Question from Zorenic

How do I get past the strafe thing?

You know, the area after you get to destroy those wooden pigs.
It's too hard to do it on my PC.
Any tips?
The game runs laggy.
Also, if it can:
Are you able to play this game on window mode?
Are you able to put this game in low quality?

Zorenic provided additional details:

After a long time i've give Rayman 3 another shot for my PC but somehow i just cant pass it.


LethalAxis answered:

the only way is to strafe left and right and shoot the target as it changes sides but dude we are in the year 2010 and your pc cant handle rayman 3 wtf?
you should REALLY get a new one
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GeorgeFrommel answered:

There is no option of changing the graphics, so you should either stop playing games on your pc or buy a new one...
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ShadowBanjo answered:

I know how old this question is, but it doesn't change the fact that it's not his PC causing the lag, the game in general tends to lag on PC. I just played it a few minutes ago and it lagged quite a lot compared to the console version.
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