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Is there an in-game map?

When I check out the controls in the option section it says that the "M" key is for map but when I hit it nothing comes up. Is there supposed to be a map?

B0MBTRACK provided additional details:

I found out a little into the game you get a map from someone which I think is a cool way to do it rather than just having the map.


cbruble answered:

Doesn't work for me either. Don't think there is one right away. Maybe be given later in the game. There is a cheat code for a map listed in the code section.
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BrayneDrayne answered:

There are a number of maps available to buy. you can get 2 from a mapmaker in khorinis (map of khorinis town and another of the surrounding area). I have also heard of maps being available for other areas. Pressing M should bring up the most appropriate map for the area you're in now, but it's a little buggy. You can just read the map by activating it from your inventory instead. It even gives you a little arrow showing where you are and where you're facing.
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andrewkane answered:

There are maps available from the mapmaker in Khorinis, some are sold in the Monastery, and you can find maps for Valley of Mines and Jharkendar.
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klarnetbass answered:

Often you have to use a map through inventory before m key would work. Map you can easily obtain by merchants.
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