Question from metroid13

Asked: 6 years ago

Best mods out there?

I already technically have my own answers for this question, but I figured I'd ask the question anyway so newcomers can take a look at this without scouring the board. I'd suggest mods, but then again, I'm asking the question. So, shoot.

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From: Mdk001 6 years ago

ArsenOL is actually Arsenal + Oblivion lost, just install that and you're good to go

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Oblivion Lost is amazing.

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Oblivion Lost with AresnOL

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AI Pack
Argus Texture Pack
New Weapons Textures
No More Fences
Panoramic Mod
Particle Enhancement
PLR's Realistic Weapons
Real Gore Mod
Sound Overhaul
Ragdoll Mod
Rules of Engagement
Zone Reclamation Project

I also recommend installing a Repair mod and a Trader mod.

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Priboi Story
Oblivion Lost

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SmP 2.4.4- Super mod pack. Combines OL2.2 arsenal arena extension mod and more

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Wow.. People are still playing this game.. Good to hear... I played it when it first came out, going to give it another chance... I managed to find 41 mods.. Doubt I am going to go through them all.... I think the Super Mod Pack will probably be the best out of all of them... I saw there is a vehicle mod, and I am very excited if this really gives the ability to drive vehicles as it is just too damn far to walk everywhere.

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does the mods work if i downloaded it from Steam?

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2. SMP (3 but with a ****load of other stuff.)
3. Oblivion Lost

Priboi story is fun too, but it's a seperate storyline.

And yes, all mods work with steam as they would with the retail version.

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1.Complete mod (pure awsomeness, made in 2009 and upgrades the graphics so much)
2.Oblivion lost

Haven't played any others

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Endurance mod V1.1 is fun.... I used notepad and made me able to carry 100 tons now that is hella heavy =)

Addon mod is good too lol it gives you every weapon in the game even cut outs plus gives from 1000 to 3000 ammo of all types and ten of every artifact oh yeah and makes you able to hold 3 tons

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ABC Inferno mod. I loved it. :)

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