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Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest Walkthrough/FAQ 1.4

Originally written by Rob Ledrich (agis@bright.net) and posted on his 
CV web page, and updated by Kurt Kalata (kkalata@worldnet.att.net).

Rob's Castlevania Page: http://www.bright.net/~agis/castlevania/index.html
The Castlevania Dungeon: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/3138
The HTML CV2 FAQ: http://www.angelfire.com/ri/draculascurse/index.html

Thanks goes to Burnie on pointing out the effect of the Eyeball, and also
correcting the bit about the garlic.  Also a big thank-you goes out to Dave
Anderson for providing *all* of those littles clues in the game.  And still
another ^^HURRAH^^ for "Colonel" George Sicherman for his ASCII maps,
references, and clues from the villagers.  Check out the Colonel's web page at 
http://www.monmouth.com/~colonel/videogames/, where you can find ASCII
maps for several other video games!  Also, Dan Point of the HTML Castlevania 2 
FAQ has let me put the monsters from the game in.

The endings were finally figured out, although I don't know the exact
time for the worst ending.

1. General Gameplay
   1.1 Controls
   1.2 Subscreen

2. Information
   2.1 Items
   2.2 Monsters

3. Questions and Answers

4. Clues
   4.1 Scriptures
   4.2 Villagers

5. Map

6. Walkthrough

7. Additional Stuff
   7.1 References
   7.2 Endings (caution!)


1.1 Controls- 

The directional pad moves Simon, the A button makes Simon Jump, the B button 
makes Simon whip or talk to villagers, the Start button brings up the 
subscreen. The subscreen has four main windows. The bottom window is for 
your usable items. If you have an item selcted here, press Up and the B 
button during the game to use that item. 

1.2 Subscreen- 

Top window is for information such as Time, Hearts (which is money and weapon
uses), Experience, and your Level. The second window contains your type of 
Whip and icons of the Silk Bag and Cross, if you have these. The third 
window contains items that can be held, but not actively used, such as the 
Count's body parts. The usable items go in the fourth window. 


2.1 Items

White Crystal
Location: In Jova, talk the man that is dressed in grey
Price: 50 Hearts
Use: Allows you to see the floating platfoms at the beginning of Berkeley 
Heart Usage: N/A

Blue Crystal
Location: Town of Aljiba
Price: Trading your White Crystal
Use: Powers of white crystal, plus shows hidden passageways beneath lakes.
Heart Usage: N/A

Red Crystal
Location: Town past the river
Price: Trading your Blue Crystal
Use: Powers of white and blue crystal, plus summons tornado at right place.
Heart Usage: N/A

Holy Water
Location: In Jova, go throught the door on the same ledge as the man that is 
dressed in grey
Price: 50 Hearts
Use: Can break through certain walls, does as much damage as the Leather Whip to 
Heart Usage: None

Thorn Whip
Location: In Jova, go through the door halfway up the town on the left side
Price: 100 Hearts
Use: Does double the damage of the Leather Whip
Heart Usage: N/A
Chain Whip
Location: In the third door in Veros
Price: 150 Hearts
Use: Does double the damage of the Thorn Whip
Heart Usage: N/A
Morning Star
Location: in the town of Ondol
Price: 200 Hearts
Use: Better than Chain Whip
Heart Usage: none

Flame Whip
Location: Beneath the lake past Bodley Mansion, talk to the main incased
in bricks
Price: Free
Use: Best whip in the game
Heart Usage: none
Dracula's Rib
Location: In Berkeley Mansion
Price: Free
Use: When selected on the subscreen, Simon will hold the Rib in front of 
himself like a shield
Heart Usage: N/A

Dracula's Heart
Location: in Rover Mansion
Price: Free
Use: Show to river man to get across water
Heart Usage: N/A

Dracula's Eyeball
Location: in Brahm Mansion
Price: Free
Use: Allows you to see hidden scriptures in walls
Heart Usage: N/A

Dracula's Nail
Location: in Bodley Mansion
Price: Free
Use: Break certain blocks with whip (like holy water)
Heart Usage: N/A

Dracula's Ring
Location: in Laruba Mansion
Price: Free
Use: None (??)
Heart Usage: N/A
Sacred Flame
Location: On Dabi's Path
Price: Free
Use: Throws a fireball and when it hits the ground, fire shoots up.  Good
for fighting blobs.
Heart Usage: 1

Location: The cliff past Brahm mansion, talk to the man
Price: None
Use: Use as a weapon, bouncing crystals
Heart Usage: 1

Location: In various towns
Price: 50 Hearts
Use: Drop and enemies will be caught until it dies.  Also summons cloaked
figures at various points.
Heart Usage: N/A
Location: In various towns
Price: 50 Hearts
Use: Makes you temporarily invincible, good for walking through swamps
Heart Usage: N/A

Location: In the first door in Veros
Price: 50 Hearts
Use: A VERY short range weapon, and rather weak
Heart Usage: None
Silver Knife
Location: In Camila Cemetary, right of Aljiba
Price: A piece of Garlic
How to Find: Has a larger range then the Dagger. Toss Garlic in the cemetary 
and a person will show up and give it to you.
Heart Usage: 1

Golden Knife
Location:  Brahm Mansion
Price: None (kill Grim Reaper)
Use: Dagger that flames when collision with enemy
Heart Usage: 2

Location: Laruba Mansion
Price: None (kill Vampira)
Use: Required to get in Dracula's Castle
Heart Usage: N/A

Silk Bag
Location: Camilla Cemetary (left and down of town past lake)
Price: A clove of garlic
Use: Allows you to carry more laurels
Heart Usage: N/A

2.2 Monsters


Description: A totally wimpy pile of bones. 
Strategies: Just whip him down 


Description: Werewolf that jumps at you if you get too close. 
Strategies: Whip or shoot him from as far away as you can get. Get too close 
and he'll jump on you. 


Description: Comes out of the treetops and shoots webs at you. 
Strategies: Whip the webs out of the way and when he comes down near the 
ground, kill him! 

Lake Serpent 

Description: Comes out of lakes and rivers when you cross them and shoots 
fire at you. 
Strategies: To kill him just whip him and if he shoots fire, use Dracula's 
rib to deflect it. 

Town Zombie 

Description: Zombie that roams the towns at night and tries to run into you. 
Strategies: No strategy is really needed. Simply whip him down! 

Town Bat 

Description: This bat flies up and down and eventually will speed right into
you. (Found only in some towns) 
Strategies: Whip and kill the bat while he's going up and down before he 
speeds into you! 


Description: Easy target that flutters around in the forests. 
Strategies: No strategy is needed. Just whip him. 


Description: Annoying little eyeball that flies around in the caves. 
Strategies: Ignore him until he gets down near the ground. Then you can whip

Mansion Skeleton 

Description: Practically the same as the regular skeleton only it looks 
different. Some Varieties of the Mansion skeleton throw bones. 
Strategies: For the kind that doesn't throw bones, no strategy. But for the 
ones that do throw bones, just dodge all of the bones, then whip him. Note 
that the bones leave flame behind. Don't step on it!

Mansion Knight 

Description: Fairly fast moving knight that tries to poke you with his spear. 
Strategies: Whip him but watch out for the spear, it has a pretty good reach! 

Mansion Gargoyle 

Description: Large gargoyle that jumps up and down and spits three fireballs.
Strategies: Use Dracula's rib to block the fireballs then whip away at him! 


Description: Little blob that jumps around in the forest and mansions. 
Strategies:Wait till he's securely on the ground then duck and whip him. The
Sacred Flame also works well on the blobs. 

Black Skeleton 

Description: Blacked out, fast moving skeleton that roams the Sadam Forest. 
Strategies: Whip him fast because he moves fast and if he gets too close 
he'll give you a good punch! 

Marsh Beast 

Description: Beast that hides in the swamp water and when you get close it 
pops out and shoots fireballs. 
Strategies: Get out Laurels to protect you from the marsh and use Dracula's 
rib to deflect the fireballs. Get close and whip him. 

Marsh Worm 

Description: A thin worm that jumps out of the marsh when you get close. 
Strategies: Watch for his tail that wiggles, but don't bother whipping him, 
if you move it won't hit you. And once it tries to hit you once, then it 
won't try again. 


Description: A very fast moving cat that jumps at you and is very sudden. 
Strategies: You MUST know where these cats are or else you'll be hit hard by 
them. They are in the Balasco Marsh. 


Description: Fast moving and shoots fireballs. There are two varieties. One 
comes early in the game and shoots fireballs slow. The other comes later and 
shoots fireballs much faster. 
Strategies: Use Dracula's Rib to block the fireballs and whip him when he 
gets close. 

Flaming Head 

Description: Head of fire that floats towards you at a pretty good pace. 
Strategies: The head is an easy target but make sure you have at least a 
Morning Star whip, otherwise it may take too many hits to kill before it 
hits you. 


Description: Tall and vulnerable mummy that moves fast if you get close. 
Strategies: Easy to kill but make sure you have at least a Morning Star whip. 

Floating Skull 

Description: A floating head that comes down on you at an angle making it 
very hard to hit. 
Strategies: Move around and try to avoid him until he gets down to where you 
can whip him. It's tough getting him not to land on your head. 

Flaming Skeleton 

Description: A skeleton on fire that shoots LOW fireballs. 
Strategies: I'm not sure if you can use the rib to deflect the fireballs but 
you can try it. I always jump over them.  

Medusa Head 

Description: A medusa head that flies after you rather slowly.
Strategies: Incredibly easy to kill. Just whip when it gets close! 

Undead Hand 

Description: A hand that comes out of the ground in graveyards. 
Strategies: Don't even bother trying to kill them. All you need to do is 
jump over them. And if you want to try killing them, unless you have a 
powerful whip it's gonna take you a lot of hits...especially at night! 


Description: A small Raven that comes out at you from the sky in Vrad's 
Graveyard. It waits a while, then charges at you incredibly fast. 
Strategies: Kill the Raven while it's waiting in the air. (Note that you'll 
have to stand on a grave then jump up and whip it.) 

Killer Plant 

Description: A large plat that shoots fireballs from it's flower. It's a 
rare enemy too. As far as I know there's only one of them in the whole game 
and it's in the Wicked Ditch. 
Strategies: Use Dracula's rib to block the fireballs then, you guessed it, 
whip him down! 

Man Vulture 

Description: It looks like a vulture but if you let it touch the ground, 
you'll find that it's actually of human resemblance and shoots fire at you. 
Strategies: Don't let the bird touch the ground, whip it while it's in the 


Q. Some of the rooms in town are empty!  What do I do?

A. If there's an empty room in towns, try to break either the floor or 
right wall with holy water to see if there are any hidden rooms.  
Do this very often.

Q. Is there any way to detect traps/false blocks?

A. Toss some holy water to check for false bricks.  If it goes through,
avoid that block.

Q.  Jumping across the blocks in the swamp can be a pain.  How can I get
across easily?

A. When faced with blocks floating on lakes, jump when the block is at
the highest point.  It will propel you upwards and give you the force you
need to reach the next block.

Q. Do the villagers' clues have any effect on the game whatsoever?

A. Usually not.  They seem to be there for the hell of it.  I never bother
to talk to them, unless I need to buy or trade something.  Only the clues
are actually useful.  Too many of them seem to come-ons from girls.

Q. What's the best way to get through this game fast?

A. Make sure you plot out *exactly* where you want to go, before you
start playing.  Raise your heart levels by fighting in mansions, because
time does not pass there.  Buy the crystal at Jova at the beginning
of the game, go directly to the first mansion, and fight through it, then
return for the better whips and holy water.  Follow this general advice.


4.1 Scriptures

Clues are found with the eyeball at different parts of the game.  Those
are the red pieces of paper you'll see lying around.  Dave Anderson has
e-mailed me all of the messages, along with their location.  This will help
if you want some general info, but don't want to be lead through the by
the nose with the walkthrough.


4.2 Villagers

Hints from JOVA

H1. First thing to do in this town is buy a White Crystal.
H2. A crooked trader is offering bum deals in this town.
H3. A flame is on top of the 6th tree in Denis Woods.
H4. Rumor has it, the Ferryman at Dead River loves garlic.
H5. 13 clues will solve Dracula's Riddle.
H6. You have a friend in the town of Aldra. Go and see him. [b]
H7. A Magic Potion will destroy the Wall of Evil.
H8. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Town of Veros. 

Hints from VEROS

H9. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Town of Alba [Aljiba]. [a]
H10. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in Berkeley Mansion. [g]
H11. You've got a friend waiting for you in the Town of Aljiba. [e]
H12. A Rib can shield you from evil.
H13. Laurels in your soup enhances its aroma. 

Hints from ALJIBA

H14. Buy some Garlic. It has special powers.
H15. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Veros Woods. [q]
H16. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in Rover Mansion. [h]
H17. A Laurel will protect you from the Poison Marsh.
H18. The Dead River waits to be freed from its curse.
H19. To restore your life, shout in front of the church. 

Hints from ALDRA

H20. Hit Deborah Cliff with your head to make a hole.
H21. I'll see you at midnight on the river bank.
H22. Sorry, Pal, no time now, maybe later.
H23. Get a silk bag from the Graveyard Duck to live longer.
H24. I've been waiting for a good looking guy like you.
H25. I want to get to know you better. 

Hints from OLDON

H26. Dig up the 4th grave in the Cemetery for a Diamond.
H27. When I was your age, women loved me.
H28. Take my daughter, please!!
H29. Believe in magic and you'll be saved.
H30. Don't make me stay. I'll die.
H31. Don't look into the Death Star, or you will die. 

Hints from FETRA

H32. After Castlevania I warned you not to return.
H33. You've upset the people. Now get out of town!!
H34. Get back!!
H35. The Cross in Laruba's Mansion must be found. 

Hints from GHULASH

H36. Let's live here together. 

5. MAP

                 Veros    Dabi's Aljiba                       Woods
  Ferry          Woods     Path  Woods             *-*-k-t-f-*-*-*-*-*-*
    ...*-m-c-*-*-*-*-*-h-*-*-s-q-*-*-e-o-*-l-*-r-p/               \g-v-*-z
   Dead     Jova    \--d--/       \*-y
   River    Woods                     \i

        Woods   Ferry

a - Town of Oldon: Morning Star, Laurel
b - Town of Aldra: Laurel, Garlic, Red Crystal
c - Town of Jova: Holy Water, Thorn Whip, White Crystal
d - Town of Veros: Dagger, Chain Whip, Clue
e - Town of Aljiba: Laurel, Garlic, Blue Crystal
f - Town of Fetra: Laurel
g - Town of Ghulash
h - Berkeley Mansion: Oak Staff, Dracula's Rib, 3 Clues
i - Rover Mansion: Oak Staff, Dracula's Heart, 2 Clues
j - Brahm's Mansion: Oak Staff, Gold Knife, Dracula's Eyeball, 2 Clues
k - Bodley Mansion: Oak Staff, Dracula's Nail, Clue
l - Laruba's Mansion: Oak Staff, Dracula's Ring, Cross, Laurel
m - Belasco Marsh
n - Graveyard: Silk Bag
o - Camilla Cemetery: Silver Knife
p - Fire Whip
q - Clue
r - Clue
s - Sacred Flame
t - Wicked Ditch
v - Vrad's Graveyard
w - Jam Wasteland, Deborah Cliff: Clue
x - Denis Woods: Diamond
y - Yuba Lake
z - Dracula's Castle 

Starting off/Dracula's Rib

>From the start, go right and then down the stairs. Talk to the man in the 
grey robes and buy the White Crystal from him. Go to the bottom of town and 
leave by going right. Fight Werewolves and Skeletons in the next screen until
you get one hundred and fifty hearts, it should become night while you are 
doing this. If it does, go into town (it's the town of Jova, by the way) and
fight Zombies. When you have enough money go back into town and go into the 
door next to the guy who sold you the White Crystal. Buy Holy Water in here. 
Leave this room, go to the bottom of the town, work you way to the left and 
look for a door above you. Go in there and buy the Thorn Whip.

Leave the town of Jova and go right three screens. On the third screen go 
down the stairs you come to, then keep going right. This brings you to the 
town of Veros. Try to have at least two hundred hearts by the time you get 
here, if not just go back and forth in between Veros and Jova until you have 
enough. In this town you can buy a Chain Whip for one hundred and fifty 
hearts and a dagger for fifty hearts. Be sure to get both of these! Next, 
go back to the left, up the stairs and then go to the right. You're at the 
mansion. This is Berkley Mansion.

Notes on Berkley:

You need to hold the White Crystal or else the elevator will be invisible.
Just head straight up.  When your reach the top and move right, check the blocks
on the elevated platform with holy water.  They are fake, so jump pretty
far.  Head right, and search for that guy you see walking by the spike
pits.  Buy an Oak Stake.  Head down, and check the floor for pits.  There's
one trap here, you can tell by the fact that background is a column.  Jump
over it, and throw the stake at the orb to get the Rib.  Head left, drop down
through the trap and head left to the exit.

How to get Dracula's Heart 

After getting the Rib from Berkeley Mansion, head back to Veros. Once in 
Veros, go to the right, go up to the top and then go right on this screen. 
This is Dabi's Path. On the next screen, in the bottom left wall is The 
Sacred Flame. You have to go to  right to get to the floor of the screen, 
the throw Holy Water on the steps  and go left, throw Holy water on the wall.
>From here, go right four screens. You should now be in Aljiba. 

Try to have at least one hundered hearts before you come here. Look around 
town and buy some Garlic and some Laurels. Go one screen right and drop some 
Garlic on the ground. A guy will appear, talk to him and you'll get a Silver 
Knife. Go back to town and talk to the man in grey at the top of the town, 
he'll trade your White Crystal for a Blue Crystal. Go two screens to the 
left and go down the stairs. Go to the edge of the lake, select the Blue 
Crystal and crouch. After a few seconds. the screen will scroll up a little 
bit and it will be safe to enter the lake. Now you're at Rover Mansion 

Notes on Rover Mansion:

Just head up the stairs and go right, but when you find blocks to jump
on, intentionally miss (that is, drop down.)  You should land on a column
above water.  There's a group of blocks here that is fake, so jump right
through.  Keep going to the right and buy the Oak Stake.  Go back left a 
bit and head up the stairs.  Just follow the linear route until you
reach the orb.  Then head back the way your came.  Easy, huh?

How to get the Eyeball

Time for a BIG Hike back to the beginning. From Jova, go left until you 
reach a guy on a boat. Select the Heart, then talk to him. After crossing 
the river, continue left, past the Brahm Mansion until you reach the cliff.
Someone will give you a Diamond there. Go back to the Brahm Mansion. 

Notes on Brahm Mansion:

This mansion is so incredibley easy and linear.  Just head upward, go right
when you reach the top, go down the stairs and head left.  Go up a little
bit to buy the stake, then go all of the way down.  Go right and face
the Grim Reaper.  Just use the Sacred Flame in moderation, along with
some good old whipping.  If you've gone ahead and found the Morning Star
or Flame Whip, this will make the confrontation very easy.  Get the Golden
Knife he leaves you when you beat him, and head into the next room to get the
eyeball.  Run past the Reaper and exit the way you came.

How to get Dracula's Nail

After you get the Eyeball, go back across the river to the right without 
holding the Heart. Then recross to the left without having the Heart 
selected. Go left, and look for the knight in this town.  Trade your
blue crystal for his red.  Keep going left, then down when you get to the 
stairs.  You are now in a graveyard (Camilla Cemetary). Go all the way 
to the left and at the edge of the graveyard, and use garlic. A guy will 
appear and give you a Silk Bag.  Go back up the stairs and continue left 
until you get to Ondol. They have a Morning Star here for two hundred hearts. 
Buy it. 

Continue Left  until you come to a cliff. Select the Red Crystal, walk up to 
the cliff and duck for a few seconds (you don't have to hit your head on 
anything). Go in  the mansion that you appear in front of. 

Notes on Bodley Mansion:

Head upward (and watch for a fake floor) and then go to the right.  Take
the upper route both times, and look for a hidden wall.  Now, head down
and go to the right (you'll need to break some bricks.)  Walk past the
area with the hanging bodies and go down.  At the bottom, there's a hidden
wall in the bricks on the left, just jump up or try to find it with holy
water. Buy the stake from the person, and then fall down through the fake
floor just beyond the cloaked man.  Go down and head into the room with
the orb, and get the Nail.  Go back left, up, and then left again to
the next screen.  Take the upper route, and then jump off, looking for the
hidden passage in the bricks.  You're now at the beginning of the mansion,
so just walk right out.

How to get Dracula's Ring

After solving Bodley mansion, go to the left, when you get to the lake, 
select the Red Crystal, and duck for about 5 seconds. Go down and head left.
First take the lower route, jumping on the bricks. You'll find a man hidden
in blocks that will upgrade your Morning Star to a Flame Whip.  Go back,
go up and break down the bricks, and keep heading left.  Don't bother going up.
After more traveling and some wading through muck, you'll find the last
mansion, Laruba. (Note: to get back to the area of the game before you
traveled via tornado, head left from Larbua Mansion.  You'll end up jumping 
off that precipice right near the town of Aljiba.)

Notes on Laruba Mansion:

Not too difficult, just head in an upper-right direction.  Go up when
you reach the next screen, and at the top, take the lower route to buy
the Oak Stake.  Head back and take the upper route this time.  Go right,
head down, and faced with the choice, go right.  Now, when you reach
the bottom, you can go left and cross the spike pit to get your Laurel
supply refilled, or go right to reach the boss.

The boss is Vampira, a crying mask. She'll give you a Magic Cross if you win. 
Duck just inside the door to avoid her fireballs (pretty easy).  Using
the Golden Knife and whipping her will do well.

Killing Dracula

After you get all of the parts, go all the way to right, up, and right
again, past Bodley.  Keep going until you come to some stairs. Take the
bottom path (the upper path is a dead end.)  When you get to the wall of
stones, select the Nail and whip them (holy water works too). Now you're in 
Castlevania.  This is easy, there's no enemies and everything is linear.
Whip him when he appears, don't jump into him, and use laurels.
After enough hits, he'll die.  Gee, the Count was really wimpy in this
adventure, wasn't he?  


7.1 References


The first name of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. 

A female lesbian vampire in a novel by J. S. LeFanu. 

A Hungarian meat stew. "Ghulash" is a pun on "ghoul." 

Vlad the Impaler, the prototype for Dracula.

The town of Verossa, near Transylvania.

Death Star
The humungous space station built by the Empire to destroy the Alliance.
Whoops, sorry...wrong place!  I really have no idea what the hell this
is supposed to be an allusion to, it's just another useless clue from
the villagers.


Now you'll get one of three endings depending on your time:  in the best 
ending, everything is color (at dusk), Simon is standing by the grave, and 
hand comes out at the end.  You need to complete the game in under 8 game
hours, I believe.  The middle ending ending is color and Simon is by the 
grave, but the text describes that he dies.  In the last ending (which is
if you *really dawdle* is in black and white, but doesn't have any depressing
text.  So the worst ending isn't really the worst. Hmm....

The End!!
Created 4/26/97
Updated 11/10//97