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Some of my party died how do i revive them? 3
How do I beat Isair & Madae??? 1
Why does the game keep crashing when i use the cheat to get the Lautazaen's Frequent Jaunt Scoll? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 3
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do you get past Sseth's eye? 0
When naming characters the space auto fills with the number 7. How do I solve this? 0
CPP at line 1827? 0
How do cast spells with cleric? 0
Runes? 0
Where do i find the ironand black wardstones? 0
How should I progress my party from here? 0
Saved Games? 1
Haw do i import charecters frome ice wind1 to ice wind2? 1
Cheat Codes? 3
  • Total Open Questions: 17

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