Question from 101mendivil1

I need to download jurassic park operation genesis so i came here can I?

I dont have money so i need a free download .

todwro27 asked for clarification:

How i play the game?


zerojetters answered:

No free download, just the demo
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MasterFenix95 answered:

Earn some money and buy it, or borrow from someone. No free downloads.
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avalonlane answered:

How Can I purchase this game? How much?
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avalonlane answered:

Can anyone tell me how to buy this game for the PC? has it for $178.00. Is that right?
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JtheXtremeGamer answered:

It is a rare game, should be able to get a copy on Ebay for 50-60
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flyboy10000 answered:

Well, you can just torrent it. at
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SrBoromir answered:

I bought this when it was fairly new for $20.00, now it's worth $178? LOL
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