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    AGI Combo Champion Guide by ragnaroknike

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                       AGI extreme combo champion guide and faq
                              Done by ragnaroknike
    This guide is created for offical servers only, thanks to LordTopak for his
    combo monk guide and inspired me to write this.
    champ: short form of champion
    DSC: the skill dangerous soul collect
    PS: the skill psycic wave
    MSS: the skill manipulate sprit sphere
    1: Introduction
    2: Combo champs and asura champs
    3: Fist weapons, what to use
    4: AGI for combo champs, the pros and the cons behind it
    5: Stats and equipments
    6: Leveling process
    7: Skills
    8: Tips and questions
    Firstly, I must say this faq and guide is for those who are intrested in
    combo champs only. Ever since champ class appear, they can only be ether asura
    types or tanker types, unable to clear bunch of monsters other than PW on
    certain monsters to level up. Although a combo champ is just like combo monks
    that do only on PVM, they sometimes do help a bit in clearing monsters
    especialy in a party full of champs.
    The extreme combo champ's true power
    The true power at the extreme AGI combo champ lies on its speed rather than its
    STR. Extreme combo champs goes for max AGI which gives them high flee which
    serve in the leveling process and has max STR of 100 which also serve as
    leveling process which is good enough for killing high HP monsters with combo
    Combo champs have two killer skills, one is the chain crush combo which does up
    to more than 1000% of the damage at lvl 10 and the second is the new and
    improved powerfull version of combo asura that can deal a max damage of 30k if
    certain equipments are used
    Combo champs and asura champs
    Why make a combo champ? The best answer I can give you is combo champ is fun to
    play, although it is more hard to master and cannot do much in PVP, it helps in
    clearing monsters and spawns of dead branch. Besides you also have the instant
    cast asura combo and you won't have to worry much about asura damage get
    Asura champs on the other hand are great killers of PVP and mvp, but then they
    did very poorly in PVM especialy when spawns of monsters or dead branch appear,
    all they do is teleport and find a safe sport and try to asura each monster one
    by one which waste alot of pots and stuffs. But a combo champ can do the same
    thing, they can teleport to a save place and start to clear one by one without
    wasting much supplys.
    Fist weapons, what to use
    This current version of ragnarok online has a few fist class weapons but some
    of them are useless
    Fist class weapons of the current patch
    Waghnakh: This weapon has low attack power, but then the best weapon is usually
    the most weakest weapon in terms of cards combinations. The 4 sloted version
    can be obtained from bloody butterfly.
    Recomanded upgrade: +8 above
    Kunckle duster: This weapon has a quite low attack power, the 3 sloted version
    is quite good for combo champs, however the 3 sloted version is unknown where
    to obtain from it. If combine with the correct cards, it deals a little bit
    more damage than the 4 sloted waghnakh.
    Recomanded upgrade: +8 above
    Hora: This is probely the best weapon for combo champs, if combine with the
    correct cards it deals nice damages and even more than the two mentioned above.
    How to obtain the 3 sloted version is currenly unknown.
    Recomanded upgrade: +8 above
    Claw: This weapons gives +2 STR, but based on the stats calculater it shows
    more lower damage if combine with cards compairing to the 3 slot hora, I will
    not recomand this weapon.
    Recomanded upgrade: +7 above
    Finger: Since I never try or calculate this weapon with the stats in the stats
    calculater before and I don't hav the 2 sloted version to test out the damage,
    so I don't know welther the damage is far greater than the first three I
    Recomanded upgrade: +7 above
    Fist: The elemental fist are much better than the neutral fist. Recomand
    veryvery strong element fist for combo champs begining training as you will
    have low STR at first.
    Recomanded upgrade: +7 above
    Kaiser Kunckle: I am not sure where to get this, but it deals 5% damage to
    undeads and 10% to fire, water, wind and earth monsters. Probely this will be a
    good weapon if the map have many different types of monsters of different
    element and size.
    Recomanded upgrade: +5 above
    Bersek: Other than the increase of speed it does notting else, damage is also
    lower than the first three weapons mentioned above even though its weapon
    attack is high. Certainly don't recomand this weapon.
    Recomanded upgrade: +5 above
    Claw of garm: This is the highest attack fist class weapons anyone can have, it
    can be obtained from garm. It also have 1 slot, but I never calculate it on any
    stats calculater and I don hav much money to afford one to try the damage out,
    so welther to use it use it at your own risk. This weapon also can cause wound
    Recomanded upgrade: +5 above
    AGI for combo champs, the pros and the cons behind it
    AGI is a very important stats for AGI combo champs. There is no limit to how
    many AGI you can have, you can pump as high as 99 as what a extreme AGI combp
    champ is. However it have one major problem when it reaches above 85 AGI.
    1: It gives high flee
    2: It gives high attack speed which maximum you can reach is 183
    3: It reduce the delay of combo skills
    1: Too high attack speed and high agi of 85 will find it very hard to combo
    especialy after the triple blows and tiger knuckle fist as their delay is
    reduce greatly, extreme combo champs probely had the hardest time to combo.
    2: When ever there is more than 4 monsters attack you, your flee may drop till
    very low and you will have a big problem with it especaily if all four are high
    lvl monsters.
    3: AGI does not do much in PVP nor does flee rate helps as PVP rooms are filled
    with sonic blow assassin cross using mummy jurs, but since it is for PVM, thus
    this is not important.
    Stats and equipments
    Extreme AGI combo champs goes for the maximum AGI of 99 and since it is a PVM
    player, thus VIt is not nessary needed
    STR: 81(with blessing and job bounus it adds up total of 100)
    AGI: 99
    INT: 24
    DEX: 50(since you won't miss and you have high flee, thus you don't hav to
    Comands: The pure PVM built for a extreme AGI combo champ, with this little bit
    of INT it helps in regeration of SP as well as increase damage done by combo
    asura. The low dex may be a problem when casting DSC but since you have high
    flee you don't have to worry much. 100 STR is also enough since your speed is
    fast, it covers your low STR. Besides whats more is a combo champ won miss its
    target, so this is also a good point for combo champs.
    Upper head: ghost bandana(recomanded)or power headband or sloted headgears
    Middle: any headgear, if you have a sloted sunglass it is the best
    Botton: any headgear
    Body: sloted silk robes or formal sults
    Shield: sloted bunkers or guard
    Robe: sloted muffer
    Shoes: sloted shoes
    Accessorys: sloted borch(recomanded) or rings
    for weapons please refer to the fist weapon sections
    cramp card(only works with tarou card)
    carat(+9 above)
    theif bug card(recomanded)
    geographer card
    status amour cards
    peco peco card
    element cards
    size and element reduce cards
    theif bug egg(recomanded)
    andre egg card
    nine tail card(+9 above, recomanded)
    wisper card(if you cannot afford a nine tail)
    raydic card
    theif bug male card(recomanded)
    maytr card
    chonchon card
    firelock(+9 above)
    EXP increase cards(recomanded for leveling purpose)
    kurle card(recomanded)
    mantis card
    tarou card(works with cramp only)
    size cards and element depending on the situation
    injustice cards
    sldewider card
    status cards
    Acolyte card set: the acolyte card set for combo champs reduces the speed by 1
    but instead it has a few specialy effects from it, I don't recomand much but it
    is worth to try it.
    Recomanded MVP cards
    PS: for the rich
    Pharoh: Combo champs have low INT compair to asura champs and combos also
    requied alot of SP, with this the SP is thus reduce alot(other than the asura
    strike)which also helps increasing the asura damage even more.
    Orc hero: Some monsters may stun you, since youc annot even afford to get
    stuned even once, this settes everything.
    Orc lord: Reflecting damage may be funny but then if you realy wants to bring
    your combo champ to PVP, this may be a good choice to reflect sonic blow damage
    and asura damage to deal a double KO(only works with alice carded shields) or
    use it for reflecting a little damage done by monsters.
    Garm card: Well, when clearing spawns of monsters sometimes you may face a
    extra spawn that is attacking you and you may not want to escape, freezing the
    monsters may help alot, best combined with garm baby card.
    Golden theif bug: Does anyone need an explanation? with this you can even tank
    MVPs with phsiycal imune as long as you pump your pots fast.
    Doppleganger: increasing speed by 30% may be a great help, thus you can use
    Dracula: the SP of combo skills may be a pain, however of you use this together
    with pharoh, you will have unlimited SP.
    Lord of death: To those who wans to deal a coma attack or finish off monsters
    by low chance, this one settles it, it also hav lots of status functons inside .
    Phreooni: Since a combo champ won't miss thus this card is not recomanded but
    if you don't want to see the 15 damage by the spheres you can use this.
    Leveling process
    level 1 to change job: Get a +10 qradraple zipper main guage(for the rich) on
    poporings or get a tank for the poor, if you cannot, then lvl at novice
    friendly areas
    change job to lvl 45: Start at novice friendy areas until you can kill
    poporings, after that proceed to anthell and orc villages if your flee reaches
    180 above. For the rich you can get a +10 qradraple andre mace(sicne you need
    SP also)and go for poporings right away and proceed to anthell and to orc
    villages. When lvling at orc village it is best to use a +7 veryvery strong
    fire swordmace. If you want a safter way after anthell you can proceed to
    comodo on megalodons and thata frogs before proceeding to orc vilages.
    lvl 45 to change job: Continute on orc village until job lvl reaches 49 or 50,
    if you want a more faster way you can try on sphinx lvl 2 or sandmans
    change job to lvl 80: Starting of change job the best is gain job levels, start
    at orc villages until you hav sprit spheres and triple blows at least lvl 5 and
    iron palm at least lvl 5, then proceed to wild rose(make sure flee rate is
    above 200) and use a +7 veryvery strong earth element fist. For more safter way
    you can try on sphinx lvl 2 first then proceed to wild rose.
    level 80 to lvl 99: Since my combo champ had reaches lvl 90 above stage, and
    due to the help of AI or pliots(please note that it is iliegal), I am able to
    know the best place for it, there is also two parts for the leveling process
    for monks: Use a +7 veryvery strong fire fist on insense soils until lvl
    reaches 89 and your STR reaches 50-65 above, by the time you should change
    using a mace type weapon and PW on rybios(for exp and using a +10 triple stouff
    chain, make sure you hav 220 flee rate above) or sleepers(for money as well as
    exp although not as high as rybios, use a +10 double kaho 1 peco egg and 1 skel
    worker mace)
    for champs: Since a combo champ can hav more stats thus you may have high STR
    and high AGI at the early levels of 75 to 80, when level 75 and you have the
    requied flee you can proceed to insense soil until lvl 85 and proceed to rybios
    for exp but this time you can try your luck on GH prison level 2 on
    phendarks(for STR above 70) using your current +10 triple stouff chain. For
    money you can proceed to sleepers with that mace provided you hav 79 STR above
    as you can one hit KO sleeper with just one PW, that will earn you more exp.
    After level 99 changes:
    Since you don't have any leviling jobs to do, you can change your weapons to a
    more simple one that can replace everything
    Recomanded weapons after level 99
    Try get at least a +8 4 sloted waghnakh and slot in with injustice, slidewider
    cards, the other two slots can slot in with anything you like, imagine with
    fast speed and you can deal sonic blow and double attack at the same time.
    I copied this from weggy's faq, thanks weggy for the infomation
    Iron palm aka iron fist
    Pre-Requisites: Level 10 Divine Protection, Level 10 Demons Bane
    Active or Passive?: Passive
    SP Use: None
    Level 1 : +3 ATK
    Level 2 : +6 ATK
    Level 3 : +9 ATK
    Level 4 : +12 ATK
    Level 5 : +15 ATK
    Level 6 : +18 ATK
    Level 7 : +21 ATK
    Level 8 : +24 ATK
    Level 9 : +27 ATK
    Level 10: +30 ATK
    Comments: Well I would recomand this to level 10 instead.
    Summon spirit sphere
    Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Iron Fists
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 8
    Level 1 : 1 Sphere Maximum
    Level 2 : 2 Sphere Maximum
    Level 3 : 3 Sphere Maximum
    Level 4 : 4 Sphere Maximum
    Level 5 : 5 Sphere Maximum
    Comments: Each sphere last 10 mins as well as bonus damage of 3 and your
    attacks won't miss, you will defenaly need that.
    Inhate sprit sphere aka spiritual sphere absorption
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 5
    Level 1 : Absorbs spirit sphere to restore 10 SP
    Comments: Since combo champs need alot of SP and you cannot waste SP items
    offen, you can cast this skills on monsters sicne you hav a 20% chance of
    absorbing the SP from monsters(SP absorb depends on the level of monsters)
    Falling pear pedals aka flee
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Iron Fists, Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
    Active or Passive?: Passive
    SP Use: None
    Level 1 : +1 Flee
    Level 2 : +3 Flee
    Level 3 : +4 Flee
    Level 4 : +6 Flee
    Level 5 : +7 Flee
    Level 6 : +9 Flee
    Level 7 : +10 Flee
    Level 8 : +12 Flee
    Level 9 : +13 Flee
    Level 10: +15 Flee
    Comments: I would recomand at level 5 instead since your flee rate is aready
    very high.
    Ctrical explosion aka fury
    Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Spiritual Sphere Absorption
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 15, 5 Spirit Spheres
    Level 1 : 10% Increased Chance to Critical, 180 Second Duration
    Level 2 : 12.5% Increased Chance to Critical, 180 Second Duration
    Level 3 : 15% Increased Chance to Critical, 180 Second Duration
    Level 4 : 17.5% Increased Chance to Critical, 180 Second Duration
    Level 5 : 20% Increased Chance to Critical, 180 Second Duration
    Comments: Ctrical damage of couse it is good, use this only for casting asura
    since you cannot recover your SP from it unless you hav the soulinker bluff on
    Note: Other than the sprit skil that recovers SP in this stat, the soulinker
    bluff also do the same thing to you.
    Psycic wave aka occult impaction
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: Varying SP Use, 1 Spirit Sphere
    Level 1 : 175% Damage, 10 SP per use
    Level 2 : 250% Damage, 14 SP per use
    Level 3 : 325% Damage, 17 SP per use
    Level 4 : 400% Damage, 19 SP per use
    Level 5 : 475% Damage, 20 SP per use
    Comments: At monk stage this skills is defenaly very trouble some as you hav to
    summon spheres, but at champ stage it is far more easy, recomanded level 5
    since you can depend on this skill to level.
    Delima aka root
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Flee
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 1 Spirit Sphere
    Level 1 : 20 Second Duration, 0.5 Second Cast Time
    Level 2 : 30 Second Duration, 0.7 Second Cast Time, can use Throw Spirit Sphere
    Level 3 : 40 Second Duration, 0.9 Second Cast Time, can use Occult Impaction
    Level 4 : 50 Second Duration, 1.1 Second Cast Time, can use Raging Quad Blow
    Level 5 : 60 Second Duration, 1.3 Second Cast Time, can use Guillotine Fist if
              also using Fury (Only 4 Spheres Required)
    Comments: It can be good when stopping enermies half way, recomanded level 5 of
    you hav enough skill points.
    Spiritual Cadence
    Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Root
    Active or Passive?: Passive
    SP Use: None
    Level 1 : +4 HP, +2 SP Every 10 Seconds
    Level 2 : +8 HP, +4 SP Every 10 Seconds
    Level 3 : +12 HP, +6 SP Every 10 Seconds
    Level 4 : +16 HP, +8 SP Every 10 Seconds
    Level 5 : +20 HP, +10 SP Every 10 Seconds
    Note: When over 50% Weight, the values are cut in half
    Comments: If you wants to get certain skills you can have this, but only at the
    amount of level requied to unlock the skill, I don't recomand this skill.
    Manipulate sprit sphere(MSS) aka throw spirit sphere
    Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Occult Impaction
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 20
    Level 1 : 150% Damage, Max 1 Sphere Thrown
    Level 2 : 175% Damage, Max 2 Spheres Thrown
    Level 3 : 200% Damage, Max 3 Spheres Thrown
    Level 4 : 225% Damage, Max 4 Spheres Thrown
    Level 5 : 250% Damage, Max 5 Spheres Thrown
    Comments: Only max it at level 3 since you need to unlock certain skills with
    Asura strike aka guillotine fist
    Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Fury and Level 3 Throw Spirit Sphere
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: All your SP, 5 Spirit Spheres
    Level 1 : +400 ATK, 4 Second Casting Time, 3 Second Casting Delay
    Level 2 : +550 ATK, 3.5 Second Casting Time, 2.5 Second Casting Delay
    Level 3 : +700 ATK, 3 Second Casting Time, 2 Second Casting Delay
    Level 4 : +850 ATK, 2.5 Second Casting Time, 1.5 Second Casting Delay
    Level 5 : +1000 ATK, 2 Second Casting Time, 1 Second Casting Delay
    Comments: This is the utimate skills of all champs, however casting it manual
    will have a slow cast time although damage is higher
    Method for manuel: monks must summon sprit spheres 5 times and activate ctrical
    explosion and then summon sprit spheres again, champs can just DSC and follow
    by ctrical explosion and DSC again.
    Method for combo(monks only): Make sure you have the above prepaired, after the
    way of dragon skill activate and your monk is doing the punch the gound
    animation, you can press asura and it will instant cast it.
    Method for combo(champs only): Make sure you have the above prepaired, after
    the chain crush combo doing damage and doing the punching animation(or when you
    start to see damage coming out from the chain crush combo), press asura, you
    must activate it before the chain crush combo finish the hits.
    Triple blow aka raging trifecta blow
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Flee
    Active or Passive?: Passive
    SP Use: None
    Level 1 : 120% Damage, 29% Chance to Combo
    Level 2 : 140% Damage, 28% Chance to Combo
    Level 3 : 160% Damage, 27% Chance to Combo
    Level 4 : 180% Damage, 26% Chance to Combo
    Level 5 : 200% Damage, 25% Chance to Combo
    Level 6 : 220% Damage, 24% Chance to Combo
    Level 7 : 240% Damage, 23% Chance to Combo
    Level 8 : 260% Damage, 22% Chance to Combo
    Level 9 : 280% Damage, 21% Chance to Combo
    Level 10: 300% Damage, 20% Chance to Combo
    Comments: I would recomand a level 10 but if you plan to use your skill points
    for other purpose, leave it at level 5.
    Raging Quadruple Blow
    Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Raging Trifecta Blow
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use:
    Level 1 : 200% Damage
    Level 2 : 250% Damage
    Level 3 : 300% Damage
    Level 4 : 350% Damage
    Level 5 : 400% Damage
    Comments: Well if you want to get this leave it at level 3, since you need
    skill points for other skills.
    The way of dragon aka raging thrust
    Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Quadruple Blow
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 1 Spirit Sphere
    Level 1 : 300% Damage
    Level 2 : 360% Damage
    Level 3 : 420% Damage
    Level 4 : 480% Damage
    Level 5 : 540% Damage
    Comments: Leave it at level 3 to unlock tiger knuckle fist
    Note: when you have soul linker bluff, your way of dragon will deal splash
    damage of 5X5 jus like magum break, you can spam this skill for 5 times as long
    as you want if you face a bunch of mobs.
    Psyical imune aka mental strength
    Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Raging Thrust
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 200, 5 Spirit Spheres
    Level 1 : 30 Second Duration
    Level 2 : 60 Second Duration
    Level 3 : 90 Second Duration
    Level 4 : 120 Second Duration
    Level 5 : 150 Second Duration
    Comments: If you hav enough skill points you can try to get it, at most level
    1, never think of using it to level, you can tank as many MVPs as you wans as
    long as you can pump your pots faster than lighting.
    Dash like a bullet aka snap
    Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Spiritual Candence, Level 3 Mental Strength, and Level
                    3 Guillotine Fist
    Active or Passive?: Active
    SP Use: 10, 1 Spirit Sphere
    Level 1 : Teleport immediatly to a location
    Comments: Getting this skill realy have to sacrifice alot, but then, since you
    can depend on teleport why would you need this?
    Champ skills
    I copied from clax zinra's champion faq, thanks alot for your info
    Palm push strike aka raging palm strike
    Use your palm push enemies back 3 cells. Damage will be inflicted after 1.5
    seconds. Has a 0.3 second delay time & Only works when under
    Fury/Explosion Spirits Status. Does not consume spirit spheres.
    Requires: Level 7 Iron Fists/Hand,
              Level 5 Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Sphere
    [LV][Skill Level Effect][SP]
     1    300% ATK (x3 ATK)  22
     2    400% ATK (x4 ATK)  24
     3    500% ATK (x5 ATK)  26
     4    600% ATK (x6 ATK)  28
     5    700% ATK (x7 ATK)  30
    Comments: Since this skill is use for pvp instead, it is certainly useless for
    combo champs.
    Tiger knuckle fist aka glacier fist
    A combo skill that can be used after using Raging Thrust.
    Initiate Tiger Knuckle after Raging Thrust to inflict additional damage.
    Afterwards, the enemy will be stopped for a short period of time.
    Consumes 1 Spirit Sphere.
    Requires: Level 5 Iron Fists/Hand
              Level 5 Triple Attack
              Level 5 Quadruple Blows/Chain Combo
              Level 3 Raging Thrust/Combo Finish
    [LV]      [Skill Level Effect]      [SP]
     1   140% ATK, 20% Chance to freeze  4
     2   240% ATK, 30% Chance to freeze  6
     3   340% ATK, 40% Chance to freeze  8
     4   440% ATK, 50% Chance to freeze  10
     5   540% ATK, 60% Chance to freeze  12
    Comments: After casting the way of dragon then you cast this, leave it at level
    2 as you are getting other skills.
    Chain Crush Combo
    Continue with more attacks and combos. The number of hits and the damage dealt
    is affected by the skill level. The skill only works during the delay of
    Glacier Fist. It has a delay time that is affected by AGI and DEX.
    Extremity Fist can still be used after this skill as long as you have Fury.
    Requires: Level 5 Iron Fists/Hand
              Level 2 Tiger Knuckle Fist
              Level 5 Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Sphere
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect][Delay time][SP]
     1    500% ATK, 1 Hit,   0.8 Second   4
     2    600% ATK, 1 Hit,   0.8 Second   6
     3    700% ATK, 2 Hits,  0.8 Second   8
     4    800% ATK, 2 Hits,  0.8 Second   10
     5    900% ATK, 3 Hits,  0.8 Second   12
     6   1000% ATK, 3 Hits,  1.0 Second   14
     7   1100% ATK, 4 Hits,  1.0 Second   16
     8   1200% ATK, 4 Hits,  1.0 Second   18
     9   1300% ATK, 5 Hits,  1.0 Second   20
     10  1400% ATK, 5 Hits,  1.0 Second   22
    Coments: With the correct weapon it is possible to deal a 1 hit combo KO after
    this skill is casted to a certain monster, it is the 2nd killer skill of combo
    Note: After the chain crush is casted, if you hav at least one sphere left, it
    is possble to cast tiger knuckle fist one more time again, I am not sure
    welther this is a bug or not, but if the server allow it you can do so as
    ERO(english RO) have this tiger knuckle reverse combo thingy.
    Dangerous soul collect(DSC) aka zen
    Attempts to summon all 5 Spirit Spheres at once. Has a 4 second casting time
    that can be cancelled. A penalty will be present if the skill is used
    [Not Implemented Yet].
    Requires: Level 5 Fury
    [LV]     [Skill Level Effect]      [SP]
     1  Enables Dangerous Soul Collect  20
    Comments: This skill is a must get since combo skills in total requied 4
    spheres and it is trouble some to summon one by one again.
    Tips and questions
    Tips 1: Whenever clearing deadbranch spawns, teleport to a save point and lure
    then 1 by 1 as long as you can handle it and clear them one by one.
    Tips 2: Whenever fighting MVPs or tanking it(although not possible), try to say
    at the back of the other tankers if you are killing the mvp, atm only the mvp
    and start spaming your pots or mastela frults. If you are tanking make sure you
    use top 10 tanker slim whites or mastela frults.
    Tips 3: Whenever you go PVM hunting, it is recomanded to carry 100 mastelas or
    slim whites and 150 royal jellys or 80 blue pots
    Tips 4: Try not to use too much SP recovery pots all the time, save it for the
    asura strike, use absorb sprit sphere instead, if the map have high level
    monsters like sleepers and rybios maps, you can absorb to keep you SP from
    Tips 5: Don't activate your ctrical explosion skill as anyhow you like unless
    you have a soullinker with you
    Question 1: Why combo champ perform poorly in PVP even with such high flee
    Answer: The reason why is because killer jobs not only involve asura champs
    which you can survive asura using ghostring amours but also the new sonic blow
    assasin cross which can enchain element and using enchian deadly posion to one
    hit KO sonic blow. They also carry mummy carded weapons unless you have a orc
    lord card that can deal double KO, whats more ctrical sinX also can kill people
    using enchian deadly posion and enchain element. The most you can kill will be
    the acid demo creater as you hav low VIT and the can combo asura them, if you
    facing a GR amour then you use a freeze weapon to combo asura then follow by a
    manuel asura.
    Question 2: Can combo asura damage reaches the same amour of the manuel asura
    Answer: The combo asura damage is about half of the manuel asura damage, it is
    hard to reach the same amount of damage as the manuel. But think again, you use
    chain crush and stuffs that deal damage, the combined damage is almost the same
    as the manuel asura damage. But if you realy not confident to take down a high
    HP monster(example maya purple) with 1 or 2 combo asuras, try combo 3-4 times
    using the chain crush combo and proceed to asura combo as long as you pump your
    SP to the max.
    Question 3: The guide book of the offical server says tiger knuckle fist cannot
    be cast in between way of dragon and chain crush combo, is it true?
    Answer: For this I can say it is defenaly not true, probely some offical
    servers don allow it or something like that, it is possible to stack in between
    those two and do a full asura combo from it, as you have 1 sphere left after
    chain crush is casted. It is also possible to revese the combo by adding
    another tiger knuckle fist after doing the whole process as long as you have 1
    sprit sphere around.
    Question 4: Why are auto pliots ilegal, if it is so, then why are you using it?
    Answer: This answer probely you have to ask your friends around it, AIs are
    ilegal although it can provide good use for us, think again, if you use AI to
    play then it is realy wasting your time to play such a fun game, combo champs
    played by AI you will not feel the fun with it. I regreated for using this AI
    couse I miss the fun inside the game but then again thanks to that I am able to
    test out the best place for leveling and I can complete the level 80-99 process
    of this faq.
    Gravity who create the game.
    LordTopak on his combo monk guide, I just want to help him update a bit, your
    faq is nice, I love it.
    Calx Zinra's champ faq on the skills.
    weggy100's faq on the monk skills.
    all my freinds who sponsered me alot of items and buying my monthly cards for
    the money to buy my champ equipments.
    my guild for giving me the change to test to asura combo damage.
    last but not list, of couse gamefaqs for posting this up and the readers who
    read it.

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