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How do I get past The Craken?

Where is the crakens eye on Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb?


JellyBeanGenie answered:

When you're facing the craken it's eye look like orange dots in a circle between the wriggling tentacles. What you really need to do here is turn around and swim for the far ledge (Away from the craken), pull up out of the water get all the charges you can carry, get all the ammo etc, jump back into the water,(Avoiding the jellyfish that the craken spits at you- try swimming in circles near a column, then set a charge on each column, one at a time until you've blown them all up.

If you're not quick enough shaking off the jellyfish the craken gets some breakfast.

When all the columns are blown up they will land on the craken, the room drains of water, you get to meet up Mei Ying and you get to take the relevant artifact.

I hope this helps you.
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