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Where can I download the Valkyrie Server?

I've tried everything. Look i want to play it for free. I went to iRO to try and find it. Can't. JUST HELP ME PLZ!!!


Rintasha answered:

Lets see.... you actually have to download the main client, (all servers are on one client), and when your done downloading, installing, you should go to your programs folder and open up the gravity folder manually. There will be no shortcut for the Valk server as such, you need to make one. Since i dont actually know much about how the patches work, you might have to patch on Sakray before you can patch on Valk and play. Other than that, you should be good.
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ExaltedOne3 answered:

Alright well. First of all. go to irowiki dot com, scroll down until you see Clients and Patches. It should be underneath the Others section. click on the first link where it says IRO Wiki Hosted iRO 13.2 It says it comes with it, and I don't know if they changed it but when I downloaded it it didn't come with Valk. So what you do if it doesn't come with it is download the first Valk Client. Make sure your main client is patched all the way up then download the valk client.

Extract the client into your RO folder then create a shortcut to the valk client on your desktop. Patch up and it should run fine.
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bobkrishnan answered:

Download the iRO Client (I would recommend from the iRo host site itself, but you can get sencond or third party mirros, or maybe even torrents) and extract it, there will be an exe file called 'ragfree' or something that says 'free'. That is the valkyrie client program. Run it and download the patches and you are good to go!
PS: Depending on your connection it might take anything between 20 minutes to 2.5 hours to download the patch with the client. As an alternative you can just download the new expansion files and paste it in the data folder, but I would recommend using the client to do the job.
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exile1st answered:

Go to " " this is the official site that has the valkyrie patch in the downloads section just download it and patch it onto the ragnarok client and you are good to go!
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PostBeard answered:

Download the Original Ragnarok Online Full Client. It comes with all the servers.
Download here:

Follow the Installation guide and Failed to write file. valexe.exe Error here:

I hope I helped.
God bless!:)
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