Grand Cross Crusader FAQ by CriminallyVulgar

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Grand Cross Crusader Guide v 1.0 by Criminally Vulgar

Table Of Contents

I. FAQ Version History
II. Introduction to the Grand Cross Crusader
III. Pros and Cons of the Grand Cross Crusader
IV. Grand Cross, the skill mechanics
V. Stats
VI. The other Skills - Heal vs. Sacrifice
VII. Leveling 
VIII. Equipment
IX. Tactics (PvP,MvP,WoE)
X. Thanks
XI. Acknowledgements


I. Version History

Version 1.0 12/22/04 - after seeing so many questions about this on the boards, 
I finally decided to make an FAQ

Version 1.1 1/12/04 - after PvPing a bit against classes i haven't fought 
before, I decided to update it. Also with some info on Fireblend. I also added
some info on auto-guard and it's uselessness... and a few sample builds in the
stat section.


II. Introduction

This guide focuses on one of the most powerful(and some would say overpowered)
character in RO, which is the Grand Cross Crusader. From the name it's pretty 
obvious that the main skill you will use will be Grand Cross. Henceforth I 
shall just call it by it's initials, GC.

In contrast to the defensive skills of a crusader, GC is a very very powerful 
spell. In fact, it is the second most powerful attack in the game, only beaten
out by the monk's guillotine fist.

Before I start I would like to say that I am not an uber expert on crusaders. I 
have played just one, but I never felt the need to restart like other people 
since I feel I have got it right the first time. I do know several other Grand
Cross crusaders and have had discussions with them about their builds, and 
I've beaten most of them in 1 on 1 pvp with mediocre equipment(as opposed to 
their +7 everything).

Also, there is no leveling guide for an int swordsman here. The reason is I've
gone to job 50 on my swordsman pre-Amatsu on geffen 2 whispers. That map is 
very different now. I'm accepting any suggestions though.


III. Pros and Cons of the Grand Cross Crusader


Very large damage potential
Can get the MvP
Quite powerful in PvP
One of the fastest ways to level 99
Grand Cross looks nice ^_^


You'll die, a lot, especially when you get mobbed
if you hate priests, don't make one
I said powerful in pvp, but they're a bit inferior to Shield crusaders


IV. Grand Cross, the skill mechanics

From the official site(

Requires Faith lvl 10, Holy Cross lvl 6, and is mastered at lvl 10.
Summons a grand cross around the caster for a 0.9 second skill duration, 
enemies within the cross are damaged 3 times by holy attack. Has a 3 second 
casting delay, during the casting duration, the armor defence decreases by 
2/3. This skill cannot be interrupted. Causes Blind effect on undead and demon 
monsters. One thing the caster should know is that this skill damages not only
enemies but the caster at the same time, the damage amount the caster takes is 
half the amount the enemy takes.
Lvl	ATK	SP consumption
1	140%	37
2	180%	44
3	220%	51
4	260%	58
5	300%	65
6	340%	72
7	380%	79
8	420%	86
9	460%	93
10	500%	100

A lot of people say it's (matk+atk)*damage multiplier. I agree with this, a 
bit. The logical choice would be to get str and int up. However, you will 
suffer without your other stats, as you will see later. Str doesn't affect the
damage very much, maybe it's just that it doesn't include the hidden str 
bonuses every 10 points, just the atk you see on your status window. I'm not 
sure, but more on your stats later.

Notice too that this skill attacks enemies three times. That's 500% damage 
times 3. Ouch. However, if there are 2 enemies on a single square that grand 
cross attacks, those two will only get hit twice. If there are 3 or more 
enemies, they'll all get hit only once. Good positioning of mobs is crucial to
maximize your GC damage.

The last thing about the damage the caster takes, is done like this. First,
you get a whopping 20% of your current HP removed, and then there's a kick 
back damage that depends on the damage you do(or potentially do). It is 
possible to suicide in towns with GC, it's a cool thing to do since you don't
get any exp reduction, don't do it too much though ^_^. This kick back damage
is reduced by mdef armors and Cranial Bucklers/Poopoo hats. Wearing an
Angeling carded armor completely negates this kick back, however you'll still
get the -20% HP cost of GC.

The Blind status on undead and demon monsters is pretty handy too. It allows
you to escape from something that survived your Grand Cross, since they won't
be able to follow you. If only those damned Raydrics were undead/demon ^_^

After discussing what Grand Cross is, we now move on to...


V. Stats

Distributing the stats of a GC sader isn't that difficult, if you know what
you're doing. It isn't like assassins or vit knights where you have to balance
each stat almost perfectly. Let me give you a lowdown on the different stats
and generally how useful they are. I will not say what they specifically
do(like i won't say agi raises attack speed), just how useful they are for GC


STR affects GC damage, but it's not much at lower levels. Even at mid levels
(50+) it's also barely noticeable, i mean a 1 str 99 int sader who gets lucky
and GCs at max mATK will outdamage a 50 str 99 int sader who GCs at medium
mATK. At high str(80+) i have no idea how much extra damage it gives, however
it is not advisable to raise it too much since your other, more important
stats will suffer. There is a str bonus every 10 points, although that's not
important since at low levels the bonus is really low. The main reason why
you'd get some of this is for the extra weight to carry loot and pots. 20ish
to 30+ is probably enough. After a patch in kRO pecos give +1000 weight, so
str is again diminished in worth. However that may take a long time to come,
and as you will see below, the best weapon for a crusader weighs a lot.


Agility for GC saders is like Intelligence for assassins. Skip it. Get 1 agi
at start. It's only useful in your Swordsman leveling days.


Dexterity ups your hit(for bashing people in PvP), and lessens your cast
delay(i.e.your cast time). This is the second most important stat for a GC
sader, however it's also the hardest to balance.

Grand Cross takes 3 seconds to cast. Every 10 dexterity lessens this casting
time by .2 seconds. Deciding how much dex you want to have is a personal
decision, and I encourage you to try and make your own build. Building a GC
sader is really just juggling between this and vitality. 


Also another important stat. This ups your HP, and ups your status
resistances.It also reduces damage from enemies, by 0.8 per point I believe.
Upwards of 50 vit the damage reduction becomes a bit random, but not by much.

You will want to get this for one thing. Status resistance. HP isn't all that 
important, as I said earlier GC chops off 20% of your current, making too much
HP useless. This stat really shines in PvP, where having enough of it will
make you immune to stun and such, effectively making you a priest who can kill
if you decided to get heal. 


Your attack stat. This should be maxed, or close to maxed. Make sure the end
number(including bonuses) is either divisible by 5 or 7. To be versatile you
might just want to get this to 99, and just toy around with your equipment so
it hits a multiple of 5 or 7. That's the easiest thing to do. However it might
not be the best thing to do, in my case I maxed it, although I think a
properly built crusader who tinkers with this stat might be far more effective
since he can free up points to put in either dex or vit. just don't get any
lower than around 115 with bless.


Get 9 at start, for 1 point in lucky dodge? And a bit extra of status

After reading this, you should have an idea on how to build your crusader. If
you're still clueless, here's my build.

20ish str
1 agi
50ish dex
70ish vit
99 int
9 luk

You can switch dex and vit if you want, for a more fast casting crusader. I'd
do that if I restarted my character.


VI. The other Skills - Heal vs. Sacrifice

In order to get Grand Cross, you have two prerequisites. Faith and Holy Cross.
Faith is pretty much straightforward, max it, no need to discuss that. Holy
Cross is like a faster and costlier Bash that deals holy damage. It is NOT
affected by int, therefore if you have low STR, like me, do not get more than
the prerequisite(level 6).If you have high STR however, then max it if you
want, this thing deals insane damagefaster than a Knight's pierce at high
levels(although it kinda defeats the purpose of having Grand Cross right?)

Now you get two choices. Getting Heal(which has a ton of prerequisites), or
getting Sacrifice/Devotion(a lot more prerequisites, but at least the prereqs
are shield skills  that are useful). Getting Sacrifice means you'll probably
never level solo, since you'd  be wasting so much pots and sitting down most
of the time. However, Sacrifice is probably one of the best party skills in

After reading the paragraph above you probably are deciding on Sacrfice, but
let me tell you this. It's incredibly annoying not being able to level solo.
It's also incredibly annoying not being able to heal yourself. Also, SHIELD
saders with Sacrifice will pwn your 99 int GC/Sacrifice sader anytime of the
day. In the end, Heal perfectly compliments GC, while Sacrifice is just
annoying ^_^

The last 4 points after maxing Heal and GC can be used to get a peco and lvl 3
auto-guard. Pecos are cool, you move fast in them, and did I mention they were
cool? Auto-guard is less cool, you'll get saved from a few hits in tanking.
It's useless once you're GCing since it blocks the hits from your GC. However
with no place to put points in, i guess it's an ok skill when a monk is about
to asura your face and you have nowhere to go.


VII. Leveling

OK I'll tell you now. Leveling an int swordie is a pain in the rear with no
STR, however it's very doable, you just need patience. But like I said
earlier, I have no idea where to level a swordsman post-Amatsu. Generally just
level where melee classes go, do not however go to Byalan(Bibilan), that's a
sucky place for low STR people.

As for Crusader leveling, it simply goes like this.

55? -> 70+ = zenorcs
70+ -> 99 = Chivalry, Castle, Niffleheim. Get good armor.

Well that was easy. As for the stats, I'd recommend to start with 9 int 9 luk
5 vit 5 dex. Get a few points in str if you want, otherwsie just raise vit to
around 40 and int to 99 and getting dex as needed(i.e. if you miss too much).
generally get to 99 int(or whatever your max is) at around lvl 80.


VIII. Equipment

GC crusaders are quite a cheap class to maintain, not as cheap as wizards but
the great thing about them is they DO NOT need carded weapons. Of course for
PvP youfd need very expensive equipment, and this is what wefll mostly
dicuss here.

A. Headgears

The best headgear for PvP is cdrumrollc PooPoo hat! It looks and feels
literally like crap though. The second best would be a Helm, overupgraded to
+7. If you can get your hands on a slotted +7 helm then socket an Elder Willow
Card in it for a nice int bonus. Otherwise just go with what looks good. Or be
a def whore and equip the fin helm and iron cain. An adurate sunglasses isnft
too bad, however some RO versions have very few sunglasses[1] around, so you
might never touch one.

B. Armor

Remember what I said earlier about HP being a waste? Well, thatfll help you
in deciding what armor to get.

For PvM, the reasonable choice is between the s. chain mail slotted with a
peco peco card or the legion plate armor which is not slotted but has 3 more
def than the chain mail and weighs twice as much. Go with what you like. The
legion plate armor is much cheaper and provides more def and is generally more
useful. The peco peco carded chain mail isnft bad though, it gives a lot of
extra hp at high levels coupled with high vit. While this might be useless
when using grand cross, itfs still nice looking.

The unreasonable choice would be a +7 full plate with peco peco card. Itfs
really expensive, but if you can get your hands on one, itfs probably the
best all around armor.

In PvP though, carry an unfrozen silk robe. Equip it everytime you see a
wizard. Youfd be pretty much unstoppable against one if you have it.

In WoE, swordfish and dokebi carded silk robes are staple. Just switch between
them as needed.

C. Weapon

Like I said, a GC sader does not need carded weapons. What he(or she) needs
are attack increasing stuff. 2 weapons shine at being GC sader weapons, that
is, the poll axe and the haedonggum.

The poll axe is a 1 handed spear(thanks Penguin Dragoon!) that has a base
attack of 160, however it has 380 weight. Itfs gives +2 INT, +1 STR, and +1
DEX and has a single slot. Itfs dropped by Bloody Knight, Lord of Death and
Turtle General. 

The haedonggum is a 1 handed sword with base attack 90 that has 90 weight. It
has two slots. Itfs dropped by Drake but most of the time people get it from

The only card to socket in a GC sader weapon is an Andre card. It gives +20
raw attack, which is what you need in GC damage.

Itfs up to you what weapon to choose. If I were you Ifd buy both and use the
poll axe for PvM/MvP and the haedonggum for PvP/WoE. The reason for this is
you will want to have a lot of pots in WoE/PvP, and maybe in MvPing. So
bringing along a light weapon and light equipment(like donft bring your +7
legion plate to PvP/WoE) will make room for more pots and stuff like status

For PvP, you will want to buy quite a few weapons. First is either a quad
ancient something, or a very strong something. The something can be anything
that a crusader can equip, and saders can equip a lot. Youfll use this weapon
just to stun bash people, so even if it deals only 5 damage(like a very strong
knife), someone who gets hit by it will get stunned. Generally in PvP, if
youfre stunned by a GC sader, youfre practically dead.

The last two weapons are quad plankton and quad magnolia blades. Ifll explain
more about using them later in PvP tactics. Just make sure you have one of
these when you go to PvP so you can actually kill somebody instead of them
running away from your grand cross.

Update: There is also the level 4 weapon fireblend, which gives level 3
Firebolt. Very handy in killing hunters, and just general messing around.
Fireblend is from Eddga. I also know of Ice falchions, supposed to give you
level 3 cold bolt... but I'm not sure if they're any good, I haven't tried
one since I never find one nowadays.

The poll axe is also a really rare weapon, and if you play in a server with
rebirth classes it's also a really sought after weapon, so I think you'd have
problems getting one. Stick to the Haedonggum.

D. Shield

Pretty simple here. An overupgraded Cranial Shield for PvM/MvP, and an
overupgraded Cranial Mirror Shield for PvP/WoE. Donft bother with other
shield cards, they arenft worth it. Cranials reduce your kick back damage
from GC, and in MvPing makes sure you take more damage from the MvP if they
arenft demi-human, and of course in PvP reduces damage from other people.

E. Cloak

Again another simple matter. Overupgraded immune manteau for all around
killing things, and an overupgraded ragamuffin manteau for most PvP
situations. You might want to invest in a Hood of Warmth(dustiness) for
killing Baphomet or in WoE.

F. Footgear

Overupgraded boots with Sohee card. Or Eggrya card if you like. Donft bother
with verit or matyr cards, like I said, too much HP is a waste. Besides, you
will want all the SP you can possibly have since Grand Cross has a 100 sp cost
at level 10.

G. Accessories

Earrings are the best all around in PvM/MvP. For PvP/WoE, you might want to 
exchange one of those for a safety ring(if youfre rich) or a slotted rosary
(your choice of card, probably zerom is best), or even a plain rosary. Make
sure your final intelligence stat with the pluses is a multiple of 5 or 7


IX. Tactics

A. MvPing

The great thing about GC saders is that, with a good priest, you can beat
hunters almost everytime on undead/shadow MvPs. The shadow MvPs are Baphomet,
Doppleganger, Lord of Death, Pharaoh, Samurai Specter and Dracula. The undead 
MvPs are Dark Lord, Drake and Osiris. 

I have tried only 3 of these so far, so any suggestions are welcome. From my
experience, you and your priest definitely need the element reducing cards for
your MvP. Baphomet casts a killer LoV, and Dark Lord casts an equally deadly
Meteor Storm. You need a dustiness hood and a Jakk hood respectively, to stand
a chance against these monsters. Always get your priest to cast suffragium on
you, it helps a lot in beating out competition. The third MvP I know of is
Osiris. He is pretty easy, and dies quite fast. However the competition is
incredibly tough, and if you didnft find it first, good luck getting the MvP.
This goes without saying, but carry white pots and honey while MvPing

B. PvPing

Ifve PvPed extensively with my crusader, and let me give you my first piece
of advice. People who hang out in PvP rooms are mostly jerks, but theyfre
also a bit stupid. They also tend to hang out in large parties and kill people
who are alone.

The idea here is 1 on 1 duels. Parties are a different thing, for one thing
priests are almost impossible to kill, and generally in parties the larger or
stronger one wins and there isnft any strategy involved. But I guess you can
use these tips too for that.

Anyway herefs a few strategies against specific classes. Ifll enumerate them
one by one.


The king of PvP before Crusaders came along. Vit Knights arenft that hard
actually, if they donft wear insomniac headgear(most of them just rely on
their overupgraded helms). Just bash them with a quad sleep blade, if it
doesnft work(like the rare nightmare carded helm), get a quad magnolia blade
and bash them with it. Afterwards, once theyfre asleep/cursed, fry them with
GC. It takes around 2 to 3 to take them down, sometimes they spam pots between
being asleep/cursed, then it takes a little more time. Agi Knights are a joke
in PvP, just bash them with a quad ancient or a very strong weapon, then GC
for an instant kill.


There are two types. GC(like you) or shield. Both are pretty hard to kill,
since like you, they only take 50% damage from Holy attacks. Shield saders
will tend to just bash you and spam pots, which is futile if you have blue
pots of your own. So just walk away from them. If you want you can try to put
them to sleep. GC saders canft be put to sleep, so donft try it. Most of
your battles with your own kind will end in stalemates.


Piece of cake. Bash with ancient or very strong until stunned, then GC. The
next thing they know theyfll be kissing the floor. Unless the assassin has
more than 50 vit, then it will end in a stalemate unless you get lucky. Donft
worry. Return to the PvP room and bring an envenom clip(poison spore card),
and envenom them with your quad sleep blade. Then fry.


IMO, the hardest opponent. The trick is catching it, since he dies in a single
GC like an assassin. You obviously need a sight clip here, but good rogues
know how to avoid sight Keep sight on at all times. If a rogue strips your
stunning weapon, youfre quite done for. Hefd probably target your shield
next then backstab you to death. Itfs all down to luck. Equip your envenom
clip with this one, and when he strips your weapon equip your quad sleep blade
and hope he gets owned by it.


Same as Knights, except they have hammerfall, if you donft have enough vit,
youfre gonna get stunned. They generally die in a single GC though, pretty
easy if you ask me. Except more of them wear insomniac headgear than the
average knight. Apply what I said about killing vit knights.


Ifve personally never fought one in a 1 on 1 situation. Ifll leave this to
you. From my understanding, donft walk in their firebombs, otherwise treat
this as you wouldblacksmiths. They also heal themselves for a  lot, so this
might take longer than youfd think.

Update: I've fought one, and they're HARD. They can heal for crazy HP and they
break your weapon T_T If your status weapon(probably sleep) gets broken it's 
hard to defeat them, especially the vit type. However they can't defeat you 
either, so it'll probably end up a stalemate. I've said above, don't walk in 
their firebombs.


In a 1 on 1, theyfre pretty easy. Theyfre easily stunned, and have really
crappy HP. Equip your unfrozen silk robe, a dustiness hood perhaps and some
miscellaneous mdef gears if you want(like rosaries, gemmed sallets), If they
ping pong you with JT, donft worry, it does crap damage with mdef armors and
99 int. Youfll easily outheal his damage. Once he runs out of sp, he has
nowhere to go but down.


Again, I have no experience since the only sage Ifve fought had a stupid
angeling card(which obviously made the battle a stalemate) and didnft bother
spell breaking my Grand Cross(I donft even know if thatfs possible). So,
Ifll leave this blank, for now.

Update: Spell breaking Grand cross is very much possible. However sages can be
 stunned, so it's immaterial. As long as they don't have godly cards(orc hero
or angeling), do what you do with wizards. Although most PvP sages prefer stone
curse to frost diver, it doesn't matter. Once you get close they're dead.


Easy. In a 1 on 1 situation theyfll run out of sp to arrow repel you with, at
which point you bash them and GC. Thatfs basically it. Youfll outheal their
damage with arrow repel if you have good enough armor.

Update: Some PvP hunters(smart ones) have lotsa luck and quite a few points in
vit. You won't have enough time with stun, so envenom them with sleep. They
also tend to use curse a lot, so carry a ton of holy water. But still, they
aren't hard.

--Bards and Dancers--

Never fought one outside a party, and I donft think you will too. Otherwise
just go with the hunter strategy.


Same strategy as assassins, or in the case of vit monks, knights. Sphere monks
who throw spheres can really damage you though, but nothing you canft heal.
Asura monks will kill you, but therefs nothing you can do about that except
hit them while theyfre still summoning their spheres.


Ignore them. End of story

Thatfs basically it for the PvP section, if you have strategies of your own
feel free to contribute.

C. WoE

This is a short section, since GC/Heal saders are sadly, not that useful in
WoE.GCfs damage gets cut by half, so you canft kill people in a single GC.
Generally your role is to spam GC where there are a lot of people(like in the
emperium room) or act as a tank like a vit knight except with high mdef. I
find I bash a lot more than GC in WoE, but anyway the strategy for WoE is up
to you and your guild and your needs.

VIII. Contact Info

You can email me at for any of your questions. Otherwise
catch me at the boards. I really donft want anyone PMing my char, so I wonft
give it away.


IX. Thanks

Thanks to CjayC for gamefaqs. Thanks to the people on the Gamefaqs message 
boards who answered my questions. Thank you! For reading this.


X. Copyright

Copyright 2004 Reinier Abdon
Ask me for permission first before posting it on your site. 
The only official version of this guide can be found on