• Cheat Codes

    Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make the Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes then enter any of the following below for goodies...

    All Non-Players become FanaticsOsama
    All Non-Players become Gary ColemanWhatchutalkinbout
    All Radar ItemsSwimWithFishes
    Body ArmorBlockMyAss
    Change Guns to have Cats on themRockinCats
    Cop UniformIAmTheLaw
    Disables flight and ghost modeswalk
    Disables ricocheting catssplodincats
    disables Slow-Motionslomo 1
    Everyone is ColemanWhatchutalkingabout
    Fly ModeLikeABirdy
    Full Health, 4 MedkitsHealthful
    Get Every Destructive WeaponPacNHeat
    Ghost ModeIFeelFree
    Gimp SuitSmackDatAss
    God ModeAlamode
    Lots of Ammo in All WeaponsPayLoad
    Lots of CashJewsForJesus
    Lots of CatnipIAmTheOne
    Lots of CatsLotsAPussy
    Lots of Dog TreatsBoyAndHisDog
    Lots of Dogslotsadogs
    Lots of DoughnutsPiggyTreats
    Lots of Health PipesJones
    Maximum ammo, invincibility, and all weaponsiamsolame
    No Clipping (Walk Through Walls)Ghost
    One shot killsheadshots
    Removes Cat Repeating GunsDokkinCats
    Reset Day to MondaySetday
    Rocket CamerasFireInYourHole
    Scissors machin gunnowwedance
    Slow Motionslomo
    Stop Every Non-Triggered Actionplayersonly
    When gun is shooting cats, cats will ricochetboppincats
  • Misc. Codes

    Changes to first person viewBEHINDVIEW 0
    Changes to third person viewBEHINDVIEW 1
    Reset all errands, make hate groups not hate anymoreSetAllErrandsUnComplete()
    Reset police and wanted statusResetCops()
    Set all errands complete, turns on hat player groupsSetAllErrandsComplete()
    Set all of today's errands as complete, turns on hate player groupsSetTodaysErrandsComplete()
    Set the day, all errands before that day completedSetDay(<day number>)
    Toggle all non-player triggered animations and actions to stopplayersonly
    WarpToDay(<day number>)Set the day, reload level for that day

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003 and King0Nothing0.


  • Unlcokables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Enhanced ModeBeat the game once

    Contributed By: SushimanX.


  • Turn off timer in Demo

    Go into the Console

    Set Gamestate Demotime 9999

    Enjoy the demo for as long as you like

    Contributed By: cubewarrior18.

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