FAQ/Walkthrough by Elvor

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Walkthrough by Elvor
Version 1.2
Date: 18 October 2004

Ok, first off I would like to say that this is my first walkthrough, so please
be gentle. I will try not to make mistakes, but if I do, or if you want to make
a contribution, feel free to e-mail me at elvorfilmathrang@gmail.com. (Note-all
contributions are copied directly from the email I receive, so no spelling and
grammar mistakes have been corrected.

1.0- Boring Legal Stuff
2.0- Introduction
3.0- Enemies
4.0- Walkthrough
4.1- Act 1
4.11- Haunting 101
4.12- The Calamityville Horror
4.13- Weird Seance
4.14- Summoners not Included
4.2- Act 2
4.21- The Unusual Suspects
4.22- Deadfellas
4.23- Facepacks & Broomsticks
4.24- Poultrygeist
4.25- Phantom of the Operating Room
4.26- The Blair Wisp Project
4.3- Act 3
4.31- Spooky Hollow
4.32- Ghostbreakers
4.33- Full Mortal Jacket
4.34- What Lies Over the Cookoo's Nest?
5.0- List of Ghosts
6.0- Credits
6.1- Contributions
7.0- Version History

1.0- Boring Legal Stuff
Sorry, has to be done!
This Walkthrough is copyright Jack Kenyon 2004. You may print as many copies of
this as you want for personal use. No money may be made from its distribution.
If you wish to post this guide on your site or use information from it, you must
e-mail me and be granted permission, and you must give credit to me. The only
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2.0- Introduction
Ok, now to business. Ghostmaster is a game where you control a team of ghosts.
Duh. The task in most levels is to scare the living daylights out of the mortals
and make them run away. However, in some levels there are specific objectives to
do, so you are not allowed to scare them off. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
In this guide, I am assuming that you have read the manual. If you haven't, then

3.0- Enemies
Now I will overview the different enemies found in Ghostmaster. These are the
people who can banish your ghosts and therefore lose you points.

Enemy 1- Witches. These are found in the Facepacks & Broomsticks level. They
look like Goths and use their pentagrams (star amulet things) to find your
Ghosts. If you see them waving these about then bench your ghosts quickly.

Enemy 2- The Medium. This enemy is found in the Poultrygeist level. You may not
see her at all, it depends on how good you are at scaring the mortals. I'm not
sure how she senses your Ghosts.

Enemy 3- Ghostbreakers. They are found in these levels: Poultrygeist, Phantom of
the Operating Room and of course Ghostbreakers. They find your ghosts with
electronic sensors and then zap them with ghosttrappers. They are the worst of
the enemies because they are quickest at finding your Ghosts.

Enemy 4- The Priest. Only found in the Full Mortal Jacket level, he uses his
crucifix to sense your ghosts and then uses the power of God to send your Ghosts

Before I start, I will just say that the following walkthrough is just my way of
getting through the levels. You do not have to follow this but it does work. If
you have another way of doing it then feel free to e-mail me. Also I must say
this. The first time you play through, use the recommended team unless I say
otherwise. This lets you get a feel for the levels. On later tries, feel free to
pick your own team. Finally, for a clearer description of freeing the different
Ghosts, look at the List of Ghosts section later in the guide.

4.1- Act 1
Ok, the point of this act is to help find your way around the game.

Starting Ghosts- Aether

4.11- Haunting 101
Game Description: You are ready for your field training, young Ghost Master. We
are taking you to the Kappa Lambda sorority house in Gravenville University.
Only a small number of sorority girls are in residence at the moment, but
scaring them all away should be a sufficient test of your abilities.

Task: Drive the Kappa Lambda girls from their sorority house.

Overview: Ok, first level. This is a pretty easy one. First time through just
follow the tutorial and you should be fine. Make sure to bring someone who can
use 'Wild & Crazy'.

Trapped Ghosts: Weatherwitch

Strategy: First off, free the trapped ghosts. (I do this first in every level.)
In this case, it is Weatherwitch. Simple enough, you need to get her out of the
'electric broomstick'. Bind Cogjammer to the stereo in the same room and have
him use 'Wild & Crazy'. Next, move him to the upstairs TV and set him to the
highest band. Bind Clatterclaws in the downstairs main hall, again with the
highest band. When you have enough plasm, bind Boo to the upstairs room with as
high a band as possible. Do the same with Shivers on the downstairs room and
Weatherwitch outside the door. That's it. Just keep the scares up and move up
the plasm bands as much as you can until you have all of the top abilities
going. When there are only a few mortals left, start to move your ghosts around
to follow them. Soon the last one will have fled in terror!

4.12- The Calamityville Horror
Game Description: A sweet little old lady used to dwell within these walls, but
her mind was fading and her sanity fleeting. She loved receiving visitors, and
hated to see them go. So she administered arsenic in their tea, and made certain
they would stay a while... stay forever. The house itself has become unsettled
by these events, and although it is not truly sentient we still have a duty to
protect the interests of the unseen world. Let the events that have until now
been hidden become known to the mortals - reveal the corpses to them and your
goal shall be fulfilled, but beware, for one cadaver may not suffice to convince
the sceptical police that something sinister is afoot.

Task: Reveal the hidden corpses to the mortals.

Overview: This level is relatively easy, the main challenge being in freeing all
the ghosts on the same attempt. This is because you only have to reveal two
corpses to the police to win the level, but there are three ghosts, one of which
can only be freed by a female.

Trapped Ghosts: Maxine Factor

Strategy: First, bind Ghastly to the piano on the first floor and get him using
'Bitter Cold'. Then bind Stonewall in the basement next to Arclite and have him
use 'Tremor'. This knocks the bricks out of the wall. Use whatever techniques
you can to attract people up to Maxine Factor's room ('Rattle Chains',
'Intrigue'). Eventually a woman will go up and free Maxine. Hopefully someone
will light a fire. As soon as you see smoke on the second floor, bench Ghastly
so that the Handyman can get in. Alternately, When Stonewall's 'Tremor' has
recharged, bind him to the plant next to the chimney and have him shake the
skeleton down. Then use 'Kinesis' to free the skeleton. When the police set
their eyes on the second corpse, you win!
NOTE 1: Make sure you do not scare away the mortals, I cannot stress this
NOTE 2: That said, I like to bind Cogjammer to the Fridge or the TV to keep up
the plasm level.
NOTE 3: When you return to this level, instead of using 'Tremor' to knock the
bricks down, use 'Quake'. It not only knocks the bricks out but also shakes the
skeleton down, and unblocks Maxine's door. You can also use it again to knock
the skeleton out of the fireplace.

4.13- Weird Seance
Game Description: The smug and irritating youths of the Alpha Tau fraternity
mock the supernatural and do not respect the dead. One desires that they be made
to experience the full power of the spirit world, and now an opportunity has
arisen. As the young mortals gather for a party, three socially maladjusted
individuals are attempting a s‚ance in the basement. The members of the
fraternity believe they are tuning up their generator, not calling upon the
spirit world. They are opening the door - you must not disappoint them. Everyone
must be driven away in terror. Then, they will know the true power of the

Task: Drive the Alpha Tau fraternity from their frat house.

Overview: Easy level, just a one point to make. Bring Aether, Static and Boo.

Trapped Ghosts: Lucky

Strategy: Bind Aether outside the window next to Terroreyes and have her use
'Shattering Song'. Then bind Boo in the room with Wendel and wake up the jock
with 'Rattle chains'. Finally bind Static to the moose head in the main room and
use 'Sparkstorm'. Bench all three. Now bind Boo to the room that used to contain
Terroreyes and start him scaring mortals. Bind Shivers to the couch in the main
room and Terroreyes to the moose head. Bind Static near the nerds in the
basement and scare them upstairs. They keep coming down here later so keep him
at it. Have Lucky bound to the fridge and Aether outside of the front door. When
you free Wendel, Bind him in the upstairs corridor to scare down any mortals.
Start cranking up the powers and don't stop until you reach max. Later, bind
Static to the pinball machine and start to chase around stray mortals. Pretty
soon you will have scared away the last of them and won the level!

4.14- Summoners not Included
Game Description: Your task is to summon the Darkling, an ancient spirit that
was imprisoned in the woods centuries ago. However, we haunters cannot cast the
rites of summoning; you will require mortals to carry out our bidding. A rash
professor of the occult recently took a powerful tome to the woods with the goal
of summoning an ancient spirit known as the Darkling. Fleeing his cabin after
disastrous initial experiments, he renewed his research at the University. Three
of his students, rapt with dreams of power, have stolen his notes and journeyed
to the cabin intending to locate the arcane book for their own nefarious
purposes. Aid them in performing the summoning so we may recruit the Darkling
for ourselves.

Task: Trick the mortals into summoning the Darkling by using the ancient tome.

Overview: Tricky level, the main problem being that you are not allowed to scare
away the students. Make sure you bring along Stonewall, Aether and Boo.

Trapped Ghosts: Moonscream

Strategy: Bind Stonewall next to the outhouse and use 'Tremor' to knock the
beehive down. Then bind Aether to the bike and use 'Shattering Song' to break
the dreamcatcher. Bench both. Have Whisperwind use 'Tempest' outside of the
cellar door and have Boo use 'Kinesis' in the cellar to knock the book down
('Tremor' works as well). Then you have to wait. Eventually the students will
discover the book and start the ritual. But you didn't think it would be that
easy did you? The Professor interrupts the ritual so now you have to scare him
away. Wait for the students to go upstairs and then have Moonscream use 'Spooky
Surprise' or 'Strange Vision' to free her. Bind Boo, Stonewall, Aether and
anyone else you can to scare the Professor away. However, if you see a Student
coming down the stairs, bench all of your Ghosts until he leaves again. Once you
have scared away the Professor then the students should come back down and
complete the ritual, thus freeing the DARKLING!! Muhahahahaha! Sorry, just
caught up in the moment there.
NOTE: DO NOT SCARE THE STUDENTS! If you scare away just one, you lose the level.

4.2- Act 2
This act continues to scare mortals away. You start to attack public service
buildings. You also fully release the Darkling at the end!

New Ghosts: Buck

4.21- The Unusual Suspects
Game Description: The mortals of Gravenville are sorely shaken by your
victories; now you must capitalize on your successes by taking away their sense
of security. Hell Street precinct station serves much of the city, and is a
bastion of order and civic duty... the perfect target. Empty it of all mortal
presence and you cannot fail to spread fear into the heart of the city.

Task: Empty Hell Street precinct station of all mortal presence.

Overview: Simple enough, you simply have to scare everyone away. The problem is,
there are just loads of them. Another problem is that you cannot scare away
Detective Norman Franz until you free Blue Murder. Bring along Stonewall, Boo
and someone with 'Flood'. A few swarms wouldn't go amiss either.

Trapped Ghosts: Electrospasm
                Blue Murder
                Banzai (Secret)

Strategy: Bind Stonewall to the banzai tree in the lobby. This will free Banzai.
Then flood Electrospasm's room and get him to use spark. Then start scaring
people, but whatever you do, DO NOT scare away Norman Franz. As soon as
possible, scare away the evidence room guard (Andrew Haid), then have Boo use
'Rattle Chains' or 'Fools Errand' to get Norman down there. After this, get him
into Blue Murder's room to free her. Then, just start scaring. Just do not use
'Quake'. This frees the people in the cells. Scare the people in the cells, and
the professor and then use 'Quake' to get them running. As for the rest of them,
just use powers wherever there are lots of people and then start moving your
ghosts around to chase the remaining stragglers.

4.22- Deadfellas
Game Description: Mortals are such pathetic, amusing creatures that we of the
dead rarely feel the need to involve ourselves in their poorly justified beliefs
- unless, of course those beliefs pertain to our existence. Don Bartholomew, a
criminal mortal of some self-importance, has been badmouthing the dead, claiming
that 'there ain't such ting as ghosts'. We ask that you persuade him to change
his mind.

Task: Don Bartholomew believes there are no ghosts - prove him wrong... make him

Overview: Right, get the Don to believe. You can also scare him away if you
want, it doesn't really matter. The problem is, the Don starts with ZERO, yes,
ZERO belief. Also, freeing all the ghosts within the time limit is very hard.
Bring Boo (and Quiver, if Boo doesn't have 'Fools Errand'), Weatherwitch, Lucky
and Banzai (or Stonewall, if he has 'Quake'.)

Trapped Ghosts: Fingers
                Flash Jordan

Strategy: First, bind Boo in Wavemaster's room and have him use 'Rattle Chains'
until someone comes down, then use 'Leak'. The person should turn on the bilge
pump and free Wavemaster, but make sure you watch the ENTIRE cutscene. The game
sometimes glitches. Then get Lucky to use 'Luckstorm' at the roulette table.
Leave the area alone for a while and Knuckles should get freed. Next, get the
cook with 'Fools Errand'. Now start scaring the Don. If he goes into Flash
Jordan's room then use 'Quake' to free Flash, who will then possess the Don,
giving his belief a nice bump. As soon as you free her, have Flash 'Possess' the
Don properly, she will then follow him around scaring him. If you have freed
Knuckles but not Fingers then zap the cook with 'Fools Errand' again, and if he
goes to the top floor, (the one with Fingers), then have Boo use 'Rattle Chains'
in Fingers room until the cook goes in and frees Fingers. If the cook leaves
before freeing Fingers then just zap him with 'Fools Errand' again. Repeat until
Fingers is freed. Then, just scare the hell out of the Don. Have Flash 'Possess'
him, follow him around with Boo, Quiver and Weatherwitch. Do whatever you want
and he will run.

4.23- Facepacks & Broomsticks
Game Description: The perky antics of the insufferable Kappa Lambda sorority
house are excruciating at best. Ordinarily they would be beneath our attention,
but since your recent success terrifying the Alpha Tau fraternity, they have
become strangely cautious. The sorority house recently accepted three new
pledges as part of a plan to protect themselves against any future attacks from
the spirit world, a coven of student witches. The mortals must not be encouraged
to invite protection against us - swift and decisive action is required. Drive
the witches away from the sorority house.

Task: Drive the witches away from the sorority house.

Overview: Simple, scare away the witches. You don't even have to scare away
everyone else. The problem is that the witches can banish your ghosts. But you
can deal with this. Bring along a water, earth, air elemental, and Boo.

Trapped Ghosts: Tricia
                Weatherwitch (Re-visit)

Strategy: Bind the elementals to the circle in the basement to free firetail,
but keep them there. This stops the witches from banishing your ghosts. Then,
get Tricia making gifts, but do not bind any ghosts to it. Start scaring people.
Zap Blair Whetchal with 'Fools Errand' to get her up to Tricia's room. Use Boo's
'Rattle Chains' as well to try and get her up there. If you free Tricia, bind
her to the downstairs mirror and get her making more gifts. Try and get anyone
who picks up a gift, or the guy with headphones, out to the porch with Hogwash.
Once Hogwash has been freed, start scaring anything that moves. Set your ghosts
orders to 'Pick on type-enemy' to pick on the witches. Do not use any powers
with your elementals that could possibly destroy the fetters in the circle. This
would break the circle and let the witches banish your ghosts. If you
accidentally do this then bench any ghosts that sound the alarm.

4.24- Poultrygeist
Game Description: It seems that sinister events transpire around a certain
family house in a certain suburb of Gravenville. Your previous success brought
to light the grisly antics of an unhinged old lady, but the grim history of this
house stretches further into the past...  It seems that the house was built on
the site of an ancient chicken burial ground - the pit for the Calamityville
Poultry Slaughterhouse. So many turkeys and chickens were slain and thrown into
the earth, their troubled essences await retribution. The troubled mind of one
Carol-Anne Hutz, a child who has already witnessed your terrible powers once,
has become home for Hardboiled, a gestalt of the headless necks and ruffled
feathers of the departed. Aid this poltergeist in emptying the house of the
taint of rational human presence and you will acquire a valuable new ally.

Task: Lay the chicken-spirit to rest by emptying the house of sane mortals.

Overview: Scare away everyone, not hard but there are some problems. They will
call a medium pretty quickly (unless you stop them using the phone), and when
only the girl is left, a Ghostbreaker will show up. Finally, the girl can only
be scared away once everyone else has left. Bring whoever you want.

Trapped Ghosts: Hardboiled
                Static (Re-visit)
                Arclite (Re-visit)
                Maxine Factor (Re-visit)

Strategy: Not much to say here. By now you should have your own method of
scaring people. Bind ghosts to the major walkways and also in the piano room.
Use 'Rattle Chains' to get large groups of people together and then use a really
good scaring move. When the Medium/Ghostbreaker show up, concentrate on them and
make sure they do not banish Hardboiled.

4.25- Phantom of the Operating Room
Game Description: It is time to erode another bastion of mortal security, Ghost
Master. Turn your attention to the already overtaxed Gravenville General
Hospital, where souls are stitched back into impermanent bodies without thought
being given to the value of such a gesture. You need only remove the senior
practitioners of the healing arts to be successful here - though additional
mayhem is always appreciated.

Task: Scare the doctors from their hospital, and send them screaming into the

Overview: Tricky level, you need to scare off all the staff. However, the
doctors have very low belief. Also, three Ghostbreakers will replace the first
person you scare off. I usually scare off most of the patients before I finish
off the doctors so I get a huge score on this. Make sure you bring Boo,
Moonscream and Blue Murder.

Trapped Ghosts: Brigit

Strategy: I HATE this level. Getting Brigit took me about an hour. First, scare
off the kid with the bunny toy (I think he is called Kevin Caulkin). Eventually
someone will pick it up and bring it back to the crying kid. Get Blue Murder
down next to Brigit and start using 'Hidden Maze'. If Dr Seth Greenwood goes
anywhere near Brigit's room start using 'Obsession'. GET HIM IN THAT ROOM. When
he does, use 'Spooky Surprise' or something like that with Brigit. While you are
doing that start scaring people. I like to position Boo in one of the main wards
and Clatterclaws in the reception area. Once you have enough Plasm, have
Moonscream use 'Cacophony' near Daydreamer to wake him up and add him to your
cause. Eventually you will scare off the Doctors and will have hopefully freed

4.26- The Blair Wisp Project
Game Description: The Darkling requires more lost souls in order to be freed. On
a commission from the University, three foolish film makers have entered the
forest, in search of a legend, driven by greed. Lead them to the cabin, and get
them to perform the summoning ritual again - the Darkling will soon be ours to

Task: Lead the film makers to the cabin and get them to repeat the ritual.

Overview: This is a very easy level, I have always done it within the very
minimum time limit. Just make sure not to scare any mortals off or YOU LOSE!
Bring along Banzai, Terroreyes, Knuckles, Blue Murder, Harriet, Firetail (Or
Arclite), Weatherwitch and Whisperwind.

Trapped Ghosts: Blair Wisp
                Darkling (Sort of)
                Moonscream (Re-visit)

Strategy: Bind Whisperwind to the Blair Wisp's island and use 'Tempest' to clear
the fog. Add Weatherwitch with 'Gusts' if you want to be sure. Once it's clear,
have Weatherwitch use ONLY 'Siren Song' when the Mortals are headed towards the
island. When they start to move towards the island, have the Blair wisp use
'Hypnotic Image'. When they move towards the island without running, bench
Weatherwitch. As soon as one person reaches the island, use 'Strange Vision'
with the Blair Wisp. This should free him. Now use Harriet to make an 'Ethereal
Gift' near Sparkle, then have someone use 'Bonfire' to free Sparkle. Now that
that's over with, bind Terroreyes and Knuckles to the Bear-traps on the far
right and Blue Murder to the trap on the left (past the river). As the Mortals
move towards the river, use 'Ice Breath' with both Terroreyes and Knuckles at
the same time to freeze the river. Use Blue Murder's 'Obsession' to get the
Mortals over the river. As soon as all three of them cross, bench Terroreyes and
Knuckles to unfreeze the river. Now Bind Banzai near the tree next to the gorge
and use Quake to knock it over. Now use whatever attraction abilities you
possess to get the Mortals over the two trees and into the cabin. As soon as one
Mortal steps onto the second tree (the one you knocked over) have the Darkling
use 'Obsession' and bench all the others. The Mortals find the book, start the
ritual and free the Darkling! However, the evil Professor traps him and takes
him away. Drat.

4.3- Act 3
In this act, you free an INCREDIBLY powerful Ghost, take out the Ghostbreakers
and the Military Base, and finally free the Darkling!

New Ghosts: (Old Man) Carter
            Lady Rose
            The Painter

4.31- Spooky Hollow
Game Description: We are always seeking spirits to add to our forces, and
Headless Horsemen are one of the rarest of haunters (after all, how often does a
person on a horse lose their head.). We have discovered that there is a
conspiracy afoot to develop Spooky Hollow, one involving the summoning of a
headless horseman known as the Dragoon. Your task is to find the conspirator,
expose them to their fellow mortals, and find a way to recruit the Dragoon, so
that we may use it to punish the mortals who foolishly believe they can dabble
in our affairs without fear of the consequences.

Task: Identify the Dragoon's master, then reveal their identity to the other

Overview: Freeing the Dragoon is quite easy once you know how. If you don't then
it is a living hell! You also have a time limit as Dragoon rides in occasionally
to scare the mortals so you have to finish before he does. Bring along Hard-
boiled, Harriet, Blue Murder, Weatherwitch, Whisperwind, Raindancer and a couple
of outdoor Ghosts.

Trapped Ghosts: Black Crow
                Stormtalon (Secret)

Strategy: First, Bind Harriet near Scarecrow and make an 'Ethereal Gift'. Then
Bind Hard-Boiled to it and use 'Seeping Blood' or 'Gushing Blood' to free him.
Now bench those guys and Bind Whisperwind by the mill and use 'Tempest'. When
you get the plasm then add 'Rain' from Raindancer and have Weatherwitch use
'Gusts' You should see the blades start to turn. You will get a movie of the
skull being knocked over. Now have any three Ghosts use 'Gusts', 'Rain' and
'Thunder' to free Stormtalon. Now Bench all those guys and move them near Black
Crow's shack. Use as many wind effects as you can to knock it down. Now bind
Blue Murder to the Bear-Trap above the mill and use only 'Obsession'. Now set
Black Crow to use only 'Possession'. Bind him in the path of the first adult
Mortal under the influence of 'Obsession' and have him possessed. When the
mortal looks in the window of the mill then you can bench Blue Murder but keep
Black Crow possessing him. He will head back to town to tell the others. If he
goes inside a building then you will lose your possession so possess him again
as soon as he comes out. He will go to the mill and call out the guy inside.
Eventually he will go off to bury the skull. Once he has done that and freed
Dragoon then you can lose 'Possession'. Now use whoever you can to scare off the
ritual guy and the level is done.

4.32- Ghostbreakers
Game Description: These Ghostbreakers have been causing trouble across the city
and must be dealt with. They have taken up residence in the precinct station,
and have prepared for a siege. Beware their defenses - many wards and alarums
will conspire to restrict your access - and to draw the enemy to your
activities. Once you penetrate the outer ward, you will only be able to lie
unnoticed where the flow of plasm is muted. Your primary goal is the Ectoplasmic
Storage Device - their ghost prison. This machine is sizeable, and requires a
cold environment for proper function. It is doubtless installed within a large,
cold room. Destroy it to free - and recruit - the ghosts within. Cunning and
valour will bring victory over these upstart mortals - all must be driven out of
the building, or out of their minds. We are counting upon your success.

Task: Disable the Astral Security System, free the ghosts trapped in the ESD and
leave no sane mortal within the building.

Overview: This is not a hard level if you know what to do. One thing of note
though is that you only get ONE shot at freeing Windwalker. He only appears in
the cells if you free one of the Ghosts in the Unusual Suspects level and is
replaced by Banzai, Blue Murder and Electrospasm. So if you miss him the first
time then you lose him completely. Bring along Hogwash, Sparkle, Stormtalon,
Static and a load of scaring Ghosts.

Trapped Ghosts: Windwalker
                Blue Murder (Re-Visit)
                Electrospasm (Re-Visit)
                Banzai (Re-Visit)

Strategy: Bind Hogwash to the van outside and use 'Blackout'. Then bind him to
the green ward and use 'Surge'. Bench him and have Static use 'Sparkstorm' in
the old evidence room to shut down the blue ward. Now bench him and have
Stormtalon use 'Surge' in the room with the blue ward to shut down the alarm.
This level just got a whole lot easier. Now scare people however you want until
everyone's Electric powers have charged up. Once they're ready then set
Stormtalon outside near the vent at the back and use 'Tempest'. Now have Hogwash
use 'Surge' on the control panel near the stairs in the basement. Then attach
Sparkle to the van outside and use 'Inferno'. Finally, bind Stormtalon to the
ESD room and use 'Surge' to free Windwalker. Now you are free to scare the hell
out off any Mortal in the building.

4.33- Full Mortal Jacket
Game Description: Your campaign of terror proceeds apace. It is now only a
matter of time before chaos breaks out on the streets of Gravenville, at which
point the armed forces will surely be brought to bear to maintain peace.  It is
wise, therefore, to consider a pre-emptive strike against the military. Success
can only serve to further undermine the unrest of the mortals.  You must leave
no mortal fit for military service within the grounds of the accursed base.

Task: Ensure that no mortal fit for military service remains at the base.

Overview: Most EVIL LEVEL EVER. There are LOADS of Mortals in the base with low
belief. The camp has a huge area and is mostly outside. Also, there is a priest
there to banish your ghosts. Bring along mostly outdoor Ghosts (Dragoon is a
must), Arclite and some indoor ghosts.
NOTE: Anyone who watches the show M*A*S*H should look at the names and bio's of
the soldiers.

Trapped Ghosts: Wisakejak

Strategy: I can't really give any advice here. Just scare the mortals as best
you can with the Ghosts and skills available to you. When you get enough plasm,
have Wisakejak use 'Trojan Gift' and have Arclite use 'Bonfire' to burn down the
Totem. Other than that I can't help you. Sorry. If anyone has a good strategy,
please e-mail me.

Here is a strategy sent in by Jonathan (krazykid010@excite.com)

Bring along Scarecrow,Blair Wisp,Arclight,Boo,Wendel,Hogwash,Stormtalon(or
Static),and Dragoon.

Talk to Wizakejak at the beginning(get it over with)then bind Hogwash on one of
the jeeps and use Blackout.pump it up to Surge after the blackout then bind Boo
and Wendel in far-apart rooms in the base and set both of them to max power
band.when you get enough Plasm bind Stormtalon/Static into the warehouse with
all the jeeps and keep raising their band over time until they have max.then
bind Blair Wisp and Scarecrow somewhere along the narrow path in-between the
grass by the jeep warehouse and the base.have both with max power
band.now(finally)bind Dragoon anywhere in the level and he will do his
run-then-disappear thing.give him highest band possible and bind Arclight to
the corpse with all powers up to Human Torch(dont use Possess)steadily raise
Dragoon's power band until he has Deadly Pursuit.try to focus on scaring away
the Priest because he can get annoying.Also,you can free Wizakejak at anytime u
want,u dont need him for the level but you might want him just in
case.eventually you should start scaring everyone away,and you dont have to
scare away the Priest because he's not "fit for military service" but you
really should.

And here's another tip sent in by Anonymous (jesus13@knac.com)

Bring along Black Crow. You'll notice the priest hanging out near the plants in
various rooms. Bind Black Crow to one of the plants and have him use Posses on
the Priest. This will disable the priests powers of excocism. You can now scare
as you wish without fear of banishment.

4.34- What Lies Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
Game Description: It is time to turn our attention to the captured Darkling.
This proud spirit is imprisoned within the asylum floors of the Gravenville
hospital. We detect astral wards about the asylum - once you have penetrated
them, you must determine the exact nature of the Darkling's prison and find a
way to disrupt it. After that, you may feel free to take revenge on the mortals
as you see fit.

Task: Penetrate the asylum, free the Darkling and empty the hospital building.

Overview: Very hard level. The top two floors have a red ward which you cannot
disable, and once you have freed the Darkling then there are a lot of Mortals to
scare off. Bring along Daydreamer, Wisakejak, Stormtalon and some scares.

Trapped Ghosts: Darkling
                Daydreamer (Re-Visit)

Strategy: Have Darkling use 'Psychotic Rage' on the Professor to drive him mad
instantly. Then switch off his powers and use 'Trojan Gift' as high up as you
can with Wisakejak. Bind Daydreamer and Stormtalon to the Gift and wait until
someone picks it up and heads upstairs. Have the Darkling use Obsession and the
person should head up into the red ward. Once they are inside the ward then bind
Daydreamer to the sleeping nutter and bind Stormtalon to the center room in-
between all the cells. Get him to use 'Surge' to open all the cell doors. Bind
him back to the Gift. Now have Daydreamer use 'Sleepwalk' to get Bruce out of
the cell and free the Darkling. Now use all your Ghosts to scare large groups of
people and just have fun scaring people and driving them mad. You will then get
the ending cutscene and be free to go back to earlier levels to upgrade your
Ghosts abilities. Congratulations, you have completed the game!

5.0- List of Ghosts
In this section I will list the Ghosts in order of appearance. I will also note
down their abilities and how to free them. This is the format:

Name: Name of Ghost, followed by type and fetters.
Epitaph: The Ghost's in-game description.
Level: Level found (levels in brackets are re-visit levels)
Abilities: List of Ghost's abilities, most powerful at the top. Powers available
at the beginning will be shown by a *. Plasm needed to buy abilities depends on
the level: 1=50, 2=75, 3=100, 4=250, 5=500, 6=750, 7=1000, 8=1500, 9=2000, and
Location: The Ghost's location within the level.
How to Free: How to free the ghost.

Now to business.

Name: Aether - Air Elemental (Air, Outside)
Epitaph: A being of air cannot sing, but rather becomes the song itself. Aether
has inhabited music for hundreds of years, and so is a popular spirit at
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 8. Shattering Song*
           7. Whisper
           6. Wail
           5. Shriek/Thunderclap
           4. Piping*
           3. Howl/Laughter
           2. Gather Winds*
           1. Footsteps/Moan
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Boo - Spook (Inside)
Epitaph: They say Spooks never grow up, and this feisty scamp is the proof. His
party tricks include introducing himself to geese and sneaking into mortals to
haunt them from the inside out.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 6. Kinesis*
           5. Jinx/Thunderclap
           4. Hide & Seek*
           3. Leak*
           2. Rattle Chains*
           1. Fool's Errand/Moan
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Clatterclaws - Horde (Inside)
Epitaph: Clatterclaws is a haunter much in demand. For some reason many mortals
seem unnaturally afraid of living spiders - let alone living dead ones.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 6. Arboreal Prison/Legion
           5. Swarm Strike*
           4. Hide & Seek*
           3. Creepers*
           2. Scattered Swarm*
           1. Flower Power
Location: -
How to free: -

Name: Cogjammer - Gremlin (Electrical)
Epitaph: This organ grinders monkey was unlucky enough to be ground by his own
organ. Now a respected Gremlin, Cogjammer is as wild in death as he was docile
in life.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 8. Luckstorm/Surge
           7. Wild & Crazy*
           6. Blackout/Sparkstorm
           5. Jinx*
           4. Strange Behaviour*
           3. Blow Fuse/Wild Geese
           2. Spark*
           1. Fool's Errand/Cut Lights
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Ghastly - Spectre (Violence)
Epitaph: Everyone in the Astral Realms knows Ghastly - this Spectre was
haunting when you were not even a disturbance in the raw plasm.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 9. Danse Macabre
           8. Terror Incarnate*
           7. Paralyse*
           6. Spooky Surprise/Terrorise
           5. Dominate*
           4. Dread*
           3. Strange Vision
           2. Fright
           1. Bitter Cold*
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Shivers - Phantom (Emotional)
Epitaph: Always in the running for MVP (Most Valuable Phantom), Shivers tends
to be as uneasy around mortals as they are around him.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 9. TK Storm*
           8. Twister/Scared to Death
           7. Paralyse/Spooky Stack
           6. Aura Reading/Terrorise
           5. Numb*
           4. Taste Aura*
           3. Suspicious Stench
           2. Fright*
           1. Fluster/Lingering Smell
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Stonewall - Earth Elemental (Earth)
Epitaph: The grating of tectonic plates, the slow erosion of mountains, and the
inexorable compression of carbon matter conspired to form this inestimably
patient spirit.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 8. Swallow*
           7. Quake
           6. Arboreal Prison/Trap
           5. Slow*
           4. Twisted Vines
           3. Leak/Creepers
           2. Tremor*
           1. Flower Power
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Whirlweird - Poltergeist (Child)
Epitaph: Three times winner of Poltergeist of the Year, Whirlweird is still
best known for his debut professional haunting, the seminal (and very messy)
Pollock's Paint Store Mystery.
Level: Start of Act 1
Abilities: 9. TK Storm*
           8. Flood/Twister
           7. Spooky Stack/Wild & Crazy
           6. Kinesis*
           5. Jinx*
           4. Ice Breath
           3. Blow Fuse*
           2. Tremor
           1. Fool's Errand*
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Weatherwitch - Banshee (Thoroughfare)
Epitaph: As owners come to resemble their pets, so do witches come to resemble
their spells. Specialising in weather control, this unhinged banshee soon
became controlled by the weather, and now her mood swings are as temperamental
as the skies.
Level: Haunting 101 (Facepacks & Broomsticks)
Abilities: 9. Cacophony/Typhoon
           8. Siren Song*
           7. Ghostly Apparition/Haunted Hail
           6. Aura Reading/Wail
           5. Thunderclap*
           4. Gusts*
           3. Rain
           2. Fright/Distant Thunder
           1. Fog
Location: Bound to the vacuum cleaner near the downstairs bathroom.
How to Free: Bind Cogjammer to the stereo in the same room and use 'Wild &

Name: Arclite - Mane (Corpse)
Epitaph: He came to fix the boiler, but he never left. His flickering light
brings as much terror to mortals now as his exorbitant call-outfees did when he
was alive.
Level: The Calamityville Horror (Poultrygeist)
Abilities: 9. Danse Macabre/Nausea
           8. Great Balls of Fire/Scared to Death
           7. Possess*
           6. Human Torch*
           5. Bonfire*
           4. Dread
           3. Roast*
           2. Fright/Stink
           1. Lingering Smell/Sweat
Location: Bound to his corpse next to the bricked-up boiler in the basement.
How to Free: Use 'Tremor' with Stonewall to knock out some pricks in the wall.
Now try to lure a Mortal down there. They will either Break through the wall and
look, or call the Handyman to do it for them. Once that's done, Arclite is free!

Name: Maxine Factor - Apparition (Murder)
Epitaph: Maxine, a vendor of cosmetics in life, is one of many entities to find
relief in undeath - she was overjoyed to discover that ectoplasm doesn't
Level: The Calamityville Horror (Poultrygeist)
Abilities: 8. Terror Incarnate/Frozen Stiff!
           7. Ghostly Apparition/Obsession
           6. Spooky Surprise*
           5. Fascinate
           4. Ice Breath
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Intrigue*
           1. Bitter Cold*
Location: Bound to the makeup kit in the boarded up room in the attic.
How to Free: Use 'Rattle Chains' and 'Obsession' to get a man to rip down the
boards, then keep using them until a woman comes up to use the makeup kit.

Name: Static - Wraith (Electrical, Murder)
Epitaph: Static never chose to be an electrician in life, instead following his
aptitudes wherever they would take him. He continues to go with the flow after
his death, enjoying un-life as it comes.
Level: The Calamityville Horror (Poultrygeist)
Abilities: 8. Scared to Death/Terror Incarnate
           7. Ghostly Apparition*
           6. Sparkstorm*
           5. Numb
           4. Dread/Strange Behaviour
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Spark*
           1. Bitter Cold/Cut Lights
Location: Bound to his corpse, which is stuck in one of the chimneys.
How to Free: The easiest way is to use 'Tremor' on the roof with Stonewall and
then 'Kinesis' downstairs with Boo. You can also use 'Bitter Cold' with Ghastly
until a Mortal lights a fire, then get one of them into the smoky room. They
should call a Handyman and he will free Static.

Name: Lucky - Gremlin (Electrical)
Epitaph: Lucky found that frat boys are a useful source of food, and so decided
to become an Alpha Tau, sadly, their electrical repair skills were wanting,
leading to Lucky's electrocution by their warm but malfunctioning pinball table.
Level: Weird Seance
Abilities: 8. Luckstorm*
           7. Wild & Crazy
           6. Charm*
           5. Jinx
           4. Strange Behaviour*
           3. Blow Fuse/Wild Geese
           2. Spark
           1. Cut Lights*
Location: Bound to the pinball machine
How to Free: Use Static's 'Sparkstorm' in the same room. Simple.

Name: Terroreyes - Apparition (Murder)
Epitaph: Mortal children play a gruesome game at Halloween, passing objects to
one another blindfold. Peeled grapes become a dead man's eyes. Well, children
these are a dead man's eyes.
Level: Weird Seance
Abilities: 8. Terror Incarnate/Frozen Stiff
           7. Ghostly Apparition*
           6. Icy Touch*
           5. Fascinate*
           4. Ice Breath*
           3. Hidden Maze/Strange Vision
           2. Intrigue
           1. Bitter Cold
Location: Bound to his jar, next to the window.
How to Free: Have Aether use 'Shattering Song' outside the window.

Name: Wendel - Spook (Inside)
Epitaph: As might be expected of a ghost who considers teen comedy movies to be
art, Wendel intends to have some fun with newfound intangibility.
Level: Weird Seance
Abilities: 6. Chase*
           5. Jinx/Thunderclap
           4. Hide & Seek/Insane Invitation
           3. Laughter*
           2. Brief Scare*
           1. Footsteps*
Location: Upstairs, bound to a bed.
How to Free: Wake up the leader and then scare him away.

Name: Moonscream - Banshee (Thoroughfare)
Epitaph: Professional haunters pride themselves on their reserve and
impartiality, but Moonscream truly is fair in all things. Admittedly, this is
because she hates all things with equal passion but full marks for effort, all
the same.
Level: Summoners not Included (The Blair Wisp Project)
Abilities: 9. Cacophony*
           8. Scared to Death/Shattering Song
           7. Ghostly Apparition/Paralyse
           6. Spooky Surprise*
           5. Shriek*
           4. Dread/Insane Invitation
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Gather Winds/Shattered Nerves
           1. Fluster*
Location: Bound to her grave in the basement.
How to Free: Use 'Strange Vision' or 'Spooky Surprise' to make the Professor see

Name: Raindancer - Water Elemental (Water)
Epitaph: Raindancer enjoys playing with mortals by dressing in rainbows and
leading them on fruitless quests for gold.
Level: Summoners not Included
Abilities: 8. Flood*
           7. Haunted Hail*
           6. Gore
           5. Thunderclap
           4. Hailstones
           3. Rain*
           2. Distant Thunder*
           1. Fog
Location: Bound to the toilet in the outhouse.
How to Free: Use 'Tremor' with Stonewall to destroy the beehive outside. Then
just wait until someone flushes the toilet.

Name: Whisperwind - Air Elemental (Air, Outside)
Epitaph: Unlike many elemental, Whisperwind is a subtle spirit, foregoing
ostentatious shows of power in favour of minor flights of fancy and small acts
of mischief.
Level: Summoners not Included
Abilities: 8. Shattering Song/Siren Song
           7. Whisper*
           6. Wail
           5. Tempest*
           4. Insane Invitation*
           3. Howl/Laughter
           2. Distant Thunder*
           1. Footsteps/Moan
Location: Bound to the dream-catcher next to the bicycle.
How to Free: Have Aether use 'Shattering Song' to break the dream-catcher.

Name: Buck - Horde (Inside, Outside)
Epitaph: Old Man Carter faithful hound refused to let death separate him from
his mortal friend. Similarly, Buck's generous cargo of fleas refused to let
death separate them from his matted fur.
Level: Start of Act 2
Abilities: 6. Chase*
           5. Swarm Strike
           4. Dense Swarm*
           3. Creepers
           2. Scattered Swarm*
           1. Flower Power
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Hypnos - Sandman (Sleeping)
Epitaph: Not every ghost was once flesh and blood. Hypnos used to be a dream
until the dreamer died whilst sleeping.
Level: Start of Act 2
Abilities: 10. Expose Fears
           9. Psychotic Rage
           8. Dream Demon*
           7. Sleepwalk*
           6. Aura Reading
           5. Sleep*
           4. Delusion*
           3. Dreamthief
           2. Shattered Nerves
           1. Uncover Fear*
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Quiver - Spook (Inside)
Epitaph: Quiver is terrified of anything and everything, including itself - but
in the same way that it takes a thief to catch a thief, sometimes it takes the
scared to scare.
Level: Start of Act 2
Abilities: 6. Gore/Spooky Surprise
           5. Jinx*
           4. Insane Invitation*
           3. Strange Vision/Wild Geese
           2. Tremor*
           1. Fool's Errand*
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Banzai (Secret) - Earth Elemental (Earth)
Epitaph: This spirit of bonsai has been nurtured for centuries by generations
of Japanese gardeners. He is a philosophical elemental, undaunted by tasks of
any size.
Level: The Unusual Suspects (Ghostbreakers)
Abilities: 8. Swallow
           7. Quake*
           6. Trap*
           5. Slow
           4. Twisted Vines*
           3. Creepers*
           2. Tremor
           1. Flower Power
Location: Hidden in the banzai tree in the lobby.
How to Free: Bind Stonewall to the plant. (In Ghostbreakers just disable the

Name: Blue Murder - Apparition (Murder)
Epitaph: A fan of over-the-top cop movie heroes such as McClane and Riggs, Blue
was disappointed to find that she died rather easily when shot with a lethal
Level: The Unusual Suspects (Ghostbreakers)
Abilities: 8. Terror Incarnate*
           7. Obsession*
           6. Spooky Surprise*
           5. Fascinate
           4. Ice Breath
           3. Hidden Maze*
           2. Intrigue
           1. Bitter Cold*
Location: In the basement morgue, bound to her body.
How to Free: Scare away the evidence room guard and use whatever powers you have
to get Detective Norman Franz into the evidence room. Then get him into Blue
Murder's room and she will scare him off. (In Ghostbreakers just disable the

Name: Electrospasm - Wraith (Electrical, Murder)
Epitaph: The part of Electrospasm which was once Harold Smears, murderer, was
all but burned from him upon the electric chair. All that's left is a polite,
apologetic spirit of punishment.
Level: The Unusual Suspects (Ghostbreakers)
Abilities: 8. Surge*
           7. Paralyse/Wild & Crazy
           6. Spooky Surprise*
           5. Numb
           4. Strange Behaviour*
           3. Blow Fuse/Strange Vision
           2. Spark*
           1. Bitter Cold/Cut Lights
Location: In the basement room next to the staircase.
How to Free: 'Flood' the room and have Electrospasm use 'Spark'. (In
Ghostbreakers just disable the ESD)

Name: Fingers - Phantom (Emotional)
Epitaph: Fingers always imagined life to be like music, with death as the end
of the song. He was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that death is in
fact a coda.
Level: Deadfellas
Abilities: 9. Nausea/TK Storm
           8. Unearthly Calm*
           7. Spooky Stack*
           6. Aura Reading*
           5. Numb/Queasy
           4. Dread*
           3. Suspicious Stench
           2. Tremor*
           1. Lingering Smell/Fluster
Location: Chained to the piano in the music room near the top of the ship.
How to Free: Get the Cook (Jude Klous) to go up to the music room. Use 'Fool's
Errand' to get him up there and then use 'Rattle Chains' to get him in there.

Name: Flash Jordan - Mane (Corpse)
Epitaph: This reporter's single-minded quest for the Pulitzer Prize led to her
obsessive investigation of a certain mob boss. She was increasing his paranoia
quite effectively until a poor choice of hiding place led to her accidental
Level: Deadfellas
Abilities: 9. Gushing Blood/Nausea
           8. Flood/Scared to Death
           7. Possess*
           6. Terrorise*
           5. Queasy*
           4. Dread
           3. Suspicious Stench*
           2. Fright/Stink
           1. Sweat*
Location: Bound to the urn in the Don's room.
How to Free: Break the urn with 'Quake' or 'Hailstones' and wait for her to
Possess the first Mortal that comes by.

Name: Knuckles Malone - Spectre (Violence)
Epitaph: Mobster ghosts aren't exactly rare, but Knuckles presents a level of
professionalism that's a cut above the rest. He doesn't put a severed horse's
head in an enemies bed - he uses his own.
Level: Deadfellas
Abilities: 9. Danse Macabre
           8. Scared to Death*
           7. Possess*
           6. Terrorise*
           5. Dominate/Numb
           4. Ice Breath*
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Fright
           1. Bitter Cold
Location: Bound to the roulette table near the music room.
How to Free: Bind Lucky to the wheel and use 'Luckstorm'. Someone should come
and play eventually and win. Every so often refresh 'Luckstorm'.

Name: Wavemaster - Water Elemental (Water)
Epitaph: The multitudinous life forms that crawl and proliferate upon land are
mere echoes of the legacy of Wavemaster's kind.
Level: Deadfellas
Abilities: 8. Flood
           7. Seeping Blood/Haunted Hail
           6. Gore
           5. Thunderclap*
           4. Hailstones*
           3. Leak/Rain
           2. Distant Thunder*
           1. Fog*
Location: In the bottom level of the ship.
How to Free: Use 'Rattle Chains' to draw someone down there and then use 'Leak'.
Make sure you watch the movie fully as the game sometimes glitches.

Name: Firetail - Fire Elemental (Electrical, Fire)
Epitaph: Salamanders are inscrutable spirits which tend to treat all entities a
s equals beneath them, mortals included. But even the most unflappable spirit
can be frustrated by bad manners.
Level: Facepacks & Broomsticks
Abilities: 8. Great Balls of Fire/Surge
           7. Inferno/Wild & Crazy
           6. Human Torch*
           5. Bonfire*
           4. Strange Behaviour
           3. Roast*
           2. Spark
           1. Sweat/Cut Lights
Location: In the basement, bound to the witches' circle.
How to Free: Bind the 3 other types of elementals to the circle.

Name: Hogwash - Gremlin (Electrical)
Epitaph: Frequent flooding gave this groundhog his love of body surfing but an
errant speedboat robbed him of his life. He enjoys putting machines out of
Level: Facepacks & Broomsticks
Abilities: 8. Surge*
           7. Wild & Crazy
           6. Blackout*
           5. Jinx
           4. Strange Behaviour
           3. Blow Fuse*
           2. Spark
           1. Fools Errand/Cut Lights
Location: In the pumpkin on the back porch.
How to Free: Get either the guy with the headphones or an 'Ethereal Gift' onto
the porch and have no ghost bound to it.

Name: Tricia - Fetch (Mirror)
Epitaph: This hapless cheerleader died from an overly ambitious pyramid
formation, but still remains optimistic about life life.
Level: Facepacks & Broomsticks
Abilities: 9. Trojan Gift/Psychotic Rage
           8. Loathsome Aspect
           7. Clone*
           6. Macabre Reflection*
           5. Mania
           4. Ethereal Gift*
           3. Twist Reflection*
           2. Shattered Nerves
           1. Fluster
Location: Bound to the mirror in the upstairs bathroom.
How to Free: Get Blair Whelchel to enter the bathroom. You can use 'Rattle
Chains' or 'Fool's Errand'.

Name: Hard Boiled - Poltergeist (Child)
Epitaph: Never underestimate the malevolence of chickens. This gestalt entity's
long term goal is to revenge itself on the mysterious mortal known only as 'the
Level: Poultrygeist
Abilities: 9. Gushing Blood*
           8. Twister/Frozen Stiff!
           7. Seeping Blood*
           6. Gore*
           5. Jinx
           4. Ice Breath
           3. Wild Geese*
           2. Tremor
           1. Bitter Cold*
Location: Bound to the little girl.
How to Free: Scare off everyone.

Name: Brigit - Banshee (Thoroughfare)
Epitaph: For half her life, Brigit cared only to be married. Jilted at the
alter by her lecherous fiancé, she spent the rest of that life stoking her
hatred for womanising men. Her self appointed role as a ghost is not hard to
Level: Phantom of the Operating Room
Abilities: 9. Voice on the Wind*
           8. Terror Incarnate/Scared to Death
           7. Phobia*
           6. Wail*
           5. Numb/Thunderclap
           4. Insane Invitation*
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Gather*
           1. Fog/Fluster
Location: In the basement, bound to her corpse.
How to Free: Use whatever you can to get Dr. Seth Greenwood in there. 'Rattle
Chains', 'Fool's Errand', 'Hidden Maze', 'Obsession' or whatever. When he
arrives then use 'Spooky Surprise' or something similar with Brigit. Another way
is to scare off all the nurses in the building except the one in the basement.
He then goes down there to make a pass at her.

Name: Harriet - Trickster (Child, Outside)
Epitaph: Harriet is a pookah, that rare form of spirit which has a genuine love
of mortals. She is vaguely confused as to why her friends tend to end up in a
white, padded room, but doesn't let it bother her.
Level: Phantom of the Operating Room
Abilities: 10. Abhorrent Aspect*
           9. Trojan Gift
           8. Loathsome Aspect/Luckstorm
           7. Shapeshifter*
           6. Charm*
           5. Fascinate/Jinx
           4. Ethereal Gift*
           3. Wild Geese/Creepers
           2. Intrigue
           1. Flower Power*
Location: Bound to a kid in a ward on the second floor.
How to Free: Scare the only other kid off so he drops the bunny and eventually
someone should pick up the toy and return it to the kid.

Name: Daydreamer - Sandman (Sleeping)
Epitaph: It doesn't pay for and anaesthetist to be distracted when preparing
chloroform, as Daydreamer found out during his heart attack. Then this Sandman
sleeps, it takes a particularly loud noise to wake him.
Level: Phantom of the Operating Room (What Lies Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Abilities: 10. Expose Fears*
           9. Psychotic Rage
           8. Unearthly Calm*
           7. Sleepwalk*
           6. Aura Reading
           5. Sleep*
           4. Delusion/Taste Aura
           3. Dreamthief*
           2. Shattered Nerves
           1. Fluster/Uncover Fear
Location: Bound to an operating table on the second floor.
How to Free: Either use 'Cacophony' with Moonscream or create thunder.

Name: Blair Wisp - Wisp (Outside)
Epitaph: Wisps experience pleasurable sensation when gazed upon by mortals, and
as such are very hard to sneak up on. They can, however, be incapacitated by a
really hard stare.
Level: The Blair Wisp Project
Abilities: 5. Hypnotic Image*
           4. Delusion
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Intrigue/Shattered Nerves
           1. Fluster*
Location: On the island in the center of the level.
How to Free: See the level strategy.

Name: Sparkle - Fire Elemental (Electrical, Fire)
Epitaph: Like most fire elementals, Sparkle has an insatiable appetite. He
travelled extensively in his youth, and has fond memories of London due to his
participation in the Pudding Lane buffet of 1666.
Level: The Blair Wisp Project
Abilities: 8. Great Balls of Fire/Surge
           7. Inferno*
           6. Human Torch/Sparkstorm
           5. Bonfire
           4. Strange Behaviour*
           3. Blow Fuse*
           2. Spark
           1. Cut Lights*
Location: Bound to the burned out campfire to the right.
How to Free: Make an 'Ethereal Gift' with Harriet and then use 'Bonfire' with

Name: (Old Man) Carter - Spectre (Violence)
Epitaph: Old Man Carter is a compulsive teller of tales of his life, of the
determination and business acumen that led him from the gutter to glory. He can
expect to be respected but avoided be others ghosts.
Level: Start of Act 3
Abilities: 9.Danse Macabre*
           8. Frozen Stiff!*
           7. Phobia/Possess
           6. Terrorise*
           5. Dominate/Numb
           4. Dread*
           3. Strange Vision*
           2. Fright
           1. Bitter Cold
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Lady Rose - Fetch (Mirror)
Epitaph: A mysterious, cultured Fetch, Lady Rose believes in etiquette above
all else, and so politely refuses to reveal the details of her sordid past.
Level: Start of Act 3
Abilities: 9. Trojan Gift*
           8. Loathsome Aspect
           7. Clone*
           6. Macabre Reflection
           5. Mania
           4. Thing in the Mirror*
           3. Twist Reflection*
           2. Shattered Nerves
           1. Fluster
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: The Painter - Phantom (Emotional)
Epitaph: If genius and insanity are two sides of the same canvas, it's a mercy
that the Painter never created a self-portrait. People didn't want to hang his
paintings so the Painter hung himself.
Level: Start of Act 3
Abilities: 9. Nausea*
           8. Twister*
           7. Phobia/Spooky Stack
           6. Chocking Odour/Kinesis
           5. Numb/Queasy
           4. Taste Aura*
           3. Suspicious Stench
           2. Stink*
           1. Lingering Smell/Fluster
Location: -
How to Free: -

Name: Black Crow - Wight (Corpse, Earth)
Epitaph: Death is what you make of it. Black Crow, still filled with sorrow at
the murder of his people and the misuse of the land by the invaders from across
the sea, continues to walk a trail of tears.
Level: Spooky Hollow
Abilities: 10. Buried Alive*
           9. Nausea/Danse Macabre
           8. Scared to Death/Swallow
           7. Possess*
           6. Choking Odour*
           5. Queasy/Slow
           4. Dread*
           3. Rain*
           2. Stink/Tremor
           1. Fog*
Location: In the shack at the bottom of the level.
How to Free: Just use as many wind abilities as you can near the shack.

Name: Dragoon - Headless Horseman (Thoroughfare)
Epitaph: During the rime of the civil war, a mercenary dragoon ravaged the
area. Killed by a band of farmers, they blew off his head with a musket.
Level: Spooky Hollow
Abilities: 10. Deadly Pursuit*
           9. Psychotic Rage
           8. Terror Incarnate/Great Balls of Fire
           7. Phobia*
           6. Chase*
           5. Bonfire/Mania
           4. Dread*
           3. Roast/Strange Vision
           2. Brief Scare*
           1. Fluster/Sweat
Location: Running through the level.
How to Free: See level description.

Name: Scarecrow - Horde (Outside)
Epitaph: There is strength in numbers. Here a murder of crows gathers to take
revenge upon its persecutors, assuming the face of its ultimate terror to do so.
Level: Spooky Hollow
Abilities: 6. Legion*
           5. Swarm Strike*
           4. Dense Swarm/Twisted Vines
           3. Creepers
           2. Brief Scare*
           1. Flower Power
Location: In a field at the left of the level.
How to Free: Use Harriet to make an 'Ethereal Gift', then have Hard-Boiled use
'Seeping Blood' or 'Gushing Blood'.

Name: Stormtalon (Secret) - Thunder Spirit (Electrical, Outside)
Epitaph: Prince of elementals, Stormtalon is as glorious to mortals as they are
banal to him. He is scornful of their petty attempts to emulate his power, and
fights Progress wherever it rears its ugly head.
Level: Spooky Hollow
Abilities: 9. Typhoon*
           8. Surge*
           7. Haunted Hail/Wild & Crazy
           6. Blackout*
           5. Tempest*
           4. Hailstones
           3. Rain*
           2. Distant Thunder
           1. Fog/Cut Lights
Location: Hidden in a tree in the middle of the river.
How to Free: Use 'Gusts', 'Rain' and 'Thunder' together to create a storm and
summon Stormtalon.

Name: Windwalker - Wendigo (Outside)
Epitaph: Windwalker's frosty attentions are guaranteed to make the hairs on the
back of a mortal's neck stand on end, freeze, then break right off.
Level: Ghostbreakers
Abilities: 10. Frostbite*
           9. Cacophony/Voice on the Wind
           8. Frozen Stiff!/Scared to Death
           7. Paralyse/Whisper
           6. Icy Touch*
           5. Mania/Numb
           4. Delusion/Gusts
           3. Howl*
           2. Gather Winds*
           1. Bitter Cold*
Location: Trapped by the ESD system.
How to Free: Disable the ESD as written in the level guide.

Name: Wisakejak - Trickster (Child, Outside)
Epitaph: Stories have been told of Wisakejak for as long as stories have been
told. He once sold an ocean to a vain prince, including a three-year warranty
against fire and theft.
Level: Full Mortal Jacket
Abilities: 10. Abhorrent Aspect
           9. Trojan Gift*
           8. Loathsome Aspect*
           7. Shapeshifter*
           6. Arboreal Prison*
           5. Fascinate/Jinx
           4. Ethereal Gift/Twisted Vines
           3. Wild Geese/Creepers
           2. Intrigue*
           1. Fool's Errand/Flower Power
Location: Stuck in the Leader's room, bound to a totem pole.
How to Free: Use Wisakejak's 'Trojan Gift' and then bind Arclite to it and use

Name: Darkling - Shadow (Murder)
Epitaph: A creature formed from the sticky darkness that gathers in the
forgotten corners of the human soul, the Darkling has been trapped in a
netherworld for centuries, and now knows only hunger.
Level: What Lies Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Abilities: 10. Frostbite/Expose Fears
           9. Psychotic Rage*
           8. Frozen Stiff!*
           7. Obsession*
           6. Terrorise*
           5. Mania*
           4. Ice Breath*
           3. Hidden Maze
           2. Shattered Nerves*
           1. Bitter Cold/Fluster
Location: Top Floor of the Hospital.
How to Free: See the level guide. NOTE: Do not level up any missing abilities as
you will never gain access to them.

6.0- Credits
Me - For having the patients to write this guide.
Sick Puppies - For making such an amazing game.
CjayC - For creating gamefaqs.com

6.1- Contributions
Jonathon (krazykid010@excite.com)- sent in a strategy for Full Mortal Jacket.
Anonymous (jesus13@knac.com)- sent in another tip for Full Mortals Jacket

7.0- Version History
0.1	- Wrote up to Weird Seance
0.2	- Wrote up to The Unusual Suspects
0.3	- Wrote up to Phantom of the Operating Room
0.4	- Wrote up to The Blair Wisp Project
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0.6	- Wrote up to Full Mortal Jacket
0.7	- Finished Main Walkthrough
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1.0   - Finished Guide
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