Double Dagger Poison Assassin Guide by peropero11

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Double Dagger Poison Assassin pRO Version

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Currently : V 1.50

*I am not able to update this as often as I want to so if you have emailed me
 with requests or suggestions or information, please wait. It might take me
 time to add them but I will definitely add them! Please bear with me as I do
 try to get a life as often as I can...^^;;;

A warning to those who plan to use the assassin build! So far, this skill build
for the assassin is not really effective...skill-wise anyway. The only true
source of damage for this build are the weapons that are wielded, the cards
attached to your equipment, and lastly the stat build that you have used.

If you are reading this guide though, I recommend reading through most of it as
I had slipped in many tidbits of information. Sometimes, I forget that I even
managed to include them in! /swt

キ You won't be able to hit undead element monsters with poison elements. You
  can still poison them though (via cards or Envenom or Enchant Poison).
キ You won't be making too many critical hits so High defense monsters can
  prove to be a problem if you don't/can't poison them.
キ The only way for Poison Assassins to surpass Critical Katar Assassins in
  terms of damage is having the right equipment, which can become VERY costly.
  This is because this build is rather card/weapon quality dependent.
キ You'll get Grimtooth far into your Poison Assassin career. Making it quite
  difficult to face HUGE mobs. If you plan to get it anyway...
キ This build has skills that are only effective mostly against poison monsters
  and its main damaging skill is either Envenom or Venom Splasher. To note,
  Venom Splasher is difficult to pull off as it requires timing and patience.
キ Using Enchant Poison to hunt whispers can be annoying as most areas that have
  whispers usually have monsters that are either immune to poison, or strong vs
  poison (like water creatures).
キ Not recommended for 1st time characters/newbies.

キ Poisoning an enemy LOWERS their def, which means bigger damage. XD Also, when
  in a poisoned state monsters continually lose HP by a certain percentage. If
  my guesses are right, VIT builds will suffer a lot from this. So far, it
  seems that players take damage equivalent to 3% of their max hp every second
  when poisoned. Hopefully, this is how the monsters are affected too. In
  addition, players CANNOT regenerate HP/HP normally when poisoned. These can
  only be recovered using recovery items (pots) or by support from Priests and
キ With two weapons, you can have a lot of cards attached. For example, you can
  have three female thief bug cards on one weapon and three zenorc or snake
  cards on the other.
キ With Elemental Daggers vs the proper enemy, you'll be dealing more than
  double the damage especially if you poison the enemy first. Or you can use
  specific anti-element cards like Drainliar cards on slotted weapons.
キ Venom Dust is very useful in WoE. Place them on the entry points into your
  castle to force your enemies to go places like ambush points or risk getting
  poisoned (either have to use herbs or forces priests to use valuable hot bar
  space for status recov and to paying attention to them. Every second of
  distraction counts.)
キ Poison cannot be removed by Bless. Only Detoxification and Status Recovery
  actually work. Spell/Skill wise anyway.
キ Did you know that the Assassin has the second highest amount of HP in the
  game when given vit? Yup that's right people! A vit Assassin has MORE hp
  than a vit blacksmith!

A.      Introduction/Version History
I.      Thief Skill Builds And Progression
Ia.     Thief Skill Statistics and Comments
II.     Assassin Skill Builds And Progression
IIa.    Assassin Skill Statistics and Comments
III.    Stat Builds
IV.     Recommended Equipment
V.      Interesting Weapon Combinations (NEW!) (AND UNFINISHED! /sob)
VI.     Credits
VII.    Me in pRO
VIII.   Legal Blahblah
IX.     Things to do
X.      New things expected of assassins... (NEW!)

A. Introduction/Version History
This is the first faq I have made so bear with me.

キ Version 0.50 (unpublished, started the faq)
キ Version 0.80 (reached venom splasher lvl 5, added stuff)
キ Version 0.85 (Stat Builds, Equipment recommendations)
キ Version 1.00 (fixed lots of stuff, email error fixed)
キ Version 1.20 (added lotsa stuff, now have an email, some visual fixes to the
キ Version 1.25 (some but not all spelling and grammar errors fixed, skill
                build errors fixed, some things in recommended items and cards
キ Version 1.50 (again some more fixes, some more added notes and new sections
                and also includes some suggestions and help from readers!)

I. Thief Skill Builds and Progression
These are the four skill builds that I have thought of for general thieves.
These can and might be useful for katar builds too for all I know. For the
poison builds though, I'd recommend maxing out envenom.

Envenom First Job 44
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Double Attack           10                              11
Improve Evasion         10                              21
Steal                    5                              26
Hide                     1                              27
Envenom                 10                              37
Detoxify                 1                              38
Hide                     1                              39
Steal                    5                              44

Steal First Job 44
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Double Attack           10                              11
Improve Evasion         10                              21
Steal                   5                               26
Hide                    2                               28
Steal                   5                               33
Envenom                 10                              43
Detoxify                1                               44

* The above will have the following final skills at job 44. The only
  difference between the two is whether steal or envenom is maxed out first.

*Skills allocated at Job 44*
Double Attack           10
Improve Evasion         10
Steal                   10
Envenom                 10
Hide                     2
Detoxify                 1
                        43 Skill points

Envenom Centered Job 40
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Double Attack           10                              11
Improve Evasion         10                              21
Steal                    5                              26
Hide                     2                              28
Envenom                 10                              38
Detoxify                 1                              39
Steal                    1                              40

*Skills allocated at Job 40*
Double Attack           10
Improve Evasion         10
Steal                    7
Hide                     2
Envenom                 10
Detoxify                 1
                        39 Skill Points

Steal Centered Job 40
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Double Attack           10                              11
Improve Evasion         10                              21
Steal                    5                              26
Hide                     2                              28
Steal                    5                              33
Envenom                  6                              39
Steal                    1                              40

*Skills allocated at Job 40*
Double Attack           10
Improve Evasion         10
Steal                   10
Hide                     2
Envenom                  6
Detoxify                 1
                        39 Skill Points

Job 50 Thief
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Double Attack           10                              11
Improve Evasion         10                              21
Steal                    5                              26
Hide                     1                              27
Envenom                 10                              37
Detoxify                 1                              38
Hide                     1                              39
Steal                    5                              44
Hide                     6                              50

*Skills allocated at Job 50*
Double Attack           10
Improve Evasion         10
Steal                   10
Envenom                 10
Hide                     8
Detoxify                 1
                        49 Skill points

* I just made up this build for those people who just can't make a second job
  character without maxing out the first job. I don't know how useful this
  can be but it seemed to be an interesting idea.

* Please note that at job 40 you have only 39 skills not 40. That is because at
  Job level 1, you don't get a skill.
* Many think Detoxify is useless. You could just grab some green herbs or some
  green pots. But they take up item weight which could be better used for Red
  pots or fly wings. Additionally, sp for the Poison Build will not be touched
  as often as the other builds.
* Hide is at lvl 2 so if you want to get Grim Tooth later, you can.
* As you might have noticed, I finished Hide first for nearly all of the builds
  above as Hide is a very useful escape means. It can and probably will save
  you from losing 1% base and job xp in dangerous situations.

Ia. Skill Statistics
* Following were taken from Weggy's FAQ at GameFAQS. Comments with % are mine.
* Please note that the many of the changes I made (those between [brackets])
  are statistics I noticed from pRO. I am not sure if this applies to other
  versions of RO like jRO and iRO.
* Only required and used skills were taken note of. That is, I didn't include
  skills that are not to be used in this guide/faq.

Double Attack_________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 5% to double attack
Level 2 : 10% to double attack
Level 3 : 15% to double attack
Level 4 : 20% to double attack
Level 5 : 25% to double attack
Level 6 : 30% to double attack
Level 7 : 35% to double attack
Level 8 : 40% to double attack
Level 9 : 45% to double attack
Level 10: 50% to double attack

Comments: This skill only works with a Knife weapon.  It is a fantastic skill,
          as you do double damage as well as stunning the enemy longer - which
          means less time for them to attack you! Maxing this should be the
          first skill on your list.

% "Stunning" not true. Enemies will still attack regularly even while in effect
  of Double Attack. Don't believe me? Watch the "Miss"-ing attacks of your
  enemies while you are attacking. They come at regular intervals, meaning,
  they aren't slowed down or cancelled by Double Attack. Best observed when two
  enemies of the same type are attacking you.
% Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White Plants, and Shining Plants seem to be immune
  to double attack and to the second weapon. Unequip your first or second
  weapon when attacking them as Assassins.
% Is it possible that Luck might increase the chances for activating this
  skill? (this is just an idea, totally THEORITICAL!!!)
% If you make a critical hit on the first weapon, it seems that the second blow
  is CANCELLED (meaning the double attack of the first weapon). Crap. And here
  I was hoping to make humongous damage with double crits. XD

Increase Dodge________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Flee increased by 3
Level 2 : Flee increased by 6
Level 3 : Flee increased by 9
Level 4 : Flee increased by 12
Level 5 : Flee increased by 15
Level 6 : Flee increased by 18
Level 7 : Flee increased by 21
Level 8 : Flee increased by 24
Level 9 : Flee increased by 27
Level 10: Flee increased by 30

Comments: A very useful skill, since your flee is how often you dodge. You must
          max this one.

% Max out this skill AFTER you maxed out your Double Attack. Having +30 to flee
  at job 11 doesn't mean much coz your total flee is still too low to evade
  nearly anything at 95% chance.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 SP *****[12 SP]*****

Level 1 : 115% Damage, 20 HP Drained per use
Level 2 : 130% Damage, 20 HP Drained per use
Level 3 : 145% Damage, 19 HP Drained per use
Level 4 : 160% Damage, 19 HP Drained per use
Level 5 : 175% Damage, 18 HP Drained per use
Level 6 : 190% Damage, 18 HP Drained per use
Level 7 : 205% Damage, 17 HP Drained per use
Level 8 : 220% Damage, 17 HP Drained per use
Level 9 : 235% Damage, 16 HP Drained per use
Level 10: 250% Damage, 16 HP Drained per use

Comments: This skill is basically the Thief's bash.  It seems a bit weaker, but
          has more range than Bash.  It also uses the poison attribute, so it
          may be more effective or less effective against certain enemies.

% For some odd reason in pRO, Envenom DOES NOT drain HP whether the attack is a
  success or not. More reason to use it. ^_^ Additionally, this is a perfect
  measure to guess whether or not the monster is prone to poison element or
  not. Hitting it once and gauging your normal damage compared with that of the
  Skill takes some practice but after a while, its easy to get the hang of it.
% Envenom seems more like a magical attack rather than a physical attack. Not
  that it uses your magic atk power, rather it seems to go against the monster's
  magic defense rather than physical defense. Oh and Envenom never seems to miss
  unless your target's element is poison or Undead making it a perfect attack to
  use against high agility players in pvp.
% It seems that Envenom adds poison damage at a set value in addition to the
  normal damage done with your weapon. I will look into this more. Supposedly,
  this is the damage you actually deal to physical immune monsters.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20 SP *****[10 SP]*****

Each level increases your chance to steal, but the exact amount is unknown

Comments: If you don't go with Envenom, you can use your SP to get some extra
          items by stealing them.  Steal also works better if the enemy is
          standing still.  finally, Steal does not effect the monster's drops.
          It is just a randomly selected item the enemy could drop that you
          get. Enemies also do not get angry when you steal from them.

% According to some sites (not sure which, visited too many but I will try to
  list them down at the CREDITS SECTION), Steal doesn't just grab a random
  item. It goes through the whole list of the monster drops starting at the
  lowest. If the Steal is a success at the lowest, it makes a calculation if
  this is the item to be taken, if failed, it goes to the next highest then
  checks if Steal is successful again. Otherwise, it will take the lowest item
  it was successful with. So you can see, it is VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO STEAL
  rare items. Dex increases the chances of steal however.
% There seems to be a "stealing list" in the net. It details from what monster
  you can steal at a certain dex and Steal skill levels. If I find it, I'll
  try to put it in here (if I am allowed to anyway...)


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 10 to Hide, SP drained while hiding - less is drained based on
Hide Lvl

Level 1 : 30 seconds
Level 2 : 60 seconds
Level 3 : 90 seconds
Level 4 : 120 seconds
Level 5 : 150 seconds
Level 6 : 180 seconds
Level 7 : 210 seconds
Level 8 : 240 seconds
Level 9 : 270 seconds
Level 10: 300 seconds

Note: Again I must thank Node for this info.  Oi, I'm starting to become a
      broken record.

Comments: This can be used for 2 reasons: Escape from a mob of angry
          aggressives.  This is great for a Thief since AGI does NOT do well
          against many enemies at once.  It also has a nasty secondary use - if
          a under-leveled character is trying to kill steal from you, hide. All
          of a sudden, they're the tank for the enemy they have no business in
          hitting.  Do it, come back, and laugh at them.  Serves the jerks

% Just remember that some enemies CAN SEE hidden characters so be careful. This
  skill is also useful for avoiding the incoming mob train following that
  Knight/Assassin/Priest...Just don't abuse it by Mob Training yourself. An
  Acolyte/Priest who knows his stuff will just Ruwach and laugh at you while
  your mob minces you to pieces. I'd recommend using a fly wing instead. XD
% According to the pet guides, having a Smokie pet (for those who have
  forgotten its that racoon with a leaf on its crotch...*shudders*...reminds me
  somehow of YATTA!...*shudders again*) will allow you to have "perfect hide".
  That is, you can't be detected by monsters with "See hidden" ability or
  something. Is it possible that others might not be able to see you with
  Ruwach or Sight? hmmm...But this is only possible IF the pet skills are


Pre-requisites: Level 3 Envenom
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: ??? [10]

Level 1 : Cures poison

Comments: Pretty much useless, since you could easily carry a few Green Herbs.
          That, and status changes don't work yet.

% Monster skills are now active! Be careful! Examples are zenorcs and snakes
  who use the skill Poison! Tell tale sign is if you go purple colored.
  Though not exact, when in a poisoned state, players seem to loss 3% of their
  max hp every second. Luck reduces bad status time.
% Only the detoxify (thief) and status recovery (priest) skills are the ones
  capable of removing the poisoned status, skill-wise. Even though Bless can
  remove most status ailments, it CANNOT (from tests done with my friends)
  remove poison.

II. Poison Assassin Skill Builds And Progression
Here are some of the skill builds that I have thought of.

Pure Poison Dagger Style
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Right Hand Mastery       5                               6
Left Hand Mastery        5                              11
Enchant Poison           3                              14
Poison React             1                              15
Enchant Poison           2                              17
Venom Dust               5                              22
Poison React             4                              26
Venom Splasher          10                              36
Venom Dust               5                              41
Poison React             5                              46
Enchant Poison           4                              50

*Skills Allocated at Job 50*
Right Hand Mastery       5
Left Hand Mastery        5
Enchant Poison           9
Poison React            10
Venom Dust              10
Venom Splasher          10
                        49 Skill points

* Not a recommended skill build to follow, unless some MAJOR changes are done
  to the poison skills. This skill build is restrictive and Venom Splasher is a
  skill that is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY difficult skill to effectively use.
  Right now, those skill points can be used for other things. Also note that
  this build does NOT have cloaking, a skill I believe to be very useful.

Poison Dagger Style (Venom Splasher-less mod)
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Right Hand Mastery       5                               6
Left Hand Mastery        5                              11
Enchant Poison           3                              14
Poison React             1                              15
Enchant Poison           2                              17
Venom Dust               5                              22
Poison React             4                              26
Cloaking                 2                              28
Venom Dust               5                              33
Poison React             5                              38
Enchant Poison           5                              43


*Skills Allocated at Job 43*
Right Hand Mastery       5
Left Hand Mastery        5
Cloaking                 2
Enchant Poison          10
Poison React            10
Venom Dust              10
                        42 Skill points

* This skill build might show some promise. The skill most used here would
  probably be Venom Dust. Poison React would be very effective against other
  Poison Assassins and poison element monsters. The Cloaking skill is useful
  for sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies.

Venom Duster Style
Skill                   Skill Points to allocate        Job Lvl
Right Hand Mastery       5                               6
Left Hand Mastery        5                              11
Enchant Poison           3                              14
Poison React             1                              15
Enchant Poison           2                              17
Venom Dust               10                             27
Poison React             4                              31
Cloaking                 2                              33


*Skills Allocated at Job 33*
Right Hand Mastery       5
Left Hand Mastery        5
Cloaking                 2
Enchant Poison           5
Poison React             5
Venom Dust              10
                        32 Skill points

* This build focuses on Venom Dust as a skill. Very costly in terms of red
  gems but an interesting one.

PeroPero Poison Style Build
Right Hand Mastery       5                               6
Left Hand Mastery        5                              11
Enchant Poison           3                              14
Poison React             1                              15
Enchant Poison           2                              17
Venom Dust               5                              22
Poison React             4                              26
Venom Splasher          10                              36
Cloaking                 2				38
Venom Dust		 5				43
Poison React		 5				48
Enchant Poison		 2				50

*Skills Allocated at Job 50*
Right Hand Mastery       5
Left Hand Mastery        5
Cloaking                 2
Enchant Poison           7
Poison React            10
Venom Dust              10
Venom Splasher          10
                        49 Skill points

* This build was what I really planned for my old assassin. Suprisingly, with
  news of new changes to assassin skills, this build looks really useful
  especially if they plan on making Venom Splasher more useful.

IIa. Assassin Skill Statistics and Comments

Left Hand Mastery______________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 2 Right Hand Mastery [pRO = none]
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 40% Damage
Level 2 : 50% Damage
Level 3 : 60% Damage
Level 4 : 70% Damage
Level 5 : 80% Damage

Comments: If your going with a Dual Dagger Assassin, you'll want to max this.

% According to the game, initial left hand weapon damage without this skill is

Right Hand Mastery_____________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 60% Damage
Level 2 : 70% Damage
Level 3 : 80% Damage
Level 4 : 90% Damage
Level 5 : 100% Damage

Comments: Max this before Left Hand, since it has a higher damage ratio.

% According to the game, initial right hand weapon damage without this skill is


Pre-requisites: Level 2 Hiding
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 SP

%New Statistics were taken from Ragnamart%

Level 1 : -1 SP each second for 4 seconds
Level 2 : -1 SP each second for 5 seconds
Level 3 : -1 SP each second for 6 seconds
Level 4 : -1 SP each second for 7 seconds
Level 5 : -1 SP each second for 8 seconds
Level 6 : -1 SP each second for 9 seconds
Level 7 : -1 SP each second for 10 seconds
Level 8 : -1 SP each second for 11 seconds
Level 9 : -1 SP each second for 12 seconds
Level 10: -1 SP each second for 13 seconds

Comments: This will allow you to move around invisible, as long as you stay
          near the walls.  You can use skills like Grim Tooth like invisible.

% Very useful especially in PVP or in trying to sneak past that mob of
  monsters. In PVP, use it to follow unsuspecting enemies, then suddenly
  strike! Though it is quite difficult to keep your character's ass glued to
  the wall...And I am not sure if you can use Grim Tooth while Cloaking...Maybe
  its restricted to hide only?
% Grimtooth is only usable with the skill hiding. Thanks to Matt for the info!
  Added you to the credits!

Enchant Poison_________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Envenom
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 *****[20 sp]*****

%New Statistics were taken from Ragnamart%

Level 1 : 30 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 2 : 45 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 3 : 60 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 4 : 75 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 5 : 90 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 6 : 105 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 7 : 120 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 8 : 135 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 9 : 150 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison
Level 10: 165 Second Duration, 5% chance to poison

Comments: This will give the target weapon a Poison Attribute for a period of
          time.  Hey, it can be fun...

% One of the best places I found out to use this thing is in Orc Vill. You
  can't use this on Non Party-members. And if you want the skill turned off
  ASAP, just unequip a weapon. Or Equip a new one for that matter.

Poison React___________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Enchant Poison
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

**These Statistics were taken from Ragnamart. Address at Credits**

Level 1 : 130% Attack, 30 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 2 : 160% Attack, 30 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 3 : 190% Attack, 27 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 4 : 220% Attack, 27 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 5 : 250% Attack, 24 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 6 : 280% Attack, 24 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 7 : 300% Attack, 21 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 8 : 330% Attack, 21 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 9 : 360% Attack, 18 SP, for 30 seconds
Level 10: 390% Attack, 18 SP, for 30 seconds

% From my observations it is like the Knight's Auto-Counter but is restricted
  only to poison element monsters. When you are attacked by a poison element
  monster, you will automatically attack back, dealing bigger damage and a
  chance to poison that enemy too. Additionally, this skill can be cast on other
  people and not just party-mates. One thing I am bothered about though is the
  duration. The duration I am familiar with lasts for some time, not just 30
  seconds...I believe it to be around 2 minutes...hmmm....I'm using only level
  5 though...

Venom Dust_____________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 5 Enchant Poison
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20, 1 Red Gemstone

Level 1 : 5 Second Duration
Level 2 : 10 Second Duration
Level 3 : 15 Second Duration
Level 4 : 20 Second Duration
Level 5 : 25 Second Duration
Level 6 : 30 Second Duration
Level 7 : 35 Second Duration
Level 8 : 40 Second Duration
Level 9 : 45 Second Duration
Level 10: 50 Second Duration

Comments: Allows you to spread poison gas over a 3x3 area.  Any enemy coming in
          contact with the cloud will be poison.  Useless until status ailments
          are enabled.

% A VERY useful and nice looking skill. Automatically poisons any enemy that
  passes through the affected area. Only problem is the high cost (1 RED
  GEM!!!). Can't Gravity just give it a very high sp cost? Something like 50 sp
  or 75 sp cost to cast? Or maybe allow red gems to be bought at certain
  locations. The Red Gem Limitation is too steep in my opinion. On a side note
  however, you can just probably buy the gems off merchants.

Venom Splasher_________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 5 Poison React, Level 5 Venom Dust
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: ???

Level 1 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 2 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 3 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 4 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 5 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 6 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 7 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 8 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 9 : [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]
Level 10: [increases damage dealt by skill by a certain percentage]

Note: I haven't found ANY data on the stats of this skill...

Comments: Allows Poison to be spread to enemies, assuming when they near each
          other.  It only works when they have over 1/3rd HP though.

% This is one of the skills I found very little information on. The most common
  knowledge about this is that it requires a poisoned enemy at 1/3 of its HP.
  The enemy then is damaged and spreads poison to nearby enemies. After that,
  everyone else had little idea.
% SP Cost increases as the level of the Splasher is increased.
% First of all, this is one difficult skill to actually pull off. If you hit
  the enemy you cast venom splasher on (or someone hits it for that matter),
  the venom splasher is deactivated. Second, its seems to be quicker to just
  finish off the enemy with your normal attacks rather than using venom
  splasher to kill it. Lastly, the sp cost is huge for an Assassin especially
  at level 10, last time I checked it was around 70+...
% I wonder what stat actually affects this skill...

III. Stat Builds
I haven't gone to making how the Stat progression goes like. I just considered
how the Stats should be at level 99. Maybe on the next update I'll have
finished the Stat progressions. Or if you really want to know how, go look at
the other assassin faq/guides. Some of these builds by the way might be very
very bad builds. I haven't given them enough thought regarding their effects
in game. Well, except for a few.

Additionally these have been calculated to use as much points as possible, so
that when you reach Base 99, you should have reached these stats and that the
extra status points should only be 1 or 0.

(All job bonuses are at Job 50)

Agility/Strength Build
Str 84 +6  =  90
Agi 99 +10 = 109
Vit 10 +2  =  12
Int  6 +4  =  10
Dex 42 +8  =  50
Luk  1     =   1

Agility/Dexterity Build
Str 44 +6  =  50
Agi 99 +10 = 109
Vit 10 +2  =  12
Int 10 +4  =  14
Dex 82 +8  =  90
Luk  1     =   1

Agility/Luck Build
Str 29 +6  =  35
Agi 99 +10 = 109
Vit 10 +2  =  12
Int 10 +4  =  14
Dex 32 +8  =  40
Luk 80     =  80

Agility/Vitality Build
Str 38 +6  =  44
Agi 99 +10 = 109
Vit 78 +2  =  80
Int 11 +4  =  14
Dex 32 +8  =  40
Luk  1     =   1

Strength Agility Vitality Hybrid Build
Str 92 +6  =  98
Agi 80 +10 =  90
Vit 48 +2  =  50
Int  8 +4  =  12
Dex 32 +8  =  40
Luk  1     =   1

Vitality/Strength Build
Str 91 +6  =  97
Agi  1 +10 =  11
Vit 99 +2  = 101
Int  6 +4  =  10
Dex 32 +8  =  40
Luk  1     =   1

Vitality/Luck Build
Str 34 +6  =  40
Agi  1 +10 =  11
Vit 99 +2  = 101
Int  8 +4  =  12
Dex 32 +8  =  40
Luk 80     =  80

* I was thinking of making a Vitality Dexterity build but...didn't because I
  have no one telling me of the good things that it might have...aside from
  being able to steal from almost every monster.

IV. Recommended Equipment
In order to be a fully effective Poison Sin, you have to have a way of
poisoning your enemies without relying on enchant poison. This can be achieved
either by Venom Dust-ing enemies (costly), Envenom (can be annoying when it
doesn't bite for the nth time and also costs lots of sp to use), or having
poison cards. I'd recommend using the poison cards as they are easier to use.

Also, please take note that these are just my opinions of the equipment and
also the fact that I am talking about the economy of Loki, not of the other
servers. Things can be very different.

**Things seems to have changed economically, considering that lot of servers
  have dozens of BOTS roaming around the game. I don't particularly LIKE bots.
  But I sure dislike archer/hunters who have no respect for other people than
  botters. That said, I will do little to change these things as it would take
  a huge amount of time and effort (both of which I do not have) to track the
  price changes. Go ask around or take a walk around Prontera to see the
  current prices of items.

[Right Hand and Left Hand Weapons]
&& <-- weapons marked with these are recommended left hand weapons

*** +6 or +7 2slot Stiletto ***
  Not really a good weapon if want it to be carded. Best used when starting out
  your thief. Doesn't cost much and can be obtained from npc's then upgraded.

*** +6 or +7 3slot Stiletto ***
  What I'd normally recommened. Its elementary to upgrade this to +6 and the 3
  slots provide enough slots for cards.

*** +8 - +10 3Slot Stiletto ***
  Very difficult to make. I've seen few +8 3s. stiletto's being sold in
  Prontera but makes for one of the best weapons to have. But recently, there
  seems to be an increase in the production of +8's. Given more time, I guess
  even more +10's will appear in the market.

*** +5 Damascus ***
  Best used to when becoming an assassin. Then sell it on the street. With only
  one slot, it will only hinder you later on. Remember, a +5 damascus is on
  par in terms of damage with a +8 or +9 stilleto.

*** +5 3slot Gladius ***
  Rare and usually pricey, these are now better than Damascuses as having the
  right cards can make them more powerful. Though a +8 or +9 Stiletto is still
  more powerful in terms of base damage. It would be more powerful if you can
  make...a +8 to +10 3 slot Gladius...but that would be a great drain on your

*** +5 2slot Damascus ***
  Good enough though I wish it had more card slots.

*** +6 or greater 2slot Damascus ***
  Very costly...and not too good as it has only 2 card slots. The damage it
  deals though is huge and probably can compensate for the lack of card slots.
  But I'd only card it with my best cards if it were +7 or higher.

&&& +7 4slot Main Gauche &&&
% Hard to find as these get bought real quick. These weapons are not compounded
  with the poison cards, rather they are compounded with the anti-specific
  monster type cards like the Drainliar. Properly carded, they give a HUGE
  boost to your damage.

&&& +10 4slot Main Gauche &&&
% The weapon of choice for compounding anti-monster type cards. I don't expect
  too see too many of these.

@ Possible Weapon Card compounds (not complete) (but updated!)

  Female Thief Bug - +1 Agi +1 Flee
     The more the agi, the higher your flee and attack speed.

  Zenorc	   - 4% Chance to Poison, +10Atk
  Snake            - 5% chance to poison, +5Atk
     That's what you are building your Sin for anyway. I'd go for Zenorc.

  Vadon		   - +20% vs Fire creatures

  Drainliar        - +20% vs water creatures
     Anti-element. Best used in Byalan.

  Anacondaq        - +20% vs poison creatures

  Mandragora       - +20% vs wind

  Santa Poring     - +20% vs Shadow

  Caramel	   - +20% vs insect

  Hydra            - +20% vs Demi-human

  Earth Petite     - +20% vs Dragon

  Flora            - +20% vs Fish

  Goblin           - +20% vs Brute

  Pecopeco Egg     - +20% vs Formless

  Strouf           - +20% vs Demon

  Minorous	   - +15% vs Large monsters
     Anti-size (large)

  Skel Worker      - +15% vs Medium monsters
     Anti-size (medium)

  Desert Wolf      - +15% vs Small monsters
     Anti-size (small)

  Mummy		   - +20 Hit
     Increased hit rate

*  An anacondaq card is very different from a snake card. Snake adds a chance
   to poison your enemy (5% chance in addition to +5Atk) to your weapon, while
an Anacondaq card increases your damage by 20% versus poison element
*  I am not sure if a poisoned enemy is considered to have their element
   changed to Poison. But my opinion is that it isn't. So don't use Anacondaq
   cards unless facing poison element monsters. I'd be happy to be proven
   wrong regarding this. (As this will make poisoned enemies receive more
[Head Gear & Face Gear] (upgrade as you wish from here on)

*** Sakkat ***
  Get it for the Agi bonus. It's easy to acquire nowadays as lots of people are
selling them or are selling the trunks to make them with.

*** Goggles ***
  Slotted so its more useful than you think. But I'd go with Sakkat.

*** S. Cap ***
  Again, slotted and allows for face gears. Seems to be a bit rare though.

*** Pirate Bandana ***
  Extra Strength for those who want some more punch to their strikes.

*** Apple o' Archer ***
  You might want to use this if you plan on using steal.

*** Ghost Bandana ***
  The agi headgear of choice. Be prepared as these seem to cost ALOT.

*** Angel Wing ***
  /pif. I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these. It adds a bonus to
your agi.

*** Evil Wing ***
  /pif. This is another one I've wanted to get my hands on. Spent an entire week
with my old Assassin hunting Devi's but did I get one? Of course not. Adds to
your strength. Costs cheaper than the Angel Wing.

Or just use whatever head gear you want to look cool or if they have good cards

@ Recommended Cards
Mistress Card
   VERY DIFFICULT TO GET. But if you do get your hands on one, you'd have
unlimited venom duster...yeah.

Shield? What shield? You shouldn't be using one. Oh no wait. For PVP-ers, it
seems that having a shield is actually a good

*** S. Buckler ***
  Just plug in a thara frog card and you are set. XD


*** S. Padded Armor ***
  Better than a ninja suit in my opinion as it has a card slot.

*** Ninja Suit ***
  Has magic defense when compared to S. Padded Armor

*** S. Thief's Clothes ***
  Slotted, already has +1 to agi. Go upgrade to +4 if you do get one. You won't
regret it.

*** S. Chain Mail ***
  Extra Defense means less hp reduction. And the fact that it has a card slot
makes it very useful.

@ Recommended Cards (incomplete)
   If in Pvp, you won't get frozen by the wizard, allowing you to have a chance
to kill him. Otherwise...just leave it.

   That 10% Hp Bonus allows you to receive 1 more hit than usual, especially
for those hard hitting monsters.

Thief Bug
   Extra Agi is always useful.

Steel ChonChon
   Adds +2 to your def and also reduces wind damage to you by 5%.


*** Manteau ***
  If you don't really have any slotted garments.

** Slotted Hood ***
  If you have a whisper card and don't have the S. Muffler.

*** Slotted Muffler ***
  Upgrade to +4 then trash the manteau.

*** Slotted Manteau ***
  Talk about rich. Just wait for the whisper card.

@ Recommended Cards
   +5 flee. i've heard this being referred to as the Poor man's Whisper card.

   +3 agi. I'd save for the whisper card, but if you have one and extra slotted
   mufflers then go ahead.

   +20 to flee, increase damage from ghost by 5%. Do I even have to say why you
need it? and the 5% increase in damage is negligible.

[Foot Gear]

*** Boots ***
  Again, if you just don't have any slotted foot gear.

*** Slotted Shoes ***
  upgrade, ditch the boots.

*** Slotted Boots ***
  ah...nice. Just plug in a nice card and you're set.

@ Recommended Cards
   +1 Agi, +2 Flee. DON'T put this in your slotted boots.

   +max hp 10%, +1 agi. Better than the ChonChon. Way better.

Male Thief Bug
   +2 Agi. This you can plug into your boots.

   +max hp and sp 8%. Extra hp and Sp didn't hurt anyone.


Healing Clip (Vitata Card = cast Heal)
   With your sp that you don't use often, having a healing clip does wonders.

Teleport Clip (Creamy = cast teleport)
   You won't bring fly wings ever again.

Atletic Clip (Kukre card = agi+2)
   Extra Agi

Or plug in whatever you want like Clip of Counter's or Clip of Flash's.

% belts are too heavy. buy clips instead.

[EXAMPLE EQUIPMENT] (this is actually my equipment. ^^;)

[Right Hand]
% +9 Triple Shrewd Stiletto (3x Female Thief Bug Card)
  +7 WindStiletto (used when in Byalan or hunting Phys Immunes)

% Set as main weapon so that agi bonus is semi-permanent.

[Left Hand] (alternates when situation demands it)
  +8 Double Envenomers Untouchable Stilleto (2x Zenorc Card, Snake Card)
  +9 Triple Flammable Stilleto
  +8 Triple Saharic Stilleto
  +8 Double Ancient Stilleto (when hunting High Agi monsters)

[Head Gear] (Alternates when situation demands it)
  +4 Sakkat
  +4 Pirate Bandana

[Face Gear]
  Opera Mask
  Gas Mask (when fighting monsters who use poison)

  +4 Chainmail of Heman

  +4 Quick Muffler

[Foot Gear]
  +5 Light Shoes

  Athletic Clip x2
  (switches to Healing clip when needed)

V. Weapon Builds
Thanks to the suggestion of [] which gave me the idea of making suggested
weapon builds against monsters. Hopefully, it will be of help to all those
dual-wielding assassins. And just as a reminder, this section will also
include NON-dual dagger builds.

* All weapons here do not have upgrades indicated. Why? I already listed the
  pros and cons of upgraded equipment in the previous section. I'll be just
  wasting time and space if I put them all over again.
* Oh and the only dagger-type weapons I will use here are Gladiuses and Main

Anti-Poison Daggers
>3 Slot Gladius
  - three anacondaq cards
>4 slot Main Gauche
  - four anacondaq cards
* Built to deal as much damage as possible to poison element monsters.

Anti-Large (Sword Style)
>2 Slot Tsurugi

***unfinished, sorry!***

VI. Credits
To those I might have forgotten to thank sorry! I've been fixing this faq for
quite some time and when I quit for some time (I might again), I forgot to
update this! I'll try to list down as much people who helped me!

Weggy (His faq at gamefaqs)
 His Faq, though old and outdated in some areas, provided a HUGE help.

Dashiva & Friends (iRO MultiCalc)
 Helped me out a lot in trying out various item/stat builds. Even if its not
 exact to pRO, it still gave me a good idea how things would turn out. Even if
 the assassin part of the calc is rather buggy...

Library of Prontera (
 Skill information and item lists.

Ragnamart (
 Skill information and item lists.

Friends at school (**waves**)
 For keeping up with my now obvious fixation with Ragnarok Online. And if you
 guys need a stat/skill build made, just text me. XD

Omniblade & Hanatoko (**へんたい!**)
 For introducing me to Ragnarok and for the Hilarious chats we had in-game.

Level Up Games Inc. (LUG)
 For bringing RO to the Philippines. Oh and I got some weapon and skill info
 from their website.

ZeroKanipan (iRL friend, former RO-mate)
 Thanks for the help!

Ganjiztah* (Vit Poison Sin)
 uy, salamat sa pag pm sa 'kin. Go kill more vit knights!

Winamp (help's relieve boredom)
 *loads a new playlist*

 Would you believe that a Pentium-2 300 with 64 mb ram and a 3D card can RO?
Guess can. XDXDXDXD although you will probably die of lag and of LONG
loading times. T.T

 thanks for the grimtooth info thing!


raniel sarmiento
 Keep it up! still trying to find that steal list. ^^;

Rad Law
 For those little bits of info. Thanks! (poison stops hp and sp reduction!)

VII. Wanna See Me In pRO?
I'm back to playing again! Still on Loki Server. Can usually be contacted
between 10pm - 2am, almost everyday. Do try on Mondays and Wednesdays at any
time though, I might be online...

PeroPero - Double Dagger Poison Assassin To Be
Roachmeow - BlackSmith
NexusReserv - Wizard
LoloPedro - Crusader To Be

I'm mostly using PeroPero or LoloPedro at the moment.

VIII. Legal blahblah
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

IX. Things to do
1. Think/envision more stat builds.
2. Find out better equipment to use.
3. Add more stuff!

X. Things expected (or hoped) for assassins...
I have no idea how true these will be...but if they are...these will make
assassins better chars than they are now!

1. Increased walk speed (as fast as knights on pecos supposedly)
2. changes to certain skills
   - easier to use venom splasher (I have NO idea how)
   - change in poison react (something associated to envenom)
   - change in cloaking (no need for walls!, walk speed depends on level)

That's all I have managed to hear about so far. but the most major change I
really hope that gets considered is the removal of the red gem prerequisite for
venom dust!