the electrical resistance of your suit.
If it's really high, it won't do much more then a pistol shot to the
foot.  With none, you might as well be walking into a Vortex.

Activation Time:  Fairly fast, but you get an audio cue before
it goes off.  Not likely you'll escape it though.

Pretty basic.  It's a bunch of static electricity, and it doesn't
like it when anything touches it.  It'll explode in a burst of
electrical energy if anything does.
--Special Cases--  In an underpass in Cordon, there will be a bunch 
of these that will be times, then move to a new spot.  With proper 
timing, one can bypass this whole area without getting hurt.  

--Also, in the underground area in Agroprom, there will be an 
Electro constantly going off for some reason. Probably just for 
effect :)

Artifacts: Sparkler, Flash, and Moonlight

Among the more useful, the Electro series increases your endurance, 
which is how long you can run around without getting tired.  A single
Moonlight can pretty much keep you sprinting indefenitly.  Note that 
Moonlight's only appear at night, and are very rare.

Downsides:  They decrease your resistance to electricity, making their 
birth anomaly very dangerous to you.

Artifact Stats for Electro series:

Sparkler:  +38 Endurance / -10% Electric resistance

Flash:  +73 Endurance / -10% Electric resistance

Moonlight:  +103 Endurance / -10% Electric resitance


5E.  Burner

Visibility:   Hard to see if inactive, painfully obvious when active.

Danger:  (medium)  Depends on the fire resistance of your armor, as well
as how long you stupidly stand in it.

Activation Time:  Instant.

Chances are you won't see one unless it's activated or if you look hard
enough.  They can be spotted by a "hot air mirage".  That is, what
something looks like when it is distorted by heat.  You can't miss it
if you tweaked the game to have bloom turned on and it's activated.
Don't be an idiot and stand in it, unless you're machoistic.

Artfiacts:  Droplets, Fireball, and Crystal

These artifacts are useful if you're bad at taking care of radiation, 
or if you have another artifact that irradiates you.

Downsides:  These decrease your endurance.  If you don't have one of
the Electro artifacts equipped to counteract, you'll find yourself 
tired just by walking around.

Artifact Stats for Burner series:

Droplets:  -10 Radiation / -18 Endurance

Fireball:  -20 Radiation / -18 Endurance

Crystal:  -30 Radiation / -18 Endurance


6F.  Fruit Punch

Visibility:   Easy to see, even easier to see if it's activated.
Glows green and looks like bubbling acid.

Danger:  (medium-low)  Like Burner, it only hurts if you have a low 
Chemical Burn resistance, and how long you decide to stand in it.  
It can cause an instant hemorrhage if you're not careful.

Activation time:  Instant.  Kind of pulsates blue when active.

As I remember, you'll only see these in underground stages, most
notably in the first one.  They pretty much work as your replacement
for spikes and "Don't step here or else" signs.

Artifacts: Slime, Slug, and Mica

These are useful if you keep forgetting to bandage yourself during a fight.
They decrease the time it takes for your bleeding to stop, so major blood 
loss won't be a problem.

Downsides:  They reduce resitance to Burners and Fruit Punch.  Be careful

*VERSION 1.0 BUG* These originally caused you to bleed MORE.  Making them 
useless in all respects.  Don't bother until you've patched the game.

Artifact Stats for Fruit Punch series:

Slime:  -133% Bleeding / -10% Burn and Chemical Burn resistance

Slug:  -267% Bleeding / -10% Burn and Chemical Burn resistance

Mica:  -400% Bleeding / -10% Burn and Chemical Burn resistance


7G.  Burnt Fuzz

Visibility:  (medium-high)  Actually easy to spot, but only if you look 
for them.  They look like white sheets hanging from trees.  They don't 
look like most anomalies, and few people are hit by them, 
so pretty unnoticable.

Danger:  (low)  Pretty laughable.  You probably won't even run into it.  
Keep in mind your anaomaly detector won't go off though.  Hell, I'd be 
surprised if you actually took damage from it.

Activation Time:  Fast

You'll see these in Army Warehouse, Yantar, and Red Forest.  Low damage
and rare to see, yet you'll find their artifacts everywhere it seems.

Artifacts: Thorn, Crystal Thorn, and Urchin

These artifacts work similarly to that of the Burner series.  They simply 
help take care of radiation

Downsides:  If you get shot or hit, expect to be using bandages often.  
You'll bleed terribly from every hit.

These originally, before patched, would actually cause you to bleed LESS.
Obviously, these are more useful before the patch, making them entirely 

Artifact Stats for the Burnt Fuzz series:

Thorn:  -10 Radiation / +100% Bleeding

Crystal Thorn:  -20 Radiation / +100% Bleeding

Urchin:  -30 Radiation / +100% Bleeding


8H.  Radiation

Visibilty: (none) If you do see it, your screen will be fuzzy

Danger:  (Random)  It all depends on hwo much is in your body.  The
higher it is, the longer it stays there, and the more damage it does.

Not really an anomaly, but raidiation can be just as deadly if left
unchecked.  Keep an ear for your Geiger counter.  It'll start clicking
rapidly when it gets bad, and your screen will get fuzzy.

Sorry, no artifacts here.



Spring:  Reduces Impact damage by %30.  Meaning you can fall from 
larger heights without getting hurt too much

Battery(s):  Reduces Electrical (or Burn) damage by %30.  
Useful for countering the Fruit Punch or Electro series' negative 

Pelicle:  Reduces Chemical Burn damage by %30.  Useful for 
countering Fruit punch series artifacts.  Pretty to look at.

Kolobok: No negative effects, reduces Rupture damage by %5.

Mama's Beads: No negative effects, reduces Bullet damage by %5.

Shell:  Rumored artifact on the Gamefaqs Message Boards, stats are unknown,
provided it even exists.  Possibly a glitched name and graphic, as some 
believe it is supposed to take the place of the Battery that resists Burn damage

Doughboy:  Same as Shell, unknown stats, unknown characteristics.

Shell or Doughboy are rumored to be  *Mild Spoilers*

The artifact that Strelock holds up when he says "If only you knew, 
the places I've been, and the things I saw..."  as he holds up a 
rainbowish colored sphere that glows in his hands.




If you absolutly HAVE to talk to me, my E-mail is,
also at the top of this page.


Ending Note + Credits:

Thanks for using this FAQ
Thanks for GSC for making a fairly good game in 6 years
Thanks AND No thanks to THQ for making GSC put this game out finally,
but not let them finish debugging.
Thanks to dark_scourge for a quick reference to artifact statistics.

Gamespot name:  Nova225
Gamefaqs name:  Twinrova225