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    Stalker Guide by ragnaroknike

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                             Ragaroknike's Stalker FAQ
                                   September 2007
    Note: This faq is only for offical server use only, the stat builts and stuffs
    are not for pivrate servers
    1: Introduction to Stalkers
    2: How dangerous is a Stalker
    3: A Stalker or Assassin cross?
    4: Bow or Dagger
    5: Stat builds
    6: Skills
    7: Advantage and Disadvanage
    8: The secret weapon of Stalkers
    1: Introduction to Stalkers
    Stalkers are the reborn jobs of Rouge, they are not very fast killers nor very
    strong killers. They are people who stalk and spy, and attack in slience, they
    are gangsters of Rune Midgard who walks around spying people. They are also
    strippers who take off everything on your body until you have notting left.
    Stalkers are also very dangerous in someways, although they are not strong in
    PVM, they are strong in something else that nobody will expect(I will discuss
    is later). For now lets move on to the Faq.
    2: How dangerous is a Stalker
    Ever since Rouge class are introduced they are not very popular, not even the
    new reborn Stalker class although bow types are very popular in pivrate servers
    although bow stalkers provide useless. However there are cleaver players who
    knows how to use a stalker very well, that is to use it for WOE purpose. As
    this has become a tradition, Stalkers are normaly used as a guild leader, due
    to their chase walk abilities(the new update enables to use them in WOE mode)
    and if they are equiped with the GTB card, they are almost invincible as chase
    walk cannot be detected by ruwatch, unless skills like arrow shower and such
    enables to force them out if Stalkers flee rate are not high. So in realy,
    AGI Stalkers with GTBs, orc heroes and ghostrings are quite invincible in WOE
    as a leader, with a certain amount of flee they can just simply go inside the
    defended emperium room and give a surprise emergency call at the emperium and
    arrow shower and skills cannot hit them because the may miss sometimes.
    3 Stalker or Assassin cross?
    So welther to make a Stalker or an Assassin cross is better, to me the Assassin
    cross is much better, becasue the sonic blow types are one hit KO killers and
    the ctritcal types are fast killers, Stalkers cannot do any of those above
    unless skilled players. But once again Stalker provide good used if they are
    used in the correct way, such as stripping off equipments(although seems
    impossible due to Creaters roaming around PVP nowadays) and using them for
    farming purpose(only good for third party programes in this situation) due to
    their auto steal skills. But Stalkers or Assassin cross it realy does depends
    on your own choice.
    4: Bow or Dagger
    This is a very intresting topic, although in pivrate servers bow stalkers do
    realy "owned" the PVP but they are actully useless in PVP and even PVM in
    offical servers, this is a fact aready proven. Dagger types are also not good
    ether, they cannot do realy high damage as bows, nor they can kill people in
    PVP, although in PVM they are quite strong, in WOE they are also useless.
    Advantages of bow
    1: They can use long range attacks
    2: They can deal high damage on a certain monster if using the correct bows
    and arrows
    3: They have high dex which makes they stripper types, which is why normaly
    stripper types are bow types
    4: Usefull in WOE to detect other stalkers if they hav copied arrow shower
    Disadvantages of bow
    1: They have realy low attack speed, even with AGI 99, theif set, copied triple
    blows, bluffs and slidewider cards.
    2: They cannot survive very well in PVM situations, probely because they don't
    have shields, so if the monster is using magic attacks, they probely cannot
    survive because they cannot equip GTB cards(if they have it)
    3: Useless to high defence monsters, because they don't have an arrow that can
    deal very high damage depending on monster and people's defence or vit, unless
    an incanmation samurai card or thanatos card is used.
    Advantage of daggers
    1: They have realy fast attack speed, if equiped with the theif set and with
    bluffs, they can realy kill fast, although the "fast" is actully casued by the
    effect of the double attack and copied triple blows(if they have it)
    2: They can equip shields that help them survive or decrease damage from
    certain race or monster, best card is the GTB card.
    3: They can deal damage to high defence monsters because they can equip
    house augers or ice picks.
    4: They can survive well in PVM situations.
    Disadvantages of daggers
    1: They deal very low damage in PVP even if house auger or ice pick is used,
    which makes them quite useless also because they don't have enough dex to strip.
    2: They don't provide much use in MVP situations ether
    3: Although dagger types can farm items due to their auto steal, this can
    only be fully used with third party programes(which are not allowed) due to
    some maps are low spawn of the certain monster, and to farm them takes alot of
    time without third party programe's help.
    5: Stat builds
    Note: The below builts are without job bounus and bluffs
    Pure AGI/farmer build:
    STR: 81
    AGI: 99
    DEX: 59
    Others: 1
    Recomanded equips: Theif card set, full AGI set, house auger/ice pick, element
    Recomanded copied skills: Triple blows, Bowling bash, Bash, Magnum break,
    Note: This is the PVM built for PVM situation, recomanded copied skill is
    triple blow because it realy makes them strong, imagine seeing the yellow
    damage come out. Also this can also use for farming items(although useless
    without third party programes).
    Pure stripper/bow AGI type:
    AGI: 99
    DEX: 99
    STR: 25(or INT or VIT 25 depending on your choice)
    Recomanded equipes: Theif card set, full AGI set, full dex set, full set element
    arrows(including ghost and darkness), a dagger for stripping purpose
    Recomanded copied skills: Triple blows, Bowling bash, Magnum break, Arrow
    Shower, Bash, Mammonite
    Note: This is the type for PVM and stripping, they can level very fast if they
    train on the same map, in fact faster than the dagger types in leveling.
    Pure Stripper/bow VIT type:
    DEX: 99
    VIT: 40+
    STR: 60+(or move it to AGI, if there are still left overs just pump to STR)
    Recomanded equips: Full dex set, PVP gear set, or full vit set, a shield and
    dagger for stripping purpose, full set element arrows
    Recomanded copied skills: Bowling bash, Arrow shower
    Note: This type is sutable for WOE uses, VIT cannot be over 40 because Creater's
    acid demonstration is very painfull unless with ghostring cards.
    Dagger STR type
    STR: 91
    AGI: 80+
    DEX: 59
    Recomanded equips: Full STR set, full set element daggers
    Recomanded copied skills: Triple blows, Magnum break, Mammonite, Bash, Bowling
    Note: Same as the AGI ones, but more slower but higher damage. Theif set in this
    situation is not recomanded.
    INT/stripper type:
    INT: 80-90+
    DEX: 99
    VIT: 20-40+
    Recomanded equips: Full dex set, full int set, a dagger and shield for stripping
    , a bow for training, using a bow or dagger depends on your choice
    Recomanded copied skills: Storm gust: Meteor storm, Jupiter tunder, Heaven Drive
    , Grand cross(undead types only), Magnus exorcismus(if they can be copied),
    Turn undead(undead only)
    Note: This is the most hardest Stalker ever made, if you suceeded in doing it,
    you can become famous for it, I recomand using a bow.
    Guild leader built AGI type
    STR: 51
    AGI: 80+
    VIT: 20-40+
    DEX: 50-70+
    Recomanded equips: Theif set, orc hero card, Moonlight(if theif set is used
    then forget it), GTB card, Ghostring card, Maya purple card, full VIT set,
    Amon ra card
    Recomanded copied skills: Jump kick, other wise copy whatever skills you like.
    Note: This type of guild leader can dodge arrow shower, providing the sniper
    or arrow class characters does not hit you with it.
    Guild leader built VIT type
    STR: 51
    VIT: 70+
    DEX: 70+
    Recomanded equips: Orc hero card, Moonlight card, Amon ra card, GTB card,
    Ghostring card, Maya purple card, full VIT set
    Recomanded copied skills: Jump kick, other wise copy whatever skills you like.
    Note: Able to survive from attacks such as asura strike when going into a
    defended emperium room.
    Extra note:
    Theif set: Wonderman card(garment), The paper card(weapon), Wild rose
    , Dancing dragon card(accessory), Shinobi card (accessory)
    If full set is equiped together by a theif class character:
    1: Auto cast immitate by wonderman card will not auto cast anymore(although
    some offical servers still have a bug to allow the immitate to cast by a low
    2: ASPD increased by 5%(+ 1 ASPD)
    3: Unlimited increase AGI effect that won be dispelled even if dispelled by a
    Sage or Professor, it is like a moonlight flower card equiped with you and
    this effect can be stack with increase AGI, your right side will show an
    increase AGI icon when full set is equiped.
    4: AGI+5, STR+5, if there is enough AGI, full theif set may add 2 ASPD due to
    the ASPD +5% effect, so total will add 2 ASPD if your AGI is very high.
    5: SP recover by 1 unit for every normal attack, this effect is ignored because
    the paper card's effect takes off 1 for every normal attack, so your 1 SP
    recover is actully jus recovering the 1 SP lost, so your SP won recover bt
    just stay a usual.
    6: When this card is used by theif class, they don't need any gemstone to cast
    skills that need gemstones(only venon splasher by Assassins and venon dust, if
    not the copied magnus skill)
    New updated theif set for rouge and stalker class only: Stainer card(helm),
    Wild rose card(shoes), Wonderman card(garment), Shinobi card(accessory),
    Wickebine Tres or dark theif card(accessory)
    if full set is equiped together by a rouge or stalker type character:
    1: STR+6, AGI+4
    2: Backstab damage + 10%
    3: Autocast level 5 Strip Armour if you know level 5
    4: SP usage for all skills -20%
    5: Auto immitate by wonderman no longer auto cast.
    6: Skills
    Rouge skills:
    Type: Active
    Strike a target from behind the back with a stab that cannot be avoided.
    Back Stab is usable during Hiding status and consumes 16 SP for each cast.
    Skill  ATK
    1      340%
    2      380%
    3      420%
    4      460%
    5      500%
    6      540%
    7      580%
    8      620%
    9      660%
    10     700%
    Note: This is a very usefull skill for dagger types, by hiding and backstab
    to disturb enemies, if used correctly they can provide good use, one of my
    favroute skills.
    Strip/Divest helm
    Type: Active
    Forcibly strip the helmet from a target. Divest Helm temporarily reduces INT
    by 40% on monsters, and removes currently equipped helmets on targeted
    characters in PvP situations, rendering them unwearable for a while.
    Skill Success Rate  Required SP
    1         7%           17
    2         9%           19
    3         11%          21
    4         13%          23
    5         15%          25
    Note: Higher dex affects chances also, imagine taking off the enermies
    maya purple headgear, the effect can be cured by Gospell
    Strip/Divest weapon
    Type: Active
    Forcibly strip the weapon from a target. Divest Weapon temporarily reduces
    attack power by 25% on monsters, and removes the currently equipped weapon
    on characters in PvP situations, rendering the weapons unwearable for a while.
    Skill Success Rate  Required SP
    1         7%           17
    2         9%           19
    3         11%          21
    4         13%          23
    5         15%          25
    Note: The strip effect cast on enermy can be cured by Gospell.
    Strip/Divest armour
    Type: Active
    Forcibly strip the armor from a target. Divest Armor temporarily reduces VIT
    by 40% on monsters, and removes currently equipped Armors on targeted
    characters in PvP situations, rendering them unwearable for a while.
    Skill Success Rate  Required SP
    1         7%           17
    2         9%           19
    3         11%          21
    4         13%          23
    5         15%          25
    Note: The strip effect cast on enermy can be cured by Gospell. Imagine
    Stripping off a Ghostring card armour worn by enermy.
    Strip/Divest shield
    Type: Active
    Forcibly strip the Shield from a target. Divest Shield temporarily reduces
    DEF by 15% on monsters, and removes currently equipped Shields on
    characters in PvP situations, rendering those Shields unwearable for a while.
    Skill Success Rate  Required SP
    1         7%           17
    2         9%           19
    3         11%          21
    4         13%          23
    5         15%          25
    Note: The strip effect cast on enermy can be cured by Gospell. This skill best
    used on GTB users.
    Double strafe
    Type: Active
    Just like the Archer`s Double Strafe, this skill enables Rogues to strike an
    enemy twice with one arrow shot when equipping a Bow class weapon.
    Double Strafe consumes 12 SP regardless of skill level.
    Skill     ATK
    1       100% x 2
    2       110% x 2
    3       120% x 2
    4       130% x 2
    5       140% x 2
    6       150% x 2
    7       160% x 2
    8       170% x 2
    9       180% x 2
    10      190% x 2
    Note: Bow stalkers defenaly will not miss this, even if you don't have enough
    skill points, you can copy it.
    Type: Passive
    Automatically cast the Steal skill while attacking enemies.
    The character`s Steal and Gank skill levels affect the success rate of
    stealing items from monsters using Gank.
    Skill   Gank Chance
    1            7%
    2            8%
    3            10%
    4            11%
    5            13%
    6  	     14%
    7  	     16%
    8  	     17%
    9  	     19%
    10  	     20%
    Note: This skill only affects dagger types.
    Compulsion discount/Haggle
    Type: Passive
    Purchase items from NPC shops at lower prices. When mastered, Haggle
    reduces NPC item prices 1% more than the Merchant`s Discount skill.
    Skill  Haggle %
    1  	 9%
    2  	 13%
    3  	 17%
    4  	 21%
    5  	 25%
    Note: It is said that the discount amount is even more than the Merchant's
    discount skill
    Type: Passive
    Enable the use of the last skill that was inflicted by an enemy. Intimidate`s
    skill level affects the level of the remembered skill that the Rogue can use.
    For example, if a Rogue is hit by Bash Lv.10, but the Rogue has only learned
    Intimidate Lv.5, the Rogue can only use Bash Lv.5 through the Intimidate
    skill. Intimidate can only be used to remember character skills, and cannot
    enable the use of skills that are exclusive to monsters.
    Skill  Maximum Skill Level that can be Remembered
    1  			1
    2  			2
    3  			3
    4  			4
    5  			5
    6  			6
    7  			7
    8  			8
    9  			9
    10  			10
    Note: The best skill of a Stalker, copied skills can be replaced by another
    skill if they are hit by it. Monster's attacks like dark blessing cannot be
    copied, and you cannot copy reborn job's attacks such as soul breaker/
    Steal coin/Mug
    Type: Active
    Extort zeny from monsters. Mug can only steal zeny one time from each monster,
    although it is possible to use Mug and the Steal skills on a monster and
    receive zeny and a stolen item. The caster`s DEX and LUK, and level
    difference with the target affect Mug`s success rate. This skill consumes
    15 SP with each cast.
    Skill Base Success Rate
    1  	    1%
    2  	    2%
    3  	    3%
    4  	    4%
    5  	    5%
    6  	    6%
    7  	    7%
    8 	    8%
    9  	    9%
    10	    10%
    Note: The amount of Zeny seems to be the level of the stolen monster.
    Flag graffiti/Piece
    Type: Active
    Paint a graffiti piece on a Guild Flag to replace the guild emblem with an
    image of your making. This skill`s level affects the amount of graffiti
    that the Rogue/Stalker can paint.
    Note: Just a fun skill, notting else about it, skip it.
    Remove Trap
    Type: Active
    Just like Hunters who can also learn the Remove Trap skill, Rogues can
    consume 5 SP to safely remove a trap, and obtain 1 Trap item. It is
    impossible to remove a trap that is still active.
    Note: Useless also, unless you want to help in removing traps.
    Type: Active
    Consume 1 Wet Duster and 5 SP to clean graffiti from a Guild Flag.
    Type: Active
    Paint a graffiti message with a 20 character limit in a 5X5 cell
    targeted area. Each cast consumes 1 Red Gemstone and 15 SP.
    Note: Another fun skill, just that you can write vulger words on the floor.
    Raid/Sightless mind
    Type: Active
    This skill is only usable during the Hiding status. Inflict an attack that
    will cause damage within a 3X3 cell area around the caster, and immediately
    cancel the Hiding status. Sightless Mind also has the chance of causing the
    Blind or Stun statuses to enemies. Each cast consumes 20 SP.
    Skill  ATK  Blind Chance  Stun Chance
    1      140%     13%  	      13%
    2      180%  	16%  	      16%
    3      220%  	19%           19%
    4      260%  	22%           22%
    5      300%  	25%           25%
    Note: One of the best Rouge/Stalker MOB skill, the more monster near you means
    even more harder to use, since they can prevent you from hiding.
    Gangster paradise/Slyness
    Type: Passive
    When more than 2 Rogues/Stalkers sit beside each other, monsters will not
    attack them. However, Slyness is ineffective against Boss, Insect and Demon
    Note: Quite usefull for a pure Rouge/Stalker party leveling in dungens, when
    you want to go AFK mode, this provide good use.
    Type: Active
    Strike a target and immediately warp the target and caster to a random
    location on the same map. The greater the caster`s level when compared to
    the target`s level, the higher the success rate of this skill. Snatch is
    ineffective against Boss Monsters.
    Skill  ATK  Required SP
    1      130%     13
    2      160%     16
    3      190%     19
    4      220%     21
    5      250%     24
    Note: Good for preventing people from Ksing your monsters.
    Tunnel drive/Stalk
    Type: Passive
    Enable slower movement during the Hiding status
    Skill Movement Speed (%)
    1  	    26
    2  	    32
    3  	    38
    4  	    44
    5  	    50
    Note: The slower version of chase walk, just that you walk more slower and
    you can be detected by ruwatch etc etc.
    Sword Master
    Type: Passive
    Just like the Swordman`s Sword Mastery skill, this skill increases damage
    inflicted by Rogues when a One-Handed Sword or Dagger class weapon
    is equipped. Higher levels of this skill result in greater damage increases.
    Skill  + ATK
    1  	+ 4
    2  	+ 8
    3  	+ 12
    4  	+ 16
    5  	+ 20
    6  	+ 24
    7  	+ 28
    8  	+ 32
    9  	+ 36
    10  	+ 40
    Note: Dagger types won't miss this skill.
    Vulture eye
    Type: Passive
    Just like the Archer`s Vulture`s Eye skill, this skill increases the Attack
    Range and Accuracy of Rogues when a Bow class weapon is equipped. When
    mastered, Vulture`s Eye adds a total of 10 cells to the Rogue`s Bow based
    Note: Bow types won't miss this I surpose.
    Stalker skills:
    Chase walk/Stealth
    Type: Active
    Allows its user to move while hiding. Any detecting skills such as Ruwach or
    Improve Concentration cannot detect the user. 10 seconds after Stealth is
    cast, the skill will begin to continuously consume SP. Leveling the skill
    will increase STR for 30 seconds. Can be used in Guild War areas where
    Stealth will consume 5 times as much SP.
    Note: The best skill for guild leader Stalkers, since most people will off
    effect during WOE mode, it is almost impossible to detect Stalkers in WOE.
    Sword reject/Counter instint
    Type: Active
    Only works against enemies using Sword weapons. Parry 3 attacks from an enemy
    and receive only half of the damage. Skill level affects the chance of
    blocking attacks. When activated and fighting monsters, this skill will
    reflect the damage parried by the Stalker back to the attacking monsters.
    Skill Parry Chance (%) SP Consumption
    1 	  15 		     10
    2 	  30 	             15
    3 	  45 	             20
    4 	  60 		     25
    5 	  75 		     30
    Note: This skill is very popular in pivrate servers but in fact this skill is
    actully useless, the prarrying chance is not as good as the Lord knight's
    prarrying skill, worse it can only affect sword users, any Assassin cross with
    EDP sonic blow can finish you off with one hit, this skill is best used in PVM.
    Type: Active
    For the duration of this skill, the Stalker will not automatically copy
    skills for Intimidate.
    Skill SP Consumption Duration Cast Time
    1 	    30 	     10 Minutes 1 Second
    Note: Best for copying, it will prevent you from copying another skill if you
    are hit by it.
    Full strip/Full divestment
    Type: Active
    Simultaneously casts Divest Helm, Divest Armor, and Divest Weapon.
    This skill is cast instantly with a 1 second Skill Reuse Delay.
    Skill Success Chance (%) SP Consumption
    1 	    7                  22
    2 	    9                  24
    3 	    11 	               26
    4 	    13 		       28
    5 	    15 	 	       30
    Note: Full strip types can now strip off everything from enermy with this.
    If used on monster, all the 4 strip skill effects also affects the monster,
    Gospell can remove the skill effects.
    7: Advantage and Disadvanage
    Stalkers does have advantages and disadvantages, although most if them I have
    aready explaned above
    1: They can contribute in WOE, like bow types can help detect chase walking
    Stalkers by using arrow shower, and dagger types can help to lock enermies
    2: They can be very good PVM players(for dagger types especially)
    3: Their attack speed can reach very fast(for dagger types only)
    4: they can attack at long range and equip arrows(bow types only)
    5: They are best sutable for guild leader jobs
    1: They cannot deal high damage in pvp for both types
    2: They are weak classes by nature
    3: Guild leader type Stalkers without god equipments and cards is hard to
    4: They cannot take down high HP monsters and high flee monsters, the ctritcal
    type wins them in this situation
    5: They are mostly easy food for sonic blow sinX once they are revealed
    8: The secret weapon of Stalkers
    Stalker have one secret weapon that others do not have, that is the soul of
    rouge casted by the soul linker.
    1: The Rouge/Stalker is no longer affected by dispell, meaning that dispell
    skill can no longer remove your preserve status, it is not known that welther
    the Rouge/Stalker will realy be unaffected by the dispell for unlimited times
    during the duration of the soul link or just one time
    2: Guild leader stalkers probely have some nasty tricks, by copying jump
    kick and use it very well. Normaly a defended emperium room has the emperium
    covered by safty walls, by using jump kick the Stalker can "jump" directly
    into the emperium and cast emergency call to summonn guild members. It is
    still not know welther jump kick can realy "jump" towards enermies in WOe
    At here I thank you for your time in reading this FAQ.
    Gravity for making such a fun class
    Gamefaqs for posting it
    My Stalker friends who have help me on my Stalker
    More information you can contact me at ragnaroknike@msn.com

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