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Some improvementsA B C10/10
This should be called Roller Coaster Tycoon 1.2bballmaniac155/10
Nice game for any Roller Coaster Tycoon fan.chickenman779/10
Better Than The Firstchrisiscool1239/10
A great continuation from a great original.confused sam10/10
This is the Sequel?!CWhitherS7416/10
RCT2: The TRUE Sequel of RCT!Douglas R0078/10
At least its true to the original...Flamberge Master4/10
Another gem from Chris SawyerFoxy Boy10/10
We fight for freedom, This is too free.Jack_Ryder7/10
A Mediocre Sequeljasmith5/10
A good follow up to a great game.JCMoney9/10
As Much Fun as a Real Amusement Park..jeffjsm79/10
Bigger and BetterKuehnBoy10/10
More than an expansion pack unlike popular beliefMario Guy8/10
A Major DisappointmentMr Norman5/10
A marginal improvement over the original.ND9k7/10
Have xxx guests in your park by the end of year y wth park rating zzzNickP0Z6/10
I don't understand why so many people don't like this game...pancakes7719/10
Very Good, But Not As Mind-Blowing As The OriginalREzeroGC20038/10
The sequel to the game that made a legend.RockyRan7/10
Different, Yet in a Way, Still the Same...Sekken8/10
Fancy Choosing The Colour Of Your Themed Toilet?Sitorimon9/10
Should have been an expansion packsk8er597/10
Not Much Of A Change From The Original, But Still Great..solidus snake7778/10
Pretty good game, but...ThanosIsKing7/10
A sequel that should have been an expansion pack. Doesn't deserve to be a separate game.tommy h 24507/10
Can you hear the joyful noises of your park?Wist9/10

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