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|S|t|e|a|l|t|h| |A|c|t|i|o|n| |R|e|d|e|f|i|n|e|d|
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Splinter Cell FAQ/Walkthrough v 0.60
Author: Rakis
Email address: rakisx|yahoo|com with any corrections/questions   
(Replace "|" and "|" with "@" and "." , respectively)
Date Started: 11/22/2002 9:20 PM
Date Finished: Never.


[Section  ] - The Numberless Section for Story/Characters

[Section 1] - Controls 

[Section 2] - Moves Galore
        {2.1} Basic Moves
        {2.2} Advanced Moves
        {2.3} Other Moves
[Section 3] - Weapons, Gadgets, Oh My!
        {3.1} Weapons
        {3.2} Gadgets
        {3.3} Items
        {3.4} Other

[Section 4] - Walkthrough
        {Heh} The Numberless Sub-Section of Doom, erm, Training
        {4.1} Police Station
        {4.2} Defense Ministry
        {4.3} Oilrig
        {4.4} CIA HQ
        {4.5} Kalinatek
        {4.6} Chinese Embassy
        {4.7} Abbatoir
        {4.8} Chinese Embassy
        {4.9} Presidential Palace

[Section 5] - Frequently Asked Questions

[Section 6] - Extra stuff

[Section 7] - <Insert Upcoming Section here>

[Section 8] - Copyright Information and etc.

[Section  ]
Story ->
Date: March 10, 2004
The CIA has lost two operatives in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, 
Agents Alison Madison and Agent Blaustein.  Madison was sent in to monitor the
widespread communication shortages, but contact was lost with her.
In response, the CIA sent in Blaustein to locate the missing Madison, only to 
disappear seven days later. 

Third Echelon, a top-secret initiative of the NSA, has activated Splinter 
Cell operative Sam Fisher to locate the agents and evaluate the situation.

Characters ->
Sam Fisher - You!  Or, the guy that you're playing.  Sam Fisher is a seasoned 
             Ex-CIA and Ex-Navy Seal.  Don't complain about his aim, it's just 
             to ensure that you don't play like this is a shooter.

Colonel Irving Lambert - Lambert is your Operations Coordinator.  He will give 
                         you objectives for your current mission. 

Vernon Wilkes, Jr. - Wilkes is a Field Runner, and is responsible for
                     extracting you from missions and also procuring equipment.

Anna Grimsdottir - Grimsdottir is the Communications Lead, who heads a small
                   team of programmers resposible for providing you with 
                   information in the field. 

Kombayn Nikoladze - The newly elected President of Georgia. Bad guy.

Vyacheslav Grinko - An Ex-Spetsnaz who is currently Nikoladze's "lieutenant" of
                    the Russian Mafia. Bad guy #2.

Georgian Colonels - These guys are useful for accessing retinal scanners.
                    Bad guy type #3

Philip Masse - A man with vast computer knowledge, he is directly responsible 
               for the Georgian information crisis.

Chinese Officers - These guys are the leaders of the People's Liberation Army 
                   of China.  Much like the Georgian Colonels, these officers
                   are quite useful, and may hold key information that you 
                   need. Alternate Bad guy type #3

[Section 1] - Controls

I don't see why anyone would need this section, but here goes:

(A)                  -  Interact
(X)                  -  Target/Aiming
(Y)                  -  Jump
(B)                  -  Crouch 
(Right Trigger)      -  Primary Fire
(Left Trigger)       -  Secondary Fire
(Right Analog Stick) -  Free Camera
                        Quick Turn (Click)
(Left Analog Stick)  -  Move/Change from Single
                        Automatic on Rifle (Click)
(White)              -  Back to wall/Reload in Target/Aiming mode
(Black)              -  Quick Inventory (Hold)
                        Quick Switch weapons (Press fast)
(Start)              -  OPSAT
(Back)               -  Controls map
(D-pad)              -  Night vision (left)
                        Thermal vision (right)

[Section 2] - Moves Galore

{2.1} - Basic Moves

Walk           - Push lightly forward on the (Left Analog Stick)

Run            - Push all the way forward on the (Left Analog Stick)

Crouching      - Use the (B) button to crouch.  This move allows Sam to move
                 slower and quieter, and also allows him to become less 
Mantling       - Press (Y) and push forward on to low objects.  This move 
                 allows Sam to climb on top of assorted things, such as Tables,
                 Crates, Dumpsters, etc.

Climbing       - Walk into a Pipe, Ladder, Vertical Cable, or Fence to climb.
                 As common sense would show, this allows Sam to reach 
                 otherwise inaccessible areas.  

Close Attack   - Walk close to an enemy and hit the (Right Trigger).  If the
                 enemy is not alerted, i.e. is not looking for you, Sam will
                 knock him out in one hit.  If the enemy is alerted, however,
                 it will require at least two hits for a knockout.

Back to Wall   - Press the (White) button when standing or crouching near a 
                 wall to lean against it. This move makes Sam less visible, and
                 allows him to reach some otherwise inaccessible areas.

Shimmying      - Jump up (Y) near a ledge to grab it.  If there is sufficient
                 room, you can move the analog stick up to mantle on top of the
                 ledge.  Sam can also move to the left and right while hanging.
                 Press (Y) again to let go of the ledge.
                 You may also Shimmy by walking off a ledge.  Sam will
                 automatically grab it.
Hand-over-Hand - Jump up (Y) under a horizontal pipe or cable.  Sam will grab 
                 it, allowing you to cross gaps (or etc.).  You can also press
                 the (B) button to bring Sam's legs up onto the pipe or cable.

Zip Line       - Jump up (Y) under a sloped cable or wire, and Sam will grab 
                 it, and automatically start sliding down. Press (B) to lift 
                 Sam's legs, and Press (Y) again to let go. 


{2.2} - Advanced Moves

Rolling               - Press and hold (B) while moving.  If you roll into 
                        fire, you will not take damage. That is, if there isn't
                        any fire when you stop rolling.  

Wall Jump             - When standing near a wall, jump (Y) and press jump (Y) 
                        again when nearing the top of your jump to kick off a 
                        nearby wall and gain extra height.  This move will 
                        also let you grab high ledges.

Split Jump            - When standing in a corridor that is as wide as Sam is 
                        tall, do a wall jump.  Press (Y) at the top of the Wall
                        jump will allow Sam to enter the Split Jump position.

Drop Attack           - While in a high place, wait for an enemy to go 
                        directly below you, and press (Y) to let go and knock 
                        the enemy out.  

Quiet Landing         - When falling, quickly press the (B) button to do a
                        quiet landing.

Door Peek             - Interact with a door using the Open Door option, and 
                        hold back on the Left Analog Stick to activate Open 
                        Door Stealth mode. This allows Sam to peek into the 
                        next room.  If you push forward on the Left Analog 
                        Stick, the door will open all the way.  Pushing 
                        backwards makes the door close.

Rappelling            - When near a small chimney, select the Rappel option.  
                        Press up and down to move Sam up and down the rope.
                        Pressing (Y) will make Sam kick off the wall.  To go 
                        down faster, press (Y) and back at the same time.  
                        This also allows Sam to break through windows.

Rappel Shooting       - While in Rappel mode, press (X) to take out your 

Hanging Shooting      - While in Hanging mode, with your feet hanging, 
                        press (X) to take our your weapon.

Split Jump Shooting   - While in a Split Jump, press (X) to take out your 
                        weapon.  Try shooting yourself!

Back to Wall Shooting - While approaching a corner, Sam will peek around.  
                        When you are peeking, press X to take out your weapon.

{2.3} Other Moves

Move Body          - While over a dead or unconscious body, use the (A) 
                     button to pick up the body. Press (X) again to put down 
                     the body. Be sure to hide enemy bodies in a dark place, 
                     where lights can't be turned on.  

Conversations      - Walk up to a friendly NPC and select the Talk To.. action.

Grabbing           - Sneak up close to an enemy, undetected, and use the
                     Grab Character action.  Press Right trigger to knock them

Human Shield       - While holding an enemy, press (X) to equip your sidearm.
                     Make a note that other enemies will fire at you if you do 
                     this, (since they don't want to die...Why else?)

Interrogation      - Some NPCs can be interrogated while holding them.  They 
                     usually give useful information.  

Forced Cooperation - Walking up to certain objects with Colonels/Officers 
                     allows Sam to force them to use objects that Sam can't 

[Section 3] - Weapons, Gadgets, Items, Oh My!

{3.1} Weapons

SC-20K M.A.W.S. (Modular Assault Weapon System) -
      This weapon will be the main weapon throughout the game.  It is acquired 
      in the fourth mission.  It uses 5.56mm rounds, and is also able to 
      function as a sniper rifle and a multipurpose launcher.
      |Ring Airfoil Projectile| - 
      This is kind of like a rubbet bullet.  It will only knock out or stun.
      A direct hit to the head is an instant knockout.  One hit to the body 
      stuns the enemy, leaving him open for attack, while two hits to the body 
      delivers a knockout.      

      |Sticky Camera| - 
      This enables Sam to look around corners, and also has thermal and night 
      vision capabilities, along with zoom in/out.  If launched directly at an
      enemy's head, it will deliver a knock out.  These cameras are reusable.
      |Sticky Shocker| -
      Much like the airfoil, this will not kill an enemy.  One hit from this 
      electricutes a target, and incapacitates him.  If multiple enemies are 
      standing in water, you can shoot the sticky shocker into the water to 
      electricute all of them.
      |Gas Grenade|
      This grenade delivers a powerful knock out gas that will quickly 
      incapacitate enemies.  Be careful not to get stuck in the gas, your life 
      will slowly drain if you do.         

      |Distraction Camera|
      This camera can let you attract enemies and knock them out using 
      compressed gas.  This camera is one time use, but can be picked up if gas
      function is not used.

{3.2} Gadgets

SC Pistol Pistol -
Pistol Pistol?  Must be a manual error right there.  :)
This is your sidearm.  It uses 5.57mm ammunition and is silenced.  Useful for 
taking out lights without wasting rifle ammo.

Lock Pick -
This is a reusable pick that allows you to pick the locks of standard doors.
Rotate the left analog stick around until the controller vibrates, and then 
jiggle the left analog stick until it drops.  Keep doing this until door 
is unlocked.

Laser Microphone: T.A.K. (Tactical Audio Kit) -
This device senses uses lasers to sense vibrations on glass 
and translates the vibrations into sound. 

Camera Jammer - 
This device, as common sense would say, jams cameras.  It has a limited battery
life that recharges when not in use.  

Optic Cable -
This device allows Sam to peek underneath doors.

Disposable Pick -
A one time use pick that burns the lock off on a door.

Goggles -
Don't leave home without your goggles.
    Night Vision Headset - This lets you see in the dark. 
    Thermal Vision Headset - This lets you see heat signatures.   


{3.3} Items

Wall Mine -
It's a motion sensitive mine that you can stick on walls.  To defuse a mine, 
walk up to it very slowly.  Disarm it when the light is green.  If you happen 
to get it when it is red, don't let go of the A button.  Hit up and select 
Back to game. 

Chemical Flare -
This thing is like a glow stick.  Throw it and it attracts enemies.

Emergency Flare -
This is a very useful item.  It is primarily used for attracting enemies, and 
can also be used to draw sentry turret fire.

Frag Grenade -
Useful for killing groups of enemies.

Medical Kit -
A kit used to gain health.

Bullet Box - 
This holds ammunition for your sidearm and rifle. 
5.56mm is for your rifle and 5.57mm is for your pistol.


{3.4} Other

Alarm Panel - 
This is used to trigger the alarm.  Don't let enemies touch it!

Automated Turret -
This will automatically shoot you.  It is programmed in such a way that it 
will recognize friendlies, but shoot enemies.  Using the computer next to this 
will give you the option to deprogram this ability, or to deactivate it.

Surveillance Camera -
As common sense would show, this camera is used to scan an area to look for 
intruders (i.e. You).  This type of camera is greyish and destructable.

Armored Camera -
This is exactly like the Surveillance Camera, except it is indestructable. 
Avoid being spotted by either timing your movements, or shooting out the 

Key Pad Lock -
This type of lock requires a number combination to open.  The key code can 
usually be found in datasticks.  

Retinal Scanner -
This type of lock scans the eyes of the user, and will open if the user is 
authorized.  Sam, of course, is not authorized.  If you try to use it alone, 
an alarm will sound.  To bypass this type of lock, you must find a Colonel. 
Grab the Colonel, and bring him up to the Retinal Scanner. An option will 
appear to Use Retinal Scanner.  After the first use, you can knock the general 
out.  You won't need him to access the door after that.

[Section 4] - Walkthrough

This section is probably where you will be looking most of the time. Please 
make a note that this is only one of many, many, MANY possible ways to beat 
the game.  Also, note that your skill in the art of stealth is needed in order 
to beat the levels.  Oh, and I am not going to be holding your hand throughout 
the entire game.    


{Heh} The Numberless Sub-Section of Doom, erm, Training

I am not making a walkthrough for this section.  If you can't get passed this 
level by yourself, you should return this game.  I will, however, explain one 
of the easter eggs.

At the start of the course, head to the right portion of the area you start in.
There's a ledge.  Jump off the wall and grab the ledge.  Go up, and turn to 
your right.  There's a door.  Inside is a lock pick.

Use that lockpick at the end of the initial training course, right after you 
go pass the gate.  In the locked room, there is a computer.  After using the 
computer, you'll get a datastick.  This datastick contains a keycode.

Venture back to the area you started in, and go to the left side of the room. 
Do a wall jump and grab the ledge there.  Climb up, and go to your left. There 
will be a keypad locked door.  Use the code in the datastick (5656) to access 
that door.  Inside the room, you will meet Grimsdottir. 

There's not much else to this room.  
Well, that is....
If you knock Grimsdottir out, Lambert will give you a very pleasant surprise.


{4.1} Police Station

You, Sam Fisher, have been dropped in T'Bilisi, Georgia to investigate the 
disappearance of two agents, Blaustein and Madison.  

From where you start, go forward.  You'll reach a set a white stairs.  Go up 
them. At the top, there will be a ladder.  Go up to the wall, and press jump 
and forward to climb it.  At the top of the ladder, there's a roof with a trap 
door.  Open up the trap door, and go inside.  To the right, there will be a 
space that you can crouch walk through.  Once you reach the other end, you 
will catch a glimpse of a large fire.  

Guess what?  You're going in.

Look for a zip line, and use it to get to the other building.  Go through the 
door in the room you have landed in.  Grimsdottir will message you and will 
attempt to guide you through. My memory of this section is a bit shady, so 
Grimsdottir will be your best bet if you are confused. 

She will tell you to go to the room directly outside of the room you are in.  
Take one step into that room, no furthur. The floor will collapse.  
Head back out into the hall way, and go to the room to the left side.  
Once in the room, take the other exit out of there and run into the stair well.

At the bottom of the stairwell, there will be a hallway where the floor ends.
Look up for a horizontal pipe to grab onto.  Climb over to the other side of 
the hall, and jump down.  Go to the room on the left.  Grimsdottir will 
message you, telling you that your contact is in that room.  He will be lying 
underneath a pile of wood that has crushed him.  After talking to him, it is 
revealed that you must find Blaustein's black box.  

Run out the other door in the room and go straight.  Smoke has filled this 
room, so Grimsdottir will advise you to shoot the skylight.  Of course, you 
can always crouch walk against the wall and open the door in the room. 

This door will lead outside to a checkpoint.  Outside, you will find that 
you are on a balcony.  Make your way to the part of the balcony where there is 
a gap in the fence.  Take a running leap to the other side and do a quiet 
landing as to not alert the person on the bottom.  Of course you don't have to 
do this, since he can't get to you, but it's good practice.

Keep going on the balcony, and you will reach a front "yard" area.  One of 
Grinko's lackeys will be on the phone, asking for Grinko.  During his 
conversation, quietly jump behind him and knock him out.  
(Or pop a cap in his head.  Whatever you want...Doing this may alert the
other guard in the house, though.) Make sure you hide his body in the dark.

Walk up the small set of stairs and shoot the light at the front porch.  Hide 
beside the door, and wait for the second guard inside to come out.  Once he is 
out, you can either knock him out or shoot him.

Go inside the house, and use the computer in the first room.  The computer 
will give you a keycode.  Keep going into the house, pass the kitchen, and go 
into the bathroom.  Pick up the medkit off the wall, and go to the last room 
of the house.  In this room, there will be a painting that you can slide. 
Behind the painting, there will be a computer.  Use it.  After that, open the 
keycode locked door with the code on the datastick (091772).

Turn to your left, and jump onto the balcony.  Jump up to grab the zip line 
and go down onto a roof.  Go through the door on the roof, and you'll 
make it to an elevator.  Jump down and open the trap on top of the elevator 
door. Go through the door in the next area.  You'll eventually make your way 
to an area where two policemen and a drunk are having a conversation.  The 
drunk eventually passes out.  You have several options.

1) You can shoot your way through.  Although not recommended, it gets the job 

2) You can distract one of the guards, and take him out.  Or distract a guard 
and take the other guard out.

3) Run down the stairs with an object, and throw it, attracting some attention.
From here just shoot them.

4) Shoot the guards from a distance, hoping they miss you.

5) Shoot the light that is over the drunk, and knock the guards out.

6) *Reader Submission - Simonnfunk@aol.com* 
   Just double jump in the corner near the barred door before the flight of 
   steps.  You can grab on to the adjacent ledge and shuffle across the drunk 
   and company.  If the guy up in the balcony hasn't turned around yet, you 
   can just press down once you're in the shadows near the end of the ledge 
   and grab onto the one beneath.  Just keep shuffling along until you go past 
   the corner and then drop on down.

Hide any bodies you leave behind.

Anyways, after getting past the guards, make your way down the alley.
You'll eventually make your way to an area with a large fountain.  In the far 
left corner, there are some bushes.  Behind the bushes, there is a little area 
that you can crouch through.  In this area, there will be two medkits to pick 
up, and also a computer.  Access the computer to get some information.

Get back out to the bushes, and be careful of the guard.  Sneak your way to 
the gate right outside of the bushes and try to take the guard in the new area 
out without attracting any attention.

Make your way down that alley, you'll have to sneak past (or kill) a few 
guards on your way through.  
Eventually, you'll reach the end of the alley.  Right at the end, there is a 
dumpster that you can climb on top of.  Jump off the wall and grab the ledge.
Climb over to the other side.  The game will go to a load screen, and a 

From here, walk to door down the stairs.  Before you go, you may want to 
knock out the light before the door.  Use the keycode (5929) to unlock 
the door.  Open up the door and watch the guard.

Wait for the guard get acquainted in the room ahead of you.  
Once he is out of sight, walk to the first or second wall area (the sections 
of the room where there aren't jail cells directly to the right and left of 
you).  Once there, perform a split jump.  

Wait up there for a while, until the guard comes out.  He will patrol all 
the way to the end of the jail cell, at the door.  The second he walks 
directly under you, hit jump to fall.  Your fall will knock him out.

Open the door leading to the place you started and drag his body into the 

(Optional) After that is done, go into the room that he went into after 
his initial patrol.  Check the computer for a data stick. 

After that, Crouch walk and continue into the precinct until you reach 
a clear sliding door.  Walk behind one of the large steel cabinets, and 
watch the man with a laptop hanging from his chest.  As soon as you can, 
sneak up to him, and grab him or knock him out.  You can also shoot him if 
you want, but your mission is not to kill.  If you grabbed him, you will 
get the option to interrogate him.  He'll tell you that he helped the doctor
 remove the subdermals inside the missing agents' head, and that you can 
find him in the morgue.  Make sure you hide his body in the dark also, 
don't want to cause an alarm.  You can also choose not to knock him out, 
but this is the easiest way.

(Optional) Check the computers in the room for a data stick.

The morgue is in the room you are in now, but don't go in right away.  
First, walk near the door, which will automatically open.  Whip out your 
Five-Seven and aim for the camera in the corner of the room.  The camera is 
the one with the red light.  You'll see a little "flare" or "explosion" if 
you shot the camera successfully.  Once that happens, just walk into the 
room.  You'll soon discover the bodies of the two missing agents.

(Optional) Break all the lights outside the locked door.  Pick the lock, 
and open the door.  The guard inside won't notice, and is watching static
on TV.  Shoot out the TV, and he'll go crazy.  Knock him out, and hide the 
body. Or you can take a bottle and toss it at him.

Your mission objectives will now change.  Now you have to go upstairs, to 
the security room.

Head down the hallway, and you'll reach a door to a stairway.  Once in the 
stairway, you can shoot out the lights if you want.

(Optional) Open the door. Distract the guard, or kill him, and check his 
computer for a data stick.  The civilian will run out if you cause a commotion. 
He'll run out the precinct.  You can knock him out if you want.

Open the door at the top of the stair way.  Walk past the doorway to your 
left, and hide against the wall.  A civilian will enter the precinct, and 
file a complaint.  Wait for the conversation to end, and for the civilian 
to sit down.  Now go to the right wall, and lean against it.  Slowly advance
 to the far right corner, near the exit of the precinct.  When you reach 
the blinds, you will have to stop leaning, and crouch walk behind the 
blinds.  Once you reach the corner, crouch walk to the far left corner. 

There should be a "fence" doorway that you go through before reaching the 
left corner.  Once there, go to the door ahead of you.  This door leads to 
another stair way.  The door is another one of those automatic ones.

(Optional) Proceed through the door, and distract the guards.  Check the 
computers for datasticks.  You can also shoot them if that's your style....

(Optional) Pick the locks of the two doors straight ahead of you.  One room has
extra ammo, while the other is an interrogation room.  

Once you're at the top, lean against the right wall, and advance to the 
door at the far end.  In this room, there should be a curtain.  Carefully 
crouch walk into the curtain, and sneak up on the guy at the computer.  
Knock him out, and drag his body into a dark place.  The satchel that he 
drops contains a data stick.  Go onto the computer, and you will gather the 
information needed.  Now all you have to do is go to the extraction point.

Backtrack back to the Precinct Entrance, where the civilian filing a 
complaint is, and go through the door and run outside.  A speeding chicken 
van should show up and pick you up.


{4.2} Defense Ministry

You start out on a roof top.  See that little chimney in front of you?  Rappel 
off of it.  Eventually you'll reach an open window with some blinds covering 
the entrance.  Go through the blinds, and wait for the guard in the room to 
stop in the middle of the bookcases.  Sneak up and knock him out.  Shoot the 
camera above the door in the room, and access the computer.  Open the door 
outside, and sneak out when the guard that is patrolling has his back turned.  
Go into the next door at the left side of the hallway.  

This door will lead to a stairwell.  If you go up, you'll find a medkit.  If 
you do some acrobatic maneuvers to jump from beam to beam up there, you'll 
find another medkit and a disposable lock pick.  After getting the medkit, 
go down the stairs.  Watch out for the two cameras along the way.  Eventually, 
you'll make it down to a door that leads to the parking garage.

Enter the garage, and look out for the camera right in front of you.  Go along 
the left side of the garage, and eventually you'll see a car with it's 
headlights on.  Shoot the camera near the car.  The guy you have to 
interrogate will probably go investigate the camera.  Grab him and see what 
he has to tell you.  When that's done, knock him out and hide the body.  

Go back to the door that led you into the parking garage, you'll probably find 
a guard near the door.  Just knock him out and hide the body.  Go back up the 
stairs, and take the door leading back into the hallway.  You'll discover that 
one of the guards is gone.  Sneak up to the remaining guard and knock him out. 

Go through the door on the right side of the hallway, just across from the 
guard that you knocked out.  Access the computers in there for datasticks. 
Unlock the door in the room, and you'll end up on a balcony.  A little 
cutscene will play, showing a window being opened. Jump on the left part of 
the balcony, and face the wall.  Jump up and grab the gutter. Shimmy across 
to the window that you saw open, and quiety jump in.  Quiety land on the 
floor, and a guard will come in.  After the guard spits in the soup and 
leaves, make your move.  Sneak up to the closest cook, and grab him from as 
far away as the other cook as possible.  Drag him to the freezer (behind and 
to the left) and knock him out.  This may or may not attract the attention of 
the other cook.  If it does, shoot the light out in the freezer, and knock 
out the cook when he comes to investigate.  If it doesn't, do it anyways. 
That or just sneak up to the other cook.  Hide his body in the freezer.  

Open the door into the next room, and you'll find yourself in a cafeteria. A 
guard will come in soon, and turn on the lights.  When he goes for the lights, 
knock him out.  Hide the body in the freezer.

Go out of the cafeteria, to where the guard came from.  Go down the set of 
stairs, and you'll see another guard.  Sneak up to him, knock him out, and 
hide his body.  Now for the "tricky" part.  Get to one of the far sides, and 
hang from the balcony of the level you are on.  Jump down and quiety land. 

Sneak up to the guard in the middle, near the computer.  Knock him out and 
hide his body in a dark shadowy area of the floor you are on.  Sneak up and 
knock out the remaining guard near the door (and hide the body...), as well. 
Access the computer in the center of the room.  Right after you do, you'll 
get a message that a Colonel is heading your way.  Hopefully, you didn't hide 
the bodies behind the computer. :)

Hide in the dark until he comes down.  Once he comes down, he'll sit down 
and work on the computer.  When he does that, grab him.  Drag him over to the 
retinal scanner in the corner of the room (behind you and to the left, if you 
are looking at the computer screen).  Force Cooperation on the Retinal Scanner 
to open the door.  Once the door is opened, knock him out.  Go in the next 
room.  Checkpoint.

In the next room, be careful of the camera.  Shoot it out when it isn't 
looking your way.  Equip your Laser Mic.  Open the door, and take a few small 
steps.  You'll soon see a cutscene of two people getting into the elevator.  
These guys are Grinko and Masse.  Use the Laser Mic like a gun, i.e. equip 
it using X. Point the mic at the elevator as it goes up.

The instant after the conversation is done, head to the far right in the 
courtyard.  Jump on the lattice (that thing growing vines) and climb over 
to the left and into the window at the top.  Drop in, and you'll go into a 
loading screen.  Checkpoint.

When you get in, the elevator will be coming down.  It contains two guards, 
that will probably hurt you a lot.  Hide in the closet to the left of the 
elevator.  In the closet, you will find a disposable lock pick.  Use the Optic 
Camera on the door in the closet, and wait for the second guard to pass you 
by.  After he passes the closet, get out and quickly sneak to the elevator. 
Activate the switch to open the elevator (it's at the left of the elevator 
door, can't miss it).  Get in and head up.   

Once up, look to your left.  Pick the lock on the door just left of the 
elevator.  Go in, and access the computer for a datastick.  Notice how there 
is a vent on the floor?  Jump on top of the desk, and go to the right part 
of the vent (or left if you're looking at the PC monitor).

When you reach the end of the vent, there will be a hole to fall down.  If 
there isn't a hole, but a vent cover, then you went the wrong way in the vent.
Once you drop down, make note of the bullet-proof camera in front of you. 
You should be able to hide behind the stuff in the hall way.  Also, make note 
of the door at the right.  Right now it's jammed, so you can't go in.  Time 
your movement so the camera isn't look at you when you go out.  Go out and 
shoot the light on the left side (in front of the stuff you hid behind).  This 
should allow you to walk without the camera catching you.  Once the light is 
out, go into the door next to the light.  Inside will be a closet.  Grab the 
ammo on the shelf if you need it, and climb up the ladder.  

Upon climbing up, you'll see yourself on a roof.  Run forward and you'll see 
a little chimney.  Rappel off the roof using the chimney.  Eventually, you'll 
reach a glass window, where you can see a soldier in a room.  Take out your 
pistol, and shoot the soldier in the head through the glass.  The glass will 
shatter.  Go inside the room.  Pick up the satchel near the dead soldier, 
in it you find a frag grenade.  Access the computer facing the window.  

You'll recieve a communication from Lambert, and you will also hear that the 
guards are breaching the room you are in.  Turn off the lights and hide behind 
a desk.  Take out the frag grenade, and throw it at the door just before they 
breach.  You should be able to take out at least two guards if you time it 
correctly.  Kill the remaining guard(s) and access the computer again.

Exit the room (the same way the guards came in).  Go to your left, and you'll 
notice the bullet proof camera you avoided previously.  Remember that jammed 
door?  Go through it.  You'll eventually find your way on another roof top, 
only this time you can't rappel off.  See the empty elevator shaft?  See that 
pole in the center?  Jump and grab the pole, and slide down.  You can also try 
hanging on the elevator shaft, dropping, regrabbing the ledge to get to the 

Once at the bottom, you'll find yourself in that parking garage where you 
interrogated the driver.  Go to where you interrogated him, and you'll find 
Wilkes.  Talk to Wilkes and the mission will end.

It appears that we're going to war.....


{4.3} Oilrig

Coming in version 0.5 or lower. (Okay...Two lies.)

Most common question asked: How do I get to the other part of the oilrig to 
trail that Technician?

Climb up one of the two ladders, and mantle on top of the big tool box/cabinet.
From here, look up.  You'll see a pipe.  Jump up to grab it, and bring your 
feet up.

Another common problem: Help! I'm stuck in one area where the doors are jammed.

Try mantle-ing on top of something and looking for a pipe above you to get 
into the room.  I believe this is the area you encounter just after 
you hear gunfire break a window.  


{4.4} CIA HQ

Coming in version 0.6 or lower.

Technical Services - 7687
Server Room - 2019
Back up Battery Power - 110598
Weapons Testing - 110700
Smoking Patio - 0614
UFO - 020781

Someone has been spilling America's beans, and it's up to you to find out 
where the leak is.

You start out in the front of the CIA building.  Right from the start, turn to 
your left and run to the other side.  Turn left again, and run towards the 
fence in front of you.  Climb over the fence to get into the enclosed area. 

See the grating on the left part of the wall ? Do a double jump off the 
fence to grab the ledge and pull yourself up.  Go to the right and you'll be 
able to slide it open.  Run through to get inside the CIA building.
There's a fence between you and the other side, with a maintenance worker on 
the other side.  Sneak to the middle of the top area you are in right now, 
and the guy will start his patrol.  Once he is out of sight, jump down. 

Climb over to the other side of the fence, and crouch run into the other hall.

Wait in the shadows for the maintenance guy to return, and knock him out. 
Remember to hide his body.  Keep going, and you'll see a camera ahead.  Since 
you don't have a gun, you can't shoot it.  Time your movements.  Wait for the 
camera to point to the left, and then run under it. Turn to the stairs at the 
right of the camera.  Slowly walk up the first part of the stairs and look up 
with the camera in front of Sam's face.  You'll see a guard.  When you get to 
a certain part of the stairs, the guard will turn around.  Wait for him to 
turn around.  Go up the stairs a little bit more to watch him go on his 
patrol.  In the middle of his patrol, he will stop and turn to the left and 
look through a glass to an elevator area.  When he starts to move, go back 
to the bottom of the stairs.  Face towards the direction the guard is, and do 
a wall jump and grab the ledge above you.  Wait for the guard to return one 
more time, and leave.  Once he reaches the middle, pull yourself up and 
slowly crouch walk towards him.  Grab him and knock him out. Grab the satchel 
that he carries. Remember to hide his body.

Once that is done, go down the second set of stairs, and go into the 
nearest room.  The room should be unlit.  Access the computer and grab the 
items on the desk (Medkit, Airfoils, Sticky Shockers). Open the other door in 
the room. Watch for the guard in the room directly in front of you, the room 
has a large glass window that he can look through.  Once he is gone, quickly 
sneak to the right of the door in front of you, and go through the metal 
detector.  The detector is broken, so don't worry.  Check point should occur 
in this area.

Open up the door, and you'll see that area that the first guard was looking 
at (elevator).  One of the guards should be on a cell phone.  Just knock him 
out.  The other guard won't notice.  Go around the large wall to your right, 
and sneak to the long cushioned seat.  There should be a coke can on it.  

Use the can to distract the guard.  Once he is far enough away, and not 
looking, quickly open the elevator and go down. 

Once you're down, sneak through the hall way.  Soon, a person will go through 
a door on the right, and open a door on the left.  Once he is in the left 
room, enter the room on the right.  Access the computer for a datastick.

Leave the room and continue down.  The hall breaks into two halls.  Quickly 
sneak to the left portion and run down.  Eventually, you'll reach a room 
with an automatic sliding door. Go in, you'll probably hear the guy in the 
room converse with one of the guards outside about their "great" security.

In the left of the room, there should be a locked closet.  Inside, you'll find 
a medkit and some sticky shockers.  Wait for the conversation to finish, 
and go out to the room and turn off the lights.  The guy will go to turn it 
on.  Go behind him and knock him out.  Grab his satchel.

Go back to the fork in the hall way, but be careful of the patrolling guard. 
Go to the right portion of the hall, and look ahead.  A maintenance guy is 
also on a patrol, from keypad lock to closet.  When he goes to the closet, 
sneak into the shadows closest to the keypad.  Wait for him to come back, and 
knock him out.  Keep in mind that there is another guy in a room to the left. 

After you knock him out, drag him to the closet and off the lights in there.
Inside the closet, there will be a a disposable pick.

Go to the room to the left of the keypad.  Wait for the guy to turn his back, 
sneak in, and take him out.  Grab his satchel, and hide his body in the closet.

Go to the keypad lock.  Use the code 7687 to unlock it.  Inside the room, 
there is a maintenance guy and a guard.  Wait for the maintenance guy to go 
to the far right corner of the room, and knock him out silently.  Sneak past 
the guard into the next room.  Access the computer there, and open the door. 
A checkpoint should occur around here.  

After entering the room, you should find that you have now entered a storage 
facility of some sort.  Sneak down the stairs, and be careful turning the next 
corner.  There are two maintenance workers in here.  Instead of trying to 
sneak and knock both of them out, run (Run) back up the stairs.  Your running 
should make one (or two) of the guards investigate.  Hide in the shadows at 
the top.  When they come looking for you, smack them.  If you can't get the 
second guy, try and sneak and knock him out.

After that, continue on to the next room over.  Go up the next set of stairs. 
Up here, you should find your SC-20k rifle, along with some handy dandy sweet 
as candy accessories.  Head out the door, and you should overhear a guard who 
is talking on a cellphone.  Quickly grab him and drag him back to the room 
where you found your gun.  Knock him out and make sure his body is will hidden.

Go back out and continue down the curvy hallway.  Eventually, you'll reach the 
war room.  Time to put your airfoils to the test.  Remember, LEFT TRIGGER is 
the one that shoots them, not right trigger.  Try and aim for the head.  If 
you miss, just shoot another one.  Grab the guard at the entrance of the war 
room and hide his body.  Wait in the shadows outside the entrance.  Soon, 
another guard will come. Knock that guy out too.  Hide the body. 

Now, go back to the area around the entrance of the war room.  At the left, 
there should be two sliding glass doors.  This is the entrance to the server 
room.  Use the Server Room keycode (2019) for both of the doors, but go to the 
one on the right.  Now, on the level right below you, there is a maintenance 
worker.  If you can, try to distract him and knock him out.  If not, just hide 
in the shadows, and wait for him to come.  After knocking him out, head into 
the big white room.  There should be another maintenance worker here.

Carefully sneak up and grab him.  Hide his body.  Access the computer in the 
big white room.  (There is only one computer, with a red screen).  After that, 
you'll get a call.  It turns out that some guy named Dougherty has has a 
little knack for giving away America's secrets.  It's up to you to tap his 

Head back out to the hall way (near the entrace of the war room, remember?).
Now, continue down the hall way, soon you will reach a guard post with some 
metal detectors at the end leading to a big area.  Knock out the guard with 
your airfoils.  Before jumping into the guard post, go near the metal 
detectors.  Shoot out one row of the lights (near the middle).  Now, jump 
into the guard post, grab the his satchel, and continue on.  Shoot the light 
in the little hall way.  Now enter the big area.  If you didn't already, 
shoot the lights in front of you.  There should be a dark path now.  If not, 
try and avoid the cameras (they are bullet proof).  Sneak to the hall way at 
the other end of the big area.  A guard may come from the top of the stairs, 
but don't worry about him.  He'll stay in the big area.  When you make a 
turn in the hallway, you should see a maintenance guy on a small patrol 
in the room to the left.  Knock him out so he doesn't see you as you pass.

Keep heading down the hall way, and eventually you'll see an area with a 
camera.  This camera is bullet proof, so shoot the light so it doesn't 
see you.  Enter the keycode for the Weapons Testing area (110700).

When you first enter the room, there is a guard on the left talking on his 
cell phone.  Wait for him to finish.  He'll go to the vending machine.  Shoot 
him with an airfoil to the head to knock him out.  

Venture on into the next room.  You'll find some flares, and an automated 
turret.  If you throw a flare near the front of the turret, it'll fire upon 
the flare. Keep this in mind for the next mission.

Anyways, pick the lock to go into the next room.  In here, there is an 
elevator.  If it says Elevator Not Powered, then you missed the Server Room 
and you will have to go back.  Hop into the elevator and go up.

At the top, you will get a message from Lambert and a checkpoint.  Venture 
down the hall way, and open the door into the next room.  There are 3 people 
in this room, and you don't want to alarm them.  To avoid contact, travel 
along the side of the room, behind the dry-erase drawing board, behind the 
desk, and keep going until you reach the door into the next room.

The next room is a cubicle type room....with....Cubicles.  Hide in the shadows 
in the middle of the room, and wait for Dougherty to exit his office.  Once 
he leaves, go into his office.  Access his computer, and you will soon 
learn of the Kalinatek building......that and now you need to kidnap Dougherty.

Exit his office, turn on your nightvision, and sneak down the hall.  Go to the 
first double doors on the left.  These doors should lead to an auditorium 
where a man is having a "slideshow" presentation on the terrorist attacks.  
Sneak down the auditorium, and make a right at the middle.  Keep going and 
make another right.  See that guard above on the ramp?  Sneak up to him and 
knock him out.  Pick the lock on the door next to him, and exit the auditorium.

Creep to the shadows, and you'll overhear a conversation that Dougherty is 
having with a fellow CIA employee.  Eventually, the conversation will end, 
and both of them leave.  Follow them down the hall.  The other guy will 
go into a room at the right, and Dougherty will go take a smoke.  Notice that 
you need a keycode to get to where Dougherty is going.  After Dougherty 
leaves, go to the room where the other guy went into.  Be careful, you don't 
want to alarm the guard in the room.  Carefully sneak behind their backs, and 
access the computer.  It's a relatively small room, and there is only one free 
computer, so this should be pretty easy.

From the computer, you will recieve the keycode to get to Dougherty.  The code 
for the doors is 0614.  Go through the keypad locked door, and hang a left. 
You'll see a UFO office, pick the lock and go into the door.  Access the 
computer in the room, and you'll pick up a garbled datastick.  The message is 
addressed to one F.M. FBI.....I wonder who that is... :)
Look at the datastick.  Notice the long group of numbers?  That's the keycode 
for the room in the UFO office.  Use the keycode 020781 to get into that room.  
Inside you'll find some sticky shockers and sticky cameras. 

Go out of the UFO office, and head to the smoking patio, where Dougherty is. 
Knock him out, and go out the sliding glass door.  You'll see a guard.  Knock 
him out using a sticky shocker.  Grab Dougherty and carry him out with you.  
The path to the next area is pretty linear, just go where there aren't dead 
ends.  (Make a left, go down the steps, make another left and you'll see a 
door).  Eventually you'll reach a door, open it up and a check point occurs. 
Make sure to bring Dougherty down with you.  Take him and hide him underneath 
the stairs.  Leave him there for now.  Go into the next room, carefully. There 
is one guard and one maintenance guy there.  If you have 4 sticky shockers, 
you can use two on the guard and the maintenance guy.  If not, watch their 
patrols, and knock the maintenance guy out, then the guard.  Hide their bodies.

Once they are gone, bring Dougherty into the next room.  Grab the extra sticky 
shocker on the shelf near the door into the next area.  Go out to the top of 
the steps.  If you make some noise, the guard at the bottom will come 
investigate.  Shock him.  If you keep getting caught, shoot a sticky camera 
and watch the guard's patrol.  Once he turns his back and walks away, quickly 
sneak down the steps and hide in the farthest shadow.  Wait for him to come by 
and shock him.  Keep going (past the ladder, don't go there), and you'll see 
another guard.  Shock him.  Run back, and grab Dougherty, bring him down to 
the ground floor (past the stairs where the last guard was).  Hide him in the 
shadows, and advance to the van.  Knock out the security guard who is talking 
it up with Wilkes and What's His Face.  Run back, grab Dougherty and bring 
him to the van.  Just drop Dougherty down on the ground, and the mission will 

Now to see what this Kalinatek business is all about.......


{4.5} Kalinatek

Coming in version 0.7 or lower.


{4.6} Chinese Embassy

Coming in version 0.8 or lower.

Most common question asked: How do I get out of here after I use the laser 
mic on the car?

Sneak past the guard post.  There should be a pole/pipe to climb that will 
take you over the wall.  Just jump down and run to the van.


{4.7} Abbatoir

Coming in version 0.9 or lower.


{4.8} Chinese Embassy

Coming in version 0.95 or lower.

For now, have the keycodes....

1 - 1436
2 - 9753
3 - 1456
4 - 1834
5 - 7921

These go in order of use.

1st Most common question asked: I'm stuck!  Where do I go?  I just jumped down 
from the hole, and the door with the keypad is jammed.  There's a room with a 
hole in the wall too.

Go into the hole in the wall, and lean against it.  Remember what you did 
in training?  Lean against the wall to travel through the small gap.

2nd Most common question asked: How do I get out of the fire to extraction?

Go to the stair well area where there is a window, the stair well area is near 
the room where two explosions occur (Shrine room). Crouch near the window, 
and you will be able to slide it open.  Jump out and get to extraction.

Another common problem: Where do I go at the beginning?

Go into the Chinese Restuarant.  Go into the Kitchen.  If you look around a 
bit, you will find a ladder to climb up.


{4.9} Presidential Palace

The keycodes may not be in the correct places, but here is the order of their 

1 - 2126
2 - 70021
3 - 66768

The final mission.  This mission will test all your skills, so get ready.
At the start, you will have to use your all your acrobatic skills to get to 
the top.  

Walkthrough for this first section will come soon, but if you made it this 
far already, you probably will figure it out yourself.

Get to the pipe, and a check point will occur. Slowly climb up the pipe, and 
you find a large garden area where two guards and two dogs roam.  Way above 
you to the left there is a guard tower with a spotlight.  Time your movements 
so that the guard dogs are away from where you come up, as well as the 
spotlight being far from your position.

Run to the bottom of where the sniper tower is, and walk off the ledge to 
grab it. Once the dogs have passed your position, go back up and go into 
sniper mode.  When the guard in front of you is in the farthest place possible,
 shoot him.  Make sure the spotlight doesn't go to where his corpse is.

After killing him, kill his dog too.  Run over to the other side and jump over 
the fence.  Drag the guard's body far away from the spotlight, just in case.

Look towards the sniper tower.  Go into sniper mode and blast the sniper's 
head off.  After doing that, take out the other guard dog (and/or guard, you 
don't have to take out the guard, since he probably won't see you.)

Go all the way to the hedge maze.  In the center, there should be a guard 
standing around.  Grab him and take his data stick.  That stick will contain 
the code you need to open the keypad locked gate.  It would be a good idea to 
use your pistol to shoot out the lights near the gate, since there is another 
guard just outside of the gate.  The keypad code is 2126, I believe.

Once past the gate, turn to your left, and run down the steps.  Turn to the 
right when facing the door, and crouch.  You will be given the option to slide 
the window open.  Do it and jump in.  Once in, a check point will appear.

Get the medkit on the wall in the basement.  Head upstairs and grab the other 
medkit.  You'll find yourself in a museum-like area.  If you turn on your 
nightvision goggles, you will see that there are lasers at the side of the 
room.  Head straight down the middle of the room and pick the lock on the door.

Grab the disposable lockpick on the table, and go back into the room.
There will now be two guards patrolling the area.  Run to the shadows, and 
wait for the guards to come to a shadowed area in the corner before knocking 
them out.  Unless you want to set off an alarm.....

Once the guards are taken out, go into the middle of the room and turn left. 
The laser field in front of the doors are shut off.  Open the door and go in.

Go to the bottom of the steps, but don't go onto the stairs.
Turn on your night vision.  See that laser?  Jump over it.  At the top of the 
stairs, there are 3 lasers that you can't get past without setting off the 
alarm.  To bypass this path, jump and reach the balcony and climb up.

In the next door, you will see some special agents.  There are also two 
regular guards.  The special agents have helmets, so you have to aim for the 
eyes to get a headshot.  Either by sneaking or killing, make your way to the 
very top.  At the top, there is another museum like area, except there are 
several guards patrolling this area.  Head down the stairs for a medkit. 

Sneak back up the stairs and shoot out the light.  The guards will come to 
investigate.  Don't let them see you.  Once that's done, wait for them to go 
back to their patrol.  Let them go all the way to the end and back.  Once they 
come back, quickly sneak behind them until you see an area to the left with a 
security camera.  Shoot out the lights around the security camera, and go 
past it.  There will be a keypad locked door.  The code is 70021. 

In this room, there are some more laser fields.  The first one can be bypassed 
if you quickly crouch run across after the bottom lasers have deactivated.  
You only have a set amount of time before they come back, so make it fast.

The second set requires you to jump through.  Time your jump correctly, and 
you'll make it past with no alarm.  Once past the fish tank, a guard will come 
out of the room, and start talking to himself.  Of course, he doesn't think 
he is talking to himself, since it's dark.  Once he realizes no one is in the 
room with him (except you, you stealthy thing you), he'll turn on the lights. 
Take this opportunity to take him out.  Access the computer and you'll find 
some interesting information.  The Ark is a SATM (which is a briefcase nuke).
You must find Nikoladze alive and use him to open a retinal safe in the 
library to get the Ark.

Go out of the room. (Remember the lasers), and walk past the security camera. 
Watch out for the patrolling guards.  Once they have gone past you, 
go to the door on your left.  This leads to an empty museum-like area.

Run to the door, and use the keycode (I believe it's 66768) to open it.  
You'll get to an area where there is an elevator at the center of the room.
Shoot out the lights right in front of the door.  This will bring one of the 
special guards.  Knock him out.  Slowly go forward.  Take out the guards by 
shooting out the lights and knocking them out in the dark. 

After the guards are knocked out or dead, go back to the door where you came 
from.  Near the door, there should be some 5.56mm ammo for you.  You'll need 
it soon.

Go down the elevator.  Once down, you go through a checkpoint.  A battle is 
about to start!  As soon as possible, run to the right and hide behind the 
bookshelf.  Turn to the left of the elevator (left as in the way the elevator 
is facing).  Go into sniper mode and point up.  Soon, a special guard will 
come.  Blast his face off.  Equip your gas grenades, and shoot in the middle.

Two of the guards will run to the middle in front of you, and hopefully 
choke on the gas.  If not, just shoot them.  The last guard is in the middle 
on the opposite end.  He'll be crouching in the center of the double stairs.
Shoot him in the face.  After that's over, grab the satchels from the guards.
Go to either the left or right at the bottom of the stairs, and you will find 
a secret passageway leading to Nikoladze.  He will ask you if the intruder is 
eliminated, but will soon realize you are the intruder.  Use his computer to 
get some information, and then grab him.  Use the retinal safe.

Uh oh! During the use of the safe, some elite forces of the newly elected 
president have entered the area.  They will hold both you and Nikoladze up. 
Nikoladze will manage to talk his way out of it, and reveals to everyone that 
the nuke is already in America, and that you (Sam Fisher) have some vital 
information on it.  Don't attempt to shoot your way out, yet.

Soon, Nikoladze will be escorted out of the room.  Lambert will message you 
and say that a black out will occur in 5 seconds.  This is when you need to 
make your move.  Ready your grenades, and blow up the guy closest to you, and 
throw another grenade into the center.  Hopefully, this will take out another 
elite force guard.  Remember, these guys have night vision too.  Eventually, 
you should manage to take out the remaining few elite guards.

Make your way back to the library area (the area where the elevator took you),
and go through the only set of doors you can use.

Eventually, you will make your way outside.  There are two guards patrolling 
the bottom, and one on each side at the top.  Take out all three of the 
guards, but make sure no alarm is sounded.  After that, go to the left corner, 
left of where you started, and climb the pipe.  Go all the way up, and turn 
so that Sam will grab the balcony once you make it outside.

Once at the top, run to the end of the area, and turn.  A check point will 
occur.  This is where you get rid of Nikoladze for good.  If you are low on 
ammo, pick up the 5.56mm ammo on the balcony.  Look for a guard on the other 
part of the balcony, pick him off.  You may want to unlock the door leading to 
where he was to try and get a better shot.  Point to the window at the top 
with curtains blowing in the wind.  If you can't find the window, it should be 
above you to the right if you are facing the way you entered the outside area.

Try to find Nikoladze the best you can, he should be a guy on the left.  

This may take you several tries, since it's hard to see their faces. 
If you shoot the wrong guy, Nikoladze runs away and you fail the mission. Keep 
in mind that the newly elected president is also in that room, and if you shoot 
him the mission is automatically over.

After killing Nikoladze, go to the door on your left (or right, if you are in 
the area where you just killed the 2nd balcony guard).  From here, quickly 
make a dash down the stairs, and jump up onto the far ledge facing the new 
room. It isn't really a ledge, more like a window into the other room without 

Turn around to the way you came in and you will probably see another guard 
come in.  Shoot him in the head.  Quickly turn around and you will see two 
more guards coming down the dinner hall.

Wait for them to seperate, (one will go into a room behind you), and one will 
go up the stairs.  Shoot the one up the stairs.  The one that went into the 
room will quickly run out.  Kill him also.

Jump down and run to the left end of the dinner hall.  You will see a large
cabinet.  Jump on that.  Face the balcony that is sticking out. Make a leap 
and grab onto the balcony.  Sneak your way through into the next area. 

There are four guards directly below you. You have one of several choices.

1) Use a gas grenade that you have left to take out two of them, and use a 
diversion camera's gas to kill the other two.

2) Shoot them

3) Use a diversion camera to get both of the two groups of guards.

4) Do a combination of gassing and shooting.

5) Attempt to sneak behind them to the door.

After doing either numbers 1 through 4, run up to the large double doors on 
the floor where you knocked out/killed the guards.  This will trigger a 
cutscene, leading to the end of the game.

You win!  Now bask in the warm glow of a news report that gives you no credit 
in the aversion of another World War.

[Section 5] - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I suck at Metal Gear Solid 2, do you think I'll like Splinter Cell?
A: You might like it, but you'll probably suck at it as well.  Splinter Cell is
   significantly harder than MGS2.

Q: Help! I can't pass the training level.
A: That's not really a question...but....
   Sorry, but I've made it a goal not to include a walkthrough for the training
   level in my FAQ.  Seriously, if you can't get past the training level, you 
   might as well return the game.

Q: How do I read the keypad locks using Thermal vision?
A: You can only read the keypad locks during the Chinese Embassy 2 mission. 
   Use common sense, the numbers that fade back to the normal color are the 
   ones that get pressed first.  
   I believe the order is:
   Lighter than normal Blue - Lighter Blue (near white) - Green - Yellow
Q: When will downloadable content be available?
A: In a recent chat, the devs revealed that the first mission will be available
   in March 2003.  

Q: Will the downloadable missions be free?
A: As of right now, the first mission is confirmed to be free of charge.  The
   cost of the other missions are unknown.

Q: I don't have Xbox Live, how can I get the missions?
A: The missions will be released on an OXM disc a few months after the initial 
   release on Xbox Live.

Q: Can you help me get past <insert place here>?
A: If you can't get past an area that isn't in this FAQ, e-mail me.
   When my FAQ is completed, and you email me about something that is 
   explained in detail in my FAQ...
   All hell shall break loose.  That or I give you a really short response.
Q: I can't find your e-mail in this FAQ! Help!
A: .....

Q: Why is ammo so hard to find?  How come I can't pick up enemy weapons?
A: The developers did not want to turn this game into a shooter, so they 
   made it so ammo is scarce and enemy weapons cannot be picked up.

Q: Why the heck are you doing Mission 9 before the ones after the first one?
A: Well, it's the freshest in my mind, and it's a very fun mission.

Q: How do I disarm wall mines?  Everytime I try to, it explodes.
A: Make sure that you disarm it when the light is green. 

Q: Why didn't you write a walkthrough for <insert mission here> yet?  You are 
   the worst FAQ writer ever because of this.  Don't even bother to release 
   an uncomplete FAQ, you lazy attention whore.
A: Okay....Here's a cookie.

Q: How come I can't equip the sticky shocker and airfoil that I just found?
A: You probably don't have the rifle to shoot it with.  You'll find it later 
   on in the game.

Q: <Insert Stupid Question Here> 
A: <Insert Witty Answer Here>

More Q&A to come in later versions of this FAQ.

[Section 6] - Extra stuff

This section is currently incomplete. 
It will most probably contain easter eggs.
It will be finished in a later version of the FAQ.  Check back soon!

[Section 7] - <Insert Upcoming Section here>

This is a filler section.  The XBL Downloadable content missions will most 
probably be given a walkthrough here.  The first level comes out in March, so 
don't expect this section to be filled up anytime soon.

[Section 8] - Copyright Information and etc.

Special thanks to <Insert Name Here>
Uber-Special thanks to Ubisoft Montreal for making such a great stealth game.

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                    Section 6 and 7 left alone for the moment.
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                    Weapons section incomplete.
                    Unreleaseed version.
11/24/2002 - 0.35 - Section   complete, but update planned.
                    Section 1 complete
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                    Section 3 complete, but update planned.
                    Section 4 {   } complete.
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12/03/2002 - 0.61 - Minor fix...              

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