Question from thesaurix

Is it compatible with windows 7?

Because when i download the patcher, and run it it saids that it can't find the installed program (the game) location, and it doesnt install :(

Gunman836 asked for clarification:

What about windows 8? I got windows 8 and it no work...


SmileBunni answered:

I have windows 7 and it works fine with me. it might be a problem with you CD?
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Araeto answered:

I believe your problem is that your not running as administrator. When you get a message like that usually the program doesn't have permission to go into your program files folder. I never updated before but if the update feature is ingame, run the game as admin and try again.
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KizzyCHU answered:

I found this worked with mine, when i installed it first. Then in uninstalled it and re-installed in, and allowed the installation of Direct x9 and it worked. :)
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Dany1018 answered:

In mine it does not work, when i'm installing it in the progress it blocks itself when it arrives to set_bar_night.lug wich could be like the 1% of the install progress, what can i do??
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DaRk_SoUl_DS answered:

I know this is an old question, but just to clear things up.

#1 The game DOES work with Windows 7. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and I can play the game for hours without any problems. There are no crashes or OS-related issues whatsoever.
However, the autorun (from the DVD version at least) does crash. You need to run the setup.exe manually inside the DVD.

#2 The patch does work on Windows 7 as well. I didn't install the game in its standard directory, and when I tried to install the patch, I had to browse for the game folder myself since it didn't find it automatically.
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