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Rise Of The Middle Kingdom
Hero FAQ/Guide
Version 1.0
By Kenjo63

Table Of Contents
- To easily find what you are looking for hit ctrl+f then type the no, including
the []s, then poof your there.

[1.0] Introduction
[2.0] Ancestral Heroes
[2.1] Nu Wa
[2.2] Shen Nong
[2.3] Huang Di
[3.0] Confucian Heroes
[3.1] Confucius
[3.2] Sun Tzu
[3.3] Mencius
[4.0] Daoist Heroes
[4.1] Xi Wang Mu
[4.2] Zao Jun
[4.3] Guan Di
[5.0] Buddhist Heroes
[5.1] Guan Yin
[5.2] Bodhidharma
[5.3] Sun Wu Kong
[6.0] Hero Notes
[7.0] FAQs
[8.0] Ending
[9.0] Disclaimer
[10.0] Credits And Thanks


[1.0] Introduction

Hello, first off this is my first FAQ in anywhere so please donít expect much,
I will try my best. Since this is my first FAQ, e-mails on how to make it better
or if I missed some stuff will be appreciated, you will be credited.

I got this game because my friend said it was good, so I got it. To my surprise
this was a good game even if it is somewhat old, sadly not many are playing it
:-( . 

Even if the manual covers these things I will go deeper into the heroes,
telling you things the manual didnít.


[2.0] Ancestral Heroes

- They are available at the start of the game
- They are spiteful !!!(they get angry and destroy you) (8-0


[2.1] Nu Wa - "The Creator Goddess"   Rating: *
      Nu Wa created people from clay and often came to the
      worldís rescue (in one story, she mended the hole torn in the sky).

- Halves the price of clay pits, hunterís tents, fishing
  quays, music schools, irrigation pumps, irrigation ditches, and inspectorís
- She can bless an inspector tower, clay pit, hunterís tent or fishing quay.
- She halves the chance of things being set on fire by the enemy
- She captures animals

Comments: I donít like her very much, in my opinion she is the worst hero of the
ancestors, she might have a lot of things to bless but she disappears before
you can effectively bless your industry (she slowly dislikes you the more you
bless things). You shouldnít use her if you have other options. If you only
have ancestral, get her for the menagerie then send her away.


[2.2] Shen Nong - "The Divine Farmer"   Rating: ****
      Shen Nong is one of the nobles in Chinese mythology. He taught the people
      all about agriculture and the medicinal value of herbs.

- Halves the price of fields, farmhouses, hemp farms, herbalistís stalls,
  market squares, food shops and mills.
- He could bless farms
- He is like a herbalist (walks around giving medicine)
- He satisfies any request for food made by other cities!! (all kinds of food)

Comments: If your in the bronze age and your not planning to wage war get this
guy, probably the best ancestral hero around. If someone wants food that you cant
give summon this guy, request granted. He is made obsolete by the kitchen god
(by obsolete I mean the kitchen god is sooooooo much better).


[2.3] Huang Di - "The Yellow Emperor"   Rating: ***
      Huang Di is one of the legendary Chinese emperors. He was a great
      military leader, and he and his wife are credited with many inventions.

- Halves the price of kilns, silkworm sheds, weavers, mulberry tree orchards,
  acupuncturistís clinics, and chariot forts
- He fulfills requests for ceramics made by other cities
- He can bless a kiln and a silkworm shed
- He gives ceramics to every house that he walks by
- He can fight wars
- He boosts the morale of chariots

Comments: The only fighter hero of the ancestors, Until Sun Tzu comes in he is 
effective but replace him when Sun Tzu comes because by then chariots will be
replaced by cavalry (cavalry donít get a bonus from him ). His other bonuses
are also useful , donít take that for granted. His fighting skill are Ok. (he
is strong enough to defeat Sun Wu Kong by just a little bit). He uses a bow


[3.0] Confucian Heroes

- Only rich people can study his teachings
- Very practical
- Comes up during the iron age
- Does not cause calamites unlike the ancestral heroes


[3.1] Confucius - "The Sage Of All Time"   Rating: **
      Confucius (551-479 BCE) is the most famous person in Chinese history.
      His ethical philosophy became the basis for Confucianism, one of Chinaís
      three great religions. Confucius taught filial piety and the golden rule
      of empathy. He wanted rulers to lead by good example rather than by force.
      He started his career as a tax collector, but was disillusioned by
      official bribery and over taxation. The Analects is a compilation of his
      sayings, written by his followers after his death.

- He halves the price of tax offices, ancestral shrines, music schools, and
  grand and imperial ways.
- He collects taxes
- He could be a Musician (no he wont be on the market or be in the parade)
- He could give burial provisions to the Tumulus
- He could bless a tax office filling it with wood or paper
- You could increase taxes without any effect to your popularity (yank it up to
  outrageous, no one would care)

Comments: I donít like him much, some may think he could make you filthy rich
but I prefer to use mecius for that. Overall the most useless hero of his own 
religion. He is NOT as useless as Nu Wa.


[3.2] Sun Tzu - "Master Sun"   Rating ***
      Sun Tzu was a famous military leader during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He
      is identified with writing The Art of War, a classic Chinese text that
      emphasizes preparedness, speed and surprise in battle, avoiding losses,
      and using spies.

- He halves the price of military forts, city walls(not residential), city gates
  and towers
- He can fight with the army
- He reduces travel time for armies
- He can bless forts making them train faster (manual didnít mention this)
- He halves the cost of spies (witch is a LOT because spies are expensive)
- He boosts morale of all soldiers
- He can capture and reverse enemy spies in your city
- Can capture for the menagerie

Comments: This person stands for everything conquest has to offer, spies, swift
attacks and as a added bonus he can capture animals for the menagerie. This
guy is the one if you plan to have a defense line quickly and to slow your
opponent giving you more time to defend, he is also good to have if you want to
have conquest after conquest. A brutal hero perfect for counter attacks.
He is decent with his pole arm, he is stronger than the yellow emperor.


[3.3] Mencius - "The Second Sage"   Rating ****
      Mencius (372-289 BCE) was the second most influential teacher of
      Confucianism. His text, called The Mencius, was studied by Chinese
      scholars as reverently as Confuciusí Analects. Mencius believed that
      subjects had the right to overthrow rulers who were morally unfit and who 
      jeopardized the people. He was a proponent of expanding markets and trade.

- He halves the price of warehouses, trading stations, trading quays, and 
  market squares. 
- He can bless a trading station to have more prophet
- More traders come to the city when he is around

Comments: He may not look like it at first but this is the hero of money, as
you know most of your income comes from trade not taxes, and this guy gives you
more money from trade witch in turn gives you more money (a LOT more). Just 
remember to give him offerings about every month, because if you are like me 
youíll be using his bless ability a lot.


[4.0] Daoist Heroes

- You need a daoist temple to summon them
- Does not get angry unlike the ancestors
- They come in during the iron age
- They have some of the best heroes of the game


[4.1] Xi Wang Mu - "Queen Mother Of The West"   Rating **** or * (depends when)
      Xi Wang Mu lives in a spectacular jade palace, grows magical peaches that 
      ripen every 3,000 years, and is the source of immortality. She is the
      highest goddess in the Daoist pantheon, and the embodiment of Yin.

- She halves the price of carpentersí, masonsí, and ceramistsí guilds ,
  jade carverís studios and aesthetic sculptures
- She fills jade carver studios with raw jade if she blesses them
- She captures animals for the menagerie
- Most importantly she hurries the construction of monuments

Comments: She could be the best or the worst hero in the game, it all depends on
the mission. Her most important ability is to hurry monuments(it could save you
about 1-5 game year/s) but if the mission does not require monument building 
donít get her, her jade ability is not so good, the other Daoist heroes will be
soo much better.


[4.2] Zao Jun - "The Kitchen God"   Rating*****
      Zao Jun makes annual reports to Heaven on the household. Families honor
      the Kitchen God throughout the year but especially at New Yearís when he
      is supposed to ascend to Heaven and make his report (families offer him
      sticky sweets for the journey).

- He halves the price of food shops
- He can bless food shops increasing food quality by one level!!!, but he cant
  add more food ingredients to it, it magically tastes better.
- He makes New Year festivals free!!!
- He gives delicious food to every house he passes by!!!

Comments: Think of the possibilities, this guy could single handedly feed  the
nobles, taking away such a hard problem. He can make food taste better with his
magic, saving money on imports. For the new year festival Iíll check if it
includes making the cash costs free. This guy is a bargain, one of my favorites


[4.3] Guan Di - "The God Of War"   Rating******
      Guan Di was a famous general during the Three Kingdoms period who was
      captured and executed in 220 CE. He was venerated as a Daoist god hundreds
      of years later. At an early point in his life, Guan Di was a bean curd
      seller, so heís considered their patron. He also memorized some of the
      Confucian classics. Statues of Guan Di are used to guard buildings against

- He halves the price of forts, weapon smiths and watch towers
- He can preach the word of Confucius
- He could act like a city guard
- He could magically give bean curd to mills
- He could bless a fort giving it weapons and wood !!!
- He could bless a Confucian academy
- He can fight with the army
- He boosts the morale of Cavalry companies
- Thieves, muggers and bandits donít appear in your city

Comments: THE best hero in the game for me! the sheer ability to give weapons
to forts is already great, add that up with the ability to give free food
and unrest control, you have someone who has it all. He is the strongest
fighter hero in the game. Lets all just hope Sierra doesnít nerf this guy.


[5.0] Buddhist Heroes

- You need a Pagoda to summon them
- They appear during the steel age


[5.1] Guan Yin - "The Goddess of Mercy"   Rating**
      As a bodhisattva, Guan Yin is the greatest Buddhist deity in China.
      She is revered as a hearer of prayers and a protector of children.

- She halves the price of wells, gardens, flowering trees, wayside pavilions,
  ponds , Tai Chi parks and private gardens.
- She could deliver water
- She can bless wells and she could lower house unrest
- She halves the price to bribe attackers away and to pay your lord

Comments: She is the most useless of the Buddhists heroes why?, the only 
ability making her worth getting is useless, I mean why bribe invaders away
when you can fight :p


[5.2] Bodhidharma - "The Kung Fu Monk"   Rating***
      Bodhidharma was the 28th Patriarch from Buddha and the 1st Patriarch in
      China. He arrived in China circa 520 CE and met with Emperor Wu. Credited
      with teaching the Shaolin monastery monks the art of kung fu, he supposedly
      cut off his eyelids so he could meditate longer, and from them the tea
      plant was created.

- He halves the price of tea curing sheds, tea shops, tea bushes, and watchtowers
- He can bless a watchtower
- He can only fight enemies at home :-( (too bad his skill are only second to
  Guan Di
- He gives tea to every house he walks by
- He automatically gives other cities tea if they ask for it

Comments: Do you need tea THAT badly, I see very little use for him but some
people say heís really good I have yet to find that out. But for now I classify
him close to useless, this might change in the future.


[5.3] Sun Wu Kong - "The Monkey King"   Rating******
      The Monkey King was born from a stone egg. He is a capable fighter and
      versatile with his magic staff. He studied under a Daoist priest at one
      time. When the immortals grew weary of his misbehavior, Sun Wu Kong was
      buried under a mountain by Buddha as punishment. He was later released to
      accompany the monk Xuan Zang on his journey to India and back to bring
      Buddhist scriptures to China. The Monkey King is aggressive and
      mischievous Ö but widely popular in Chinese society.

- He halves the price of stoneworks, weapon smiths, acrobat schools,
  drama schools, theatre pavilions , and Daoist shrines
- He can teach Daoism
- He can act sing and jump around, this entertains people.
- He can bless a quarry and a weapon smith
- He can capture animals
- Emissaries are free when he is around
- He can fight with the army
- The only entertaining hero in the game (manual didnít mention this)
  (Confucius is NOT an entertaining hero)

Comments: My friends say this guy is THE best hero, and I somewhat agree ...but
I like the god of war better. He does a lot of things but not with a lot of
impact to your city. Entertainment is easily covered. He is the WEAKEST hero in
the game


[6.0] Hero Notes
- Only ancestral heroes get angry
- All of them could be a priest for there religion
- The higher the religious coverage the happier they will become
- The higher the Fung-Shuay the happier they will become 
- They need certain buildings to come out.


[7.0] FAQs

Q: Do heroes die
A: They can be defeated(they disappear), but you can summon them again
Q: Is the game buggy
A: Yes
Q: Xi Wang Mu said shell give me a peach in 3000 years is it true
A: No
Q: Does the computer use heroes on you
A: I have never experienced it


[8.0] Ending

Thatís it, I hope you liked the faq. E mail me when somethingís wrong OK


[9.0] Disclaimer

This walkthrough must always be free, you can post in your site as long as
money isnít involved, it is unchanged in anyway and full credit is given to

Copyright  kenjo63


[10.0] Credits And Thanks

CjayC- Hopefully he would post this FAQ
David G- For talking me into buying this game
Sierra- For making the game
The Manual- For all the history of the heroes and stuff (even if they missed a
few things)
You- For reading this