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                 Delta Force / Task Force Dagger
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                      released May 21, 2005

0    Introduction
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This FAQ is about "Delta Force / Task Force Dagger", the military
shooter created by Zombie Studios and published by Novalogic,
"very" loosely based on the exploits of Coalition military in
Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual, not that you really need a manual to
play this shooter. How hard can it be, really? Besides, all the
commands are listed when you press F1.

This USG only covers the PC Version, since this only existed on
the PC.


This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2005,
all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the disclaimer

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To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4,
Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed,
The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics, Starfleet Command Volume
II, DS9: The Fallen, DS9: Dominion War, Driver, Warlords:
Battlecry, Monopoly Tycoon, Dungeon Siege, and a few others.

To contact me, see 0.4 above.


Zombie Studios created Delta Force / Task Force Dagger.

Novalogic published Delta Force / Task Force Dagger. It's the
fourth game in the Delta Force franchise.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by NovaLogic or Zombie

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted

This document is based on the retail version with final patch,
which is V1.00.09.


07-MAY-2005    Initial release
21-MAY-2005    Slight revision for aerial sniper mission,
               powerplant mission, blockade mission, and alamo
               mission, and other minor touches

1    DFTFD General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: It's on the CD, you m****! Also, press F1 in the game.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual please.

Q: How big is the install?
A: About 475MB regular install, 125MB compact install.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: Use the auto-update tool. As of this release, it's V1.00.09

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: How easy you die, mainly, and how good the enemy is. AI on
higher level is also more aggressive in patrols. They also react
to sounds of gunfire or explosions or screams of pain. Finally,
their accuracy is improved. Also, if a helicopter is involved, it
may die if you loiter excessively on normal or hard difficulty

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A:  See final section.

Q: How about a mission editor?
A: It's installed with the game, you *****!


NovaLogic broke onto the PC gaming scene in 1992 with their
breakthrough title: Commanche: Maximum Overkill. Using their
proprietary voxel-based technology, they were able to deliver
full 3D with realistic terrain that's NOT based on polygons, as
well as effects like reflections and such, on then available PC
(386), with extremely high frame rates, and that is simply

Most people never realized that Novalogic has been around since
1986, though they mainly did ports and published through other
publishers such as Accolade (Steel Thunder) and Broderbund
(Wolfpack). Commanche was their first self-published title. It
spawned multiple follow-ups.

The voxel technology was quickly reused in Ultrabots (a giant-
robot fighting game) and Armored Fist (tank combat sim). A
related technology was used in the various fighter sims such as F-
22 series, F-16, and MiG-29.

In 1999, NovaLogic introduced Delta Force, a first-person shooter
based on their voxel technology. It was a success and spawned
multiple sequels: Delta Force 2, Delta Force / Land Warrior, and
then, Delta Force / Task Force Dagger, this title.

Later, NovaLogic improved the engine to create Delta Force /
Black Hawk Down, partly inspired by the movie and the exploits of
the Ranger company and Delta force before that infamous day in
Mogadishu. It also spawned an expansion pack: Team Sabre, that
have you traveling to South America and Southeast Asia in search
of drug kingpins and terrorists.

NovaLogic then went to a new engine for Joint Operations, and its
expansion: Escalation.

Most NovaLogic games feature support for NovaWorld, a full-
featured online gaming lobby and stat tracker where you can earn
ranks and get promoted if you play well. Imagine having a 50-150
player battle, across maps that's measured in square KILOMETERS,
not square meters!


From official website:

     Required Processor:      Pentium II 400 MHz or Higher

     Video Card:    Any Windows Compatible

     Hard Drive:    200 MB

     CD-ROM:   4X

     RAM:      64 MB


Basically, it's one of those lone-wolf type games where you shoot
a LOT of terrorists or militia, basically EVERYONE in your way.

Sniping is encouraged, and indeed, required. You usually have 7
mags of ammo for your primary weapon. You carry a second gun and
your pistol for close-quarters combat, but you don't have much
ammo for it. (2 mags for pistol, 2 mags for secondary weapon)

You will need to sometimes go underground into tunnels and
underground bunkers, and fight in there. You may need to retrieve
documents and/or computers, destroy computers, demolish
buildings, plant beacons, and so on. Lots of things to do, but
the way you do them is similar enough.

Occasionally the game throws you a curve like an escort mission
or an aerial sniper mission.

In later missions you start encountering civilians. If you kill
any of them you fail the mission.

There is also a full mission editor if you want to create your
own missions. However, it's not that easy to use.


The game is very stable and never crashed even once on my test
computer, even after repeated task switching.

However, sometimes, when you complete missions, the menu screen
will NOT load, resulting in a hard reboot.

Occasionally, when you move on a sloped surface, you may fall
THROUGH certain sloped surfaces, such as stairs, ramps, etc.,
esp. when you're prone. If you fell "through" while underground,
you end up on top of the mountain! (Try this in Bora Bora!)

You should get the latest patch via the auto-update tool, and
close any extra programs such as virus checker, firewall (unless
you're going online), and such before starting the game. That
seems to help.


Delta Force / Black Hawk Down -- partly inspired by the movie and
the exploits of the Ranger company before that infamous day in

Delta Force / Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre -- expansion pack that
have your team go to Southeast Asia and Columbia to chase
terrorists and drug kingpins.

Joint Operations -- small squad combat in jungles of Indonesia,
designed for multiplayer, using vehicles, helicopters, small
boats, and lots of infantry action.

Joint Operations: Escalation -- expansion pack, adding more
riverine stuff, more vehicles, including tanks, and so on.

Delta Force Extreme -- the latest version, including co-op play,
multiplayer, and more is now in stores, for a low price of $20!
This one features state of the art graphics upgrades.

2    Your career choices
You can choose among various "operators" from different nation's
anti-terrorist organizations. I'll divide them up by specialties.
There are five specialties: CQB, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Medic, and
Grenadier. Each specialty has a bonus or two, such as no scope
drift, run fast, and so on.

The preferred weapons don't really mean anything.


Special Skills: Run fast, Long reach with knife.

Preferred weapons: SA-80, M4 SOPMOD, HK MP5SD6 (with silencer),
HK MP5N, F89 Austeyr, F88 Austeyr.

CQB specialists are U.S. Delta Force, and Canadian JTF-2.

2.1.1     SFOD-D
United States Army, Special Forces, Operational Detachment Delta,
i.e. "Delta Force".

Delta operators specialize in CQB, hostage rescue, and anti-
terrorist activities. The US government has never officially
acknowledged their existence, but everybody knows about them.
Founded by Charles Beckwith, a legend in the special operations
community, Delta Force was created under President Jimmy Carter
to be a special branch of Special Forces that deals with anti-
terrorism. Though in real-life they turned out to be "elite of
the elite of the elite". They are modeled after the British SAS
due to Beckwith's exchange experience with the British SAS.

Their most famous appearance is in the movie "Blackhawk Down" as
a part of the raiding force.

2.1.2     JTF-2
Canadian Joint Task Force 2

These are Canada's elite operators. They specialize in CQB,
hostage rescue and anti-terrorist response, just like Delta


Special skills: steady(-ier) scope, fast crawl

Preferred weapons: M82A1 Barrett .50 cal Sniper rifle, PSG-1
silenced sniper rifle, M40A3 sniper rifle, M24 sniper rifle, AW
sniper rifle.

Snipers are British SAS, and CIA SOG.

2.2.1      SAS
British Armed Forces Special Air Service.

The SAS is one of the oldest special operations group in
existence. While not the biggest, they are arguably the best in
the business, with a long tradition. US Special Forces have
borrowed many of SAS's training methods.

2.2.2     CIA SOG
Central Intelligence Agency, Special Operations Group.

This is the direct action arm of the CIA. First appeared in
Vietnam, the SOG are composed of field operatives on the
battlefront looking for intelligence. They are special operations
capable and mainly consist of veterans from the other branches of
armed forces.


Special Skills: minimize recoil, withstand more damage.

Preferred weapons: M249 "Minimi" SAW (squad automatic weapon), FN-
MAG, M60E3

Heavy Gunners include US Special Forces (i.e. Green Berets) and
Marine Force Recon.

2.3.1      Special Forces
United States Army Special Forces "Green Berets"

US Army Special Forces were created by President Kennedy, partly
to create an elite unit, partly to create a force that excel in
unconventional warfare, and partly to train local forces in
counter-insurgency. They are authorized to wear those Green
Berets as part of their elite status. However, they don't like to
be called Green Berets. (i.e. We're NOT headgear!)

(Especially now that everybody, including National Guard, wears
some sort of berets.)

2.3.2     Marine Force Recon
United States Marine Corp, Marine Expeditionary Force,
Reconnaissance Battalion

Technically Marine Force Recon is NOT a special operations force.
As the name suggests, they specialize in recon. However, Force
Recon specializes in deep recon, and thus many of the penetration
techniques coincide with the spec-op training received by other
operators. Thus, their roles eventually expanded to personnel
rescues, evacuations, and so on.

TRIVIA: There used to be a separate "recon", vs. "force recon".
Recon units are designated tasks to support main units, while
force recon units are designated tasks such as deep recon or

2.4   MEDICS

Special Skills: Multiplayer medic (obviously, only in multiplayer
games), fast swimming, and hold breath longer (i.e. harder to

Preferred weapons: HK MP5SD6 (silenced), HK MP5N, PSG-1 silenced
sniper rifle.

Medics include SEAL Team Six, and USAF CSAR.

2.4.1     SEAL TEAM SIX
United States Navy "Sea Air Land" Team Six

SEAL is short for "Sea, Air, Land". SEALs can reach their target
via all three means. They can drop in via parachute (esp. HAHO
and HALO jumps), swim in via SCUBA (often delivered by submarine)
or minisub/swimming vehicle, or just walk in by land. The number
of actual teams is a secret, but you can be sure it's NOT six.

SEALs made their debut in Vietnam, where they are extremely
successful in combating the VC and the NVA in guerilla warfare.
However, superiors who do not understand unconventional and
guerilla warfare hampered them all throughout the war.

SEAL Team Six was founded by Richard Marcinko, under orders from
Secretary of Navy, in order to create a special elite SEAL Team
capable to taking on terrorists anywhere, infiltrating any place.
They are allowed to ignore military grooming standards (i.e. long
beards, shaggy ponytails, earrings, and so on) in order to look
un-military. They train in all sorts of scenarios, such as
retaking oil platforms and/or cruise ships from terrorists, and
so on. They probably have more anti-terror training than anyone

In real life, at least one medic (usually called "Doc") deploys
with a SEAL Team, though all members are trained in first aid.

2.4.2     CSAR
United States Air Force, Combat Search and Rescue.

The Air Force Parajumpers, or PJs, have one purpose: to bring out
personnel, often downed pilots, alive. They are trained medics
and special operations qualified, specializing in search and
rescue. They use shock and awe, distraction, and superior
firepower to gain the time they need to rescue their objectives.


Special Skills: Accurate with indirect weapons (grenades)

Preferred weapons: M4 with M203, OICW, MI6A2 with M203.

Grenadiers include Australian SAS, and Army Rangers.

2.5.1      SASR
Royal Australian Special Air Service Regiment

The Royal Australian SASR is based on the British SAS.

2.5.2      Rangers
United States Army Ranger Regiment

Rangers are considered to be elite light infantry of the US Army,
but not quite as elite as Special Forces, or the Delta Boys (i.e.
Delta Force). They put up a very good fight though. And there are
a lot of them. Remember, "leave no man behind".  Recite the
Ranger creed...

3    Your weapons and equipment
They are organized by the game into several categories

3.1   KNIFE

Everybody carries one. Spec ops guys usually have theirs
darkened, and could be any shape.

If you are wondering... It is actually smaller than the one Rambo
carried. That one would be too big and unwieldy for throwing for
any one other than Rambo.


Your pistol, good for close combat, but lacks the range or
firepower of the other weapons. There are quite a few models, but
they don't really make a BIG difference in their operation,
except whether they are silenced or not. All pistols are semi-
automatic only.

The Mk23 SD is recommended, mainly for the silencer.

3.2.1     Browning Hi-Power
Caliber: 9x19mm Para / 15 round magazine

3.2.2     Sig Sauer P226
Caliber: 9x19mm Para / 15 round magazine

3.2.3     H&K Mk 23 mod 0 "SOCOM"
Caliber: .45 ACP / 12 round magazine

NOTE: SOCOM can be equipped with a silencer, and becomes known as
MK-23 SD.

3.2.4     H&K Mk 23 mod 0 "SOCOM" w/ silencer
Caliber: .45 ACP / 12 round magazine

NOTE: Also available without silencer, but why?

3.2.5     Beretta M9 (a.k.a. Beretta 92FS)
Caliber: 9x19mm Para / 15 round magazine

3.2.6     F97 (Glock 19)
Caliber: 9x19mm Para / 17 round magazine


Primary Weapon falls into several categories: Sniper Rifles,
Assault Rifles, or Machine Guns.

For sniper rifles you carry about 150 rounds of ammo.

For assault rifles, you carry about 200-210 rounds of ammo.

For machine guns, you carry about 400-600 rounds of ammo.

3.3.1     M4 SOPMOD (assault rifle, silenced)
M4 assault rifle equipped with silencer and a 4X ACOG
scope/sight, this will let you reach out and touch someone
without anyone else the wiser, while retaining the burst and auto
modes. Uses 30 rounds magazine of 5.56mm bullets.

3.3.2     AW Sniper Rifle
Built by Accuracy International of England, AW stands for "Arctic
Warfare", and this weapon is designed for the worst conditions
while still maintaining top accuracy. Bolt action rifle, 10 round
magazine. 6x zoom sight.

3.3.3     OICW (assault rifle, w/ grenade launcher)
This is a combination assault rifle and integrated grenade
launcher, capable of much better range than the M4/M203 combo.
However, it is big and expensive, complete with built-in laser
range finger, ballistic computer, and so on. NOTE: no auto mode
(just semi and burst), 2 mags of 6 grenades each for the grenade
launcher. Uses 30 rounds magazine of 5.56mm bullets.

3.3.4     M4 with M203 combo (assault rifle, w/ grenade launcher)
M4 is the an old design with M203 grenade launcher slung below.
This design is a bit long in the tooth though. As the range for
the 40 mm M203 grenade is too short. Uses 30 rounds magazine of
5.56mm bullets.

3.3.5     FN MAG Machine Gun
FN's machine gun fires standard NATO 7.62mm rounds at a very
decent speed, a bit heavy though.  2 belts of 200 rounds of

3.3.6     F88 Austeyr i.e. Steyr AUG (assault rifle)
Steyr AUG is a very futuristic looking assault rifle with bullpup
design (magazine behind the handle) and a unique box magazine
that fits more than other magazines.  5 mags of 42 rounds each.
slight bit of a zoom sight (1.5x? 2x?)

3.3.7     M16A3 with M203 (assault rifle w/ grenade launcher)
This is the full-sized version of M4 (M4 has a shorter barrel)
with the same M203 underslung grenade launcher. 7 mags of 30
rounds each, plus X number of grenades.

3.3.8     M24 Sniper Rifle
This sniper rifle is based on the tried and true Remington 700
receiver group with composite stock, as customized by the Army.
15 mags of 10 rounds each.

3.3.9     M40A3 Sniper Rifle
This sniper rifle is roughly equivalent to the M24, but is built
for the Marine Corp by the Marine Corp Armorer. 15 mags of 10
rounds each.

3.3.10     PSG-1 Silenced Sniper Rifle
PSG-1, built by Heckler & Koch, is one of the most expensive
sniper rifles on the market. It's fitted with a Mako silencer. It
is actually based on the G3 assault rifle (also made by H&K). 15
mags of 10 rounds each

3.3.11    M82 Barrett .50 cal Sniper Rifle
The first .50 cal sniper rifle, it was first introduced in 1982
(thus, M82). It was NOT meant to hit human targets. It was
designed as anti-material weapon, like punching holes in
radiators of cars, or jet engines, radar dishes, etc. 15 mags of
10 rounds each

3.3.12    M249 "Minimi" machine gun (i.e. Squad Automatic Weapon,
     or SAW)
Originally built by FN of Belgium (who also makes the FN MAG),
the "Minimi" is an air-cooled belt-fed machine gun. The M249 has
an optional feed system that allows it to use the standard M-16
type 30-round magazine.

2 belts of 200 rounds each

3.3.13    SA-80 Assault Rifle
SA80 (Small Arms for 80's) is a new series of assault rifle
designed by Enfield, a British firm with a very long history in
firearms. However, the first few versions of the SA-80 has some
serious problems, and even the latest revision, L85A2, did not
completely solve the problems. It's rumored that the British Army
will retire the weapon in favor of say, the H&K G36 assault

Don't worry about this rifle in your game, as in the game, this
rifle will not malfunction. 7 mags of 30 rounds each

3.3.14    AK-47 Assault Rifle
The venerable AK-47, designed by Kalashnikov and introduce in
1947, is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. It
is a quintessential Russian weapon: it is reliable, it is simple
to operate and maintain, and it can be easily mass-produced. Who
cares about ergonomics or accuracy? Incorporating all the design
lessons from WW2 based on captured German weapons and home-grown
designs, AK-47 spawned a variety of designs, including automatic

Arguably, the best AK-47's are made in Finland by Valmet, but
that's another story. 7 mags of 30 rounds each

3.3.15    AKS Assault Rifle
AKS has a folding stock, but is otherwise identical to AK-47.
This version seems to have a shorter barrel, making it more
suitable for CQB. 7 mags of 30 rounds each


3.4.1     MP5SD6
Caliber: 9x19mm Para

Modes: semi, burst, auto

Capacity: 30 round box

NOTE: Integrated silencer

3.4.2     MP5N
Caliber: 9x19mm Para

Modes: semi, burst, auto

Capacity: 30 round box

NOTE: No silencer! Same mechanism as the MP5SD6

3.4.3     Austeyr 89
Caliber: 9x19mm Para

Modes: semi, burst, auto

Capacity: 42 round box

NOTE: Slighter shorter version of Austeyr 88 (i.e. Steyr AUG),
scope is 1x only.


You have three choices... AT-4 rockets, Claymore mines, and SLAM

3.5.1     AT-4 LAW
The AT-4 LAW (light anti-tank weapon) should destroy any vehicle
in one hit, useful in demolitions or anti-vehicle ops.

Some vehicles and/or planes may need more than one LAW (which is
NOT realistic!).

3.5.2     SLAM packs
SLAM stands for Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition. Basically
it's a modern version of satchel charge. Toss this where you want
things to blow up, run away, and hit the radio detonator trigger,
and watch things go BOOM!

Planes and such that need more than one LAW can be destroyed with
just one SLAM.

3.5.3     Claymore
The M18 Claymore is a directional munition packed with an
explosive charge and steel bearings. When triggered, the
explosives launch the projectiles in a 60-degrees arc, turning
everything in the arc and in range into bloody pulp. Remember to
set the proper SIDE toward enemy.


Triggers SLAM and/or Claymore to go boom.


Only two types here: concussion grenade, or fragmentation grenade

3.7.1     Concussion grenade
The MK3A2 offensive hand grenade, commonly referred to as the
concussion grenade, is designed to produce casualties. Has a 5 to
7 second delay before it goes boom.

3.7.2     Fragmentation grenade
The M67 is packed with 6.5 ounces of high explosives. When
detonated, the metal casing of the grenade becomes shrapnel with
an effective range of up to 15 meters. Immediate detonation on


It's also a designator... Point it at a target, and call in an
air strike. Be precise though. Hitting the wrong target is


When you're at the outfit station, you can choose either Kevlar
vest (which protects you from some hits) or extra ammo.

Extra ammo only applies to the guns, not to explosives. If you
are conserving ammo, then there's really no need for extra ammo,
whereas the kevlar vest may save you from occasional mistakes.


Some bases have fixed .50 cal machine guns on small sand-bagged
positions. They have limited engagement arc and limited ammo, but
are quite powerful and should be enjoyed when possible.

To stop using it, just back-away from the weapon.

3.11  ARMORY

You only carry limited weapons and ammo, but if there are
armories on the map, you can get almost anything you want (within
reason). In many cases, you will need to replenish some
explosives in order to finish your sabotage / demolition.

To use the armory, walk up to it. Then hit "C" to bring up
commander's screen and you can choose the weapons. When you got
the right selection, hit REQUEST WEAPONS, and you got a new load!


This stealth UAV circles overhead keeping tabs on everybody
through visual and IR sensors. You can use it to lock on to
specific targets, as well as tilt / point / zoom the view. It's
only for viewing though, and it can' see through the ground.
Still, it's helpful in knowing that to expect in the area.

For the UAV controls, please see the manual.

4    General Tactics


Hit "G" to turn on the Goal listing. It tells you which goals
have been completed (green) and which goals are still pending

Get into the habit of saving when each goal is completed, or even
when partial goals are completed.


The map is way too useful. You can see where enemies are (even
underground!) and where they are facing. You can use that
information to avoid or flank enemies as you see fit.

You can even estimate the range, since the grid is 100 meters per

Which is why on some missions, when it doesn't work, you miss it


As the Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko had said (paraphrased), "I
never play fair. I hit enemies from ambush. I flank them and hit
them in the rear. I don't give them time to react."

You should heed those words. Rogue Warrior, i.e. Richard
Marcinko, is the founder of SEAL Team Six for the US Navy.

Sneak around enemies and shoot them in the back. Shoot them from
long distance. So on and so forth. Alternatively, distract them
(see next hint)


Sometimes, you need to make noise, just to attract the bad guys'
attention. Then you can flank the enemies and take them from
behind with silenced weapons.

Distract tangos with exploding barrels and such THEN shoot them
from another angle.


You can get hits from as far as 400 to 500 meters away, and a
single shot can kill. Thus, there is no need to get any closer
unless terrain prevents you from getting closer.


There is no need to use burst mode unless you're doing CQB or
need to shoot a lot of enemies from an unstable platform (i.e.
shooting from a chopper). A single shot in almost any part of the
body will kill the enemy.

On the other hand, there are times where you need to go full


A single shot, no matter where, is lethal in DF. So feel free to
shoot at someone's foot or leg or outstretched hand, when you
can't get a shot at the torso or head.


The zoom level keys (- / =) should be used liberally. In open
areas, set range to 250 meters or wider so you can get better
sense of enemies near you, as you don't want someone to kill you
from across the map. In tighter spaces, such as camp or tunnels,
set range to 100 or even 50 meters for close combat situations.

Use the icon and scope range to judge distance. For example, if
the scope's set to range of 250 meters, and the threat is half
way between center and edge, you know he's about 125 meters out.
Use that to judge where to point the weapon. Useful at really
long distances like 300+ meters.


If you moved within view of enemy, shoot him! NEVER assume that
he did not see you since you ducked back really fast. On HARD
enemy reaction time is extremely fast!

Enemies equipped with good weapons are deadly accurate, and can
make shots that would astonish even you. If you've already
alerted them to your presence, then they will be ready to shoot

For example... I was on the SCUD hunting mission. I had cleaned
out the base, then was about to enter the back door of the
hangar. I slowly crawled and tried to peek through the door...
This is like 10 yds from the door. I saw a tango with long gun,
but then I moved past already so I can't see him any more. I got
my PSG-1 ready to take a shot, moved back, and was dead before I
even acquired him. That tango had a sniper rifle and nailed me
THROUGH the door as distance of 200+ meters. What I SHOULD have
done is kept moving and approached the hangar from the other
opening instead, or at least provided some distraction so I COULD
sneak in.

5    Walkthru
For each and every operation, you get a list of the actual goals,
suggested weapons, and suggested approaches.

It's recommended that you save when each of the goals is


Do you really need a walkthru for the tutorial level? Just walk
to all the waypoints and use all the weapons.


Goals: destroy communications dish, locate and seize enemy
intelligence documents, eliminate all enemy resistance in the
compound, move to extraction point.

Suggested weapons: full set of silenced weapons (M4SOPMOD,
MP5SD6, SOCOM-SD), either AT-4 or SLAM packs, and some frag
grenades and Kevlar vest.

NOTE: There is no armory in this mission, but if you conserve
ammo (semi-auto shots only) you should have no problems.

Hit the ground and go prone. Switch to semi-automatic shots.
You're very close to the communications compound with the
satellite dish. Turn to the tower and eliminate the shooter
inside, then 2 guards next to the trailer. If you only see one,
the other one is hiding, so you need to move to see him. When you
eliminate all three guards, head into the compound and demolish
the satellite dish with AT-4 or SLAM. [Goal complete].

Hike your way up the hill instead of going through the valley.
There are spots that are climbable. Go prone as you crest and
start shooting at any one you can see, esp. the towers. Remember
to compensate for the wind and distance. Scan each square meter
of the compound carefully. Use the commander's map to help you.
When you've cleared as much as you can, head down the slope into
the camp. Stop below one of the towers and again, scan left and
right for enemies inside buildings. Use commander's map as
reference. Your objective is one of the trailers in the middle of
the compound. It's the only one with a guard inside (holding a
pistol). Kill him, head inside, and you'll find the document you
need on a desk. Just walk up to it and you'll grab it. [Goal

Move slowly through the compound, try to sneak AROUND the
suspected enemy positions and approach them from the rear. Shoot
THROUGH windows and such. When you kill enough of them, the rest
will surrender. [Goal Complete]

Head out the rear gate, and the extraction Blackhawk should be
approaching. Run under it to end the mission.


Goals: eliminate all enemy resistance at SAM sites and
underground tunnels, demolish 3 SAM launchers

Suggested weapons: full set of silenced weapons (M4SOPMOD,
MP5SD6, SOCOM-SD), either AT-4 or SLAM packs, and some frag
grenades and Kevlar vest.

NOTE: There is an armory in this mission, and you must use it to
get some new AT-4's or SLAM packs to finish off the 3rd SAM

This one is a bit long, so let's get started. You arrive via
chopper. Jump off when chopper stops. There's a "village" to the
left of the chopper, and two pickups to the right/front. I
usually kill the patrols around that small "village" with sniper
fire, then I move up to the 2 pickups and take out the guards.

Then start moving up the mountain (NOT the road) by looking for
sections you can climb. You want to take out the guards as you
find them as quietly as possible. Panicked guards run their
routes really fast, making them hard to shoot. Save your ammo,
use semi-auto fire only. Slowly and surely work your way toward
the next waypoint. You should see the main bunker complex and the
three SAM launchers next to it on the map. [Save now] Approach
the launcher and carefully pick off the guards around each. Use
the Commander's map to help you go AROUND the enemies. You may
want to clear the surrounding hills first, THEN tackle the guards
around the SAM launchers.

NOTE: Commander's map also shows guys that are UNDERGROUND. So
don't be surprised if you don't see the enemy as you walk over
it. Watch for enemies both above (on the hills) and at the same

Demolish 2 of the SAM launchers with your AT-4 or SLAM packs.
[Save now] It's time to head underground. Go into the bunker next
to one of the ex-launchers, and you'll find a ladder going down.
Make sure you're not too close to any hostiles. Climb down, and
clear the tunnel section by section. Your goal is the armory.
There should be quite a few guards in the tunnels, but they are
spread out in ones and twos.

When you get to the armory, grab a new set of AT-4's or SLAMs,
and keep exploring the rest of underground. By this time, you
should have killed enough hostiles so the rest have surrendered,
but feel free to kill a few more. Another goal accomplished.

Head back to the surface and demolish the remaining SAM launcher
[Goal Complete], and you're done! [Mission Complete]


Infiltrate this camp, grab intel, interrogate the commander,
shoot enough people, and get out.

Goals: Locate and interrogate division commander, locate and
seize any enemy intel documents, eliminate all enemy resistance,
move to EXFIL.

Suggested weapons: full set of silenced weapons (M4SOPMOD,
MP5SD6, SOCOM-SD), either AT-4 or SLAM packs, and some frag
grenades and Kevlar vest.

Jump off the chopper when it stops and start sniping all the
guards you see. The camp isn't that well defended, but you will
need to go around the area carefully as there's quite a few
guards, and some may not be that visible. There's some in that
old town either. As you see a bunker there, you know there's an
underground complex as well.

There are two trucks patrolling the area. Feel free to destroy
them with the fixed .50 cal around the premises, if you want to
destroy things.

The commander is in one of the four tents along the back of the
compound, should be the second or third one from the left.  [Save
now] He has two guards so be careful.

The intel documents are in the underground bunker. Go in the
entrance from the compound side. Kill guards as you see them. You
should see a bunch of bunkbeds in the distance. Go that way, turn
right, and the documents are on a desk to your right. Head out
the far end and climb up to the EXFIL. [Save now] Kill one enemy
to left.

Look carefully and use sniper fire to kill the 6-8 gunmen near
the chopper (why aren't they shooting at each other?)  Watch for
a shooter along the town's edge. When it's clear, run for the
chopper for exfil.


We are to destroy the beacons and radar to blind them.

Goals: destroy any computer systems, demolish ND beacon, demolish
VHF beacon, call in air strike on airfield surveillance radar
dome (or just destroy it).

Suggested weapons: full set of silenced weapons (M4SOPMOD or PSG-
1 w/ Silencer, MP5SD6, SOCOM-SD), either AT-4 or SLAM packs, and
some frag grenades and Kevlar vest.

NOTE: do NOT trigger the alarm, or it's automatic mission

This mission can be quite long. Shoot ONLY the guards OUTSIDE the
airport perimeter and base perimeter. Don't shoot anyone inside
the perimeter unless they are in your way. Don't shoot any one
inside the tents.

Climb up the hills and start sniping at the enemy with silenced
weapons only. Move up to the ND beacon and leave a SLAM. Detonate
it when you are safe distance away. [Goal Complete]

Move up to VHF beacon and leave another SLAM, killing all guards
in your way. Detonate it after you move away. [Goal Complete]

The computers are actually underground, so climb down via one of
the bunkers on the edge of the base, kill guards, and in a "class
room" with lots of desks you'll see 2 PC's sitting on the desks
in the back of the room. Shoot each with about 6-7 rounds and
each should burst into flames. [Goal Complete]

Get within 500 M and call an air strike on the radar dome. If it
works, great. If it doesn't, you'll have to run to the south
end's hangar for the armory, rearm yourself with AT-4 or SLAM,
and demolish the radar dome yourself. Then you're done. [Mission


This time, we get to take out the whole airfield for real.

NOTE: You must land INSIDE the compound, as there is no other way

Goals: locate and demolish any operational aircraft, eliminate
all enemy resistance in the compound, move to rally point for

NOTE: There are 3 Sturmoviks and 2 Hinds in the two hangars.
Shooting the barrels near them can destroy two of the

Suggested weapons: full set of silenced weapons (M4SOPMOD,
MP5SD6, SOCOM-SD), either AT-4 or SLAM packs, and some frag
grenades and Kevlar vest. AT-4 is preferred as it lets you stay
further back.

Land INSIDE the compound! Preferably UNDER one of the towers, try
to shoot the guard as you go by. Then shoot all enemies near you
including the tower guards. Then start clearing the hangars one
at a time. You'll need some more explosives from the armory to
finish the mission.

Try to clear the ground level completely so your exfil will be
uneventful. You don't want a sniper to take you out just as
you're running to the exfil chopper.

When ready, blow the aircrafts sky-high, then go underground to
kill more goons. Or reverse the order, it's up to you.

When all goals are complete, run for the exfil chopper.


You're doing "aerial sniper" duty. Shoot at enemies before they
kill our friendly guy on the ground.

Goals: Eliminate all enemy resistance, Protect Viper 33 Bravo

Suggested weapons: instead of the requested sniper rifle, bring
assault rifles or machine guns. With single shots you will have a
hard time taking people down from the chopper. Instead, use burst
mode or auto mode and mow them down.

NOTE: Sometimes you got "ejected" from helicopter and landed on a
rooftop. Weird, heh? Then your mission gets really tough as you
must run around and kill the tangos that are threatening your

Save periodically or you'll seriously regret it.

Crouch and look at the rooftops. Shoot tangos as you see them.
You have to clear as many rooftops as you can as well as the
tangos running around on the ground. You may have to lean a
little out of the chopper. Stand up, as crouched limits your
visibility. Check both sides of the chopper for targets.

Use a machine gun like the SAW or FN MAG. Aim below the enemy and
as the chopper moves you walk the fire onto the enemy.

Zoom out until your scope's distance is like 150 or 200 meters.
This way you can see which way are the enemies hiding and you can
point that way when ready.

Save every time you Viper 33 Bravo talk to you, as that's a major

When Viper 33 Bravo makes it to the compound, and you clear the
roof of 2 tangos, your mission is complete!


This is the other half of the mission... Clear the building
you're hovering over, grab the laptop, make it to the Embassy,
and evacuate off top of the Embassy roof.

Goals: eliminate enemy resistance at the hotel, seize any laptops
in the hotel, eliminate all resistance at the embassy, move to
embassy rooftop for extraction.

Suggested weapons: even though there's really no surprise,
silenced weapons are still preferred. Don't need SLAM or AT-4.

WARNING: don't dawdle, or the chopper can be shot down!

When the chopper stops (don't fall out while it's making the
trip!) jump off, but land ON the roof! It's really embarrassing
if you land in the street and die from the fall! Look out to the
street and shoot two visible tangos.

Go prone and slide down the debris. Turn 180 and kill two tangos,
faster the better. Then clear room by room, level by level, until
you cleared the entire building. [Goal Complete] You'll find the
laptop, your mission objective, on second floor in a corner room.
Grab it. [Goal Complete]

NOTE: If you go down the stairs, try move into the left wall of
the stairs. You may go THROUGH the stairs, thus surprising the

Now you need to make it out alive. Exit the building, and consult
your commander's map. You can either go through town by turning
left at the exit, climb down, and go past the wall, or just turn
right and run on the higher level and then drop down to the main
level later. The latter route is recommended, as there are a lot
less enemies that way.

So turn right at the exit of the hotel, and put a building
between you and the rest of the town. Keep going, peeking
periodically to shoot any tangos foolish enough to show
themselves. You should get a message about vehicles approaching.
A technical (armed pickup) is patrolling the streets. Feel free
to shoot it with full auto fire, but don't let the guy standing
in the back hit you. It'll go boom and stop bothering you and the
exfil chopper.

Continue northeast on the map, then east. Keep plinking tangos in
your way. Use Commander's map liberally to spot enemies and flank
them. Shoot the two standing on the street in front of the
embassy. Go as fast as possible to the embassy.

Approach embassy carefully. One tango is hidden in the guardhouse
next to the gate. Another is in the left corner, and one final
tango is hidden behind the ladder! Kill them all and the embassy
is clear. [Goal Complete] When that's done, climb the ladder, go
up the external stairs, jump over the concertina wires, and
you're at the exfil chopper. [Goal Complete] [Mission Complete]


Intelligence has located a possible biological weapon storage
facility. We will incinerate the whole place with cruise
missiles, but you'll need to place a couple beacons first. Do NOT
kill any civilians!

Goals: eliminate enemy resistance, place beacons on three
biohazard bunkers, move outside facility before air strike hits.

Suggested weapons: bring M4SOPMOD and other silenced weapons.

WARNING: The UAV seems to be blinded, it did NOT spot ANY enemies
except for those on the riverbanks. Beware!

You start in the Zodiac. Go PRONE! There are snipers long the
banks and they'll kill you if you don't duck. You may shoot a
couple of them. Stay in auto mode and try to walk the shots into
them. Or just hide in the boat, as they're unlikely to hit you if
you duck.

Once at the insertion point, sneak slowly to the LEFT side of the
town. If you turn right at the first corner, you'll come up
behind a goon. Shoot him in the back of his head with your
silence pistol. Stay in the trees, continue to watch for snipers.
Take your time and kill enemies that you can see, esp. those up
in towers. If they look like they have a weapon, shoot them.

You'll eventually come up to the main entrance, after having
killed all the tower guards. Explore the perimeter carefully. Do
the west side (the side with the boxes and a few cargo containers
outside). There's one civilian in the corner of the base. He's
unarmed, with white beard and white turban, so don't shoot him.
Look for the gate in the corner, then go through another gate,
and you'll see the bunker to left. Place your beacon at the
bunker. [Save now]

Now work your way along the "far edge" (north side) of the base.
You may see a sniper next to the 3 gray warehouses. Kill him. You
may spot patrols periodically outside the fence. Kill them when
you can, or just ignore them.

You'll come to the armory and next to it is the 2nd bunker. Grab
more ammo if you want. Place your beacon. [Save now]

Now you need to head to the main entrance, then left and clear
out the 3 warehouses, where the actual manufacturing takes place.
Watch for guards on top of the catwalks. However, don't hit any
civilians! After killing a few the camp itself should be empty of
enemies. [Goal complete]

NOTE: If enemy has surrendered but you still don't get
"eliminated all resistance" goal complete, you'll have to shoot
those surrendered enemies. Yes, it sucks, but then, they'll be
dead by the missile strike any way.

Now it's time to run. Stand up. The last bunker is at the end of
the 3 warehouses, almost to corner of the base. Place your
beacon. [Goal complete] Run back to the main entrance, and run
toward your insertion point. Watch for a grenadier hiding on top
of that "mosque" and a gunman to the left of the blue building.
As soon as the edge comes into view, first 3-round bursts at the
edge until you kill the gunman, then point the gun left until you
track the grenadier and take him out, and your mission should be
complete! [Mission complete]


We're taking over this airfield and destroying all aircraft on

Goals: demolish any operational aircraft, eliminate enemy
resistance, move to rally point for extraction.

NOTE: Total of 5 planes and 1 helicopter for you to destroy. Some
may have fuel barrels nearby. Some require SLAM packs or
grenades. Bring SLAM packs instead of AT-4's.

It's recommended that you bring the OICW, mainly for the
grenades, though assault rifle on full auto will destroy planes
as well. Regular grenades will work too.

Clear outside the airbase, and then work your way toward the 2
hangars. Get into one of them, and clear it out, then use that to
launch attacks into the other hangar. You can then blow up the
other planes within reach.

When ready, go around the base, try to sneak around and kill the
other guards by flanking them and shooting them from behind. Keep
doing this and clear most of the airfield. Keep killing guards
until you get the signal that you've got enough kills. [Goal

Use grenades on the planes you see. Just use enough to destroy
each plane. You should have enough to demolish everything without
even needing more ammo. Use AT-4 on long-distance targets if you
wish. Destroy all the planes you see. [Goal Complete]

When ready, exit out the far end of the airport to exfil. [Goal
Complete] [Mission Complete]


Take out the command building and the BRDM armored scout cars.
You have CAS on standby.

Goals: eliminate enemy resistance, seize and destroy the command
building, destroy enemy BRDM's.

Suggested weapons: silenced sniper rifle or M4SOPMOD, as there
are lots of enemies to shoot.

NOTE: BRDM, usually pronounced "burdum", is a 4-wheeled scout car
with a heavy machine gun turret on top. Technically a .50 cal
Barrett's bullet will go right through it, but for this game, you
need to use an AT-4 or OICW's 20mm grenades. Or an airstrike
always works... if it hits.

NOTE: The command building is in grid I-16, with a flag beside

This one is actually not that hard, but there are a lot of
snipers that can harass you long-range.

The first obstacles are those 4 tents, with several guards and a
truck. Feel free to eliminate them, but watch for snipers on the
hills nearby. Watch for at least 3 hiding in the tents, plus the
ones outside patrolling. One of the tents has explosive barrels
that you can ignite from long range with sniper fire, and that
should take out 2 tangos. Then check the hills. You don't want be
killed from afar.

Slowly work your way toward the camp. With careful maneuvers both
on and off the hills, and careful sniping, you should be able to
get kills from afar. Clear outside the camp. Then take out all
the hostiles in the towers. When you kill enough, you should hear
"That's a kill", and there would be no more enemy resistance. All
further tangos you find surrendered. You can still shoot them
though. [Goal Complete]

Find a spot on the hills where you can see both BRDMs. Then shoot
1 AT-4 at each BRDM. Use the zoom scope if you need it. Kaboom!
[Goal Complete] Alternatively, you can call in an air strike.

Then use the laser designator, aim a little low (about 10 meters
short than actual range), and call in some CAS on the command
building. When you level it, you're done! (If nothing was
destroyed, go even shorter, and try again) [Goal Complete]
[Mission Complete]


We are taking out the terrorist camps. We are dropping you on the
west side. We know the east and west sides are connected by a
tunnel with underground bunkers, maybe more than one level. Clear
out everybody and move to exfil location.

Goals: eliminate all resistance at west camp, clear all bunkers,
eliminate all resistance at east camp, move to exfil.

Suggested weapons: definitely silenced weapons, as you don't want
to warn enemies that you're coming. M4SOPMOD is good.

Not too much to it actually. Look on the hill and take out the
few patrols and such. Then move toward the camp slowly, taking
out shooters along the way. Make your way into camp and take out
everybody. [Goal Complete]

Move into the underground bunkers. This bunker is big, with two
levels, so you have to explore each carefully. Go crawling and
surprise the tangos. Hopefully you can catch them looking the
wrong way. Take out everybody. [Goal Complete]

When ready, go out the far end. There really isn't many tangos
left, but one's like just outside the door, so be careful. Clear
this camp, and you're done! [Goal Complete]

Now stand up and jog over to the exfil point. [Mission Complete]


This power station supplies power to 3 terrorist camps. Taking it
out will hamper their operations.

Goals: place three beacons on power transformers, exfil prior to
cruise missile attack.

Try to clear out the enemies as far as possible. You don't want
any of them shooting you in the back while you run away from the
cruise missile strike, but killing all the enemies is actually
NOT a requirement.

This mission can be nasty, as enemies have you in an ambush.

Move up the hill to your left at the beginning, go prone, and
take out the 3 guards in your way. Then go into the hills and
take out a few more.

Go all the way around the power plant and take out any visible
guards. Some may be on the catwalks. While others are hiding in

NOTE: If you are playing at higher difficulty levels, kill the
guards that are WAY outside the plants. On the Commander's map,
they are on top of a hill looking the wrong way. They will try to
prevent you from leaving the plant after you've placed all three
beacons, so if you take them out now, they won't bother you

You may hear a radio message about "We're compromised." That
means the enemy has spotted you. It doesn't matter if you're
compromised or not. It's not a part of your goals. So don't worry
about it.

When ready, approach the entrance to the power plant. [Save now]
This is a classic ambush. One guy to the far side is the bait,
while 2 other shooters are there to ambush you from different
angles. Go ahead and kill the bait, but do NOT enter the door!
There's one guy on top to right and he has a M4/M203 grenade
launcher! Crouch and try to shoot him before he shoots you. Then
go prone, look left, and back up and see if you can entice the
other hiding tango to come out from behind the boxes so you can
shoot him. Or just chuck a grenade over the box.

Climb up the catwalk. It's time to try to get to the other
warehouses, and the ONLY way out from this building is through
the catwalks. If you got barrels in your way, shoot them from a
safe distance with your secondary weapon or pistol.

Slowly clear out the other three buildings. You may want to shoot
those you can from from up top, then go back to the other
building, climb down, the approach the other building from below.
If you do it solely from the top you run the risk of someone
shooting you from below. There will be 2-3 guards in each, but
you know where they are approximately from the Commander's map.
You just don't know which level... Consider using grenade
launcher to hit APPROXIMATELY where the guy is. OICW is good as
you don't need to guess the range as much. Otherwise, just follow
the suggested waypoints.

The beacons need to be placed next to the transformers in each of
the three buildings you just cleared (NOT in the first building,
as that's the control room). Place two of them, and wait at the
third one. [Save now]

When ready, place the third one [Goal Complete], then climb the
ladders and RUN back to the first building. The moment you placed
that third beacon, you've activated all those dormant enemies.
And they will be howling for your blood, as they run down the
mountain! They will shoot at you long range if they spot you
running on the catwalk, so run faster!

Go down ladders, then stop at the entrance. You may want to pause
here, as more tangos are in a position to shoot your back full of
holes if you don't shot them ASAP. Use Commander's map and judge
where they are, then engage them from within cover of the door.
Remember, you have threats on BOTH SIDES!

When all the threats are gone, run all the way back to your
truck. About half way there, it should be [mission accomplished].


A French journalist is pinned down in a village surrounded by Al
Qaeda forces. We are sending you in to rescue him. There's a
truck in the middle of the village. Escort him to the truck, then
escort the truck to a Northern Alliance outpost to the northeast.
We have a chopper waiting there.

Goals: locate French journalist, Move journalist to NGO truck,
escort NGO vehicle to Northern Alliance territory.

NOTE: If the journalist dies or the truck dies, you lose!

If you do this wrong, this is extremely hard. If you do this
right, this is simple and a bit tedious.

The right way to do this is to wipe out EVERYTHING on the map
(except the journalists and the 3 friendlies up at the outpost)
before even getting close to the "hotel" where he was held

There is NO TIME LIMIT, so no need to push yourself. The hostage
will still be there.

There are snipers on those hills. Shoot whom you can, then hide
in the hills and take out all those shooters. Clear the hill to
your left first. When you've done that, cross the tents again,
and work on the hills on the other side, all the way to the
friendly camp. Remember, don't shoot any friendlies in the camp!
Just shoot the tangos outside the camp. (I know it says the guys
in the camp are red, do NOT shoot them!) In fact, they may even
shoot a couple of those tangos for you. Then work west until you
have cleared the map except for the hotel itself.

Once you're at the hotel, go inside, kill the two tangos inside
(both should be on 2nd floor), and journalist is free. [Goal
Complete] He'll be holding a camera, and he wears a vest that
says "PRESS" on the back. Get close to him and he'll run for the
truck. You should also run for the truck. [Goal Complete]  Then
you need to jog your way to the outpost. The truck will follow at
its best speed.

As you've already cleared the entire map, there is no danger to
the truck, so you can just jog to the base and wait for the truck
there. When it arrives, you win! [Mission accomplished]


A CH-47 Chinook went down due to sandstorm behind enemy
controlled lines. We are dropping you in to protect the crew
until CSAR gets here. When ready, get to exfil and destroy the

Goals: locate and protect surviving CH-47 crew, protect crew
until CSAR chopper arrives, demolish the CH-47, exfil on CSAR

Suggested weapons: Despite the seriousness of the rescue, nothing
will happen until you arrive. So... Do NOT arrive until you've
plinked away all the other enemies. So bring SILENCED weapons,
like PSG-1 sniper rifle or M4SOPMOD, and use semi-auto fire to
save ammo.

You'll pass a small enemy outpost/ town. Kill all tangos there as
possible. The more you kill now, the less you see later.

Continue up the LEFT (north) side of the mountain and plink
enemies. Continue to the next mountain (EAST) and plink enemies.
Come south and plink more enemies. Clean out most of the map,
until you're tired of plinking or the map is mostly empty. When
ready, head for the crew, but save before you arrive. [Save now]
Remember, the more you plink now, the less will rush you later!

When you reach the crew, [Goal Complete] all the tangos that were
frozen previously (and that you did not kill) start to rush your
area. The three friendly guys will shoot, but they aren't that
accurate, and if any of them die, you lose. So, shoot all tangos
that approach. Hopefully you've been rather diligent and thus
there won't be too many tangos left. So now, just kill everybody
that rushes your position.

When that's done, [Goal Complete] the CSAR bird will arrive in 15
seconds. As there are no more hostiles, the rest should be easy.
If you brought a SLAM pack, toss one or both at the Chinook,
climb up to the evac spot. If you brought AT-4's, climb up to the
evac spot, then look down at the Chinook, arm AT-4.

The three friendlies should run toward you and establish a
perimeter as the CSAR arrives. When they are close enough (i.e.
stopped), pop both AT-4's at the remains of the Chinook, or
trigger the SLAMs. It takes 2 AT-4 hits to turn that into
wreckage. [Goal Complete]

The CSAR bird should be overhead now. [Goal Complete] [Mission


We're taking out all the vehicles to make sure no one gets away.
Don't kill any civilians!

Goals: demolish all operational vehicles, eliminate all enemy
resistance, move to rally point for exfil.

Suggested weapons: bring silenced weapons. Grenades will take
care of the trucks you find, plus a bit of gunfire. SLAM packs or
AT-4's will take care of the two SAM launchers. There is an
armory on the premise if you need reloads. So you don't really
need the OICW.

NOTE: There are total of 4 trucks and 2 SAM launchers for you to

Sneak around the edges and take out the guards you can see.
Approach the first building. Only shoot at people who are down on
ONE knee (which means he has a weapon) or are walking around with
a weapon. Any one standing around with both hands down or kneels
on the ground as if surrendering are civilians.

There are two trucks in the first building, waypoint alpha.
Demolish them with grenades. Two each should do it.

Go around the edges and take out the next two trucks in the
corner of the base, waypoint bravo. Take care of any guards
first. Don't shoot civilians!

Go through the 2nd large building and use your AT-4 on ONE of the
SAM launchers. Clear out the guards first, of course. Watch for
guards in the far corner next to the SAM launcher. You can
probably just hit it with an AT-4 if you can find a clear angle.
That should take care of the guards. Do NOT hit the other one
yet. You need to clear the exfil zone first. If you don't clear
the evac zone the evac Blackhawk may be ambushed and destroyed.

Climb the mountain to the east of the exfil zone and kill the 3
tangos hiding in the exfil zone. By now you should have received
the message that the base is clear. [Goal complete] All that
means is you've killed the percentage of tangos required. Beware
that enemies can and will still shoot at you.

If you need more weapons, use the armory next to the 2nd building
(has the flag on it).

Go back and demolish that last SAM launcher. That is all the
vehicles. [Goal Complete]

Now you can run for the exfil zone. When you get there, the
chopper should be arriving momentarily. [Goal Complete] [Mission


Mullah Ashad Rhir has disguised himself as a Pashtun local and is
hiding in the Hadda Farm. Infiltrate the area, remove his guards,
and capture Mullah Rhir for questioning.

Goals: infiltrate Hadda farm, locate and capture Mullah Rhir.

NOTE: Mullah Rhir wears a red turban and a robe. Do NOT shoot
him! We need him ALIVE! Also, there are LOTS of civilians around.
Don't shoot them either!

This one is impossible if you do it "by the book". I'm not
allowed to shoot first? You gotta be kidding me.

Go off the RIGHT side of the chopper and run toward the hills.
You need to get as far from the field as possible. You're
infiltrated the farm. [Goal complete] Then sneak around the far
end and take out the shooters hiding in the field. Somehow they
can see through it, but you can't (unless you're edge on). So if
you approach the routes directly you get cut into pieces.

Shoot all the tangos (they are armed), including the six on the
rooftops beyond the field. Go around the far end of the farm,
that grain silo (small black building with a pickup next to it)
is your target. Kill more guards. Mullah Rhir was near Bravo, but
he should have ran off already. Don't worry, he's not going

From the grain silo, look toward the trucks, and take out the
guards there. You should be able to shoot their legs through the
empty spaces beneath the trucks. Then clear the corner of the
farm with the houses, INSIDE the walls.

Mullah Rhir should be on the other side of the wall, between the
two buildings. Go around the wall, shoot guards if you see any.
Sneak in and kill the rest of the guards, and Mullah Rhir is
considered captured. [Goal complete] [Mission Complete]


The comm facility that we bombed seems to be active again. It may
have copies of latest codes used by Al Qaeda. We want you to go
in and get it. To cover the fact that we have it, we'll bomb it
after you got it.

Goals: locate and seize any enemy intelligence documents, destroy
radio control center, move to rally point for EXFIL.

WARNING: Watch out for civilians. There are a few walking about
the place.

This is a night mission, and the lousy part is the UAV did not
spot all the tangos on the map. You can shoot a few, but you'll
be sure to spot more. Watch between buildings and such.

When the chopper stops, jump off and climb half way up the hill
and go prone. Observe the place as the chopper departs. While the
briefing implies that you should not shoot any one unless you
have to, why give enemy the initiative? Any one with a gun is
fair game. So shoot at any one with a gun.

There are only 5 tangos on the map, but you will see more. Go
toward the radio tower in the distance prone, and stop when you
get a good look. Take out the guards, then sneak sideways at the
buildings to see if any one's hiding between them or such. Then
check around the corner for more tangos.

Then approach the comm center carefully. It's the one with a big
ball antenna on top and lots of satellite dishes to the sides.
Explore all around it for guards first. Shoot through the window
to kill some. Keep going all around until you're pretty sure the
area is clear of enemies. Then arm the HK MP5SD6 and head inside,
crouched or prone. Check each and every room for more hostiles.
You'll find a desk and on top of the desk is the document you
came for. Grab it and head outside. [Goal complete]

As you head outside, you heard someone said "Enemies approaching
from the west."  Turn west and go prone, and look near the radio
tower that way. You should be spot the approaching tangos, 3-4 of
them, running in from the other side of map. So shoot them. Then
sneak out keeping a building between you and what's left of them.

Move out slowly and make it to the exfil site. Look back, and
call in an air strike on the comm center. When it goes boom,
that's done. [Goal complete]

Arrive at the exfil point and wait for the chopper to arrive.
[Mission complete]


We're going SCUD hunting. Infiltrate the enemy base, kill
everybody, and destroy all launchers.

Goals: destroy all operational SCUD launchers, eliminate all
enemy resistance.

NOTE: Do NOT use AT-4 on the SCUD launchers. You need a SLAM pack
to kill a SCUD launcher.

Suggested weapons: M4SOPMOD and other silenced weapons, SLAM
packs, though PSG-1 is a good choice as well, lets you engage
from longer range.

The SCUD launchers are hiding in the two major assembly plants,
and in the various fighting/hiding positions that are hidden to
those on ground, but not to the air. Total number is 4 launchers.
You don't need to do anything to the missiles hanging off the

Call in some air strikes on the 2 launchers in front of you, and
feel free to shoot (sniper) any hostiles you see. The UAV should
see plenty of them.

Don't worry about message that "we've been compromised". It does
not affect your mission.

Continue forward and clear the plant from the east side first.
Get to a hill and use your sniper skills and take out all visible
guards from a distance, then sneak in and shoot any survivors in
the back. Clear the outside of the plants. Remember to look at
the containers and the door and such.

The inside can be tricky, as the tangos, esp. on HARD difficulty
level, can be deadly accurate and fast when equipped with a
sniper rifle and at range less than 150 meters. If you just move
past the door with a TINY little bit visible, they can get you.
It's best to use something to distract them, THEN go around them
and shoo them in the back, and slowly whittle down the
opposition. It may be better to approach the building from the
WEST (between the containers, where there's cover). Shoot all the
guards. When it's clear, stuff a SLAM pack under it. Head for the
other plant. You should have received the message that "it's
clear" which means you've killed your "quota" of hostiles. [Goal
Complete] However, don't let your guard down. Guards can and will
shoot you if you give them a chance.

Repeat the same... clear the building, stuff the SLAM pack under
the SCUD launcher.

Run outside, shoot more hostiles if you wish, but they should be
all dead. Hit the remote trigger. The SCUDs go boom, and you win!
[Goal complete] [Mission complete]


You are to ambush a hostile convoy that will arrive at the Lahaza
Bridge. Do NOT allow the convoy to cross the bridge. However, do
NOT destroy the bridge!

Goals: take control of the bridge, destroy convoy, eliminate
enemy resistance.

NOTE: Watch for snipers on mountains behind and ahead of you.
Take them out before they take you out.

There is a sniper on the mountain to your left. Look up and he's
right at the peak. Take him out now. Go prone. Two more tangos
will climb the hill in front of you. Take them out as they run to
the bridge checkpoint. Watch out as they may engage you when they
sense your shots. If you are crouched or standing they will get
you. So go prone! Then use bursts to take them out. Turn 180 and
take out one more tango behind you coming over the hill.

Continue forward until you can see all the towers. Take out all
the guards on the two towers closer to you (this side of bridge).
Then shoot the guards just below the right tower. There should be
quite a few. Don't blow up the barrels yet. Also take out the guy
at the pickup truck.

Scan right a bit to the mountain and zap a sniper. Then look into
the passage and zap another sniper.

Then take out the guard on the remaining tower.

Once you've killed most of the guards on your side, a Blackhawk
will drop off 2 more Delta boys to help you. However, they tend
to get killed quickly. Just ignore them. They are not a part of
your goals.

More guards are moving in from the convoy. They tend to clump up
right at the guard box, so take them out. Watch for snipers
shooting across the valley. Take them out first if you can.

Keep shooting guards and the convoy will likely stop before they
reach the bridge. There may be one or two more guards at the end
of the convoy, and they will run up. Use Commander's map to keep
track of them, and kill them when they appear. Move up to the
bridge SLOWLY when you can.

Now move up the hill, prone, and hunt for the remaining
sniper(s). [Goal Complete]  Once all enemies have been
neutralized, the trucks are yours. Put two grenades into each,
and they are all gone. [Goal Complete] [Mission accomplished]


Enemy forces in a large convoy have made a surprise rush toward
Pakistan. We have only two choppers and your forces (total of 4
guys) in position to block them.

Goals: prevent enemy from entering Pakistan, destroy all
vehicles, eliminate enemy resistance.

NOTE: Repeat, NOTHING, not one vehicle, not one person, must be
allowed to cross that dry riverbed behind you. Kill them ALL!

WARNING: Beware of snipers in the area.

This is the toughest mission of them all. Expect to replay this
10-20 times, and even then luck must go your way.

Suggested weapons: Bring a machine gun, like the FN MAG or the
SAW or M-60. For the secondary weapon, bring the short Steyr
(Austeyr 89).

Any way, as you deploy, go prone and look left to shoot the
vehicles. If you are good you can nail most of them before they
get to your two 50 cal positions. Shoot the people on the ground
too if you are that good!

Any way, keep shooting until you have nailed most of the vehicles
and the choppers have stopped with sides facing the road. Get
off, still in the prone position (yes, it does hurt). Sneak down
into the ditch. There's a sniper on the hill (toward the other
chopper) and you can't kill him yet! [Save now]

Use controlled bursts to kill all the pickup trucks that come by
your left. You should have nailed most of the bigger trucks, so
the pickups are easy. Two to three pickup trucks. Move into the
center of the ditch (keeping the lip of the ditch between you and
the sniper!)

You should see the bigger trucks coming in. Shoot them all. Watch
the map as you don't want any to get by you. [Save now]

Turn toward the sniper (zoom out a bit to see hostiles). Get out
of the ditch and kill the sniper! Hose the area, or use the
Austeyr 89's scope to zoom in and take him out.

Move behind one of the 50 cal locations. Hopefully no one has
made it past you yet or you may as well as reload the previous
save game. Shoot any one close by, then use the 50 cal to hose
down any dots on the horizon. Then back out a little and use the
Austeyr 89 scope to take out enemies further out.

If they are stopped, just wait. When they start moving and show
themselves, hose them with any of your three weapons.

When you're down to the last 3-4 tangos your mission should be
complete, though you can stay until you kill them all. [Mission


Your relief forces from Northern Alliance have been delayed, and
Taliban forces are rushing your position. You must hold until the
CSAR gets here. Three other friendlies are with you.

Goals: defend the fort until extraction helicopter arrives (about
3-4 minutes)

Suggested weapon: bring a machine gun. FN MAG or SAW or M60 is
good. Alternatively, bring an assault rifle with scope.

This is the second toughest mission of them all. The previous one
was the toughest. This one requires a bit of luck and attention
to detail. You can't leave any enemies to shoot you from behind!
Zoom out and make sure there's NO hostiles around you before you
rush off!

The enemies come in 3 waves: north, southwest, then north. Run
between different positions to cover different sectors. Zoom out
to at least range of 150m to see enough enemies.

Both directions have too much arc to cover. The 50-cal can't
cover the entire arc. You may as well use your own machine gun.
Run toward the 50 cal, but don't get in yet. Look to left a bit
and keep looking for enemies flanking you there. Shoot them. More
should be appearing in the middle, shoot them too. Pan right but
keep an eye out for more to your left. Use commander's map! Shoot
all that appear. Watch out for flankers!

When you get "enemy to southwest", check commander's map and
clean out any enemies to north first, even if you have to go
outside the wall or climb a tower. Now's a good time to save.
[Save now]

Run to southwest, and look for the machine gun (if you're at the
black rock, you're at the wrong place! Go "right"!) Hopefully the
firepower provided by your teammates may be enough to suppress
the hostiles, but on HARD difficulty they don't last long. Hose
the dots on the horizon with any gun. Remember to duck! Watch the
commander's map for flankers! Shoot at them enough to get them to
stop, then call in CAS on those that aren't moving.

When you hear "enemy to north", make sure most of the tangos to
southwest are dead first. Again, good time to save. [Save Now]

Run back north. Use the 50 cal and send bursts at every dot you
see on the horizon. The idea is to get them to STOP. That gives
CAS a chance to pound them (you'll need to call them, of course.)
The CSAR bird should be here any moment. [Mission Complete]


Get into the area, and laser-designate the targets for air

Goals: identify and laser-designate all four checkpoints and
command posts for air strike, locate and seize any enemy
intelligence documents

WARNING: There are hostile snipers in the area, so watch the

NOTE: You only have SIX airstrikes available, so make them COUNT!
Fortunately, the checkpoints can be demolished with AT-4 or SLAM
packs. So if you ran out of airstrikes, demolish the target(s)
yourself. One AT-4 hit will destroy the target.

Use the Commander's map and look carefully for the snipers. You
don't have to do the objectives in order.

I suggest climbing the hill to the south of the target (your
east) and lase the targets from there. The "checkpoint" is a
wooden structure with a small raised pyramid roof. You can't
mistake it for anything else.

Killing the tangos in this case is optional, but recommended, as
it make sure no one will shoot you from behind. Carefully snipe
away at the enemy until the camp is clear. Then lase the three
targets that you can see and call in some CAS to level them. Move
around a bit to get a better shot at other tangos.

Once the 3 targets are gone, the fourth one is on a hilltop, and
this one has an intel item you must grab. In fact, if you don't
grab it, you fail the mission! Go to the road, keep the hill
between you and the demolished checkpoints. Shoot more tangos
when you can. Make your way up to road, and climb that hill to
the right first.

Once you're on the hill, snipe away at the tangos near the
checkpoint. When you see no one in the clear, move onto the mail
hilltop. Clear the two tents. The closer tent (to west) has one
tango, and the other one has two.

NOTE: It is possible to shoot THROUGH a tent!

That tent with two tangos has a desk with the intel item. Grab
it.  [Goal Complete]

Now you need to run back down the road, and climb that other
hill. Then call in the air strike to level the checkpoint (or
destroy it yourself), and you are done! [Goal Complete] [Mission


Infiltrate the cave complex, kill as many hostiles as you can
find. When you reach the end, kill/destroy all escaping tangos
before they make it over the border.

Goals: prevent enemy from crossing the Pakistan border, locate
and clear out enemy tunnel complex.

Suggested weapons: you need long distance firepower, but
silenced, which means M4 SOPMOD or PSG-1. Load up with silent
weapons, and bring AT-4s.

As you approach landing site, you see enemies running toward the
cave. Kill those between you and the cave, then turn around and
kill those behind you.

Run up to the nav point, and you should be at the entrance. Head
inside. Kill tangos. Watch for them in ambush positions. You need
to find the other exit to cut off the escape. Don't worry about
looking through every nook and cranny. When you come to a branch,
take the LEFT branch. Yes, it really works. Keep going. No need
to run. The escape is triggered by your arrival at waypoint

When you're getting close to waypoint bravo, you're near the end.
You should save as this next part is difficult. [Save Now] Set
your scope to 300m now, as you don't really have time to do it
later. Switch to secondary weapon, AUTO fire. The RUN for the
exit (left into tunnel, S-turn, 1 to 2 tangos at exit).

One large truck and one pickup will be making a run to the
border, along with a few more tangos (6-8?) on foot. Run to the
exit, kill one or two guys right at the exit. Switch to AT-4
rockets. Use ZOOM mode to get just ahead of the pickup. Nail him.
Hit the truck with the AT-4 as well.  (if you miss either, you
may as well load the saved game)  Next, turn on the scope
(optional), and mow down the runners. Use the commander's map
(zoom out) to make sure you got ALL of them. Ignore the tangos
near you. If you don't go too far out of the cave they can't even
hit you.

If you nailed the truck, the pickup, and all the runners, it
should be "complete". However, if ANY of the runners make midway
up that hill, you lose! Confirm with commander's map. Zoom out to
see the runners.

When you kill them all, it's [Mission Complete].


We are going after the tunnel complex in Tora Bora. Find the
entrance, and kill EVERYBODY inside.

Goals: locate tunnel entrance, eliminate enemy resistance, locate
and demolish any ammo caches.

Use sniper rifle and take out the few tangos outside. Go up the
hill on your right or the left and get a bead on the rest. You
should see the entrance ahead.

Run over there. [Goal Complete] Go ahead and head inside. When
you see the ladder, get ready to shoot. Drop down, and kill a
guard. He's looking the other way.

Set your threat scope to 50 meters. Then it's just a matter of
being very persistent and careful. Move bit by bit forward, clear
out a section at a time, and save. Try to sneak around tangos and
shoot them in the back.

When you come to a larger room with lots of cartons stacked 2-3
levels high, you've found the ammo cache. There are two more like
it in the other sections of the base. You can use your AT-4 or
grenades to hit ammo cache from a distance. It'll go BOOM, and
hopefully take out all the guards in the room. If not, go in and
finish them off. Switch back to your silenced weapon.

This bunker has multiple levels, and you need to explore each and
every last section. Remember to go generally westward.

Keep taking out tangos. You have 2 more ammo caches to take out,
and a lot of tangos. Destroy all ammo caches. [Goal Complete]

When you've almost reached the end, you should get the "That's a
kill" message, which means you've killed just about everybody in
the tunnel. [Goal Complete] And the mission should end. [Mission

You can end it now. Though by this time you should be almost to
waypoint bravo. Climb up the ladder, and you're at the other
exit, and exit the tunnel...

NOTE: Some say you get to kill a Bin Laden lookalike in this
mission. I haven't seen him.

NOTE: The sloped stairs have a bug where you sometimes "fall
through" the floor and end up on top of the mountain!

Alternatively, you can clear the tunnel keep going until you hit
the first arms cache, come out, climb the mountain, jog over to
the OTHER entrance (waypoint bravo), go down, clear that, then
work your way into the base from the other side. You'll get
"clear tunnel entrance" done much quicker, and you don't need to
kill as many enemies.

6    Miscellaneous


When you load a saved game that starts within a mission, you
start with FULL LOAD of ammo and explosives, instead of the
partial load you should be left with when you saved. Exploit this
to get free reloads whenever you need to.


Press ~ (tilde) to bring down the console prompt, and enter any
of these codes:

ClayburnFallmont    Full Ammo

AceEvans  Invisibility (enemy will not shoot at you)

RogerPhillips  More Air Strikes (?)

JeffersonDarcy More Health

StanGable Unlimited ammo

NOTE: These are NOT tested. The game is EASY enough. Do NOT ask
me for help on cheat codes!

NOTE: And yes, capitals DOES matter.

6.3   EDITOR

I can offer no help about the editor. Sorry!