• Change Dino-Poo Into Rocks

    Name an exhibit Copralite Corner, all dinosaur poo turns into rocks

    Contributed By: ChipmunkMan.

  • Exhibit Name Cheats

    After making an exhibit and it it done. Name the exhibit the code to get the effect.

    DienosuchusSuper Croc
    double the exhibit donationsMicrosoft
    more guests will enter the zooWonderland

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

  • Extra Money

    While you're playing in a game, press:

    Extra MoneyShift key + 4

    Contributed By: Laplace.

  • Guest Name Cheats

    Name guests the following for special effects:

    Dinosaur's eggs hatch fasterEggman
    Unlock All DinosDINOMAN
    Unlock Dinosaur Foliage research programRon Propst

    Contributed By: Jobu Dudley and eli0918.

  • Guest Name Cheats

    Name the guest the following too get the desired effect.

    all animal buildingsAndrew Binder
    all animal care research programsAdam Levesque
    all animal enrichment research programsLou Catanzaro
    all animal sheltersJohn Wheeler
    all endangered animals research programsSteve Serafino
    all exhibit foliageCharlie Peterson
    all fences are destroyedRussell C
    all staff education research programsHank Howie
    blue guests and buildingsMr. Blue
    brown guests and buildingsMr. Brown
    orange guests and buildingsMr. Orange
    pink guests and buildingsMr. Pink
    sick guestsZeta Psi
    white birds attack guestsAlfred H
    white guests and buildingsMr. White
    yellow guests and buildingsMr. Blonde

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

  • Maintenance Worker Name Cheats

    After hiring a maintenance worker name him the code to get the effect. (Note: the maintenance worker has to be male.)

    all foliage removed and a $300 tax rebateGeorge W
    destroy all buildingsThe Rock

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

  • Repair all broken fences.

    Change a male maintenance worker's name to "Bob V".

    Contributed By: zoie the hedgehog.

  • Scientist Name Cheats

    Rename your scientists to obtain the desired effect:

    Gives you a 10% chance that an egg will change contents when visited by that scientistDr. Frankenstein
    Makes all scientists walk twice as fastDr. Scholl

    Contributed By: eli0918.

  • Secret Unicorn

    When selecting exhibit name type Xanadu in its place. Unicorn will then appear in animal menu.

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

  • Unlock Triceratops

    Unlock Triceratops by selecting a ready-made exhibit and changing the name to 'Cretaceous Corral'.

    Contributed By: Blarrrg The 2nd.


  • Unlock all scenarios

    All scenariosName a visitor Akiyama

    Contributed By: Prince Imrahil.


  • Unlock Deinosuchus

    To unlock the Deinosuchus (a very large Jurassic alligator)just complete all the scenarios and after you complete the last one you will get a message saying you got it, click- No-to go to the scenario selection screen and then it will be unlocked

    Contributed By: fastmanmatt.

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