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[bullet sword]

2.Unit Production
3.European Units
4.Arabian Units
5.Engineers and Their Siege Machine Skills
6.Digging Moats
7.The tunnels
9.The Lord
10.Custom Crusader Play
11.Hints/tips and other stuff
12.Frequently Asked Questions

Hello. This is simply a good strategy game.  Also a very 
complicated one.  This unit guide should help you out if 
you don't understand it. 

2. Unit production
For European units, you must have barracks, armory, and 
weapons in the armory.  In order to get weapons into the 
armory, you must build weapon producing buildings.  

-Fletcher's workshop=bows and crossbows-needs wood-
crossbows take more time to produce.

Pole-turner's workshop=spears and pikes-needs wood

Blacksmith's workshop= swords and maces-needs iron

Armorer's workshop=metal armor-needs iron

Tanner's workshop=leather armor-needs a cow from a dairy 
farm. (cows will respawn) 

Barracks need 15 stone to build.  Clicking on it brings up 
your selection of units.  The available peasants thing 
tells you how much units you can make.  Peasants will 

If you want to make knights, you must have at least one of 
these.  More stables mean more knights.  Requires 400 gold.

Mercenary Post
To get Arabian units, you must have one of these.  They 
require 10 wood.  Mercenaries are a lot more expensive, but 
some of them have unique abilities.  They also come with 
their own weapons.

Monks-10 gold-needs a cathedral to build.
Attack:  7.5/10
Defense:  5/10
Speed:  5.5/10
Cannot dig moats

3. European Units

Requires one bow from armory
Cost: 12 Gold
Power: 4/10  Flaming arrow:4.6/10
Defense: 4.5/10
Speed: 9/10
Can dig moats.
Info:  Even though they are weak, they can burn pitch.  If 
pitch gets burned, a massive fire will start.  A good trap.  
To shoo a flaming arrow into pitch, make a 
tower/gatehouse/wall/etc and place a brazier there.  Move 
the archer there.  When it attacks, a flaming arrow will 
shoot.  Select the archer that can shoot a flaming arrow 
and place the cursor over the pitch and if the cursor is 
red, click.  NOTE:  The enemy can't see your traps(killing 
pits and pitch only), so they won't know where it is.  
WARNING:  This works against your own troops, buildings, 
and citizens.  Be careful.  Fires spread when they're in 
range of a building.

Requires one spear from armory
Cost: 8 Gold
Power: 5/10
Defense: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Can dig moats
Info:  They are extremely cheap, but weak.  They are deadly 
when attacking in large groups.  

Requires one mace and leather armor from armory.
Cost:20 Gold
Speed: 8.5/10
Can dig moats
Info: These are fast powerhouses.  Very useful.  Their 
attack speed can dominate walls faster than most units.

Requires one crossbow and leather armor from armory.
Cost: 20 Gold
Cannot dig moats
Info: Their power is made for piercing armor making them 
useful for swordsman and pikeman.  They take more time to 
reload so use archers for backup.  Their speed is slow so 
traveling far distances my be a problem.  They also have a 
shorter range than archers.

Requires one pike and metal armor from armory.
Cost:20 gold
Can dig moats
Info:  They are pretty slow, but pack a punch when 
attacking in small groups.  

Requires on sword and one metal armor from armory.
Cost:40 Gold
Power: 9.4/10
Defense: 9.4/10
Cannot dig moats
Info: Extreme powerhouses.  They are extremely slow, but 
that doesn't stop you from beating your opponents.  With 
power and defense, they're pretty darn good.

Requires one sword and one metal armor from armory.  Also 
needs one horse from your stables.
Cost: 40 Gold
Defense: 9/10
Speed: 9.5/10
Cannot dig moats
Info: Practically swordsmen with really good speed.

4. The Arabian Units

Arabian Archer
Cost: 75 gold
Power: 4.5/10  Flaming arrow: 4.6/10
Cannot dig moats
Info: The same as the European ones but more expensive

Cost: 5 Gold
Power: 1/10
Defense: 2/10
Speed: 9/10
Can dig moats
Info:  This unit is so weak, it loses to an enemy 
woodcutter.  Seriously!  The only good thing is that the 
slave is cheap and set stuff on fire.

Cost:12 gold
Power:  3.6/10
Defense: 2/10
Speed: 9/10
Cannot dig moats
Info: They are fast and they sling stones.  They have 
shorter range than archers, but they sling fast.  All of 
this for the price of one European archer.

Horse Archer
Cost:80 Gold
Power: 5/10
Defense: 5.5/10
Speed: 9.5/10
Cannot dig moats
Info:  WOW!  Did you know that they can shoot and move at 
the same time?!  They are freakishly useful.  They just 
cost a lot.

Arabian Swordsman
Cost: 80 Gold
Power: 8.8/10
Defense: 8.8/10
Speed: 4/10
Cannot dig moats
Info:  For 2x the price of two European swordsman, you get 
a weaker one.

Cost: 60 Gold
Power: 7.6/10
Defense: 7.3/10
Speed: 6.7/10
Cannot dig moats
Info:  These guys are cool!  Their special ability to climb 
walls is awesome.  They're even hard to see for the enemy.  
So you know when the enemy saw your assassin, a "!" symbol 
will be on top of his life bar.

Fire Thrower
Cost:100 Gold
Power: 8.4/10
Defense: 6/10
Speed: 6/10
Cannot dig moats
Info:  These dudes can throw fire balls a very short 
distance.  They can start a big fire too.

Engineers and Their Siege Machine Skills

In order to make engineers, you must build an engineers 
guild.  It can produce engineers and laddermen.

Engineers cost 30 gold and can build the following:

-Catapults-150 gold-can fling stone rocks and dead cows.  
NOTE:  Catapults need stone ammo.  It starts out with 20.  
To keep track of this, look at the "attack here" button.  
The number tells you how much ammo you have.  To get more, 
there's a button next to "attack here" called "20 rocks for 
10 stone".  Click on it for more ammo.  To launch a cow, 
you need a dairy farm.  It spreads plague to your enemies.  
Of course, it works against you and smart enemies will do 
this to you too.-requires 2 engineers

Trebuchets-50gold-same thing as the catapult, but it can't 
move, can fire over walls better, and it's accuracy is 
lower- requires 3 engineers

Siege tower-150 Gold-these are like giant ladders which any 
unmounted unit can climb.-requires 4 engineers

Portable shield-5 gold- use them as a shield.  Make them, 
then ditch it.  Make a wall of them so your army can have 
some protection.-needs one engineer

Arabic fire ballista-150 gold- this ballista can move and 
it packs a powerful punch.  It can also set buildings on 
fire.-requires 2 engineers

Ballista(on tower)-50 gold-this can be built on 
square/round towers only.  To build it, click the pick axe 
button on the castle buildings menu and click on it.  Then 
place it on a tower.-requires 2 engineers

Mogonel-50 gold- use the same steps for building the normal 
ballista.  This can shoot multiple rocks at a time.  
Luckily, it doesn't need any stone.-requires 2 engineers

Engineers also dig moats.  One more thing:  Use an oil 
smelter to make them use oil to burn enemies.  You need 
pitch though.

6. Digging Moats

For the units that can dig moats, here's how you do them:

-first, you click the gatehouse icon under castle 
-Then there's a shovel icon that appears on the right.  
Click it.
-A blue box will be your cursor.  Click the area you want 
to dig your moat.  That area will turn blue.
-when you select your unit, the blue spot appears.  If it's 
a unit that can dig moats, a shovel icon will appear if you 
place you cursor over the blue spot.
-the unit will start digging.

Now you have it!  Place a drawbridge on your gatehouse.  
Your done with that.

7.  The Tunnels

Build a tunneler's guild to produce tunnelers.
When you select one, click the shovel icon.  Your cursor 
should be a little white.  Keep moving it until a tunnel 
appears and click.  Your tunneler will begin a tunnel.  
NOTE: you can't make tunnels that go under water or else it 
caves in and destroys it.

8.  Laddermen

Use these men to put ladders on enemy walls.  They are fast 
but are very defenseless.  Certain units can climb ladders.

NOTE:  If you click on the house icon on the buildings 
selection, you see some selections.  Choose the selection 
with the flower picture.  You will see some "nice things" 
you can build.  If you build these, you gain popularity and 
your troops get attack bonuses for the amount of good 
things.  The bad thing is that your workers don't work as 
hard and take a break for a little bit, and then resume 
If you click the noose selection, you bring up bad things.  
They reduce both popularity and attack power.  The good 
thing is that your workers work harder.

9.  The Lord

Attack: 10/10
Defense: 10/10
Speed: 5.5/10
Can't dig moats or climb ladders
Info: this is the lord.  This is (whoever you name 
yourself).  If he dies, you fail because the lord is YOU!

10.	Custom Crusader Play

When you play a custom game, there are 16 AI opponents to 
battle.  There are 3 modes:
-Normal(few troops and money to begin with)
-Crusader(Start out with many troops but less gold)
-Deathmatch(Lots of gold to begin with but with less 

You can also set advantages for yourself or the computer.  
There are many, many maps to choose from.  2-8 player maps.  
The list of AI opponents are listed below.  There are 16 in 

The Rat
Fictional European Character
Info: Only uses archers and spearman.  Never digs or use 
laddermen.  He is the easiest opponent you can play 
against.  His Castle fortifications are easy to get 

The Pig
Fictional European Character
Info:  He loves maceman and crossbowman.  He will also 
focus on producing cheese than most other food types.  His 
castle fortifications are not too hard, but will require 
great strength to pass his walls.  

The Snake
Fictional European Character
Info:  The Snake is not too hard.  He is a little weak and 
will usually make archers, spearman, and some catapults.  

The Wolf
Fictional European Character
Info:  Powerful and smart.  He will place a lot of traps in 
his area.  Building siege weapons and using mercenaries is 
something to watch our for.  When you take a look at his 
towers, there might be a siege weapon mounted on it.  
Launching cows to spread plague is also some of his skills.

Real Arabian Lord
Info:  Very wise.  He knows how to run the desert economy 
and strikes with great power. A worthy ally

The Caliph
Fictional Arabian Character
Info:  He likes lookout towers and uses pitch traps around 
his castle.  The Caliph also likes fire throwers.

Fictional Arabian Character
Info:  Pretty weak but he likes to attack with Arab 
Swordsman.  He is nice to his people by using the "good 

Richard Lionheart
Real European Lord
Info:  He is Saladin's rival and he runs his economy well.  
His attacks are very devastating and his siege machines can 
be a big problem to his foes.

King Phillip
Real European Lord
Info:  According to the messages he sends to you, he seems 
to be lazy.  When you watch him in action, he's something 
different.  He makes various towers and layers of walls 
making a good defense.  Of course, he's not the only one 
who uses this technique.

Emperor Frederick
Real European Lord
Info:  He likes using his siege machines.  Especially 
catapults and trebuchets.  The emperor also likes using his 
knights against you.

Fictional Arabian Character
Info:  He likes making "bad stuff" so his troops should 
have low attack.  He likes using fire ballistas and horse 
archers.  His castle fortifications are pretty tough to get 
through.  If you have him as an ally, he will rarely send 
you goods or defend you.  He almost works alone and he will 
ask you for goods and not return the favor.

Fictional Arabian Character
Info:  Assassins, assassins, assassins.  He loves them.  He 
looks like a mean guy but he uses "good things" to cheer 
people up and for attack bonuses.  He likes digging moats 
so he can make his own "island".  He will build most of his 
buildings close together.  If a fire broke out, he would be 
in big trouble.

Fictional European Character
Info:  The Marshal loves his knights and swordsman.  He 
likes building his walls ON his castle.  Siege weapons seem 
to add some power to his attacks.  Catapults.  Deal with 
them.  He likes them too.

Fictional Arabian Character
Info:  The Emir is kind and friendly.  He likes using Arab 
swordsman.  For some reason, he wastes his building space 
by making an armory and barracks.  He never uses them.

The Abbot
Fictional European Character
Info:  He loves using monks.  Sometimes he covers his 
ENTIRE area with them.  They're very cheap.  The only other 
unit he uses are mounted ballista's and archers with 
braziers.  He uses no traps.  When you get to his castle, 
try to destroy his cathedrals to stop his production of 

Fictional European Character
Info:  He rarely attacks you in small skirmishes or 
attacks.  His defense is VERY good.  A couple of catapults 
and archers will make breaching his castle easier.

11.  Hints/Tips and Other Stuff
-Always make your defenses first.
-Build a granary once you start.
-Start food, wood, stone, and iron (do this last) 
production as soon as possible.
-Keep making walls around your area until you hear "The 
keep is enclosed".
-Make your market as soon as possible so you can trade 
-Make a lot of long-range units when planning an assault.
-Some AI lords have different attack power.

11.	FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

How do I get stone to the stockpile?
Build an ox tether near the quarry.

Can I buy weapons?
Yes.  Build a marketplace.

How does Saladin's lord look different?
The AI opponents are either European or Arabian.  That 
tells you how they're going to look different.

Can I be an Arabian lord?
Go to the door key symbol at the main menu.  Then select 
"set up identity".  You get to rename yourself, change your 
lord, and change your portrait.  When you change your 
portrait, you can only get sword symbols and shield 

How do you get more chickens on crusader trail?
You must beat a level that you chickened out on.

13. thanks

Firefly Studios/Gathering for making this a really good 

Gamestop for having this game.

Gamefaqs for letting me contribute this.

Anyone who reads this.

Alright.  This is the end of the unit guide.  I hope this