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|								       |
|			    Icewind Dale II			       |
|								       |
Version 1.01
Written by: Lee Kadel
Email: kaos.reigns@yahoo.com

If you want to email me about this guide, make sure you put "IWD II",
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I have no affiliation with Atari, Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay, 
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is a not-for-profit, fan-made guide. If you wish to post, mirror, or 
quote this guide, feel free to do so; I simply ask that you keep these 
first two paragraphs intact (Written by, etc), and properly cite this 
document as a resource. Oh, and to keep in line with my own admonitions, 
many sections of this guide were copied from the Icewind Dale I guide, 
written by Haeravon. For that matter, the organizational structure and 
many other things are taken from the aforementioned IWD I guide. If it 
works, why try to reinvent it?

If you are the type of person who is offended by what some people refer 
to as profanity, then... well... you may not want to proceed. There are
other guides out there, even if they are largely incomplete and much 
more difficult to follow. Do as your conscience dictates, but don't come
complaining to me if you use this guide and find that it upsets your
overly sensitive nature. You have been warned...

This FAQ was written in Notepad, and is best viewed in a simple text
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fixed-width font will work, if not with the intended aesthetics intact.

Note that this is a large FAQ, and depending on your computer, internet 
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction 				{INT001}
	1. Using this FAQ			{INT002}
	2. Items				{INT003}
	3. Traps				{INT004}
	4. Quests/Rewards			{INT005}
	5. Modifications			{INT006}

II. Character Creation				{DND001}
	1. Party Composition			{DND002}
	2. Gender				{DND003}
	3. Race					{DND004}
	  3.1 Basic Attribute			{DND005}
	      Modifications by Race
	4. Class				{DND006}
	  4.1 Dual- and Multi-Classing		{DND007}
	      and the Lack Thereof
	  4.2 Barbarian				{DND008}
	  4.3 Bard				{DND009}
	  4.4 Cleric				{DND010}
	  4.5 Druid				{DND011}
	  4.6 Fighter				{DND012}
	  4.7 Monk				{DND013}
	  4.8 Paladin				{DND014}
	  4.9 Ranger				{DND015}
	  4.10 Rogue				{DND016}
	  4.11 Sorcerer				{DND017}
	  4.12 Wizard				{DND018}
	5. Alignment				{DND019}
	6. Abilities				{DND020}
	  6.1 Strength				{DND021}
  	  6.2 Dexterity				{DND022}
	  6.3 Constitution			{DND023}
	  6.4 Intelligence			{DND024}
	  6.5 Wisdom				{DND025}
	  6.6 Charisma				{DND026}
	7. Hit Points				{DND027}
	8. Armor Class				{DND028}
	9. Saving Throws			{DND029}
	10. Skills				{DND030}
	11. Feats				{DND031}

III. My Party					{PTY001}
	1. K'aos Reynes (Paladin)		{PTY002}
	2. Ghrax (Ranger)			{PTY003}
	3. Ilana (Cleric)			{PTY004}
	4. Xanth (Sorcerer)			{PTY005}
	5. Quala Thurmbrecker (Rogue)		{PTY006}
	6. Fhornal (Druid)			{PTY007}
	7. Pre-built Parties			{PTY008}

IV. Alternate Party Strategies
	1. The 4 Character Party		{APTY01}
	2. The Build-As-You-Go Party		{APTY02}


V. Prologue 				
	1. Arrival in Targos			{WLK001}
	2. Northern Targos			{WLK002}
	3. Targos Palisade			{WLK003}

VI. Chapter 1
	1. Shaengarne Ford			{WLK004}
	2. Orc Encampment			{WLK005}
	3. Shaengarne Bridge			{WLK006}
	4. The Horde Fortress			{WLK007}
	5. The Fortress Cave			{WLK008}
	6. Kruntur's Abode			{WLK009}
	7. The FOrtress				{WLK010}

VII. Chapter 2
	1. Crashed Airship			{WLK011}
	2. The Glacier				{WLK012}
	3, The Ice Temple			{WLK013}
	4. Ice Temple Basement			{WLK014}

	Party Stats - End Ch. 2			(STATS1}

VIII. Chapter 3
	1. The Wandering Village		{WLK015}
	2. The Cold Marshes			{WLK016}
	3. The River Caves			{WLK017}

IX. Chapter 4
	1. The Black Raven Monastery		{WLK018}
	2. The Underdark 			{WLK019}
	3. Z'hinda Citadel			{WLK020}

	Party Stats - End Ch. 4			(STATS2}

X. Chapter 5
	1. Kuldahar				{WLK021}
	2. Yuan-Ti Jungle			{WLK022}
	3. Dragon's Eye	Level I			{WLK023}
	4. Dragon's Eye	Level II		{WLK024}
	5. Dragon's Eye	Level III		{WLK025}
	6. Dragon's Eye Exit			{WLK026}
	7. Fields of Slaughter			{WLK027}

XI. Chapter 6
	1. The Severed Hand Lower Levels	{WLK028}
	2. The Severed Hand Upper Levels	{WLK029}
	3. The Severed Hand Wizard's Tower	{WLK030}
	4. The Severed Hand Cleric's Tower	{WLK031}
	5. The Severed Hand Officer's Tower	{WLK032}
	6. The Severed Hand War Tower		{WLK033}
	7. The Final Battle			{WLK034}


XII.  Version Updates				{VER001}

XIII. Thanks					{TNX001}

|								       |
|     			Introduction {INT001}			       |
|								       |
Okay, so here we are in Icewind Dale II. In an effort to keep some
consistency with the previous guide, I have borrowed (with permission)
the organizational and style choices (and yes, even some of the actual 
text). This is my first attempt at writing an FAQ/guide, so cut me some 
slack, alright?

For anyone who has played IWD I, well, this is nothing like that at all.
This game uses a different ruleset - the AD&D 3rd Edition rules - and
therefore plays entirely differently than the first game. If you had a
power party that you were hoping to import - forget it. It's just not
gonna happen here. I know; I was disappointed too.

These first sections of the guide will cover some of the basic things
you will need to know in order to get started. How to read/use the FAQ,
how to create characters, tips on parties (no, not that kind), etc. It
is by no means a complete treatise on everything there is to learn or
know about the game - for that, I strongly suggest you read the AD&D
rule books, or read the official game manual, or both. What is included
here is just enough to get you started.

You are under no obligation to follow my strategy exactly; I am simply
writing down what I did, when, and why (sometimes). My way is not the 
only way to play and/or win the game. Experiment, do things I may not 
have thought of, go off on your own path if you wish. There is no right
or wrong way to play this game (well, technically I guess there is). 
Most of all, have fun! After all, if you're not going to have fun, why 
do it?

Using this FAQ							{INT002}
Below I will list some of the quirks, organizational methods, and 
various other tidbits that will help you navigate this guide. For 
starters, during the main FAQ I'll break up the various chapters and 
sections of the guide with a large heading:

|								       |
|		              Large Heading  			       |
|								       |

During the FAQ, I'll break up different areas with a thick line:

Thick line

Multiple parts of a mission in the same area will be broken up with a 
thin line. This breaks up the missions into a series of steps, and 
limits how much unbroken text you'll have to read at once. Nobody likes

Thin line

Of course, I reserve the right to break these rules during the FAQ....
mostly due to being scatter-brained and working on the FAQ in shifts
over the course of time. This organizational scheme is mostly for 
consistency and ease-of-use; in other words, it's main purpose is to
make life easier for me, and if it helps you as well... bonus!

Items 								{INT003}
I'll list items found in containers - bookshelves, chests, environmental
bodies, etc - in the ***ITEMS*** section; I'll also list the (x=, y=)
coordinates where the container is found (you can check the coordinates 
at the current cursor position by pressing 'x'). The container could be 
quite large, but I try to find areas in the 10s or at least the 100s if
possible. For example, I won't give you (x=1996, y=217) when I could 
give the coordinates (x=2000, y=200). Some items in containers may be 
variable; between patches items certainly change, but also different 
playthroughs can yield different results in the same container. Gold is 
always variable, so I'll just list the gold I found, this should give a 
general idea of what amount of gold you'll find, if not the exact 
amount. Also, enemies may drop different items in different play 
throughs. I'll record what I found, but you shouldn't be surprised if
you find something different. This FAQ will attempt to discover and 
document these random item drops, if they exist; random items are noted 
by (~x), where x denotes on which playthrough the item was found. In
the case of magical items, many have in-line descriptions, noted with
a (*x).

Traps 								{INT004}
I list the location of traps in a section similar to the items section.
Except it's wisely called ***TRAPS***. I didn't bother recording what
sort of trap it was, I intend to disarm traps I come across, and
frankly, it's just too much of a bother determining the sort of trap.
If you think you can figure out how to use traps to cause collateral
damage, that's fine with me, I'll point as many out to you as I found.
Depending on your party, and various other factors, you may or may not
be able to discover these traps - just know that they are there, and
act accordingly.

Quests/Rewards							{INT005}
When you get a quest reward, I'll note this under the ***REWARD***
section. Some of these are story-related and therefore obligatory. 
Others are optional. Either way, the experience gained from completing 
quests tends to be well worth the bother. So long as you follow the 
Sequence of Events, you shouldn't miss any of the quest rewards. Whether 
you choose to actually complete a quest in a rewarding fashion is 
another story, and out of my control.

Modifications							{INT006}
I am normally not a purest, and will apply almost all available mods to
the game. In the interest of FAQ writing though, I restrained myself
and only applied a few simple mods that will not change the game-play,
but simply help out with inventory management. These are listed below:

* Bottomless Bags of Holding
* Bottomless Gem Bags
* Bottomless Spell Cases
* Bottomless Potion Cases

As their names suggest, these mods remove the restrictions on how much
crap each item can hold. In the basic game, there is a limit on how much 
stuff you can put in Bags of Holding, etc; by adding these mods, I can
carry an unlimited amount in each.

I normally install the auto-identify mod, to save time and more than a 
few spells. For this run-thru, however, I skipped it. There are a few 
other mods I would normally install as well, but felt that it was best 
to play the game as the writers intended, at least for the most part. 
Mods will change things - usually for the better - but can also
introduce bugs and inconsistencies in the game. Mod at your own risk.

|								       |
|		3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Mechanics	       |
|		       		      				       |

Character Creation						{DND001}
Below are some simple suggestions for creating characters in Icewind
Dale II. Even if you're a veteran of 3rd Edition AD&D, you should 
familiarize yourself with this section, as not everything made its way
from the books into this game... and this section will tell you how to
make a playable, if not a super-awesome, power-gamey party (which is 
impossible in this game).

Party Composition 						{DND002}
You need a Thief, you need a Cleric, you need a Fighter, and you need a
Mage. You can be 'hardcore' and play with less than six characters, but 
it is not recommended. This version of the game does not allow dual or 
multi-class characters at the start, so choose your party makeup wisely. 
Feel free to make up whatever party you are comfortable with, provided 
you have at least one of each main type. I will describe the party I 
created after the next sections...

Gender 								{DND003}
Gender in no way affects the game - the biggest draw for having a mixed 
gender party is that there are only so many portraits to go around. 
Unless, of course, you import your own. Get your hands on some Icewind 
Dale II portraits - some of them are rather nice. Also, they fit with 
the other generic portraits better than those created for other games,
or generic, 'these will work in all games' portrait packs.

Race 								{DND004}
Different Races gain different default attribute modifiers, so it is 
important to allow for this when creating a party. For example, you can
spend one or two fewer points in Constitution if you're building a 
Dwarf, as they get an automatic +2 modifier to their Constitution; 
however, they also get a -2 modifier to Charisma, so are less suited to 
being the party leader. Further, some Races are not able to perform in
certain Classes - these restrictions are listed in the game's character
creation screens, and will eventually be added to the guide. In other 
words - pay attention to the details in the game screens!

In this game, there are seven base Races, and many have several sub-
races from which to choose; overall, there are a total of fourteen
races. While the attribute modifiers for sub-races are generally the
same, each does have its own unique features. As the purpose of this
guide is to get thru the game, and not to teach the rules of the 3rd
Edition AD&D rules, the current FAQ does not go into this level of 
detail about each race/sub-race. Complain if you want; submit the
missing detail if you dare (I will include it in a future version, and 
give full credit).

Basic Attribute Modifications by Race				{DND005}
Each of these races/sub-races has other modifiers in addition to those
listed below - these stats are the modifiers for basic attributes only 
(Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma).
Again, if you want to know the intimate details of the differences
between races, read the damn screen.

Human (plain):	No modifiers
Aasimar:	+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Tiefling:	+2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma

Shield Dwarf:	+2 Constitution, -2 Charisma
Gold Dwarf:	+2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity
Gray Dwarf:	+2 Constitution, -4 Charisma

Moon Elf:	+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution
Drow Elf:	+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, 
		-2 Constitution
Wild Elf:	+2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence

Rock Gnome:	+2 Constitution, -2 Strength
Deep Gnome:	+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength, -4 Charisma

All Halflings:	+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength

Class								{DND006}
Nothing determines more about your character than their class, their
profession, their job, their role. While I don't suggest too much
diversity in the class department, I will at least cover all the
possible classes here... albeit jokingly and mockingly. As with Race,
each class may have sub-classes associated with it. And, also as with
Race, I am not going to go into detail for the sub-classes in this
version of the guide. Finally, as with everything else relating to this
guide - deal with it and read the game screens, or submit the missing
detail. Either way, shut up about it...

Dual- and Multi-Classing					{DND007}
You cannot start the game as anything other than a single class (yes,
even exotic races are restricted to a single class). This sucks, but
it's the way the game is written, so deal with it... You will have the
option to select from other classes as you level-up, and it is possible
to create some very powerful multi-class characters as you progress, so
plan accordingly.

Another thing to note - races and classes also have a 'favored class'. 
If you dual to a non-favored class, you will suffer a major penalty to 
experience progression; as much as 20%. This will leave the character 
lagging WAY behind the rest of the party as you level up.

|Barbarian		   |					{DND008}
Hit points per Level:	d12
Barbarians are strong, tough combatants, having the ability to go into
a berserker rage to gain extra Strength and Constitution at the expense
of Armor Class and some saving throws; they may do this once per day for 
every four levels of experience (1x/day at Level 1, 2x/day at Level 5, 
etc). Other special abilities are gained as the Barbarian gains levels;
the details are in the character creation screens.

|Bard			   |					{DND009}
Hit points per Level:	d6
No matter what the game authors try to do with Bards, they still end up 
being a suck-fest. While they gain special abilities every two levels 
(1, 3, 5, etc), these abilities are basically useless in a combat-based
game environment. They have little combat ability, and they gain spells 
at a slower rate than any other class. I have never had a Bard character 
in any game I have ever played, and likely never will.

|Cleric			   |					{DND010}
Hit points per Level:	d8
The Cleric is a spell caster who is more melee-capable, with mostly
defensive, healing, and status-affecting spells. They might not have
the sheer versatility of a Mage, but they've got a number of great
spells. You'll need healing, disease and poison curing, and the extra
spell-power is nice. Clerics also gain the ability to 'Turn Undead'. 
Essentially this ability pits the Cleric's level against an undead 
creature's Hit Dice, and the better the Cleric compares, the more
likely they'll be able to turn (or even outright destroy) undead. This 
is a passive ability, so if you were... say... under the effects of an
Invisibility spell, you could walk right into a horde of undead and
obliterate them without anyone ever being the wiser.

In IWD II, there are nine sub-classes of Cleric, based on their chosen 
god and/or temple. Each of these sub-classes grants some special ability 
of some kind - details can be found in the game screens.

Note: Clerics may be restricted from certain spells, depending upon
their alignments. See the game screens for more information.

|Druid			   |					{DND011}
Hit points per Level:	d8
Druids are a lot like Clerics, but instead of worshiping gods they are
typically animists and get their power from nature itself. How does that
matter? It doesn't really. Their spells are more nature-focused, and
honestly... well, in most respects they're worthy of contempt when it
comes to divine spells. They gain access to the mighty Heal spell, as
well as the potent 5th-level spell Insect Plague... however, one must
keep in mind that unlike the Baldur's Gate 2 Insect Plague, the Icewind
Dale version is not party friendly, and is a static, area-of-effect 
spell that harms all creatures within the swarm. All in all, a Druid
is just not as good as a Cleric. At least in IWD II Druids can be more
than just True Neutral, being able to choose any Neutral-combination 
alignment (NG, NE, LN, CN, or N). This really only matters when you find
items that can only be worn by a particular alignment (usually Good).
Personally I like Druids, if for nothing else than their unique spells,
although Clerics are far more versatile, can wear heavier armor, and can 
use a wider variety of weapons.

|Fighter		   |					{DND012}
Hit points per Level:	d10
Making your own Fighter is the easy choice for the first game, and
frankly having a Fighter with 18 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 18
Constitution will allow you to muscle through just about anything - too 
bad you can't do that in this game. Nevertheless, Fighters are the
staple of RPG games, and no party can afford to be without at least one.
You should ALWAYS max out the Strength attribute of your Fighters, and
split the other points between Constitution (60%) and Dexterity (40%).

|Monk			   |					{DND013}
Hit points per Level:	d8
What can you say about the Monk? Well, here's something ... They are 
second only to Bards in how much they suck. They really only have one 
claim to fame - they are bare-fisted fighters and can stun an opponent 
by punching them. Woohoo... They eventually gain some fairly useful 
special feats, but it takes a long time for these to come to fruition 
(Level 7 or so...), and they are extremely susceptible to combat damage 
early on due to their inability to wear armor without losing what few 
abilities they do have. There are three sub-classes of Monk, each worse 
than the one before.

|Paladin		   |					{DND014}
Hit points per Level:	d10
Originally a Fighter sub-class, Paladins are now their own separate
class. Why, you ask? Who knows... Paladins are specialty religious
warriors, and their three sub-classes reflect their beliefs (by being
bound to the church of their particular deity). Note that this is not 
exactly alignment-specific, but rather ties to the focus of their god.
Paladins do have the ability to cast divine spells; these spells are 
somewhat restricted by sub-class, and reflect their deity's area of
specialization (pain/suffering, defender of the weak, or elimination of
evil magic). I will have a Paladin as the leader of my sample party.

|Ranger			   |					{DND015}
Hit points per Level:	d10
Another class that used to be a Fighter sub-class, Rangers are also now
afforded their own separate class. While they do not have sub-classes,
they are similar to Paladins in that they gain the ability to cast some
spells (Druid spells, mostly). They are more restricted in their armor
and weapon selection, but their extra feats to start out mostly make up
for this. I will also have a Ranger in my party.

|Rogue			   |					{DND016}
Hit points per Level:	d6
The Thieves of old, their name-change hasn't had any effect on what they
can do or how they fit into a party. In other words, you MUST have one
of these, or you will be screwed. In previous games, you could create a
dual- or multi-class Rogue (the Mage/Thief was a fairly powerful party
member), which added a great deal of variety and functionality to this
class, but as it stands in IWD II, you have to start as a plain Rogue. 
Oh well, we can dual-class later when the need arises...

The Rogue isn't as combat savvy as the Cleric, and they don't have
spells. What's the draw then? Their thieving abilities. These allow them
to pick pockets, find and disarm traps, open locked objects, and hide
from enemies. Of these skills, two are essential (finding and removing 
traps), so a Rogue is required in any party. As for combat, they can 
only wear the lightest armors, but they do have access to a variety of 
weapons. Most importantly, as they gain levels they get the ability to 
backstab. If they are hidden and attack an enemy, they do extra damage; 
this extra damage increases with the Rogue's level.

|Sorcerer		   |					{DND017}
Hit points per Level:	d4
Similar to Wizards, these are the magic-spewing staples of every role
playing game party. The main difference? They do not memorize spells in 
the same  way as Wizards, and can cast more spells per level (and cast
them faster as well). Sorcerers do not have to prepare spells ahead of
time, but rather have an inate ability to learn and use magic. The down
side? They gain fewer spells per level than Wizards, otherwise they are 
pretty much the same. Oh, and they use Charisma, not Intelligence, as 
their primary attribute. I don't know why...

|Wizard			   |					{DND018}
Hit points per Level:	d4
Wizards learn spells by studying magic written on scrolls, and must take
time to scribe these spells into their spellbooks. While they can learn
spells faster, they take longer to cast than do Sorcerers. In addition
to the 'normal' Wizard, there are eight specializations that Wizards
may optionally select from, each tied to a particular school of magic. 
These specializations restrict the spells that a particular specialist 
Wizard can learn/cast, and essentially nerf them into a less useful 

Alignment 							{DND019}
Some equipment cannot be used by some alignments, and if you're a
Cleric, your alignment may limit what spells you can cast. Also, a few 
dialogue options differ depending on your alignment (which I try to note 
as much as possible throughout the guide). There is, however, a clear 
consensus in terms of power - make a party full of good-aligned 
characters. Evil Clerics cannot cast Heal-a huge prohibition. Good 
Clerics lose out on Harm and Destruction, nice spells, but not essential
like Heal. Neutral Clerics cannot cast some of the higher level 
alignment-based spells (but they can cast all the lower-level spells 
from either alignment). In general, playing a good-aligned party will 
make your life easier. The party I use in my playthrough will, in 
general, be good-aligned - mixing Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. Note
that alignment choices may affect which gods/temples your Clerics and
other deity-specific classes may choose from.

Abilities 							{DND020}
You do not roll your attributes in this game; rather, you get a base
score and a number of points to distribute as you see fit. This, my
friends, is the most F'd up way to create characters that the designers
of the game ever came up with. Gone are the 18/90+ Strengths with 
Constitution and Dexterity to match; gone are the uber-powerful parties
where everyone has super attributes in multiple ability areas. No...
now we're just normal people with somewhat elevated abilities in one or 
two areas. "But, it's more realistic this way", you say? Drop dead...
We want to be gods! Gods, I tell you! Ahem... Okay, enough ranting. 

You will have a total of 76 points to spread around - a base of 10 in 
each attribute to start (plus or minus Racial modifiers), and 16 to add 
to the various scores. As you level up you will have opportunities to 
add points to your abilities as well, so it pays to set a score at one 
less than is needed for the next bonus.

Strength							{DND021}
If you're a Fighter, you must have a high Strength score - period. As 
the designers have seen fit to do away with exceptional strength (the
old 18/xx scoring system), 18 is the best you can do, unless you get
some racial modifier or magical enhancement. The table below shows the
effect of Strength scoring on weight limits (how much crap you can 
carry), as well as your ability to force locks and doors, and melee 
attacks (collectively, Combat Adjustments):

			| Score |Combat | Weight|
			|	|Adjust.| Limit |
			|   1	|  -5	|    16	|
			|  2-3  |  -4	|    40	|
			|  4-5  |  -3   |   240 |
			|  6-7  |  -2   |   480	|
			|  8-9  |  -1   |   800	|
			| 10-11 |   0   |  1120	|
			| 12-13 |  +1   |  1240	|
			| 14-15 |  +2   |  1920	|
			| 16-17 |  +3   |  2560	|
			| 18-19 |  +4   |  3440	|
			| 20-21 |  +5   |  4560	|
			| 22-23 |  +6   |  6000	|
			| 24-25 |  +7   |  8000	|
			| 26-27 |  +8   | 10400	|
			| 28-29 |  +9   | 14000	|
			|  30   | +10   | 16000	|

Dexterity							{DND022}
This affects your Armor Class, and your adjustment for missile weapons
and Reflex Saving Throws. Every character should try get at least a 14 
Dexterity for the armor class modifier, although this is usually not 

			| 	|Missile,|
			|	| Armor, |
			| Score	|and Save|
			|	|Adjust. |
			|   1	|   -5	 |
			|  2-3  |   -4	 |
			|  4-5  |   -3   |
			|  6-7  |   -2   |
			|  8-9  |   -1   |
			| 10-11 |    0   |
			| 12-13 |   +1   |
			| 14-15 |   +2   |
			| 16-17 |   +3   |
			| 18-19 |   +4   |
			| 20-21 |   +5   |
			| 22-23 |   +6   |
			| 24-25 |   +7   |
			| 26-27 |   +8   |
			| 28-29 |   +9   |
			|  30   |  +10   |

Note: Your Dexterity will also affect your Thieving abilities... if you
are a Rogue, of course. Wouldn't that make them Roguing abilities?

Constitution							{DND023}
This gives you Hit Points. Hit points are good. They tell you how much
damage you can sustain before dying. Dying is bad - you should do all
that you can to avoid this. Constitution also effects your Fortitude 
Saving Throws.

			| 	|Hit Point|
			| Score	|and Save |
			|	|Adjust.  |
			|   1	|   -5	  |
			|  2-3  |   -4	  |
			|  4-5  |   -3    |
			|  6-7  |   -2    |
			|  8-9  |   -1    |
			| 10-11 |    0    |
			| 12-13 |   +1    |
			| 14-15 |   +2    |
			| 16-17 |   +3    |
			| 18-19 |   +4    |
			| 20-21 |   +5    |
			| 22-23 |   +6    |
			| 24-25 |   +7    |
			| 26-27 |   +8    |
			| 28-29 |   +9    |
			|  30   |  +10    |

Intelligence							{DND024}
In addition to being the required stat for Wizards (but not Sorcerers), 
this also affects your Skill points. If you're creating a Wizard, make
this an 18; if not, you still cannot simply ignore this attribute. You 
should never lower this below 10, unless you are willing to give up 
skills, and there is absolutely no choice. Note that there is a quest 
in Chapter 3 that requires an Intelligence score of at least 16, so if 
you don't have a Wizard (Sorcerers don't count), you will need to hand 
out a higher score to someone or lose out on the quest.

		|	| Spell, |  Max	 |Bonus Spells per |
		| Score	| Skill	 | Spell |  Spell Level    |
		|	|Modifier| Level |1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9|
		|   1	|   -5	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  2-3	|   -4	 |   -	 |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  4-5  |   -3	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  6-7  |   -2	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  8-9  |   -1	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   10  |    0	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   11	|    0	 |  1st  |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   12  |   +1	 |  2nd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   13  |   +1	 |  3rd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   14  |   +2	 |  4th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   15  |   +2	 |  5th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   16  |   +3	 |  6th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   17  |   +3	 |  7th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   18  |   +4	 |  8th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   19  |   +4	 |  9th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
		| 20-21 |   +5	 |  9th  |2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0|
		| 22-23 |   +6	 |  9th  |2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0|
		| 24-25 |   +7	 |  9th  |2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0|
		| 26-27	|   +8	 |  9th  |2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0|
		| 28-29	|   +9	 |  9th  |3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1|
		|   30  |  +10	 |  9th  |3/3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1|

Wisdom								{DND025}
The same as Intelligence is for Wizards, Wisdom is for Clerics, Druids,
Rangers, and Paladins. And, as with Wizards, this score will effect 
things beyond just spell abilities. However, for some classes it is a
totally useless stat, so lowering it a lot is an option.

		|	| Spell, |  Max	 |Bonus Spells per |
		| Score	| Skill	 | Spell |  Spell Level    |
		|	|Modifier| Level |1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9|
		|   1	|   -5	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  2-3	|   -4	 |   -	 |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  4-5  |   -3	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  6-7  |   -2	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|  8-9  |   -1	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   10  |    0	 |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   11	|    0	 |  1st  |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   12  |   +1	 |  2nd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   13  |   +1	 |  3rd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   14  |   +2	 |  4th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   15  |   +2	 |  5th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   16  |   +3	 |  6th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   17  |   +3	 |  7th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   18  |   +4	 |  8th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
		|   19  |   +4	 |  9th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
		| 20-21 |   +5	 |  9th  |2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0|
		| 22-23 |   +6	 |  9th  |2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0|
		| 24-25 |   +7	 |  9th  |2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0|
		| 26-27	|   +8	 |  9th  |2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0|
		| 28-29	|   +9	 |  9th  |3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1|
		|   30  |  +10	 |  9th  |3/3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1|

Charisma							{DND026}
Charisma affects NPC reactions to you and determines shop prices; for 
Bards and Sorcerers it also affects your spell abilities, so it's a dump
stat for everybody except else. Bards and Sorcereres should get no less 
than a 16 in it. A high Charisma score is also important for the party
leader (the character who will talk to NPCs throughout the game), as it
will affect how they react to you and the price you will pay in stores.

	|	| Spell  |  	  |	  |Bonus Spells per |
	| 	|  and	 | Price  |  Max  |  Spell Level    |
	| Score	| Skill	 |Modifier| Spell |1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9|
	|	|Modifier| 	  | Level |1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9|
	|   1	|   -5	 |  +15%  |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|  2-3	|   -4	 |  +12%  |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|  4-5  |   -3	 |   +9%  |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|  6-7  |   -2	 |   +6%  |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|  8-9  |   -1	 |   +3%  |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   10  |    0	 |   -    |   -   |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   11	|    0	 |   -    |  1st  |0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   12  |   +1	 |   -3%  |  2nd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   13  |   +1	 |   -3%  |  3rd  |1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   14  |   +2	 |   -6%  |  4th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   15  |   +2	 |   -6%  |  5th  |1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   16  |   +3	 |   -9%  |  6th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   17  |   +3	 |   -9%  |  7th  |1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   18  |   +4	 |  -12%  |  8th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
	|   19  |   +4	 |  -12%  |  9th  |1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0/0|
	| 20-21 |   +5	 |  -15%  |  9th  |2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0/0|
	| 22-23 |   +6	 |  -18%  |  9th  |2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0/0|
	| 24-25 |   +7	 |  -21%  |  9th  |2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0/0|
	| 26-27	|   +8	 |  -24%  |  9th  |2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1/0|
	| 28-29	|   +9	 |  -27%  |  9th  |3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1|
	|   30  |  +10	 |  -30%  |  9th  |3/3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1|

Hit Points 							{DND027}
You run out of Hit Points, and you die - it's that simple. Hit points
are important. As your characters progress and gain levels, they also
gain hit points. In combat, pay attention to how many hit points your
characters have left, and don't hesitate to pull them back out of the
fray to heal if necessary.

Armor Class 							{DND028}
Unlike in the "real" AD&D worlds, this game sees fit to do the exact
opposite of what every gamer knows to be the right way to calculate
armor class. In this game, higher is better; a higher armor class makes
it harder to hit you in combat. Armor raises your armor class (AC), as
do many magical items. In general, you want to take as much advantage
of these AC modifying items as you possibly can. Keep in mind that some
items may not stack with others (that is, you can use one or the other,
but not both, on the same character at the same time). I will attempt to
note instances of this in the guide as I find items.

Saving Throws							{DND029}
This is another area where they just couldn't leave well enough alone. 
No longer do you save versus Spells, etc; now you have Fortitude, 
Reflex, and Will Saves. I hate the 3rd Edition rules...

Paraphrased from the manual:

Fortitude: These saves measure your ability to withstand physical
	   punishmnent, as well as poison, paralysis, and death magic.

Reflex:	   These saves test your ability to dodge massive attacks, or
	   area effect spells like Fireball, etc.

Will:	   This is your resistence to mind-effecting magic.

Skills								{DND030}
Alchemy: the ability to combine ingredients to make potions, etc. This
is important for a couple of quests, and one character will need a high 
Alchemy skill or you'll miss out on a couple of things in the game. I 
usually give this skill to my Sorcerer/Wizard. This skill is based on 
Intelligence, and can only be used by someone who is trained in it.

Animal Empathy: only available to Druids and Rangers, this skill allows
the character to quiet guard dogs, or delay attacks by hostile animals.
I generally don't bother with this unless I have an extra point to hand
out and nowhere else to put it.

Bluff: a high Bluff skill is essential at many points in the game, and
at least one character should build this throughout the course of their
'life'. This skill is based on Charisma, and should definitely be one of 
the skills for the party leader, as well as anyone who will regularly 
talk to NPC's.

Concentration: this skill is a must-have for all spellcasters; it allows
them to cast spells in the midst of combat with less chance of failure
due to enemy attacks. It's a total waste for non-spellcasters, but for
Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards, and to a lesser extent Paladins and
Rangers, it is absolutely essential.

Diplomacy: another essential skill for the party leader, and others who
will converse with NPC's. There are a couple places in the game where
this will have a huge impact on the direction of the game, and how much
experience you will get out of particular encounter.

Disable Device: if your Rogue cannot disable traps, you're screwed; it's
as simple as that. Therefore, this is an essential skill for your Rogue
character, and a throwaway for everyone else. Continue to build this
skill throughout the game, as the traps get more difficult as you get
further along.

Hide: I'm torn on this skill. On the one hand, it allows you to become
temporarily invisible, and in combination with Move Silently can enable
you to sneak past groups of enemies, or get into position to Backstab.
On the other hand, this is only useful once or twice during the game,
and except for one case it's kind of a waste. That one case, however,
is the difference in several thousand experience points, so I usually
end up giving several points to my Rogue.

Intimidate: after much trial and error, I discovered that having both a 
high Diplomacy and a high Intimidate score on the same character can be 
a bad thing - they tend to cancel each other out at some point. However,
it is important to have a character with a high Intimidate score for a
couple of encounters, so pick a secondary character and bump this up a
little bit.

Knowledge (Arcana): while it won't eliminate the need to have the spell
Identify memorized, it will make it less needed as the skill increases.
With a high K(A) skill, you can identify some magical items that you 
find along the way without using up memorized spells. This becomes more
important in the later parts of the game.

Move Silently: in practice, this is really only useful in combination
with the Hide skill. If you're a fan of backstabbing and sneaking around
to get into position before combat, you may want to spend points here.
For me, it's a total waste.

Open Lock: as with the other Rogue skills, this one is essential. If you
can't open a locked container, you lose out on the contents within; if
you can't open a locked door, well, you're fucked. Your Rogue should
build this skill throughout the game.

Pick Pocket: here's another one I'm kind of torn on. While there are a
lot of fairly nice items that can be gained thru thievery, you will end
up taking points away from other skills to build this one. I usually
build this on my Rogue for the first couple of levels, then ignore it
in favor of other, more useful skills.

Search: okay, this one should be easy to figure out - if you can't find
that trap, then you can't disarm it, right? But it's more than that...
Secret Doors, hidden items, all kinds of things rely on having a high
Search skill. Your Rogue should be building this at every opportunity.

Spellcraft: if you're a Wizard, you must build this in order to learn
new spells. A higher skill decreases the chance of failure when you want
to scribe a new spell into your spellbook. For non-spellcasters, this
is a throw-away skill.

Use Magic Device: some characters cannot use some items - scrolls and
wands are not meant for non-spellcasters, for example. This skill will
allow them to use those forbidden items, or makes the item more powerful
for those who may use it.

Wilderness Lore: at the beginning of each new area, you can use this
skill to find out things that may lie ahead - monsters that inhabit the
area, things like that. Since you have this guide, this is a totally
useless skill, and I almost never build it unless it's simply to use
up spare points.

Feats								{DND031}
Aegis of Rime: grants a permanent 5 cold resistance, and a 20% increase 
in cold damage. The cold resistance is nice for several areas, but there
are other ways to achieve the same effect. And, since I tend to use fire
based spells and attacks, the bonuses are a waste.

Ambidexterity: if you plan to have a character use two weapons, you MUST
have this feat. This, combined with Two-Weapon Fighting, can create a
melee powerhouse.

Aqua Mortis: simiar to the Aegis of Rime feat, this one applies to Acid.
Again, nice, but not essential.

Armor Proficiency: now here is a feat that is a must-have for almost
everyone. Fighters, Clerics, and anyone who will anythig more than a
Robe or Leather Armor, you absolutely have to have e points in this
feat or you will suffer penalties to Armor Checks, Rogue abilities, and
other skills.

Armored Arcana: If you want to cast spells while wearing armor, you have
to have this feat. Armor, shields, and other items may interfere with
your spell-casting ability; this feat reduces the penalty by 5% for each
level you put into it. If you're not a spellcaster, you can ignore this 

Arterial Strike: only usable by Rogues, it allows them to deal more
damage on a sneak attack by sacrificing damage done from the main 
attack. So, for example, if you sneak attack an enemy, you can do 
slightly less immediate damage, but cause a bleeding wound that will 
inflict more damage over time. If you're into backstabbing, this is a
very nice feat to have.

Blind-Fight: this feat reduces or eliminates the bonus that hidden or
invisible foes get when attacking you. It can be useful in several
situations, but I generally ignore this in favor of more offensive
focused feats.

Bullheaded: available only to Humans and Dwarves, this feat grants a
bonus +1 to Will Saves, and a +2 to Intimidate checks. Nice to have for
a fighter-type; almost usless for others.

Cleave: this feat is cool - if you deal enough damage in a round to kill
your opponent, you get an automatic second attack against another enemy
within range. This applies to melee only, and you cannot move to use the
extra attack, but it can make a big difference in some melee combat 
situations. Taking two points in this feat allows to to use it unlimited 
time per combat round.

Combat Casting: this gives a +4 bonus to Concentration checks when you
try to cast spells while sustaining damage. This is a must-have for all

Courteous Magocracy: grants a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy and Spellcraft
checks. A good thing for party leaders who are also spellcasters.

Crippling Strike: you will get this option as a 10th level Rogue, but
unless you use Sneak Attack often it's kind of a waste. On a successful
sneak attack, this feat causes 1 point of temporary Strength damage to
your opponent (lowers their Strength by 1).

Dash: you move 15% faster than normal - big deal.

Deflect Arrows: a +1 bonus vs missile fire. Nice, but not great.

Dirty Fighting: on a critical hit, this feat has a 50% chance to cause
Blindness or 50% chance to Slow the opponent for five rounds. While it
will not effect Undead, Golems, or Elementals, it can totally ruin a
more normal creature's day. The do get a Fortitude check to negate the
effect, but it's still a nice feat.

Discipline: another nice feat, this grants +1 to Will Saves, and +2 to 
Contentration checks.

Dodge: a +1 dodge bonus to armor class

Envenom Weapon: basically, allows the character to create a temporary
poisoned weapon. A hit from an envenomed weapon forces a Fortitude 
check on the opponent; failure causes a 1d6 loss of Constitution. This
check happens twice - for two consecutive rounds - with a potential 
total of 2d6 ability scoree loss. It is only available to Rogues, and 
they must have an Alchemy skill of 8 or more.

Exotic Weapon, Bastard Sword: allows you to use Bastard Swords as a
one-handed weapon with no penalties. A second rank grants a +1 attack, 
and a third rank adds +2 to damage. There are a few nice bastard swords
to be found during the game, and if you plan to use them this is a must
have feat.

Expertise: this is the first of a couple of confusing feats. In melee,
you can subtract your base attack bonus and add it to your armor class 
as a dodge bonus (up to +5); this lasts only until your next action. I
suppose this could be useful if you are planning to attack and then run
the hell away (as in a retreat situation), but really it just seems
silly to me.

Extra Rage: allows a Barbarian to use their rage ability an extra time
each day. May be taken 3 times (therefor granting 3 extra rages/day).

Extra Wild Shape: this grants a 3+ level Druid the ability to shape
change an extra time (up to 3) per day.

Extra Smiting: a level 2 or greater Paladin can use Smite Evil up to
three extra times per day.

Extra Turning: yes, this does exactly what you'd expect. Clerics and
Paladins can use their Turn Undead ability up to 3 extra times per day.

Fiendslayer: if you decide to play a Paladin up thru 8th level, you will
get the option to choose this feat. It grants a +2 bonus to hit and to
damage vs Chimerii, Demons, Dragons, and Half-Dragons. I've never had
a Paladin advance this far (I always dual-class fairly early), but there 
are some places later in the game where this could be a huge advantage.

Forester: grants a +2 bonus to Wilderness Lore Checks. Whoopee...

Great Fortitude: make your Fortitude saves at +2. Could be handy

Hamstring: a Rogue can give up 2d6 points of sneak attack damage in
favor of slowing their target by 50% for 10 rounds. Blah...

Heretic's Bane: you must be able to cast Divine spells to get this (so
Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, or Druid), and have a base attack bonus of +4
or greater (so Strength of 18 or more); this grants you a +1 to hit and 
to damage vs opponents who are Clerics or Druids.

Heroic Inspiration: if (when) your hit points drop below 50%, you get an
automatic +1 bonus to hit, to damamge, and to all saving throws. This
is only available to Barbarians, Bards, and Paladins.

Improved Critical: you must have a base attack bonus of +8 to get this;
it grants an increase of 1 to weapon range.

Improved Evasion: Rogue level 10+, it allows only half damage when you
fail a saving throw vs damage causing spells or effects (fireballs, 
breath weapons, etc).

Improved Initiative: weapon speed and casting times are reduced by one.
(I have read in other guides and documents that this is broken in the 
game, but I cannot say this from personal experience.)

Improved Turning: upon a successful undead turning, the character may
turn an additional 2 hit dice of undead.

Iron Will: a +2 bonus to Will saves

Lightning Reflexes: a +2 bonus to Reflex saves

Lingering Song: the effects of a Bard's song last for an extra 2 rounds

Luck of Heroes: a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws

Martial Weapon, <xxx>: all Martial Weapon feats are the same, except for
which weapon it applies to. If you want to use a weapon, you must have
some proficiency in it or suffer a -4 attack penalty. A single rank will 
allow you to use the weapon with no penalty, a second rank grants a +1 
to hit, and a third rank adds a +2 to damage.

Maximized Attacks: if you have at least 4 points in Concentration and 
Weapon Specialization (2 ranks) in at least two weapons, you can choose
this feat. It's only usable one time per day, but it allows you to deal
out maximum damage on all successful hits for 10 seconds. Awesome for
fighter-types; useless for others.

Mercantile Background: Humans, Deep Gnomes, or Grey Dwarves get a 5%
discount on purchases and a 5% mark-up on sales at stores. I have never
used this.

Power Attack: another confusing feat, it allows you to subtract a number
from your attack roll and add it to damage for a round (melee only). I
guess this could come in handy against a dangerous opponent that has 
reached the 'Almost Dead' status, but really it seems kind of pointless
to me.

Precise Shot: this is nice for your ranged weapon characters; it will
reduce the penalty for ranged attacks in close quarters from -8 to -4.

Rapid Shot: characters using ranged weapons can make one extra attack 
per round, although the attacks suffer a penlaty of -2 to hit.

Resist Poison: Gray Dwarves and Half-Orcs get a +4 bonus to Fortitude
saves vs poison. They only get the opportunity to take this feat as a
new character (1st level).

Scion of Storms: electrical resistance of 5, plus 20% bonus to all
electrical damage done.

Shield Proficiency: Duh... You are able to use a shield. If you plan
to use a shield, you should take this.

Simple Weapon, <xxx>: same as Martial Weapon specializations, this is
for a different set of weapon types. Almost everyone is proficient with
simple weapons to start out.

Slippery Mind: Rogue level 10+, this allows you an extra saving throw in 
the next round if affected by Charm, Command, or similar spells.

Snake Blood: for humans only, you get a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves vs
poison, and a +1 bonus to all Reflex saving throws. Only available to
new characters (level 1).

Spell Focus, <xxx>: the same for all four spell types, it grants a +2
bonus to the saving throw difficulty for spells from the chosen class.
This essentially amounts to a -2 penalty to your opponent. Selecting a
second rank grants a +4 (-4).

Spell Penetration: a +2 bonus to magic resistance checks; a second rank
gives you a +4 bonus. This is very nice to have later in the game.

Spirit of Flame: guess what this does - go ahead, guess... Yep, you got
it - fire resistance of 5, 20% increase to fire damage inflicted. Of all
the elemental-based feats, this one is actually useful (at least for me,
as I use fire-based attacks a LOT).

Strong Back: 50% increase to weight limit. Everyone should have this.

Stunning Attack: you must have DEX and WIS scores of 13+ and a base
attack bonus of +8 or more to get this feat, and it only usable with
unarmed atacks. When used, your opponent must make a Fortitude saving
throw using a stupid formula or be stunned for one round. If stunned,
they lose their Dexterity bonus, and you get a +2 bonus to your attack
roll(s) while they are stunned. Only Monks could really make any real
use of this feat, as most other characters will have weapons and not be
attacking unarmed.

Subvocal Casting: allows spellcasters to ignore Silence spells

Toughness: grants you an additional 3 hit points permanently, for each 
rank you take. 

Two-Weapon Fighting: this allows a 2 point reduction to the penalty for 
fighting with two weapons. Combined with Ambidexterity, this can really
turn a fighter-type into a melee machine (at the expense of the armor
class bonus for a shield, of course).

Weapon Finesse: if you have a high DEX and low STR, and normally use
small blades (daggers, short swords, etc), you can choose to use your
Dexterity bonus instead of your Strength bonus for an attack modifier.

Wild Shape <xxx>: allows a Druid of the requisite level to assume the
named shape. I have nver taken this, as these are useless compared to
the regular wild shapes that Druids get anyway.

|								       |
|			    My Party {PTY001}			       |
|								       |
Based on some situations that will come up during play, there are a few
things to keep in mind when creating your party. You will require at
least one character with a Constitution of 16 or higher; one with an
Intelligence of 16 or higher; another with a Charisma of 16+; one with 
skill points in Alchemy; you will need either a Dwarf or a Halfling for
one area; and things like that. This party went thru at least eight
revisions (including having to play thru the game as many times) to 
discover all these various requirements, and the party make-up below 
reflects that. Again, you can make whatever party you feel good about; 
this is simply what I did, based on experience.

K'aos Reynes
Lawful Good
Aasimar, Male, Paladin of Mystra				{PTY002}
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	16 (+3)
Dexterity:	11 
Constitution:	11
Intelligence:	16 (+3)
Wisdom:		10
Charisma:	16 (+3)

Bluff:			5 (2)
Concentration:		2 
Diplomacy:		5 (2)
Intimidate:		5 (2)
Knowledge (Arcana)	4 (1)
Search:			3
Spellcraft		4 (1)

Armor Proficiency:		3
Martial Weapon, Axe:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Flail:		1
Martial Weapon, Great Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Hammer:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

K'aos will be my party leader and main melee fighter, so I needed to
give him higher Strength and Charisma. He will only be a Paladin for a
few levels, so a high Wisdom score was not essential; however, being a 
Paladin of Mystra, I will dual him to Wizard after a couple levels, 
hence the higher Intelligence score. I would have liked to bump STR, 
INT, and WIS to 18, but I wasn't willing to lower his other scores 
enough to do that. DEX gives him a slight AC bonus, and CON gives him 
better hit points; both are important for fighter-types, and will get
bumped up early

His Skill selections are initially focused in communication areas, and 
he took the Strong Back feat so he can carry more crap.
Neutral Good
Aasimar, Male, Ranger						{PTY003}
Armor Class:	13
Hit Points:	13

Strength:	18 (+4)
Dexterity:	17 (+3)
Constitution:	17 (+3)
Intelligence:	 3 (-4)
Wisdom:		20 (+5)
Charisma:	 5 (-3)

Concentration:		5 (2)
Hide:			3 (0)
Move Silently:		3 (0)
Wilderness Lore:	7 (2)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Axe:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Flail:		1
Martial Weapon, Great Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Hammer:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

As a Ranger, he will end up being the 'tough guy' in the party - hence 
his increased Strength; Dexterity and Constitution will help with Armor 
Class and Hit points respectively. Because he will eventually gain Druid 
spells he also got maxed out in Wisdom. I do not plan to dual class him, 
so his future abilities will go to DEX, CON, and STR, in that order.

Skills went into Concentration, and Wilderness Lore; I also gave him the 
Strong Back feat so that he can carry 50% more crap. His initial choice
of a favored enemy went to Goblins; Orcs will come next.
Chaotic Good
Drow, Female, Cleric (Battleguard of Tempus)			{PTY004}
Armor Class:	14
Hit Points:	11

Strength:	18 (+4)
Dexterity:	18 (+4)
Constitution:	16 (+3)
Intelligence:	 5 (-3)
Wisdom:		18 (+4)
Charisma:	 5 (-3)

Concentration:		4 (2)
Hide:			3 (0)
Move Silently:		3 (0)
Spellcraft:		0 (2)
Wilderness Lore:	3 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		3
Martial Weapon, Axe:		2
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

Gotta have a Cleric in the party, so here she is. She got max points in
Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom, and I gave her a few extra points to 
Constitution because she will be a front-liner. She can't really make 
use of the available Skills except for Concentration, so lowering her 
Intelligence won't hurt anything.

Skill points go into Concentration and Spellcraft, and she gets the 
Strong Back feat so she can help share the load of all the loot we're
gonna acquire.
Chaotic Good
Drow, Male, Sorcerer						{PTY005}
Armor Class:	13
Hit Points:	 7

Strength:	13 (+1)
Dexterity:	15 (+3)
Constitution:	16 (+3)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	20 (+5)

Alchemy:		4
Bluff:			4 (0)
Concentration:		4 (2)
Diplomacy:		4 (0)
Hide:			2 (0)
Intimidate:		4 (0)
Knowledge (Arcana):	1
Move Silently:		2 (0)
Search:			2 (0)
Spellcraft:		1

Armor Proficiency:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Now this is a Mage... or, more accurately, a Sorcerer. While he doesn't
have a lot of spell power yet (only knowing two spells), I plan on him
becoming a powerhouse as he progresses. Adding the maximum available 
points to Charisma means that he is as powerful a Mage as I can build, 
while still allowing me to add points to Dexterity and Constitution 
to prevent him from being a target in combat.

He gets skill points in Alchemy for a specific quest in Chapter 4, and 
the rest in Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft. I put his
feat point into Armor Proficiency, and will add Armored Arcana to help 
reduce the casting penalty that comes with wearing armor. After getting 
him the Combat Casting feat at the first opportunity, I will continue
to add Armored Arcana as he progresses, adding Spell Penetration once
he maxes out in that.

For Spells, he chooses Magic Missile and Identify.
Quala Thurmbrecker
Chaotic Good
Strongheart Halfling, Female, Rogue				{PTY006}
Armor Class:	15
Hit Points:	 6

Strength:	10 
Dexterity:	20 (+5)
Constitution:	10 
Intelligence:	15 (+2)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	18 (+4)

Bluff:			4 (0)
Concentration:		2
Diplomacy:		4 (0)
Disable Device:		6 (4)
Hide:			5 (0)
Intimidate:		4 (0)
Knowledge (Arcana)	3 (1)
Move Silently:		9 (0)
Open Lock:		9 (4)
Pick Pocket		9 (4)
Search:			6 (4)
Spellcraft:		3 (1)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

I plan to dual Quala to a Sorceress later on, so I raised her score in 
Charisma (otherwise this would be totally useless). As a Rogue, she
requires maximum Dexterity. The extra INT points will give her extra
Skill points to allocate, so it's worth using them here. Wisdom is 
totally useless for her, so I lowered it completely to get the important 
stats up to the level she needs. 

For skills, everything went first into thieving areas: Disable Device, 
Open Lock, Pick Pocket, and Search; the leftover points go into 
Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft (for when she duals to 
Sorceress). In feats, I gave her Strong Back as well.
Neutral Good
Aasimar, Male, Druid						{PTY007}
Armor Class:	12
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	14 (+2)
Dexterity:	15 (+2)
Constitution:	14 (+2)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		20 (+5)
Charisma:	 5 (-3)

Animal Empathy:		1 (4)
Concentration:		6 (4)
Hide:			2 (0)
Knowledge (Arcana):	2 (1)
Move Silently:		2 (0)
Search:			1 (0)
Spellcraft:		3 (2)
Wilderness Lore:	5 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

Now I know what you're going to say (well, I don't really, but it sounds 
impressive) - Druids are useless. I disagree... They get the healing
abilities of Clerics, and a whole range of offensive spells that simply
aren't available in other classes. Another Aasimar, I take advantage
of the extra Wisdom to max him out for spell power, and since he'll be
another ranged weapon character (add the Simple Weapon, Crossbow feat)
I give him some extra points in Dexterity. Several extra points to 
Constitution will help keep him healthy. Because he will never have to
talk to anyone, and will remain a pure class, he doesn't need Charisma.

Pre-built Parties						{PTY008}
The game comes equipped with a few pre-built parties to choose from, 
and if you're so inclined, feel free to select one to save some time. 
Each of these parties has its strengths and weaknesses, and a brief 
summary and recommendation of each is included below.

Lady's Lament Party
This party is led by a Human Bard, accompanied by a Half-Orc Fighter, a
Half-Orc Barbarian, a Human Cleric (Painbearer of Ilmater), a Drow
Sorcerer, and a Lightfoot Halfling Rogue. Their ability scores are all
pretty much average, although the Fighter has a Strength of 20 and the 
Rogue has a Dexterity of 20. Not much to recommend here - as soon as I
saw the Bard, I moved on.

Sisters of the Blood
This is an all female party, led by a Drow-Elf Cleric (Silverstar of 
Selunel). She has with her a couple of strong fighters (one of which is 
a Barbarian with a 20 Strength). Their primary spell-caster, however, is
a Gnome Illusionist, and although she has an 18 Intelligence I simply
cannot stand Gnomes or Illusionists, so this one is right out for me.

The Winter Rose
My god - these parties just keep getting worse and worse. This one has
an Aasimar Paladin of Helm with a 16 Strength and 18 Charisma in the 
lead, but the rest of the group just blows. A Gnome Rogue (strike 1), a 
Half-Elf Druid, a Tiefling Monk (strike 2), a Moon Elf Bard (Strike 3), 
and a Lightfoot Halfling Wizard round out this piece of crap. Did anyone 
notice that they only have one real fighter? Skip this motley crew...

Annals of Halgren
This party is better, but only slightly. Their leader is a Dwarf Fighter
with an 18 Strength, and the Cleave and Power Attack skills, so that
isn't bad. The Human Ranger also sports an 18 Strength, but has Feats in
Bows and Large Swords; now that's just stupid. If you want to give him
both melee and missile capabilities, lower his Strength to 16 and raise 
his Dexterity a couple more points. A Dwarf Cleric, Tiefling Monk, 
Human Sorcerer, and Half-Elf Rogue round out the group. None of them
has any real exceptional abilities, skills, or feats, so you can safely
skip this party as well.

The Hands of Fury
This is the requisite evil party, and arguably the best of the pre-made
parties from which to choose. Led by a Human Cleric (Stormlord of Talos)
and backed by a decent array of fighter-types and spellcasters, they
might actually be worth playing. They do have their drawbacks though;
for a Cleric to only have a Wisdom score of 14 seems a little weak to
me, and their Rogue only has a Dexterity of 10(!). Really? Still, they
do have a fairly balanced class make-up with three fighters, a Wizard,
a Rogue, and a Druid.

In the end, I believe that creating your own custom party is the best
way to play this game, but do as you will.

|								       |
|			Alternate Party Strategies		       |
|								       |

The 4 Character Party						{APTY01}
It is possible to play, and win, the game with a party of less than the
maximum of 6 characters. There are some advantages to this, in that the
party members will gain levels faster, and therefore become far more
powerful far quicker. This strategy is not recommended until/unless you
have played the game to the end several times - including at least once
at the hardest difficulty setting. It is a whole new level of challenge
to attempt this, and will change your strategy and tactics quite a lot.
For one thing, I kept all the characters single-classed thru the entire
game; for another, their abilities, skills, and feats were handed out
with more focus on their sole role in the party.

My 4 character party is made up as follows:

K'aos Reynes
Chaotic Neutral
Aasimar, Male, Cleric (Battleguard of Tempus)
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	16 (+3)
Dexterity:	12 (+1) 
Constitution:	12 (+1)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		18 (+4)
Charisma:	10 (+0)

Bluff:			1
Concentration:		5 (4)
Diplomacy:		2
Hide:			1 (0)
Move Silently:		1 (0)
Search:			1 (0)
Wilderness Lore:	4 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		3
Martial Weapon, Axe:		2
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

Chaotic Neutral
Half-Orc, Male, Barbarian
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	20 (+5)
Dexterity:	18 (+4) 
Constitution:	18 (+4)
Intelligence:	14 (+2)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	 1 (-5)

Bluff:			0 (2)
Concentration:		4 (0)
Hide:			4 (0)
Intimidate:		0 (4)
Move Silently:		4 (0)
Open Lock:		6 (2)
Search:			4 (2)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Axe:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Flail:		1
Martial Weapon, Great Sword:	2
Martial Weapon, Hammer:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Chaotic Neutral
Drow, Male, Sorcerer
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	12 (+1)
Dexterity:	17 (+3) 
Constitution:	16 (+3)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	20 (+5)

Alchemy:		 5 (4)
Bluff:			 5 (0)
Concentration:		11 (4)
Diplomacy:		 5 (0)
Hide:			 3 (0)
Intimidate:		 5 (0)
Move Silently:		 3 (0)
Search:			 3 (0)

Combat Casting
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Quala Thurmbrecker
Chaotic Neutral
Half-Elf, Female, Rogue	
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	18 (+4)
Dexterity:	18 (+4) 
Constitution:	18 (+4)
Intelligence:	16 (+3)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	 3 (-4)

Concentration:		6 (2)
Disable Device		7 (4)
Hide			8 (4)
Move Silently		8 (4)
Open Locks		8 (4)
Pick Pocket		8 (4)
Search			8 (4)

Armor Proficiency:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		2
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

The Build-As-You-Go Party					{APTY02}
This strategy takes the 'best of both worlds' approach - starting out
with a short-handed party and building it up to the max of 6 characters
thru the first several sections. This allows the starting characters to
advance more quickly, at the expense of later characters lagging behind
for the remainder of the game. This strategy can be done several ways;
I started with a single character for WLK001, then added another at the 
start of WLK002, two more at the start of WLK003, and the last two just
before leaving for Shaengarne Ford (WLK004). This made the first three
sections quite interesting, and it took a few tries to figure out the
best way to build the party. The characters were pretty much the same
build as I had made for other plays, but were created and added at the 
later times. With the exception of Quala, I also kept a single-classed
party when using this strategy (Quala dualed to Sorceress after hitting
level 3 as a Rogue, then alternated for the rest of the game).

Added at Start (WLK001)
Quala Thurmbrecker
Chaotic Neutral
Half-Elf, Female, Rogue	
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	18 (+4)
Dexterity:	18 (+4) 
Constitution:	18 (+4)
Intelligence:	16 (+3)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	 3 (-4)

Concentration:		6 (2)
Disable Device		7 (4)
Hide			8 (4)
Move Silently		8 (4)
Open Locks		8 (4)
Pick Pocket		8 (4)
Search			8 (4)

Armor Proficiency:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		2
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Added at WLK002
Chaotic Neutral
Drow, Male, Sorcerer
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	12 (+1)
Dexterity:	17 (+3) 
Constitution:	16 (+3)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	20 (+5)

Alchemy:		 5 (4)
Bluff:			 5 (0)
Concentration:		11 (4)
Diplomacy:		 5 (0)
Hide:			 3 (0)
Intimidate:		 5 (0)
Move Silently:		 3 (0)
Search:			 3 (0)

Combat Casting
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Added at WLK003
Chaotic Good
Drow, Female, Cleric (Battleguard of Tempus)
Armor Class:	14
Hit Points:	11

Strength:	18 (+4)
Dexterity:	18 (+4)
Constitution:	16 (+3)
Intelligence:	 5 (-3)
Wisdom:		18 (+4)
Charisma:	 5 (-3)

Concentration:		4 (2)
Hide:			3 (0)
Move Silently:		3 (0)
Spellcraft:		0 (2)
Wilderness Lore:	3 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		3
Martial Weapon, Axe:		2
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

Added at WLK003
Chaotic Neutral
Half-Orc, Male, Barbarian
Armor Class:	10
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	20 (+5)
Dexterity:	18 (+4) 
Constitution:	18 (+4)
Intelligence:	14 (+2)
Wisdom:		 3 (-4)
Charisma:	 1 (-5)

Bluff:			0 (2)
Concentration:		4 (0)
Hide:			4 (0)
Intimidate:		0 (4)
Move Silently:		4 (0)
Open Lock:		6 (2)
Search:			4 (2)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Axe:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Flail:		1
Martial Weapon, Great Sword:	2
Martial Weapon, Hammer:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1

Added at WLK004
Neutral Good
Aasimar, Male, Druid
Armor Class:	12
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	14 (+2)
Dexterity:	15 (+2)
Constitution:	14 (+2)
Intelligence:	12 (+1)
Wisdom:		20 (+5)
Charisma:	 5 (-3)

Animal Empathy:		1 (4)
Concentration:		6 (4)
Hide:			2 (0)
Knowledge (Arcana):	2 (1)
Move Silently:		2 (0)
Search:			1 (0)
Spellcraft:		3 (2)
Wilderness Lore:	5 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		2
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	1
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

Added at WLK004
K'aos Reynes 
Chaotic Neutral
Half-Orc, Male, Fighter
Armor Class:	12
Hit Points:	10

Strength:	20 (+5)
Dexterity:	18 (+4)
Constitution:	18 (+4)
Intelligence:	10 (+0)
Wisdom:		 7 (-2)
Charisma:	 5 (-5)

Concentration:		4 (0)
Hide:			4 (0)
Intimidate:		0 (4)
Move Silently:		4 (0)

Armor Proficiency:		3
Martial Weapon, Axe:		1
Martial Weapon, Bow:		1
Martial Weapon, Flail:		1
Martial Weapon, Great Sword:	2
Martial Weapon, Hammer:		1
Martial Weapon, Large Sword:	2
Martial Weapon, Polearm:	1
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon, Crossbow:	1
Simple Weapon, Mace:		1
Simple Weapon, Missile:		1
Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff:	1
Simple Weapon, Small Blade:	1
Strong Back

|			       Prologue				       |
|								       |
|			   Arrival in Targos			       |
|								       |

		1.	The Arrival
		2.	Two Hands a-Laying
		3.	Looting the Corpses
		4.	More Free Gear
		5.	Aah! Goblins!
		6.	Fruit of the Vine
		7.	The Cat-Lady of Targos
		8.	More Goblins
		9.	A Lesson in Traps
		10.	Salty Dogs
		11.	Jorun the Shit... err... Shipbuilder
		12.	And Still More Free Crap
		13.	Barrel Hunting
		14.	Healing Reig
		15.	Lockpicking for Fun and Profit
		16.	Goblins and Dead Cats
		17.	Goblin Caves
		18.	Clearing the Docks
		19.	Obtaining the Wolf Charm
		20.	Returning the Feline Corpse

Targos Docks (AR1000)						{WLK001}
1) Your adventure begins with your arrival at the docks. Hedron Kerdos
will mouth off a bit about you being defenders of some kind, and give 
you a chance to change your mind. You can ask him about the state of 
things, and where to find a few places and people in town, but his 
information is sketchy at best. Thank him - there's no reason for us to 
be rude - and exit the ship onto the pier.
2) Head west, and at the end of the pier you will be accosted by Reig
Redwaters, who thinks he's a guard of some kind. He'll tell you about 
Goblins, and mention that there are weapons scattered about if you want
to search the dead bodies. He'll also give you a short sword, because
he "can't use it". Accept the gift and ask for his armor, which he'll
also hand over. Next, ask for Brohn's equipment, which he'll give you
as well. Finally, ask about his arm (which is why he couldn't use his
sword any more). If you have a Paladin in your party, offer to help
heal his arm, then use your 'Lay On Hands' feat to partially heal his
wounds. You can also talk to Honest Jon, who will give you a dagger.

(For aiding Reig)
EXP	300
3) Before we go off Goblin hunting, let's better equip ourselves, shall
we? You should have managed to get a Short Sword, two suits of leather
armor, two daggers, a helmet, and a handaxe; just north of Reig is 
another Short Sword (don't worry, there's a lot more coming). Spread 
these items around the party - I give a leather armor, the helmet, and 
a Short Sword to K'aos (my Paladin, and party leader); leather armor 
and the other Short Sword to Ghrax (my Ranger); the Hand Axe to Ilana 
(my Cleric); a dagger as a secondary weapon for Xanth; and the other 
dagger to Quala (my Rogue). Dole out the weapons in whatever way makes 
sense for you and your party.

(x=1650, y=620)	Short Sword
4) Head south down the shore and around the boat launch to find more 
gear laying on the ground by the next pier, and continue equipping the
party. For me, this means giving a helmet to Ghrax, the armor to Ilana, 
a spear to Fhornal, and the short bow and arrows to Quala.

(x=810, y=1300)	 Spear
(x=1360, y=1550) Helmet
(x=1320, y=1620) Spear
(x=1420, y=1650) Leather Armor
(x=1360, y=1770) Short Bow
(x=1460, y=1800) Arrows x13
5) Head out onto this next pier to find two Goblins (K'aos kills them
by himself), and more gear. Don't forget to grab the minor crap the
Goblins drop, which should include a shield and a few gold (K'aos gets
the shield).

(x=2210, y=1440) Club, 6 Gold
6) Continue heading south to the next pier and talk to Crandall at
(x=1710, y=1860). Ask him about the whereabouts of Magdar Shenlen to
find out that he's the Harbor Master, and is probably hiding in a
warehouse to the north. You can also ask about the Goblins, but it's
really not worth the effort. Further south, then east, you'll find a
trio of Goblins around a boarded up lighthouse; the boat tied up at
the small pier has some loot.

(x=2880, y=2030) Dagger, Bottle of Wine
7) We're as far south as we can go, and to the east is water, so head 
west along the bottom of the map to reach a house at (x=790, y=2220).
Inside, kill three Goblins and then talk to Firtha Kerdos, the cat-lady
of Targos (x=500, y=200). She'll admit to being the mother of Hedron
(although she doesn't seem too happy about it), and reveal that she's
blind. If you press her about it, she'll bitch about the Goblins and
tell you to come back after the Goblins have all been eliminated. Grab
the loot in her house and exit.

The Goblins drop a couple of Shields - these go to K'aos and Ghrax to
improve their AC by one.

(x=90, y=380) 5 Gold
8) When you leave, you'll be attacked by two Goblins from the north;
kill them, and continue west to find a Battle Axe on the ground at
(x=370, y=2110). Except that, unlike the old battle axe we just spoke
with, this one can be used in combat by Ilana. Head northwest to the 
first house.

(x=370, y=2110)	Battle Axe
9) Enter the house at (x=300, y=1680) which is, thankfully, empty. If
you're injured this is a good place to rest, but let's have a look
around first. Our first trap of the game can he found at (x=370, y=180);
disarm it and then loot freely to get some better equipment. The Studded
Leather goes to K'aos and the Leather Armor he was wearing gets handed
down the line (Xanth is the last to get armor). The Crossbow and Bolts 
go to Fhornal; Crossbows will be his primary weapon for the remainder of 
the game.

(x=370, y=180)

(x=370, y=180)  Studded Leather Armor, Helmet, War Hammer,
		Heavy Crossbow, Bolts x20
(x=240, y=100)	Potion of Evil Protection
(x=430, y=220)	War Hammer, Leather Armor

The Salty Dog Tavern (AR1003)
10) There's only one more building in this southern part of the map, so
let's visit there and get it over with. Enter the large building at
(x=900, y=1800) to find "The Salty Dog Tavern". Gohar, the bartender,
(x=350, y=190) will tell you, basically, to piss off - Goblins are
running amok in the town, but this fat shithead won't believe you. And
you won't even get the option to ask for a drink! How is he ever going
to stay in business with an attitude like that? Next, go and talk to
Guthesulfe Henghelm (x=530, y=360), who is little better than Gohar, 
although at least you can trade stuff with him. 

NOTE: arrows, bolts, etc, all have weight, so don't try to stock up too 
much or you won't have the capacity to carry loot.

When it's all said and done, my party is equipped as follows:

K'aos:	 studded leather armor, helmet, long sword, small shield

Ghrax:	 studded leather armor, helmet, short sword, small shield

Ilana:	 leather armor, helmet, greataxe

Xanth:	 leather armor, sling, buckler, quarterstaff, bullets x200	 

Quala:	 leather armor, helmet, short bow, short sword, buckler, 
	 arrows x218

Fhornal: hide armor, helmet, heavy crossbow, warhammer, small shield, 
	 bolts x219

All this, and I still have 110 gold left over. Once you've bought and 
sold what you want, talk to Guthewulfe again and ask about his silver 
charm. He will spout some crap about how he won it from some relative, 
and hint that you can challenge him for it... later. Finally, talk to 
Black Geoffrey (x=720, y=380) to get some info on a couple of his band 
of 'adventurers', but he and his friends don't seem inclined to come and 
help with the Goblins either. Pussies...

Now that we've scored some reasonable gear, and questioned the local 
drunkards, let's return to killing Goblins, shall we? Exit the tavern 
and head back west, then north.
11) North of the previous house there's more crap laying around the
dead bodies - might as well grab it. There are also some barrels to
search. Talk to Jorun Tamewater (x=640, y=1460) to find out about some
caves in the cliffs; this is apparently where the Goblins came from.
Continue north up the path and destroy another Goblin, then grab
even more weapons, etc, lying around. 

(x=380, y=1250)	War Hammer
(x=520, y=1410)	Handaxe
(x=540, y=1530)	Short Sword
(x=680, y=1500)	Small Shield
(x=490, y=950)	Hand Axe
(x=500, y=1010)	Small Shield
12) Enter the house at (x=850, y=900) to find another couple of Goblins 
in need of a good killing; when they're dead, this place is safe for 
looting. Grab the crap and go... To the northwest you'll find a set of 
log steps, which we'll simply ignore for the time being. Head east past 
the ruined house, unlock the door at (x=970, y=500), and enter the large

(x=470, y=250)	Dagger, Fire Agate Gem, 12 Gold
13) Immediately upon entering, you'll be accosted by Magdar Shenlen, the
Harbor Master. Ask him about a healing potion for Reig, and he'll tell
you to search the warehouse. He leaves, and a few Goblins show up asking
to be killed - oblige, and start searching.

Apparently it's okay to use a 'smash and grab' technique in here, so 
feel free to attack the barrels and other containers that are indicated 
by the yellow circles. I send Quala ahead to check for traps (there
aren't any) and unlock things; K'aps and Ilana follow behind to smash 
the place up and grab the loot. Make sure to grab the two healing 
potions in the container at (x=1180, y=420). Once you've cleared the 
place out, make like a tree and leave.

(x=930, y=990)	War Hammer
(x=970, y=1000)	Arrows x20, 11 Gold
(x=970, y=780)	Light Crossbow, Bolts x24
(x=1170, y=510)	Small Shield
(x=1180, y=420)	Potion of Healing x2
(x=930, y=470)	Short Bow
(x=790, y=330)	Iron Rations x3
(x=810, y=270)	Bottle of Wine, Lynx Eye Gem, 9 Gold
(x=420, y=290)	Battle Axe
(x=440, y=210)	Leather Armor, Spear
(x=340, y=350)	Iron Rations x3
(x=560, y=630)	Arrows x7
(x=420, y=600)	Spear, Bolts x7
(x=240, y=630)	Mace
(x=220, y=560)	Leather Armor, Small Shield, Battle Axe
14) Before we move on, let's help out Reig. Head slightly southeast to
find him at (x=1440, y=900) and give him one of the healing potions we
found. Once he's whole again, head north to the next pier.

(For bringing a healing potion to Reig)
EXP	400
15) There's still more crap gear laying around, so we might as well grab
it. Once you've cleaned the area up a bit, head out onto the pier and
talk to Brogan (x=2050, y=560). Talk him into letting you clear out the
warehouse for some experience, then unlock the door (x=2400, y=500) and 
enter the warehouse (I don't know why Brogan was so sure you'd need a
key to get in here - Quala simply picked the lock).

(x=1430, y=510)	Hand Axe
(x=1660, y=350)	Throwing Axe
(x=1730, y=370)	Helmet
(x=1830, y=350)	Leather Armor
(x=1840, y=250)	Throwing Axe

(For convincing Brogan to let you clear out the warehouse) 
EXP	300

Warehouse (AR1002)
16) You'll be greeted by a pack of Goblins, but this is really no more 
difficult than anything else we've encountered. Kill them and loot. In 
the northwest section of the building you'll find a trap door in the
floor, just begging us to enter. Well okay then, why not?

NOTE: the dead cat in the barrel at (x=790, y=400) just seems questy 
somehow, so let's hang onto it for a bit...

(x=1050, y=640)	Short Sword
(x=1120, y=360)	Great Axe
(x=790, y=400)	Dead Cat
(x=500, y=500)	Bullets x16
(x=300, y=350)	Leather Armor, Small Shield, Long Sword
(x=550, y=250)	Broken Weapon

Caves (AR1007)
17) Down here we'll find many more of our Goblin friends waiting to be
relieved of life, and more barrels to smash open, so let's get to it.
Kill the Goblin greeting party and go north, then turn west. Ignore the
southern passage for now and continue west to a fork where a couple more
Goblins await. Continue northwest with one character and invite a few
more Goblins from the west to come out and play. Watch for a flanking
maneuver from the southwest passage, but really this is not a big fight.

Further west you'll finally run into a larger group of Goblins in a 
cavern that are poised to make life rough; I draw them back to the party 
and deal with them 1-2 at a time. When they've been taught the simple
lesson that it's not a good idea to attack armed adventurers in cave 
tunnels, you can go about the task of smashing open the barrels in the 
cavern. Southeast from the large cavern, follow the southern-most tunnel
and kill the last of the Goblins in this area, then smash and loot the
barrels they were guarding. Head north, then U-turn south and exit back
up to the warehouse.

Note: I have yet to find anyone who will buy broken gear, so you can
safely ignore the broken armor, shields, and weapons.

(For clearing the Targos Docks of Goblins)
EXP	1350

(x=1240, y=400)	Hand Axe
(x=690, y=440)	Hand Axe
(x=580, y=470)	Scroll:Minor Mirror Image
(x=490, y=570)	Hand Axe
(x=460, y=570)	Hand Axe
(x=490, y=640)	Short Sword
(x=1880, y=860)	Broken Weapon
(x=2040, y=790)	Short Sword
18) Exit the warehouse and talk to Brogan again for some experience. He
will tell you where to find Lord Ulbrec in the northern part of town,
but we're not quite ready to head there yet; instead, head back to the 
pier where we first arrived. Tell Reig you've wiped out the Goblins in
and around the docks area, then go onto the ship. Talk to Hedron again
and tell him about clearing out the Goblins as well. Mention that you
saved his mother and you'll get some more experience. Tell him what a
bitch she was, and he'll also give you some monetary compensation if
you talk to him with someone other than a Paladin.

(For clearing the Goblins from the caves)
EXP	400

(For telling Hedron his mother is safe)
EXP	300
Gold	173
Lynx Eye Gem
19) Alright, the party is starting to get rather weighted down with loot
so let's return to the Salty Dog Tavern and talk to Guthesulfe Henghelm 
again. Sell off your excess crap and then talk to him one more time
with a character possessing a Constitution of 16 or more and challenge 
him to a drinking contest to win the Wolf Charm (*1). 

If you did as I did and put points into Pick Pockets for your Rogue,
you can pickpocket Guthesulfe for some gold (amount varies), and a
Flask of Braehg (*2)

Now, what about this dead cat? If memory serves, that fat old bitch in 
the house to the south had a shitload of cats - could it be that we are 
supposed to take the feline corpse to her? Let's go there and find out.

(For winning the Wolf Charm from Guthesulfe)
EXP	300

*1 The Wolf Charm is a simple magic item that allows the holder to
   summon a Wolf three times. Big f'ing deal... But the experience is
   definitely worth doing this.
*2 An interesting concoction. this potion will slow poison and grant
   a +2 bonus to Strength for 3 hours. However, it will also make the
   drinker sick as hell, and if their Constitution is low enough, it
   it will actually kill them. We will need one of these later, so you
   should either steal this or buy it now to save some time later.
20) Sure enough, this was her poor, dear Loki - too bad she isn't quite
saddened enough to grant you any experience for bringing him back. She 
even gives you shit about carrying around a corpse - what a hag... At
any rate, you can now run thru all her dialogue options to get a bunch
of backstory and some minor useful intel.

Now that the docks have been cleared and the few quests completed, it's 
time to head to the northern section of the city. Leave the house and 
exit the area in the northwest corner by the log steps (x=170, y=50).
If you're hurt, you can rest in one of the houses before you head up to 
the next section.

|								       |
|			     Northern Targos			       |
|								       |

		1.	Dumpster Diving
		2.	Lord Ulbrec's House
		3.	The Lady Elytharra
		4.	Raggedy Phaen
		5.	Bragging Rights
		6.	The Temple
		7.	Waking Valine Geldencross
		8.	Good Deeds Are NOT Their Own Reward
		9.	Whispering Goblins
		10.	Haunted Hotel
		11.	The Crying Ghost
		12.	The Nasty Bartender
		13.	Cheating Cahl-Hyred
		14.	Releasing the Spirit
		15.	Looting the Inn
		16.	The Tear Stained Bottle
		17.	The Galloway Trade Depot

Northern Targos City (AR1100)					{WLK002}
1) Upon arriving, the very first thing you want to do is... LOOT! The
barrel to your southeast has a battle axe in it. This part of the city 
has more of a normal city 'look and feel' than did the docks, what with 
its burned out hovels and seedy bars. Now we have been told by several 
people to find Ulbrec Dinnsmore, and we will do that, but we'll do it 
in our own time, eh? First, let's see what we can find stashed around
town. Roam freely thru the streets searching barrels and crates, and 
grab whatever you find. Doing this first has the added advantage of
showing us the layout of this part of the city, for ease in moving
around later.

(x=400, y=1530)	 Battle Axe
(x=2720, y=1850) Spear, Large Shield
(x=2160, y=1160) Dagger, 6 Gold
(x=1550, y=280)  Spear, Arrows x21
(x=1400, y=580)  Battle Axe, Large Shield
(x=720, y=660)	 Arrows x17
(x=740, y=350)	 Potion of Cat's Grace, Lynx Eye Gem, 23 Gold

Ulbrec's House (AR1101)
2) Okay, now that we're done dumpster diving, let's go see this Ulbrec
fellow. Head over to the large building in the southeast corner of the
map, and enter the door at (x=2300, y=1400). You'll find Ulbrec behind
the rather large desk at (x=500, y=430); talk to him and tell him that
the Goblin threat at the docks has been eliminated. He will tell you
about some scouts he sent out, and a few other things, but the most
important bit of information is to report to Shawford Crale, the
commander of the Targos Guard, who can be found in the Palisade. Yeah,
yeah - we'll get there... But first, let's find out what kind of loot
you have stashed away in this oppulent house of yours...

NOTE: you can pickpocket Ulbrec for a Gold Ring, as much as 51 Gold, 
and a Ring of Protection +1; this is a 'save and reload' heavy process 
unless you put a lot of points into pickpocket skills, but it's worth 
the effort. The ring goes to K'aos...

(x=230, y=400)	3 Gold
(x=400, y=170)	Dagger, Sunstone Gem, 9 Gold
(x=800, y=280)	Book-Heart of Winter
(x=800, y=460)	Book-Legends of Icewind Dale
(x=700, y=430)	Scroll:Protection from Evil
(x=650, y=550)	Book-Travelor's Guide to Icewind Dale
3) In the large room to the east you will find Elytharra, the lady of
the house. Talk to her and have her identify the charred scroll you
found earlier (yes, even if you had identified it yourself) to find
out that there was magic involved in the appearance of the Goblins. Talk
to her again and ask about her 'troubles' to get a quest involving the
diviner Valine Geldencross. Finally, ask about her being a Mage, and she
will open her wares to you - she has a huge collection of scrolls, so
if you have a Wizard (not a Sorcerer) in your party, this is a great
place to start building your spellbook. If you are a Sorcerer, some of 
these can still come in handy, but must be cast from the scroll, using
it up in the process. She also has a large variety of very nice magical
items; of course, if your party is in the same shape as mine, you can't 
afford any of these at this point anyway, but keep her in mind for when 
you have some cash to spend.

NOTE: you can pickpocket Elytharra for a Scroll:Mage Armor, a
Masterwork Dagger (+1 to attack), a Sunstone Gem, and a Gold Ring.

Phaen's House (AR1106)
4) When you're done drooling over all the magic items you can't possibly
afford, exit Ulrec's home and proceed north to the first house; enter
at (x=2280, y=970). Phaen will initiate dialogue with you, and if you
press him, he'll admit to being a traitor and letting the Goblins into
the city. For this, he must die... He will summon five Goblin Sappers, 
but he is the real threat, so stay on him hard until he falls. Once he's
dead, the Goblins are easy. Phaen drops a quarterstaff, a Scroll of
Magic Missile, Phaen's Robe of Rags (*1), and 38 gold; the Goblins drop 
some minor gold.

Note: this is the first time in the game that I suffered any damage; up
to this point, I had taken zero damage in any encounter. I sincerely
hope you were as lucky.

(x=600, y=170)	Book-The Ten-Towns: Easthaven
(x=450, y=200)	Sunstone Gem, 41 Gold

(For exposing Phaen as a traitor)
EXP	300

*1 This robe affords a +2 Deflection Bonus, and some Cold Resistence.
   Not great, but not bad either for this stage of the game. It can
   replace Leather Armor on a Mage; I put this on Xanth.
5) Well, we've dealt with the traitor, so let's go back to Elytharra
and brag a bit about what we've accomplished. She will act surprised
and give you a nice reward, at least for this point in the game (this
is another time when a non-Paladin should do the talking).

This is where K'aos gained enough points to level up - I elect to go
with a level in Wizard, so he can start building his spellbook and
using spells. He puts skill points into Concentration and Diplomacy,
and takes the Armored Arcana feat. I buy a Sleep scroll from Lady 
Elytharra and write it into his spellbook right away; he adds a Magic 
Missile and Sleep for his available spells. Remember to rest in order 
to actually memorize spells.

(For telling Elytharra about Phaen)
EXP	400
Gold	250
Gold Necklace, Waterstar Gem

The Temple (AR1103)
6) Since she's been so very nice to us, let's see about doing the other
thing she had asked - help out Valine Geldencross, the Diviner who is
resting at the Temple. Exit the house and head to the large tent-like
building at (x=1250, y=550). Enter and talk to Valine (x=370, y=230); 
tell him that Lady Elytharra sent you and he'll mumble something about
'Braehg'. Pickpocket him for 7 Gold, a Tchazar Gem, an Andar Gem, and 
Valin's Scroll. This parchment tells you a bit of his story, and that 
you can get a flask of Braehg from that lazy bastard Guthewulfe at the 
Salty Dog Tavern down by the docks. Well alrighty then...

Before we go back to the Docks District, let's see what else is here.
In a locked cabinet you'll find a few nice trickets. Next, talk to 
Garradun Tanner (x=370, y=430) and accept a quest to deliver a note 
to Captain Mariner of the Neverwinter relief forces. You can talk to
Denham Fisher at (x=530, y=180) to get some advice on how to fight
various creatures, or buy some healing; he also has some Divine Scrolls
and other Clerical magic items for sale.  I hold off for now, until I've
built up a bit of cash. If you hand over Garradun Tanner's letter to 
him, you'll get some experience. Return to Garradun and expose him for
a bit more experience. Oh... and you get to kill him for still more.

Ragni Bellows (x=600, y=230) also has Clerical crap for sale, along with
healing, but no advice. Nobody else has anything interesting to say, so
let's head for the dive that is The Salty Dog Tavern.

This is where the rest of the party gains a level; I do so as follows:

Ghrax adds a level in Ranger, adding skill points in Concentration

Ilana goes up as a Cleric, also taking a Concentration point. She adds
Sanctuary as her new spell.

Xanth will keep adding Sorcerer, taking Concentration and Alchemy as 
skill enhancements

Quala goes Rogue, adding one point each in her thieving skills, plus 
two in Use Magic Device

Fhornal adds a Druid level, adding skill points in Concentration and 
Spellcraft. He adds a Cure Light Wounds and an Entangle to his spell

(for revealing Garradun Tanner's plans to Denham Fisher)
EXP	300

(for confronting Garradun and exposing him as a doppleganger)
EXP	300

(x=330, y=100)	Book-Book of the Deserving (*1),
		Scroll:Cure Moderate Wounds, 23 Gold

*1 This tome allows a Cleric of Tempus to cast Bless 1x/day.
7) If you didn't get the Flask of Braehg before, return to the Docks 
District and enter the tavern (x=900, y=1800). Guthewulfe hasn't moved 
from his spot at (x=530, y=360), but try as you might, there is no 
dialogue option that allows you to ask about Braehg. You can either buy 
this item from him, or pickpocket him to obtain the Flask of Braehg. 
Pickpocketing also yields a small cache of gold. Either way, return to 
the temple.

Give the Braehg to Valin, who will sputter and cough a bit, but in the
end returns to his normal, healthy self. If you ask him about a reward,
he'll hand you a bit and then tell you to talk to Lady Elytharra. Why
we don't ask for our cash up front is a mystery - all this running 
around is getting tiresome... But, as we need the cash, I guess we'll go 
back and ask Elytharra to pay us for our good deeds. Oh, and we now have
a Potion of Braehg at our disposal (*1).

(For bringing the Braehg to Valin)
EXP	300
Gold	181

*1 This potion cures poison and grants a +2 Strength bonus for 3 hours,
   although it's liable to make you sick in the process. I'll give this
   to the character with the highest Constitution, as I suspect that
   will lessen the side-effects somewhat.
8) Return to Ulbrec's house and talk to Lady Elytharra one more time. 
Tell her that you have revived Valin for an experience reward; press
her about settling debts and receive an Iol Gem, a Jade Ring, and 250
Gold. I guess the running around isn't as much of a pain in the ass as 
we had previously thought...

(For reporting to Lady Elytharra about Valin)
EXP	300
Gold	250
Iol Gem, Jade Ring
9) Damn! Except for this note to Captain Mariner, whom we cannot find, 
we're out of quests. Let's do something about that, shall we? Head over
to the house at (x=420, y=940) and go inside. Ask the sole inhabitant of 
this building, Koluhm Bonecutter, about speaking to the spirit that 
haunts the Inn. Once you've exhausted all the dialogue options, loot 
and leave.

(x=500, y=160)	Flaming Oil, 22 Gold
(x=100, y=360)	Iol Gem, 55 Gold

The Weeping Widow (AR1104)
10) The Weeping Widow is in the southwest corner of the map, at about
(x=800, y=1650). Enter the inn at night (or enter and rest until it's
night), and then talk to the proprietor, Cahl-Hyred. From him you should
receive an unidentified bottle, aptly named Cahl-Hyred's Bottle, and the 
Weeping Widow Key. Identify the bottle (Lady Elytharra can do this for
you if you don't have an Identify spell) and talk to him again for some
experience. Press him for monetary compensation and he'll grudgingly
cough up 150 Gold. Head upstairs at (x=350, y=420).

(For identifying the Ghost-Touched Bottle)
EXP	400
Gold	150

Note: Cahl-Hyred can be pickpocketed for a Dagger, a Horn Coral Gem, and
a Short Sword.

The Weeping Widow Upstairs (AR1104)
11) Enter the middle room to the north to find Veira, the Weeping Widow
spirit. There really isn't much interaction, but it does update your
Journal, so something must have happened. Go back downstairs and talk
to that fat innkeeper again, and ask him about Donovan, the spirit's
lost husband. He's clueless, but suggests you talk to Gohar, the
irratable bartender at the Salty Dog. Apparently we're not done with
that place yet, so head there now...
12) Gohar will tell you a tale about a wrecked skiff that washed up on
shore, and give you a piece of it. He's still as nasty as ever, but at
least he's willing to deal with you, since you exterminated the Goblins
and all... prick... Once you have the Ship's Prow in your possession,
leave and head back to the northern section of the city.
13) We now have an enchanted bottle and a chunk of wood off of an old
wrecked ship. I think we need more information on what in the hell is
going on around here. Let's try that ghost-whisperer Koluhm and see if
he can shed any light on this. Return to the house at (x=420 y=940) and
go in. Tell him what you found out about the bottle for an experience 
reward, then return to the Inn.

(For exposing Koluhm's attempt to cheat Cahl-Hyred)
EXP	450
14) Wait until night again, and then talk to Veira one more time. Give
her the piece of Donovan's ship that you got from Gohar, and release 
her spirit into death's realm. She will give you a cryptic message about
a Chimera, and just before she vanishes you can ask her to shed a tear 
into the bottle for some more experience, after which she will depart.

(For releasing Veira's spirit)
EXP	400

(For obtaining Veira's ghostly tear)
EXP	400
15) Now that that's settled, let's see what kind of crap we can find 
laying around this inn. Search the rooms upstairs first for some minor
treasure, then go back downstairs and repeat. Talk to Cahl-Hyred one 
last time and tell him that you released Veira's spirit for yet another
experience reward, and some gold and a couple gems if you ask.

Upstairs (AR1105)
(x=800, y=540)	Andar Gem, 13 Gold
(x=200, y=200)	Masterwork Dagger, 11 Gold

Downstairs (AR1104)
(x=260, y=200)	Iron Rations x3, Lamp Oil x2

(For telling Cahl-Hyred about releasing Veira's spirit)
EXP	600
Gold	 50
Garnet Gem, Aquamarine Gem
16) We now have this blasted, tear-stained bottle in our possession; 
I wonder if the nice mage-lady at Ulrec's would want it? Let's go talk
to her and find out... As it turns out, she does want the bottle, and 
will offer you 500 Gold for it; hold out for more and get 700.

We've managed to pick up a fair amount of sellable items, so let's
see if we can find someplace to lighten our load a bit. We know that
Lady Elytharra will buy some of it, but I think we can do better. There
is still one place we haven't visited yet, so let's go there now. Leave
Ulrec's house and head to the Gallaway Trade Depot (x=1550, y=1750).

Trade Depot (AR1102)
17) Jemeliah (x=600, y=550) and Loman (x=360, y=270) have nothing to say 
of any use, except to tell you to talk to Deirdre. Well fine then, we 
can take a hint. You'll find Deirdre Gallaway at (x=680, y=400), and she 
is more than willing to sell you some very nice items indeed. Sell off 
the excess gems, etc, that you've accumulated and then peruse her wares. 
At this point you should know what you need; get whatever suits your 
fancy and drool over the things you simply can't afford (there's a lot 
of it). Personally, I tended toward more, less expensive items instead 
of going for the more powerful stuff; this allows me to strengthen the 
party a bit more evenly. I upgraded both K'aos and Ghrax to Masterwork
Longswords with Large Shields; K'aos gets Studded Leather, Ghrax gets
Splint Mail. Ilana gets Chainmail +1, but keeps her Greataxe. Quala
also gets Studded Leather Armor, and upgrades her secondary weapon to a 
Masterwork Shortsword (still with a Buckler). Fhornal gets Splint Mail,
and keeps his Warhammer as a secondary weapon; he does move up to a
Large Shield.

Make sure to get (or keep) a Warhammer for a specific mini-quest in the 
next section; then, once you've completed all your purchases and are 
equipped as you desire, head for the Palisade at (x=1600, y=200). 

Now you might be wondering why I didn't grab some magical weapons at
this point - well, it's simple really... I really don't need that much
power yet, and the money is better spent on armor and other protections
until I can build up more cash. Besides, there are far better weapons
coming up for free. On previous plays, I did get the magic greatsword 
'Wandering Sky' for K'aos, but after several times thru the game I find
that it's better to keep him with a Longsword and Shield.

|								       |
|			Targos Palisade 			       |
|								       |

		1.	Drunkards and Idiots
		2.	A Barrel of Smug
		3.	Can I Borrow Your Hammer?
		4.	Training the Troops
		5.	Blessing the Troops
		6.	Shawford Crale
		7.	Fixing the Crane
		8.	More Arrows Please
		9.	Return of the Whispering Goblin
		10.	Threatening the Mercenaries
		11.	Attack on the Palisade

Palisade Grounds (AR1200)					{WLK003)
1) Our visit starts with some scouting. This will be our modus operendii 
for most new, non-hostile areas - search around to get a feel for the 
layout, and grab as much free shit as we can. Start be searching the
weapon rack at (x=2800, y=2650), then head east along the southern
edge of the map. We'll move counter-clockwise thru this area; first
around the outside edges, then into the middle.

Around back of the first building you'll meet Niles, who is far more
interested in getting drunk than fighting off Goblins. Refuse him his
request for booze, threaten to turn him in, and force him to return to 
his post for some experience. Head north a little ways to find Tabard
Mooncalf (x=3290, y=1660), a soldier guarding a rack of weapons. You'll 
need a character with skill points in Bluffing to be able to talk him 
into moving away so that you can get to the rack.

A bit further north you'll find three soldiers standing around a fire;
talk to Anson (x=3230, y=1440) to hear a story about their 'work' since
coming to Targos - it seems most of it involves running errands around
town. If you ask him about clearing out the rats in the warehouse with
the dead cat in your possession, you'll find out that he's the one who
put it there. I *KNEW* there was a reason I held onto this thing. Gee,
I wonder if that crazy cat-lady would be interested in knowing how her
pussy ended up dead, stuck in a barrel in the warehouse? Let's remember 
that for the next time we're down by the docks...

(x=2800, y=2650) Battle Axe
(x=3350, y=1850) Spear
(x=3320, y=1650) Talbard's Shield (*1)

(For maintaining discipline)
EXP	600

(For tricking Tabard)
EXP	450

*1 A fairly nice shield, it offers +2 Shield Bonus, +1 Armor Bonus vs
   Missiles, and a -2 Armor Check Penalty. It replaces the Large Shield
   on K'aos.
2) At (3200, y=970) you'll find Gable, who is engaged in a friendly
wager with his partner Kadance to see who can shoot the 'smug-looking
barrel' at (x=3180, y=600). Well okay then, let's see if we can get in 
on this action... Ask him if you can try, and bet him at least twenty 
gold. Attack the barrel with a ranged weapon and destroy it, then go
back to Gable for your winnings... except that he doesn't have that
much. Welcher. Alright then, let's have your bow instead - at least it 
will sell for something. Continue counter-clockwise around the edge of 
the Palisade to find some more weapons you can grab.

(x=2200, y=500)	 Spear
(x=1200, y=1320) Throwing Axe x2
(x=820, y=1220)  Halbard
(x=640, y=1470)  Flaming Oil
(x=600, y=1600)  Bullet x32
(x=840, y=1860)  Flaming Oil
(x=1100, y=2440) Bolt x25
(x=1020, y=2460) Heavy Crossbow
3) Talk to Caulder in the southwest section of the Palisade, and insist
on helping him. You really have to be a pain in his backside, but he'll
eventually capitulate and allow you to find a hammer for him (which will
net you some experience). If you have a hammer (a war hammer will do),
let him borrow it - he will go apeshit hammering in the loose nails on
his catapult, and you'll get a bit more experience. Return east to where 
you entered this area, then north toward the center of the map.

(For convincing Caulder he needs your help)
EXP	450

(For helping Caulder repair the catapult)
EXP	450
4) You'll find a bunch of trainees around a barrel at (x=2290, y=2190).
Talk to the Weapon Instructor at (x=2390, y=2130) and offer to show them 
how to split the keg. Do so, and then continue to 'train' them in how to 
use a spear for a little experience. There are a few weapons in the 
racks just north of the trainees.

(x=2070, y=2000) Flail
(x=2380, y=1970) Light Crossbow, Bolts x12

(For training the recruits)
EXP	450
5) Take a Cleric and talk to the Drill Sergeant at (x=1400, y=2000); 
offer to bless the recruits for some more experience. Talk to Menon at
(x=1920, y=1510) to learn about the 'tooth circle' - the enclosure in
the center of the area. Finally, talk to the other Drill Sergeant at
(x=2830, y=1700) with a Mage and "inspire the troops" for still more

(For blessing the recruits)
EXP	450

(For inspiring the recruits)
EXP	450
6) You can talk to Swift Thomas at (x=2580, y=2480), but he's pretty 
much a useless character for now. However, since he has an actual name, 
he might be someone we want to remember for later, so let's make a 
mental note of his location. Enter the building at (x=2700, y=2500) to 
find Shawford Crale and Nolan the Healer. Since just about everyone 
we've met in this god-forsaken shithole has told us to talk to him, 
let's see what Shawford has to say. Your first 'assignment' is to assist 
Olap Tamewater with repairing the Palisade walls - doesn't sound too 
difficult, so let's seek him out.

You can talk to Nolan if you require healing first - which is nice
because he will heal the entire party for free - but other than that
all he's good for is some basic info on which spells are useful in
Goblin fights, and I think we already know that.

Note: Shawford Crale has a Dagger and a Potion of Healing for your
pickpocketing pleasure; Nolan has nothing.

(x=230, y=350)	Potion of Healing, Flaming Oil x3
7) Exit the barracks and head north to find Olap at (x=2560, y=520).
Talk to him to be told that you need to find Lumbar to get some lumber.
Now that's just silly - next thing you know, we'll be visiting Wepaon
to get weapons, and Glod to gather some gold. But who am I to question
the writers of the game, and their naming conventions? Anyway...

Exit the Palisade area back to the city, and head south to find Lumbar 
at about (x=1220, y=1650), who will inform you that the crane is broken.
Well, doesn't that just figure... Alright then, let's go give Olap the
bad news. Return to the Palisade and report back to Olap. Bitch about
being treated like an errand boy and he'll suggest talking to Swift
Thomas about the fastest way to get around town. Do so, and Thomas will 
take you to the Docks area without having to screw around with all that 
walking. This is nice - it's almost like teleporting between areas.

Jorun is still where we left him at (x=640, y=1460); he will give you a
Wooden Crane Wheel with which to fix the crane. Return to the city area 
and head over to the crane; replace the Wooden Crane Wheel by placing
it into the container at (x=1000, y=1850), and inform Lumbar that his
crane is fixed. Head back into the Palisade and tell Olap; note that 
the palisade wall is now fixed. That was really fast - apparently this
Olap fellow really is a decent engineer. Finally, return to Shawford 
Crale for some experience and your next assignment.

(For fixing the crane)
EXP	600
8) Exit the barracks and head west to find Isherwood at (x=650, y=2100).
He requests 300 arrows, which apparently can be gotten from Deirdre at 
the Gallaway Trade Depot. Well damn - here we go again, back to the 
city. You can have Swift Thomas lead you there, or just walk; it really
doesn't make much difference this time.

Deirdre will bitch about having to supply the guards without getting 
paid, so you need to convince her that things would be far worse if she
holds out. If your Charisma is high enough (16+), she will see the 
benefit of helping the townspeople, and agree to send the arrows to the 

You could sell off the piddling amount of crap you found, but it's not 
really worth enough to buy anything useful yet, so I just leave and 
return to Isherwood to tell him that he's getting his arrows. He'll 
thank you, and give you two flasks of Flaming Oil for your trouble.
Return to Shawford for more experience, and yet another assignment.

(For striking a deal with Deirdre)
EXP	600

(For obtaining arrows for Isherwood)
EXP	600
9) This time, we need to talk to Koluhm and find out what intel he has
managed to get from a captured Goblin. Alrighty then, let's go do that.
If you remember, Koluhm was in a house in the main city, so I guess we
have to go back there again. Onward...

In case you don't remember, the house is at (x=420, y=940). Talk to
Koluhm with a Drow or Dwarf character and offer to translate the message
for him for the biggest experience reward yet. If you don't have a Dwarf
or a Drow in your party, you can still get some experience by having
Koluhm inscribe the words and send them back to Shawford Crale to be
translated later.

Head back once more to Shawford to report what you learned. If you could
translate the words yourself, you will get more experience here as well.

(For translating the Goblin's rantings)
EXP	900


(for asking Koluhm to send the Goblin's words to the Palisade)
EXP	450

(For going beyond the call of duty)
EXP	900


(for carrying out Shawford Crale's orders)
EXP	450
10) This time, we are sent to convince the Iron Collar Mercenaries to 
get off their lazy asses and join the fight. If memory serves, these
were the idiots in the Salty Dog Tavern, so I ask Swift Thomas to take
me to the Docks area quickly. But before I go into the tavern to talk
to the mercenaries, I seem to remember there was one more thing we need
to do regarding this dead cat we've been carrying around; let's go and
talk to Firtha Kerdos again. Tell her the story of how her cat came to
be dead and get some minor experience.

Now we can go to the tavern and see about these asshole mercenaries. 
There are two ways to accomplish your goal here: accuse them of being
in league with Phaen, or threaten to have their contract revoked. Either
way, you'll need a character with a relatively high Bluff score. Succeed
and get an experience reward, and head back to the Palisade.

(For solving the mystery of Fat Ol' Loki)
EXP	300

(For convincing the mercenaries to report to the Palisade)
EXP	600
11) Return to Shawford Crale one final time. He will be pleasantly 
surprised, but be interrupted by the sound of an attack on the Palisade.

Exit the barracks to join the fray. To the northwest you will find a
bunch of Goblins to slaughter, who will be joined by a monster named 
Vgholan and his wolf/dog (aptly named Vgholan's Hound). Once this first
threat is removed, you will be treated to a mini-cutscene where a Wizard
will appear to the northeast along with a bunch of Goblins, Goblin 
Elite, Goblin Archers, and a special Goblin named Ghotrag. Kill them, 
and once again you'll get to witness the arrival of the enemy Mage and 
his minions; I guess this is the game's way of telling you where to go 
next, because I honestly don't see any other reason for going thru all 
this nonsense with mini-movies and shit. Continue killing minor bosses, 
Goblins, and other assorted enemies until there isn't anything left. 
Note: some of the enemy leaders are mages, so pay them some special 
attention lest you get caught by a spell; this can put a severe cramp 
in your killing style, and often leads to the death of a character.

When the battle is over return to Shawford Crale, who will tell you to
talk to Lord Ulbrec to be personally congratulated (if you press him, he
will hand over 1000 Gold as well). This just reeks of experience reward, 
so let's do that, shall we? But first, retrace your steps thru the 
Palisade area and loot all the dead bodies for a ton of shit to sell.

Return to the city and visit Lord Ulbrec, who will indeed thank you and 
give you some crappy experience (we get 900 for translating a shitty 
Goblin message, but only 500 for actually killing the buggers? What a 
cheat...). This will be your final opportunity to sell and buy anything 
for a while, so I suggest visiting Deirdre before moving on. I still 
don't have enough money to buy anything, but I don't want to be carrying 
all this crap around with me, so I rid my inventory of everything I 
don't need.

Quala gains another level at this point, so I dual her to Sorceress,
putting skill points into Concentration, taking Armored Arcana as a
feat, and getting Magic Missile and Sleep for spells.

Our next goal is to help retake the Shaengarne Bridge, so return to the 
Palisade area and head out thru the northern gate (which is now open); 
rest, then exit the area in the northwest corner of the map.

(For exceeding Shawford Crale's expectations)
EXP	900

(for driving the Goblins from Targos)
EXP	900

(For turning back the Goblin attack)
EXP	500

(Dropped by enemies, so no exact location)

Ring of the Warrior:	Attack Bonus +1
Houndstooth Collar:	Immunity to Panic/Fear, Cast Beast Claw 1x/day
Whispering Staff:	d6+1 Damage, +1 to Attack, +1 to Move Silently, 
			and 1% chance to Silence an opponent. It is,
			however, a one-handed weapon, so it actually is
			a fairly nice find (a one-handed staff, really?)
Tower Shield of Charm	Shield Bonus +3, +1 vs Missile Weapons,
Protection +1:		Immunity to Charm spells

|				Chapter 1			       |
|								       |
|			   Shaengarne Ford 			       |
|								       |

`		1. 	Barrelacade
		2.	Exploding Barrels
		3.	Springing Dereth
		4.	Rescuing Sabrina
		5.	The Safe Return
		6.	Ambush!
		7.	Killing the Log Pile
		8.	Torak's Retreat

This entire area is filled with Orcs of varying types, including Orc
Shamen. As long as you focus on the spell-casters, they really aren't
all that hard. What makes this area a pain in the ass are the Kegs of
Blasting - barrels that explode into fireballs. While it is possible to
use these against your enemies, more often than not they will appear
next to you in the middle of combat and you will have little or no time 
to escape them. If you spot one, run like hell out of its range.

Shaengarne Ford (AR2000)					{WLK004)
1) Upon arrival at Shaengarne Ford, you will immediately be accosted by
an Orc leader named Torak. He's an idiot, and a pussy - he runs away 
immediately after threatening you - and you have no choice but to kill 
his Broken Tusk Clan. Orcs are slightly more powerful than the Goblins 
we're used to, but this really shouldn't be all that tough of a fight. 
There is an Orc Shaman who can make life difficult, so hit him first. 
The Orcs can't get to you past the barracade of barrels, and you can't 
get to them either, so you will need to equip as many missile weapons as 
possible. I choose to throw a couple flasks of Flaming Oil at them, 
which removes the threat quite nicely; a Sleep spell will also make
things easier on you.  The Shaman will summon a wolf (or a Spider) next 
to the party, but it dies with only a couple of hits. More Orc Archers, 
and we can clear the barricade and proceed north.

(x=1320, y=2100) Potion of Extra Healing, Agni Mani Necklace
2) Head northeast from this first encounter to meet Torak again. You 
will see a grouping of barrels at about (x=1850, y=1450) - do NOT get 
too close to them, as one is a Keg of Blasting, which will explode into 
a fireball. Instead, retreat a bit and try to draw the Orcs back to the
party for a dose of death. Watch out for another Orc Shaman, and the
Orc Firestarters, who - as near as I can tell - shoot Arrows of Fire.
This battle is a bit more difficult, as the archers can make things
interesting, but it's still not a big deal. You can chop up the barrels
to open your way northwest if you want, but it's not really necessary.
3) Once you are past this next barrelacade, you will be approached by a
Druid named Dereth Springsong, who will thank you for saving him. He
will then ask you to clear out the rest of the Orcs (like we weren't
going to do that anyway) before he'll open the way to the next area. He
will, however, heal you (for a price). Search out and kill any more
Orcs you can find, then talk to Dereth again for more experience. He 
will open a passage in the southwestern corner of the map that will lead 
you to Shaengarne Bridge. Loot the firepit and the lean-to, then attack 
the pile of logs at about (x=1840, y=930). Head down to the new path in 
the southwest.

K'aos, Ghrax, and Fhornal each gain a level here, deployed as follows:

K'aos:   adds a Wizard level, takes Bluff and Intimidate skills, and
	 another level of Armored Arcana for his feat. He adds a second
	 Magic Missile to his spells.

Ghrax:	 another Ranger level, Concentration, Armor Proficiency

Fhornal: stays a Druid, adds points to Concentration and Spellcraft, 
	 and adds another Armor Proficiency level. New spells are
	 Barkskin and Delay Poison.

(For rescuing Dereth Springsong)
EXP	750

(For removing the Orcs from Dereth Springsong's home)
EXP	500

(For finding the path to Shaengarne Ford)
EXP	500

(x=1950, y=1030) Potion of Extra Healing
(x=1960, y=1080) Potion of Extra Healing
4) As he was so kind to open a path for us, it seems we should go that
way. The path will head west, then turn north, and finally east, with
a few Orc Archers along the way. Continue east, then north again a short 
ways until you find a passage heading northwest, with a barrel blocking
the way and another Orc party beyond. Since we need to go this way, it 
seems prudent to kill the Orcs - I draw them down to the barrel (which
is a Keg of Blasting) and then blow it up in their faces. Yes, I used
their own tactic against them, and after all, why not...?

Again, the Shaman is the real threat here, so send some missiles his way
to keep him honest while your melee characters take on the few Orc 
fighters that are left. Once they're all dead, head up the path. More
Orcs, and another Orc Shaman await where the path turns due west, so
kill them too. Continue west, then north until you are approached by
Sabrina Fairwynd. She will ask about Dereth, then proceed to give you
experience rewards just for talking to her. A new passage will open in
the eastern portion of the map, and she will vanish.

(For rescuing Sabrina Fairwynd)
EXP	500

(For learning about the Orc ambush)
EXP	375

(For offering to escort Sabrina home)
EXP	375
5) Return to Dereth at his cabin to make sure that Sabrina made it back
safely (x=2680, y=1620), and be rewarded for your thoughtfulness. This 
area is simply full of experience for very little effort, although 
we've had to fight a bit for it. The Scimitar goes to Fhornal; Sabrina 
has a few nice scrolls for sale too.

Ilana and Xanth each gain levels here - both stay single-classed. 

Ilana takes Concentration and Combat Casting for her new skill and her 
new feat. She adds Draw Upon Holy Might for her Domain spell, and adds
two Cure Moderate Wounds for her Cleric spells.

Xanth puts a point each in Alchemy and Concentration, and takes a point
in Armored Arcana to help offset casting penalties from his Buckler. He
also adds Sleep to his spells (he had Identify before, so only had Magic 
Missile for offense).

(for checking on Sabrina's safe return)
EXP	375
Scimitar +1
6) Head north of Dereth's cabin until you get to the newly opened path
at around (x=2800, y=1050). Proceed carefully east to provoke the very
ambush that Sabrina spoke of, and kill everything in sight. Head north
up the path, which turns northwest and then west, to encounter an Orcish 
party. Dispatch them and loot around the camp to find a Dagger +1, then
shoot across the ravine to destroy the Kegs of Blasting.
7) Return all the way back around to the western fork that led to 
Sabrina, but this time keep going north. As you approach, that asshole 
Torak will taunt you some more, but you can pretty much ignore him for 
the moment. I really want to kill this guy, but it seems this pile of 
logs is blocking our way. Okay then, we learned how to deal with log 
piles back when we first met Dereth, so I guess we apply our knowledge 
here. Attack the log at (x=1650, y=850) and destroy it to gain passage 
8) Proceed very carefully north with one character to incite a group of
Orcs to start shooting at you. Once again, missile weapons and spells 
are the best way to deal with these foes, so keep your non-magical melee 
characters well back out the the way. Kill them, and Torak will appear 
again with another bunch of Orcs reqesting death. Oblige, and a bridge 
will appear to the east; cross the bridge, and then exit the area in the 
northeast corner.

|								       |
|			Orc Encampment {WLK005)			       |
|								       |

		1.	Emma Moonblade
		2.	A Message From Torak
		3.	Opening the Gate
		4.	Freeing the Villagers
		5.	Arte's Store
		6.	Killing Torak, FINALLY
		7.	I Hate Slime
		8.	Vrek the Troll
		9.	Obtaining the Moonblade

Orc Encampment (AR2101)						{WLK005)
1) These pricks... Torak and about ten of his friends await to try and
kill you. Before the battle can begin, however, Emma Moonblade will
appear and promptly get her sword (named Moonblade - how convenient) 
stolen. Help her kill the Orc ambush party, then talk to her to obtain
a quest to retrieve her sword. She mentions a Troll, so that should be
fair warning about what we will probably encounter here. If you have the
need, talk to her again to get some healing, or she will watch over you
while you rest safely - awfully nice of her, wasn't it?

Note on Trolls: they require fire or acid to kill and stay killed. They
can be tough opponents, and the fact that they keep coming back to life
just makes them suck all the more.

(x=480, y=1600)	Potion of Extra Healing
2) Head east along the southern edge of the map until a woman named 
Kaitlin Silvertongue moves to meet you around (x=2250, y=1800). She is 
a messenger from Torak, and will give you a warning about approaching 
his camp. Well screw that! We'll not only approach, but we'll enter the 
camp, destroy him, and all his little dogs too! As it turns out, she is 
simply one of the villagers that Torak has captive, and she asks you to 
sneak into the camp, unlock the gate, and then slay the orcs. As long as 
there's Orc-slaying as part of this quest, then count us in! She will 
also tell you that one of the other villagers may have hidden a potion 
in his burned out home, and about why the Orcs are here - stealing 
lumber to build a dam and destroy Targos City. This Torak is pissing me 
off more and more...
3) Go north a short way to the ruins of the house and grab the Potion of
Invisibility in the container at (x=2200, y=1500). Select which of your
characters will perform the dangerous task of sneaking into the camp, 
and move everyone else up outside of the gate at (x=2000, y=1150). For 
me, it was Quala who did the sneaking (being a Rogue and all), so she 
quaffs the potion and walks past the guards to the northeast at
(x=2780, y=1200), then heads west inside their compound to turn the 
wheel and open the gate from the inside (x=2190, y=1100). As soon as the 
gate opens, all hell breaks loose and we have to kill the rest of the 
Orcs. Since Quala is still invisible, she can simply return back thru 
the opening in the barricade and rejoin the party for the slaughter at 
the now open gate. An Entangle spell from Fhornal and a Sleep spell from
Xanth pretty well ends this fight, as my archers simply shoot down the 
now immobilized Orcs.

(x=2200, y=1500) Potion of Invisibility, Sunstone Gem
4) Thru the gate and to the west you'll find the villagers guarded by 
a couple of Orc Firestarters. Kill them (the Orcs, not the villagers; 
that would just be stupid), then loot the barrel at (x=560, y=1170) to 
get a magic weapon. Grab some more loot and return to Kaitlin with the 
good news.

(x=770, y=920)	Potion of Extra Healing
(x=560, y=1170)	Mace - Clenched Fist (*1)

(for freeing the villagers)
EXP	750

*1 This is a Mace +1, with the added ability to create 1 Gold/day.
5) Talk to Arte at (x=2660, y=1700) and he will offer to sell you some
very nice items. I usually pick up the Sure Striking Short Sword +1 (*1) 
for Quala (so she has a melee option if it's needed), and some bolts and 
bullets. Make sure to grab a Flaming Oil if you don't have one; you'll
need it when we finally encounter this Troll fellow. I also grab a Gem
Bag and a Potion Case to make inventory management easier.

*1 This short sword offers a d6+1 Damage and a +1 Attack Bonus, but is
   treated as a +5 weapon for determining what it can hit. Not bad...
6) Move one character up until Torak engages you in conversation. It
becomes immediately obvious that he's in no mood to chit-chat, once he
finds out that you've freed the villagers and all. Oh well, his loss...
I move back and draw the Orcs back to me instead of rushing in to attack
but you can do this encounter any way you feel good about. Torak is a
bit more sturdy than your typical Orc, but he dies just like they all do
eventually. Make sure to loot his carcass for the Highland Gate Key, a
Battle Axe +1, and a suit of Leather Armor +1. Return to Kaitlin and let
her know that Torak is dead, get directions to Shaengarne Ford, and be 
told the way to the dam.

Quala gains another level here, and I bump her up to a 2nd level as a
Sorceress. She gets a point added to Dexterity, and takes her skill
points in Concentration and Open Locks.

(for slaying Torak)
EXP	750

(for knowing the way to Shaengarne Ford)
EXP	375

(for knowing the way to the dam)
EXP	375

(x=2540, y=870)	Tchazar Gem, Flaming Oil x2, Potion of Extra Healing
(x=2800, y=750) Dagger - Final Word (*1)

*1 This dagger is a throwable dagger with a +1 enchantment, which also
   has a 10% chance to Silence a struck opponent. Could come in handy
   when you run into Mages in combat. It can be used as either a melee 
   or a missile weapon.

Slime Cave (AR2002)
7) Head north thru the camp, kill a few more Orcs, and grab some loot on 
your way up to the cave at (x=2650, y=260). Enter the cave and waste the 
Slime that is ahead of you, then head north; a couple more Slimes, and 
you find yourself at a fork in the tunnel where a few Slime Zombies will 
attack. They take a bit to put down, but at least they don't poison you. 
Head up the northern passage first and kill another Slime, then grab the 
loot at (x=1220, y=970). Return to the fork and go east into a cavern 
filled with another Slime and a couple Carrion Crawlers. Kill them and 
head up the passage to the northeast. Double back to the west and pick
up the armor at (x=1560, y=1000), then take the northern-most passage to 
the east and grab the 'Lopsided Axe'(*2) at about (x=3070, y=950).

(x=1220, y=970)	 Iol Gem, Dagger, 7 Gold
(x=1560, y=1000) Leather Armor of Movement(*1)
(x=1530, y=2020) Jasper Gem
(x=3070, y=950)	 Haft Over Head(*2)

*1 Leather Armor, AC +2, Max Dex +6, Armor Check Penalty -0,
   Spell Fail 10%, immune to Hold Person spell. I will sell this.
*2 This axe, named Haft Over Head, is a +1 returning throwing axe. But,
   instead of doing slashing damage like a normal throwing axe, it 
   always hits haft first, causing bludgeoning damage. It is still a 
   magic returning axe however, and that has to count for something.
8) Down the southeastern passage you'll find a couple of Orc guards who,
for whatever reason, don't attack. Okay then, let's see what you have to 
say; talk to either of them and they will tell you to find Vrek, who is
apparently waiting for you. Continue south to encounter Vrek Vileclaw, 
Troll extraordinaire. He will make some comments about how you can't 
hurt him, and that he stole the only thing that could, and finally he 
hints at some power that the Moonblade has ("Moon healer sword"). He
finishes by telling you his plan (for which you get some experience),
then finally attacks. This can be a rather difficult battle at this
stage of the game, but it is winnable - remember to hit Vrek with a
Flaming Oil or something to finish him off. Once everything is dead,
loot the crate and leave the Slime Cave.

Combat Strategy: I keep my missile-equipped characters back in the
narrow opening just before the two guards, and send Ghrax down to start
the encounter. When everything goes hostile (and I do mean everything),
run like hell back to the party and kill the guards as fast as you can;
with any luck at all, you can dispatch them before the rest of the enemy
party gets to you. A couple of Sleep spells and you can focus on Vrek,
then kill off the rest of his minions.

(x=2200, y=2150) Moonblade of Selune (*1)

(for discovering Vrek's plan)
EXP	375

*1 The Moonblade is a +2 large sword, d8+2 damage, +2 attack, considered 
   a +4 weapon, does double damage to undead creatures. K'aos will use
   this for some time.
9) Head south out of the compound and then head west to where you left
Emma Moonblade. Talk to her with a character who has a high Charisma, 
and say that no reward is necessary - for that you get a bigger reward. 
Weird... If you accept her initial offer of a reward, you'll get less 
experience and not get to keep the sword, so it behooves you to play 
nice. Once you've gotten all the experience you can, and have sold 
and/or bought anything else you want from Arte, head north thru the 
gate again and exit thru the gate at (x=780 y=520); you may have to 
fight a Highland Cat just outside the gate, but he's not hard to kill. 
Follow the yellow brick... err... winding path and exit the area to the
northwest at (x=770, y=70).

(for recovering Emma Moonblade's sword and accepting the reward)
EXP	750


(for recovering Emma Moonblade's sword and declining the reward)
EXP	1050
The Moonblade of Selune

|								       |
|			   Shaengarne Bridge 			       |
|								       |

		1.	The Highlands
		2.	Harpies and Were-things
		3.	Dam Malarites
		4.	Bridges and Ice Shelves
		5.	Broken Bridges
		6.	Magical Wood Planks
		7.	Welcoming Party
		8.	Xuki's Bridge of Ogres
		9.	Campsite
		10.	Home Again

Shaengarne Pass	(AR2100)					{WLK006}
1) The first thing you see when you arrive is a Highland Snake. Let's
see... Highland Gate Key, a Highland Cat, and a Highland Snake - could
it be these are the Highlands? Nah - that's silly. Anyway... Kill the
snake and head north up the eastern edge of the map to find a Verbeeg
standing in front of a shack. Kill him, get the Bane Immunity Ring(*1)
off his corpse, and loot the corner of the shack at (x=1910, y=410),
then return to where the path forks west.

Note: a few times I did not get the Bane Immunity Ring here, so don't
be surprised if you don't either.

(x=1910, y=410)	Elven Sewn Gloves, Agni Mani Necklace, 19 Gold
		(~2) Bastard Sword +1, 23 Gold
		(~3) Club +1, Zircon Gem, 31 Gold
		(~4) Composite Longbow of the Defender(*2)

*1 Grants immunity to the spell Bane, what else? K'aos gets this.
*2 Attack +1, Damage +2, Deflection Bonus +1. If I get this, it goes to
   Quala and replaces the crappy bow she had been using.
2) Your path will be blocked to the west, so head north up the western
passage where you will be attacked by a couple Harpies. Just as you
make the turn to head south again, you will be engaged by one Gaernat
Sharptooth, the leader of a group of Wererats. He and his minions will
be joined by a few Orc Archers, an Orc Shaman and a Spider (a spider,
really? Whatever...). As always, pay the Shaman some special attention 
early to avoid getting into trouble, and kill the whole group. Go to
the south, then west to encounter another group of Wererats, Orcs, and
yes, another Orc Shaman. When they're all dead, loot the area. 

Once again, it's time to level-up a few characters:

K'aos adds a Wizard level and bumps his Intelligence to 17. He puts his 
skill points into Concentration, Diplomacy, and Spellcraft. He gets
second level spells here, and takes Web and Bull's Strength.

Ghrax goes to Ranger level 4 and takes his Constitution to 18; he adds 
his skill point to Concentration. Now is when he first gets spells, and 
he takes Entangle and Sunscorch x2.

Fhornal continues his progression as a Druid and grabs a Dexterity
point (up to 16). He adds a point each to Concentration and Spellcraft,
saving teh extra point for next time. He adds Sunscorch and Beast Claw
to his spell selections.

(x=850, y=490)	Tchazar Gem, 13 Gold
		(~3) - Longbow +1
(x=200, y=680)	Tiger Cowrie Necklace, Potion of Extra Healing,	14 Gold
		(~3) - Zircon Gem, Extra Healing, 20 Gold

The Dam (AR2101)
3) Now I know that the organization standard for this guide dictates
that we start a new section when we transition areas, but as there were
only two steps in the previous one, and not many more in this one, it
just seemed ridiculous to do that. So after resting to memorize spells,
we exit to the west at (x=10, y=570) and find ourselves...

...confronted by several Malarites and their pet Arctic Boars. Can we
move from one area to another without being immediately attacked upon
arrival? Please? No? Well alright then... Malarites are spellcasters,
so make sure to hit them hard; the Boars can do some pretty mean damage
but the Malarites are the real danger here. Kill them, and then take 
out the support pillar at (x=2460, y=560).
4) Head southwest across the wooden bridge and continue moving south,
where eventually you will be attacked again - more Malarites and a Mad 
Cat this time. If this happens the way it did for me, you will find your
party on a small ice shelf between two bridges, which is/was a Good
Thing (tm) because the western bridge serves as a natural bottleneck, 
allowing only 1-2 enemies to get to you at a time. The Cat will race
across to attack, and dies rather easily; I then focus missile fire on 
the Malarites until they decide to come at me. When they're gone, loot
the containers in their camp. 

(x=1450, y=1300) Oil of Fiery Burning, Lamp Oil x2, 32 Gold
(x=1450, y=1300) Andar Gem, Flaming Oil x6, Potion of Extra Healing,
		 Thy-Dunag Blade (*1)

*1 This short sword sports a d6+1 Damage and a +2 Attack Bonus. Since
   Quala has a better sword already, I plan to sell this.
5) Another bridge to the southwest, then turn north to get an in-game
message about rebuilding a destroyed bridge. Well if that isn't a clue,
I don't know what is. Before we go about doing any bridge building,
however, there's another Malarite party to the east that must be taught
a lesson in manners. Cross the bridge to the north they were guarding
and dispatch another group. Attack and destroy the support beam at
(x=1220, y=370) - you'll have to do this with missile weapons - then
grab the wooden planks from (x=150, y=650), thus destroying the dam.

(for destroying the dam)
EXP	750
6) Return to the broken bridge and place the wooden planks in the empty
space where the bridge used to be, and Voila! The bridge is repaired.
Now from the looks of it, the planks you were carrying and the tree
trunks that now span the broken bridge opening are two different things
entirely, but who am I to question the awesome powers of the writers
of the game... Suffice it to say that you can now cross, and exit the
area (x=50, y=1150). 

Ilana moves up to level 4 here and adds a point of Wisdom. She takes a
point in Consstitution for her skill boost, and grabs Doom and Silence
as her new spells.

Xanth and Quala are extremely close to new levels as well (10 and 16
points, respectively), but try as I might I could not get anything to
attack me when resting here.

The next steps are somewhat time-sensitive, so if you want the max
experience out of this, you can't dilly-dally around. Go in and kill
everything as quickly as you possibly can, following the steps exactly
as they are laid out.

The Bridge (AR2102)
7) Enjoy a cutscene (you did enjoy that, didn't you? If not, reload and
do it again. No... not really...) then start the biggest fight of the
game so far. Orcs, an Orc Shaman, and a Bugbear await you, and together
they can be trouble; an Entangle spell will make them less troublesome.
Slightly north are more enemies of all the kinds we've met so far, save
Goblins. This fight really isn't all that hard, just remember to move
injured characters back out of combat and heal before re-engaging.
8) Ignore the camp to the west and head straight for the bridge (due 
north); do not pass go, do not collect loot... When you reach the 
Shaengarne Bridge, there's a Mage named Xuki (x=2130, y=570) waiting on 
it to make your life miserable, along with a couple of Ogres. Xuki will 
chat with you, attempting to distract you from stopping the destruction 
of the bridge. If possible, lead with a character with a high Wisdom 
score (16+) so you can see thru the ruse and save the bridge. It's a 
major pain to accomplish this, but you want to kill the two Ogres at 
(x=2230, y=500) and (x=2400, y=750) before they can destroy the bridge. 
As much as it pains me to say this, you may have to lose a character 
and have them resurrected to get this done. Kill everything, and loot 
Xuki's body for a Bag of Holding, Witherbranch Boots (*1), and 29 Gold.

(for not being distracted)
EXP	525

(for preventing the destruction of the Shaengarne Bridge)
EXP	1575


(for allowing yourself to be distracted)
EXP	700

(x=2110, y=530)	Potion of Extra Healing, Footman's Folly (*2)

*1 These magical boots make the wearer immune to Entangle spells. I put
   these on K'aos.
*2 A small shield that grants a +2 Shield Bonus. +1 vs Missiles
9) Now head west toward the opposite edge of the map. You will find  
several more enemies to smite and a few containers to loot. Exit to the 
west at (x=40, y=1030) and return to the Targos Palisade.

Since we're going back to where it's safe, I wait to level up back in
Targos, after getting the experience from Crawford and Ulbrec.

Targos Palisade (AR1200)
10) Head back to talk to Shawford Crale for your first reward; make sure
to speak to him with a character possessing a high charisma to get the
maximum amount (4000 Gold). Leave his house and exit south to Targos 
City, then report to Ulbrec for your next reward. He will also tell you
about your next mission - attack the Goblin's fortress. Rest, sell/buy
supplies and weapons, and get ready to move on to the next sequence.
When you're fully prepared, exit to The Horde Fortress via the northwest 
corner of the Targos Palisade area.

(for retaking the Shaengarne Bridge)
EXP	1575


(for attempting to save the bridge)
EXP	525


Xanth will remain a single class, and moves up to level 4; he takes his 
ability point in Charisma. He naturally takes a skill point in Alchemy,
as well as one in Concentration. For a second level spell, he chooses 

Quala will add a Sorcerer level here, spending her skill points in
Search and Spellcraft. She adds Ray of Enfeeblement for her new spell.

|								       |
|			The Horde Fortress 			       |
|								       |

		1.	Meeting Ennelia
		2.	Northward Ho!
		3.	Little Drummer Boy
		4.	Trugnuk's Entanglement
		5.	Orc Scout Jamboree
		6.	The Southern Bridge
		7.	Full Circle

Worg Riders will spawn constantly in this area, and they are a major
pain in the ass. They have a habit of appearing right in the middle of 
the party, so try to keep everyone together in a group if possible. On
the other hand, this area is a great place to grind for experience...

Horde Fortress Grounds (AR3000)					{WLK007)
1) When you arrive you'll be met by Ennelia, who is just brimming with
information about the area, the fighting, and the fortress itself. Of
real importance is her admonition to destroy the War Drums, part of the
fortress alarm system. She also tells you of Braston, her partner who 
was captured by the denizons of the fortress, and is likely being held 
captive. Finally, she will mention that she is injured, so offer her a 
Potion of Extra Healing for some experience. Head north up the path.

(for healing Ennelia)
EXP	525
2) You will run into several Goblins and Half-Goblins who need some
death, but I really only mention them because... well... there were
here. They pose no real threat, although one of them drops a few 
Masterwork Arrows. You'll find a bridge to the east, but I think we 
should clear out the western side of the area first. Continue north
and northwest, finishing off any Goblins or other enemies you find.
When you get to the northern bridge, there will be a Winter Wolf; make
sure to grab his pelt, as it sells for a fair bit (especially in bulk).
In the abandoned camp, search the tents for some loot. Goblin Worg 
Riders will continue to spawn here, so finish your business, disarm the
traps on the bridge, and head across it to the east.

(x=850, y=750)
(x=990, y=700)

(x=400, y=800)	Antidote, Lamp Oil x3, (~1) Vampiric Flail(*1), 5 Gold
		(~2) Lawful Hammer (*2)
		(~3) Scimitar of Entanglement(*3)
		(~4) Halberd +1
(x=460, y=610)	Scroll:Cure Light Wounds x2, Darts +2 x30,
		Potion of Extra Healing x2, (~1) Masterwork Bolts x40 
		(~2) Stun Bullets x30 (*4)
		(~3) Bullets +2 x30
		(~4) Bullets of Corrsive Burst x20 (*5)

*1 This weapon has no attack or damage bonuses, but does have a 50%
   chance to drain 1d4 hit points from the target and temporarily add 
   them to the wielder's hit point total.
*2 No attack bonus on this bad boy, but it has a 33% chance to deal an
   extra 2d6 damage to Chaotic creatures.
*3 Normal weapon, but can cast Entangle 1x/day
*4 +1 sling bullets that have a 25% chance to stun the target for half
   a combat round. Not long really, but long enough to get in an extra
   hit every now and then.
*5 1d4 damage, +1d6 acid damage, +10% chance 1d10 extra acid damage.
   These things kick ass on Trolls
3) On the eastern side of the bridge will be an Orc Shaman and a couple
of Goblin Archer Elites. Kill the Shaman, and destroy the War Drum 
(x=1300, y=800) right away, then deal with the archers on the tower.
That's one War Drum alarm down - two to go. Continue east on the path,
where you'll encounter several Goblin Worg Riders, an Ogre, and a 
Hardened Ice Troll. I place my archers up on the now abandonded tower
and draw the enemies back to within their range - this makes life much
easier for me, and much harder for them. Bear in mind that Worg Riders
can spawn anywhere, including on the tower, so be prepared; I found
myself switching between missile and melee weapons fairly often. Once
this group has been dispatched, continue east.
4) DO NOT follow the short path north to the compound gate; instead go
east and southeast to take out a couple more Orc Archers on a platform
at (x=2750, y=700). You will eventually encounter an Orc Shaman named 
Trugnuk - I found him at around (x=2000, y=770), although his exact 
position will vary. I have encountered him here, in the camp to the east 
(next step), across the bridge to the south (Step 6), and at various 
points between these places. No matter where or when you encounter him, 
his tactics will be the same; he will start by casting Entangle, so 
rushing him is not advised as you will get caught in his spell effect 
and most likely have to reload. Reloading sucks - it means someone in 
the party died, and dying is a Bad Thing (tm). Also, more Worg Riders 
will spawn, and they (as we already know) can make things... umm... 
interesting. Continue east, ignoring the bridge to the south; give it a 
wide berth so as not to initiate combat with the creatures there.

NOTE: Once Trugnuk dies, no matter where you find him, make sure to grab 
the Warren Key off of him, along with the other goodies (which includes 
a Holy Might Potion). 
5) Kill the archer guards on the tower, then head around the north side 
of it to completely avoid the southern bridge and the enemies which lie 
beyond. Once you're in position, attack the inhabitants of this second 
guard camp from the north. When the camp has been rendered safe and the
War Drum destroyed, loot the tents as before.

Combat Strategy: I place the party up in the enclosed space at around
(x=3400, y=370), then send one character down toward the camp to start
the encounter. Entangle and Web the camp, and this is an easy fight.

Three party members are able to level up here, but what with all the
Worg Riders and other enemies about there will be no chance to rest,
and since I won't really gain any benefit (except the additional hit
points), there's no need to do it yet. I will add levels at the end of
the section, before moving to the next area.

(x=3360, y=740)	 Potion of Healing x2, Bolts x20, Merry Shorthorn (*1)
(x=3500, y=740)	 Bullets x20, Scroll:Cure Light Wounds,
		 Scroll:Doom, Scroll:Armor of Faith
(x=3570, y=850)	 Bluestone Necklace, Antidote, Potion of Extra Healing
(x=3530, y=1090) Potion of Healing x2, Antidote, Sunstone Gem,
		 Tchazar Gem, Scroll:Entangle
		 (~1) Leather Armor of Fortitude (*2)
		      Lesser Chameleon Ring (*3)
		 (~2) Light Crossbow +1
		      Ring of the Wise (*4)
		 (~3) Bane Immunity Ring
		 (~4) Ring of Protection +1

*1 A Bardish item, this horn casts Bless on the character 1x/day
*2 Armor Bonus +2, Max Dex Bonus +6, Hit Points +5
*3 +1 to Hide Skill
*4 +1 to Wisdom
6) Now for that bridge to the south. Since there's a tower that we can 
use, I elect to do so and place my missile-equipped characters up there.
I keep my fighters at the base of the tower facing the bridge, then send
one character forward to incite the enemies on the other side. As they
did in the last couple of battles, Worg Riders will suddenly appear in 
the middle of the party, including on the tower - so be ready to swap 
out ranged weapons for melee when the need arises (and it will). I
eventually ended up with the entire party on the tower, although I did
not actually plan to do that - maybe next time I'll just move them all
up there and start the battle that way.
7) Now that the bridge has been cleared, we can cross it and head to
the south. A couple of leftover archers on the tower, and we can head
southwest to the final camp. This plays out just like the other two: a
Shaman, some archers, and those damn Worg Riders. Kill everything, and
smash the drum; there's no camp this time, so no fresh loot. Boo... 
Head south around the rock outcropping and turn north again to find a 
couple more Goblins, and a wooden gate. Open the gate, and kill Gark and 
his Ogre friend beyond.

Everyone is able to level except Xanth, who is 78 points away; I rest
a time or two to allow some enemies to show up, and then level-up the
whole party, as follows:

K'aos adds another Wizard level, and takes Bluff and Intimidate for 
skills. He adds Larloch's Minor Drain and Aganazzar's Scorcher for his
new spells.

Ghrax will stay a Ranger for his entire career, and goes to level 5.
His skill point goes into Concentration, and he chooses Orcs as his new 
Favored Enemy.

Ilana moves to to level 5 as well, and adds a Concentration point. She
takes Prayer as her new Domain spell, and adds Remove Curse and Remove
Disease as Cleric spells. Why not more offensive spells, you ask? It's
easy - healthy characters fight better, and her job is to keep the
party healthy.

Xanth also levels to fifth, and takes Alchemy and Concentration for his
new skills (we will need a very high alchemy score for a specific quest
later). He adds Larloch's Minor Drain and Aganazzar's Scorcher to his
spell selection.

Quala adds a Rogue level and puts her points into Roguing skills (all
four skills are now at 7). Armored Arcana is important for her here,
so that's where her feat point goes.

Fhornal will likewise stay single classed, and adds a Druid level here.
He takes Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft for skills. 
At this level he also gains third level spells, and selects to add Cure 
Moderate Wounds and Neutralize Poison.

With newfound strengths and abilities, and now fully rested, enter the 
cave at (x=3750, y=2350).

(x=2420, y=1030)
(x=1780, y=2150)
(x=1690, y=2150)

|								       |
|			  The Fortress Cave 			       |
|								       |

		1.	To Sneak, or Not to Sneak?
		2.	I Recommend Sneaking
		3.	Pondmuk's Hunger
		4.	More Sneaking
		5.	Spiders for Pondmuk
		6.	The Secret Word is...
		7.	Open Doors and Bottlenecks
		8.	Choices, Choices...
		9.	Quick Exit and Return
		10.	Nothing to See Here...
		11.	Mopping Up the Remnants
		12.	Let My People Go!
		13.	Yquog's Request

Cave complexes are usually quite large, and will tend to wind around 
in a convoluted series of tunnels and switchbacks. Enemies may be around 
any corner, and missile weapons are of limited use - I strongly suggest
equipping all characters with melee weapons. If the situation should
arise where missile weapons are called for, I'll try to let you know in 
advance so you can make the switch before engaging. That being said,
you need to play the game they way you feel is right; I'm simply telling
you what I did, when, and why.

Cave (AR3001)							{WLK008)
1) Now, based on some research using Infinity Explorer, there is some 
experience to be had by not killing the Goblins in the next few steps.
There are three 'camps' which make up these next steps (this Step, 
Step 2, and Step 4), and if you can manage to sneak past them and not 
get caught you'll get rewarded for it when you exit this area. This 
first group is all but impossible to get past without getting caught, 
and you'll have to make it past them twice - once heading in and again 
heading back. Here's what I did:

I sent Ghrax down, using his Stealth skill to become invisible, and
simply walked thru the first camp (it took several tries to actually
accomplish this). Rather than risk having the party separated, I then
sent him alone to meet Pondmuk and complete that quest (steps 3-5), and
then returned to the party the same way (again taking several tries).
If you take this route, skip to step 3 and proceed from there; you can 
come back and destroy the camps in step 11. The rest of this section
assumes you snuck past all three camps...

If you would rather kill the first camp (much easier), do so as outlined 

Spell buff, and head south from the entrance to find a rather large 
group of various Goblins, including a Worg (with no rider) and a Shaman. 
This is a tough fight, although casting a Web and/or Sleep spell at 
around (x=3200, y=1750) makes it much less so... The Shaman should 
receive special attention until he goes down, as should the Worg. The 
Web/Sleep spell combination will pretty much win this fight all by 
itself. Once everything is finally dead, you can loot the tents for some 
nice items. On one of my runs thru this sequence, one of the Goblin 
Archers dropped some Arrows of Flame +1(*1).

(x=3500, y=1840) Bolts x40, Lamp Oil x3
(x=3500, y=1950) 107 Gold
(x=3000, y=1630) Darts x20, Masterwork Bolts x40
(x=2760, y=1700) Bullets x20, Masterwork Bolts x30
(x=2500, y=1760) Bolts x40
(x=2830, y=2130) Bullets x17, Sparkling Bolts +1 x40 (*2)
(x=3180, y=2180) Darts x15, Bolts +1 x20
(x=3450, y=2180) Scroll:Skull Trap, Scroll:Vampiric Touch,
		 Scroll:Fireball, Arrows +2 x20

*1 +1 attack bonus, 1d6 damage, plus 1d6 fire damage
*2 +1 attack bonus, 1d8+1 missile damage, plus 1d6 electrical damage

//Note by Valdo
I had my group setting up in the passage towards the camp, and went in
with my paladin to lure most of the melee fighters back into the tunnel. 
Once they came into range, I had my ranged characters suprise them with
a couple of Flaming oils, which took out most of their melee fighters.
After that it was a matter of cleaning up the archers and the Shaman.
2) Well that was a nice treasure trove indeed; let's hope the rest are
as generous. The only way to go from here is west, so let's go that way.
Now if you're attempting the sneaking route for the experience, this
camp is much easier to get past. Stay to the north and hug the cavern 
wall and you should be fine (skip to Step 3 and head straight for

In the cavern to the south is a group of Orcs, including a Shaman, a 
Witch Doctor (think Mage), and a Greater Zorgar, whatever in the hell 
that is. This fight is a bit easier, and the comparitively crappy loot 
is testament to that. I guess that first cavern was a gift... You'll 
find several dead dogs lying about, but it doesn't appear you can do 
anything to help them. Back north to the fork and head west to find a 
path to the north and a cavern to the west.

(x=2170, y=2410) (~1)Leather Armor +2, Masterwork Bolts x40, 
		 (~2)Returning Frost Dart (*1),
		 (~3)Ring of Lesser Risistance (*2)

*1 If you like Darts (I don't), this one is fairly nice. 1d4 damage, 
   plus a 25% chance to do an additional 1d6 cold damage, and it comes
   back to you after you throw it.
*2 Spell Resistance 1/-
3) Go up the northern passage and turn east to find Pondmuk, who insists 
that you shouldn't kill him, and that he's good. Well, since he didn't 
attack right away, I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt for 
now. Talk to him; he promises to tell us "the password" if we do 
something for him, and passwords are good things to know. Agree to bring 
him some spiders to eat, head back out of his little cavern and head
to the west. Again, sneaking is recommended...
4) You can also sneak past this next group fairly easily - I sent two
fighter-types alone to complete the next step and gather the "food"
for Pondmuk. If you choose to go for the loot, and therefore kill the
Goblins in this camp, follow this step; otherwise, skip to Step 5.

In here is a Goblin Worg Rider Captain, which makes him sound quite
a bit more dangerous that just a simple Goblin Worg Rider (which we all
know are a pain in the ass). In reality, he just has more hit points 
than his counterparts, but that does make him harder to kill. He is
joined by two more plain Goblin Worg Riders, several Goblin Archers, 
and assorted other asshole Goblins (yes, there's a Shaman here too).

(x=1000, y=2030) Scroll:Dispel Magic, Scroll:Melf's Minute Meteors,
		 Agni Mani Necklace, Gold Ring, Lamp Oil x2
5) North out of the cavern you'll find a door at (x=1000, y=1300), and
on the other side are the Spiders that Pondmuk wants to east. Well okay 
then - let's get the little shit some dinner. Kill the Spiders and grab
their Wooly Spider Bodies from them. Grab all the Spider Bodies you can 
find (there should be five) and return to Pondmuk. Don't give him the 
largest spider first; instead, give him some other spiders to get the 
password (Chimera) and some experience, then give him the spider queen 
body for some more experience. If you rest here, per the dialogue 
option, you WILL be attacked be four Worg Riders, including another 
Captain, and Pondmuk will go hostile. What an ungrateful prick...

(x=500, y=550)	Broken Shield, Broken Armor
		(~4) Leather Armor of Lesser Spell Resistance (*1)
(x=350, y=300)	Broken Weapon, Broken Armor,
		(~1) Small Shield of Fortitude (*2)
		(~2) Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (*3)
		(~4) Axe of Displacement (*4)

(for giving Pondmuk several spiders to eat)
EXP	1050

(for giving Pondmuk the Spider Queen's body)
EXP	1575

*1 AC +2, Max Dex +6, 2/- Spell Resistance, Spell Fail 10%

*2 This is a +1 Shield that adds 5 hit points to the bearer's total

*3 Attack Bonus +1

*4 Normal Battle Axe, can cast Blur 1x/day
6) Sneak back to where we entered (x=2930, y=950), head northwest, and 
use the password that we got from Pondmuk. The door will open and even 
though the Door Guard is hostile, he simply wanders away. That does not 
mean, however, that this is going to be easy. If possible, you should
hit him with a Sleep or Web spell to prevent him from escaping and
warning his friends, but the timing of this can be quite tricky. Either 
way you'll have to fight the battle in the next step, but the foes will
not come at you all at once if you can prevent the guard from warning 

(for using the password)
EXP	525
7) I recommend using the door as a bottleneck to draw the various 
critters back to you for killing - send a single character ahead to get 
them to chase you, then slaughter them when they get caught in the 
doorway (unless, like me, you're really unlucky and end up with a Worg 
Rider manifesting right in the middle of the party. This only happened 
once, the other two times it went as I had planned). This is a hellish 
fight - Worg Riders, a Hardened Fire Troll, and an Orog Chieftan all 
show up at once. If you don't trap them in the door, or the Worg Riders 
show up on your side of the doorway, you're going to pretty much be 
screwed. Magic wins the day here - spells and weapons. Make sure to 
equip magical missiles on your ranged characters, and have your spell- 
casters go nuts with everything they've got. Anything less than an 
all-out assault will result in the death of a character.
8) Now that everything blocking our progress has passed away, proceed
thru the door. There are three ways we can go here - east, northwest,
and west. I suggest doing things in that order (east first, then the
passage northwest, then finally the western tunnel. Why did I repeat
the directions I had just listed? Because I could... why else?). 
9) Take the eastern passage, which turns north into a large cavern 
leading to the exit. There is a trap here right in front of the arch, 
but unless you've put ALL your points into finding traps you'll never 
see it. Just go ahead and spring it - get it over with. Someone will 
take a few minor point of damage, but nothing that will cause any 
problems going forward. I suggest exiting at (x=3300, y=100) to grab 
the experience from sneaking (if you did so), and then returning here 
immediately - we're not ready to deal with the next area yet. Now that 
we have the experience, we can go back and kill the denizons of the
other camps and grab the loot. Eventually...

(for sneaking further into the warrens without alerting any camps)
EXP	1575


(for sneaking further into the warrens and only alerting one camp)
EXP	1050


(for sneaking further into the warrens and alerting all three camps)
EXP	525

(x=3300, y=140)
10) Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Return to the previous fork and 
head north, then northwest up the tunnel to find a Troll. He's really 
kind of a pussy after all the other baddies we've killed, but as he's
in our way I guess we'll have to kill him too. Remember to use fire or
acid to fully destroy him and proceed northwest. The passage turns west
and ends at another door. No password this time though, as the door will
open easily (not even locked). This passage eventually ends up back in
the spider cave... Why did we bother with either of the last two 
tunnels? Because I'm a completionist for one thing, and I wanted to 
make sure nothing was going to come at us from behind for another. If 
you skipped the previous two steps nobody will know, and I won't be 
11) If you still have creatures to kill and loot to grab, now is the
time to do so. As long as you've already been awarded the experience
by exiting and returning to this area, you can return to the camps you 
snuck past before and destroy them (Steps 1, 2, and 4). Oh, and kill
that little fucker Pondmuk too...

More leveling up here:

K'aos adds a Paladin level, because the skills he needs are only an
option with that selection. He takes Concentration, Diplomacy, and
Spellcraft for skills, and adds Combat Casting for his feat.

Ghrax moves up to level 6 and adds a point to Concentration; he also
takes Combat Casting for his feat.

Fhornal also becomes 6th level, adding points to Concentration and 
Knowledge (Arcana); Combat Casting is also his choice for a feat. He
adds another Barkskin and a Contagion to his spells.

When you're done killing, looting, and pillaging, head back to the fork 
by where the exit is and explore that final passage to the west. 
12) Kill the little drummer boy at (x=2100, y=700) and destroy his drum;
make sure to grab the Door Guard's Key from his corpse before moving on.
The passage turns to the south, and standing right in the middle of the 
next chamber is Vunarg. Ignore him - he will let you walk right past.
Or, you can talk him into leaving and leading his people back to their
homes if you have high enough Bluff and Diplomacy skills. Any wrong 
selection in the dialogue process will turn him (and his friends) 
hostile; just don't say anything obviously rude to him and you should 
be fine.

If you get the dialog option starting with "A better question is..."
then stick with option 2 thru the rest of the conversation, you will
succeed in talking them into leaving without a fight.

(for talking Vunarg into leading his people home)
EXP	700
13) Proceed east into a chamber - if you didn't send Vunarg home, there 
will be several Goblins around a fire. Ignore them, or kill them, and 
keep heading east until you reach Yquog. Lead with your highest Charisma 
character, as Yquog will initiate dialogue with the first person to 
enter this next chamber, and anything less than 16 Charisma will get you 
killed. Play nice in the conversation and get a quest to retrieve a 
message from some Goblin named Kruntur. Since Yquog is a demon, and 
obviously much stronger than we are at this point, I highly suggest 
taking him up on his questy offer. He will tell you a password (Xvim) 
to get you past Kruntur's guards, and mention something about having 
created the half-goblins that are running around, but in the end it's 
the quest that is interesting. 

Exit in the northeast corner of the map, where we ducked in and out for
the experience before (x=3300, y=100).

|								       |
|			   Kruntur's Abode 			       |
|								       |

		1.	Opening Salvo
		2. 	The Underground Zoo
		3.	Stuck in the Door
		4.	Killing the Zoo Animals
		5.	Cow Pen
		6.	Xvim I say!
		7.	In the Enemy Camp
		8.	Kruntur's Counter-Offer
		9.	Return to Fighting
		10.	Bugbear Trainers
		11.	Return to Yquog
		12.	The Tradeoff
		13.	Let the Demon Live

Fortress Cave (AR3002)						{WLK009}
1) The standard greeting party made up of three Orc Archers, an Orc 
Shaman, an Orc Witch Doctor, and three Orogs await you when you enter 
this next cave. Kill them and loot the lean-to's for some rather nice
items. Caution - just like the last area, Worg Riders will spawn here
constantly, so unless you feel like grinding for some experience, you
should keep moving. There are two ways out of this cavern - west, and 
northeast. I think we'll stick to tradition and go northeast, clearing 
the level counter-clockwise. A couple more Orogs, Orcs, and Trolls will
attack, but they die rather easily.

(x=2680, y=2370) Scroll:Glyph of Warding, Scroll:Silence,
		 Scroll:Cure Moderate Wounds, Bolts x20,
		 Silver Necklace, 14 Gold
(x=2870, y=2270) Scroll:Summon Monster III, Scroll:Dire Charm, 
		 Bullets +1 x20
2) The path turns west almost immediately, so I guess that's where we're
going. A little ways ahead you'll find a guard by a War Drum; kill him
and destroy the drum. Behind the cage are two Otyughs and several Fire
Beetles, including a Fire Beetle Queen. They can't get to you, so there
is nothing to fear (yet). There is also a door to the north. So... what
to do? I vote to shoot down the critters thru the barrier, kind of like
fish in a barrel - although these are not fish, and they're not in a
barrel... oh well, you get the idea. Once you have killed as many of 
them as you can get to without opening the cage, proceed north thru the
door into the next tunnel.
3) The door opens, and there's three Ogres, including one Chieftan, 
standing right on the other side. Well, fine... we didn't really expect 
to get thru this without a real fight, did we? Bottleneck them at the 
door and take them down, then proceed into the room carefully. Now I 
don't know if I just got lucky or what, but after the first Ogre was 
dead, the other two got stuck on each other and couldn't get into the 
doorway; this allowed me to shoot down the Ogre Chieftan unmolested, and 
then only have to deal with the remaining Ogre by himself. 
4) Now that we don't have to worry about being attacked from behind, 
enter the pen and destroy everything that is left alive. Hey! What's 
this? A container of loot? Well, we absolutely MUST see what's in 

(x=1460, y=2000) Bluestone Necklace, 587 Gold, Leather Armor +1,
		 Longbow-Sophia's Flight (*1)

*1 A Longbow with +1 damage, +2 attack, and 1.5x range of a normal bow.
   Give this to a character with the Rapid Shot Feat and you've got an
   archer, indeed...

Exit the pen thru the northern door (x=1600, y=1750) into an east-west 
passage parallel to the one we just left. Son of a bitch... Okay then,
go east to keep in line with our previous goal of moving around 
5) What's this? A War Drum with nobody around to beat it? As unlikely
as this seems, that's what it is. Destroy it and head east, then north
to another fenced-in pen; this one with cows. Cows? In a cave? As the
cows are not hostile (although I suspect I'd be hostile if I were a cow
that had been dragged down into a cave complex), let's leave them be and
head west. Guarding the cows, slightly to the west, is an Orc who is 
quickly joined by several friends. I let them come to me by the entrance
to the pen, and cut them down. Among the loot dropped by these enemies, 
make certain you grab the Iron Wardstone from Gumph, who was apparently
the leader of this bunch. He didn't seem to be any tougher then the rest
but since he had a name... well... I don't know.

You can attack and kill the cows and other assorted animals here if you
are so inclined, but they are worth exactly zero experience and it will
serve no purpose at all except to prove what a 'big stwong man' you are. 
I just leave them alone and continue west.
6) Further west is a trail of dead animals - these were obviously not
brought down here as pets. Just a bit further and... some little idiot
dressed all in red asks you for a password. Let's see... that asshole
Yquog gave us a password we were supposed to remember, and as it happens 
to be one of the dialogue choices, then let's try it, shall we? "Xvim",
I say, and sure enough we're allowed to pass. Since we have a choice of
directions, let's continue north and see if we can't finish off this
eastern half of the map. The passage turns east past a set of steps 
(which we'll ignore for the time being) and then dead-ends. Well, that
was freakin' pointless - although we did discover a staircase.

Quala levels up here to 4th level Rogue, adding points in the usual
skills (Concentration, Disable Device, Open Locks x2, and Search).
7) Return to where we were asked for the password, and proceed west past
Ilquog and the various Fire Trolls. I don't know about you, but I have a
bad feeling about this - walking past potential enemies and leaving them
alive behind us just doesn't seem like a good idea somehow. But then
again, since the password did let us pass unmolested, why should we 
think that anything could go wrong? The path splits north-south, and it
seems there's a container to loot, so I guess we should do that, eh?
Disarm the trap, unlock the chest, and grab the goodies within.

(x=1280, y=300)

(x=1280, y=300)	Elixir of Health x2, Jasper Gem, Gem Bag, Bullets +2 x20
8) At (x=730, y=1000) is the critter named Kruntur. Since there is still
nothing hostile, and since he is the one we need to find, talk to him... 
Mention Yquog's missing message and you'll be offered a trade - the 
message for a set of Bracers. It seems nobody around here can hang onto 
their shit for any length of time without it being stolen, or otherwise 
mis-appropriated. Well okay then - there appear to be too many things to 
fight all at once down here, so we'll go along with this nonsense for 
now. Agree to get his Bracers and continue west down the passage. Don't 
try to grab the loot in the lean-to behind Kruntur or you'll get 
subjected to a bigger fight than you want, at least for now. Besides, 
it seems somehow better to finish off the quest before we go pissing 
off the locals, and I'm sure it will still be here when we get back 
from our trip.
9) You'll be challenged by Tequog as the path turns east again, but he
treats you like honored guests since you know the password and all. But
where the path turns south, you'll run into another party of Orcs and
Goblins, replete with Orc Shaman, Orc Witch Doctor, and all the normal
trimmings. So much for the password... As usual, pay special attention
to the spellcasters first and you should be fine. Once the fight is over
search the bodies for the Black Wardstone among the various coins and
gems they have. You can also search the tables for some additional loot.

(x=600, y=2100)	Scroll:Lance of Disruption, Scroll:Flame Arrow,
		Scroll:Halt Undead
(x=600, y=2240)	Scroll:Cure Light Wounds, Scroll:Beast Claw, 
		Scroll:Circle of Bones, Bullets x40, Bolts x40, 
		Darts x40
10) Further southeast is a Bugbear who appears to be training a group of
Goblin and Half-Goblin Hordlings. Of course there's a Goblin Sorcerer
here as well, and after all, why not? There are a couple of crates with
goodies, and then all that's left is to return to the entrance.

(x=1150, y=2700) Potion of Extra Healing, Masterwork Bolts x40
(x=1250, y=2750) Potion of Healing x2, Bullets x40
(x=1600, y=2750) Darts +1 x20, 34 Gold
(x=1800, y=2700) Masterwork Bolts x40, Bullets +1 x20
(x=1250, y=2750) Bullets x40, Darts x40, Impact Arrows +1 x20(*1),
		 Bolts +1 x40
(x=2200, y=2700) Bolts x40, Bullets x40

*1 These are +1 arrows that deal an extra 1d6 crushing damage
11) Exit the area and return to Yquog; play nice and he'll hand over 
Tamjan's Bracers (*1), then return to the area you just left and head
back to talk to Kruntur again. 

*1 Tamjan's Bracers offer a +1 deflection bonus - much better to just
   hand them over to Kruntur, because these are basically shit.
12) Return to Kruntur by the most expedient route and give him Tamjam's
Bracers; he will reciprocate by giving you the message for Yquog. Ask 
about the contents of the message and get even more experience. 

Now you can decide for yourself if you want to fight Kruntur and his 
crew, or if you want to return to Yquog first - I elect to finish all 
the questy shit, so I leave and head back to the previous area.

(for returning the Bracers to Kruntur and leaving Yquog alive)
EXP	3150
Message to Yquog, 
(~1) Leather Armor +2
(~2) Studded Leather of the Shield(*1)
(~3) Tower Shield +1
(~4) Buckler of Denial(*2)
(~8) Studded Leather Armor +1

(for vaguely finding out about the demonic connection between the horde
and the "masters")
EXP	1400

*1 Standard Leather Armor +1, and can cast Shield 2x/day

*2 AC+1, Immune to the spell Circle of Death
13) The 13th step, and going to talk to a demon - this just has bad mojo 
written all over it. But we have a job to do, so let's get it over with.
What?!? He didn't attack? Well any time I can get some free experience,
I'm all for it. Time to head back thru the second set of caves and go up
those stairs. You know the ones - north of Ilquog the password keeper,
at (AR3002, x=2400, y=260).

(for returning Yquog's message and not killing Kruntur)
EXP	1400
(~1) Mace +2
(~2) Scimitar of the Defender +1(*1)
(~4) Mace of Goblind Slaying +1(*2)

*1 This is basically a +1 large sword that adds a +1 Deflection Bonus

*2 Attack +1, Damage +1, Attack +2 vs Goblins, Damage 2d6+2 vs Goblins.
   Too bad there won't be very many Goblins left to fight...

NOTE: There is a reason to leave Yquog alive, trust me. And while that 
little shit Kruntur does have a magical Warhammer of some kind sitting 
on his table, the fact that Yquog seemed pleased that he wasn't dead 
leads me to believe we should leave him that way. If I'm wrong, sue me; 
I'll fix it in a future playthrough...

|								       |
|			   The Horde Fortress			       |
|								       |

		1.	Battle for the Courtyard
		2.	The 'Old Orc'
		3.	Eavesdropping on Sherincal and Guthma
		4.	Clowns to the Left of Us
		5.	Guthma's to the Right
		6.	Jailbreak
		7.	What's for Dinner?
		8.	Doctors and Priests
		9.	Easy Street
		10.	Freeing Braston
		11.	Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Fortress Exterior (AR3100)					{WLK010)
1) You arrive in the exterior section of the fortress, and are set upon
by two Verbeeg, an Orog Commander, a Goblin Shaman, and a couple Goblin
Archers. Thankfully we have a clean save at the base of the stairs so we
can restart this and be ready. If you didn't save first - shame on you. 
Of course you still have the auto-save to... well... save you, but how
can you go into an area called 'The Fortress' and not have saved first?
Anyway, kill everything that is alive out here, and kill it a lot. Make
sure to go all the way around the battlements and grab every piece of
loot that isn't nailed down (or hasn't been shot at you); there are a
few nice arrows and bolts on some of the corpses.

Ilana and Xanth level up before entering the Fortress:

Ilana becomes a 6th level Cleric, adding a point to Concentration for
her skill and Spell Penetration for her feat. She adds another Cure
Moderate Wounds and a Cure Serious Wounds.

Xanth also moves up to level 6, and bumps up both Knowledge (Arcana)
and Spellcraft, so we can identify things more easily without magic.
He takes another level of Armor Proficiency so he can start wearing
heavier armor. For his new spell, he adds Fireball.

(x=1820, y=1240) Scroll:Cure Light Wounds, Scroll:Remove Fear,
		 Scroll:Remove Disease, Scroll:Unholy Blight,
		 Potion of Extra Healing, Elixir of Health
(x=1450, y=1120) Bolts +1 x35, Bolts x40, Potion of Healing x3
(x=1380, y=1100) Scroll:Lightening Bolt, Scroll:Hold Person,
		 Bullets x23, Arrows +2 x20
(x=1210, y=1030) Darts x15, Darts +1 x18, Bolts x40, Bullets x40
		 Potion of Extra Healing x3
(x=1820, y=1240) Bolts x35, Bullets x30
(x=600, y=1280)	 Arrows +1 x20

Fortress Interior (AR3101)
2) Go thru the large doors at (x=800, y=1100) to enter the main part of
the Fortress. There are two Bugbears that need to be dealt with, and
then an 'Old Orc' will appear. This guy takes some punishment before he
finally falls, but he will die eventually. Make sure to grab the Key
from him before moving on. Open the large door at (x=530, y=1130), and
spell-buff before proceeding.
3) Enjoy the semi-interactive mini-movie of a "discussion" between
Sherincal and Guthma. Why they bothered to make you click all that much
for something you never really get to participate in is beyond me. I
guess they wanted to give you a good opportunity to hear... err... read,
the dialogue, or something. I move about halfway up this first hallway
segment, and then cast a Web in the opening to the northwest, partly
into the room. You'll see why in a second. Presently, a rather large
number of various enemies will try to make you something less than
alive - turn the tables and do them the favor instead. With any kind of
luck at all, they will all get caught in the Webs and you can take them 
out with missile fire; if any get thru, you have your fighters to teach 
them a lesson in combat tactics.
4) Further up the hallway you'll draw the attention of more of the 
inhabitants of this Fortress - more Witch Doctors, Orog Chieftans, etc;
you know the drill. Kill them and then loot the western room. Each 
compartment has a locked table (how do you lock a table?) with crap on 
it - grab it all. You should also be able to get into the northwestern-
most room with its four containers.

(x=450, y=700)

(x=360, y=800)	Scroll:Icelance, Antidote
(x=450, y=700)	Potion of Freedom, Potion of Absorption, Bolts x10
(x=550, y=600)	45 Gold
(x=550, y=600)	Zircon Gem, Ziose Gem, Scroll:Silence,
(x=630, y=490)	Scroll:Cure Moderate Wounds, Scroll:Beast Claw
(x=800, y=570)	Potion of Healing, Potion of Hill Ginat Strength
(x=770, y=300)	Waterstar Gem
(x=840, y=220)	106 Gold
(x=950, y=200)	Keen Arrows x20(*1)
(x=1020, y=200)	Potion of Heroism, Potion of Invulnerability

*1 Standard arrow fair, with an 'increased chance to score a critical
   hit' on the target, whatever in the hell that means. 1% chance? 5%?
   20%? Who knows, just that it's better than no chance...
5) Since we know that there are no more Orogs in the southeastern-most
room, let's check it out next. Empty... well shit... Okay then, let's 
try the room just north of it. Uh oh - not empty. Guthma is in here, 
along with a few minions. He will initiate dialogue and threaten you;
your options are rather limited. And yes, as always, there's a Witch
Doctor and a Sorcerer in here too. Did you really expect any less? This 
fight didn't require any special tactics, just some perseverence and an
ability to move people back and heal. Loot the carcasses for some nice 
magical items, although not really nice enough to mention here in any
detail. Head southeast down the center hallway.

Combat Strategy: if you have Fireball, as I do, you can move your Mage
up into position, initiate the dialog, and then Web the room so that
Guthma and his buddies are trapped. Light up the room with all the fire 
you can muster. I did this and never took even a single point of damage; 
nobody made it out of the room.
6) Open the door at (x=1450, y=1250) to get another opportunity for
mayhem - this is the Jailkeeper's room, and he's none too happy to see
you. I bottleneck him in his doorway and slay him. Ignore the jail cells
for now and let's finish clearing out this shit-hole, eh? Go northeast
up the hallway and into the first room to the east where you can loot a
bookshelf and a table for some goodies.

(x=1980, y=1000) Potion of Extra healing x3, Darts +2 x20
(x=2150, y=1070) Elixir of Health
7) All the way at the northeastern end of this hallway is an open room
and a door. Disarm the trap in front of the doorway and loot the room.
In the room directly across (x=1950, y=930) you'll find two Ogre Cooks,
apparently making stew or something. As usual, they are not happy to be
interrupted and you'll have to put them down.

(x=1500, y=750) Darts x20, Bullets +1 x30
(x=1660, y=750) Masterwork Bolts x20, Bolts +1 x15
(x=1730, y=800) Bullets of Corrosive Burst x20 (*1)
(x=2100, y=800) Potion of Healing x2
(x=2400, y=900) Potion of Healing x2, Potion of Agility

*1 These rather nice bullets do 1d4 regular damage plus 1d6 acid damage,
   and have a 10% chance to do an additional 1d10 acid damage.
8) Backtrack to find the door at (x=1150, y=530) and loot the trapped 
dresser at (x=1100, y=400). Down the hallway to the southeast is an open 
doorway, and in this room are an Orc Witch Doctor and an Orc Shaman. For
their impudence, they must die. Loot the table at (x=1400, y=550).

(x=1100, y=400)

(x=1100, y=400)	Bullets of Disruption +1 x20 (*1)
(x=1400, y=550)	Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Invulnerability

*1 Undead and outsiders must make a Fortitude Save or be destroyed.
9) There are a couple of doors here - one at (x=1750, y=550) and another
at (x=1650, y=650). Behind the first one is a Goblin Sorcerer guarding a 
trapped container, and behind the second is an Orc High Shaman. Again,
there's no strategy to these fights -  the enemies are singular and pose
no real threat. Just watch out for the traps on the containers - they
suck a lot.

(x=1850, y=550)
(x=1800, y=680)

(x=1850, y=550)	Scroll:Haste, Scroll:Slow, Scroll:Invisibility Sphere
(x=1800, y=680)	Scroll:Non-Detection, Scroll:Ghost Armor
10) Alright, let's go check out those jail cells we passed up earlier.
Open the cell door at (x=1500, y=1450) to find Braston. Insist on 
getting him out of here and he'll follow you like a puppy dog. Exit the 
fortress back to the courtyard, and then straight thru the main entrance 
doors at (x=850, y=1600) and (x=700, y=1800) to get back to AR3000. Take
Braston to Ennelia in the far southwestern corner for some experience.
She'll run up to him like something out of a chick-flick and then thank
you. The two of them will depart, probably to get a room somewhere.

EXP	2100
(~1) Jasper Gem, Skydrop Gem, Potion of Healing x5, Agni Mani Necklace,
(~2) Light Crossbow +2
(~4) Sling +2
11) Exit this area and return to Targos Palisade. Head down to the 
building where Shawford Crale resides and talk to him for a very nice
payday of 6000 Gold. No experience from him though, so I guess we need
to talk to Lord Ulrec again. Head down to Targos City and Ulbrec's
place and talk to him for the rest of your well-deserved reward, and yet 
another quest. This time you need to find Oswald, who will take you to
meet up with the forces from Neverwinter. 

I have well over 35000 gold after selling off all the garbage I don't
need or want, and I visit Lady Elytharra and buy Bracers of Defense +2 
for Xanth, the Chameleon Ring of Dexterity for Quala, an Amulet of
Protection +1 for Fhornal, and a Ring of Protection +1 for Ilana. After
all this, I will have 15k left.

Leveling Up:

K'aos levels up in Wizard, adding Bluff and Diplomacy for skills, and
his third and final Armored Arcana for a feat. He gets 3rd level spells
here as well, and chooses Fireball and Haste.

Ghrax moves up to level 7 and adds another point to his Concentration.

Fhronal also goes to 7th level, taking Concentration and Knowledge
(Arcana); he chooses another Sunscorch, and Flamestrike x2 for his new
spells (Flamestrike is AWESOME!).

This marks the end of Chapter 1; as soon as you talk to Oswald, the next
Chapter will start, appropriately called Chapter 2.

(for breaking the strength of the Goblin horde and saving Targos)
EXP	2100

|			       Chapter 2			       |
|								       |
|			    Crashed Airship			       |
|								       |

		1.	Os the Great and Wonderful
		2.	Flying Coach
		3.	Armoring Up
		4.	Local Inhabitants
		5.	Spiders and Wood Piles
		6.	Let's Get Stoned
		7.	The Death of Yurst
		8.	Choices, Choices
		9.	Werewolf? Therewolf!
		10.	Killing the Aurilites
		11.	Free Loot
		12.	Illium
		13.	Left Below

Oswald's Airship						{WLK011}
1) You will find Oswald at (x=2050, y=660), standing next to a rather
large boat-like object. Talk to him to get some background story on his
airship, and to find out that he makes and sells magical potions. Buy
whatever you think you need; I grab as many high-level healing potions
as I can carry. You can pickpocket Oswald for a few gold and a couple
of potions, but it takes forever and really isn't worth the effort. Do
so if you wish... Talk to him again and tell him that Lord Ulbrec wanted
him to take you to the Western Pass. You will not be coming back here,
and he will warn you of that, so make damn sure you've done everything 
there is to do here first.
2) Enjoy an in-flight movie, and then Oswald will land... more like
crashing really, since you get knocked unconscious. You will awaken
inside the airship, with potions scattered about and a Boring Beetle
trying to bore you to death. Use a character with a high Intimidate 
skill and keep yelling at Oswald to wake him up from his trance. This 
will take a bit, but eventually Oswald will wake up, and after some time
will ask you to get a few items so that he can repair his ship. Agree
to get his materials for him, grab the loose potions laying around, then 
loot the table and bookcases for more good stuff; make sure you grab
Oswald's Spellbook from the table at (x=220, y=230). 

(for waking Oswald from his trance)
EXP	1900

(x=390, y=100)

(x=280, y=390)	Oil of Fiery Burning
(x=170, y=300)	Potion of Explosions
(x=220, y=230)	Oswald's Spellbook
(x=300, y=200)	Scroll:Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, 
		Scroll:Emotion-Hope, Scroll:Spider Spawn,
		Scroll:Mordenkainen's Force Missiles
(x=350, y=250)	Potion of Firebreath
(x=420, y=270)	Star Diopside Gem, Waterstar Gem, Zircon Gem,
		Dart +2 x20
(x=450, y=160)	Thrym Extract (**)
(x=390, y=100)	Potion of Absorption
(x=530, y=180)	Diamond(**), Stunning Arrows +1 x20, Bolts +2 x20

** DO NOT SELL THESE ITEMS BACK TO OSWALD - you'll need them as part of 
the repair process for the airship.
3) Grab the shell from the Boring Beetle and talk to Oswald again to 
have him make you some very nice armor. Depending on how much time and 
money you have, you can select from the following options:

Lightweight Plate Mail	AC Bonus +6	1 day	 600 Gold
Field Plate Armor	AC Bonus +7	2 days	1200 Gold
Full Plate Armor	AC Bonus +8	3 days	1800 Gold

This armor is 1/4 the weight of normal armor, so it really is worth the
effort to get as much of it as you can. Remember though, armor will
screw up some characters' ability to cast spells or use their skills,
so only equip those who can use it effectively. 

For my party, I will get the Full Plate Armor for Ghrax, Ilana, and 
Fhornal; they will not suffer any casting penalties from wearing heavy 
armor, so they are the perfect candidates. The Chainmail +1 that Ghrax
was wearing goes to K'aos, even though it has a 30% spell failure 
penalty, the AC bonus is enough to offset this (in my opinion).

You cannot rest here yet, so you'll have to go adventuring and pick up 
your armor later. Exit out of the northeast section of the ship at
(x=500, y=120).
4) Outside, you'll be attacked by more Boring Beetles - these things
die so easily, it's easy to see why they're called 'boring'. There's a
pile of wood at (x=1190, y=2290); this is part of what Oswald needs to
repair the ship, so disable the trap and grab it. Boring Beetles will 
continue to spawn to your northwest, but at only 375XP each this isn't 
really a great place to grind unless you have a lot of time on your 
hands, or have a character who is very close to gaining a level. Destroy 
their nest at (x=450, y=1850) to make them stop, and loot it for a 
shit-ton of potions and other cool items. Make sure to grab the beetle
shells if you want more armor. 

Return to the airship to find that you can now rest in here safely; I 
do so several times to get all the new armor I want.

If you try to rest outside, you will be attacked by some Tundra Yetis, 
who are worth 300XP but are slightly harder to kill. Oswald can fashion 
clothing out of the Yeti Pelts, each item takes a half-day and a 'few 
hundred gold'. All this is really good for is cold resistence, and in 
my opinion is not worth the investment. However, Yeti pelts are worth 
a fair amount of gold in bulk. You may also find some Fomorian Giants 
for your death-dealing pleasure. If you hang around here long enough, 
you'll find a couple of Beodaewn Followers, who will tell you that you 
should seek out Beodaewn; if you ask why they're here they will mention 
Birith Mal, and then get all weird about it. After a bit they will turn 
into Werewolves and you'll have to put them down. This obviously does 
not bode well for Beodaewn's future when we finally meet him.

(for recovering the equipment that was stolen from Oswald's ship by the
Boring Beetles)
EXP	1425

(x=1190, y=2290)

(x=450, y=1850)	Ziose Gem, Iron Rations x5, Potion of Invisibility,
		Potion of Hill Ginat Strength x3, Potion of Luck,
		Potion of Minor Elemental Barrier, Delay Poison Potion,
		Darts +2 x20, Shock Darts x20
5) Now fully equipped and newly armored, it's time to actually start 
exploring this place. There's another pile of wood at (x=760, y=1750), 
and it's also right on top of a large trapped area, so be sure to remove 
the trap before you go grabbing the wood pile. Head east from the 
airship along the southern edge of the map. And since we've seen one 
area trap so far, I think it's safe to assume we'll see more; have a 
Rogue check ahead of you as you move along. Around the center of the 
bottom of the map you will encounter Frost Spiders, who will appear from 
all sides. These guys are a pain in the ass - I suggest equipping all 
melee for this battle, as these guys will close on the party and render 
missile weapons useless. Grab their silk, which is another ingredient 
Oswald needs. From where you killed the spiders, head north.

(x=760, y=1750)
(x=1600, y=2400)
6) You'll come upon Captain Yurst, who asks you to kill the giants that
are attacking him from the southeast (you should see the boulders flying
at you). Return south, then head east to encounter the giants. There is
a Goublika (or is that his name?), who looks a lot like a Verbeeg but is 
a bit stronger. He's joined by a few Fomorian Giants, and this battle 
can be tough if you're not careful. As long as you pay attention to your 
character's health and pull them back to heal if needed, you'll be fine. 
Return to Yurst and tell him the giants are dead for some experience. 
Offer him a Potion of Extra Healing for more experience. However, this 
still does not heal his wounds completely, so tell him you'll return.
Head northwest, kill a few Yetis, and loot the locked crate at about 
(x=930, y=1030). Here you'll find, among many nice items, a Periapt of 
Wound Closure. Sounds like just the thing Captain Yurst needs, so grab 
it and head back there.

(x=1290, y=1240)

(for preventing Captain Yurst from being stoned to death)
EXP	4275

(for giving a healing potion to Captain Yurst)
EXP	525

(x=930, y=1030)	Periapt of Wound Closure(*1), Book:Tending Ivy, 
		Antidote, Healing Potion, Potion of Extra Healing,
		Elven Healing Wine(*2), Iron Rations x5,
		Philter of Purfication(*3), 56 Gold

*1 Increased regeneration rate and prevent blood loss from weapons that
   cause the 'Wounding' effect. Not sure what the regen rate is, but it
   appears to be pretty fast

*2 Heals 2d8 hit points

*3 Removes Disease
7) Talk to Yurst again and give him the Periapt we found for some more
experience; now you can talk to him to get some information. Eventually 
he dies, despite all you've done to try and save him; loot his corpse
for some more treasures, including the Periapt of Wound Closure. This
goes on K'aos in my party, but you can place it on whichever character 
will benefit the most.

Since Quala can level up now, I return to the airship and bump her up as
a Sorceress (she is now R4/S4). She gets a point added to Dexterity (up
to 23), which will serve her well in her new class/level. She adds her
skill points to Concentration and Disable Device; Web is her new spell 

(for stopping Captain Yurst's bleeding with the Periapt)
EXP	1900

(x=1940, y=1920) Broken Armor, Broken Weapon(**), Broken Shield, 
		 Broken Miscellaneous, Potion of Extra Healing x2,
		 Periapt of Wound Closure, Scroll:Fire Shield-Red,
		 Scroll:Protection from Cold, 102 Gold

** This will give you another ingredient to repair the airship.
8) Travel east again along the southern border and then turn north, 
where you'll run into a rather large cat-like being named Odea 
Winterthaw. This scene can play out three entirely different ways; I 
suspect it depends on who Odea decides to talk to, although there could 
be other factors. 

Scenario 1: If you are offered the opportunity to speak with Illium 
Ar'Ghrenoir and accept, you will be whisked away to the north central 
section of the map. You will be allowed to ask a series of questions, 
after which the demon Sherincal shows up and kills Odea, then damages 

Scenario 2: If you are offered the opportunity to speak with Illium 
and decline, you may ask Odea a few questions, but she is not very 
forthcoming. She threatens you, but nobody goes hostile so (at least
for the present) it's an empty threat.

Scenario 3: If you are not offered the option to speak with Illium,
things will play out the same as in Scenario 2, but with no intel.

I recommend talking to Illium, letting Odea be killed, then regrouping
in the north-central portion of the map. In truth, I have not played out
all three options, so I don't know what the eventual result of each
might be - my decision is based on knowing that we need to head for the
northwestern corner of the map to continue this section, and this is
closer to that area. If you play out a different scenario and something
deviates from this guide in a significant way, please feel free to send
me a synopsis of your actions and results, and I will include it in a
future revision (with full credit).

(x=1670, y=860)
(x=2120, y=1860)
(x=3050, y=1850)
(x=3040, y=1280)
9) No matter which way you played the previous step, head toward the
northwestern corner of the map to find Beodaewn (x=560, y=670). If you
didn't hang around the airship and encounter them before, he will be
accompanied by his Followers; either way, equip everyone with melee
weapons and surround him before engaging in conversation. Again, it
depends on who you use to talk to him, but you will get several options
from which to choose. You can buy/sell shit here, but his prices are
just awful (too low for me to sell him anything, and too high to buy).
In the end, the option you want is, "Die, cultist!", at which point you
get the opportunity to make that happen, and they will all eventually 
turn into Werewolves. Get on him fast and hard - his followers are much 
easier to kill than he is, so make sure you deal with him first, then 
mop up the rest. Beodaewn will drop a scroll of Resurrection when he 

(x=1040, y=600)
(x=320, y=1340)
(x=500, y=600)	

(for exposing Beodaewn's deception)
EXP	1900

(x=500, y=600)	Bloodstone Gem, Moonstone Gem, Shandon Gem,
		Arrows +1 x40, Keen Arrows x40, 745 Gold
10) South from his camp is another trapped pile of wood - grab it and go
back to the Aurilite village (where you met Odea and Illium). You can 
stop and drop off the repair materials at the airship if you choose.

I approach the village from the south, and keep to the eastern-most 
path, heading north as far as I can go. Our goal here is to wipe out the 
entire village, and this is a hellish fight, so I suggest resting and 
making sure you have all the spells prepared that you will want/need. 
Talk to the Aurilite Ranger at (x=3030, y=720) twice to initiate combat, 
and kill everything that comes at you. This eliminates about half the 
opponents and makes the next fight much easier. As always, Web/Entangle 
is your friend.

(x=3000, y=1320)
11) Head back south and then turn northwest up the gully. Eventually you 
will encounter Illium, who is understandably pissed off at you; the 
problem is, you cannot get to him to engage him in 'normal' combat. 
Ignore him for the time being, disable the trap (x=2460, y=840) to take
down the shimmering archway, and head east; you'll probably have to take 
out another Ranger firing at you from the north. Keep going east until 
you find a cave entrance at (x=3450, y=520) and enter it. This will take 
you to the northern area of the map. Kill the Ranger Commander who is 
waiting for you, but don't try going after Illium just yet. Instead, 
head east to entice a couple of wolves to come down from a raised area. 
There is a Glyph of Warding at about (x=2970, y=230), but you can't 
really do much about it. Up on the raised area are ten (yes ten) 
lootable spots containing a very nice payday indeed. Loot, and head back 
west to finally deal with Illium on the bridge.

(x=2970, y=230)
(x=2460, y=840)

(x=3100, y=220) Potion of Clear Purpose(*1), 102 Gold
(x=3090, y=170)	Darts +2 x20, 55 Gold
(x=3150, y=170) Scroll:Stoneskin, 51 Gold
(x=3110, y=110) Star Diopside Gem, 37 Gold
(x=3160, y=270) 42 Gold
(x=3230, y=260) 41 Gold
(x=3270, y=210) Bullets of Corrosive Burst(*2) x20, 84 Gold
(x=3200, y=170) 53 Gold
(x=3250, y=130) Diamond(**), 59 Gold
(x=3190, y=80)  Jasper Gem, Bolts x40, Masterwork Bolts x40,
		Bolts +2 x40, Bolts +1 x40

*1 This potion permanently raises your Wisdom by 1, but at the cost of
   2 points of Constitution. Not a good trade-off in my opinion, unless
   you have a serious need for Wisdom and too much Constitution. I doubt
   you are in this position, so this is pretty much useless, but I would
   be willing to bet it sells for a fair bit.

*2 These are nice... 1d4 damage, plus 1d6 acid damage, plus 10% chance 
   for another 1d10 acid damage. That's a potential 20 points of damage
   from a single sling bullet - not bad.

** The other diamond you need for Oswald to repair his ship
12) To actually get to Illium you have to go west past him, then south 
and east again. He will make this journey difficult, so be ready for 
some spells to be thrown at you. There are a couple more of his Ranger 
buddies here as well, although they die rather easily. You can only get 
one character at a time into position to attack Illium in melee, and 
it's easy to get yourself into a position where you end up blocking your 
own movement, so while my ranged characters have at him from a distance, 
I send only one character at a time in to physically engage him. When 
that character is hurt, I withdraw and send in the next person and heal 
the first one. Keep this up until Illium falls, then loot him for the 
Belledonna plants, among other things. You can also (finally) loot 
Odea's remains for the nice items she dropped.
13) You should now have all the items Oswald needs to repair the ship;
return to him and place the items on the table where the spellbook was.
Then talk to Oswald again and get some experience. He'll tell you that
even with the items, the spell takes a long time to work, so we might as
well continue on foot for now. 

Ilana and Xanth are both able to level up here:

Ilana is now a 7th level Cleric, with a Concentration of 8. She adds
Recitation as her Domain Spell; another Remove Fear, plus Cure Critical
Wounds and Defensive Harmony round out her spell choices.

Xanth goes up to 7th level Sorcerer, and adds Alchemy and Concentration
for his skills. He grabs Ray of Enfeeblement, Horror, and Dispel Magic
to his spellbook.

Of course we rest again to memorize, then move on... Exit the airship 
and return to the cave entrance, but exit the area at (x=3500, y=560) 
instead of entering the cave.

(for finding the components for Oswald's mending spell)
EXP	4275

|								       |
|				The Glacier 			       |
|								       |

		1.	The Master of Locks
		2.	Great Big Beetles and Tiny Notes
		3.	The Everlast Arrow
		4.	Beating Off the Crystal Golem
		5.	Pits and Rock Piles
		6.	Talking to the Spider
		7.	Bitched Outt by Lord Rengar
		8.	Mounting Zack Boosenburry
		9.	The Cult of the Dragon Necromancers
		10.	Tight Squeeze
		11.	Outside the Ice Temple

The Glacier (AR4100)						{WLK012}
1) Witness a dialogue between Ougamya of Uthgardi and Phuzalon, and it
seems our reputation has preceeded us; they even know our names. This,
of course, means they're not going to like us being here, and we'll
most likely have to kill them. Immediately after their talk, you'll get
to see the Master of Locks kill a guard, then come to meet you. The
dialogue options in this scene are limited, so just play along. He'll
mention Nathaniel, who is apparently being held captive in an Ice
Temple somewhere, then the first two idiots will spot you and attack.
See...? I told you we'd have to kill them, it just turns out to be much 
sooner than I thought. They're joined by a couple of Aurilite Postulants 
and a few more Barbarian Warriors, and the game is afoot... You need to
pay some special attention to the Postulants, as they are spellcasters
and can be troublesome, but all in all this isn't a rough battle.

One of the Aurilites drops a cloak, Nature's Vengeance(*1), which goes
to Fhornal (who is the only one who can actually use it)

*1 This cloak has a 10% chance to inflict the spell Bane on the attacker
   if the wearer is hit in combat. Not great, but better than nothing.
2) Proceed north up the western edge of the map, where you may have to
deal with a Remorhaz - a large (!) beetle-like thing which can dish out
some major damage. They like to pick on a single character if possible,
so if you meet one, kill it as quickly as you can or else someone will
very probably end up dead. Where the path splits to the east you will
find a note laying on the ground, and another note and some gold just
to the north of that. This second note mentions Crystal Golems, and 
hints at a way to destroy them. Continue north, then turn east... umm...
where the path does.

(x=170, y=1420)	Zack Boosenburry's Note
(x=150, y=1150)	Oria's Note, 58 Gold
3) Continue east past the door until you come to a small shrine with a
lootable container. Disarm the trap, and grab the loot. You'll see Doom 
Guards roaming around, but since they don't attack, you can ignore them.

(x=1830, y=650)

(x=1830, y=650)	Antidote, Everlast Arrow(*1)

*1 The Everlast Arrow is a plain returning arrow. No bonuses to attack
   or damage, it just comes back to you. I suppose it can replace the
   large stash of regular arrows in your quiver, thus saving you the
   weight of carrying them all around with you, but really it's just a 
   shitty arrow...
4) The path turns south here, and as that is the only way to go, well,
go that way. At (x=1750, y=1050) there will be a Crystal Golem, and he's
hostile. How can I tell that, you ask? It's easy - see that red circle
that indicates his position? That's your first clue. The fact that he
comes at you and tries to kill you is another good clue. Use whichever
clue makes the most sense; in either case, kill it. Crystal Golems are
immune to slashing and piercing damage, so if you don't have a lot of
bludgeoning weapons this could be difficult. Crystal Golems are worth
4200 experience points, which is more than we gained on all but one of
our quests so far, so they're definitely worth the fight.
5) Further south are two Aurilites standing in front of a pit with a
Remorhaz in it. Kill them, and eventually the Remorhaz will make its
way around to you from the north; kill it too. Knock down the middle 
pile of rocks at (x=1670, y=1540), then return from whence you came 
(that's north, in case you forgot). Keep on backtracking until you come 
to the passage eastward (x=540, y=2060). Loot the small shrine at 
(x=1180, y=1930), then proceed into the chamber to the east where the 
Remorhaz was. Grab the Aurilite Holy Symbol at (x=1540, y=1740), after 
which the Doom Guards will attack and all the doors will unlock. Doom 
Guards are pussies, so don't put a whole lot of thought into the next 
several encounters; just whack them and move on.
6) Now you can enter the various rooms and loot the various shrine pots.
Proceed to clear out the areas we've already discovered, but don't head
east to where the Master of Locks came from... yet. Note that you will
sustain some minor damage when you open the doors, so while this holy 
symbol thing will allow you to pass, it will not protect you from the 
magic that is guarding each one. Thru the door at (x=550, y=1250) you 
will find a non-hostile Spider; talk to it for no apparent reason, then 
loot the container. Across the hall to the south is another door and 
another container - loot it too. Finally, head back to the beginning of 
the level and go eastward.

(for finding a way to open the doors)
EXP	2100
7) Go thru the northern door first (x=800, y=2100) and proceed east to
find an Aurilite Postulant who requires some death. I fry him with three
Sunscorches and a Magic Missile, just because I can - you can kill him
however you wish. Just east of him is another Remorhaz and a couple of
Postulants; this Remorhaz, however, will not chase you so you'll have to
do this fight the old-fashioned way. Spell buff with whatever you have,
move into sight range and cast disabling spells, then kill everything.
As soon as the Queen Remorhaz dies, the barricade behind her will fall
and you will be bitched at by one Lord Rengar. This guy is a dick, and
as I am fairly beat up from dealing with the Remorhaz, I retreat back
down the hallway to the west out of range so I can drink some healing 
potions and prepare. When I'm ready, I return and smite him. He will
use a Snowball Storm to very good effect, and possibly a Fireball as
well, so be prepared.
8) There are several ways to proceed from where Lord Rengar died; east, 
north, and northwest. I elect to finish off the southern portion of the
map first, so east it is... I ignore the Cult of the Dragon Necromancers 
for now and continue where the path turns south. At the point where it
turns southwest, there are a few Snow Trolls just begging to be killed; 
oblige and loot the shrine (x=2820, y=2210). Continue west, kill the
next Remorhaz, and save Zack Boosenburry for some experience. Continue
to talk to him and inform him that you found his spider for some more
experience. Finally, he will sell you some scrolls, and in spite of his
protestations that his supplies are limited, he has a lot of very nice
shit for sale, including a Ring of Protection +2. I unload most of the
crap I've picked up along the way, which gives me a nice stash of cash. 
Thru the door behind Zack is another Postulant and another shrine. Do 
what you do best and then head back east. 

Four characters are leveling up here, and while resting to memorize new
spells is dangerous, it's worth the effort.

K'aos adds a Wizard level, and takes his ability bonus in Intelligence.
Concentration, Diplomacy, and Intimidate skills get a bump each, and he 
adds Horror and Slow to his spellbook.

Ghrax hits 8th level as a Ranger, and adds a point of Dexterity; he
adds a point to Concentration. Unfortunately, he doesn't get any spells.

Quala needs another Rogue level so she can bump up here roguing skills,
and she does so without hesitation. Disable Device, Open Locks, and
Search are now each at 10; she also adds a bump to Concentration. She 
adds a point to Armored Arcana to make spell casting more effective (I 
could also make an argument for Spell Penetration here, but went with 
better casting odds instead).

Fhornal's extra ability point was tough to decide; he really doesn't
gain anything from it yet, so it's a matter of deciding where I want
to put the next one. There are some battles ahead where having a higher
Strength score would be helpful, but since it will take 2 points to
actually gain any new bonus, I talk myself out of it and go with adding
to his Wisdom score instead. Concentration and Knowledge (Arcana) each 
get an increase, and he adds Remove Disease and Dispel Magic to his
spell capabilities.

(for rescuing Zack Boosenburry)
EXP	3150

(for finding Zack's mount)
EXP	4725
9) The door to the north at (x=3060, y=1590) can only be opened by a
'nearby mechanism', and I have to assume this can be found with those
Dragon Necromancer fellows, so let's visit them next. Before you talk
to them, disarm the trap and loot the chest, and grab the wood pile.
They are apparently not concerned that you are stealing from them, so 
this is essentially free crap. I position the party as much in the north
end of their chamber as I can, spell buff to the max, and then talk to 
them. You will be asked if you wish to join, and if you say no then 
nothing will happen. As this is a disappointing outcome, let's agree, 
shall we? This will turn them hostile, and they will be joined by a 
Crystal Golem from the previously locked doorway, and one of several
summoned creatures as well. (I saw a Shadow, a Zombie Lord, and some 
other kind of nasty thing in my several attempts to win this fight).
Note that you can also turn the crank on their firepit, which has the 
same result.
10) Up the eastern hallway is a door. If you have a Halfling or a Dwarf 
in your party, you can squeeze thru the door and kick it open from the
inside; once this is done, the party can enter. This door leads to the
White Abishai Den in the Ice Temple (AR4101). As long as you are not
wounded, you can gain some intel here; if anyone in the party is hurt,
however, you are in for a massive fight. While it is winnable, it's not
recommended - we really want to do the quest for these guys. I suggest
healing fully, then enter, do the dialog options, and leave. You can
then go back and talk to Zack Boosenburry for some experience.

NOTE: You can also wait to return to Zack until after you've finished
the first level of the Ice Temple (AR4101, Step 6); this will net you a 
higher experience reward, but does involve some extra running around. 
It's definitely worth it though, and you cannot get both rewards, so I 
recommend waiting and getting the max. In other words, there's no 
reason you cannot just skip this step entirely.

(for finding out some information about the Ice Temple)
EXP	1575


(for finding out a large amount of information about the Ice Temple)
EXP	3150
11) Since there's still a path we haven't explored yet, and we haven't 
yet run into Sherincal, let's go back and check out that last hallway. 
Spell buff to the absolute max, and head back past the Necromancer's 
lair, north up the passage, and there she is... the demon Sherincal 
herself. You will have the opportunity to chat for a bit before 
engaging, and once the fight starts, she will remove herself to the 
platform above. If you stay back out of her range, you can eliminate her 
minions without drawing her attacks. The only way to actually reach her 
is to throw spells, or with missile weapons. If you try to climb the 
staircases, you will simply end up back at the bottom again, and will 
have suffered damage from her attacks in that time, so just don't 
bother. I Fireball her to death from the courtyard, with a Sunscorch or 
two thrown in just for good measure. Once everything is good and dead,
you can reset the stairs by attacking the switches on the corners of
the upper platform (an arrow or two should do it). Rest, prepare, and 
finally exit thru the doors at (x=2680, y=670).

Among other things, Sherincal drops Winged Blight(*1), a very nice two-
handed sword.

*1 Great Sword, Attack +1, Damage 2d6 +1, +2 extra attack and damage
versus Humans (+3 and 2d6 +3, respectively)

|								       |
|			    The Ice Temple 			       |
|								       |

		1.	Ice Golem - Yawn...
		2.	No Time to Lose
		3.	Rescuing Nathaniel
		4.	Releasing the Prisoners
		5.	Sneak Attacked from Behind
		6.	Dealing with Lysara
		7.	The Twisty, Turny Thingy
		8.	Back to Normal
		9.	Free Loot, the Best Kind
		10.	Clockwise
		11.	Doorstop
		12.	Aurilite Killing Spree
		13.	Clearing the Outer Ring
		14.	Easy Money
		15.	Distractions
		16.	Talking Art
		17.	Her Royal Bitchiness, High Priestess Cathin
		18.	What's Behind Door Number One?
		19.	More Free Loot
		20.	A Gaggle of Ice Trolls
		21.	Schizophrenic Paranoia
		22.	Basement Dwelling

This section is time-sensitive; if you're going to rescue Nathaniel, you 
really can't screw around. The steps below will ignore many doors and 
other passages in favor of a more direct route to the prison cells. Once 
Nathaniel has been rescued, we'll have plenty of time to go around and 
explore, kill things, etc...

The Ice Temple (AR4101)						{WLK013}
1) Just ahead of you is an Ice Golem Champion, accompanied by two 
Aurilite Postulants. This is a pretty basic fight - I send my melee
fighters to take on the Golem and my missile-equipped characters fire
on the Postulants. Once they're all dead, ignore the loot they drop and 
continue on - we'll come back for it after we rescue Nathaniel.
2) Ignore the doors and rooms to the west and east, and head straight
thru the doorway ahead of you. Here you will encounter a couple more 
Aurilite assholes. Not really much of a challenge so far in this 
place... The door to the northwest (x=730, y=1980) opens into a room 
with three Barbarian Warriors, who are pussies, and two Polar Bears, 
who are not. Two of the containers in here contain some loot.

(x=400, y=1730)	Necklace
(x=470, y=1760)	Darts +1 x20, Darts of WOunding x20,
		Arrows of Lesser Dispelling x20
3) Ignore the secret door to the northwest and continue thru the doorway 
at (x=600, y=1800). Nathaniel will speak to you and give you some intel
on how this place works: the priestesses Lysara, Cathin, and Orla; the
Neverwinter forces are dead, and no more are coming; the Temple is
under an anti-magic shell which prevents most magic from working; and a
clue about how to disable it. Finally, he'll ask you to free him, which
as it turns out is a piece of cake - pick the lock on the cell door.

(for freeing Nathaniel from his cell)
EXP	2100
4) Pick the lock on the cell door at (x=790, y=1420) and free the rest 
of the prisoners for a buttload more experience. If we had gone thru 
the rest of the Temple first, and waited to do this at a later stage, 
some/most/all of the prisoners would be dead and we would have missed 
out on all these nice juicy rewards. Aren't you glad you have a guide 
to show you the way? Loot the table at (x=1200, y=1500) and grab the 
Note from the Master of Locks.

Time to level up Ilana and Xanth again:
Ilana becomes an 8th level Cleric, adding her ability point to Wisdom
and her skill point to Concentration. She adds a Cure Light Wounds, 
Dispel Magic, and anotehr Defensive harmony to her spells.

Xanth moves up to 8th level Sorcerer and adds a point to Charisma. He
takes Alchemy and Knowledge (Aracana) for skills, and grabs Stoneskin 
as his new spell.

(for freeing the prisoners)
EXP	1575 (x5)
5) Now if you remember, Nathaniel mentioned something about how the
prisoners were being taken away to the northeast; this leads me to
believe that we should go that way. After all, if there are guards, or
priests, or whatever up that way, we don't want them coming back here
and finding all their prisoners gone. Methinks that would piss them
off more than a bit. So instead, let's just go kill them, shall we?

At the northeastern end of the hallway where the prison cells are
located is a room with Barbarian Warriors and Winter Wolves. This room
has lootable containers, but before we can examine them an attack will
come from a seemingly inaccessible room to the southeast. It's only a
couple Aurilite spellcasters and a Winter Wolf, but it's annoying. 
There's an open doorway at (x=990, y=1000), and if our experience so far 
has taught is anything, it's that open doorways equal enemies. So let's 
be careful going in here...

(x=1200, y=1100) Waterstar Gem, Bullets <> x20
(x=730, y=900)	 Aurilite Holy Symbol, Aurilite Ice Axe
(x=600, y=900)	 Chrysoberyl Gem, Arrows +2 x20
6) Approach with one character, draw out the Ice Golem Champion and his 
friends, and engage in battle, At some point during this fight you may 
be engaged in dialogue by High Priestess Lysara; if not, then you will 
be when you enter the room where the Ice Golem came from. For the sake 
of continuity, and because this is where it happened to me, I will cover 
her encounter here. If you get her to allow you to ask some questions, 
there's experience rewards ahead. When she falls, she will drop another 
Key, an Aurilite Ice Axe, a suit of Leather Armor +2, and 1192 Gold.

Once again I can level a couple characters:

K'aos goes up to 7th Level Wizard, and adds Bluff, Concentration, and
Diplomacy. He adds a notch to Martial Weapon, Large Sword for his feat.
He also gets new spells here, and chooses to add another Magic Missile,
as well as Mordenkainen's Force Missiles and Stoneskin.

Ghrax stays single classed and moves up to 9th level Ranger, taking 
Concentration for his skill, and also takes a bump in Martial Weapon, 
Large Sword for his feat.

(for learning that the Aurilites created the glacier)
EXP	1425

(for learning that the Aurilites caused the airship to crash)
EXP	1425
7) Lysara's room has several interesting things in it. First, and most 
importantly, there is a device right in the middle that can be
manipulated - by standing in particular spots and turning the device
in a particular way, you can cause things to happen in the Temple. Each
combination requires you to stand, then turn, then stand again, then
turn again.

The best way to describe how this thing works is... a table!

	|  Where to  |    Direction     |			    |
	|   Stand    |     to Turn      |	   Result	    |
	|   Right    |       North	|  Opens the door to the    |
	|    Left    | North (turn 360) |    White Abishai Den	    |
	|   Right    |       East	|       Disables the	    |
	|    Left    |       West	|     Anti-Magic Shield	    |
	|    Left    |     Southwest	|  Opens the door to the    |
	|   Right    |     Northwest	|Study Room (x=2070, y=1380)|

If you went in thru the small door from outside earlier, you do not
need to do the first sequence; if not, then heal fully before entering
the White Abishai Den. These guys can smell blood, and will attack if
you are in any way wounded. Xhaan, the lead Abishai, will talk at you 
and give you a quest to "stop the voices" (schizophrenic much?). Agree, 
and you will be left alone. Next, disable the anti-magic shell; finally, 
do the last combination to unlock a door that we will want to go thru 
8) Now that we've freed the last of the Neverwinter forces, removed the
anti-magic shell, unlocked some mysterious door, gained a quest, and 
amassed some experience along the way, we can return to our normal 
process of room clearing and enemy elimination. Head back to where we 
entered and begin. The room to the west can be accessed thru either of 
two doors, at (x=370, y=2500) and (x=580, y=2280). In this large room 
are two Winter Wolves guarding two loot containers. Tiny amount of work 
for a tiny amount of treasure...

(x=100, y=2130)	Star Sapphire, Keen Arrows x40
(x=200, y=2040)	Emerald, Arrows +2 x40
9) To the east there is a door at (x=900, y=2400), which leads to... an
empty room. Well shit... Kind of makes the last room look good by
comparison. But wait... what's this? A secret door (x=1000, y=2620)!
Anyone who has played these games before should know that secret doors
usually lead to important things, so let's prepare and see what lies
beyond. No monsters - good so far... Three treasure containers - also
a good sign... And no traps - what else could we ask for? This basically
amounts to free shit.

(x=770, y=2800)	 Rogue Stone, Everlast Arrow
(x=920, y=2800)	 Shandon Gem, Impact Arrows +1 x40, Scroll-Emotion:Rage
(x=1060, y=2800) Diamond, Bolts +1 x40, Bolts +2 x40	
10) We'll approach this systematically from here on out, moving in a
clockwise direction around the perimeter and then clearing the center of 
the map. Head back to the room just before the prison, open the secret 
door at (x=250, y=1750), and head up the hallway to the next door. 
Beyond this door are two Winter Wolves, an Aurilite Frostouch, and an 
Aurilite Stormsister. They die much easier than they should for our 
level and this point in the game, but who am I to argue... Ahead, the 
hallway turns east across the top of the map and ends at another door 
to the southeast. A Winter Wolf, a pair of Stormsisters, and another 
room is cleared. Next will be the open doorway to the northeast.
11) There's another Ice Golem Champion here, along with two Aurilite
Frostouches and a couple of Aurilite Postulants. This fight is a little
more difficult, as the spellcasters will use Hold spells on the party. 
A Held character is a sitting duck for the Golem, and will very likely
end up a Held corpse if you're not careful. I cast Web just past the
doorway and catch a Postulant in it, thus blocking the entrance into
this room and keeping the Golem at bay. I can then use missile fire on
the other Aurilites (leaving the webbed one as a doorstop) and thin the
herd a bit before having to engage the Ice Golem. Thru this doorway,
the passage continues southeast, then turns south - basically because 
we're out of map space and there's nowhere else for it to go... 

Fhornal levels up to 9th level Druid here, taking Concentration and
Animal Empathy x2 for skills. He takes a point in Martial Weapon, Hammer
for his feat (so he has a decent bludgeoning weapon skill for those 
pesky Ice Golems). His available spells now include Flame Blade, Cure
Critical Wounds, and the all important Insect Plague.
12) Another door (x=3560, y=1000), another group of asshole Aurilite 
spellcasters, a Fireball and some missiles, and we can proceed. Continue 
south to another door (x=3560, y=1500), this time with Winter Wolves
and more Aurilites beyond it. I'm sensing a recurring theme here, but as 
the Aurilite is trying to fire spells at me I don't really have time to
think about it. The hallway turns southwest, and it appears we may 
finish the loop back to our starting point. ...until, of course, it
turns northwest and ends at a secret door. Looking at the map, this
door leads to some uncharted territory; let's explore, shall we?
13) There's an Aurilite Frostouch in the room to the southwest, and 
since we spot him before anything else, it's safe to assume we'll kill
him first too. Besides, since we're attempting to clear the outer areas 
of this level before venturing into the center, it just makes sense. 
Anyway... kill him, along with the Polar Bear and the Barbarian Warrior 
that join him, and head southwest into the room where he was. The door 
to the northwest (x=1560, y=2350) takes us back to our starting point 
(finally!), but there's still this pesky room to the southeast. Enter 
and destroy a few Barbarian Warriors and an Aurilite Stormbrother.
Has anyone noticed that we haven't found any containers to loot in quite
a while? Well, you won't find any here either.
14) We've cleared the perimeter and are in fairly decent shape (or, if
not, we've rested and are whole again). There are now several paths we
can choose from. Since we went clockwise to get here, let's turn it
around and go counter-clockwise around the inner area - if nothing else
to prevent making ourselves dizzy. Backtrack to the room with the last 
secret door (now not so secret) and head northeast. Thru the dorway to 
the east at (x=2560, y=1800) are a few more Aurilites and another 
Barbarian Warrior, along with a Winter Wolf. No real challenge any more, 
but since they're here we might as well kill them. Other than what all 
these enemies have dropped, there still hasn't been any real treasure 
since the first room. Granted, these guys drop all sorts of good magical 
missile-type items, along with a few potions, but still...
15) Back out into the main hallway thru the doorway at (x=2740, y=1600),
and we find yet another Ice Golem Champion. This guy is alone though, 
and falls rather quickly to an all melee attack. The next room, thru the 
doorway at (x=2920, y=1170), has some containers to loot. Well it's 
about damn time! There are a couple of Winter Wolves in here, but they 
are simply distractions at this point.

Quala moves up a level in Sorcerer, and puts her skill points into 
Concentration and Disable Device. She takes Larloch's Minor Drain and
Aganazzar's Scorcher for spells.

(x=3190, y=740)

(x=2930, y=1000) Arrows x40
(x=3120, y=800)  Silver Necklace, Bolts x40, 52 Gold
(x=3190, y=740)	 Scroll-Confusion
(x=3270, y=780)  Fire Agate Gem
(x=3290, y=860)  Ring, Masterwork Bolts x40
(x=3300, y=880)  84 Gold
(x=3300, y=1100) Arrows x40
16) Well that was disappointing - the damn Aurilites dropped better
shit than we found here. Exit back out and open the trapped door to the 
southeast at (x=2980, y=1320). In this stairwell is a talking painting; 
by selecting various responses, the stairs will in turn lead you to 
various places. These stairs are useless to us at the moment, but 
remember where they are - I suspect it will make moving around the 
temple a bit easier at some point in our travels.

The table below will cover the things I tried, but I cannot guarantee 
that it is a complete listing of all the options that you may encounter. 
If you find dialogue/destination combinations that I have not listed 
here, please submit for credit.

		|   Dialogue    |         Stair         |
		|    Option     |      Destination      |
		|    Andora?    |Andora Village (AR4000)|
		| From the Sea  |   White Abishai Den	|
		| of Moving Ice	| AR4101 (x=1500,y=500) |		
		|   Death to	|	Basement	|
		|   Kuldahar	|        AR4102		|
		|    		|  Door to Altar Room	|
		|     Lysan	| AR4102 (x=900, y=950)	|
		|     Auril	|			|
		|   Shower Me	|       Game Room	|
		| with Strength	|AR4102 (x=2180, y=2500)|
		|     		|	Bedroom		|
		|     Bedroom 	|AR4102 (x=1300, y=1400)|
		|   In Auril's	|     Vault Room	|
		|     Name(*)	|AR4102 (x=1500, y=1000)|
		|     Hmmm...	|			|
		|  Interesting	|	 Random		|

* This option is apparently only available after defeating Oria

(x=2980, y=1320)
17) As our counter-clockwise path has ended, we'll have to backtrack a 
bit and start again. Go all the way back southwest to the last room and
head northwest thru the door back into the hallway (x=1560, y=2350).
Thru the doorway at (x=1360, y=2120) is a church-like room with several
enemies in it. No big deal - kill them and enter the room. You will meet
High Priestess Cathin (x=1450, y=1650), who will bitch you out for 
killing her Clerics and then start attacking with spells. Watch out for
this hussy - she can be quite brutal. A Web and a Fireball will make
your life easier (and longer), after which you can simply chop her to
bits. She drops an Angel Skin Ring, a Chrysoberyl Gem, a couple of 
magical Battle Axes, 45 Gold, and a Temple Key. Keep the Key handy, as 
you will need it before long.
18) In the northeast corner of the room is another doorway leading to
a hallway with three doors. In the interest of expediency, we'll explore
these in order from south to north. Door number one is located at about
(x=2070, y=1380); this is the door that we unlocked with the combination 
earlier. The study room beyond is occupied by an Aurilite, but he ends 
up dead fairly quickly. Now we can loot the room. 

(x=2020, y=1250) Scroll-Inflict Serious Wounds,
		 Scroll-Cloud of Pestilence, Scroll-Poison, 
		 Scroll-Greater Restoration
(x=1870, y=1200) Scroll-Cure Serious Wounds, Scroll-Freedom of Movement,
		 Scroll-Neutralize Poison, Scroll-Dominate Person,
		 Scroll-Protection from Lightning
19) Head to door number two (x=2230, y=1200), unlock it, and enter an 
empty room with a lootable desk and bookcase.

(x=1940, y=1100) Book-History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness,
		 91 Gold
(x=1870, y=1050) Book-History of the Dead Three,
		 Book-History of the Drow, Book-Secret Societies,
		 Book-The Folly of Fury, Book-History of the North I
20) Skip the third door for the moment - I take one character and 
approach the doorway at (x=2600, y=1050), leaving the rest of the party 
in the hall/room. There is a large group Ice Trolls in here (10 or so), 
which sucks a lot. Draw one (or more) of the Ice Trolls back to you in 
the hall, kill it/them, and repeat until the room is empty. A Web spell 
in the doorway does wonders; if you can time it right, you'll create a 
doorstop and be able to kill the trolls easily with missile fire (fire 
or acid to fully kill them, remember?). There's a staircase here, which 
we will be using in a few minutes, but there's still that third door...
21) The third door opens onto a room with a few Aurilite Postulants in
it, but they are not hostile (?!?) and simply walk past you and leave.
This result leaves me with a very bad feeling, but as nothing bad has
actually happened yet it could just be schizophrenic paranoia. We'll
find out soon enough... Inside is a Genie named Ondabo (x=2090, y=910),
but he is likewise not hostile. He will talk to you, and depending on
the dialogue options you choose you can fight him. He is very hard to
kill, not because of his massive hit points or anything, but because he
continually goes invisible and drops spells on you which do some very
massive damage. Once he finally dies, you'll get a Ruby Ring, a
Waterstar Gem, a Scimitar of the Defender +1(*1), and 49 Gold.

1* Not really as good as it sounds, it's simply a +1 large sword with
   an additional +1 deflection bonus. It does, however, replace the
   plain Scimitar +1 that Fhornal has been carrying, even though he
   rarely uses it.
22) Speak to Nathaniel again and tell him what Priestess Lysara said
for some experience, then head for that stairwell where we killed all 
those Ice Trolls, and exit to the basement.

(for discovering the reason the ice keeps reforming)
EXP	1575

|								       |
|	 	   	   Ice Temple Basement			       |
|								       |

		1.	Because it Works, That's Why...
		2.	Go Ahead, I'll Wait
		3.	Occupied Room
		4.	Unoccupied Room
		5.	Seven Years Bad Luck
		6.	Shadow Fighting
		7.	Game Within a Game
		8.	Pausing the Game
		9.	Inner Sanctum Fighting
		10.	Waking Nickademus
		11.	Clearing the Inner Rooms
		12.	It's All Done With Mirrors
		13.	The Art of Lysan
		14.	Naming the Spirit
		15.	In Auril's Name
		16.	Returning Nathaniel's Crap
		17.	Making the Voices Stop
		18.	The Dragon Necromancer's Library
		19.	Picking Up Dead Bodies
		20.	Release the Hounds!
		21.	More Gaming
		22.	Ingrath Mariner's Note
		23.	Zack's Information
		24.	Stranded!

Ice Temple Basement (AR4102)					{WLK014}
1) As it is the only way to go, go southwest. There's an Aurilite 
Frostouch in front of the first doorway, so I guess this level is
going to be like the upper one. Thru the door, in the NW-SE hallway, 
are more baddies - Barbarian Warriors, Polar Bears, various Aurilites,
you get the idea. I lure enemies back to my semi-fortified position in 
the entry hallway and bottleneck them at the doorway because... well... 
it's a good tactic, and it works. Kill everything.
2) Head northwest up the hallway, but be wary of attacks from behind.
Ignore all the doors and side passages for now, let's just move around
and clear out the hallway, moving counter-clockwise. And begin... I'll 
wait for you here, back by the entrance hallway... Dum-de-dum-dum...
Back now? Took you long enough - I was starting to get worried. Now
let's do the route again, but this time explore all the rooms on the
outside rim of the hallway. I'll even go with you...
3) The first door is at (x=1960, y=670), beyond which is a Crystal
Golem. If you remember, these things are a pain in the ass, and require 
bludgeoning weapons to kill. But we're a bit stronger now, so maybe it 
will be slightly less painful. When he's dead and you've looted the 
cabinet, continue up the hallway to the next door.

(x=1960, y=670)

(x=2400, y=300)	High Priestess Lysara's Journal, Andar Gem,
		Sparking Arrows x20
4) The next door is at (x=1450, y=450), and the room is unguarded. 
Nice... There are two containers to loot, one of which contains a very 
large collection of totally crap weapons. They'll sell nice though...

(x=1450, y=450)

(x=1250, y=200)	Scroll-Frost Fingers, Scroll-Ice Blade,
		Bolts +1 x40, Bolts +2 x40,
		Stunning Arrows +1 x40, Keen Arrows x40
(x=1700, y=400)	Halberd, Masterwork Halberd, Spear, Masterwork Spear,
		Flail, Masterwork Flail, Mace, Masterwork Mace,
		Morningstar, Masterwork Morningstar
5) Now we have to travel all the way around to the southern side of the
level; the next door is at (x=1000, y=1730). There is an Aurilite
Stormsister in here, but by now she is just fodder. There's nothing in
this room, but there is another door at (x=760, y=1780) that leads to
a room off this one. The northern wall of this new room is lined with
Talisman Henchmen trapped behind a crystal mirror. The southwestern
door at (x=380, y=1780) can't be opened, so I guess we're stuck. Break
the glass at (x=100, y=1550) and grab the loot; DO NOT BREAK THE GLASS
AT (x=190, y=1450). Return to the main hallway and continue southeast.

(x=100, y=1550)	Waterstar Gem, Darts +2 x20, Stunning Arrows +1 x40
6) Head down to the next door (x=1570, y=1990), but don't enter the room 
yet. Let the Shadows come to you in the doorway a few at a time, and
kill them. Kill them a lot... There are about a dozen of them in here, 
and although they are pretty easy to kill, I still suggest going slow. 
Once they're all dead, open the secret doorway (x=1080, y=1920) to the 
previous room (this needs to be open for a specific challenge coming up 
later); otherwise there's literally nothing here. Onward... The next 
doorway enters into a hallway to the southwest, where there is again 
nothing except another doorway to the east, which is trapped. You can 
either take on the Aurilites in the next room thru here, or go around 
to the main hallway again and use the door at (x=2340, y=2330); it's
your choice.

(x=1770, y=2470)

In the middle of this room you will find an Ice Golem Champion standing
on a nine-squared grid, and around the perimeter are a series of levers. 
This looks like some kind of game - so how to play...?

This is going to be difficult to explain, so pay close attention. The 
levers around the northern sides of the room are all Rank Selectors,
and the three in the southwest corner set the Mode; the bottom-most 
lever is the on-off switch. To win a round, you simply need to get three 
squares in a row, kind of like tic-tac-toe. But only kind of...

First, pick a character to play - this should be a strong fighter with
a lot of hit points. If you still have the Periapt of Wound Closure
(you do still have this, don't you?) equip it on that character, along
with the best armor and weapons you have. While the first several
Ranks/Levels are fairly easy, they do get harder as you progress thru 
the game. The idea here is that you select a Rank, then activate the 
game and select a square. An enemy of some kind will appear in the 
center square and that single character will have to defeat it to win 
the chosen square; the rest of the party is teleported to a room to the
northwest and cannot get out, or come to assist. You will have sixty 
seconds to win each battle; the Ice Golem is the 'judge', and he will 
let you know if your time is getting short.

Get three squares in a row and you win the Level; win five Levels and 
you win the Rank. Win all nine Ranks and you win the Game. Confused yet? 
Wait, it gets worse... As the Levels progress, you will need to get more 
than three squares to win. Granted, you still only need three in a row, 
but you need to capture four, five, or more to actually win. Yeah, see? 
It gets WAY more confusing as we get into it... 

There are ten Ranks (1-10), and five Levels (1-5). We start with Rank 1, 
Level 1, where we need to simply connect three squares. R1L2 requires 
four squares, R1L3 requires five, etc. Remember, do not connect three in 
a row until it will win you the required total number of squares. Maybe 
a table will help make this clearer:

		| Rank | Level | Squares |
		|   1  |   1   |    3    |
		|   1  |   2   |    4    |
		|   1  |   3   |    5    |
		|   1  |   4   |    6    |
		|   1  |   5   |    7    |
		|   2  |   1   |    3    |
		|   2  |   2   |    4    |
		|   2  |   3   |    5    |
		|   2  |   4   |    6    |
		|   2  |   5   |    7    |

This table would be four pages long if I tried to draw out the entire
thing, but this should give you the idea.

Okay, now how to get the required number of squares before completing 
a row. Let's assign numbers to the squares so we have a reference. The 
square at the top (x=2140, y=2480) will be #1, the one to the right of 
that will be #2, the right corner is #3, middle left is #4, etc. To get 
three, four, or five squares is easy (provided you don't lose any 
squares), but six and seven can be tricky; if you lose any squares, 
you're screwed. So, go for the squares in the following order:

Level 1: 1,2,3
Level 2: 1,2,4,(3 or 7)
Level 3: 1,2,4,5,any
Level 4: 1,2,4,6,8,(3,5, or 7)
Level 5: 1,2,4,6,8,9,any

Do the math - this is a LOT of fighting. There are 25 opponents in
each Rank, and ten total Ranks, for a grand total of 250 opponents to 
beat, assuming you don't lose any. You will be rewarded after each 
Level, and again after each Rank; the Rank rewards are what you're 
really going after. You WILL reload many times during this process, but 
most of the party should end up gaining a level, plus all the goodies 
you get along the way, so it's worth the effort to go as far as you can.

There are several opponents who are simply unbeatable in the sixty
second time limit - Apocolyptic Boneguards, most Giants, Greater 
Elementals, and there are several enemies, including a Greater Feyr,
that will actually teleport to where the rest of the party is located 
and attack them. If you get any of these, just reload - don't even 
bother trying to defeat them, at least in the lower Ranks.

You will have to rest many times during the game. Do so as needed, it 
appears to be safe. Oh, and one more thing... Make damn sure to save in 
between every battle, otherwise you'll have to restart entire Levels, or 
worse yet, Ranks. Don't say I didn't warn you. Finally, if you're really
intent on winning the entire game, I suggest you get as far thru it as
you can, then plan on coming back when you hit another level or so.

Set both Mode levers to off (to the left) and the first Rank lever to 
on, then activate the game. When you complete a Rank, set the next rank
lever and repeat. Now go play, and wake me up when you're done; I'm 
going to grab a bite to eat and a nap...

R1:	Dragon's Belt (+3 to Reflex Saves)
R2:	Potion of Holy Transference (+2 WIS, -1 DEX, permanent)
R3:	Abishai Hide Armor (AC +3, Max Dex +4, Damage Reduction 5/+1)
R4:	Arrows of Piercing x20, Boots of Grounding
R5:	Moonbar Gem, Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst(*1), 1079 Gold
R6:	Club of Disruption(*2), Bullets +5 x20
R7:	Ice Spear +4(*3)
R8:	Composite Longbow of Empowerment(*4)
R9:	Wand of the Dead(*5)
R10:	Brilliant Short Sword +5(*6), Bracers of Icelandic Pearl(*7)

*1 Returning Axe +5 (1d6 + 1d6 Electrical + 10% 1d10 Electrical)
*2 Enchantment +5, 1d6+3 Damage, +3 Attack, Undead and Outsiders must
   Save vs Fortitude or be destroyed. This becomes Ghrax's primary
*3 1d8+4, +4 Attack Bonus, cast Icelance 1x/day
*4 Attack +1, Damage +2, random +4 ability score bonus for 5 rounds if
   wielder is struck in melee combat (only 1 bonus active at a time)
*5 Cast Animate Dead
*6 Attack +5. Damage 1d6+5, all attacks ignore the target's armor and 
   shield bonuses. This is a nice sword indeed!
*7 Armor Bonus +4, Dex -2, cast Horrid Wilting, Cone of Cold, and
   Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental, each 1x/day. I actually have
   no use for these in my party.

Ilana and Xanth level up after Rank 1 is complete, and do so:

Ilana hits level 9 as a Cleric and takes Concentration, also maxing out
her Spell Penetration skills. She takes Chaotic Commands for a Domain
spell (we'll need this before long), and adds Bull's Strength and 
Flame Strike x2 to her Cleric list. She also takes the Potion of Holy 
Transference, as she can afford to lose the Dexterity point and the 
extra two Wisdom points will serve her well.

Xanth moves up to level 9 as a Sorcerer, and takes the usual skill
enhancements: Alchemy and Concentration. He grabs a second point in
Armored Arcana for his feat, and adds Bull's Strength, Lance of 
Disruption, and Mordenkainen's Force Missiles to his spell selections.

Then, after Rank 8 Level 1, a few others:

K'aos adds another Wizard level; he takes Concentration, Diplomacy,
Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft for skills. His spellbook gets an
additional Fireball, along with another Mordenkainen's Force Missile.

Ghrax bumps up to level 10, adds a point to Concentration, and takes
Lizard Men as his new Favored Enemy. Sleep and Protection from Fire
are his new spells.

Fhornal likewise moves up to 10th level, adding Concentration and
Spellcraft x2. New Spells include another Flame Strike (that's three
now at his disposal) and a Cure Critical Wounds.
8) If your game went anything like mine you got thru Rank 7, thanks to 
the Club of Disruption, and got part way thru Rank 8 - just far enough
to level up a few more party members. After that, it just got to be too 
much for a single character to manage. For now, that is... I decided to 
give up the game after R8L1 (remembering where I left off), and move 
on, vowing to return later and win this thing. So, no matter where you 
are in the game, let's continue... Head back out to the main hallway and 
continue southeast, then northeast to the next room. The stairs at 
(x=3600, y=2100) leads back up to the talking picture stairwell, so
we can ignore them for now. The next room we can actually explore is
located back in the northern hallway, at (x=3140, y=1200). Inside you
will find the normal assortment of Aurilite assholes for your killing
pleasure, but nothing to loot. Aaaaaarrrgghhh...
9) The next door is at (x=2750, y=1020), and it is trapped. Here you 
will find Lysara's sister, Oria. She will spout the usual nonsense, and 
threaten to break her staff. Go ahead and let her do it, then run like 
hell back to the Game Room. Flip the switch at (x=1760, y=2600) to set 
the system to Inner Sanctum Mode, then active it (x=1640, y=2700); this 
transports you to the same plane as Oria, and you can fight her (she is 
invincible until/unless you do this). Kill her, then loot her body for 
a nice payday. She will drop a Scroll of Cloudkill, a Scroll of Ice 
Storm, a couple of potions, a Traveler's Robe, a Wand of Magic Missiles, 
and 75 Gold. Afterwards, activate the switch again to return to the 
'normal world', and return to Oria's room and loot the cabinet at 
(x=3180, y=650).

(x=2750, y=1020)

(x=2750, y=1020) Scroll-Emotion:Fear, Scroll-Ice Dagger, Lynx Eye Gem,
		 Emerald, Dead Cat (really?), Skull (questy, no?),
		 Darts +2 x20
10) Okay - outer ring of rooms completed; time to go for the rooms on
the inner section of the map. Let's start with that large room right
in the middle (x=2340, y=1140). There are most likely some leftover
Aurilite spellcasters in here, so kill them. We can't do anything with
the large machine in the middle of the room quite yet, so ignore it for
now. Oh, and don't worry about that open doorway to the east - we'll 
get to that soon enough...

There are two doors off of this room - the one at (x=1600, y=1570) can 
be opened, while the other (x=2500, y=1330) cannot. Makes it a rather 
easy choice then, doesn't it? Here you will find Nickademus; loot the 
cabinet BEFORE you talk to Nickademus. Keep talking to him - eventually 
he will awake from his slumber and you can actually converse. Agree to 
do him a favor at some future point, and he will tell you all sorts of 
interesting things. For starters, ask him to share his wisdom with you
for a nice experience reward. Most importantly, however, he'll give you
some information about the prism device in the previous room; it seems 
that it can be used to open some of the locked doors in this level. I 
think we may want to try that out once we've finished our exploring.

(for being enlightened by Nickademus' wonderful tales)
EXP	5175

(x=1070, y=1280) Rogue Stone, Scroll:Summon Monster IV, Iron Rations x5
		 Returning Frost Dart
11) Return north to the main hallway and head northwest (we'll do the 
inner ring counter-clockwise like we did the outer). The next room is 
at (x=1800, y=900), but it cannot be opened so continue northwest, and
then southwest around the bend. Past the secret door at (x=640, y=850)
is a room with a lootable cabinet (x=900, y=1170). 

(x=900, y=1170)	Waterstar Gem, Stunning Arrows +1 x20, 
		Keen Arrows x20, Bullets +2 x20, 933 Gold
12) Head for the room with the Crystal Warriors, and move the party all 
the way up at the end of the room near the mirror. DO NOT BREAK THE 
MIRROR - it will release all the warriors, and we're saving that battle 
for later. Send one character to the room with the Prism Machine; send 
another character to the Coffin Room, open the secret door, and stand 
next to the mirror at (x=800, y=2410). Activate the prism device at 
(x=2020, y=1190) to rotate the prism until it faces southwest toward 
the doorway (the game will tell you it's south), then flip the switch 
at (x=2070, y=1130) to fire the mechanism. A bolt of lightning will 
shoot out and bounce off the mirrors and open the door in the crystal 
mirror room. Send the party to the newly opened room and enter. Kill 
the Ice Golem Champion inside and loot for some mediocre items, along 
with a lot of totally useless ones.

The death of the Golem allows Quala to move up another level, and she
adds a Sorcerer (up to 6th level now). Skill points go into magic slots
for a change - Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft. She
fianlly gets Fireball as well...

(x=410, y=1890)	Scroll-Minor Globe of Invulnerability
(x=320, y=2110)	Helmet
(x=290, y=2150)	Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness, Bloodstone Gem
(x=250, y=2170)	Ring of Clumsiness
(x=200, y=2210)	Scroll-Fire Shield (Blue), Antidote
(x=160, y=2190)	Nathaniel's Bag of Holding, Onyx Ring
(x=120, y=2070)	Potion of Invulnerability
(x=130, y=1940)	Cursed Scroll of Weakness
(x=160, y=1780)	Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
(x=250, y=1820)	Gauntlets of Fumbling
13) Head over to the stairs in the southeast cornet of the map and go 
up; the painting will 'speak' to you. Choose 'Lysan' and then head back 
down the stairs to arrive in a room northwest of the prism room. Step on 
the shadow figure on the floor in front of the door at (x=970, y=870), 
but only barely and only once. Open the secret door at (x=640, y=860), 
and send one character to stand next to the mirror at (x=440, y=770). 
Send another up to the northwest corner of the map to stand next to the 
mirror at (x=900, y=270), and another character next to the mirror at 
(x=2490, y=950). Click to rotate this mirror, then send yet another 
character into the prism room to manipulate the prism 'gun'. Turn it 
until it faces north, then fire it to send a jolt around the building 
which will open the shadow door and allow you to enter the next room.
14) The altar in this room will speak to you - choose the dialogue 
option with the spirit's name in it (Aeij-Kllenzr't); the door will 
close and a cyclone-like entity will appear and move around the room. 
You can't fight it, so just avoid it until it disappears. You will 
be attacked by a few Aurilites, Barbarian Warriors, and other assorted 
creatures back in the entry room; when everything is dead, head back up 
the magic stairs.

Note: You may also have to select a second dialog option with 'Surrender 
Now" in it to actually get the experience. It depends on who is speaking 
to the altar.

(for convincing Aeij-Kllenzr't to leave the altar)
EXP	4275
15) This time, choose the painting's dialogue option "In Auril's name, 
from winter's veil..." to be transported to Oria's vault room, where
you will find yet another Ice Golem Champion. All but one of the chests
in here are trapped, as is the door out.

(x=1370, y=980)
(x=1490, y=860)
(x=1570, y=830)
(x=1640, y=860)
(x=1890, y=1000)

(x=1290, y=1060) Bolts x40, Diamond, Arrows +1 x40,
		 Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram
(x=1370, y=980)	 Masterwork Bolts x40, Arrows +2 x60, 2239 Gold
(x=1490, y=860)	 Iol Gem, Angel Skin Ring, Bolts +1 x40,
		 Keen Arrows x40, 1942 Gold
(x=1570, y=830)	 Bloodstone Gem, Shandon Gem, Bolts +2 x40
		 Stunning Arrows +1 x40, 1973 Gold
(x=1640, y=860)	 Skydrop Gem, Arrows x40, Everlast Arrow, 1720 Gold
(x=1890, y=1000) Scroll-Animate Dead, Shandon Gem, Impact Arrows +1 x40
		 Masterwork Arrows x40, 1240 Gold
16) We now have two things belonging to Nathaniel, so it's probably a
good idea to return them to him. Head back upstairs and return to
where Nathaniel awaits (x=470, y=1530); return his gear to get some 
experience. Keep talking and keep getting experience rewards - this is 
fun! Last, but not least, return the Ring of the Ram that we found for 
yet another reward. 

(for returning Nathaniel's equipment)
EXP	3150

(for defeating the high priestesses and the Caged Fury)
EXP	4725

(for returning the Ring of the Ram)
EXP 	2300
17) Now, go talk to Xhaan in the White Abishai room and tell him (it?) 
that you have banished the spirit that was tormenting them for your 
final reward (make sure to be 100% healed first). That makes a total of 
13325 experience for that last excursion, or just over 2200 points per 
character; not too shabby...

(for freeing Xhaan and the White Abishai)
EXP	3150
18) There are still a couple areas in the basement we haven't explored,
so head back down there and go to the prism room again. Aim the prism
gun to the northeast and fire at the door to open it. There is a Cult
of the Dragon Necromancer in here, along with a couple of Soarsmen; kill
them all and loot the bookcases.

(x=2700, y=1300) Scroll-Protection from Lightning,
		 Scroll-Cure Critical Wounds
(x=2800, y=1350) Cursed Scroll of Petrification, Scroll-Raise Dead
(x=2970, y=1400) Cursed Scroll of Ailment, Scroll-Slay Living
(x=3140, y=1500) Scroll-Protection from Poison,
		 Scroll-Champion's Strength
(x=3270, y=1550) Cursed Scroll of Stupidity, Scroll-Insect Plague
19) Next is the room just to the south of the library we just cleaned
out. There is a large trapped area in front of the doorway, so don't
approach too quickly or too close. Disarm the trap, kill the Cult 
Necromancer in the alcove to the west, loot the desk, and grab the two 
dead bodies on the floor (they fit nicely into a Bag of Holding).

(x=2420, y=1600)

(x=2220, y=1850) Scroll-Vitriolic Sphere
(x=2640, y=1700) Male Body
(x=2870, y=1990) Female Body
20) There are only a few things left to do down here: we still owe 
Nickademus a favor, we have a bunch of warriors trapped behind an extra-
dimensional glass wall, and there's another rank or two we may be able
to clear in that battle game. Not to mention that we're carrying around
two dead bodies (Hey! I said not to mention that!). Nick doesn't seem to
be inclined to call in any favors yet, so let's see about freeing those
warriors behind the glass wall. Now we have been warned that they will
be hostile when they're released, so I position the party in the room
to the east and send one character in to break the glass (x=200, y=1450) 
and release the hounds... err... warriors. Run back and bottleneck them 
at the doorway, and kill them as they come at you. There are several 
spellcasters in their ranks who will cast some pretty disabling spells, 
so I suggest a Fireball, Silence, or other area of effect spell into the 
middle of the room to give them second thoughts. They drop several nice
items, including a Ring of Regeneration. Note that the Fireball trick
will fry some potential loot, so if you're going after magical gear,
you may want to kill them the old fashioned way.
21) Having gained a level and a Ring of Regeneration, I go back and
tackle more Ranks in the battle game - this is a personal choice, and 
you can choose to do so, or not, as you see fit. Otherwise, this level 
is complete, and you can exit the temple. We will be coming back here at
a later point, so it's not like the opportunity to win the game is over.
Nevertheless, I managed to complete Rank 8 before moving on. Head back 
up and out thru the main entrance.
22) When you leave the Ice Temple, you will be teleported to a new
location, and be approached by one Ingrath Mariner. A few dialogue
options later, if you still have it, you can give him the letter from 
Garradun for some quick experience. He and his crew will turn into
Dopplegangers and you will have to kill them - no great effort required
and certainly no great loss.

(for delivering the letters to their recipients)
EXP	525
23) Return to Zack Boosenburry (x=2180, y=2490) and tell him all about
the exceptional amount of information you learned about the temple for
a nice reward.

(for retrieving an exceptional amount of information about the temple)
EXP	4725
24) Exit this area in the southwest corner and return to where you left 
Oswald and the crashed airship. You will find that the little bastard 
has abandoned you, although he does leave a note and a Potion of Greater 
Resistance. Well damn - now what? The only way forward appears to be 
backwards; return to where you met Ingrath and exit the map to the 
north, where Chapter 3 begins.

|			Party Stats - End Chapter 2		       |
|				 {STATS1}			       |
K'aos Reynes - Paladin of Mystra
Class Level	P2/W8
Experience 	62769 (66000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	52

Strength	16 (+3)
Dexterity	12 (+1)
Constitution	11 (+0)
Intelligence	18 (+4)
Wisdom		10 (+0)
Charima		16 (+3)

Primary Weapon	Moonblade of Selune, Footman's Folly
Second Weapon	Mountains of Selune

Chainmail +1, Helmet, Houndstooth Collar, Dragon's Belt, 
Periapt of Wound Closure, Ring of Protection +2, Bag of Holding,
Chameleon Ring of Dexterity, Witherbranch Boots, Scroll Case
Ghrax - Ranger
Class Level	R10
Experience 	62634 (66000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	140

Strength	18 (+4)
Dexterity	18 (+4)
Constitution	18 (+4)
Intelligence	 3 (-4)
Wisdom		20 (+5)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	Club of Disruption, Talbard's Shield
Second Weapon	Flaming Star +1

1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail, Helmet, Aurilite Holy Symbol,
Boots of Avoidance, Ring of Regeneration, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
Ilana - Battleguard of Tempus
Class Level	C9
Experience 	65600 (66000)
Armor Class	20
Hit Points	99

Strength	18 (+4)
Dexterity	17 (+3)
Constitution	16 (+3)
Intelligence	 5 (-3)
Wisdom		22 (+6)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	The Executioner's Wife
Second Weapon	Clenched Fist, Flank of the Virgin
Third Weapon	Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst

1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail, Helmet, Aurilite Holy Symbol, 
Ring of Protection +1, Potion Case, misc scrolls
Xanth - Sorcerer
Class Level	S9
Experience 	65326 (66000)
Armor Class	18
Hit Points	63

Strength	13 (+1)
Dexterity	16 (+3)
Constitution	16 (+3)
Intelligence	12 (+1)
Wisdom		 3 (-4)
Charima		22 (+6)

Primary Weapon	The Left Hand of Darkness, Buckler
Second Weapon	Ice Spear +4
Third Weapon	Whispering Staff, Buckler

Phaen's Robe of Rags, Helmet, Bracers of Defense +2, 
Boots of Grounding, Wand of Magic Missiles
Quala Thurmbrecker - Rogue/Sorceress
Class Level	R5/S6
Experience 	60215 (66000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	54

Strength	10 (+0)
Dexterity	23 (+6)
Constitution	10 (+0)
Intelligence	15 (+2)
Wisdom		 3 (-4)
Charima		18 (+4)

Primary Weapon	Sophias Flight
Second Weapon	Sure Striking Short Sword +1, 
		Small Shield of Invisibility +1
Third Weapon	Flail of the Defender +1

Leather Armor +2, Helmet, Chameleon Ring of Dexterity, 
Ring of Protection +1, Chromatic Orb Wand
Fhornal - Druid
Class Level	D10
Experience 	62197 (66000)
Armor Class	20
Hit Points	100

Strength	14 (+2)
Dexterity	16 (+3)
Constitution	14 (+2)
Intelligence	12 (+1)
Wisdom		21 (+5)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	Hagnen's Folly
Second Weapon	Scimitar of the Defender +1, Large Shield
Third Weapon	Warhammer +2, Buckler

1/4 Weight Full Plate Armor, Nature's Vengeance, Helmet
This party has (so far) proven to be well up to the tasks set before 
them. By now everyone has some level of spell-casting ability. 

K'aos will continue to focus solely on leveling up as a Wizard. All 
ability points from this point forward will go into Intelligence; 
skills will go into magical areas (Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), 
and Spellcraft); feats will focus on magic areas (Spell Penetration, 

Ghrax will remain a lone Ranger, throwing ability points into Strength; 
skills and feats will end up going into weapons areas. He will add 
Driders as a Favored Enemy at next opportunity.

Ilana is - and always will be - my single-classed Cleric, with ability
points going only to Wisdom (after one more to DEX). Concentration will 
be the only skill she will advance, and feats will be balanced between 
magic and weapons.

Xanth will stay single-classed as a Sorcerer and keep adding to his
Charisma score; skills and feats will be magic-focused.

Quala will only gain one more level as a Rogue, and then move up only
as a Sorceress. I will give her one more point in Dexterity, after
which all ability points go to Charisma. Skill points will go only into 
her roguing skills, and feats will increase her ability to wear armor 
and cast spells, as well as other magic areas.

As for Fhornal, he will remain a Druid; ability points go to Wisdom.
Skills and feats will be primarily magic focused.

|			       Chapter 3			       |
|								       |
|	 	   	 The Wandering Village	 		       |
|								       |

		1.	Brogrob the Moron
		2.	What's in a Name?
		3.	Nym
		4.	Suoma the Elder
		5.	Missing Children
		6.	Trolls, Graves, and Barbarians, Oh My...
		7.	Choices, Choices
		8.	Ring of the Warrior
		9.	The Fell Wood Entrance
		10.	Ectoplasmic Signpost
		11.	The Fell Wood I
		12.	The Fell Wood II
		13.	The Fell Wood III & IV
		14.	Dryad's Grove
		15.	Returning to Limha
		16.	Justification and Death
		17.	Cleaning up Inventory
		18.	One Horn a' Drinking
		19.	Deeper Into the Fell
		20.	Sordinsin's Horn
		21.	Barrow Looting
		22.	Appeasing the Spirit
		23.	Dumb Spirit
		24.	Back Into the Wood Yet Again
		25.	Moving On
		26.	Lazy Writers
		27.	Ghost Lights
		28.	What the...?
		29.	Setting the Spirit to Rest
		30.	The Remains of the Fell Wood

The Wandering Village (AR5000)					{WLK015}
1) Follow the path northeast to be met by Thvara Baelm and her guards, 
which include three Barbarian Warriors led by one Brogrob, who is a 
moron. Seriously. It really doesn't matter what you say, you're going 
to have to kill them. You can talk Brogrob into leaving for some minor
experience (See...? I told you he was a moron), but the rest of the
enemy party stays and fights. They drop a couple nice items, including 
a Wand of Fear. Grab Thvara's Journal while you're at it, and continue 
north from the fork.

(for talkig Brogrob into leaving before the fight)
EXP	337
2) You won't have to go far before you're attacked by several Dire
Wolves, including a couple of gay ones (they attack from the rear). I 
suggest equipping all melee weapons, as they will close on the party 
quickly and render missiles totally ineffective. The path turns east, 
where there is a barricade wall. You will be approached by a hunter (or 
is that his name?) who tells you that the village Elder, Suoma, wishes 
to speak with you. Well, alrighty then - let's go see what she wants.

Ilana gains a Cleric level, and adds a point to Concentration; she adds
Silence, Cure Critical Wounds, and Champion's Strength spells to her
available spell selection. She also chugs the Potion of Clear Purpose
and bumps her Wisdom up to 23 (at the expense of 2 points of CON).
3) Before we do that, however, talk to Nym (x=2130, y=680) but do not
sell anything to him - his prices are just too low. There really isn't 
much worth spending my hard earned gold on, but if you didn't get the 
1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail from Oswald, he has a couple nice suits of 
armor, along with Bracers of Defense +3 and a Ring of Protection +1. If 
you have a Wizard in your party, there are some nice spell scrolls 
available as well...
4) Ignore everyone else for now and head northwest to find Suoma the
Elder at (x=1850, y=420). Talk to her for some miscellaneous info, and
buy some spells scrolls if you need them (She will also buy scrolls,
potions and gems). Why it was so important to talk to her is still a 
mystery, as she really has little to say, but whatever - we did as we 
were bid. Let's see if anyone else in this timy shithole village has 
anything useful to say, or sell...
5) Venla the Healer (x=2420, y=870) will relate a story about several
children that have gone missing. Agree to help find them, and pick up
some healing if you need it (I grabbed several potions, as my stash is
getting low). When you're through, exit the village to the southeast 
(x=2700, y=1420) and proceed to The Fell Wood.

Limha's Camp (AR5001)
6) Since east is the only way to go, let's go that way. When the path 
turns north you will run into a few Snow Trolls, so make sure you have
fire or acid handy. There is a grave to the northwest, but there is
nothing of interest other than it's mere existence, so head east. You 
will come to a tent (x=2400, y=630), which you should enter. You may be 
stopped by a group of Barbarian Warriors before you can actually enter 
the tent; if so, you have the option of lying to them about their 
comrades, or telling tham that you killed them all. This, of course,
pisses them off and you'll have to kill them as well. What a shame...
One of them will drop the Bastard Sword Wroth(*1), otherwise it's just
gold and a Healing Potion or two.

*1 CURSED. 1d10+1 Damage, +1 Attack, 25% chance of Blood Rage on the
   character wielding it if/when they are wounded.
7) Inside the tent is Limha and her 'child' Agog. If your party has a
Paladin in it (and really, why wouldn't you?), you can expose Limha
right away; if not, you will have to go questing to find her out. I'll
lay out both paths in the next several steps, but first let's assume you 
do have a Paladin in your party. Have him/her initiate the dialogue with
Limha, and she will spout the usual nonsense about how she's taking the 
children in return for protecting the village from barbarians to the 
north. It all leads to having to put her down though, so choose whatever 
dialogue options you wish and get ready for a fight (skip to Step 15).

Personally, I would rather get the experience from going the long way,
so I initiate dialogue with Xanth and then follow the steps below.

Xanth levels up before proceeding - to level 10 - and does the usual
Alchemy plus Concentration gig. He gets a 5th level spell at this point
and selects Shroud of Flame (an awesome spell).

(x=510, y=340)	Skull, Antidote
8) If you do not have a Paladin, or do not wish to take the short route
thru this quest, then talk to Limha with a different party member. This
is entirely uninformative, although you can buy some spells from her if
you so desire. I do purchase the Ring of the Warrior (*1) from her 
though, and put it on K'aos. Exit the tent and proceed east to the next 

(*1) Attack Bonus +1

A Note about the Fell Wood
9) There are traps everywhere here; I did my best to find and record
them all, but don't be surprised if you find some that I missed. You
will normally be surrounded by them when you enter a new area, and if
there are enemies present you will have no opportunity to disable them.
For the most part they are not dangerous, so tripping them is not a big
deal. Nevertheless, do not be surprised when you arrive somewhere and
have things happen for which you have no explanation. Now you do...

The Fell Wood Ghost (AR5010)
10) You will immediately be warned by a spirit named Hunter's Ghost to 
leave the woods. Well F U ghost - we didn't come this far just to be
turned around by some ectoplasmic signpost. He does, however, offer one
bit of useful advice: west always leads home. Good to know... Head to
the northwest of the tiny map and exit at (x=200, y=300).

The Fell Wood I (AR5024)
11) A Winter Wolf and a Greater Winter Wolf will be here to greet you,
and several more will appear seemingly out of nowhere to join them. For
their insolence, they must die. Cross the clearing and exit the area at
(x=900, y=430).

(x=240, y=360)
(x=480, y=300)
(x=770, y=440)
(x=800, y=460)

The Fell Wood II (AR5017)
12) Here, it is a Restless Dead that attempts to block your progress. 
Well we won't have any of that either. Kill it and grab the three 
Elixirs of Health from the trapped tree trunk and exit to the north 
(x=500, y=240).

(x=500, y=300)
(x=520, y=380)
(x=750, y=360)

(x=520, y=380)	Elixir of Health x3

The Fell Wood III and IV (AR5018 and 5019)
13) Nothing to see here folks; just move along. Exit to the east at 
(x=850, y=250), then exit the next area at (x=850, y=250) as well.

(x=560, y=400)

(x=500, y=300)

The Dryad Grove (AR5016)
14) Give some permanent rest to a couple of Restless Dead, then talk to
Carynara the Dryad. She will tell you that she has seen Limha taking
children into her home, and that she is probably eating them. Well, that
bitch! Carynara will heal you for a price if you're in need, otherwise
just leave and head back to confront Limha (x=340, y=500).

(x=500, y=400)

(for finding your way deeper into the Fell Wood)
EXP	1575

Limha's Camp (AR5001)
15) You will end up back at Limha's encampment, which is convenient to
say the least. Enter the tent and confront her, at which point you will
have to kill her. This now plays out exactly as if you had spoken to
her with a Paladin in the first place. You did gain three nice potions
by doing it the hard way, and some experience for making the trip, along 
with the enemies you got to kill, so in my mind this is the far better 
route to take.
16) Oh, right, the fight... After some inane dialogue where Limha tries 
to justify her child-stealing as reward for protecting the village, she 
will flee and leave you to kill Agog. He dies rather quickly for such a
big fellow, but drops nothing. Exit the tent to find Limha with several
Snow Trolls and an Umber Hulk. She is the real threat here, so focus on 
her; when she goes down, you can mop up the rest. Note that she will 
attempt to run away to the west, so you will likely have to chase her 
and deal with the Trolls, etc, at the same time. Limha drops her Scroll
Case, five Potions of Extra Healing, and 52 Gold; K'aos empties the 
scroll case and writes all the new spells into his own spellbook.

You can then exit the area at x=0, y=1300 and return to the Wandering 
Village. Talk to Venla and tell her the good news that the children are 
safe. Report back to Suoma as well, and then get ready to start your 
next quest, which involves talking to Tahvo the Huntmaster.

(for defeating Limha and saving the children)
EXP	2100
17) You will find Tahvo at (x=2350, y=500), but before you get into a
discussion about his quest, take the opportunity to sell off all the
weapons you've accumulated. He will buy it all from you, and has a few 
nice items for sale. It's well worth the cost to have him identify 
things, except for those crappy Aurilian Ice Axes - just sell them as-is 
for the 1 Gold he offers (they're only worth 2-5 Gold after being 
identified). Sell, buy, and generally make ready for the next quest; I
traded in The Executioner's Wife for Widow-Through for Ilana, and picked
up the Bracers of Archery for Quala, as well as restocking my depleted
missile inventory (plain bullets and bolts).
18) When you're ready, talk to him again and tell him that Suoma sent 
you. You will be able to get some useful information about several new
areas. Once you've pumped him for all that he'll tell you, leave him and
head south of the village to talk to a fellow by the name of Sordinsin 
the Tusked (x=900, y=1600) to find that he has lost his drinking horn.
This isn't exactly a situation where you are given a quest, so much as
a hint as to what you should do next. Leave him and exit back to the
Fell Wood. Pass all the way thru back to the Dryad's Grove (review the 
previous section if necessary to find your way), then exit the Grove to
the northwest at (x=190, y=370) to reach the next map.
19) Frost Spiders will continuously appear here, and in large numbers
they can be nasty. Since there is apparently a never-ending supply of 
them I suggest exiting as quickly as you can (x=200, y=350), which is
conveniently located right where you entered. Kill the Restless Dead
which inhabit the next area and exit at (x=600, y=250). The next area 
looks identical to the last one, except for the lack of Restless Dead. 
Exit in the southeast corner at (x=850, y=900). Another map just like 
the last two, and empty like the last one. Go northwest and exit at 
(x=240, y=320) to find yourself in yet another area that looks the same.
Exit to the southeast at (x=850, y=900).

(x=240, y=450)
(x=660, y=370)
(x=800, y=500)

(x=570, y=400)
(x=600, y=370)

(x=500, y=460)
(x=600, y=550)
(x=650, y=720)

(x=460, y=660)

(x=700, y=800)
20) Finally - something new and different. When you arrive you will get
an experience reward for finding your way here, however you will have
little time to enjoy it as you are immediately attacked by a couple of 
Restless Dead. Put them down from a distance if at all possible, because
there are several traps nearby. Disarm them if you can, and loot the
body at (x=570, y=490) for the Drinking Horn, a Dagger-Sulo's Hook(*1), 
and 105 Gold. Exit at (x=320, y=650) and head back to the village.

(x=510, y=460)
(x=450, y=530)
(x=550, y=600)

(for finding your way deeper into the Fell Wood)
EXP	2100

*1 What a piece of trash. This dagger has no Damage bonus, a -2 Attack,
   and a +3 Deflection bonus. I wouldn't pick my teeth with this thing.
21) Return to Sordinsin and give him his Drinking Horn back for... well,
nothing. Bastard. However, after getting his horn back he disappears,
so maybe we can loot his barrow now. 

(x=800, y=1500) Chainmail Armor, Wight's Blade(*1), Ziose Gem, 99 Gold

*1 Large Sword +1 with a 66% chance to cast Bane on the target. Woopee.
22) Head back to the village and talk to Tahvo again; tell him that you
have appeased the spirit for some experience. Talk to Suoma again to
get your next assignment; go and talk to Kurttu at (x=1890, y=670) to
actually get the next quest.

At this point Ilana moves up another level, to 10th level Cleric. She
seleects Concentration for her skill, and adds Holy Power and another
Flame Strike to her arsenal.

Xanth also levels up, taking the usual Alchemy, Concentration, and
Spellcraft. Now that he can get a 5th level spell, he chooses to add
Chaos, another awesome spell.

Trying to rest in the village will get you some experience, due to the
Dire Wolves that constantly spawn. Not enough to gain levels for anyone
but every little bit helps, right...?

(for ridding the village of the Barrow Wight)
EXP	2100
23) Talk to Kurttu (x=1900, y=670) - you can go thru all the dialogue
options, but really this is just a way to get you to go and talk to
someone else. In this case, the someone else is really two someones:
Carita (x=2400, y=570) and Leevi (x=2430, y=580). Carita is kind of a 
bitch, and totally unhelpful; Leevi is only slightly better. As both of 
our previous excursions here took us into the Fell Woods, and since we
were told that's where we can find Kyosti's Spirit, we should head back
in there now.
24) Head directly to the Standing Stones, where we found and looted the
dead body in the previous section. The exit locations from each area are
listed in order below, starting from the village:

(x=2730, y=1410) East
(x=3000, y=1050) East
(x=180, y=300) Northwest
(x=900, y=450) Southeast
(x=490, y=220) North
(x=830, y=250) Northeast
(x=830, y=250) Northeast
(x=200, y=360) Northwest
(x=180, y=350) Northwest
(x=620, y=230) Northeast
(x=850, y=900) Southeast
(x=250, y=310) Northwest
(x=850, y=900) Southeast

Kill anything that gets in your way, or ignore it and just move from
area to area, as you desire.

Upon reaching Area 5011 (the Standing Stones), I realized that several
characters can level up:

K'aos gains another Wizard level (to 9th), and takes Concentration,
Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft for skills. He adds
another Web, along with Shroud of Flame, to his spellbook.

Ghrax goes to 11th level and adds a point to Concentration. Too bad he
doesn't get any feats, or new spells yet.

Fhornal likewise moves up to level 11, and puts his points into the
usual: Concentration and Knowledge (Arcana). He adds another Sunscorch,
Protection from Fire, and Healing Circle to his repertoire.
25) Now that we're back here, let's leave. You seriously didn't think it 
was going to be that easy, did you? We still have several more areas to
go thru before we get to our destination. Exit the eastern side of the
map at (x=850, y=550) and kill some Restless Dead in the next area. The
exit from here is to the southeast at (x=700, y=570). This area looks
the same as the last one, with the obvious exception that there are no
enemies here to kill. Exit at (x=670, y=220) to find another identical
area, again uninhabited. Well fine - exit this one too (x=260, y=230).

(x=250, y=400)

(x=450, y=330)

(x=600, y=360)
(x=700, y=450)
(x=250, y=360)
26) This area is different, in more ways than one. First, it's a frozen
river with three log bridges; second, there are Restless Dead that 
require some smiting. The exit is right behind you (x=300, y=200), and
it leads to another river section, again with the three log bridges. I
can think of only two reasons why a lot of these areas look the same:
the writers wanted to confuse you, or they were too lazy to actually
create new backgrounds. Not that it really matters - it is what it is.
Exit this area at (x=850, y=270) to find yet another identical area.

(x=340, y=350)
(x=400, y=570)
(x=750, y=400)

(x=340, y=450)
(x=700, y=460)

(x=350, y=600)
(x=400, y=350)

27) Spell buff like you mean it, and then exit this area in the south-
east corner at (x=850, y=700). This leads to another area that is... 
wait for it... different. I guess doing more than three areas in a row 
using the same background was too much even for them. Well thank the 
stars - that was starting to get just a bit ridiculous. You do get some 
experience for finding your way here, however. This area is inhabited by 
a Will o'Wisp, a Witch Light, and a Death's Candle. These things are a 
major pain in the ass, as they will continually go invisible and move 
around to attack from behind, and they have a shit-ton of hit points. 
Kill them to complete part of the quest, loot the tree, and exit to the 
west at (x=250, y=600).

(x=400, y=500)
(x=650, y=420)
(x=800, y=350)

(for finding your way deeper into the Fell Wood)
EXP	3150

(for extinguishing the ghost-lights of the Fell Wood)
EXP	375 (Will o'Wisp)
EXP	500 (Witch Light)
EXP	750 (Death's Candle)

(x=570, y=580)	Scroll:Hold Person, Large Shield of Luck +1(*1),
		Dart +3 x22, 240 Gold

*1 Shield Bonus +3, Saving Throw Bonues +1, Armor Check Penalty -1,
28) What the...? How did we...? Aaarrgghh... Re-enter the woods and talk
to Hunter's Ghost in the entrance area to the Fell Wood to find out 
where Kyosti's Spirit is located, and get some experience. Exit where
you entered, back to the area with the tent.

(for giving peace to the Restless Dead of Fell Wood)
EXP	1575
29) Now... Remember that grave on the western side of this map? Yes...?
Good... Head there, kill some Dire Wolves on the way, and talk to the 
spirit that appears (x=630, y=570). The dialogue options aren't very
diverse, and there's really only one way to complete this, so go with
it and be happy that you don't have to fight him. He will depart, and
give you the Fell Wood Remains, along with his spear(*1)

Exit the area to the southwest and head back to the village. Talk to 
Kurttu first, and then Suoma next to finish this quest and get some more 
experience. Again, the dialogue options are pretty straight forward - if 
you mess this up you really shouldn't try to play computer RPG games... 

(for solving the mystery of Kyosti's disappearance)
EXP	2100

(for fulfilling the last of Suoma's quests)
EXP	3150

*1 Kyosti's Spear, Attack +1, Damage 1d8 plus 1d6 plus 10% 1d10
30) As soon as you try to hand over the remains of the Fell Wood dead to
Suoma you will be treated to a cut-scene wherein two demons, Isair and 
Madae, will appear and converse briefly before killing the village 
guards and turning them into Possessed Corpses. Well, shit... I was 
hoping to be able to rest a bit before having to fight again, but I 
guess that just isn't meant to be. I run back north and get the party
set up in a better position for fighting, including chugging a couple 
of healing potions. This is a fairly straight forward fight, and I used
no special tactics to kill the enemy party.

Once they're all dead, you will find yourself just inside the entrance 
to the village, and Venla the Healer will bid you farewell. Farewell, 
indeed, but we're not quite done here... Talk to Tahvo the Huntmaster 
again and buy three Hemp Ropes (and anything else you think you want), 
and then talk to Suoma one final time. Now you can actually give her 
the Fell Wood Remains for some experience. Rest, and head back into the 
forest yet again.

Quala levels up to 6th level Rogue (her final Rogue Level) and adds a 
point to Intelligence (for the additional skill points). This gives her
seven skill points to spread around; she takes Concentration, Disable
Device, Open Lock x2, and Search x2. and She adds Combat casting for her
new feat. From here on out she will advance solely as a Sorceress.

(for returning the remains of the Fell Wood to Suoma)
EXP	1575

|								       |
|	 	   	    The Cold Marshes			       |
|								       |

		1.	Treant
		2.	Freeing the Fell Wood
		3.	Out of the Wood
		4.	Religious Trolls
		5.	Moving On...
		6.	The Black Raven Tribe
		7.	The Gate of Stone
		8.	Abominable Snowman
		9.	Wyverns
		10.	Ingrath Mariner, Maybe...
		11.	Our First Dragon
		12.	Doppelgangers

The Cold Marshes (AR5004)					{WLK016}
1) Head directly thru the first area and enter the woods. This time,
instead of Hunter's Ghost, there is a Treant in the first clearing. You
were probably attacked by Treantlings at various points while traveling
thru here before, but they would just show up, injure you, and then
disappear. Now you actually get to fight/kill one. Oh boy! I usually
light up the clearing with as much fire as I can muster (which is quite
a lot, now that I think about it), and kill the treant in onw round;
you can do whatever makes you feel good.

Exit to the southeast (x=750, y=700).
2) Slay several more Treants in this area to complete this mini-quest
and get some experience. Again, I light up the entire area with fire,
although this time it takes two rounds to actually kill off all three
enemies. As soon as the last one dies, you'll see a bit of automated 
action wherein all the remaining Treants get fried, and then you'll get 
your reward.

Rest if you need to, then exit in the northeast corner (x=520, y=250).

(for slaying the Treants and freeing the Fell Wood from their warping)
EXP	2100

//Note by Valdo
There seems to a rare case (which happened in my playthrough) where the
game freezes after you killed the last Treant, and the small cut scene
won't start playing. This seems to have something to do with the games
resolution, I fixed it by putting my resolution back to 800x600 and
re-entering the area.
3) Use caution as you move around thru this area - there are Web traps, 
and Frost Spiders and Ettercaps that love to go after Webbed characters. 
Disarming the traps won't prevent the enemies from attacking, but it 
will make it a damn sight easier to kill them. Continue to the east and 
slightly northeast along the southern edge of the map to the clearing
at around (x=1100, y=1350).

(x=180, y=1460)
(x=330, y=1750)
4) Here you will be attacked by a group of Frost Spiders. These eight- 
legged shitheads will come at you from all sides, so take extra caution 
not to get surrounded. Straight melee is the best option for dealing 
with them, as they will close on the party quickly and render missile 
weapons useless. Continue east along the bottom of the map past a log 
barricade to find a couple of Snow Trolls, who are accompanied by a Snow 
Troll Shaman. Only in an AD&D world could you find religious Trolls...
5) Behind the barricade to the south are two more Troll Shamans whose
god seems to have abandoned them, because they die without much of a 
fight. Loot the hole in the ground that they were apparently guarding
for some minor treasures, then continue east along the... shore?

(x=1890, y=1780) Angel Skin Ring, Half-plate Armor, Moonstone Gem,
		 Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, 205 Gold
		 Note: the loot here is quite variable
6) Where the path turns north you will find a group of Barbarians led
by one Hadbruki, who will talk to you. According to him, they are the
Black Raven Tribe, which I guess means something to them. He puffs
himself up and tries to sound threatening, but really he's just scared.
It really makes no difference what you do here, because this ends in a 
fight. I suggest a Fireball or Chaos spell (if you have one) to soften
them up, but in the end it really isn't necessary. They drop normal
Barbarian crap - gold and gems mostly - but Hadbruki has a rather nice 
Mace on him(*1).

*1 Azure Rod: +1 Attack, 1d4+2 Damage +1d6 to Evil creatures, and
   gives a +5 bonus Hit Points when equipped.
7) Behind where you encountered Hadbruki, to the north, is a large
group of boulders that you can manipulate. This is a fairly simple
'move the open space' puzzle with way too many open spaces. When you
click on a boulder, it will move in the only direction it can, thereby
allowing you to move farther into the puzzle. Use a single character 
and click on the boulders in the following order to open a passage:

(x=3280, y=1060) Left
(x=3300, y=1000) Right
(x=3190, y=1050) Right
(x=3220, y=1000) Right
(x=3240, y=950)  Left
(x=3280, y=1060) Left
(x=3300, y=1000) Left
(x=3330, y=950)  Left
(x=3330, y=900)  Right

NOTE: the first time you move any boulder, you will be attacked from the
south by a small group of Barbarian Warriors, usually accompanied by a 
Barbarian Shaman. So move the first one, fight, move another one, fight, 
move the third set, fight, etc.

(for opening the Gate-Of-Stone)
EXP	2100
8) Head thru the now open puzzle/barrier, and turn west. It may not look 
like you can get thru, but trust me, you can. Continue west past the
dead bodies to find an Abominable Snowman. This guy takes a lot of work 
to put down, and he appears to be immune to all but the very best of
weapons, so I simply had Quala Web him and then Xanth hit him with a 
couple of Aganazzar's Scorchers. That did the trick, and nobody got
hurt in any way (except the Snowman, of course). Loot him for his pelt, 
and a Bow:Flamekiller(*1). Behind him is a hidden hole in the snow with 
a bit of loot.

Note: you may get attacked by the critters in the next step while trying
to move west for this one. If so, do that step first, then come back and
finish off this one.

(x=770, y=670)	Wandering Hunter's Armor(*2), Masterwork Battleaxe, 
		Spear, Masterwork Longbow, Sparkling Bullets +1 x20, 
		474 Gold

*1 This is a +1 bow which grants 1/- cold resistance. Crap...
*2 Hide Armor, AC +4, Max Dex +4, Armor Check Penalty -2, 
   2/- cold resistance. This is also crap...
9) Return from whence you came and head north, the only way left to go. 
You will almost immediately be attacked by six Wyverns - two from the 
north, and four from the south. This can get ugly quickly if you're not 
careful, and again, melee is the way to go, as they will close on the 
party and make missile weapons useless. Continue north to the next area.

The Cave Entrance (AR5005)
10) If you didn't kill him before (WLK014, Step 22), you will be met by 
Ingrath Mariner, who will congratulate you on making it this far. When 
you mention proceeding thru the cave, he will tell you that it is 
inhabited by a White Dragon. Well, isn't that just freakin' wonderful... 
He apparently isn't too bright, as your suggestion to develop a plan to 
tackle the dragon goes unheeded - he's all for just storming in and 
killing it without so much as a thought to how. He will continue to goad 
you ("Go on then... into the cave!"), which implies that he isn't going 
with you. What a pussy... Of course if you did kill him before, then he
won't be here to warn you, and you'll get taken totally by surprise...
Wait... but I just told you... never mind...

Either way, spell buff like you mean it and head to the east slowly with 
a single character. Cold-resistence buffs are very helpful here, as are
anything that can reduce damage (stoneskin, barkskin, etc).
11) As you approach the cave (x=1100, y=530), you will get an automated 
scene and be attacked by two White Wyrms - one from the northwest and 
one from the southwest - and the White Dragon himself out of the cave. 
Run like hell back to the party and hopefully the dragon won't follow;
this should allow you to take on the White Wyrms first, and the Dragon
separately. If this doesn't work, and the Dragon does follow, you should
still have time to kill the Wyrms before having to actually fight the
Dragon. The White Wyrms die surprisingly fast; the Dragon, on the other
hand, is a pain in the ass. His breath weapon will Slow you, and he hits 
for some pretty substantial damage, so get on him fast and hard. Using
fire-based spells is recommended, and you can keep some of the party out
of the way and hit him with missiles, but in the end it's melee that 
will win this fight.
12) As soon as the Dragon is dead, Ingrath and his cohorts will return
and reveal themselves to be Doppelgangers, whom you will also have to
put down. You have no chance whatsoever to save, heal, or anything else
before this happens, and can turn a great win into a major loss very
easily. Unfortunately, they appear right in front and in the midst of
the party, so Fireballs and similar spells are not very useful. They are
not very strong, and will die quickly, but they will go immediately
after the weakest, most wounded characters, so be ready. When all is
once again peaceful, enter the cave...

|								       |
|	 	   	     The River Caves			       |
|								       |

		1.	More White Wyrms
		2.	Hook Horrors
		3.	Making a Safe Room
		4.	Room Clearing
		5.	Fire Beetles
		6.	Hook Horror Ambush
		7.	Dead Ends and New Paths
		8.	Shambler and Jelly Sandwich
		9.	Duergar Temple
		10.	Barud Barzam the Headless Chicken
		11.	Obtaining Doom Bolter
		12.	Turning the Spectre
		13.	Beastlord

Caves (AR5100)							{WLK017}
1) Another couple of White Wyrms and another White Dragon await as soon 
as you arrive - allow them to come to you to be slain. There are several
piles of loot laying around, most of which is totally useless but there 
are also a couple of caches of nice things. Rest, heal, whatever, then 
exit down the large hole at (x=1060, y=400).

Note: if you didn't buy rope from Tahvo in the village, you'll need to
go back there and get some. It's the only way to exit down the hole.

(x=550, y=630)	Broken Weapon, Broken Shield
(x=680, y=640)	Broken Shield, Helmet, Skull
(x=790, y=670)	Broken Armor, Broken Weapon
(x=870, y=590)	Broken Weapon, Broken Miscellaneous, 
		Studded Leather Armor +2
(x=730, y=330)	Angel Skin Ring, Flamedance Ring, Horn Coral Gem,
		Star Diopside Gem, Shandon Gem, Wyrm's Maw(*1)
		(~1)Potion:Protection from Petrification, 595 Gold
		(~2)Mace of Bludgeoning +2(*2)
		(~4)Potion:Delay POison

*1 No AC bonus, but this helmet allows the wearer to use White Wyrm's 
   Breath 1x/day for 6d4 damage. Nice...
*2 1d8+2 damage, +2 attack, +1 extra damage/round for 10 rounds

The River Caves (AR5101)
2) There are Hook Horrors and Duergar down here in the caves; the latter
are easy to kill, the former are a bit harder. As you move north from 
the entrance you will find the first of these - unfortunately, several
of his friends will show up behind you as well. From what I could tell
there are nine of them altogether, although there may have been one or
two more come in during the battle. Regardless of their numbers, being 
surrounded by a swarm of Hook Horrors is not a lot of fun. 

I suggest keeping the party back by the entrance and sending a single 
character ahead to initiate the encounter - if you keep the party as far 
back as possible, the Hook Horrors won't be able to show up or get 
behind you, and this fight will go a bit easier. Notice that you can't 
exit back the way you came, so it's fairly easy to get into a safe 
position. A Web or two up into the passage at about (x=700, y=1900) will 
stop half of the enemy group while you deal with the ones that show up 
right in the middle of the party, and if you're lucky it will hold until 
the closer ones are all dead, after which you can fireball the webbed 
group to death. Oh... and you'll want to equip all melee weapons for 
this fight...

Head north, ignore the 'door' at (x=850, y=1560), and proceed east to 
where the tunnel splits.
3) Open the door to the north (x=1500, y=1300) and kill the two Hook
Horrors in the room beyond. Grab the loot at (x=1530, y=1150), and move
the entire party in here. We will be using this room as a safe spot in
which to fight the next several encounters. Send one character across
the tunnel and open the door at (x=1740, y=1380), which will unleash a
rather large group of Hook Horrors from all directions. Run back into 
the safe room and wait for them to come to you. They will simply line up 
in the doorway and allow you to kill them one at a time. When they're 
all dead, you can go across and loot the room. Repeat the process for
the next northern door at (x=2000, y=1220) - go ahead, I'll wait...

(x=1530, y=1150) Garnet Gem, Chrysoberyl Gem
(x=1680, y=1480) Bloodstone Gem, Chrysoberyl Gem x2
(x=2190, y=1110) Sphene Gem
4) Move the party into this next northern room (the one you just cleared
out), and send one character east down the tunnel to incite yet another
large group of Hook Horrors. Don't bother with the southern room yet, as
that will trigger a fight we don't want until this next batch of Hook 
Horrors is gone. Kill all the Hook Horrors as you did before, heal up if 
necessary, and then open that southern door (x=2300, y=1350).
5) This room contains Fire Beetles, and these little buggers are fast.
Individually they are nothing - it only takes 1-2 hits to kill one - but
in a swarm of somewhere around 50 they are a bitch. They will come from
everywhere, but you can still bottleneck them in the doorway to your
safe room and fight them 1-2 at a time. They will keep coming for some 
time, so just be patient and kill them as they show up; eventually they
will stop, and you can proceed... What pisses me off about them is they
aren't worth any experience - none, at all. They're as annoying as shit,
and you have to kill a ton of them, but you get absolutely nothing for
it. How about 5xp each, huh? Or even 1xp? At least that would make up 
for the time you waste having to kill them. Oh well...
6) In the cavern to the east there are two more doors to explore. In
the southern one you will find a dead body with some loot. However, as 
you approach you will unleash hell upon yourself, in the form of about 
a dozen Hook Horrors. So... pick whichever room you like as a safe room 
(I use the fire beetle room, since there's a lot of room to maneuver)
and proceed as before. This time can be tricky however, as the character 
can easily get trapped and not be able to get back to safety. (A Haste
spell makes this a lot easier to accomplish.) If all goes well, this 
plays out the same as the previous encounters; the Hook Horrors get 
bottlenecked in the doorway and die one at a time. If not, then you end
up with one character trapped outside the room and they won't last long
in that position.

Ilana could level up here, but since Xanth is only a couple hundred XP
away from a new level as well, I elect to wait and do them both at the
same time, after the next couple of steps.

(x=3160, y=1550) 95 Gold
7) The passage beyond the door to the northeast is blocked, and we need
some mining tools to get past, so let's head back down to the split and 
go south. There is an exit here (x=1760, y=1720) which will take you in
to the southern sections of the cave complex. It will also put you in
touch with some Ice Trolls, and you will have almost no room to use fire
without damaging the party. Nevertheless, they die quite easily. To the 
southwest is a cavern with a trapped loot pile.

(x=1000, y=2100)

(x=1000, y=2100) Chainmail Armor, Masterwork Warhammer, Helmet, Shield,
		 Star Diopside Gem, Zircon Gem, Sparking Arrows +1 x20, 
		 211 Gold
8) East of here is another cavern with a Shambler and a slew of Ochre
Jellies. A Fireball or two will take care of most of them in a single 
casting, leaving only the Shambler and maybe a Jelly or two to actually 
fight. Watch out for the Shambler - he will Entangle a character and
focus his attention on them; even the Witherbranch Boots cannot prevent
this effect. I suggest magicing everything to death - Magic Missiles,
Fireballs, Flame Strikes, etc... The Shambler will drop a a dagger, 
Lamia's Tongue(*1), which I equip on Xanth. Proceed east to the end of 
this passage to find a dead body with a a key on it. Grab it and return 
to the main section of the cave, to the north.

I level up Ilana and Xanth before leaving this southern cavern:

Ilana goes to 11th level and adds a Concentration point. She gets a new
Domain spell here, and chooses Spiritual Wrath; she adds a second Doom,
as well as Halt Undead, Dolorous Decay, and Heal.

Xanth also goes to 11 (anyone get the reference here?), and adds another
point each to Alchemy and Concentration. He also gets some new spells,
and chooses Blur, Lightning Bolt, Emotion:Hope, and Lower Resistance.

(x=3170, y=1980) Duergar Key

*1 Returning Dagger, 1d4 Piercing + 1d6 Slashing Damage
9) Now that we have the Duergar Key, we can enter the Duergar temple.
Open the large rock/door (x=820, y=1570) to open the passage west, and 
Follow the wooden walkway west. Turn north to arrive at a large, ornate 
doorway (x=310, y=1150). Open the door and approach with anyone other 
than a Paladin - that will end in a fight and cost you a nice experience 
reward later on. You will be stopped and spoken to by Daragab the 
Slave-Master; do NOT bitch him out for being a slaver, that will piss 
him off. Continue into the temple (x=750, y=770) but don't loot the 
place. This will turn everyone and everythng hostile and, like before, 
prevent you from getting some nice experience.
10) Go and find the Duergar named Barud Barzam; I found him at about
(x=1120, y=860), but he runs around like a damn chicken with his head 
cut off so you could find him pretty much anywhere. He will offer you a 
reward for killing all the  monsters in the caves (which we've already 
done), so tell him they're all dead and get your reward right away. 
Next, he'll ask you to kill a bunch of Monks. Agree to help him, but 
don't leave yet. Loot the room to the north (x=750, y=580) for a few 
nice items, but make damn sure to grab the Mining Tools. DO NOT attempt 
to loot the rest of the place; you'll get caught and blah, blah, blah... 
If you do get caught, you might just want to reload and try it again.

(for clearing the River Caves)
EXP	1725

(x=860, y=520)	Masterwork Bolts x80, Bullets x40, Stun Bullets +1 x20
(x=750, y=400)	Mining Tools
(x=670, y=320)	Masterwork Warhammer
(x=800, y=290)	Ziose Gem, Shandon Gem, 566 Gold
(x=870, y=360)	Elixir of Health
11) Go and talk to Dragu Ironbreaker (x=1450, y=450) with a character
possessing an Intelligence of 17+ and talk him out of his new prototype 
crossbow, the Doom Bolter; this replaces Hagnen's Folly on Fhornal.
Yes, I know - it's one less bonus point to damage, but I'd much rather
have the 2 attacks per round.

(for helping Dragu design the Doom Bolter)
EXP	1725
Doom Bolter(*1)

*1 Attack +3, Damage +2, 2 attacks/round
12) Take a Cleric down the hallway southeast from Dragu, then northeast
to a door. Open the door (x=2250, y=570) and enter the room. Talk to the
Spectre that appears, and when he turns hostile... well... turn him
(using your Turn Undead ability) for some experience.

Note: if you destroy the spectre instead of turning him, you won't get
the experience reward. You only want to make him non-hostile, not 
destroy him. Once turned, you can speak with him again and convince him 
that he's dead, after which he'll vanish and you'll get the experience.

(for releasing the Spectre from his anguish)
EXP	3000
13) You can try to loot the rest of the place, but you WILL get caught 
and have to fight everyone and everything in here. I suggest you just 
forget about it for now and head for the blocked passage in the far
northeast corner of the map. Use the Mining Tools (attack the rock pile) 
to open the way, and exit the area at (x=3480, y=650)

River Caves Exit (AR5102)
14) Go east from the entrance and kill some Umber Hulks that will pop
out of the wall at you (x=980, y=1200). Continue east and do it again
(x=1600, y=1050). The path doubles back on itself and heads west, until
you are subjected to a mini-cut-scene and get to talk to The Beastlord 
Harshom. He is completely full of himself and goes on and on and on and
on about what a great guy he is, and how powerful he is, and how you're 
going to die, and all that rubbish. Now bear in mind (pun intended) that 
he has a couple of Mages with him, and he's a spellcaster himself, so 
his threats are no laughing matter. As is my custom, I start things off 
with a big 'ol Fireball, in this case accompanied by as much magic as I 
can muster. I managed to kill both backup Mages and severely wound the 
archers in the very first round of action. A second round of spells will
leave you with almost nothing left alive but a couple of bears, and
against a well-armed party like mine they don't stand a chance. The
archers all drop Arrows of Piercing and some gold, the Mages have Gems 
and Gold, and Harshom himself drops a few healing potions, some Gold,
Bracers of Defense +2, a Shield Ring, and the Raven Gate Key. 

The Raven Gate Key will allow us to proceed thru the door and exit the 
map, which ends this Chapter.

|				Chapter 4			       |
|								       |
|	 	   	The Black Raven Monastery		       |
|								       |

		1.	Suicide Leap
		2.	Yeti Trap
		3.	Bribery
		4.	Bered the Librarian
		5.	NN for the Win
		6.	Dolon's Letters
		7.	Behind Door #3
		8.	Sersa's Training
		9.	Dolon the Dick
		10.	Permission to Become an Associate
		11.	Morohem, Master of Chambers
		12.	Chamber of Stone
		13.	Chamber of Shadows
		14.	Chamber of Sorcery
		15.	Chamber of Clockwork
		16.	Chamber of Sand
		17.	Chamber of Silk
		18.	Chamber of Battle
		19.	Chamber of Immolation
		20.	Associate of the Black Raven Monastery
		21.	Killing the Monks
		22.	Killing the Duergar
		23.	Valas' Tomb
		24.	Avoiding Golems

Well... in Chapter 3 we managed to save the children of a village from a 
witch, found and returned a drinking horn to a Barrow Wight, gave rest 
to a wandering ghost, removed the threat of Restless Dead in the forest, 
destroyed a bunch of Treants, fought barbarian hordes, and cleared out a 
cave complex, among other things. It was a busy chapter, but by no means 
the end of our mission. We now find ourselves outside the Black Raven 
Monastery, and the beginning of Chapter 4. This surely won't be as bad 
as the last chapter... or will it?

Black Raven Monastery, Exterior (AR5200)			{WLK018)
1) Our path is obvious - cross the two bridges and enter the 'building'
in the southeast corner of the map. But, of course, nothing is as easy 
as it seems. The first bridge is trapped, but this time you want to go
ahead and trip it. Send one character onto the bridge and allow them to
fall to their "death"; they will be returned to you, and you can heal 
them to get them back virtually unharmed. We now have a bridge with a 
huge hole in it...

I keep the party on the western side of the bridge, send one character 
across to incite the White Wyrms on the other side, and then run back 
across. The Wyrms cannot cross the bridge due to the hole you created, 
and you can kill them with missile fire. See why we didn't want to 
disable the trap? When the Wyrms are dead, head across to the plateau.

There is a Wyrm nest here with some loot in it; of course there is 
another White Wyrm guarding it, and taking the egg from the nest will 
totally piss him (her?) off and you'll have to kill it. Keep the items 
from the nest handy - you will need them later.

(x=430, y=1140)

(x=670, y=990)	White Wyrm Egg, Ruby Ring
2) The second bridge isn't trapped, but there are several Yetis on the
other side. Draw them back across the bridge 1-2 at a time if you can,
to make killing them easier. Once they're all dead, cross the large pile 
of Yeti carcasses that you've created and then enter the cave opening 
at (x=2700, y=1400). You will arrive on the plateau above, with access 
to a large door (x=2800, y=750). I guess this is the entrance...

Note: Yeti Skins are worth a fair amount in bulk, so grabbing them off
the dead bodies is a good idea.

Black Raven Monastery, Interior (AR5201)
3) You will be met by Salisam Harbash, who seems friendly enough. He is
mostly unhelpful though, and tells you simply to speak with someone
named Aruma Blane, although he is a bit unsure if she will help you.
So we have our first task - find someone else. It seems we just can't 
catch a break... Lockpick the door at (x=1630, y=970) and talk to Ven. 
Refuse to help him, then accept his bribe and let him go. Loot the room
and head up the hallway to the northwest.

(for accepting Ven's bribe)
Nonin's Ring

(x=1520, y=1060) Potion of Healing x3, Potion of Extra Healing
(x=1480, y=1100) Bullets x80
(x=1380, y=1040) Bolts x80, Arrows x40
(x=1350, y=980)	 Lamp Oil x9
(x=1470, y=950)	 Ryomaru's Harmless Staff(*1), Darts +3 x20

*1 An otherwise normal staff, this thing has a multitude of special
   effects, all based on chance. I guess if you're a gambler, this
   could be a nice item, but for me it's just too dangerous. I'm sure
   it will sell quite well though...
	15% poison target + 1% poison wielder
	5% +1d4 Piercing Damage on target
	5% +1d8 Bludgeoning Damage on target + 1% 1d6 Damage to wielder
	10% +1d6 Piercing Damage on target + 1% 1d4 Damage to Wielder
	5% stun target
	10% +1d6 Bludgeoning Damage on target
	5% +1d4 Acid Damage + 1% 1d4 Acid Damage to wielder
	1% cast Slay Living on target
4) The room to the north is a library, and inside is Bered, apparently
the librarian. He is a wealth of knowledge (as he should be, being a
librarian and all...) and will tell you how to become associates of the
Monastery, which will allow you to use the passage to the Underdark
which, oddly enough, is where we're headed. He sells a variety of books
and spells, and will buy your unneeded scrolls. In particular, the tome
titled "How to be an Adventurer" is nice - if you have the 102,000 gold
it takes to purchase, you can gain 10,000 experience points for one
character (equip the book in an item slot and then 'use' it). For me,
this allows K'aos to gain a level. Loot the bookcases and move on.

K'aos becomes a 10th level Wizard and adds a point to Intelligence. He
gets 5 skill points to spread around this time, and as usual he takes
Concentration, plus Diplomacy, and Knowledge (Arcana) x2. He also gets 
two feat points, and chooses Spell Penetration x2. Finally, he gets to 
add some spells and goes with another Stoneskin, and Chaos.

(x=1390, y=590)	Book:Philosophy of Kara-Tur
(x=1430, y=560) Book:Valas-the Black raven
(x=1660, y=590) Book:On Non-Violence
5) Across the hall from the library is a large dining room; all the way
at the northwestern end you will find Nonin. That name sounds familiar,
like maybe we have his ring or something. Talk to him, and when you
try to end the conversation he'll mention having lost his father's ring.
Well isn't that convenient - we just happen to have it on us. Have him
identify it with the letters 'NN' and get some experience and loot. He
will also sell you some potions, and buy stuff from you. Loot the 
bookcase in the corner for some Elven Healing Wine.

Ghrax gains a level, going up to 12th level Ranger. He adds an ability
point to Strength, a skill point to Concentration, and a feat point to
Spell Penetration. His spell selections are also enhanced with 3rd level
spells, and he takes Cure Moderate Wounds and Storm Shell.

(for returning Nonin's Ring)
EXP	3900
Potion of Extra Healing x3

(x=830, y=500)	Elven Healing Wine
6) Go back into the dining room and head southwest thru the door at 
(x=1040, y=930), then thru another one at (x=1050, y=1100) to reach a 
bedroom with a few containers you can loot. Hang on to Dolon's Letters, 
as we will need them soon.

(x=770, y=1050)	 Dolon's Letters, Waterstar Gem, Jade Ring, 81 Gold
(x=890, y=1040)	 Book:Secret Societies
(x=1090, y=1150) Book:History of the North I
7) The next room is behind door #3... umm... door (x=820, y=880). This
room appears to be a bunkhouse, and has a couple of chests that can be
lockpicked and looted. In the corner of the room (x=780, y=830) is a
monk named Sersa; ask her to train somewhere else and she'll tell you a
sob story about how Svaltid, the trainer, is refusing to train her.
Offer to speak with this Svaltid fellow and head back out to the main
hallway again.

(x=390, y=890)	 Silver Necklace
(x=350, y=640)	 Book:Valas-The Black Raven
8) We're running out of rooms, so we must be getting close to finding
Aruma. But let's see if we can't get some training for this Sersa
character - she seems like a nice enough person, after all. And really,
why shouldn't she be trained like the rest of the monks? You'll find
the trainer, Svaltid Hanarsen, at (x=920, y=480); talk to him with a
character with a high Bluff skill to convince him to train Sersa. Return
to Sersa and give her the good news; for this you will get some nice,
juicy experience, and will be allowed to rest for free.

(for convincing Svaltid to train Sersa)
EXP	2925
9) Alright... enough screwing around helping out monk wanna-be's and
stealing from a religious order - let's get on with our quest. Head to
the only place we haven't looked yet, thru the door at (x=1220, y=1130).
In here you will find Aruma Blane talking with Dolon Daemba; ignore him 
and talk to Aruma. Tell Aruma you wish to use the underground passage, 
and be denied; ask about becoming a monk, and be denied again; show her 
the letters you found in Dolon's chambers and she changes her tune 
completely. She forgives Dolon for being a dick, turns the control of 
the Monastery over to Salisam, and leaves. Loot her room and return to 
Salisam back where we first entered.

(x=1120, y=1400) Frost Bullets +1 x20
(x=1150, y=1200) Book:History of Durpar and Var the Golden
(x=1340, y=1130) Bracers of Defense +2
(x=1490, y=1220) The Hammer of Lucern(*1)

*1 Despite its name, this is a Halberd. 1d10+1 Damage, +1 Attack,
   undead and outsiders must make a Fortitude save or be destroyed
10) Salisam is far more accommodating this time, and offers to let you
face the Eight Chambers - the test that will allow you to become a
Monk of their order, and use the passage to the Underdark. Well it's
about damn time! You will also get some experience for removing Aruma
from power - nice... Head down the stairs at (x=1300, y=580) to reach
the next level of the Monastery.

This reward was just enough to allow Fhornal to gain a level:

He becomes a 12th level Druid, and bumps his Wisdom up to 22. He takes 
Animal Empathy, Concentration, and Spellcraft for skills, and adds a 
point in Simple Weapon: Crossbow. For spells, he adds Beast Claw, Ice 
Storm, Healing Circle, and Sol's Searing Orb.

(for removing Aruma from power)
EXP	2925

Black Raven Monastery, Lower Level (AR5202)
11) Here you will find Morohem, Master of Chambers (x=580, y=640). He
will explain the process to you, which requires you to take the tests
unarmed and unequipped. He is, however, nice enough to store your gear
for you in a container at (x=880, y=830), so at least there's that. Now
that you are all but naked, talk to him again to be transported to the 
first chamber.

I have Ghrax do the first several chambers, because he has the most hit
points, the highest strength, and some healing ability.
12) The trick here is to pull the levers in the correct order. But what
is the correct order, you ask? Well, you could use trial and error, but
that is really just a waste of time, not to mention stupid, when you 
have a guide like this to tell you what to do. Pull the levers in the
following order, from left to right: 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, and kill some monks 
in between each. There is a cache of weapons at (x=530, y=840) that
will make life a bit easier, nevertheless this does get pretty nasty by 
the time you get to the fourth level, and you will be hard pressed to 
win this. It can be done however, so just keep reloading until you 
complete all the battles. There is no strategy here whatsoever - just 
pull the levers and fight.

(for mastering the Chamber of Stone)
EXP	2300
13) You can rest safely in between each Chamber, which is a good thing, 
because you will get pretty beat up going thru the tests. Next comes
the Chamber of Shadows, which contains six portals, four of which you
need to enter in the correct order. Numbering the portals from left to
right, top to bottom, you need to enter the portals in order, as 
follows: 1, 3, 4, 6 (Top, Right, Left, Bottom). Complete the tests of 
this chamber to get another experience reward.

(for mastering the Chamber of Shadows)
EXP	2300
14) The Chamber of Sorcery is next, and it can be tricky, so pay close 
attention. There are Blue and Green tiles on the floor; the Blue tiles
grant Protection from Electricity, and the Green ones will spawn monks.
Jump onto the raised Blue tile as soon as it appears to avoid some major
damage, and defeat the monks to complete the test. This 'safe' platform
will change throughout the process, so be ready to move each time the
monks disappear and reappear. Focus on one monk at a time, ignoring the
other one, until you kill him, and then deal with the second one. With 
any luck at all, you'll have some time to heal yourself in between. If
you want weapons, they are at (x=1450, y=1500).

Quala goes up to 7th level Sorceress at this point, and adds Search and
Disable Device skills. She adds Protection from Evil, Bull's Strength,
and Lance of Disruption to her known spells.

(for mastering the Chamber of Sorcery)
EXP	2300
15) Three down, five to go... The Chamber of Clockwork has a weapon 
cache at (x=1660, y=1320); grab them if you want them. All you need to
do here is kill the monks before time runs out. As soon as you enter,
pause and inspect the room - you will see three 'panels' at various
points. Focus on any single Monk until you see the flash on the wall at 
one of the panels, then run over and pull the lever that is exposed. 
Repeat this process with the next monk and the next lever, and then
finally the third Monk to win the challenge. I know it sounds confusing
but after you get in the chamber for the second time (you very likely
will not succeed the first time), you'll know what to look for and how
to accomplish the goal.

(for mastering the Chamber of Clockwork)
EXP	2300
16) Halfway thru, and surprisingly the first chamber was the hardest, 
at least for me. I suspect things will get more difficult as we progress
though. We'll see... Speak to Morohem again to start the next Chamber,
which is the Chamber of Sand. In here are several buttons on the walls;
pressing them will release an Aganazzar's Scorcher. Fry the monks using
the fire beams to wound them, then defeat them to pass the test. I know 
it sounds easy, but it's not. Line up your targets carefully before 
activating the beams. I focused on one monk at a time, but you can do 
this however best suits you and the situation as it plays out. Weapons 
are at (x=2470, y=960) but they're mostly useless. Well, good luck...

(for mastering the Chamber of Sand)
EXP	2300
17) Now for the Chamber of Silk. You will have to defeat a couple dozen
Poisonweb Spiders here, so having a Neutralize Poison spell or ability
will be essential. Again, you can grab a weapon (x=2100, y=750) to
make life easier, and you can fry them with Sunscorch or other fire-
based spells. A Cleric or Druid with Insect Plague and Flame Strike can
have a fairly easy time of this, as will a Mage/Sorcerer with several 
Fireballs. In the end, this really isn't all that bad, although it seems 
like it will never end. There are a shit-ton of the buggers here that 
you need to kill, but in the end they will all die and you'll win.

I send Fhornal in for this one - three Flame Strikes and it's all over.

(for mastering the Chamber of Silk)
EXP	2300
18) The Chamber of Battle is the seventh challenge you need to defeat,
and it's actually easier than the the Chamber of Silk. An Iron Monk will
appear - lure him onto the blue platform, and kick his ass. Then, when 
he falls, run over to the switch on the wall at (x=1730, y=1130) and 
activate it. This will open the door to the northwest; enter this new 
room and knock out a new Monk on one of the platforms, and the other 
Monk on the other platform (he will wake up and rejoin the fight), and 
then activate the other switch at (x=1430, y=950) to win the contest. 
Both Monks must be unconscious on the blue platforms when you pull the 
second switch.

I switch back to Ghrax for this one...

(for mastering the Chamber of Battle)
EXP	2300
19) This final chamber spouts fire constantly - freaking wonderful. You 
need to defeat two Brass Monks in here, and not get toasted in the
process. You can tell where the fire will hit by the circles that show
up on the floor, so it is possible to avoid it. The Monks hit for 10+
damage per hit; add the fire damage from the Flame Strikes and you're
in for an extremely hard time. A character who can cast some form of 
fire protection will be able to resist much of the Monks' additional 
fire damage and some of the Flame Strike damage, but that will only help 
so much. There is a cache of weapons in the container at (x=880, y=300), 
but you need to be fast to get there before the Monks get to you.

I sent Fhornal in to fight this battle. The instant he arrived in the
chamber, I paused and cast Protection from Fire, and as soon as that
was in place he took Dire Bear form. I moved him as far into the 
southern corner of the room as I could get him (this helped avoid the
Flame Strikes), and he simply clawed both Monks to death.

(for mastering the Chamber of Immolation)
EXP	2300
20) Head back upstairs and talk to Salisam again for another reward.
You are now an Associate of the Black Raven Monestary, and have access 
to the entrance to the gate to Valas' Tomb on the third level. Many
people who would not speak with you before will now offer bits of
information, but it is mostly useless. Now you have a choice - you can 
do as the Duergar wished and kill the Monks, or forget that little
questy thing and continue. Personally, I choose to go ahead and kill
the Monks - if you wish to let them live, skip to Step 23.

K'aos gains another level, and moves up to Wizard 11. Concentration is
a given here, as are Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft; the other two
points bump his Bluff skill up. He gets a new spell, and chooses to add 
another Fireball.

(for mastering the Eight Chambers and becoming an Associate of the
Black Raven Monestary)
EXP	3900
21) So - you decided to kill the monks too, eh? Well here's how I did
it: I moved the party into the first room to the southwest, off the
entry chamber; archers along the back wall and fighters at the doorway.
Once I'm in position, I send K'aos in and attack a monk (it doesn't 
matter which one) to get the fight started, then run back into position
in the 'safe room'. The entire place goes freakin' balistic, but all I
have to do is stand in the doorway and let them all come to me. I did
cast a few spells into the entry chamber to screw with them, but there 
was really no need other than to give me something to laugh at. I had 
to venture out a couple times to incite the next group, but it really
was just a matter of lining them up in the doorway and mowing them down.
22) Once everything and everyone is dead - don't forget about ol'
Morohem downstairs - exit the Monastery and head back to the Duergar 
Temple via the River Caves Exit. Talk to Barud Barzam again and tell
him you've completed his little murder spree for some experience and a 
nice bunch of loot. You can now, of course, kill all the Duergar as 
well, if you're so inclined. This is a much tougher fight, even if
the tactics are the same (pick an enclosed room, set up in and across
from the doorway, and get everyone to come to you for some death). For
one thing, Duergar are a whole lot tougher than the monks were; for
another, there are more of them. If you don't kill them now though, you
will have to fight them later, in the tomb, where they will show up in
back of your position and have you totally surrounded. I suggest that
you kill them now...

I hole up in the storeroom where we found the mining tools and start
the battle. A Web into the hallway will slow the enemies up a bit and
allow you to take them out with missile fire, hacking up the few that
get thru with my melee characters. Once everyone is dead, search the
bodies and make sure to grab Hell Bolter(*1), along with a very nice 
cache of other magical weapons. I give this awesome crossbow to the
only one in my party who can actually make use of it - Fhornal.

(for slaughtering all the monks)
EXP	2300
Armor of Warding(*2), Hammer of Darkness(*3), Heavy Crossbow +3(*4),
Garnet Gem x4, 298 Gold

*1 Attack +3, Damage +2, 3 attacks/round
*2 AC Bonus +7, Max Dex +0, Armor Check Penalty -6, Spell Fail 40%
*3 1d8 Damage, plus a 50% chance to blind the target. So what...?
*4 In spite of its name, this is a +5 to hit and +5 damage weapon
   (either that, or the description is wrong and it's really +3/+3)

Valas' Tomb (AR5203)
23) Return to the lower level of the monastery and exit down the stairs 
at (x=750, y=860) to reach the gate to Valas' Tomb. Open the gate ahead 
of you, and ignore the four Iron Golems in here; they are all but 
impossible to kill at our meager level (Level 11-12 is meager? Yeah, in 
this game it is). So unless you are really itching for a fight that
you probably can't win, the best strategy is to head for the exit 
(x=1400, y=50). If you really, really, want to fight these Iron Golem 
bad-boys, rob the tomb and let them chase you to the entrance, running
back up the stairs to heal in between combat sessions. You're insane for 
doing this, but hey - it's your game and who am I to tell you how to 
play it?

I recommend a different strategy: make your way unmolested toward the 
exit to find another door. Go past the Golii and up the narrow path at
about (x=1750, y=1050); the path is marked by lights on either side.
Thru the door you will meet a large group of Duergar that you will have 
to kill - the only problem with them is their numbers; there are quite a 
lot of them. Once they're all dead, grab various magical gear that they
drop (as well as their other gear), rest up, and prepare to rob the tomb 
we ignored earlier.

Note: if you left the Duergar alive in the temple, they will show up
behind you on the narrow path and REALLY make things difficult. Killing
them earlier is a much better solution.
24) Now, send a sneaking Rogue back to the tomb (x=570, y=1100) and grab 
the loot, running back to the exit and leaving the area as quickly as 
possible once you have it. There... see...? That was a whole lot easier 
than having to fight four Iron Golems, and except for the experience you
didn't (and probably couldn't) get, you end up with the same result.

(x=570, y=1100)	Skull, Aquamarine Gem, Bracers of Defense +4,
		Scroll-Beast Claw, Shackles of Roa(*1)

*1 Wielded as a flail, these lengths of chain grant a +1 Attack Bonus,
   1d8+1 Damage, and have a 33% chance to give a +2 Strength Bonus to
   the wielder if/when struck by a melee opponent (non-cumulative).
   The Strength Bonus lasts for the duration of the combat.

|								       |
|		 	      The Underdark			       |
|								       |

		1.	Meeting Malavon Despana
		2.	Shopping for Strength
		3.	Exploring and Looting
		4.	Merchant Caravan
		5.	Dude... Mushrooms!
		6.	Sorn
		7.	Hostile Mushrooms
		8.	Ambushed by Assassins
		9.	Completionism
		10.	Entering the Drider Cave
		11.	Convincing Ginafae Despane
		12.	Cocoon Wars
		13.	Clearing OUt More Driders
		14.	Imphraili the Alchemist
		15.	Alchemy for Fun and Profit
		16.	Oinchack'olp's Blue Stone
		17.	The Heart of the Matter
		18.	Returning the Stone?
		19.	Rewards Galore
		20.	Caravan No More
		21.	Citadel Entrance

Drow City (AR5300)						{WLK019}
1) When you arrive, Malavon Despana will speak to you; he is friendly,
and it's in your best interest to accept his hospitality. He will take
you into the camp and introduce you to several people before leaving
you to your own devices. Question him about the tale of his demise and
record it in your journal - there's no experience for it, but if the
game offered the chance to do it there must be a reason... You will be
offered the opportunity to take on a quest for him to clear out some
Driders in a cave not far away; accept, and then you can look thru his
wares; he has several potions, scrolls, etc. but the only thing I found
worth buying was the Ring of Freedom of Movement (I put this on Ilana).

It is safe here, as long as you don't try to steal from the inhabitants, 
and there are a couple of stores where you can sell and buy spells, 
potions, etc.
2) Next, talk to Viizra Arabani (x=580, y=850) if you need healing or
healing-type spells. She really doesn't have much else, however the
Scrolls of Healing are worth the gold. When you're done with her, talk 
to Kadresh Olonrae at (x=890, y=840); here you can get some strength
potions (Fire Giant x2 and Hill Giant x3), as well as a ring that will
increase your Strength and COnstitution by 1 (Ring of Hearty Strength).
I put this ring on Ghrax, replacing the Ring of Protection +1.

When you've completed your purchases, exit the encampment thru the gate
to the south (x=930, y=1100).
3) As is our normal process, let's check out this place in a counter-
clockwise direction. Head west and loot the 'spot' in the ground at
(x=90, y=1750). Of course it can't be just that easy; when you approach, 
you will be attacked by two Sword Spiders, but by now they are cheese.

(x=90, y=1750)	Arrows of Dispelling x32
4) To the south is a small merchant caravan; Heggr Splitsteel has the
best prices of any merchant in this area (x=450, y=2210), and also the 
best selection. I sell all my excess crap off to Heggr first, then hit 
Wode and Myrvek for what I need from them, and finally end up back at 
Heggr's shoppe. Overall, there are some extremely nice items to be had 
here, and I take full advantage of the 200k+ gold I managed to acquire.

I equip everyone with +3 weapons - Ghrax keeps the Club of Disruption, 
Quala keeps Sophia's Flight, and Fhornal keeps Hell Bolter, otherwise 
the party all has new primary weapons and several have new secondary 
weapons as well. I also grab the couple of strength potions that are 

Complete all the transactions you need to... well... complete, but DO 
NOT try to rob them or loot their camp. This is a fight we will do 
later, after we have finished the other quests. I promise... East and 
then south from the merchant camp you will run into a few more Sword 
Spiders if you're so inclined, otherwise head back north and then turn 
east and follow the edge of the map.
5) Continue following the southern edges of the map and it winds past 
some blue and green mushrooms, and finally head south again. There is 
another 'spot' at (x=1810, y=2430), this time spawning two Shadow Drakes 
when you approach it. They also die quite easily, and you can then grab 
the loot in the 'spot'. North from there, at (x=2440, y=1710), you will
find a Mind Flayer named Oinchack'olp; talk to him and accept his quest
to find his lost blue stone. Apparently the Driders stole it from him,
and he will be grateful for its return. Well okay then, we now have two
reasons to visit the Drider caves. 

(x=1810, y=2430) Iol Gem, Moonstone Gem, 345 Gold
6) The path now turns back north along the eastern map-edge, and when 
you cross the spot at around (x=3070, y=2190) you will be attached by
a few more Sword Spiders - two from in front, and two from behind. As
you move further north, you will eventually be confronted by Sorn, the
first of a group of Driders we will need to kill. At this point though, 
we can simply talk our way out of a fight and gain some intel in the
process. Do not mention that you are here to destroy the Drider-creating
artifact and you should be okay.

As with the merchant caravan, we will be dealing with these creatures 
soon enough. The Drider cave is to the east, but let's just skip that 
until we've finished exploring the rest of this cave. Continue north...
7) Ignore the doors to the north (x=3000, y=500) and (x=3200, y=500), 
you can't open them anyway, and loop back around to the west along the 
northern edge of the map. I know - we're ignoring a lot of stuff here, 
but we will come back and do it all in due course. North again to 
approach a spot in the lake at (x=1900, y=590), and be attacked by 
several Myconids - three Blue and one Red. Fire of any kind will
dethreatenize them somewhat, but really you can just chop them up in 
melee. And yes, dethreatenize is a word; even if I did just make it up.

(x=1900, y=590)	Andar Gem, 147 Gold
8) Head northwest along the wall north of the camp until you are met by
a group of Drow Assassins, led by a Drow Priestess. She has a couple of
Drow Deathsingers with her, and they can be a pain, so focus a lot of
attention on them. After being taken totally by surprise the first time 
I did this encounter, I decided to approach it differently the second 
time around. Leave the party back by where the wall turns and send one 
character in to initiate the battle, then blast the entire area with 
Chaos, Fireball, and other area effect spells. Whatever is left is much 
easier to deal with after they've been scorched, confused, webbed, and 
generally dethreatenized (see, I told you it was a word). The Drow 
Assassins will target your spellcasters, particularly mages, and they 
can deal a lot of damage if they get into the midst of the party, so 
watch out for them.

Once they are all dead, loot the bodies for a shit-ton of healing 
potions and a lot of gold, as well as a very nice drop by the Priestess. 
In addition to some gold, she drops a Cloak of Displacement(*1), 
a Flail +3, Chainmail +2, and a Shield-Buckler of Denial(*2)

*1 The Cloak of Displacement grants a +4 bonus vs missile weapons, and
   a +2 bonus to both Fortitude and Reflex saving throws. While it's
   not as good as its 2nd Edition Rules counterpart, it's still a very
   nice find.
*2 This shield gives the normal +1 Shield Bonus, but also grants the
   wearer immunity to the spell Circle of Death. Not great, but a damn 
   sight better than a normal buckler.
9) Now if you followed the guide exactly as I laid it out, you may see 
a small patch of map still unexplored, in the center of the eastern
half of the map. Go there now to find... nothing. But, being the total
completionists that we are, it was mandatory that we do that. You are a
completionist, aren't you? Well, you are now... So, what to do next?
Disarm the trap and exit the area at (x=3800, y=1030) to enter the 
Drider Caves. 

(x=3600, y=1000)

Drider caves (AR5301)
10) Head east, where you will be attacked by several Driders: Drider 
Priestesses, Drider Wizards, and generally crappy Drider enemies. These 
guys are really easy to kill, and no special tactics are required. The 
spell-casting Driders start out with spell buffs on themselves, and the 
only offensive spell they got off was a Web, so they really aren't much 
of a threat. Continue east to the next chamber, which branches northeast 
and south. Let's go south first, and then southwest to get to another
entrance to these caves.

NOTE: there are web traps everywhere here, so proceed with caution. 

(x=740, y=1300)
(x=1150, y=1480)
11) More Driders await, and a couple more may appear from behind you,
so be prepared. This whole area is essentially a large kill-zone; if
you simply destroy everything you encounter you'll be fine. Backtrack
to the first split and continue north to be attacked by several more
Driders, including some from behind. When they're all dead, head into 
the chamber to the north to find Ginafae Despane (x=970, y=700). Yes, 
she's a Drider too, but we don't want to kill her; instead, talk her 
into leaving the caves and returning to her brother Malavon, back in 
the village. There is a large trap across the narrow passage to the 
north, but as this path doesn't really go anywhere, and you don't get 
experience for disarming traps, you can safely ignore this path.

(x=1150, y=1150)
(x=1530, y=800)
(x=1750, y=1140)
12) Take the next path north and disarm another trap at (x=2030, y=900);
kill the Drider up here, along with the one that will come at you from 
behind. Continue in a generally clockwise direction to the next chamber
which contains several Viciscamera cocoons. Viciscamera Drider Wizards
and Priestesses will spawn here - kill everything. Attack the cocoons
to release more Viciscamera Driders; kill them too. This fight is a bit
more difficult, simply because of the sheer numbers of enemies; there 
are about a dozen of the bastards that will spawn, and they include 
several Wizards and Priestesses. I kept the party back in the narrow 
entrance to this area and sent one character forward to initiate the 
fight - a couple Walls of Flame, Insect Plagues, and various other
spells kept most of the Driders at a distance, and the few that did get
thru were easy in melee. I managed to only initiate one Drider at a
time by moving up near a cocoon, waiting until it broke open, and then
running back to the party in the passage - if you can pull this off, it
makes the battle much easier. Having to deal with only 1-2 Driders is
far better than having to fight all 10-12 of them at once.

Destroy all the cocoons and their inhabitants, but do NOT attack the 
Viciscamera Heart (x=3640, y=980). Our goal here was simply to render 
this place safe to enter later, when we will be taking on (and killing) 
the Heart.

(x=1450, y=1130)
(x=1750, y=1130)
(x=1840, y=1460)
(x=2030, y=900)
(x=2800, y=1200)
13) Head south down the passage from the cocoon chamber (x=2300, y=1700)
and U-turn northeast - kill a Drider in this alcove. Continue south from
here, and hug the eastern wall to avoid another encounter that we will
do later. You'll find a Drider Priestess in a small alcove at about
(x=2350, y=2250); she will be joined by a Drider Wizard from the west
and a Drider Fighter from the north. Southeast from this encounter is
another large group of various Driders, who also need to be dealt some 
death. Oblige, and continue southeast. This battle is nasty, as there 
are a lot of the bastards, and you will have to fight them all at once. 
Plus, several more will come from the west, just to keep things 
interesting. Continue clearing the southeastern section of the map until 
there's nothing left to clear.
14) Head west toward the center of the map, where You will find several 
Enhanced Flesh Golems in the next cavern, along with Imphraili Asserbai, 
an alchemist who is trying to create even stronger Driders. We need to 
kill him - do so in much the same fashion as the Driders in the previous 
cavern. After a somewhat friendly conversation, I position my missile 
weapon equipped characters in the rear and my melee fighters in front in 
the western passage that leads into his chamber, and then attack him. 
Literally everything in here goes hostile, and it can be a bitch to deal 
with them all - Cloudkill and other area effect spells work wonders. 
There will be one Enhanced Flesh Golem left alive when all else has been 
dealt with - we have a use for him, so let him live. Imphraili drops a 
fair amount of magical gear, so make sure to loot his body when the 
fight is over. He drops a Dagger +2, a Robe of Absorption, a Scroll of 
Stoneskin, a Ring of Regeneration, a Ring of Protection +2, and 182 
Gold. Also search the tables in Imphraili's lab for still more items, 
most of which we'll be using to create even better items.

(x=1480, y=1730) Imphraili's Transformation Notes
(x=1500, y=1780) A Treatise upon Flesh Golems
(x=1530, y=1730) Progress Journal: Viciscamera
(x=1600, y=1680) Vial of Silvery Fluid, Vial of Spores x3
(x=1630, y=1800) Wand of Enfeeblement, Wand of Bull's Strength
15) Once you have all the items, click on the table at (x=1630, y=1730) 
to be prompted to create some magical items from the several mundane
items that you've found. You'll need several ranks in the Alchemy skill 
to accomplish this. Make damn sure to create the Conversion Poison, as
this is how we kill the Viciscamera Heart. You can also create a potion
called Sanguis Anima, which has two potential uses. You can either give
it to the remaining Flesh Golem and animate him with an electrical
blast to have him serve the person who animated him, or drink it to gain 
5 hit points. I chose the hit points, but do what you think is best.
Create everything you want/need, and exit to the west.
16) Backtrack west and then turn south to kill some Myconids in the 
southern section of the map; by now they should not be a threat. Search 
the shroom at (x=1170, y=2600) and retrieve the Incandescant Blue Ioun 
Stone(*1) - this is the item that Oinchack'olp the Mind Flayer wants. 

*1 This item is rather nice; it grants the wearer +2 to Wisdom. I think
   we'll end up keeping this, although we will get the experience for
   returning it first.
17) Now there's only one thing left to do - destroy that Drider spawning
Viciscamera Heart. Return to the cocoon chamber and toss the Conversion 
Poison into the open 'mouth' of the Heart to destroy it. Once it's dead
we can return to Malavon Despana in the Drow city for our reward. Head
there now... Of course nothing could be that easy, could it? As soon as 
you exit back to the main cavern, you will have to deal with Sorn, 
Nadal, and some Drider friends of theirs. I suggest exiting via the
northernmost spot, as this puts you into a slightly better position.
So once you're out, just kill them; kill them a lot.

(for killing the Viciscamera Heart)
EXP	150
18) Before we return to the city, let's revisit our Mind Flayer buddy,
Oinchack'olp and give him his blue stone. You have the option to try
and keep the stone, and I recommend doing this - you still get the same
experience, plus you get to keep the Pale Blue Ioun Stone(*1); loot
the body afterwards to also get the Mercykiller's Belt(*2). The Stone 
goes to Ilana; the Belt goes to Ghrax.

Ilana moves up to level 12 and adds a Wisdom point, a Concentration
point, and a point in Improved Turning. She adds another Dispel Magic,
a Restoration, Iron Skins and anotehr Heal to her spells.

Xanth likewise moves to level 12, ups his Strength to 14, and takes
Concentration and Knowledge (Arcana) for skills. He adds a final point 
into Armored Arcana, and takes Improved Haste for his new spell.

The Pale Blue Ioun Stone give Fhornal an extra spell: he adds another 
Flame Strike.

(for returning Oinchack'olp's stone)
EXP	3900


(for refusing to return Oinchack'olp's stone)
EXP	3900

*1 Grants the wearer +2 Wisdom while equipped
*2 Grants the wearer +2 Strength while equipped
19) Return to the city and talk to Malavon - tell him your tale and
get your rewards.

Ilana and Xanth each gain a level here:

Rest to heal and memorize spells, then proceed...

(for reporting the destruction of the Viciscamera Heart)
EXP	5850

(for returning Ginafae)
EXP	3900
House of Despana Insignia(*1), House of Despana Piwafwi(*2)

*1 This small amulet allows the wearer to cast several spells: Blur,
   Melf's Acid Arrow, and Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, each 1x/day. It's
   not much, but it's not bad either.
*2 A cloak, it grants 2/- fire resistance and +2 to Hide skill. Again,
   not great, but not bad.
20) As promised, we can now head south and get the rest of the loot from
the Dwarven caravan. I suggest selling/buying everything you want first,
then destroy them and loot the tents. Also make sure to grab the miriad
gear they drop - there's a ton of it, and it's pretty nice.

Wode:	Throwing Axe, Iol Gem x4, Battleaxe +2, Ring of Knowing(*1),
	Amulet of Protection +1, Leather Armor +2
Myrvek:	Water Opal x2, Diamond, Andar Gem x5, Tchazar Gem x4,
	Scroll:Lower Resistance, Scroll:Lightning Bolt, Knave's Robe,
	Ring of Fire Resistance, Acid Tipped Darts x10, Quarterstaff +2
Valas:	Potion of Extra Healing x3, Bolt +2 x20, Spear +3,
	Light Crossbow +2
Heggr:	Bloodstone Gem x2, Sparking Bullets +1 x10, Sling +1,
	Scroll:Cure Serious Wounds, Small Shield +1, Warhammer +3

(x=500, y=2550)	Flamedance Ring, Onyx Ring, Gold Necklace, 
		Bluestone Necklace
(x=320, y=2350)	Andar Gem x4, Skydrop Gem x2, Lynx Eye Gem x13,
		Start Diopside Gem
(x=280, y=2330)	Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Wand of Bull's Strength,
		Wand of Alicorn Lance 
(x=200, y=2300)	Potion:Protection from Evil, Potion:Minor Mirror Image
(x=160, y=2180)	408 Gold
(x=200, y=2160)	Light Crossbow +2, Arrow +1 x20, Bolt +1 x20
(x=230, y=2130)	Buckler x2, Buckler +1 Chainmail +1, Leather Armor +2,
		Studded Leather Armor +1
(x=260, y=2120)	Longsword x3, Masterwork Morningstar, Short Sword +1,
		Morningstar +1

*1 +1 to Knowledge (Arcana)
21) To the north, there is now a group of critters, led by a Mind Flayer
named Beelthot. Where did he come from, you ask? No idea, but since
he's standing in front of those doors we couldn't open earlier, I
suspect he came from there. Since we want to get thru those doors now,
I guess we're going to have to kill him, along with his not-so-little
friends. There are a couple of mages in behind them as well, just to
make this fight interesting.

To begin, Web the two Mages at (x=2870, y=700) and (x=3230, y=700). For
whatever reason, they will allow this and nothing goes hostile - yet.
I keep the party well back from the 'front line' of Thralls, and cast a
Fireball on Beelthot, just to get his attention. It does the trick, and
now I have a fight on my hands. I follow that up with a massive spell
attack on the Thralls. As soon as that is done, there comes an attack
from behind by a shit-load of minor pains in the ass which, by their
sheer numbers, makes them a major pain in the ass. I move into the
northern Drider Cave entrance area draw everything back to me, then kill 
them 1-2 at a time. Once the small-fry are dead, I can regroup and go 
for the all out frontal assault.

You may now exit the area thru either of the two doors. I prefer the
one on the right (x=3200, y=500) because you enter the next area in a
slightly better position. Not all that much better, mind you, because
you're still being attacked by a buttload of enemies, but at least you
have an exit route from here, where in the other one it's not so easy.

|								       |
|		 	    Z'hinda Citadel			       |
|								       |

		1.	Entering the citadel
		2.	Lightning Generators and Farting Golii
		3.	Mind Flayers
		4.	Looting Bedrooms
		5.	Fighting Around Corners
		6.	More Lightning Generators
		7.	Another Farting Golem
		8.	Completing the OUter Ring
		9.	Armory
		10.	Removing the Fart Generators
		11.	Braintrails
		12.	Emptying the Citadel
		13.	Out of the Frying Pan...
		14.	Oswald's Retarded Niece

Z'hinda Citadel (AR5302)					{WLK020}
1) You enter the next area to be confronted by Abdoshanheth, a Mind
Flayer, along with four Minotaurs and two Flesh Golems. You will get to 
read a non-interactive conversation between Abdoshanheth and some 
off-screen entity, and then they will go hostile. A couple archers will 
show up from the northwest, but they're not a huge threat. I Fireball 
the Mind Flayer and Web the area, out of range of the party. Once 
they're immobilized I can hack the closesst Minotaur to death while 
Magic Missiling the Mind Flayer to death. This is not a hard fight by 
any stretch, and it should be over with in a flash (get it? Fireball...
Flash...? I kill me). Grab the Corrosive Bolts +1 that the archers drop 
and head the only way you can go - east...
2) This place is built in a maze-like fashion, with passages switching
back and forth, and lots of corners for enemies to hide around. This
first passage turns north and then splits, and to the east is a
Lightning Generator which will deal some unhealthy damage. Destroy it
before proceeding. There are Mind Golems wandering about thru here;
everywhere they go they leave a cloud of Mind Fog, which will effect
characters. They aren't hostile, and will just ignore you, but the Mind
Fog will make affected party members somewhat less than effective in 
combat, so it's best to wait a bit after one passes by.

I think we'll stick with our standard counter-clockwise exploration
routine, so ignore the passages north and west, and continue east. We'll
clear out the outer ring first, then move inward. Head down into the 
first area to the southeast, ignore the couple of Thralls that reside 
here, and loot their quarters. Oh, and the Lightning Generator has a
Diamond for the taking.

(x=2680, y=2130) Diamond
(x=3150, y=3440) Iron Rations x20
(x=3330, y=2260) Iron Rations x5
(x=3440, y=2120) Iron Rations x5
3) Continue northeast up the curving passage, where you'll run into 
Galoombethshe - another Mind Flayer - and get to read another mindless 
conversation with several off-screen entities. This whole citadel
appears to be inhabited by Mind Flayers, so I suspect we will want to 
try and take them on individually and not in a group. Mind Flayers will 
totally fuck with your head, and in any fight should be the primary 
targets. There is an Elder Brain somewhere in here as well, and it's
probably going to be our ultimate goal, but for now it's not a threat.
Kill the Mind Flayers (a couple more will show up after you attack
Galoombethshe) and take the gold they drop, then continue around the
outer ring.
4) This next room, which makes up the eastern edge of the citadel, has
several beds in it and a couple lootable containers, one of which is
empty; the other has some loot. 

In several plays thru here, I have found that even which container holds 
loot is variable, and what you find is seemingly random. Listed below is
what I found on the latest run...

(x=3700, y=1550) Studded Leather +2
5) Since our outer circle has ended, I guess we go back and continue on 
the next inner one. Head north up the passage parallel to the bunk room
to find another Lightning Generator at (x=2880, y=1000). We can mostly 
avoid it by heading quickly up the northeastern passage (the eastern one
is a dead end). This passage doubles back in itself, heading southwest
and then northwest again. In this next room is another Mind Flayer,
named Morhizulosh. He threatens the party, as they always do before they
die, and goes hostile. His position - around the corner almost 270
degrees - makes this a tough battle to start, because he will almost
certainly get off some spells before we can get to him. Get to him we
must, though... I move Xanth into the corner of the hallway/room and
send a Fireball in to say hello, then wait as several Thralls engage
me back in the hallway. Well that's convenient - let me kill the easy
enemies first, then take on the Mind Flayer alone. There are two doors
in this room and, like the entrance doors to this citadel, they are
locked and warded. Well, shit (or whale shit, depending on your accent).
6) So, what to do next...? I suppose we have to go back and take out
that last Lightning Generator (LG), then see what's up that hallway. 
But, before we do that, let's draw some baddies back to us and kill 
them, so that we can take out the LG unmolested. Move one character 
forward to the southwest - and of course as soon as I do that, a Mind 
Golem walks by and farts on him with his Mind Fog gas. Methinks those 
big assholes must die, but not yet. So, now that the Thralls are dead 
we can return to disabling that Lightning Generator. Again, there is
a Diamond inside.

(x=2880, y=1000) Diamond
7) Another Mind Golem walks by and farts, and then it's safe to proceed
up the next hallway. There's a major intersection up here, with passages 
going off north, south, and west. Since we're trying to get the outer 
ring cleared first, let's go north. Our path turns west again, doglegs
south and west, and then opens into another room. If experience has 
taught us anything, it's that rooms=enemies, so we will approach with a 
bit of caution. This bunkroom has a couple of Thralls in it, but they
aren't hostile so I decide to loot first. It appears someone has tried
to stash their valuables under the mattress, so I grab it, and then
destroy the Thralls.

(x=1600, y=550)	Angel Skin Ring, 98 Gold
8) Looking at the map, we can see that we're roughly three-quarters
of the way around from where we entered, so it makes sense to complete
the circle. There's a passage southwest out of the bunkroom, and that's
the way we'll go. Turn north at the large opening, and keep heading
northward until the passage turns southwest. You'll probably run into
another farting Golem along the way, but you can ignore him. Head to
the southwest around the outer ring again, and continue the loop. You
can ignore the minor side passage to the northwest - it's a dead end. 
Another major intersection, and another choice. I'm certain by now you
know what we're going to do, but for the sake of continuity I'll tell
you anyway: continue along the outer-most passage. Another Lightning
Generator, another farting Golem, and we can proceed southward, all
the while staying on the outer-most ring.

(x=680, y=1000) Diamond
9) This next room appears to be used to manufacture weapons, and the 
Thralls aren't hostile, so loot then kill. Another Mind Golem comes in
and stinks the place up, but as usual I ignore him for now. One of
the Thralls (probably the Wizard) drops 10 Darts +2. Another LG at 
(x=1280, y=2070), another Farting Golem (FG) to ignore, a slight jog to 
the east, and we've completed the outer circle.

(x=580, y=1530) Masterwork Greataxe
(x=800, y=1530) Greataxe +1
(x=900, y=1530) Masterwork Spear
(x=980, y=1600) Bullets of Disruption +1 x10, Arrows of Flame +1 x10,
		Sparking Arrows +1 x10, Potion:Minor Elemental Barrier
(x=390, y=1830) Masterwork Battleaxe
10) Now we could head right toward the center of the map and take on
what is undoubtedly the Elder Brain that was talking earlier, but I
suspect we should remove the Golems first. We don't want to get into a
fight with a real enemy and suddenly have all these Golems showing up
and farting on us right in the middle of it all. There's nothing more
annoying than having a brain fart right in the middle of combat, and
that's exactly what these guys do. So... I set up in the intersection
by where we came in (approximately x=2500, y=2400) and simply wait for
the stinky bastards to come to me. They are a bitch to kill, but they
will go down eventually - luckily there's only one at a time to fight.
Move a character around the outer ring to find more Golems and draw
them back to where the party awaits. Because they move around so much
it will be hard to tell if you got them all, but take out as many as 
you can before moving into the center section of the map.
11) Once you've removed, or at least reduced, the Golem threat, head 
north toward the center of the map. There are many ways to get there,
but I used the passage just to the north and slightly west of where I
created the Golem pile. No matter which way you go, you will end up
having to go thru more maze-like passages to get there. The Elder Brain
room is easy to spot, what with the brain entrails (braintrails?) all
over the place. It will bitch at you for killing all its friends and
then go hostile. I approached with only a single character (K'aos) and
then ran back to the party to deal with the Thralls that attack; then
heal up and go after the Brain. After all the Golems, I expected this 
thing to put up more of a fight, but no - it died after only a couple 
of rounds. Kind of disappointing, really... When it dies, you get a
very nice experience reward for it, and find out that the psychic force
that was sealing the exit doors has been broken. It's not listed as a
reward below, because it didn't present that way in the game, but it is
what it is...
12) Now if you want, you can go thru the rest of the citadel and kill
everything that's left alive, but there's no real need. There are a 
couple of Lightning Generators that are probably worth taking out, and
I list their locations below; otherwise (if you're so inclined) I'll 
meet you by the exit... Back now...? Good. Heal up a bit, spell buff
as desired, and leave by the lefthand door (x=2900, y=400).

Ghrax and Fhornal level up here before exiting:

Ghrax goes to 13th level and adds a Concentration point. He does
not get any new spells - too bad...

Fhornal moves up to 13th level as well, and he adds Concentration and 
Knowledge (Arcana). He adds Barkskin, Flame Strike, and Fire Storm to
his spell repertoire.

(x=1120, y=1240) Diamond
(x=2530, y=1510) Diamond

Underdark Exit (AR5303)
13) You will get to watch a couple Wizards (one is a Diviner) show 
their surprise that you've managed to get this far, and then have to 
fight for your life. Three Earth Elementals, a half-dozen Harpies, and
of course the Wizards. This can get ugly fast, as everything except the
Wizard will close on you and you'll be surrounded. I could find no way
around this, so here's what I did... I converted Fhornal to melee (with 
the Scimitar +3) and focused as much straight up fighting as I could on 
the Earth Elementals; meanwhile I had Xanth and Quala cast damage 
dealing spells at the Wizards (a couple Fireballs will make them think 
twice about doing this again).

Mirabel, one of the wizards, drops Mirabel's Pendant(*1), an 
Adventurer's Robe, Staff of the Defender +1(*2), Bracers of Defense +3, 
and 130 Gold. 

Majrash, the other Wizard, leaves behind the Cloak of Mystra(*3), 
Ice Pick +1(*4), Bracers of Defense +4, a Ring of Acid Resistance, 
and 150 Gold.

*1 This pendant offers a +3 to Knowledge (Arcana)
*2 A +1 staff with an extra +1 deflection bonus
*3 Damage reduction 5/+1, but only usable by Wizards (not Sorcerers)
*4 A small blade, +1 attack, 1d4+1 damage plus 50% 1d6 cold damage
14) While all this carnage was going on, Oswald was just standing around
watching, along with his niece, Maralie. Talk to him (x=1000, y=650) to
watch an interesting conversation with Maralie, who is obviously mildly
retarded. You can get some interesting information from Oswald about
Kuldahar, the Ten Towns, and several other things, but really the point
of this is to get on the ship and end the chapter. Buy as many Potions
of Lesser Restoration as you can reasonably afford (there are critters
in the next chapter who will level-drain you), then leave for Kuldahar.

|			Party Stats - End Chapter 4		       |
|				 {STATS2}			       |
K'aos Reynes - Paladin of Mystra
Class Level	P2/W11
Experience 	103494 (105000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	64

Strength	16 (+3)
Dexterity	12 (+1)
Constitution	11 (+0)
Intelligence	19 (+4)
Wisdom		10 (+0)
Charima		16 (+3)

Primary Weapon	Longsword +3, Large Shield of Luck +1
Second Weapon	Mace +3, Tabard's Shield

Studded Leather Armor +2, Cloak of Mystra, Helmet, Witherbranch Boots,
Periapt of Wound Closure, Ring of Protection +2, Chameleon Ring of
Dexterity, Bag of Holding, Scroll Case
Ghrax - Ranger
Class Level	R13
Experience 	93207 (105000)
Armor Class	23
Hit Points	182

Strength	21 (+5)
Dexterity	18 (+4)
Constitution	19 (+4)
Intelligence	 3 (-4)
Wisdom		20 (+5)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	Club of Disruption, Tower Shield +1
Second Weapon	Bastard Sword +3, Shield of Fortitude

1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail, Cloak of Displacement, Helmet, 
Amulet of Protection +1. Mercykiller's Belt, Ring of Regeneration,
Ring of Hearty Strength, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, 
Boots of Avoidance
Ilana - Battleguard of Tempus
Class Level	C12
Experience 	96158 (105000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	120

Strength	18 (+4)
Dexterity	17 (+3)
Constitution	14 (+2)
Intelligence	 5 (-3)
Wisdom		26 (+8)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	Greataxe +3
Second Weapon	Flail +3, Flank of the Virgin

1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail, Helmet, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, 
Amulet of Protection +1, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Protection +2, 
Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone, Potion Case
Xanth - Sorcerer
Class Level	S12
Experience 	95338 (105000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	84

Strength	14 (+2)
Dexterity	16 (+3)
Constitution	16 (+3)
Intelligence	12 (+1)
Wisdom		 3 (-4)
Charima		22 (+6)

Primary Weapon	Sling +3, Buckler +1
Second Weapon	Ice Spear +4

Phaen's Robe of Rags, Wyrm's Maw, Bracers of Defense +4, Shield Ring, 
Ring of Knowing, Mirabel's Pendant, Boots of Grounding
Quala Thurmbrecker - Rogue/Sorceress
Class Level	R6/S7
Experience 	90719 (91000)
Armor Class	21
Hit Points	64

Strength	10 (+0)
Dexterity	23 (+6)
Constitution	10 (+0)
Intelligence	16 (+3)
Wisdom		 3 (-4)
Charima		18 (+4)

Primary Weapon	Sophia's Flight
Second Weapon	Short Sword +3, Small Shield of Invisibility +1
Third Weapon	Warhammer +2, Footman's Folly

Leather Armor +2, House of Despana Piwafwi, Helmet, 
House of Despana Insignia, Chameleon Ring of Dexterity, 
Ring of Protection +1, Bracers of Archery
Fhornal - Druid
Class Level	D13
Experience 	92596 (105000)
Armor Class	20
Hit Points	130

Strength	14 (+2)
Dexterity	16 (+3)
Constitution	14 (+2)
Intelligence	12 (+1)
Wisdom		22 (+6)
Charima		 5 (-3)

Primary Weapon	Hell Bolter
Second Weapon	Scimitar +3, Large Shield +1
Third Weapon	Warhammer +3, Small Shield +1

1/4 Weight Field Plate Armor, Nature's Vengeance, Helmet,
Ring of Protection +1, Ring of the Warrior
The party is now a powerful force, and doesn't even need to spell-buff
any more for large-scale battles. Xanth and Fhornal, in particular, are
extremely valuable in major combat situations, being able to cast some
of the most frightening fire-based spell assaults ever seen.

K'aos will continue to level up only as a Wizard. All ability points 
go into Intelligence; skills go into magical areas (Concentration, 
Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft); feats focus on magic areas as 
well (Spell Penetration, etc).

Ghrax continues as a Ranger, throwing ability points into Strength; 
both skills and feats will end up going into weapons areas. His next 
Favored Enemy will be Yuan-Ti, as they are the next most populous group 
we will encounter.

Ilana will always be a Cleric, with ability points going only to Wisdom. 
Concentration will be the only skill she will advance, and feats will 
continue to be balanced between magic and weapons. 

Xanth is hell-bent on becoming the most powerful Sorcerer he can be, 
and will keep adding to his Charisma score; skills and feats will
naturally be magic-focused.

Quala will now move up only as a Sorceress; all ability points go to 
Charisma. I will most likely bump up her thief skills one more time,
after which all skill and feat points go to Concentration and other
magical areas.

Fhornal will obviously remain a Druid. I will keep bumping his Wisdom
up. Skills and feats, as always, will be magic-focused.

|			      Chapter 5				       |
|								       |
|		 	       Kuldahar				       |
|								       |

		1.	Giant Asshat
		2.	De-inhabiting the Inhabited Areas
		3.	Deading the Undead
		4.	Watchtower
		5.	Graveyard
		6.	Yak, Yak, Yak...
		7.	Jermsy's Reward
		8.	Mother Egenia
		9.	Reminiscing 
		10.	Conlan's SHoppe
		11.	Yuan-Ti Cheese
		12.	Orrick's Tower
		13.	Relieving Conlan
		14.	Miscellaneous Looting
		15.	Iselore's Quest
		16.	Clearing the Village
		17.	Healing Gerbash
		18.	Returning Nathaniel's Key
		19.	Strange Apparition
		20.	Portal Thingy

Kuldahar Pass (AR6000)						{WLK021}
1) The flight this time is much smoother, and you land safely. Oswald
will answer some questions and then depart quickly, since there's some
giant asshat named Hiepherus threatening you with a huge mace. Select
the dialog option with "Your threats hold no weight with me", then 
follow the dialog path to some experience. Next, choose the option with
"Did you think we were the only reinforcements?" to trick him into
retreating for some more experience. Note that this sequence depends
largely on who is being spoken to, and how high their Bluff skill is.
If you don't get the dialog options, you won't get the experience; you
could reload and keep trying, or just accept that you aren't going to
get the experience and move on...

Either way, Hiepherus will mouth off for a bit, then disappear and leave 
you to fight a group of 9-10 Wights. This is not a hard fight really, 
and no special strategy is involved, so I'll leave you to it. Keep in 
mind, however, that Wights will level drain characters when they hit, 
so keep those potions handy.

Quala could level up here, but I choose to wait until we're somewhere
safe before doing so.

(for tricking Hiepherus into revealing his plans)
EXP	1200

(for tricking Hiepherus into retreating)
EXP	1200
2) As is our normal process for inhabited areas, we'll explore first. 
Go east along the southern edge of the map, and kill a few more Wights,
Wraiths, and other assorted undead along the way, until you reach the 
eastern edge. None of these enemies will drop anything, so our trip
around the perimeter will not be delayed by having to stop and pick up
treasure (Boo...). In the southeast corner of the map you will run into
another group of undead just north of a group of buildings who need some 

If you search the bodies, you may find a couple of nice items: a Cloak 
of Displacement and Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise. I only found these 
on two of my six playthroughs, but it is possible to get them. Luck
of the draw, I guess...

Once the southern edge is cleared, turn north up along the western side 
of the river.
3) When you get as far north as you can go (not very far, really), head
west and follow the wooden walkway. It will turn south and you will end
up in front of the door to a tower (x=1750, y=850). A large group of
various undead will show up from the west - kill them a lot. Before we
enter the tower, let's finish clearing out the various undead that are
milling about. Continue west and kill everything until there's nothing
left to kill, then enter the tower.

Watchtower (AR6008)
4) Inside, you will find Jermsy and Nathaniel (yes, the same Nathaniel
we rescued in the Ice Temple). The dialog options go on seemingly
forever, but you do get a chance to ask a lot of questions about a lot
of things, so gather all the information you can. In particular, make
sure to agree to track down and kill that asshole Orog priest that we
ran into when we arrived. Talk to Nathaniel as well, and ask him about
some healing to gain access to his store. He has some EXTREMELY nice
items for sale, and I highly recommend picking up a few things. In 
particular, get the Every God Ring(*1) and the Wand of the Heavens(*2).

Both K'aos and Quala level up now (it's safe to rest here):

K'aos moves up to 12th level Wizard and takes Concentration, Bluff,
Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft skills. He adds another Shroud of
Flame, and has two 6th level spell slots open, but no spells in his
book to memorize - we'll have to do something about that...

Quala advances as a Sorceress, but takes her skill points in Search
and Open Locks (there are some hellish traps coming up). She grabs 
Mordenkainen's Force Missiles for her new spell.

Heading up the stairs takes you to the roof of the tower, where there 
is... nothing, except the great view. When you're done chatting with 
Jermsy and Nathaniel, and you've rested, exit the tower and head north 
to the large gate. Exit this area...

*1 The ring grants a +5 to Wisdom - just what every Cleric, Druid, or
   Paladin needs (Rangers too, although it doesn't help as much). I
   give this to Ilana, which bumps her Wisdom up to 29 and gives her
   a couple extra spells.
*2 This wand, while not as good as its counterpart in the BG series,
   will cause a 9d6 Flamestrike on the selected target. Fun stuff...
   This goes to Ilana.

Kuldahar Graveyard (AR6002)
5) Since the name of this area is the Kuldahar Graveyard, I suspect we
will have to fight more undead. Luckily, we aren't attacked immediately
upon arrival (for a change), so that bodes well for our future. There
are Wights and Wraiths to the east - kill them and continue to move
counter-clockwise around the map. Webs and Fire-based spells will do
wonders here - I never had to engage anything in melee, and only took
two points of damage from a Black Archer (which was effectively negated
by a Ring of Regeneration).

Notice that all the graves are open; obviously this is where all the 
undead came from. Clear out this area, spell buff as desired (Negative 
Energy Protection is a must), and exit to the north at (x=1600, y=250).

Kuldahar Graveyard Cave (AR6003)
6) Hiepherus is here with several Orog friends and some undead, and 
since he's so full of himself, he decides to talk for a bit before 
attacking. Don't these stupid minor bosses ever watch movies? The bad
guy always takes the time to tell the hero everything there is to know
about him, his plans, his children, something that happened to a cousin
on his mother's side... just attack already! Anyway, it doesn't matter
which dialog option you choose, a fight eventually ensues. Now this one
is kind of tricky, as there are four Wraiths behind and to the left of
you when you enter, and Hiepherus and friends are in front and to the
right. I equip everyone with melee weapons and go after the Wraiths 
first with everyone except Xanth and Quala; Xanth Webs Hiepherus and
his buddies, while Quala Fireballs them. After that, it's pretty much a 
straight melee encounter because you will be swarmed fairly quickly. The 
Orogs all drop gold except for Hiepherus; loot the bodies and the 
container, and return to Jermsy in the tower.

Hiepherus: A suit of Half-Plate Armor; a Scroll:Circle of Blades;
	   a Scroll:Holy Power; a Note:Visions of Hiepherus; 
	   Potions of Extra Healing x5; Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles; 
	   Poisoned Blood Flail +2(*1); Amulet of Protection +1

(x=750, y=350)	Angel Skin Ring, Scroll:Undead Ward, Scroll:Restoration

*1 Attack +2, damage 1d8+2, target suffers 2 points damage per second
   for 6 seconds, or 1 point damage per round for 10 rounds (select)

Watchtower (AR6008)
7) Talk to Jermsy and tell him that you've cleared The Pass for some
experience and a few nice items, None of the items are good enough to
actually use, at least not in my party, but it's the thought that counts
right? Heal and/or rest if you need to and exit the tower. 

(for slaying the priest of Bane and his troops)
EXP	2400
Pearl Necklace, Farmer's Cloak(*1), Eye of the Hunter(*2), 174 Gold

*1 Deflection Bonus +3
*2 Basically a Bow +2
8) Head west at night to the abandoned building to find Mother Egenia's 
Spirit; talk to her... it... whatever... and ask about Isair and Madae, 
then have her tell you your future for a small experience reward. You
will also get a new quest here, to find her kids Isair and Madae, or at
least find out what happened to them. Exit this area to the east at
(x=3800, y=1080), using the northern bridge then along the northern
side of the river.

(for finding out your future)
EXP	1600

(for learning Isair and Madae's weaknesses)
EXP	1600

Kuldahar Village (AR6001)
9) This area should look familiar to anyone who played IWD I, but we
won't have time to reminisce since there are a group of Yuan-Ti here
threatening us immediately upon arrival. Once nice thing about this is
that the large tree roots prevent them from getting to us more than one
at a time, and they're fairly easy to kill, so this is really a no-
brainer fight. They all drop gold, and the archers drop Arrows +2 as
well. The building in front of you (x=1000, y=1800) used to be a shop;
let's go in and see what's changed...

Conlan's Shoppe (AR6004)
10) Conlan has some awesome shit for sale. I manage to equip everyone
with at least one +4 weapon, although in doing so I end up almost
broke. I'm sure this will come back to haunt me later as we find other
merchants in town, but oh well. Greed being what it is, I spend all I
can here, and the entire party is as ready as they can be for the next
series of battles. In particular, besides weapons, I pick up the Boots
of Speed for Ghrax.

Exit Conlan's Shoppe and head north up the wooden walkway. 
11) You won't get far before you run into more Yuan-Ti, but with our new
weapons they are cheese. Destroy them, and the archers to the east, then 
proceed up the northwestern path to the tower (x=350, y=800). Now if you 
remember, there used to be a Wizard that lived here; let's hope we find 
someone similar living here now...

Orrick's Tower (AR6009)
12) You'll find Sheemish here, and he is friendly, so we have that 
going for us. He will give you a little more information on where to
find some of the people we're looking for, and sell you some nice
scrolls if you want/need them, but really there's nothing much here.
Exit the tower and head back down to Conlan's Shoppe. 

(x=200, y=260)	Book-Legends of Icewind Dale

Conlan's Shoppe (AR6004)
13) Tell Conlan that you found Sheemish and that he's safe to get some 
experience, then leave the shoppe and cross the bridge to the south.

(for telling Conlan that Sheemish is safe)
EXP	1200
14) Head into the next house at (x=1380, y=2170) and proceed to loot
the place. Downstairs is a bookcase (x=250, y=150) with a few items,
and upstairs is a chest with a few more. Loot and leave...

Downstairs (AR6005)
(x=250, y=150)	Scroll:Circle of Blades, Scroll:Insect Plague,
		Potion:See Invisibility, Potion:Remove Curse

Upstairs (AR6006)
(x=270, y=250)	Scroll:Restoration, Scroll:Inflict Critical Wounds,
		Book:Severed Ties, Severed Hand
15) You'll find Iselore to the east of the house, standing out in the 
open at about (x=1800, y=2370). Speak to him and go thru all the dialog 
options, making sure to get the entire story of Isair and Madae. He will
heal you for a price, if you're in need (you shouldn't be). once you 
have all the intel he is willing to share, he will give you a quest to
slay 'the Guardian' and seal a portal of some kind.
16) Head due north from Iselore, over the bridge and up the path which
tends slightly westward. You will find some more Yuan-Ti up here who
are asking to be killed. Here is the portal (x=1400, y=600) that Iselore 
wants us to close, but I think we should clear the rest of the village 
before we go thru it. Go east and kill some more Yuan-Ti near a house in 
the northeast corner of the map, then head south and continue clearing 
the map and killing Yuan-Ti until there's nothing left.
17) There's one house left to explore at (x=2930, y=850), so let's go
in and see what's there. Wonder of wonders - it's Gerbash, the last of
the characters we were trying to find here. He'll semi-threaten you,
but it's an empty threat, and you can talk to him for some minor intel.
He will give you the Watchtower Key, which you need to return to 
Jermsy and Nathaniel, so it looks like we'll be heading back there again
when we're done here. However, we are defninitely not done here yet.
Offer to Lay Hands on Gerbash for some experience, then loot and leave.

(for healing Gerbash)
EXP	1200

(x=150, y=460)	Moonbar Gem, 9 Gold
18) Head back to Kuldahar Pass, and return to Mother Egenia's spirit.
Tell her what you learned from Iselore, and she will depart; go talk to 
Jermsy and Nathaniel in the watchtower. Inform them that Mother Egenia's 
spirit has been laid to rest for some experience, then return the key to 
get annother. When you scored all the rewards you can from here, return 
once again to Kuldahar...

(for laying Mother Egenia's Spirit to rest)
EXP	1600

(for retrieving the watchtower key)
EXP	1200

(for telling Nathaniel about Mother Egenia's Spirit)
EXP	1200
19) Now you would think that we're about out of questy things except for
going thru that shimmering portal thingy (yes, it's a thingy - what else
would you call it?), but you would be wrong... Return to Orrick's tower
and talk to Sheemish again - get him to say the magic words and a
'strange apparition' will appear on the western side of the room. Since
it's not hostile, I suppose we should talk to it. As it turns out, this
thingy (yes, this is also a thingy) has some nice stuff to sell you. Of 
course, if you did like I did and bought all that shit from Conlan, then
you have no money. Tell the apparition that you can set it free, and 
he'll relinquish his cache of supplies to Sheemish and reward you. Now
you can come back here when you have money to get the things you could
not get now. I verified this, and Sheemish now has two separate stores,
which are accessed via different dialog options. Neato...

Note: I have had this not play out before, although I can't understand 
why. For some reason, the dialog option did not present to summon the
'strange apparition', and I couldn't get the experience or the extra
available store. Maybe it's a timing thing, or maybe there's some kind
of ability/skill combination that I didn't have; I honestly don't know.

(for freeing the elemental servant)
EXP	1200
20) Okay, I think we've pretty much exhausted all our options here, so
head for that portal thingy again; go thru it to start the next section.

|								       |
|		 	   The Yuan-Ti Jungle			       |
|								       |

		1.	Unusual Entrance
		2.	Unbelievers
		3.	Pureblood Sorcerers
		4.	Katchmat
		5.	Stealing the Steles
		6.	Donning Robes
		7.	Learning the Challenges
		8.	Looting and Intel Gathering
		9.	Vault Combination I and the Fifth Riddle
		10.	Smashing Walls
		11.	More Looting
		12.	And Still More...
		13.	The Room of Fire
		14.	This Looting is Getting Old...
		15.	Vault Combination II
		16.	The Acid Room
		17.	Desicated Hearts and the Final Stele
		18.	The Vault Room
		19.	Ojaiha the High Priest
		20.	Clearing the Temple
		21.	The Guardian Dragon
		22.	Battle for Kuldahar

Yuan-Ti Jungle (AR6050)						{WLK022}
1) We enter in the northeast corner of the map, which is unusual, as we
normally start in the southwest. I don't think it means anything, and
now I'm not even sure why I mention it... Just ahead, to the southwest, 
is a signpost/statue/marker of some sort, and a rather large group of
Yuan-Ti, led by a Yuan-Ti Priest. These guys are not like the last few 
groups of Yuan-Ti we encountered - no... These guys will use massive 
spell power to make life difficult for you. I suggest Web, Entangle,
Slow, and/or other area effect spells to hinder them, then a Fireball
or ten to thin the herd. Since counter-clockwise is our normal route 
thru new areas, I see no reason to deviate from that strategy here. 
Head west along the northern edge of the map.
2) Continue past the 'large stone monument' (which looks more like a
temple to me, but who am I to judge?) to another signpost, and turn 
south to find another structure and a group of Initiates. They appear
to be unaware of our approach, caught in rapt attention to Sashkta,
the Yuan-Yi who is teaching them. You'll get to listen to... err... 
read him berate the initiates for not knowing their lessons, and then
finally detect your presence. Of course, since you are 'unbelievers',
they think they must kill you. Big mistake lizard-boy... I use the same
tactic here as I did the last group, and they die just as easily. The
Yuan-Ti Priest teacher drops normal Yuan-Ti stuff, and the Initiates
all drop Initiate Robes(*1).

(x=630, y=800)	Religious Stele

*1 Disguises the wearer, provided all the wearer's companions are
   similarly cloaked. This just has 'quest' written all over it, so
   hang on to these robes.
3) Further south is the temple, but we'll come back to that. Turn east,
south, then east again along the southern edge of the map, and run into 
a Pureblood Sorcerer at (x=1060, y=1550), along with several Yuan-Ti. A 
couple rounds of Magic Missiles from my three Sorcerers and the enemy 
Sorcerer is toast; the Yuan-Ti are no threat. Another Pureblood Sorcerer 
just south of the first one (who also dies far too easily), and we're 
ready to proceed eastward.
4) In the southeast corner of the map, at around (x=2220, y=1700), you
will meet up with Katchmat and his group of Mezro Warriors. They will
impart some info about the area, the snakes, and the temple, then leave
you be. Complete the loop northward to where we entered.
5) Our next goal is the temple in the southwest corner, and since there
is still one patch of map left unexplored (right in the center), I head
southwest thru the middle of the map to get there. Loot the pillars and 
the trapped statue (I couldn't even detect the trap, but trust me, it's 
there). and then head for the temple...

(x=1340, y=990)

(x=1260, y=1020) Religious Stele
(x=1430, y=950)	 Religious Stele
(x=1960, y=960)	 Religious Stele
(x=1340, y=990)	 Emerald x2, 178 Gold
6) You will notice (at least I did), that there are five pillar bases
on the temple platform which can be manipulated. We have four Steles,
and I suspect that's where these go. But since we're still one short,
I guess we'll need to go into the temple to find the last one. Now is
when those robes will come in handy - have everyone put one on (you'll
have to replace your armor). If you have a pure Paladin in the party, 
they will refuse, so equip everyone you can and enter the temple down 
the stairs at (x=350, y=1660). I didn't have this problem, as K'aos is
dual-classed into a Wizard, and he didn't give me any shit about wearing 
the robe.

If you cannot get your pure Paladin to put on a robe, you'll kind of be
screwed. Entering the temple without a disguise means that you will get 
discovered, and will not be able to complete the quests. You can fight
your way thru, but you will not be able to get some of the intel, and
therefore not be able to do some of the steps and get the loot. If that
is the case, you can try leaving your un-disguised Paladin back by the 
entrance area and moving around thru the temple with just the party
members who are wearing robes - that might work (I haven't tried it,
because I haven't had to).

Yuan-Ti Temple (AR6051)
7) Most of the rooms here are empty, and there are very few inhabitants
at home, so the traps are really the only thing to watch out for. Now
I know that we normally explore counter-clockwise, but in this case it's
just too difficult to try and give directions. This temple is nothing
more than a huge maze of hallways, but disguised as we are there is
nothing to fear from the creatures that live here. So, since we can
move about freely, I intend to take a slightly different approach to
this area. Instead of exploring and searching systematically, we will
go directly after the things of interest and accomplish the tasks that
we need to complete without going thru the entire place. It took me
many times going thru here to get this all right, and I am fairly sure
I found all the experience and loot that is available. 

Along the way, you will be challenged by guards, who will ask you some 
questions. Provide the right answers and you will be allowed to proceed.
But what are the right answers, you ask? Even though we were given the 
answers by the teacher outside, I suspect you didn't pay attention any
more than his initiates did, so how about a table to help you out:

		|	Question	|	  Answer	|
		| Who keeps the ancient |      His faithful	|
		| venom of Sseth potent?|	followers	|
		|     Who approaches	|	The growing	|
		|	 at dusk?	|	  darkness	|
		|    Where does Sseth	|     In his cradle	|
		| embrace unbelievers?	|	of scales	|
		| What drowns Selune's	|  The obscuring moon	|
		|    gleaming on a	|     of our faith	|
		|   cloudless night?	|			|
		|   What is the black	|   Night, fed by the	|
		| flower of the world?	|	dead of day	|

This will get you safely past the guards and allow you to move freely
and unmolested throughout the entire temple complex. So, now that you
have memorized all that, we can continue. Ready...? Go...
8) We start in front of the entrance at about (x=1850, y=1600); roughly 
in the center of the complex. There are a couple of rooms with large 
floor traps - one with fire and one with acid - so proceed with caution 
as you move from room to room. There are also traps in the hallways but 
if you stick to the sides and avoid the wooden centers you should be 
fine. Note that I was unable to detect many/most of these, and I have 
been putting almost all of Quala's points into Searching and Disarming 
Traps. You will also notice that the screen goes black every so often;
this happens at the start and end of the Yuan-Ti rituals - it will be
important later, so try to pay attention to whether they are in their
ritual or not. SAVE OFTEN!

Okay... so where to first?

Leave the party back at the entrance and send one character northeast 
thru the door at (x=3420, y=950) to find a Priest (if the ritual is not 
in session); I send Xanth. Ask the priest about Jeszrael to get some 
info we'll need later, and then ask about the Viper's Fangs, the Coiled 
Cabal, and the Heartless Dead. Finally, ask about the ring of stones 
around the altar to find out about the Guardian, but be careful not to 
choose the dialog options that mentions the crossroads and/or saving 

North of this room, thru the door at (x=3230, y=630) is an empty room
with a lootable container. Return to the entrance...

(x=3540, y=300)	Scroll:Chain Lightning
9) Let's try the kitchen next, which is southeast of your starting 
point. Make sure to go thru the doorway at (x=2950, y=1500), but don't 
touch any of the stone blocks in here (yet). DO NOT GO THRU THE ROOM 
WITH THE SUNKEN CENTER AREA. Exit south out of this room and proceed 
generally south to the kitchen. The doorway to the kitchen is at about 
(x=2250, y=2300). Don't flip the switch at (x=2960, y=2230) yet; we're 
saving that for later.

In here are a few people... err... critters, worth talking to. First, 
talk to the Initiate at (x=1940, y=2580) to get the answer to the 5th 
challenge riddle (the flower one). You'll want this if you are ever 
challenged with that question (you can also answer with "Excuse Me?", 
and then apologize; as long as you have a high Bluff score you should 
be okay). Next, talk to the Cook (x=2250, y=2600) and ask about the 
pattern of stones in the northern chamber. You must have gone thru the
room with the stones to get this dialog option; this is the first of
two clues we need to open the vault.
10) Return to your starting point and head northwest with the entire 
party. There is a major trap in this first hallway (x=1550, y=1250), but 
I was unable to detect it (and hence disarm it). It's a very nasty trap, 
where the sides of the hall slam together and smash you - it does 
massive damage, but it's the only way to get into and out of this 
section of the temple. Devious... An Improved Haste on the party will
lessen the damage somewhat.

Continue northwest until you come to a chamber with a Priest in it 
(x=550, y=330) and ask about the Vault and the room with the stones in 
it to get some more information. You can also get a bit more information 
about the Guardian, but as always, be careful not to mention Kuldahar.
11) Our next destination is the Priest at (x=450, y=800), or more 
accurately the table in the room that he's in. You can talk to him, 
using the same safety criteria as before, but there's no new intel. 
Loot and leave.

Note: I got a Composite Longbow +4 here on one of my plays thru this 
area, but only once. Drops are set when you enter the area, so you would 
have to replay the entire temple several times if you wished to item 
fish for this weapon; it just might be worth it. On another run, I got
a Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles.

(x=450, y=700)  Potion:Ghost Armor, Scroll:Snakebite, 214 Gold
12) Head south down the hallway along the western edge of the map.
You'll find yet another Priest in a room at (x=820, y=900), but he has 
the same dialog options as the last one; nothing new. Further down the 
hall, after being challenged by another guard, is a room with a table to 
loot. We will need this protection scroll soon...

(x=1170, y=1000) Scroll:Prayer, Scroll:Protection from Fire, 234 Gold
		 Shandon Gem
13) Across the hall, to the south, is a room with a nasty trap - DO NOT 
go down to the center of the room. Note the location of the switch in 
here (x=800, y=1600), cast Protection from Fire on your Rogue, and send
them down to disable the trap by clicking on the lever/switch. You will 
probably need to do this a couple times to get the message that the trap 
has been disabled and will not trigger any more. Once you've disabled 
the fire trap it's safe to proceed thru the room. Head thru the open 
doorway in the southeast corner of this room (x=800, y=1870).
14) In the southeast corner of this room is a table for looting; do that
before talking to anyone. As with the fire protection scroll we just 
used, we will need the Protection from Acid scroll in a little bit.

(x=780, y=2560)	Scroll:Vitriolic Sphere, Scroll:Protection from Acid,
		Studded Necklace with Zios Gems, Poisonfang(*1),
		Vampiric Short Sword(*2)

*1 A small blade with Attack +2, Damage 1d4+2 plus 50% chance of doing
   an additional 2 hit points of damage per round for 6 rounds. Note
   that this weapon can be used in melee or thrown - it returns.
*2 A simple sword with no attack bonus, 1d6 damage, but it drains 1d4
   hit points from the target and temporarily adds them to the wielder.
15) Next, head into the room to the west of this one. There are several
Viper's Fang Assassins in here; we specifically want to talk to the guy
at (x=430, y=1900). As always, Bluff + Diplomacy = Experience, so make 
sure to use the appropriate character. Say that his job 'sounds like a 
noble position to hold' and then ask to hear about his exploits and he 
will slip up and give you the second part of the combination to the 
vault. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ELSE HERE (unless you want to die and/or 
miss out on some more experience). Return to where we entered (yes, this 
means going back thru the wall trap).

(for tricking the Viper's Fang Assassin)
EXP	1200
16) Now for that second trap room. It is the first room southeast off
the entrance area, and is handled the same way as the fire pit room,
except this one is acid. Use the Protection from Acid scroll on your
Rogue and disable the trap by clicking on the lever at (x=2680, y=1750).
Head back the the entrance and heal up as much as possible.

Now, if you look at the map you will see that there are three rooms in
the eastern half that we haven't explored yet (the room to in the south
central portion of the map is a waste of time). This is where the timing 
of the ritual ceremony becomes important.
17) Wait until the ritual concludes so that the worship room is empty
(except for the couple of guards) and make your Rogue invisible. Send
him/her to grab the Desicated Hearts from the statue in the ritual
room at (x=2500, y=700) and get the hell out before you get caught. Go
back thru the acid pit room, and move into position blocking the doorway 
into the room to the east. You'll see the Heartless Dead wandering 
around in their pit; once you throw the lever (x=2970, y=2230) they will 
come after you, trying to get their hearts back. Kill them (they're 
easy), and then grab the final Stele at (x=3700, y=2150). We now have 
the last component we need to summon the Guardian. But we're not quite 
done here yet...
18) We really don't want to get into a fight yet, so let's see if we
can't grab some more loot. We were told the combination to the vault
room, so head north to the room with the stones (x=3330, y=1700). We 
need to press the stones in the correct order to open the vault, but 
since we have the combination, it should be easy, right? Press the 
stones in the following order:

	1st: (x=3550, y=1640)
	2nd: (x=3160, y=1420)
	3rd: (x=3230, y=1510)
	4th: (x=3280, y=1460)
	5th: (x=3550, y=1570)
	6th: (x=3100, y=1500)

This will open the door at (x=3430, y=1530), which leads to the treasure
chamber. Inside are several Histachii - bottleneck them in the doorway
and kill them. For whatever reason, nobody else seems to give a shit
that you're robbing the vault, so the only enemies you'll need to deal
with are these guys. Once they're all dead (not a big deal really),
enter the vault and loot. Again, the loot in here can be quite variable.

(x=3190, y=1280) Scroll:Summon Monster IV
(x=3230, y=1300) Scimitar +3, Scroll:Armor of Faith
(x=3330, y=1210) Milton Sixtoe's Armor of Absolute Self(*1)
(x=3400, y=1240) Bastard Sword +2:Black Adder(*2)
(x=3500, y=1290) Ring of Protection +2, Scimitar +4, Potion:Shield
(x=3610, y=1340) Scroll:Power Word Stun, Scroll:Summon Monster VII,
		 Scroll:Finger of Death, Scroll:Mordenkainen's Sword
(x=3700, y=1370) Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles, Wand of Lightning

*1 Armor Bonus +4, Max Dex Bonus +5, Spell Fail 15%, Immune to Charm
*2 Attack +2, Damage 1d10+2, +2 damage per second for 6 seconds
19) Okay, we've pretty much exhausted all the options down here, save
one. Head to the north-central room, thru the door at (x=2560, y=460)
and close the door behind you. We will be fighting a huge battle now,
and we do not want enemies coming in from behind. Heal fully, spell 
buff, and wait for the ritual to conclude (if necessary), then talk to 
Ojaiha the High Priest (x=2990, y=370). Ask about Jeszrael and reveal 
that the Legion of the Chimera is not to be trusted. Follow the non- 
threatening dialog path and try to convince Ojaiha not to join with the 
Legion for some experience. He'll refuse, and unfortunately now you'll 
have to kill him. ...and we were getting along so well too.

He starts out by summoning a bunch of helpers; I start out putting my
armor back on and then Webbing them in place. DO NOT PUT YOUR ARMOR ON

I keep my melee fighters back to deal with the Vipers that will get 
thru, and my ranged weapon characters fire +2 missiles at Ojaiha and his 
minions. Webs, Fireballs, a Fire Storm, and a Flame Strike and this 
fight is over almost before it starts. Of course I'll be old and grey 
before all the spell effects expire, but I can wait...

Pick the locks and loot the chests for some nice items, loot the dead
bodies for some more, and then heal up again and get ready for the next 
series of fights. On one of my times thru here, one of the enemy archers 
dropped a nice bow - at least nice for selling, as we have better bows 
to fight with - this was the Shortbow of Life +2(*2); another time I
got a Ring of Invisibility.

(for attempting to resolve the Yuan-Ti threat to Kuldahar)
EXP	2400

(x=2790, y=250)	Scroll:Emotion-Despair, Scroll:Resurrection,
		Aquamarine Gem, Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
(x=2950, y=250)	Star Diopside Gem, Thunder Clap(*1)
(x=3030, y=340)	Aquamarine Gem, 897 Gold

*1 For Monks only, these Bracers allow one extra attack per round
*2 This is a +2 Shortbow that grants +10 Hit Points when equipped
20) As you can imagine, the entire temple is now hostile - after all, we
killed their leader. This is exactly why we closed the door to this room
behind us when we came in, but now we will use it to bottleneck the rest
of our opponents. Unfortunately, we cannot rest here, so we'll have to
heal up the best we can and deal with the rest of the fighting slightly
wounded and with depleted spell-power. C'est la Vie...

I place my missile-equipped characters back by the first chest - across 
from the doorway - and get my fighters ready right by the door. Open the 
door and kill everything that dares to cross the threshhold. I send 
Ghrax (with the Boots of Speed) into the ritual chamber to draw the next 
batch of enemies into our trap; they get caught in the trap and die from 
missile fire. All we care about now is getting the fu... hell out of 
here. Make your way to the exit and... exit.
21) Now that we're back on the surface, we can rest again. I very much
recommend doing so before we take on the Guardian, because he's going
to be a major pain in the ass and we will want to be at our best for
the fight. The party takes up positions at the base of the steps to the
platform (archers behind, fighters in front), then I wait until night so 
that Xanth isn't day-blinded. Spell-buff, then place the Steles in the
spots around the temple entrance area and get ready for the Guardian to 
show up. Place the last Stele close to the stairs so you can escape the 
platform. You will get to enjoy (?) watching a sequence of magical 
explosions and electrical discharges, then be confronted by a rather 
large Dragon. This is the Guardian, and he's pissed. Add to his massive 
hit points the fact that he teleports all over the place, and you've got 
a nasty fight on your hands.

SAVE BEFORE YOU START THIS FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would offer a strategy for this fight, but there really isn't anything
you can do to make it any easier. This guy is a major badass, and the
only thing that works is to keep on him fast and hard, pulling wounded
characters out of combat to heal if/when necessary. Resist Fear is one
thing you will definitely want to have on, as is Remove Fear (the first
as a spell buff, the second as a cure). Protection from Acid is handy,
but it only covers one character so it's of limited use. Get on him and
stay on him as hard as you can; I used all melee weapons, but if you 
have any +5 missiles it certainly can't hurt.

(for summoning the Guardian)
EXP	2400

Kuldahar Village (AR6001)
22) Once the Guardian is dead, head IMMEDIATELY for the portal and exit
the area - it only stays open for a short while, and if you don't make
it thru in time you'll be screwed and have to do the dragon fight all 
over again. Trust me, 20 times is enough...

You'll arrive (fully healed!) just in time to witness an encounter
between Iselore and Madae, which ends in a long but easy to win fight.
Enemies keep coming from the west, the south, the north, all over the
place. Web everything, everywhere around you; then fire-fuck the entire
enemy force.

When they're all finally dead, talk to Iselore again for your reward
and the directions to Dragon's Eye, our next destination. Before we go,
however, we really should loot all these corpses and sell off all the
shit we've collected. Head back to Conlan's Smithy (x=1020, y=1830) and 
sell/buy anything you want or need. Do the same at Orrick's tower, if
you have the desire. Basically, shop to your heart's content, then exit
this area to the east and head for Dragon's Eye.

(for stopping the Chultan Yuan-Ti threat to Kuldahar)
EXP	2400

|								       |
|		 	   Dragon's Eye Level I			       |
|								       |

		1.	Trap Turner-Offer
		2.	Lizardmen and Yuan-Ti
		3.	Rope Bridge
		4.	Live and Learn
		5.	Wyvern Nest
		6.	Crossing the Bridge
		7.	Friend or Foe?
		8.	Ungrateful Bastards
		9.	Nheero's Request
		10.	Breeding Stock
		11.	High Commander Grishum
		12.	Statue Exit

It took me a half dozen times thru Dragon's Eye to finally get the whole
sequence worked out. There is a lot of back and forth, up and down, go 
here and return there kind of traveling involved, so the next three
sections will retrace steps back into previously cleared areas quite

Dragon's Eye (AR6100)						{WLK023}
1) Frost Salamanders - about a half dozen of them all in a row. Don't
chase them up the bridge, because the whole thing is trapped. There's
an interesting trick to these traps though - you can find/disable them
one at a time if you wish, but why do that when there's an on/off
switch at (x=910, y=690)? Find the first trap, work your way carefully
around to the right of it, and click the spot where the cursor changes.
Voila! No more traps. The map will still show the traps, but they are
no longer armed. A few more Salamanders further up the bridge (I let 
them come to me) and we're able to enter the cave. Except for this bitch 
named High Sorceress Izbelah standing right in the entrance. She starts
out with a Stinking Cloud, then proceeds to spell buff herself. She is
indeed a rather high level mage, as her spell selection reveals. I can 
only get to her with one character at a time, and she's immune to most
missile damage, so I send Ghrax with the Boots of Speed (you did buy 
these, didn't you?) up ahead to start the attack, followed by K'aos and
Ilana. She drops a Fire Agate Gem and a Scroll:Suffocate, although I'm
not certain she actually died; I saw the shimmering graphic indicating
a Gate, or some other teleportation portal, and there was no experience
reward. Let's assume she pussied out and ran away... Enter the cave at
(x=500, y=200).

Dragon's Eye Level 1 (AR6101)
2) A group of Yuan-Ti Pureblood Warriors and Lizard Men are here to
greet you when you arrive. Did you expect anything less? No? Good...
There are a few enemies here that will cast Fear, and that can suck a 
lot, but other than that they are quite easy to dispatch. If you want
to play this safe, there's a small cavern just to the north of where
you enter that can be used as a very nice defensive position - the small
opening only allows enemies to get to you one at a time. Send the party
member with Boots of Speed out to find and draw enemies back to you, and
kill them in the opening. Or, you can do as I did and just move thru
the tunnels and kill everything you come across - your call.

When you're looting bodies, etc, make sure to find and keep all of the 
Fire Agate Gems, Wyvern Stingers, and Rope that you come across. I'm not 
going to tell you why (because I'm not into spoilers), just trust me in 
this, okay...? Good... Let's proceed...
3) We entered in roughly the northwest corner of the map, and the path
goes north, east, and south. Hhmmm... Since counter-clockwise has worked 
so well for us in the past, let's change it up and go around the area 
clockwise this time. Take the path north and then follow it east when it 
turns that way, across the top of the map. It eventually turns south
again, and then west back to where we started. Before it gets there,
however, there is a large opening with some crude stairs to the south
(x=1550, y=1000) leading to a bridge. If you press the <ALT> key, you'll 
discover that you can take the rope from the bridge support, but not 
before having to kill a group of Yuan-Ti Pureblood Thieves on the other 
side. They have a tendency to use Hide fairly often, and quite well, so
watch out for them. Disable the traps on the bridge, grab the rope, and 
head back to the entrance.

I take refuge in the cul-de-sac to the north of the entrance so that I
can level-up Ilana and Xanth, and hopefully rest safely. In case I am
attacked while resting, I'm in a good defensive position. It's a good
thing too, because I had to try 4 times before I could actually rest.

Ilana does the usual - adds a Cleric level and takes Concentration. For
spells, she adds Summon Monster VII for her Domain spell, and takes
Hold Person, Cure Critical Wounds, Destruction, and Greater Shield or
Lathander for her Cleric spells.

Xanth adds a Sorcerer level and adds the usual points to Concentration 
and Knowledge (Arcana). He adds Confusion, Feeblemind, and Disintegrate
to his known spells.

(x=1770, y=1160)
(x=1780, y=1180)
(x=1830, y=1210)
(x=1860, y=1240)
4) So much for the northwestern corner of the map, and so much for going
thru here clockwise. I should have known better; counter-clockwise has
worked for us all this time, and there was really no reason to do things
any differently this time. Oh well - live and learn...

The southern passage leads to an area where the path splits and twists
around a bunch of rock pillars, making it easy to get ambushed. Proceed
carefully, following the left-most path. There are some Histachii down
here who require some killing, and a trap at the entrance to their lair, 
but other than that it's an easy trip. Kill the Histachii and loot the
chests (all are trapped).

Note: the traps and locks on the chests are almost impossible to disarm
and unlock unless you have been putting all skill points into Search, 
Disarm Traps, and Pick Locks, so don't be surprised if you can't do it.
The loot descriptions below are a result of some research using Infinity
Explorer and various configurations of Rogues during several runs thru
the game. Really the only things here that are of any use at this point
are the shields, so you won't miss out on much.

(x=600, y=2180)
(x=480, y=2180)
(x=700, y=2290) 
(x=760, y=2350) 

(x=480, y=2180)	Potion:Firebreath, Potion:Sanctuary, Bolt +2 x5,
		Arrows of Dispelling x20,Bullets of Corrosive Burst x40,
		Bracers of Defense +3, Throwing Daggers +2 x10,
		Greatsword of Flame +1(*1)
(x=700, y=2290) Hemp Rope, 1/4 Weight Field Plate Armor, Helmet,
		Arrows +2 x20, Warhammer +2, Icy Bastard Sword +1(*2)
		Tower Shield of Charm Protection(*3)
(x=760, y=2350) Iron Arbalest(*4), Bolt +2 x40, Arrow of Biting x20,
		Reflective Short Sword +1(*5),
		Studded Leather Armor of Horror(*6),
		Small Shield of Increased Fortitude(*7)

*1 Attack +1, Damage 2d6+1, plus 50% chance 1d6 fire damage
*2 Attack +1, damage 1d10+1, plus 1d6 cold damage
*3 Shield Bonus +3, +1 vs Missiles, Immune to Charm spells
*4 Crossbow, Attack +6, Damage +6, only usable by Rogues. Quala gets
   this, and hands Sophia's Flight to Xanth (who discards his sling).
*5 Short Sword +1 that can cast Minor Mirror Image 1/day. Big f'ing deal
*6 Armor Bonus +3, Max Dex Bonus +5, immune to Horror spell
*7 Shield Bonus +1, +1 vs Missiles, +10 Hit POints when equipped
5) Since this path ends in the southwest corner of the map, I guess we
have to try something else. Parallel to the Histachii camp is a path
that leds to a small river. You can get get around on the left side,
and to the east will find a Wyvern nest with a buttload of gems, scolls,
and other assorted goodies. kill any Wyverns that are lurking around, 
and loot the nest - don't forget to grab the Wyvern stingers...

Head back north a short way, and then cross the river to the east at 
around (x=1500, y=2060). There are stairs down (more of a hole in the
cave floor, really), but we aren't even close to ready to go down yet;
there's still half a map to explore! Remember where this is though, as
we will be returning here later for a specific quest.

(x=2050, y=2500) Fire Agate Gem, Star Diopside Gem, Horn Coral Gem,
		 Aquamarine Gem, Antidote x6, Scroll:Acid Storm,
		 Scroll:Remove Disease, Bullets +4 x20, Arrows +4 x40,
		 817 Gold
6) Head back once again to the entrance and then east to the bridge
where we got the first length of Hemp Rope. It's time to see what's on
the other side. Since we were attacked last time we were here, I think
it's safe to assume there are enemies on the other side. I start out by
throwing a Fireball across, if nothing else just to wake people up (or
put them permanently to sleep). Disable the traps on the bridge (if you
didn't do it before), then head across. There are more Thieves and a 
Lizard Man Shaman - pay him some special attention lest he make life 
difficult - and then basically kill everything and continue southeast.

(x=1820, y=1200)
7) More Thieves, more death, and the path is once again clear. Let's
avoid the swinging blade gate at (x=2450, y=1370) for now and continue 
southeast to another bridge. This is quite convenient, because there
are enemies on the other side, but they can only get across one or two
at a time. Too bad for them... Before we cross, however, there's a door
to the south (x=2800, y=2000) that's just begging to be opened (listen 
carefully - can you hear it? Please open me...). When you attempt to 
open it, you will find that you can't, and you will hear a voice from 
the other side asking if you're friend or foe. Answer 'friend', and 
you'll be given a clue how to open the door. Cross the bridge into the 
torture chamber, disable the trap and turn the handle on the rack at 
(x=2910, y=1470) to unlock the door. If you can't detect the trap, cast 
Resist Fear before turning the handle and you'll be fine. Several Lizard 
Men will show up, but they're nothing to worry about at this point. 

(for opening the prison gate)
EXP	1200
8) Head back down to the now open door to find more people to kill. Some 
of their nametags say that they're prisoners, but they don't seem too 
happy to be freed. Ungrateful bastards... Just kill everything that's 
hostile. You'll find one 'prisoner' who is in fact a fairly high-level
mage, and he's a bitch to put down. Hit him with Feeblemind a time or
two though, and he's just a man... He drops a Ring of Regeneration,
among other things. There's also an invisible Troll that will follow
you around and attack for a fair amount of damage - if you have a 
Detect invisibility or similar spell handy, it will make this jackass a 
bit easier to deal with. Otherwise the only way to find him is by moving 
the cursor around until it changes to the attack (sword) icon, then
hitting him with area effect spells (you can't attack directly because,
well, there's nothing to attack).
9) From left to right across the bottom of the prison area, there are
three chambers. First, talk to Nheero Fhutma (x=2610, y=2700) - this is
only possible after all the enemies are dead - to get a new quest. You
are asked to find his friend Mandal Graye, who was researching the 
'Histachii Transformation', whatever in the hell that is. Nevertheless,
that's what he was doing, and he hasn't been seen since Nheero was
captured. Next, talk to the other prisoner in here, and ask if he's
able to fight; tell him about the armory and he'll run off to find a
weapon. Or maybe he just ran off - who knows? In the next section over,
talk to the prisoner and tell him to go to the armory as well.
10) In the eastern section, the prisoner has a new dialog option; it
seems he was being used as breeding stock. Again, ask if he can fight;
but this time he'll complain about a lack of rest. Let him rest (he'll
drop and sleep right there on the ground), and when he wakes up he'll
heal you... a nice thank you indeed. I wish everyone in this shithole 
was that grateful. So we have a new quest, and there's still one whole 
map section left to explore; how about we do that, shall we?
11) Ah yes, the swinging blades - how to get past them? Well, there's
probably a switch somewhere that controls these things, but I'm willing
to bet it's on the other side. So I guess we run thru them and take the
hits (or follow the alternate strategy, below). Do so, and kill the 
enemies that are waiting for you on the other side. Heal up a bit, then 
approach the stairs to the north slowly and carefully; up above in the 
next chamber there is a rather large fight waiting. If you send one 
character slowly up to the foot of the steps, you can draw a few of the 
enemies back to you in the hallway one at a time, but let's face it - 
eventually we'll need to deal with the room full of baddies. A couple 
Fireballs at the base of the statue dethreatenizes them quite nicely 
(See? There's that word again. And you thought I made it up...). Kill 
everything in here - there's no real need for a well thought out 
strategy, or special tactics, or... well... anything really. Just go 
nuts. High Commander Grishum, the leader of this bunch of misfits, will 
talk to you briefly, but I only mention it because it happened. There 
is very little new intel, and overall he's just puffing himself up in 
front of his troops. He drops a rather nice axe and a decent bow though
(items *1 & 2). Sure enough, off to the left side of the cavern, behind 
the pillar of stone is the switch (x=2310, y=610) that turns off the 

Alternate strategy: give a Potion of Invisibility (or some means of
becoming invisible) to one character and send them ahead thru the 
blades. Drink the potion (or invoke whatever invisbility magic), and 
sneak around to turn the switch, then move back into the passage and 
bring the rest of the party up.

*1 Cloudkiss: this returning axe sports an attack bonus +3, damage 
   1d6+3, and if thrown does electrical damage to all objects in its 
   path (although it doesn't say how much). In melee it's just a +3 axe
*2 Shortbow of Life +2: attack +2, damage +2, +10 HP when equipped
12) Now by checking around, it soon becomes apparent that the braziers
in this room are meant to hold something, or somethings. We've been
collecting Fire Agate Gems and Wyvern Stingers; I'm betting that one
or the other goes into these things. Since they are braziers, and we
know that braziers are meant to hold fire, let's make the assumption
that the gems go in them, and not the stingers. Place one gem in each
brazier (the fifth one is southeast of the alter, kind of out of the
way), and the statue opens up, revealing an entrance to somewhere. Now
what? We have a big hole in the cave that leads somewhere and now this,
that also leads somewhere. Do they lead to the same somewhere? Well,
I checked, and they do - they lead to two different points in the same 
new area (Dragon's Eye Level 2, AR6102). There is a reason to NOT go
down the hole yet though, so exit thru the statue and don't look back.

Ghrax and Fhornal are able to go up a level here, and both do so before

Ghrax goes to level 14 and adds a point to Concentration (and saves a
point). He grabs an additional Sunscorch for a spell.

Fhornal also moves up to 14th level, and takes Concentration and
Spellcraft x2 for skills. He adds another Sol's Searing Orb, and Heal
for spells.

|								       |
|		 	Dragon's Eye Level II			       |
|								       |

		1.	Rolling Stones
		2.	The Corpse of Mandal Graye
		3.	Spiders and Ettercaps
		4.	Obtaining Mandal's Sword
		5.	The Spirit of Mandal Graye
		6.	Yuan-Ti Spellcasters
		7.	Scrambled Eggs
		8.	Oasis
		9.	Glabrezu
		10.	Looting the Library
		11.	Free Healing
		12.	Obtaining the Modified Mandrake Root
		13.	The Ol' Switcheroo
		14.	Creating the Sabotaged Histachii Brew
		15.	Creating Wyvern Poison
		16.	Serendipity!

Dragon's Eye Level 2 (AR6102)					{WLK024}
1) There are half-blood Yuan-Ti spellcasters and Feyr's down here; the 
latter are so easy to kill that one has to wonder why they are even 
considered a threat, the former are... well... the same as they are 
everywhere else we've encountered them. Neither will drop anything, so 
we can just kill them and move on. Make the entrance safe and head east
as far as you can go, ignoring the opening to the south. You may have to 
kill some spiders from there, but there's no need to actually go there 
yet. The path will turn south at the eastern edge of the map.

There's a trap down here where a large boulder will roll down the 
passage from the northeast corner of the map and crush you (basically 
hit you for some damage and knock you unconscious for a few rounds). It
is advised to keep the party back out of the way and trip the trap with
your hardiest character to keep damage to a minimum (unless you can
find and disarm the trap - I could not). If you have the Boots of Speed
you may be able to outrun it and take refuge in the alcove at the end
of the tunnel.

At the end of this passage you will find the remains of Mandal Graye, 
whom we were tasked to locate for Nheero. Loot the chest down here for 
a nice cache of stuff.

(for finding the remains of Mandal Graye)
EXP	1600

(x=3550, y=500)

(x=3630, y=1330) Hemp Rope, Aquamarine Gem, Chrysoberyl Gem,
		 Angel Skin Ring, Potion:Firebreath, 1613 Gold,
		 Potion:Extra Healing x5, Zuvembie(*1),
		 Bullet +4 x20, Bolt +4 x20, Arrows of Biting x40,
		 Owain's Lullabye(*2)

*1 Studded Leather Armor +6, Max Dex Bonus +5, CURSED:Charisma -2,
   wearer under the effects of Death Ward. Even with the Charisma hit,
   I elect to replace K'aos armor with this.
*2 A Bardish instrument, it can cast Cone of Cold. Big F'n deal...
2) Let's go back up and tell Nheero that we found his buddy. It seems
the appropriate thing to do, since he was so nice to us and all. Upon
hearing the news, he asks if you would be willing to complete 'the 
mission'. Agree, and he'll mention two things - Mandrake Root, and the
Sword of Myrloch Vale, Mandal's weapon. He then asks if we could find 
the sword and return it to Mandal's corpse. Well alrighty then... Since
I have become totally addicted to this experience reward thing, I guess
this is the right path to follow.
3) Return to the second level and head east again, but this time go 
south into the opening. Kill the spiders in here (there are a shit-ton
of them), and anything else you may come across (I found Ettercaps, and
a miscellaneous assortment of Yuan-Ti) and continue making your way to
the south. There are some steps on the western side of this chamber and
a loot-pile. To the southwest of this chamber is another set of steps, 
and in this cavern is the exit to the next level (x=2900, y=2080). You
may run into a couple of enemies down here, but nothing that should be
a problem. Disable the traps along the way and head down to Level 3.

Quala gains a level before heading down, going to 9th level Sorceress
but adding points to her roguing skills (Search and Disable Device).
She also gets a new Feat, and adds another point to Crossbows (so she
can use Iron Arbalest better). New spells too - she adds Invisibility,
Haste, and Stoneskin.

(x=2950, y=780)
(x=2860, y=930)
(x=2850, y=1300)
(x=3000, y=2300)

(x=2660, y=1000) Potion:Firebreath, 932 Gold
(x=2970, y=1190) Holdfast Arrows x20, Arrows of Biting x20, Bolt +4 x20
(x=3270, y=1440) Potion:Master Thievery x2, Antidote x2, Wand:Web

Dragon's Eye Level 3 (AR6103)
4) Once again we will abandon our normal exploration methodology and
go straight for the goal. Don't worry, we'll come back later and go thru
all the various places and get all the various treasure, etc, but for 
now we have a job to do. Our target is southwest of the entrance, so go
south to the first little circular chamber and use it as a 'safe spot'. 
There are Armored Skeletons down here, and they can take a bit of doing 
to put down, as they have a fair number of hit points; there are also 
Yuan-Ti Champions - they aren't as bad, but are still dangerous enough 
to be worth mentioning. Send a character forward - to the south - and
draw enemies back to you; no point in running blindly into an ambush.

Now for the fun part - west of this chamber is our goal, along with an
Iron Golem. These guys are bad news, and it might take a couple reloads
to get this to end the way you want. Save, then send a character to the 
west and entice the Golem back to you. He will start out with a cloud
of Poisonous Gas (think Cloudkill) which will make things difficult, but
you should be able to attack anyway. You might have a character or two 
succumb to the gas, which will render them unconscious, but they'll get
up eventually and rejoin the fight. When he's dead, go into the next 
circular room (where the Golem came from), kill anything that's left 
alive here, grab the sword on the floor at (x=2390, y=1590), and head 
back to the exit. The blade doors into the chamber will do some damage, 
but the Boots of Speed plus some lucky timing will get you thru it. Go 
back up to Level 2.

(x=2390, y=1590) 

Dragon's Eye Level 2 (AR6102)
5) The trap here appears to have been reset, but I just endured it and
headed back north toward the Level 1 entrance/exit area. But, instead 
of exiting, head east, where you'll be met by Mandal's Spirit. He will
take you on a tour of his adventures, bouncing the party around all over
various places in Dragon's Eye, finally ending up by where his corpse
was found. Of course the asshole doesn't actually give you any reward
for setting him free - you get no experience, no coin, nothing except
the satisfaction of a job well done. 
6) Before we can return to Nheero though, we still have to find that
Modified Mandrake Root he was so keen to get back. Remember, he wanted 
us to do two things - return the sword, and retrieve his root. Now this 
could take a while, but since you have a guide to tell you where to go 
and what to do, it will be easy. But there are a couple other things we
need to do first - head back to the entrance and then west, continuing
past the entrance. There are more Yuan-Ti spellcasters waiting for us 
where the path turns south, but they're easy at this point. Kill them,
but don't go rushing down the western edge of the map just yet. Move 
carefully south until you find a set of steps heading up to the west.
7) Up the stairs are a few Histachii, and there's an asshole Yuan-Ti
Priestess who may fire spells at you from a bridge to the south. You
can either dispatch her now, or proceed up the stairs and let her chase
you. Either way, she needs to die. The stair risers are trapped, so be 
careful as you move up the steps into the next chamber. Toward the back
of the chamber is a cache of eggs, one of which has a Star Sapphire in
it - nice.

(x=1100, y=750)
(x=1140, y=750)
(x=980, y=740)
(x=950, y=680)

(x=320, y=250)	Star Sapphire
8) Continue south from this chamber and cross the bridge, which is also
trapped. You will come to an area with palm trees growing (really?) and
find our old friend Nathaniel standing in front of a tent. What the hell
is he doing down here, you ask? I don't know, but it seems suspicious
to me. He does know who we are, as he addresses us by name, but somehow
I still don't like it. He does have stuff for sale, and will buy your
excess items from you, but I notice that the items he has for sale are
not the same as what he had in Kuldahar. If you talk to him with a
Druid, you will 'sense evil in him' and he will mention the 'path of
righteousness', which is antithetical to the 'path of cyclical balance'
that all Druids follow. Talking to him with a Paladin or Cleric will 
also reveal some inconsistencies in his speech. IMPOSTER! Confront him 
and he will go hostile; kill him and he will be less so... He summons a
shitload of Ferocious Jaguars and other assorted enemies, but ignore
them until he's dead, then mop them up.

K'aos levels up to 13th level Wizard, adding points to Concentration,
Bluff, and Intimidate, and taking a feat point in Improved Critical.
For spells he adds Confusion, and Finger of Death. Finger of Death is
a great spell - there's nothing more fun than giving someone the finger
and watching them die.

(x=1080, y=1050)
(x=1230, y=980)
9) Continue south - this next chamber contains a raised platform and 
several enemies; I enter with one character and draw them back thru the 
narrow passage to deal with them one or two at a time. You will notice 
(or at least you should) that there are two levers in here - one at 
(x=590, y=1780), and  another at (x=660, y=2450). Sometimes when I got 
here, the lever to the north was broken (laying on its side), other 
times it was not. If you mess with it however, it will break, so the 
steps play out the same way no matter what you find. After messing with 
them several times, I finally discovered what they are for, but if the 
northern one is broken then you'll have to skip the rest of this step 
and do it later, after it's repaired.

If the northern lever is intact, rest until it's night then place the 
party in the circle on the raised platform. Have a Cleric manipulate the 
northern lever - the party will get Protection from Evil cast on them 
(at least one of them will), and a Glabrezu will appear in the circle at 
the base of the platform. Kill it, along with anything else that might 
show up. 
10) Proceed southeast out of this chamber, and into the next one. This 
next 'room' appears to be a library/laboratory, and pretty much every 
container (tables, bookcases, etc) is lootable. So let's get to it, 
shall we? Oh... after we kill the Yuan-Ti Half-Breed Sorceress and the
Histachii that are in here.

(x=1300, y=2600) Book:History of Sembia, Scroll:Protection from Acid,
		 Scroll:Creeping Doom
(x=1370, y=2500) Book: History of Tethyr, Scroll:Protection from Cold,
		 Scroll:Fire Storm
(x=1450, y=2500) Book: History of the Bell in the Depths, Scroll:Sunbeam
 		 Scroll:Protection from Electricity
(x=1540, y=2450) Book:History of the Chosen of Mystra,
		 Scroll:Resurrection, Scroll:Protection from Fire
(x=1630, y=2400) Book: History of the Dead Three, 
		 Scroll:Symbol of Pain, Scroll:Protection from Magic
(x=1670, y=2540) Book: History of the Moonsea, Scroll:Destruction,
		 Scroll:Protection from Poison
(x=1730, y=2630) Book: History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness,
		 Scroll:Blasphemy, Scroll:Protection from Petrification
(x=1860, y=2500) Antidote x4, Flask of Braehg x2
(x=2020, y=2440) Mandrake Root
(x=2180, y=2400) Scroll:Seven Eyes, Scroll:Elemental Barrier,
		 D'hey-jazerrion's Notes(*1)
(x=2170, y=2500) Shandon Gem, Potion:Mastery Thievery x2,
		 Potion:Elixir of Health x2, Bullet +4 x40, Dart +4 x20,
		 Potion:Storm Giant Strength x2, Cat-tail(*2),
		 Potion:Protection from Evil x2, 
		 Potion:Spirit Essence x2

*1 Read this note carefully - it details how to use the alchemy lab and
   the various ingredients to create some items we will need in order
   to get some experience later. Of particular importance is the fact
   that you need someone with an Alchemy Skill of 15+ to do some of 
   these things, although it hints that D'hey-jazerrion may do it for
   you. He will also repair the levers, which must be done before you
   can complete the alchemical experiments.
*2 A Sling +1 with a name - whoopee...
11) We're still missing one ingredient (the Modified Mandrake Root), so
go back up to Level 1 and head for the hole in the cavern floor at 
(x=1800, y=2000). There's a prisoner here who will cast Cure Moderate 
Wounds on the party members (this is automatic - weird?); talk to him 
and send him down to talk to Nathaniel. Prepare for battle, and exit
down the hole...
12) AAAAAAHHHHHHH - WYVERN!!! Okay, it's not really that bad - he has a
lot of hit points, but he's not all that hard to kill. Grab the Modified 
Mandrake Root from his corpse, as well as the loot from the rock at 
(x=1960, y=1660), and head back up.

(x=1960, y=1660) Horn Coral Gem, Angel Skin Ring, Potion:Healing x5,
		 Dart of Stunning x20
13) Now we can return to Nheero and complete his mission, or so we 
think. He will then ask you to find the laboratory and pull the ol' 
switcheroo with the two Mandrake Roots (replace the real one with the 
modified one). He also gives you a clue as to how to accomplish the 
mission - "convince" the alchemist D'hey-jazerrion to perform the 
procedure for you (this is the same thing the note said). Return thru 
the statue yet again to Level 2.
14) Head for the lab, and place the Modified Mandrake Root on the table
at (x=2020, y=2440), then talk to D'hey-jazerrion with the character
possessing the highest Intimidate skill to "convince" him to complete
the process. You can also do it yourself if you have a charaacter with 
the requisite 15+ Alchemy skill - the process involves placing the
modified root on the table, and manipulating the southern lever in the
room to the north. Either way will achieve the same result: flashing
green lights, and an eventual in-game message stating that the weaker
version of the Histachii Brew has been created. Grab the Modified Root 
and replace it with the normal one to maintain the deception; also make
sure to grab the Sabotaged Histachii Brew that we just created. I also
make an extra one, just in case we end up needing to disguise ourselves
as Histachii at some point (hint, hint...)

(for completing the mission to create the Sabotaged Histachii Brew)
EXP	3600
15) Before we return to Nheero, there's something else we can do with
the alchemy table; we can create several flasks of Wyvern Poison that
we will need later. Might as well do it now, since we're here. Place
four Wyvern Stingers on the table at (x=1860, y=2500) and pull the
southern lever in the room to the north - you should have at least eight 
stingers, so you can make at least eight flasks (one stinger makes one
flask of poison).
16) Okay - we've completed the mission, and we can return to Nheevo one
more time to give him the Sabotaged Brew. Head back to the prison cells
on Level 1 again. Nheero is overjoyed ("Serendipity!") and heads off to
do his experiment, telling you to meet him in the "western chamber" in 
a couple of hours. Fine - we'll do that... Head back to the chamber on 
level 2 where we found the Star Sapphire (approx. x=600, y=480) and rest 
a time or two until Nheero shows up and will allow you to talk to him. 
You can ask him about the Feyr's, and he will mention something about a 
study. Since we've cleared the first two levels, I guess we'll probably 
find the study dowstairs. Head for the exit to Level 3.

|								       |
|		 	Dragon's Eye Level III			       |
|								       |

		1.	Once More Into the Feyr
		2.	Boulder Trap
		3.	Aaahhhh...! Monstrous Snakes!
		4.	Snake Room
		5.	Puddles of Goo
		6.	More of the Same
		7.	Another Library
		8.	Turned Back by Sseth's Eye
		9.	Quenching the Efreeti
		10.	Thorasskus - Are You My Mommy?
		11.	Escaping to the Treasure Room
		12.	Finishing Off Thorasskus
		13.	Meeting Nheero in the Library
		14.	Welcoming Party
		15.	Obtaining the Holy Avenger Sword
		16.	Imposter No More

Dragon's Eye Level 3 (AR6103)					{WLK025}
1) So here we go again - once more into the Feyr... err... fray... This 
time we'll be a bit more systematic in our visit to this level; while we 
do still have a couple specific things to accomplish, they are not time 
sensitive. To the north are some Armored Skeletons, Yuan-Ti, and a 
couple Histachii. Kill them and loot the table, then place a Wyvern 
Poison in the fountain at (x=2900, y=200). Head back down to the 

(x=2800, y=300) Male Body, Female Body, Child's Body, Aquamarine Gem, 
		Skull x3, Arrow +4 x20
2) This time head due west from the entrance with one character wearing
the Boots of Speed. Move carefully to the next passage, where there is
an opening to the north. DO NOT just go running in here though, as there
is a trap that will totally fuck with you. Instead, move that character
slowly up toward the small opening and try to draw out the enemies that
lie in wait in the chamber. If you're unlucky enough to get trapped in
here by the giant rock, you can 'kill' it to free yourself, but you will
likely have to fight Armored Skeletons while doing so. Once this room
is clear and the giant rock is no longer a threat, this room will end up
becoming our 'safe spot' for the next several battles.
3) We will continue to use our speedy character to find and draw foes
back to the party, at least for now. Send him/her south down the 
tunnel and repeat until it's clear; do the same for the parallel passage
to the west. You will find a rather large group of Monstrous Snakes in 
the southern part of this western tunnel, and they are pretty fast, 
hence using the character with Boots of Speed. I can draw them all back 
to the party and bottleneck them in the small opening 1-2 at a time. 
Eventually, you'll manage to make this part of the map safe for travel, 
and be able to proceed.
4) Make your way down to the snake room (approximately x=1670, y=1330)
and set up 'camp' for the next set of encounters. The doors in here are
unopenable (yes, it's a word - stop asking), so we'll ignore them for
now and proceed west thru the opening at about (x=1300, y=1430). Same
strategy as before - one character, Boots of Speed, draw enemies back,
kill them. This is a small round chamber that is perfect to use as our 
next 'safe spot'.
5) A u-turn to the south and east (which eventually turns west) will 
find more Yuan-Ti to lead back to their doom. Further west down this 
passage is a slime cave - once triggered, they will show up everywhere. 
These bastards are immune to almost everything except fire; a couple of 
Fire Storms will reduce them to puddles of goo. When the slime room is 
clear, move the party there and trip the switch that opens the large 
metal door (x=750, y=1480). Not only will the door to the north open up,
but you will now have a new path to the west as well. Let's do that 
first, okay?
6) Same strategy as always - run ahead and draw enemies back until the
coast is clear. Thru the southern doorway (x=600, y=1840) and around to
find a rather nicely furnished room with a lootable desk and a fountain.
Grab the shit from the desk and pour a Wyvern Poison into the fountain.
Okay, before we move into the northwestern corner of the map, let's
clear out everything else first. There are several areas we can't get to
yet, but don't worry about them. Make sure the place is clear, then head
back to the passage north, up the western edge of the map.

(x=260. y=2400)	Garnet Gem, Potion:Firebreath, Spirit Essence x5,
		Potion:Vocalize, Potion:Remove Curse, 730 Gold,
		Potion:Vampiric Touch
7) A library with five bookcases and another fountain await, guarded
by Histachii. No biggie - kill the Histachii and loot; remember to put
a Wyvern Poison in the fountain.

(x=300. y=380)	Book:Philosophy of Kara-Tur, Scroll:Identify,
		Scroll:Inflict Light Wounds
(x=340. y=280)	Book:The Folly of Fury, Scroll:Blur, Scroll:Find Traps
(x=400. y=240)	Scroll:Haste, Scroll:Protection from Fire,
(x=700. y=250)	Book:Engineering Manual, Scroll:Stoneskin,
		Scroll:Neutralize Poison
(x=760. y=350)	Book:Yago's Book of Curses, Scroll:Raise Dead,
		Scroll:Summon Shadow
8) East from the library, then south, then in a room to the west is an
Iron Golem. I draw it back into the library (allowing it to fart that
poisonous gas in the hallway before he gets to the party), and kill it.
There are a couple more chambers in here with miscellaneous enemies as
well - destroy them all. Now, to the southeast you will run into the
back side of the doors into the snake room, but when you try to enter
the large chamber you will be forced to retreat by Sseth's Eye, which
guards the passage north from here (x=1730, y=550). Load up and drink
the Sabotaged Brew we made up earlier; it will turn you temporarily into 
a Histachii and allow you to pass thru the arch under Sseth's Eye. Kill
the couple of real Histachii in here and manipulate the 'shelf' at
(x=1920, y=140) to open the drawbridge all the way to the south. You
will have to rest for at least four hours to allow the potion to wear
off and return to 'normal', whatever that is...
9) Head back down to the bottom of the map and cross the bridge at
(x=1600, y=1750) to find a room full of Efreeti to kill. The best way
to deal with them is just like we have been doing all along - set up
your archers behind and your fighters at the northern end of the bridge,
then send one character across to get the Efreeti to come after you. 
They can only get to you one or two at a time across the bridge, making 
them quite easy to manage. Protection from Fire, along with Cold-based 
spells, can be helpful here as well - Ice Storm is good for quenching 
their bloodthirsty desires.
10) When they're all dead, head down into the lavish room across the
bridge. Here you will meet Thorasskus, who claims that he and his mama
were caught by the snake people and brought here. Talk to him a few more
times and eventually he'll tire of his deception and transform into his 
real self and attack. He will summon a whole shit-load of Monstrous
Snakes, but you can ignore them and focus on him until he dies, then
mop up the snakes. It's possible for Thorasskus to escape; if that does
happen, don't sweat it - we'll catch up with him later. Loot the table
at (x=2100, y=2150) for a ton of various potions.

Combat Strategy: load up all melee weapons and surround Thorasskus so
he cannot escape, then pound the crap out of him. Ignore everything
else until he's dead, then mop up. It's still possible for him to
escape, but it's less likely this way.

(x=2100, y=2150) Potions: Braehg, Extra Healing x5, Healing x5,
		 Elven Healing Wine x5, Elixir of Health x5,
		 Antidote x10, Histachii Brew x5, Spirit Essence x5,
		 Unenchanted Histachii Brew x5, Mummy's Tea x5,
		 Philter of Purification x5
11) Well this sucks - the drawbridge is up and we're stuck in the room,
or so it would appear. Appearances, however, are deceiving, and there
is a way out. Head for the southeast corner of the room and look for the
exit (x=2000, y=2400); this will take you into the treasure room. There
is a lot of stuff here to loot, so be quick about it less that little
bastard Thorasskus should get away. As always when we find fountains,
place a Wyvern Poison in it (x=3060, y=2140).

(x=2820, y=2350) Scroll:Vipergout, Scroll:Stone to Flesh, 
		 Scroll:Protection from Magic,
		 Scroll:Protection from Poison
(x=2740, y=2280) Star Diopside Gem, Hemp Rope, 1131 Gold
(x=2770, y=2150) Horn Coral Gem, Angel Skin Ring, Flamedance Ring,
		 Red Fang's Tomb(*1), 3150 Gold
(x=2980, y=2110) Ring of Invisibility, Arrow +4 x20, Holdfast Arrow x20,
		 Arrow of Biting x20, Dart of Stunning x20
(x=3100, y=2270) Shandon Gem, Horn Coral Gem, POtion:Firebreath, 
		 511 Gold
(x=3060, y=2350) Medallion of the Lost Followers(*2)

*1 Tower Shield +3, +1 vs Missiles, can cast Agannazar's Scorcher 1/day
*2 Not an item to be used, it is the 'key' to gaining the Holy Avenger,
   a sword that we will be going after soon. KEEP THIS HANDY
12) The door on the western side of the room is now unlocked and we can
exit the room. Head straight for the snake room and finish off that
butthole Thorasskus. In addition to the massive melee power we have, I 
load up my best missiles, including Arrows of Dispelling, which makes 
fairly short work of him. Loot his corpse for several nice items.

Thorasskus	Quarterstaff, Bracers of Defense +4, 
		Ring of Freedom of Movement, Ring of Protection +3
13) Return one final time to Nheero in the lab on Level 2 and ask him 
what he knows about Thorasskus. He'll ask if there's a study down on 
the next level - tell him so and he'll ask you to meet him there. 
Aaarrggh - back down we go. Rest, and talk to him one final time, then 
make for the exit back up and out of Dragon's Eye. We're going back to 
Kuldahar now, to get that awesome Holy Avenger sword. 

Kuldahar Village (AR6001)					
14) When you move west into the village, you will find all the major
NPC characters lined up, as if waiting for you. How nice - a welcoming
party! Talk to them all if you wish, but make damn sure to talk to
Nathaniel at the very least. Mention that you thought he was down in 
Dragon's Eye. His answer pretty much proves that it was an imposter we 
saw down there, and I guess we'll have to go back and kill him/it. But 
first, there's this matter of a Holy Avenger sword...
15) Exit Kuldahar to the west and head for Kuldahar Pass. Go straight up
to the entrance to the graveyard (x=1530, y=260) and enter. There's a
grave at (x=1330, y=850) you need to examine; several flashes of light
and a group of enemies will appear. This is a tough fight if you're not 
prepared, so here's what I do...

Spell-buff like you really, truly mean it (Improved Haste is almost 
mandatory for this fight). No matter where you set up, you will be moved 
into a position right by the grave, and you start out surrounded. When 
they appear, grab the sword from the ground (x=1300, y=830) and equip it 
on your Paladin (if you have one), then run like hell for the entrance.
Not that we're leaving, mind you, but I want a slightly better position
from which to take them on. They are all undead, and a couple blasts of
turning from within an area protected by Undead Ward renders them almost
completely impotent. Sunbeam, Disintegrate, and other high-level magic
will take out a few, and the Club of Disruption (you do still have this
don't you?) can finish off at least one. Stay on them hard with all the
magic you can muster; only engage in melee if they get too close. This
is an awful nasty fight, no matter how you approach it, but it is
winnable. You get some nice experience for killing them, not to mention
that they are worth 2100XP each in their own right (Hey! I said not to
mention that!). That's 18450 total just for the main combatants, plus
the few hundred apiece for thier various summons. Not bad at all...

Ilana and Xanth level up after this fight - I return to the watchtower
to do so, since it's safe to rest there.

Ilana moves up to level 14 and adds another point to Concentration. She
adds another Heal and another Greater Shield of Lathander to her spells.

Xanth likewise goes to 14, but skips Concentration in favor of one each
in Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft. He gets a 7th level spell here,
and takes Mordenkainen's Sword.

(for sending the Lost Followers to their second death), 

EXP	5850

(x=1300, y=830)	Holy Avenger, Attack +5, Damage 1d8+5 plus 2d6 vs Evil, 
		can cast Dispel Magic (unlimited), +15 Spell Resistence 
		when equipped. This goes to K'aos, and will become his
		primary weapon for the rest of the game.
16) With our new weapon in hand, we are now ready to return to Dragon's
Eye and deal with the Nathaniel imposter (if we didn't before). Stop on 
the way and buy some stuff from the various people in the village if you 
desire; I'm heading straight there. 

If you killed "Nathaniel" earlier, then head straight for Level 3 and
the Dragon's Eye Exit (AR6103, x=3000, y=1330). Otherwise, if you still 
need to deal with the imposter, head back down to Level 2 and over to 
the west to find the fake Nathaniel. This time you'll have the dialog 
option to tell him that you saw the real Nathaniel in Kuldahar, and to 
demand he reveal himself. He summons his 'pets' (Ferocious Jaguars and 
Panthers), then transforms into a Rakshasa Maharajah. This is really an 
easy fight, despite the number of Jaguars that show up. 'Nathaniel' 
drops a few things, but nothing exceptional, although the Ring of Magic 
Missiles is kind of nice. 

Exit thru the door on Level 3 to the next area...

|								       |
|		 	  Dragon's Eye Exit			       |
|								       |

		1.	The Usual
		2.	Engineering a Bridge
		3.	The Death of Inquisitor Venomin
		4.	Meeting Ambassador Jasper
		5.	First Trip to the Fields of Slaughter
		6.	Behold Zil-t'yor
		7.	Back in Time
		8.	Heading Again to the Fields of Slaughter
		9.	Lord Pyros and Sorceress Izbelah
		10.	King Lothar's Citadel
		11.	Caught Eavesdropping
		12.	The Trial of High Sorceress Izbelah
		13.	Preventing an Infinite Time Loop
		14.	Ice Temple Basement - What the...?

Dragon's Eye Exit (AR6104)					{WLK026}
1) As usual we have a greeting party, and as usual they are hostile.
A Cornugon and three Wight Lemur Slaves will try to stop us from moving
forward, but in reality they don't even manage to slow us down. They
aren't even considerate enough to drop any loot. There's a place to the
east with Webs - not a trap, just a webbed place. To the west is a
fireball; same thing - not a trap, just a fireball. However, west ends
up at a dead end, so go east...

Note: in subsequent plays, these areas contained other impedements to
travel - Spike Stones, various poison gasses, etc. You may not get the
same things I did, but in all cases you just need to wait a bit and
they will end, allowing you to proceed.
2) The path turns south, then west along the bottom of the map, until 
it comes to a broken bridge (x=1550, y=2550). Now we have in our
possession an Engineering Manual and several pieces of Hemp Rope; I
have to assume they're useful here. Repair the bridge by putting all
four pieces of Hemp Rope (you'll see it partially repair with each rope
you place). Once the bridge is repaired, you can cross.
3) Further west, you will be met by Inquisitor Venomin, who goes on
about how he killed Lord Pyros, and how Thorasskus will be mad at him,
and some other nonsense. He will then walk away and get fried... Cool.
Continue west, then north; there will be a slight jog to the east, and 
you'll finally reach Archon, the Undead Boatman, at (x=760, y=1400).
Talk to him, and select an audience with Lord Pyros as your destination.
You will of course be told that Lord Pyros is dead (that last asshat
killed him, remember?), so select Lord Pyros' domain as your second 
choice. You will be informed that it costs 300 gold per person for the
trip, but if you have a high enough Bluff skill you can say that you
paid twice that already, and get across for free.
4) Kill a critter (I saw a Remorhaz and a Greater Werewolf here on two
separate plays), then head north. Talk to Ambassador Jasper - I found
him at (x=1950, y=1630), but he moves around - and follow the only
dialog options that are presented. It appears we need to go to the
Fields of Slaughter. There is a chest at (x=2270, y=1830), but we have
no way to get out there to it, so I guess it will stay unmolested for
now. Go back down and talk to Archon again, but don't head for the 
Fields of Slaughter quite yet; instead, go to Jasper's Embassy. Note 
that you may have to pay this time, and for future trips as well. Archon 
will buy stuff from you, so this shouldn't be a show-stopper, but it can 
get expensive after a while.
5) I had to kill three Greater Boneguards here, you might get some other
enemies. Whatever shows up, kill it/them, and loot the bookcase at
(x=2500, y=2000). Now talk to Archon again and head for the Fields of
Slaughter exit.

(x=2500, y=2000) Scroll:Suffocate, Fire Agate Gem x5, Spirit Essence x2,
		 Hold Person Wand
6) Here you will be met by Zil-t'yor, a Beholder. I seriously wish I had 
the Shield of Balduran right now, but as this is Icewind Dale, and not
Baldur's Gate, I guess I'll have to make do... Beholders are nasty
things, and very hard to fight, what with their eye stalks shooting
spells at you. But this fight only gets worse - there are also about a
half-dozen Hell Hounds to deal with. Okay - here's the plan:

First, spell-buff before starting this fight. Then, after the dialog is 
thru, have your Clerics/Druids cast as many group defensive spells as 
possible, while your mages Fireball the fuck out of Zil-t'yor. With any 
luck at all, you will get off this round of attacks before you get 
attacked in return. The fighters take on the Hell Hounds while the 
magic-cannons fire away at Zil-t'yor (you can't get to him in melee). On 
my second try at this battle, a single Disintegrate spell took out 
Zil-t'yor, and then it was a simple matter of killing the rest of the 
baddies. I had Flamewalkers, Trolls, Fire Mephits, Efreeti, and of 
course the Hell Hounds. A whole lot of fighting, but in the end not all 
that bad.

When everything here is good and dead, exit at (x=1920, y=600) to find 
7) ...right back where you started. What the...? Head all the way 
around again and have Archon take you to Jasper's Embassy. Jasper will
be there, but there is little new intel from him. So, this time have
Archon take you to Lord Pyros' domain (again?). Except this time it's
different; you get to watch a cutscene of Inquisitor Venomin actually
killing Lord Pyros. Apparently time works backwards here, so maybe we
will have a chance to prevent some things from happening? Return to 
Jasper's Embassy and talk to him again and watch another cutscene - this 
time having to do with some of the destruction of the building. You'll 
eventually be attacked by some Frost Salamanders and Lizardmen, but 
they're cheese by now. You can ignore the Flamewalkers - they are not 
hostile - and head north and then back south into the Amphitheater. 
From here you will get to kill some critters from across the lava. Once 
all is quiet, have Archon take you to the Upper Levels.
8) Kill the Lava Mephits and the other enemies (some are across the
lava), then head south to find Inquisitor Venomin going thru his lament
again. But this time you can try to talk him out of killing himself; to
no avail, but hey - at least we tried, right? Further east along this
inner path and you can watch the bridge being destroyed, and possibly
have another critter or two to kill. Just make sure not to start any
fights with non-hostiles and you'll be fine. Continue all the way around
the inner path and kill everything that attacks you. Head back once more
to the Fields of Slaughter Exit.

This time isn't so bad - no Beholder to deal with, and just a few
'normal' enemies. As before, kill everything hostile and exit to start
the sequence over again. Notice that the Hell Hounds are not hostile,
nor are the Trolls...

Ghrax and Fhornal gain levels before exiting:

Ghrax becomes a 15th level Ranger and adds a point to Concentration, as
well as a second point in Spell Penetration. He gets a new favored Enemy
here, and selects Giants. He also gets a couple of 4th level spells,
and takes Cure Serious Wounds and Flame Strike.

Fhornal likewise moves up to level 15, and adds points to Concentration
and Knowledge (Arcana). For his feat, he also takes Spell Penetration.
Wall of Fire and Finger of Death become his new spells.

We cannot rest down here, but the extra hit points and abilities will
still serve us well, even if we can't use the new spells yet.
9) This time you can get to the inner ring directly (x=3400, y=1500),
and the blockade of stones to the west isn't there yet. So you can take
whatever path you like to get to Archon; have him take you to Lord 
Pyros' domain. Speak to him (yes, he's still alive in this sequence) and
offer him an Antidote for free, just because he might 'need it someday';
he will give you a random item of some kind in return (I got a Returning
Bullet of Fire +1 on one run). Move north up the path until you can't go 
any farther, and the path will reconstruct itself. Once that's done, 
Inquisitor Venomin will run past you and report to Lord Pyros (I think 
we all know where this is headed). Continue going north and High 
Sorceress Izbelah will implore you from her cage to let her out. It 
doesn't really matter what you say, she's not going anywhere. 
10) Have Archon take you to King Lothar's Citadel. Talk to Lothar and
be informed that High Sorceress Izbelah is being held for casting a
Temporal Stasis spell that is causing the breakdown of the kingdom and
the building and... well.. pretty much everything. He will also tell
you that she cast this spell at the Embassy, two days ago. I think our
goal should now pretty much be clear - prevent the bitch from casting 
her spell and fucking everything up. Head for the Amphitheater - we're
gonna see a play!
11) Talk to one of the Flamewalkers (any one will do) and ask about the
play - you will get to witness some more of the story, and are one step
closer to being able to prevent this tragedy. You can also ask about the
trial, to be told pretty much the same things we've already learned.
This backwards time thing is confusing... Head back to Lothar's Citadel
one more time. More cutscenes, more backstory, etc... Except this time
you are caught 'eavesdropping', and everything here goes hostile. Ugh,
now we'll have to kill him. Well, that's okay - I suspect we'll be back
yesterday and he'll be fine. This isn't anywhere near as bad as you
might think, and while I suffered some damage, it wasn't a big deal.
Head back to the Fields of Slaughter Exit and... exit.
12) Back around to Archon, but this time have him take you to the Lava
Mephit Lair. However, instead of going there, you get to witness the
trial of High Sorceress Izbelah. Kill any Mephits that might be hanging
around, and then pick the lock on the chest (x=2280, y=1840).

(x=2280, y=1840) Flamedance Ring x5, Angel Skin Ring x3, 
		 Potion:Firebreath, Horn Coral Gem x2, Aquamarine Gem, 
		 Shandon Gem, Garnet Gem, Dykhast Longsword(*1), 
		 Heavy Crossbow +4, Gauntlets of Weapons Expertise(*2), 
		 Bullets +4 x20, Arrows of Piercing x20, 
		 Composite Longbow of Dodging(*3), Arrows +4 x60, 
		 Holdfast Arrows x20, Arrows of Biting x20,
		 Dart +4 x20, Dart of Stunning x20, 5932 Gold

*1 Attack +2, Damage 1d8+4, 1% chance to blind target
*2 Attack +1, Damage +2
*3 Attack +2, Damage +2, Dex +1, 2/- Missile Resistance
13) Exit at the Fields of Slaughter Exit one more time, but make damn 
sure to save before you actually exit (just in case you need to replay 
this next sequence). Our goal now will be to prevent High Sorceress 
Izbelah from casting her spell, and it means we have to be quick. Head 
straight for Archon, and ignore everything else unless it physically 
attacks you (there are a couple of stray Mephits in your way). Have him 
take you to the Embassy, where you will have to kill High Sorceress 
Izbelah before she can cast the Temporal Stasis spell. Naturally, it 
couldn't be that easy though, could it. Your way will be blocked by a 
Remorhaz, along with some other crappier enemies. If you don't stop her, 
you will lose the game, with a message that you are caught in a time 
loop forever (you get the option to Quit or Load). See why I told you 
to save? 

Now here's a nice little bug that will work in your favor: the character 
with Boots of Speed will get to Archon first - once he requests the trip 
to the Embassy, the party will be taken there regardless of where they 
all are at the time. That saves a little time... 

She drops a Scroll:Suffocation, Fire Agate Gem x5, Spirit Essence x2,
a Scimitar +4, and a Wand of Hold Person. Grab the loot and head for the
exit at... you guessed it... the Fields of Slaughter Exit.

Ice Temple Basement (AR4103)
14) What the...? This game has more surprises than a millionaire kid's
birthday party. We're back at the Ice Temple, watching Nickademus get
into it with a nasty, evil looking demon. The bastard teleports you
to the spot right in front of him too. What an ass... At least we arrive
fully healed, which is good, because this Gelugon thing is kind of a 
badass. So this is the favor that he wanted - show up and kill things
for him when he gets his dumb ass in trouble. Well, fine then... Follow
him southeast down the hallway, killing everything in your path except
the one thing we would really like to kill - him, for doing this to us.
I mean it's not all that hard really, once that first thing is dead, but 
there are a shit-ton of various enemies here.

Pretty much every container in the place has been restocked, mostly with
Potions of Extra Healing, but it's still worth searching everything
before you leave. Clear out the whole level, then exit up the stairs at 
(x=3600, y=2100).

Note: I tried playing a few more ranks of the game here, but it is no
longer playable. Poop...

Before I return from whence I came, I level up Quala:

She moves up to 10th level Sorceress, and adds a Charisma point. She 
takes her skill points in Search and Open Locks, and grabs Shroud of
Flame for her new spell.

|								       |
|		 	  Fields of Slaughter			       |
|								       |

		1.	Saablic Tan
		2.	Bluffing Blahg'mah
		3.	Acquiring Assistance
		4.	Sanctification Plans
		5.	Bitched at by a Lich
		6.	Ding Dong the Lich is Dead...
		7.	Freedom for the Elves
		8.	Elven Holy Waterfall
		9.	Big Enemy Group Equals Big Magic
		10.	Just to Piss Me Off

Fields of Slaughter (AR6200)					{WLK027}
1) Well this is new... We arrive in the southwest corner of a new map.
Since our only open path is northeast, I suggest we go that way. You
will almost immediately be confronted by a mage named Saablic Tan, and
he's pissed about your reign of terror on the Legion of the Chimera.
Well, too bad asshole - it's time for you to die. He, of course, is a
pussy, and leaves his minions to die for... err... I mean... fight for
him. There's a Red Wizard here, and a Neo-Orog Priest, otherwise it's
just melee.
2) Head north to encounter Blahg'mah, another butthole that thinks he's 
better than us. If you lead with a high-Charisma, high-Diplomacy
character, he will take you to his leader, Kratuuk. Talk to Kratuuk and 
ask him a few questions, after which you'll be given a quest to destroy 
a Lich. Cool. He will give you the Orc Encampment Bone Key, which will 
open a couple places for us. Don't loot yet - we want to get our 
experience first for killing the Lich. We'll kill these guys later, and 
loot as much as we want...

If you don't get the option to be taken to see Kratuuk, then you will
have no choice but to fight. It's not all that difficult really - a web
or two and a rain of fire will pretty much win this. The rest of the
sequence will still play out pretty much the same, although you get to
free the prisoners (and get the experience), and loot the camp right 
3) The gate is to the east at (x=1500, y=700) - open it, but don't go 
thru it yet. There are a fair number of enemies on the other side, and
as always we prefer to deal with them a few at a time. I Web the area
just on the other side of the gate, then follow with a Fireball or two.
Once they're dethreatenized, you can kill them easily. Now I kind of 
have to surmise that we need to go southeast, since that's the only way 
open to us. You'll find a group of Elven Dread Warriors here, battling 
some Orc Dread Warriors. Only kill the hostiles; we need to talk to one 
of the friendlies. This means no Fireballs or other area effect spells 
that will turn everything against us. No big deal, these guys are quite 
easy to take down in melee. Find the Orc named Gorg, and tell him that 
Kratuuk sent you to destroy the Lich.

If you didn't get the option to bluff Kratuuk earlier, you won't get the
option to enlist the aid of the Orc party here. Experience lost...

K'aos level up here, before the Lich fight. He goes to a 14th level 
Wizard and adds a point to his Intelligence; this gives him 6 points
to spend on skills. He takes Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and
Knowledge (Arcana). He also adds some spells - another Magic Missile,
Cloudkill, Globe of Invulnerability, and Mordenkainen's Sword.

(for securing the help of the Dread Orc scout group)
EXP	2600
4) Now, where's that Lich? Well, the path turns southwest, so it's a
fair bet he's down there. Heal up, spell buff, and generally get ready
for the fight to come. If possible, include your new helpers in your
spell buffs. As you start to move down the path, you will be auto-moved
down to where M'darfein is (that's him... the lich... M'darfein). He
will boast for a bit about how great he is, and an Elven Cleric named
Saralon D'frayn will reveal his plan to sanctify the Fields of Slaughter
using Holy Water. We even get some experience for finding this out, not
that we really had any choice in the matter. I love free experience...

(for discovering the Elven Cleric's plan to use Holy Water to sanctify 
the Fields of Slaughter)
EXP	1950
5) Can we kill this damn Lich now? Please? I mean I love the free 
experience and all (see my previous comment), but we have work to do.
He will finally notice your presence and bitch at you for coming to
destroy his home. Your home, you, and anything associated with you!
Now, for the fight...

He's going to disappear after only a round, so get in your first shots
fast and hard - you want to do as much damage to him as possible in the
very first round of combat. I wouldn't even bother trying to Turn Undead
as he is simply way too high-level for that. Rushing him is just stupid
and will get you killed. However, he's not gone - only invisible. Hit
him as hard as you can in round two with more heavy spells and if you're
very lucky he'll die; if not, then you could be in trouble. I used as
many Disintegrate and other (hopefully) one-shot spells as I could, with
a couple of Sunscorches thrown in for good measure. 

Loot all the bodies, but make sure to grab the vial of Elven Holy Water
from the Elven Cleric. There's a lot of good stuff here; I'll try to
document it as best I can. Note that the position will vary depending
on where the character died. There is more than what is listed here,
but this is what I could attribute; the rest consists of arrows, armor, 
and other assorted items.

(x=2270, y=2190)

M'darfein - Scroll:Disintegrate, Scroll:Acid Fog, Scroll Case
Gorg - Backblighter(*1)
Body - Viol of the Hollow Men(*2)
Saralon D'frayn - Vial of Elven Holy Water, Boots of Speed,
		  Chainmail +1, Warhammer +2, Large Shield
(x=2270, y=2190) Scroll:Deplayed Blast Fireball, Bottle of Wine x2,
		 Skull, Delnar's Delight(*3)
(x=1660, y=2090) Star Diopside gem, Potion:Extra Healing x3, 174 Gold,
		 Dart +5 x20, Philter of Purification x2

*1 Great Axe, Attack +2, Damage 1d10+2, 50% Fear, 50% Slow
*2 A Bardic instrument, it can summon 1d4 Shadows 1/day
*3 Quarterstaff, Attack +2, Damage 1d8+2, can cast Protection from
   Normal Missiles 2/day
6) If you managed to get in good with him earlier, return to Kratuuk 
and tell him that the Lich is gone. You'll get an experience reward, and 
then the ungrateful bastard will turn on you. Figures, doesn't it? Of 
course we were going to kill him anyway, so it's not like it really 
changes anything; it's the principle of the thing. Do something nice for 
someone and they turn all assy on you. Anyway...

Get on Krayuuk early and hard - he is a priest, after all, and will make
your life difficult if you give him the chance. His minions are tough
fighters, but they're only fighters. I keep the party back by the gate
and web/Entangle the whole area, then fire-fuck them all to death. Not
that this fight is all that difficult, it's just fun to watch.

(for killing the Lich for Kratuuk)
EXP	3900

(x=500, y=380)

Kratuuk - Horn Coral Gem, Scroll:Greater Shadow Conjuration, 220 Gold,
	  Staff of Greater Spell Resist +5(*1), Black Goat Girdle(*2)

(x=1200, y=350)	Potion:Extra Healing x3, Potion:Hill Giant Strength,
		Scroll:Summon Efreeti, Bullet +5 x20, 55 Gold
(x=500, y=380)	Scroll:Control Undead, Corrosive Club +2(*3),
		Stunning Arrows +1 x20, Geloise(*4)
(x=670, y=700)	Mummy's Tea x2, Potion:Ghoul Touch, Bullet +5 x20,
		230 Gold
(x=800, y=900)	Antidote, Potion:Extra Healing x2, Scroll:Hold Monster,
		Potion:Cat's Grace, Potion:Shocking Grasp

*1 Quarterstaff, Attack +5, Damage 1d6 +5, +2 poison/round for 6 rounds,
   3/- Magic Resistance
*2 Regenerate 1 hit point every 3 rounds
*3 Attack +2, Damage 1d6+2, plus 1d6 acid damage
*4 This is simply a +3 Crossbow with a name
7) Next, if you didn't do it before, we'll free those Elves that were 
imprisoned. Open the big gate at (x=1200, y=1200) and talk to Tsol 
Silverblade, the leader of this crew. For simply doing this, you get a 
reward. Coolsies...

(for freeing the imprisoned Elves)
EXP	2600
8) Now there was something about this Elven Holy Water and a waterfall;
I suppose we should see to that while we're here. As there is really no 
place left to go on this side of the map, return to where we killed the
Lich and head east. The path will wind back around to the north, where
you will find some less than dead things that need to be made more dead.
Place the Elven Holy Water into the Waterfall at (x=3340, y=1600) and
get yet another experience reward.

The exit is to the north, but there is a large group of hostiles that
is blocking your way. Make then less hostile (by killing them), and exit
at (x=3800, y=1100) to the next (and final) area in Chapter 5.

(for purifying the waterfall and the Fields of Slaughter)
EXP	3900
Party Healed

Fields of Slaughter Exit (AR6201)
9) A huge fight is awaiting you here - Saablic Tan, Wanmok (big, ugly
bastard), a Slayer Knight of Xvim, a Red Neo Orog, a Neo Orog Priest, 
an Elite Half Goblin, a Red Wizard, and who the hell knows what else. 
Webs, Fire Storms - I totally spell-fuck them all to death, only having 
to actually fight one in melee. Big group of enemies = big magic, that's
what I always say (well, not always, but it sounds impressive).

To the north is their camp with more loot; grab everything, and then
go east.

(x=460, y=790)	Flamedance Ring, Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
(x=590, y=780)	Gem Bag, Arrow+5 x20, Throwing Hammer of Thunder +2(*1)
(x=690, y=730)	Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, Angel Skin Ring,
		Potion:Shocking Grasp

*1 Attack +2, Damage 1d4+2, plus 1d6 electrical damage, returning
10) Up here are two Half-Dragons; I honestly think the writers only put
them in here to piss me off. There's also a dead body at (x=1430, y=830)
with a few nice things on it. Exit via the eastern edge of the map.

So ends Chapter 5...

(x=1430, y=830)	Potion:Extra Healing x2, Potion: Frost Giant Strength,
		Flail of Veranon(*1)

*1 Attack +3, Damage 1d8+3, plus 1d6 fire damage, plus 10% 1d10 fire

|				Chapter 6			       |
|								       |
|		    The Severed Hand Lower Levels		       |
|								       |

		1.	As Luck Would Have It
		2.	Greeting the Greeting Party
		3.	Jerre Stoh and the Immortal Demon
		4.	Ysha's Plans
		5.	Obtaining a Delegate Pass
		6.	Starving Slaves
		7.	Immortality Confirmed
		8.	Elemental Troubles
		9.	Moving On...
		10.	Library, Complete With Librarian
		11.	Vylu and Her Elemental Friends
		12.	Alterations
		13.	Test Subjects
		14.	Wizard's Tower Quest
		15.	My Precious
		16.	Delivering the Plans

The Severed Hand (AR6300)					{WLK028}
1) You need two things to avoid a fight and get the max experience at
the entrance: a very high Bluff Skill (15+) and a lot of luck. The skill
is obvious; the luck comes in when determining which character will be
chosen to answer. If it's the high skill character, you're good; if not,
well... you'll still get some experience, but not the maximum. Oh, and 
you'll have to fight two Chimeras and several guards.

If you are lucky, the dialog option of "I am a delegate from the east." 
will be option #1; if not, it will be #2. Either way, select that option
and follow with whatever you're presented.

You will most likely have to fight, and it's really a bad one. Chimerii
are nasty, fire-spewing beasts, and your starting position puts you in
range of their attacks. Ignore the guards and focus on the Chimera;
first one, then the other. I draw my archers back a bit, while sending
my fighters in to take on the one on the left; as soon as he's dead, I
move away to the right and heal a bit before taking on the second one. 
There's an Apocoplytic Boneguard here as well, and he's arguably worse 
than the Chimerii, so he should get some 'extra attention'. Luckily, he 
doesn't get into range to attack for several rounds.

Of course, you can always kill them even if you manage to bluff your way 
past, and this is an easier fight to win. Bluff the Guard Commander, 
move up to a spot in front of the western doorway, and take the fight to 
them. You're in a much better tactical position, and this fight is much 
easier when you can spell-buff first. Two Webs, a Firestorm, and a big
ol' Fireball will turn much of the opposition to ash, and the Chimerii 
are the last to come into battle. They can't get to you (they won't 
fit), and you can rain fire down on them from a position of safety. The 
Boneguard is really the only thing here that takes some work, as he's 
immune to most things, but with everything else dead you can chop him 
up in melee.

(for bluffing your way past the guards)
EXP	1500


(for discovering that there is a Minister of Affairs)
EXP	750

(x=500, y=300)	Spear-Impaler(*1)

*1 Attack +2, Damage 1d8+2, plus 1 damage/round for 10 rounds, plus
   drains 1d4 hit points from target and adds to wielder (temporary)

The Severed Hand Level 1 (AR6301)
2) There are two entrances to the tower: one at (x=300, y=250) and the
other at (x=750, y=100). Both enter in exactly the same spot, so it
doesn't matter which one you choose. And, no matter what happened to you
outside, you will have to fight in here. There is a Glabrezu Guard to
your right and a bunch of lesser guards to your left - not a good spot
to be in. Ignore the Glabrezu; he respawns, and is worth exactly zero
experience. He will, in turn, ignore you provided you don't attack him.
Fireball, Sleep, or some other area effect spell will make this a pretty 
easy fight.
3) The inner ring of the tower is empty (now that we've killed all the 
guards), so I guess we'll have to start exploring the rooms on the outer 
ring. Head first thru the open archway to the southwest at about 
(x=1000, y=1650) and talk to Jerre Stoh. Ask him about the Glabrezu (the 
Imortal Demon) for some experience; you can also get some interesting 
intel on the state of things here - slaves, guards, etc.

(for learning about the Immortal Demon)
EXP	750
4) Working our way north from here, the next room is occupied by a woman
named Ysha. She is also a slave, and is upset that she screwed up the
construction plans. Suggest that she alter them somehow, and she'll ask
you to do it. Accept this quest and get the plans - this will be worth
some experience later. Head north thru the archway into the next room.

The only things in here are a worker hammering on the wall, and a pot
with some loot. Grab it (the loot, not the worker) and continue north.

(x=350, y=900)	Scroll:Cure Critical Wounds, Scroll:Neutralize Poison,
		Stunning Arrows +1 x20, Rage of Chaos(*1)

*1 CURSED Bastard Sword, Attack +3, Damage 1d10+3 plus 2d6 to Lawful,
   wielder may go berserk
5) Continue northeast into the next room, where you will find a door
(x=1060, y=550). Open it and enter; talk to Xavier Torsend inside to
get some intel, a much needed (i.e. required) item, and some very nice
experience for doing mostly nothing. There's only one way to screw this 
up, so don't mention the slaves until last. You can go thru the other 
options in any order you wish, but once you go the route of making him
understand that the workers are slaves he'll leave. Get all four of the 
rewards, then loot the cupboards.

(for obtaining a Delegate Pass)
EXP	750

(for learning the names of the people responsible for the war)
EXP	750

(for learning about the imprisoned envoy)
EXP	750

(for making Xavier Torsend resign)
EXP	750

(x=1180, y=440)	Scroll:Fiery Cloud, Force Bullet x20(*1), 
		Death's Bane(*2)
(x=1400, y=420)	Book:Hippogriff Riders of the Hand,
		Scroll:Summon Monster VIII

*1 Damage 1d4+2, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Reflex Save negates)
*2 Attack -4 (yes, minus 4), Damage 0 (yes, zero), heals 1d4/hit
6) Well, that was fun. We just got 3750 experience points, and we didn't
do dick for it. Plus we have a quest - alter the building plans. And we 
now have a Delegate Pass which will get us thru this place without
having to kill everything. Not a bad start, not bad at all... So, now
what? Since we're almost halfway around the perimeter of this first
level, how about we complete it? 

Go back to the inner ring thru the archway to the south and continue to
the east. The next room, thru either of the doors at (x=1670, y=830) or
(x=1900, y=900), has a group of workers in it. There is one you should
speak to - Vashti Zerran - at (x=2230, y-790) to hear that the slaves 
are not getting enough food. Accept the quest to speak with the cook, 
and exit back to the inner hallway. Continuing clockwise, the next room 
has a table to loot, but nothing else. The next, and final room on the 
outer ring has workers, but nothing else. Go back out to the entrance.

(x=2600, y=1150) Spiritcaller(*1)

*1 Axe, Attack +2, Damage 1d8+2, cast Inflict Critical Wounds 3/day,
   cast Shadow Conjuration 1/day
7) Talk to the Glabrezu (x=1300, y=1500) with a non-Aasimar, non-Elf 
character and ask about the Severed Hand. You'll get some useless info
and pretty much be dismissed. Talk to him again, however, and you can
ask him about his task of keeping the workers enslaved, after which you
can confirm from him that he is immortal. Make damn sure not to use an
Aasimar to talk to the demon, or you'll end up having to fight him, for
nothing. Return to the previous room and go up the stairs to the next 
level (x=1650, y=2000).

(for confirming the Demon's immortality)
EXP	750

The Severed Hand Level 2 (AR6302)
8) There are more workers up here, led by one Roga Thulc, the Assistant
Slave Master. Experience has taught us that we need to talk to people
with names, so get to it. He will go on at some length about how they
used Elementals to clear a lot of the debris, but that's also when "the
trouble began". He then tells you about Vylu, who began hearing voices
and then disappeared. She returned later and claimed she was a Genasi
(the offspring of Human and Elemental). Then shit began disappearing and
showing up in the elemental's room, but he's scared to tell anyone about 
it because he doesn't want Vylu to get hurt. He'll ask you to help him;
accept to be given yet another quest. You can also get a shit-ton of
information about the building, including the function of each of the
floors and the kinds of people who live here.
9) Well, since we know that the kitchen is on the fourth floor (and we
can assume the cook as well), that quest is for later. We have no idea
where this Kav Lathram is to alter the building plans, so that quest is
out too. Roga mentioned that Vylu was down in the library, so I guess
we'll go and try to find her and see if we can't help this guy out. Go
clockwise to the next room and grab the loot in the urn. Return to the
inner hall and continue north (clockwise).

(x=840, y=1800)	Stunning Arrows +1 x20
10) The next door (x=840, y=1600) opens into a reading room, and is
occupied by Cedrin Zil, the librarian. He's useless, simply telling you
to look around the library, Well we were going to do that anyway, so why
did we need you to... never mind.

North thru the arched doorway (x=630, y=1550) is the library; not much
of one either - the bookshelves each only have one book, except for one
which also contains a scroll.

x=170, y=1350)	Book:The Last Alliance II-The Dwarves
x=380, y=1200)	Book:The Last Alliance VI-The Fall
x=550, y=1200)	Book:The Last Alliance I-The Elves
x=420, y=1270)	Book:Diary of Zaem Astyr, Scroll:Horrid Wilting
x=580, y=1270)	Book:The Last Alliance IV-The Dwarf Alliance
x=580, y=1450)	Book:The Last Alliance V-Echoes of the Fall
x=470, y=1500)	Book:The Last Alliance III-The Darkest Hour
11) North again from the library you will find the Elemental Room, where
Vylu Prehv (x=480, y=980) is hanging out with her two Earth Elemental 
friends. She's obviously insane, and there's really not much that we can
do for her - at least not at the moment. I guess we should go and tell 
Roga that his ex-girlfriend is a looney; head back to where we entered.

Tell Roga that you found Vylu, and about her condition, and he will give
you yet another quest - to find a priest on the fourth floor who might
be able to help her. So apparently we've been converted from mighty
adventurers into errand boys. Whatever... As our travels will take us
there eventually anyway, we'll see what we can do.
12) Before we even think about any of that, we need to finish exploring
this floor. Return north to where we left off and go thru the door at
(x=1100, y=700). Well wha'd'ya know... in this room is Kav Lathram, the
other guy we were supposed to find. This is the guy who can alter the
building plans, and he seems perfectly willing to do so. The screen will
fade while he does this (apparently he can only work in the dark?), and
you will receive the altered building plans. Loot the barrel for a 
couple things we'll need soon, along with a very nice scroll, and exit
the room.

(x=940, y=440)	Virluent Agent, Scroll:Power Word-Kill, 
		Stunning Bullets +1 x20, Ring of Nourishment
13) Well, that's one quest item obtained, but I'm not inclined to go
back down to the first floor to complete it until we've finished our
exploration of this level. To the east, at (x=1630, y=580), is Fynne
and his apprentice Tasha. As you approach, you will be attacked by a
Demonic Construct, who is pretty easy to kill. Make sure to grab his
Tainted Demon's Blood, then talk to Fynne. You will be mostly ignored,
while Fynne and Tasha talk about some kind of 'test, and make reference
to you being 'test subjects', but you'll never actually get to talk to
them directly. You do, however, get some minor experience for the 
encounter. They will then depart to spend some time at Flynne's cabin
at the coast (there's an 'old pervert' joke in here somewhere, but I'm
really not in the mood). Loot the bookcase, the table, and the cabinet 
for a few goodies.

(for being unwitting pawns in a test)
EXP	750

(x=1330, y=350)	Master's Robe(*1), Scroll:Meteor Swarm
(x=1590, y=380)	Scroll:Mind Blank, Scroll:Gate, 
		Book:Diary of Garuk Katah
(x=1780, y=460)	Scroll:Stone to Flesh

*1 This simple robe grants a +2 to Intellegence and +3 to Charisma. An
   awesome item indeed, if you're a Wizard or a Sorcerer. And it goes
   into the armor slot, meaning you can wear a Cloak of Displacement at
   the same time. Score!
14) Continuing clockwise, you will next find Ruinlord Garuk Katah 
(x=2080, y=690), the asshole who's diary we found in the previous room. 
He will share some minor intel, but really nothing worth noting in 
detail. Continue thru his room back into the hallway, and head into the 
next room. In here is Vese Nejj, who is only partially visible. Why, you 
ask? Who knows... It doesn't seem to have any bearing on the next 
sequence, or anything else for that matter. Oh well, back to the 

He will refuse to answer your questions unless you agree to do something
for him, and become a member of their order. We've been down this road
before and came out okay, so why not? Just be careful not to piss him
off and you will be asked to solve the puzzle that grants access to the
Wizard's Tower. Well that sounds promising, so agree. Note that failure
in the puzzle will kill you, but we've faced a thousand deaths so far
and we're still here; I honestly don't think this will be that big of a 
deal - do you? There's no loot here, so continue clockwise around the
inner hallway.
15) The next door is at (x=2370, y=1600), and opens into a room with a
woman by the name of Dracein. She is understandably upset by your 
sudden intrusion, and threatens to sic Precious on you. Precious is her
pet Chimera, and we all the problem they can be, so maybe it's best to 
leave that for now. Render someone invisible, and then loot the bed and 
the northern table - DO NOT try to loot the middle table. First, it's 
empty; second, you'll get caught and have to fight Precious. We will be 
doing that later, so there's no need to go thru that pain now. Leave 
here and complete the loop back to where we entered the level.

(x=2800, y=1200) Scroll:Mass Dominate, Scroll:Summon Fiend, 
		 Potion:Freedom, Potion:Extra Healing, Robe of Enfusing
(x=2990, y=1400) Chimandrae's Slippers(*1)

*1 Dexterity +5. These go on Quala, which boosts her Dexterity to 27
16) Well, we now have a few items that should complete some of the first
floor quests, so let's go back down and do that. Exit down the stairs at
(x=1500, y=2030) and return to Ysha (x=420, y=1490) with the Altered
Building Plans.

Now I was hoping that this Ring of Nourishment would help out Vashti
with her food shortage problem, but apparently not. It seems we need to
visit the cook after all, who we know is on Level 4. So hang on to the 
ring and head back up the staris to Level 2, then proceed to the stairs
at (x=1400, y=1350) which lead to Level 3.

(for delivering the Altered Building Plans)
EXP	1000

|								       |
|		    The Severed Hand Upper Levels		       |
|								       |

		1.	Impressing the Gelugon
		2.	Bonding Agent... James Bonding Agent
		3.	Nothing
		4.	Clearing Rooms
		5.	Clearing Traps
		6.	Slayer Knights of Xvim
		7.	Slayer of Slayer Knights of Xvim
		8.	The Kitchen, the Cook, and Demon's Blood
		9.	The Single Woman
		10.	Hatemaster Drothan
		11.	Riki
		12.	Completing Quests
		13.	Completing More Quests
		14.	Creating the Lethal Virulent Poison
		15.	Gathering More Intel
		16.	Poisoning the Guards for Riki
		17.	Excercise
		18.	Confronting Cedrin
		19.	More Experience Fun
		20.	Onward to the First Tower!

The Severed Hand Level 3 (AR6303)				{WLK029}
1) This first step is another case of free experience. Head southeast
across the bridge and talk to Yxbudur'zmutkimdu, the Gelugon Baatezu
who is standing at (x=530, y=1430). Impress him with your knowledge of
who he is, what he is, and where he is from; it's easy, just go with the 
'Yes, you're a gelugon' option and you win. You can ignore the Lemures
who are wandering around (again, we'll be killing everything in here at
a later date).

It is possible for him to not give you the dialog option for the free
experience, and for you to have to fight. This option sucks, but if you
don't get the chance, well... so be it...

(for impressing the Gelugon)
EXP	1500
2) Since moving clockwise has been working so well for us in here, let's 
continue with that - head thru the door at (x=300, y=1150). This small
anteroom has a lootable bookcase (x=410, y=760) that holds something we
are definitely going to need later. There is no exit from here, so 
retrace your steps back to the stairs where we entered the level.

(x=410, y=760)	Bonding Agent
3) Head north around the inner ring to the next bridge, which has a
door (x=1230, y=830). This opens into a large room with two Glabrezu
Guards; they are not hostile, although talking to them gives you the
impression that they could be. This room takes up the entire northern
quadrant of the floor, but there is nothing here of any interest. So I
guess we return to the inner ring and continue clockwise.

Remember this room, as this is where the Final Battle will take place.
4) Across the next bridge (x=1900, y=1100) are several hostiles. Well, 
they started it, so I guess we get to end it. This is not a huge fight
by any stretch of the imagination, but to err on the side of caution, I
start with a pre-emptive strike consisting of a Web, a Cloudkill, a 
Fireball, and two Fire Storms into the room. There's a couple Slayer 
Knights of Xvim in their party, and they can hit for some heavy damage, 
so take them out quickly. There is a fountain/pool in this room, but we
do not yet have the item we need to complete this quest.
5) In the southeast corner of this room is a door (x=2580, y=1500).
Open it, but do not go thru until you disable the trap in the doorway.
There is also a large floor trap across the main section of the room;
you can disarm it for safety sake, but there's really no need as we are
going directly across to the next door (x=2440, y=1700). This one is
not trapped, and we can move thru this next room and into a small hall.
The bridge to the north takes us back to the inner ring, but there are
two doors here. Looking at the map, these are the last two rooms on this
level, so let's get to it.

(x=2580, y=1500)
(x=2300, y=1500)
6) The first room, thru the door at (x=1650, y=1800) is occupied by two
Slayer Knights of Xvim, and the doorway is trapped so let them come to
you. This appears to be a bedchamber, or some kind of living quarters.
There is a lootable container in the northeast corner of the room, but
nothing else of interest.

(x=1650, y=1800)

(x=1860, y=1830) Ilmater Holy Symbol
7) The final door (x=1120, y=1760) is in a fairly awkward location, and
this makes my uneasy. No traps up the small hallway, so that's a good
start. The doorway is trapped, and there are two Slayer Knights to deal
with, otherwise it's the same as the last room. There's a bookcase to
loot for a couple of quite nice spell scrolls and another holy symbol.
The stairs up to the fourth floor are at (x=1350, y=1600)...

(x=1100, y=1800)

(x=800, y=1800)	Scroll:Iron Body, Scroll:Black Blade of Disaster,
		Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol

The Severed Hand Level 4 (AR6304)
8) We have several things to do up here, most of which involve finding
and talking to people. I guess we should keep with the clockwise path
that we've been following; head thru the doorway to the northwest at 
(x=890, y=960). This is the kitchen, and Miram is the cook we need to
speak with about getting more food for the slaves. As it turns out, she
only has limited supplies, and refuses to send more food. Although I do
understand her dilemma, I'm not really in a position to do much about
it, and killing her would be even worse (no cook = no food), so I guess
we'll have to give Kav Lathram the bad news. Later... In the meantime,
loot the room for a vial of Demon's Blood (in the kitchen? Really? I'm
not so sure I'd want to eat here).

(x=320, y=900)	Demon's Blood
9) The next open archway leads to one of the towers, and we're not even
close to doing those yet, so pass it by and head for the open doorway
at (x=1470, y=700). There is a single woman in here named Jaebrilla
(well, I suppose she could be married; I meant that she's the only one 
here). She isn't very talkative, and mentions that someone close to her 
recently died, so I guess we can understand that she would rather just 
be left alone. Loot the urn in the northwest corner of the room and 
move on.

(x=1120, y=300)	Scroll:Summon Monster IX, Scroll:Executioner's Eyes,
		The Black Hands of Shelgoth(*1)

*1 This helmet places the wearer under the effect of a Death Ward spell
   while equipped, and can cast Inflict Moderate Wounds 1/day. This is
   a great improvement over any plain helmet.
10) Skip the next tower entrance and head for the next open doorway at
(x=2030, y=970). In this room is a rather large man... err... thing...
umm... creature, called Hatemaster Drothan. Now with a name like that
you'd expect him to be rude and, well, hateful. He isn't though; as a
matter of fact, he's kind of sad. Tell him that you found the diary of
Garuk for some experience, then ask about the Globe of Essence for some
more. Finally, ask about destroying the Globe. After all that, he just
disappears... You know, I kind of feel sorry for him, what with the evil
sounding name and all - he's really a rather nice guy when you come down
to it. But I digress...

There is another guy in here with another evil sounding name: Ruinlord 
Eradru. Despite his name, he too is a fairly nice fellow. And, being a
priest, he will heal you (for a price). Go thru the question options in
order to update your journal, and finally to gain a Potion of Mental
Clarity to help out Vylu, that crazy demon woman on the first floor.
After you're done talking to him, exit back to the ring hallway and
continue clockwise.

(for discovering the holy symbol is required to enter the Priest's 
chamber in the tower)
EXP	750

(for discovering the secret of the demon's immortality)
EXP	750

(for discovering the priest who can tell you how to destroy the Globe)
EXP	750

(for finding a cure for Vylu)
EXP	1000

(x=2200, y=600)	
11) We are now going to reverse our path - the next two rooms contain
creatures who want to kill us, and we have several quests to complete.
Reverse your track and head back counter-clockwise around the inner
ring until you find Riki (x=1170, y=760). If you talk to her with a Drow
character, be careful; she is a Drow Matriarch, and doesn't take kindly
to being spoken to as an equal by male Drow. Nevertheless, she will buy
and sell some very nice items, and a Drow character may get slightly
better prices. In particular, I pick up the Arc of Gold(*1) for Quala,
along with a bunch of various +5 missiles and a couple of cloaks.

*1 This bow has Attack +6, Damage +6... a nice bow indeed.
12) Now we can finish off some of the miscellaneous quests we've been
assigned as we've gone thru here. Head all the way back down to the 
first floor and we'll work our way back up. Start with the poor slave
mistress Vashti Zerran (x=2230, y=790); tell her that the cook refused
to help, and she will ask you to hide and try to spot the thief. You
will be treated to a mini-cutscene where you indeed see the thief in
action. As soon as the cutscene ends, head for the next room south of
this one and talk to Zaem, the food thief (x=2600, y=1250). As long as
you don't threaten to kill him, you'll finally get to a dialog option to
give him the Ring of Nourishment - do so, and get some experience. Then
head back and talk to Vashti again and tell her that the food supply is
safe for another reward.

(for giving the Ring of Nourishment to Zaem)
EXP	1000

(for securing the food supply peacefully)
EXP	1500
13) The first floor is now complete, so head back upstairs and let's go
find that wacky woman Vylu Prehv (x=480, y=980). Give her the Potion of
Mental Clarity, then return to the second floor entry room and let Roga 
know that she is okay.

Ilana and Xanth level up for proceeding.

Ilana hits 15th level, adds a Concentration point and takes the Improved
Initiative feat. She adds Summon Monster VIII to her Domain spells, and
Dispel Magic, Flame Strike, Iron Skins x2 (after dropping a couple of
undead Wards), Fire Storm, and Mass Heal to her Claric spells. She is
seriously a powerful force at this point.

And speaking of powerful forces, Xanth hits 15th level as well. Two more
points in Concentration, along with a Spell Penetration round out his
skill and feat selections. For new spells, he takes Cloudkill, Acid
Storm, and Finger of Death.

(for curing Vylu Prehv of her mental illness)
EXP	1000

(for informing Roga of Vylu's recovery)
EXP	1500
14) Almost done with this floor now too. Head over to where Dracein and
her pet Chimera are waiting (x=2500, y=1700), and talk to her with a 
high Charisma character; ask if you can use her potion lab to mix a
potion. She will agree, provided you have the Delegate Pass, and you can 
now access the table at (x=2700, y=1350) to create the Lethal Virulent
Poison. Place the Demon's Blood (the plain one, not the tainted one), 
the Bonding Agent, and the Virulent Agent on the table, and they will 
automatically change into the desired potion. Cool...
15) Head back to the library reading room and talk to Cedrin Zil again.
Show him the diary you found and he will give you a long story about a
creature on the loose, and Zaem's experiments, and some other intel. He
also mentions Jaebrilla, so I guess we'll need to talk to her once more.
But first, head back over and talk to Kav Lathram (x=1100, y=500) once
more. This time, you can ask him about Zaem and his experiment.
16) So we now have a couple more quests, or missions, or tasks, or
whatever in the hell you want to call them - they involve talking to 
still more people (or to the same people again). We killed Saablic Tan 
on our way to the Severed Hand, so talking to him is rather out of the 
question; I guess we should find Jaebrilla and see what we can find out.
Head back up two levels to the fourth floor and go into the kitchen.
Yes, I know... we were going to talk to Jaebrilla, but trust me, this
is the next thing to do. Place the Lethal Virulent Poison in the food
sacks at (x=870, y=750) and watch a cutscene as all the guards eat the
poisoned food and die. Oh... and get some experience. Return to Riki
(x=1170, y=760) and tell her the news of your success for another nice
reward. Of course nothing is actually free, and she will ask you to do
yet another task for her - you must speak with the imprisoned Priest of
Ilmater in the War Tower to find out about the purification ritual in 
order to sever the ties between Isair and Madae, and their deity.

(for eliminating the guards by poisoning their food)
EXP	1500

(for removing the threat of the guard barracks)
EXP	1500
17) Now we can go find Jaebrilla again. She knows little more than the
previous people we've talked to about Zaem's work, however we do get a 
clue that we need to talk to that librarian again; apparently he knows
more than he was willing to share. Now this is starting to piss me off;
we've run up and down these stairs several times now, and even though
we're in good physical shape, it's getting tiring. Oh well, one does as
one must for experience rewards - head back down to the second floor.
18) Head into the reading room across from the stairwell and confront
Cedrin. Threaten him with your circumstantial evidence, then ask him why
he did it. At this point you pretty much have what you need to get his
scrawny ass kicked out of the enclave, but he seems to think that Vese
will not listen to you. Let's go talk to him and find out, huh?

(for solving the mystery of Zaem Astyr's death)
EXP	1500
19) Vese is at (x=2710, y=930); tell him about Cedrin and watch as he
Gates over to the library and kills the traitor. No experience for this,
but I expect Jaebrilla will be grateful. First though, head back to the 
library and loot Cedrin's corpse for a couple nice items. Nice, that is,
for a less powerful party - I can't make use of any of these things. I'm
sure they'll sell well though...

First, go and talk one final time to Kav Lathram to tell him about the
traitor Cedrin, for which you'll get some experience. Then it's back to 
the fourth floor and talk once again to Jaebrilla to let her know that 
the man responsible for Zaem's death has been found and dealt with. She 
is grateful, and you get some more experience. This is fun!

(for putting Kav Lathram's mind at rest)
EXP	750

(for putting Jaebrilla's mind at rest)
EXP	750

Cedrin Zil - Bracers of Defense +4, Dagger +5, Shield Amulet,
	     Cloak of Protection +2
20) We are as done as we can be with the quests, at least until we can
get into the towers and talk to some more people. Our next goal is in
the Wizard's Tower, and will begin a new section. Exit the fourth floor
directly to the west at (x=400, y=1170).

|								       |
|		    	    The Wizard's Tower			       |
|								       |

		1.	Rough Times
		2.	Solving the Puzzle
		3.	Non-Hostiles
		4.	Bedchamber Looting
		5.	Weenagoo
		6.	More Quest Items
		7.	Larrel's Bones
		8.	Vese the Welcher
		9.	Orrick (the Wizard, not the Vacuum)

The Wizard's Tower (AR6400)					{WLK030}
1) It appears that this area has been subject to some rough times, what
with being in flying pieces and all. There are five shimmering portals
hanging in the air in front of you - clicking on them in the correct
order will teleport you into the tower proper; this is the puzzle that
Vese Nejj wanted us to solve. Clicking on any portal out of order will
get you severely injured, so let's not do that, shall we? Thru some
painful trial and error (and a lot of reloading), you can pretty easily
figure out the the first correct portal is the one at the top - let's
call that #1. Moving clockwise, skip one then click on the next one; as 
you click, a beam of fire will connect #1 portal to #2. Repeat this
pattern by again skipping one and clicking on the next one; another
beam of fire will appear. Repeat with the 'skip one then click' pattern
to form a 5-pointed star of fire beams, ending where you started with
portal #1. You will be teleported to the first level of the tower.

Another way to think about this: number the portals clockwise, starting 
at the top, then click on them in the order 1,3,5,2,4,1.
2) Now that we know the correct sequence, let's go back and report to
Vese Nejj and get our reward - it will be easy enough to return here
and continue on with more experience. Click on the single blue portal
to be returned to the floating platform, then exit back to the main
area at (x=270, y=780). Vese is on the second floor at (x=2710, y=930),
waiting for you. Tell him the solution, after which he will require
another task before actually granting you the membership he promised.
What an asshole - I hate people that bait-and-switch you with promises
of great things and then keep adding conditions to get them. Oh well,
I guess we'll do his bidding for now, but he's going to pay for this.
Return to the fourth floor, enter the tower, go thru the portals again,
and pick up where we left off - on the first floor of the Wizards Tower.

(for giving the puzzle solution to Vese Nejj)
EXP	1000

The Wizard's Tower 1st Floor (AR6401)
3) There is only one way to go from this room - thru the door to the
north at (x=540, y=650). The Iron Golem in here ignores you, which is
a Good Thing(tm), because Iron Golems are a pain to kill. Who wants to
bet that he won't ignore you forever? Anyone willing to take that bet?
No? Good - you're learning...

Thru the door to the west (x=460, y=530) you will find a Gnoll, who is
apparently one of Orrick's Apprentices... err... Apprentii. Whatever...
He can't talk, but you can still get him to tell you where Orrick is
by asking the right questions. He also remains non-hostile, so we will
leave him be for now.
4) The next door (x=560, y=450) opens into a small bedchamber with two
lootable containers.

(x=590, y=230)	Headknocker(*1)
(x=590, y=310)	Orrick the Grey's Spellbook

*1 Club, Attack +3, Damage 1d6+3, 33% chance for 1d6 additional damage,
   20% chance the target will become Confused (as the spell)
5) Continuing clockwise, the door to the next room is at (x=720, y=450).
This room is empty, and as such was a waste of time. Continue thru the
next door (x=800, y=550) to find three Apprentii, one with a name! Talk
to Weenagoo to get some useless intel on Orrick's location (athough we
do get a message that our Journal was updated, so that has to count for
something, right?). One more door (x=730, y=650), one more Iron Golem
to ignore, and a set of steps. Head upstairs...

The Wizard's Tower 2nd Floor (AR6402)
6) Ignore the Iron Golem and talk to Daku (x=430, y=650); as usual, he
is decidedly unhelpful, but he doesn't mind if we "look around" so let's
loot the containers in here before we proceed. Two of them are empty, 
but the other three have some items - one of which we need to complete 
Vese's quest. We now have two of the items we need for Vese, and I 
strongly suspect we'll find the third one up in Orrick's workroom on the 
next floor. So onward we go - up the stairs at (x=680, y=700).

(x=570, y=430)	The Unstrung Harp(*1)
(x=200, y=240)	Tome of Ilmater
(x=800, y=230)	Orrick's Book of the Mythal

*1 A Bards toy, this instrument can cast Heal 1/day, requires a minimum
   Wisdom of 13 to use.

The Wizard's Tower 3rd Floor (AR6403)
7) Since we're stealing his shit, it is best NOT to talk to Orrick yet.
Instead, just grab Larrel's Bones and head back to Vese with the items 
he wanted. We'll come back here after that's done...

(x=780, y=350)	Larrel's Bones
8) Give the three items to Vese, and he will attempt to stiff you on his
promise of membership in the enclave. What a dick! He will, however,
offer you a tatoo, which amounts to a free Feat. You can choose from
three Feats, and select who will receive it. 

Choose as you will; the choices are listed below.

Great Fortitude:	Grants a +2 bonus to Fortitude Saves
Iron Will: 		Grants a +2 bonus to Will Saves
Lightning Reflexes: 	Grants a +2 bonus to Reflex Saves

(for returning the items to Vese)
EXP	1000
9) Return to Orrick's chamber on the third floor of the Wizard's Tower.
This time, talk to Orrick for several experience rewards. The easiest
way thru this is to stick with dialog option #1 until you get the choice
to say "I may have tipped the scales in their favor". Choosing that will
net you the first reward. Continue thru all of the dialog combinations
to get the max available. There is one more, but we can't obtain it yet
so once you have these, exit back to level 4. We will be going into
another tower next (x=2550, y=1180)

(for confessing your deeds to Orrick)
EXP	750

(for finding out about the Radiant Pool)
EXP	750

(for learning of the collapse of the Severed Hand)
EXP	750

|								       |
|		    	  The Cleric's Tower			       |
|								       |

		1.	Yquog's Return
		2.	Ruinlords, Hatemasters, and Slaves... Oh My!
		3.	A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The Cleric's Tower Entry (AR6500)				{WLK031}
1) If you left Yquog alive way back in Chapter 1 (WLK009), you will find 
him here. He hasn't gotten any stronger, but we have, so this should be
a bit easier now. Oddly enough though, he doesn't go hostile right away,
and you can offer him several dead things (a dead cat, a dead male body,
and a dead female body) for some experience. Of course he goes nuts on
you immediately afterwards, and this fight is anything but simple. He
has four minions who will join the fight, but he is the threat here so
you can easily ignore them until he's dead. He drops nothing of any
real value (no magical weapons - only some gems and gold), and there's
nothing to loot, so rest/heal if you need to and head up the stairs at
(x=300, y=850). You will probably have to go back downstairs to rest, as
you will be attacked by Fallen Bladesingers if you try to rest here. On
the other hand, this is an awesome place to grind for experience if you
are so inclined.

(for flustering Yquog with your collection of dead things)
EXP	1000

The Cleric's Tower 1st Floor (AR6501)
2) Upon entering, you will witness the destruction of an innocent slave
and then have to fight again. This time it's three Ruinlords and three
Hatemasters. Three Webs, two Flame Strikes, and a Fire Storm in the very
first round, followed by more fire-fucking in the second will almost win
this by itself. The Hatemasters each drop a Staff of Corrosion and the
Ruinlords drop Hammers of Bludgeoning +2, in addition to some gold and
other minor loot. Make damn sure to grab the Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbols 
from the bodies - we will need six of these altogether (one for each
party member) to enter the portal at (x=600, y=750). Since we don't have
that many yet, head up the stairs instead (x=350, y=900).

Ghrax moves up to level 16 and gets a point in Strength (up to 20 now).
He takes Concentration (as usual), and adds a Sleep spell.

Fhornal is less than 1000 points away, and will be leveling up soon.

(x=580, y=580)	

The Cleric's Tower 2nd Floor (AR6502)
3) For the first time in a long time, we are going to initiate a fight.
We need to get the Xvim Holy Symbols from these idiots, and the only way 
to do that is kill them. Note that there are a lot of them here, so I
start out with three Webs, two Flame Strikes, one Fire Storm (and a
partridge in a pear tree...) to give me an immediate advantage. Now that
they are immobilized, I can fire-fuck them again in the second round,
then mop up the stragglers. There are two containers here for your
looting pleasure - both are trapped and locked. 

The third floor opens to a landing with a door that we can't get thru, 
so there is nothing more we can do here. Head back down to the 4th level
and proceed to the next tower.

(x=620, y=400)
(x=680, y=420)

(x=620, y=400)	Elixir of Health, Scroll:Gate x2,
		Returning Poison Tipped Dart
(x=680, y=420)	Garnet Gem, Aquamarine Gem x2, 673 Gold

|								       |
|		    	  The Officer's Tower			       |
|								       |

		1.	Can My Friends Come Out and Play?
		2.	Boneguards Ignored
		3.	Circular Looting
		4.	Ring Around the... Um... Something
		5.	Bisbe's Garden

The Officer's Tower Entry (AR6600)				{WLK032}
1) Exit the main area to the south at (x=1460, y=1930) and kill the two
Chimera that await you in the entrance room. The door at (x=640, y=750)
opens into a room with a number of enemies in it. Leave the party back
in this first entrance hall and invite this new batch of "friends" to
come out and play. Except, of course, we don't want them getting too
close, so I cast a couple of Webs in the doorway to hold them in place.
Follow this up with fire-based attacks, which will remove all the 
threats except for the Red Half-Dragon, who dies quite handily in melee.

(x=640, y=500)	Book:History of the Dales and the Elven Court,
		Potion:Vocalize, Stunning Bolts +1 x25, 142 Gold

The Officer's Tower 1st Floor (AR6601)
2) Up the stairs (x=800, y=1000) are two Greater Boneguards, who will
leave you alone if you do the same. I send a character in to loot the
table in the room and then leave - no need for bloodshed here. Head up
to the next level (x=850, y=1000).

(x=150, y=500)	Cloak of Protection +2, Robe of Enfusing

The Officer's Tower 2nd Floor (AR6602)
3) This level is layed out entirely different than the previous ones.
Proceed clockwise around the hallway to the first room and loot the
containers within. The next room has a single lootable container - grab
what's in there too. Continuing around the ring, the next room can also
be looted.

(x=420, y=630)	Force Bullet x30
(x=560, y=640)	Scroll:Resurrection, Male Body
(x=510, y=470)	Scroll:Summon Efreeti, Elven Healing Wine
(x=580, y=320)	Potion:Ghoul Touch
4) The room to the east has a trapped barrel with a buttload of gold,
like we really need money any more. Finally, the last room can also be 
looted to complete the circle. Head up to the next floor (x=500, y=850).

(x=810, y=530)	

(x=810, y=530)	1420 Gold
(x=880, y=610)	Potion:Magic Dispelling x3, Skull

The Officer's Tower 3rd Floor (AR6603)
5) We enter into a lush garden-like area, with a little idiot named
Bisbe running around. You can avoid a fight, and you probably should;
killing him is just way too easy, and therefore beneath us. Loot the
cache at (x=600, y=350) and head all the way back down.

(x=600, y=350)	Male Body, Full Plate Mail +1, Arrows of Piercing x20,
		Bullets +5 x20, Composite Longbow of Empowerment(*1)

*1 Attack +1, Damage +2, grants a random +4 bonus to an ability score
   for 5 rounds each time the wielder is struck in melee (only one at
   a time). Interesting, but not overly useful.

|								       |
|		    	    The War Tower			       |
|								       |

		1.	Elite Entrance
		2.	I Am a Rock
		3.	Ormis Dohor's Antidote
		4.	The Blessed Ilmater Sanctification Ritual
		5.	Freeing Puddy
		6.	You're Fired!
		7.	Returning From Whence We Came
		8.	The Tears of Suffering
		9.	Performing the Sanctification Ritual
		10.	Purifying the Radiant Pool
		11.	Destroying the Globe of Essence
		12.	Reporting to Toral Sorn
		13.	Freeing the Slaves
		14.	Onward Thru the Portal
		15.	Securing Ormis's Aid
		16.	Clearing Out the Leftovers
		17.	Killing Captain Pudu
		18.	Yawn - Another Fight
		19.	Intercepting the Envoy

The War Tower Prison (AR6700)					{WLK033}
1) The entrance to the war tower is in the hallway northeast from the
main area, fourth floor, at (x=2000, y=500), and for the first time in
a long time, we'll need to fight. Several Elite enemies are here, which
include Half-Goblins, and Neo-Orogs. This is not a hard fight by any
stretch, and there are several ways to approach it; almost any of them 
will result in a win. Personally, I cast two Webs and kill them with 
missile fire, engaging in melee only if/when one of them gets loose.

(x=520, y=580) War Tower Prison Key, Dead Cat, Book:History of the North
2) There is a Greater Feyr at (x=440, y=500), but he isn't hostile, so
I leave him alone for now. To the northwest, north, and northeast are
three cages, and I suspect having the key will allow us to open them.
Start with the cell to the northwest (x=400, y=450); as soon as you
open the door the Greater Feyr will go hostile and you'll have to kill
it. Again, not a big deal... Talking to Carl is useless - for whatever
reason, he thinks he's a rock. Try it - you'll see... Talk to Puddy
Talltale and convince him that you're not an illusion, and that you 
freed him, and you'll get a nice reward.

Fhornal gains his next level here, and adds a point of Wisdom; he takes
Concentration and Knowledge (Arcana) for skills. He adds a Protection
from Fire, another Fire Storm, and a second Finger of Death to his spell

(for freeing Puddy Talltale)
EXP	3300
3) The next cell (x=600, y=360) has three Monks who have nothing to say,
and a Lemure named Ormis Dohor, who does. He will tell you that he was
transformed into his current state, and that there is an antidote.
Agree to bring it to him, and move on to the third prison cell.
4) In this final cell is Toral Sorn, a Cleric of Ilmater. He will refuse
healing if you offer, and give you a quest to perform the Blessed 
Ilmater Sanctification Ritual. He gives you a rather detailed list of
ingredients and instructions, and if you didn't have this guide you'd be
hard pressed to remember them all. However, as you do have a guide, it
will be a much easier task. So... we now have three quests to complete:
get Puddy safe passage out, get the antidote for Ormis, and perform the
Sanctification Ritual for Toral Sorn. Doesn't sound too difficult...
5) Head back to the Wizard's Tower (west from level 4) and let's see if 
Orrick can help get Puddy safely out of here. As it turns out, he can, 
and you get some experience for it. Return to Puddy to give him the 
news. Why so much experience for so little work? Who knows... Who cares, 
for that matter? Puddy leaves to meet up with Orrick, and Carl is still 
a rock. There's nothing we can do for him, and the rest of the quests 
require gathering items, etc, so head upstairs (x=350, y=750).

(for finding a way to send Puddy home)
EXP	750

(for finding safe passage for Puddy)
EXP	4950

The War Tower 1st Floor (AR6701)
6) The Lemures here seem to be content to ignore you, so let's talk to
the one person here who is somewhat normal. Harcourt Rustblade is at
(x=300, y=380), and if you talk to him with a character possessing a
high Bluff skill you can get some minor intel. In the end, however, he
goes hostile and you'll have to put him down, along with his Lemure
friends. I found that fire-fucking them from the start has a detrimental
effect on the Lemures - killing them all outright - and damages the two 
'real' enemies badly, making this a pretty simple fight. Harcourt drops
Viper's Fang +2(*1) and a Dead Cat, and Pustule the Sick drops Pustule's 
Flail(*2); between them you will also find a few other minor items, 
including some gold. Loot the torture rack and the iron maiden for a
couple things we need.

(x=250, y=300)	Bonds of the Faithful, Sphene Gem
(x=400, y=200)	Male Body, Female Body, Potion:Magic Dispelling,
		Robe of Enfusing

*1 Dagger, Attack +2, Damage 1d4+2, plus 2 points of damage per second
   for 6 seconds
*2 CURSED Flail, Attack +3, Damage 1d8+3, plus 2 points of damage per 
   second for 6 seconds, 15% chance to cause Contagion on target. The
   curse causes the wielder to lose 5 points of Charisma. This sucks.
7) Head up to the next level at (x=250, y=560), and kill everthing. By
now you should know that a couple of Webs and a lot of fire equals an
easy win, so get to it...

The weapon racks contain some crappy weapons (Masterwork grade at best), 
however the table at (x=640, y=250) has a few nice missiles. Grab it all 
and head back down to the main area and go all the way down to the very 
first level of the Severed Hand complex.

(x=640, y=250)	Sparking Bolts +1 x40, Arrows of Piercing x40,
		Corrosive Bullets +1, x20, Keen Flaming Burst Darts x20
8) Find Jerre Stoh again - he should be wandering around in the room 
southwest of the main entrance - and ask for the Tears of Suffering. He 
will gladly hand over this item to you, and give you some experience 
just for asking. We now have all the items we need to perform the 
Sanctification Ritual. Why didn't we get this earlier? Because we didn't
know that we needed it until we had completed some of the other tasks.
Go back to the Cleric's Tower (fourth floor, x=2550, y=1170).

Quala levels up before heading for the Cleric's Tower; she moves to to
a level 11 Sorceress, and adds 4 points to Concentration (Roguing skills
are useless now). She adds Protection from Arrows, Protection from Fire,
Emotion:Hope, and Lower Resistance to her spell selections.

(for finding the Tears of Suffering)
EXP	750

There are five statues in this room (this is where we killed Yquog), 
and the cursor will change to the talking mode when you hover over them.
We want to 'talk' to the statue second from the left (x=350, y=400). 
Place the items on the pedestal (the dialog option), then begin to read
the words of the Sanctification Ritual (dialog option again). You will
be interrupted by another of the statues - Iyachtu Xvim - who offers you 
an alliance. If you swear allegiance to him, he will prevent Isair and 
Madae from summoning their demons in the final fight. He wants you to 
slay ten slaves to prove your loyalty, and doing so will gain you some 
experience (and the benefit of not having to fight the demons in the 
final fight), but you will not be able to complete the ritual. Now it 
may seem like a good idea to remove the demons from the final fight,
and you may do so if you wish, but I choose to complete the ritual. The
rest of this guide assumes you did the same.

When you refuse to ally with Iyachtu Xvim, he will appear in the middle
of the room at (x=650, y=700), and a half-dozen summoned enemies will
show up along the southern wall. This can be a bitch of a fight, but a
little forethought and planning can make it a bit easier. There are 
three ways to approach this:

Strategy 1: Place your ranged weapon characters at the base of the
central statue, and your fighters in a line in front. When Iyachtu Xvim
appears, cast a couple of Webs past him toward the south to tie up his 
minions and focus your efforts on him. Use your melee fighters and as
much magical missile fire on him as possible until he dies, then mop up
his helpers.

Strategy 2: Switch to all melee weapons and arrange the party in a ring
around where he will appear. Ignore the summoned creatures and quickly
hack Iyachtu Xvim to death, then deal with the helpers. This is a bit
more dangerous, as his summoned creatures will get to you pretty fast,
and if you don't take him down right away they can make things rough.

Strategy 3: Spread the party out around the perimeter of the room; when 
Iyachtu Xvim appears, hit him with a massive pre-emptive spell assault 
(he is susceptible to cold-based spells), making sure to catch his whole 
group in the effects. Attack 2:1 on him and the two Cornugons. This is
even more dangerous than the first two options, but it can work.

In all cases, Protection from Fire, from the Elements, and other strong
protection spells will be very helpful. Iyachtu Xvim will use Sunfire,
Meteor Swarm, and other high-level spells to cause some massive damage,
and he himself is immune.

Once he's dead, and all is calm again, click on the Ilmater statue once
more to finish the ritual. The Iyachtu Xvim statue will be destroyed,
and you will receive the Holy Water of Corelon Larethian, which we need
to complete another quest. Iyachtu Xvim drops a Potion:Aid, a Short
Sword of Flurry(*1), a Scroll:Executioners Eyes, a Mage Killer Throwing
Axe(*2), the Scimitar of Souls +3(*3), and 2320 Gold.

(for placing the components for the Ritual)
EXP	4950

(for killing ten innocents)
EXP	2475


(for completing the Sanctification Ritual)
EXP	7425

*1 Attack +3, Damage 1d6+3, +1 attack per round
*2 Returning throwing axe with a 25% chance to Dispel Magic on target
*3 Attack +3, Damage 1d6+3, Dispel Magic on target (save vs Will), 
   Energy Drain on target (save vs Fortitude)
10) Head back down to level 3 and go to the room with the Radiant Pool
(x=2500, y=1000). Pour the Holy Water into the pool; you will see a
flash, and then nothing except the message that the pool now seems calm.
Head back up to level four and talk to Riki (x=1160, y=750). She is 
pleased, and now wants you to do another task for her - intercept the 
envoy from the Cabal of Dragonkin and prevent them from allying with
Isair and Madae. It seems we need to get to the Aerie at the top of the 
War Tower.

(for learning about the envoy from the Cabal of Dragonkin)
EXP	750
11) Before we do that, let's destroy the Globe of Essence, now that
the magic that protects it has been removed (the Radiant Pool). Head
to level 2 and attack the Globe (x=2150, y=600). This will piss off the
guards, and can be an ugly fight, but it's winnable. I suggest killing 
the guards first, because the Globe can't actually fight and they can.
Stay back in the hallway and start with a couple of Webs into the room;
this makes life difficult for the enemy party, and easier for you. Then
follow with Fireballs, Fire Storms, Flame Strikes, Acid Storms, etc, to
thin the herd, and let whatever is left over come to you (if they can).
When they are all dead, grab the shit they drop and attack the Globe.
You'll know when it's been destroyed by the little puff of smoke it 
emits, and the experience reward you get. Oh, and you will pick up a
couple of nice swords - Greatsword of the Soulless +5(*1)

(for destroying the Globe of Essence)
EXP	1500

*1 Attack +4, Damage 2d6+5, drains 2d4 hit points from target and adds
   to the wielder (temporary). A very nice sword indeed! K'aos equips
   this for the final fight.
12) By now you should have at least six Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbols, and
we can proceed into an area that was previously unavailable to us.
Return to the fourth floor and head into the War Tower to tell Toral
Sorn that the Radiant Pool has been purified and the Globe has been 
destroyed. We can now go down and free the slaves.

(for purifying the Radiant Pool)
EXP	750
13) This running up and down the stairs is getting old, but I guess we
have no choice. Max experience and all, eh? Go all the way back down to
the first floor, where the previously immortal Glabrezu Guard is now
mortal, and man is he pissed off. Kill him (it's really rather easy) and
go find Jerre Stoh again (he's wandering around in the room to the
southwest). Tell him that the Globe is destroyed and that he and the 
slaves are free to go, and get some experience.

K'aos grabs a new level here, up to a 15th level Wizard. He adds five 
points to Concentration and one to Knowledge (Arcana), and takes an
extra point in Martial Weapon, Great Sword so he can use his new sword
with greater skill. He adds another Shroud of Flame, and takes Horrid
Wilting as his new 8th level spell.

(for freeing the slaves)
EXP	1500
14) Head back up to the fourth floor and enter the Cleric's Tower once
more (x=2550, y=1170). From the entrance level where we destroyed the
demon Iyachtu Xvim, head up the stairs to the 1st Floor of the tower
(x=300, y=870). Equip the Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbols (one on each party
member), spell buff like you mean it, and head thru the portal in the
middle of the room (x=600, y=750). There's not much strategy to this
fight - you start out in a central chamber and are attacked from all
sides, so just go nuts and hope for the best. If you can, try to run 
into one of the empty rooms; this will give you a slight advantage.
Tyrannar Brutai Mar, the High Cleric, will drop several nice items,
listed below. Make sure to grab the Monk's Antidote, loot the rooms, 
and exit at (x=380, y=880).

(x=740, y=340)	

Tyrannar Brutai Mar (location varies)
Mithral Field Plate Armor +2(*1), Tyrannar's Band(*2), Brutal Impact(*3)
Brilliant Flail of Wounding(*4), Monk's Antidote(*5), 327 gold.

(x=550, y=200)	Elixir of Health, Potion:Minor Elemental Barrier,
		Potion:Extra Healing x2, Potion Case,
		Book:History of the Drow, Book:History of the Drow II
(x=740, y=340)	Antidote, Potion:Extra healing x2, Every God Ring, 
		185 Gold
(x=900, y=320)	Scroll:Resurrection, Elven Healing Wine x2, Spell Case,
		Scroll:Dire Charm, Tymora's Loop(*6)
(x=900, y=500)	Book:History of the Last March of the Giants, 120 Gold,
		Scroll:Creeping Doom, Longsword of Speed +1(*7),
		Aquamarine Gem
(x=900, y=500)	Scroll:Stone to Flesh, Scroll:Restoration, Gem Bag,
		Scroll:Otiluke's Resiliant Sphere, Aquamarine Gem,
		Scroll:Protection from Cold, Iol Gem, Bluestone Necklace
(x=730, y=800)	Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst

*1 AC +10, Max Dex +2, Armor Check -4, Spell Failure 30%
*2 Wisdom +2, Charisma +2
*3 War Hammer, Attack +3, Damage 1d8+3, increased chance of critical hit
   33% chance 2d6 acid damage plus 10% chance extra 2d10 acid damage
*4 No attack bonus, damage 1d8, ignore all enemy armor and shield bonus
   1 additional point damage per round for 10 rounds, treat as +5 weapon
*5 This is the antidote we need for the Lemure transformed guy in the
   War Tower prison.
*6 Ring, grants +3 Luck. Whoop-de-do
*7 Attack +1, Damage 1d8+1, 1 extra attack per round
15) Head back for the War Tower and the prison cells; give the antidote
to Ormis, then head over to the Officer's Tower to intercept the envoy
(fourth floor; x=1460, y=1930).

(for giving Ormis the antidote and securing his aid in battle)
EXP	1500

The Officer's Tower Level 1 (AR6601)
16) Continue up the staircases until you come to the level with the two
Greater Boneguards. Kill them, and destroy the rest of the inhabitants
on this level. A couple Web spells just thru the doorway into the room
will make things a bit easier, as will a Fire Storm. Kill everything
and head up to the next floor, then up again to the top of the tower.

The Officer's Tower Level 3 (AR6603)
17) You will arrive in time to interrupt a conversation between Captain 
Pudu and some big ugly bastard named Vyxein. We need to make both of 
them shut the hell up, and the best way to do that is to kill them. A 
single Improved Haste spell won this fight all by itself - no big deal.
Grab Captain Pudu's Key, along with the other crap he drops (does it 
really matter any more?) and head for the War Tower.

Captain Pudu (location varies)
Half-plate Armor, Captain Pudu's Key, Pudu's Blight(*1),
Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, 104 Gold

*1 Halberd, Attack +3, Damage 1d10+3, 25% chance to stun target, 
   50% chance 2d6 fire damage plus 10% chance 2d10 extra fire damage

The War Tower 2nd Floor (AR6702)
18) Head up the stairs until you come to the area with all the baddies
still alive. This fight was so easy I'm not even going to bother with
documenting it in any detail - Webs, Fire Storm, done. When they're
dead, spell buff and head up the next set of stairs at (x=300, y=600).

The War Tower Aerie (AR6703)
19) This is it - the top of the tower, where the envoy is supposed to
show up and where the final battle begins. In case you missed it at the
end of the last step - SPELL BUFF! Throw on everything you possibly can
that will still allow you to fight and cast spells. This is a big fight, 
and is still only the prelude to the actual final battle.

When you arrive on the top of the tower, you will be confronted by a
Red Half-Dragon by the name of Malakora. T'rsosl Malign, the real envoy,
rats you out as imposters, and the fight in on. Here's your situation:

There are four Half-Dragons to the north, and T'rsosl Malign with his
henchmen to the south, blocking the stairs. Yep, that's right... you're
surrounded with no means of escape. It also means that you can't use
area effect spells, unless you're willing to suffer the damage as well.
This fight takes a lot of micro-management; round-by-round is highly

The Half-Dragons breathe fire, so jump on them right away; they're 
fairly easy to kill, and if you get a little luck on your side, you can 
get rid of at least three of them before you're too severely damaged.
Then run off to the northeast edge of the platform and try to get a Web
off to slow down the others. A Mass Heal, a couple of Fireballs and a 
Fire Storm will dethreatenize them a bit, and you can proceed to spell-
fuck them to death. There are a fair amount of nice drops here, but none
that are really of any use to us, so I'm not going to bother. Anyone who
feels the need to document and submit this info, please do so (for full
credit, of course).

Now that we have prevented the joining of forces, we are ready to take
on Isair and Madae, the ultimate goal of this whole endeavor. Rest,
spell buff to the max again, and head down the stairs...

|								       |
|		    	    The Final Battle			       |
|								       |

		1.	Well, Isn't That Special
		2.	Confronting Isair and Madae
		3.	Defeating Isair and Madae

The Final Fight Begins						{WLK034}
1) At the landing on the next level you will be met by Buvai de'Naly,
who congratulates you on your success thus far, and informs you that
Isair and Madae have 'put aside time in their busy schedule to grant
you an audience'. Well isn't that special... Although, I suppose trying 
to take over the world is hard work, and requires a lot of attention, 
so I guess we should be honored. No matter what you say, you will be 
teleported to their location, and the FINAL FIGHT begins.

The Severed Hand Level 3 (AR6303)				
2) But just like almost every arch-villain in the movies, they want to 
talk first. Why do they always want to do that? I mean really - you know
they're going to try and kill you, and talking just gives us time to
think about what we're going to do to them, so why bother? Jeezuz...


The dialog options are pointless, so choose as you will. They will end
up arguing with each other about some nonsensical bullshit and then the
fight finally begins. They will summon a bunch of helpers, and overall
there are about a dozen enemies to fight. As with a lot of the battles
in this later part of the game, there are multiple strategies:

Strategy 1: Ignore Isair and Madae and kill Buvai de'Naly first (he's
off to the east in the next segment of the room). Continue to ignore
the two main enemies and kill everything else here, then go full force
against Isair and Madae. Once one of them gets severely Hurt, they will
retreat to the Radiant Pool room. Heal, re-buff, and head over there.

Strategy 2: Focus on either Isair or Madae until they get to Hurt 
status, at which point they will run away to the fountain room (the 
ex-Radiant Pool). Buvai de'Naly will back away from the main fight and
constantly summon new foes; kill him next. Clear the room of all that 
remains, heal up a bit, re-buff, and head for the Radiant Pool room.
3) Fewer enemies here - a Slayer Knight of Xvim, and the two assholes. 
They will summon some crappy Beetles and other minor distractions, but 
they are the main targets. Go after whichever one is Hurt first and kill 
him (or is it a her?). At some point, when your target reaches Badly 
Wounded status, Orrick the Grey will show up. Isair and Madae will 
disappear into limbo, and you will be told to get the hell out or suffer 
the same fate. Well, you don't need to tell me twice - we're the hell 
outa here! Ignore everything and run like the wind for the stairs; once 
you reach them, the game will end and you will have won! WOOHOO!

(for defeating Isair and Madae and the Legion of the Chimera)
EXP	7425

|								       |
|			Version Updates {VER001}		       |
|								       |

Version 1.01
	* Added a few missed loot piles and experience rewards
	* Added section step titles
	* Broke up Dragon's Eye (WLK023) into three sections
	* Made a few minor changes to the party makeup
	* Fixed some spelling errors and other minor issues
	* Added detailed combat strategy notes to several steps
	* Added inline party leveling detail and loot disbursement
	* Added Skill and Feat descriptions and recommendations

Version 1.00
	* Original FAQ document

|								       |
|     			   Thanks {TNX001}			       |
|								       |

*o*	First and foremost, I must thank Haeravon for his encouragement
	and guidance while I wrote this guide. His dedication to the
	craft of FAQ writing is truly inspiring, and this guide owes its
	very existence to that dedication. While we have collaborated
	on several guides before, having our roles reversed for this one
	was truly a great experience. Thank you sir.

*o*	To Valdo, who play-tested the guide during its creation. You sir
	are also an extremely valuable asset to this work, and I am glad
	to call you 'friend'.

*o*	To Naranek Angmar (aka Duncan Clay) and Nailz, authors of two 
	other guides I used during the development of the first version
	of this guide. I did not copy their material, nor did I follow 
	their guides exactly as written, but it was a great help to be 
	able to double-check my assumptions and strategic goals.

*o*	Last, but by no means least, my wife, who put up with endless
	hours of my absence during the course of this work. I love you.

			*** END OF FILE ***