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          Table of Contents                     For the Nintendo NES
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                                                Written by Pseudonym
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          General Help
          Boss Strategies

Revision History

November 18th, 2005 
Version 1.3 (FINAL)

Added a few things here and there, and fixed some mistakes. I scrapped the 
stage strategies, since I'm working on a full walkthrough as a future guide.


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Q: I have an alternate strategy for <insert boss here>. Will you use it?

Sure, just send it in and I'll add it whenever I do another revision.


Castlevania is one of the tougher games that Konami released for the NES. Yes, 
really. The stages can be tough and they only get tougher as you progress 
though the game... and the bosses are nearly as tough as well. This is where 
this guide comes in. It will help you against the bosses and general help with 
the stages and the enemies within them. If you have any questions, comments, 
suggestions, praise or criticism, they should be sent to 
with the heading Castlevania. All flames, threats, childish comments, etc. will 
be deleted and you're email address filtered.

General Help

Just getting to the bosses is half the battle, especially later on when the 
stages get tough. Here's some help that should get you to the bosses with most 
of your health and lives intact.

Most of the enemies in this game will appear and react depending on the 
direction you're facing and the height you're at, even if you're in the air. 
Bats and Medusa Heads will appear from the direction you're facing, and other 
enemies, like Skeletons and Axe/Spear Knights, will move in the direction 
you're facing. You can take advantage of these enemies in particular by turning 
away from them to draw them close and then whipping them.

If you're trying to get a candle while you're on a moving platform, NEVER jump 
from the back. It's not even worth trying to get most of them.

Avoid jumping and hitting candles to get the contents while it's still in the  
air, especially if you don't know what's in them. It would really suck to  
trade off a desirable weapon like the Boomerang for a less desirable one 
like the Dagger. 

A few enemies are weak against specific weapons. For example, the Skele-Dragons 
can be killed easily with the Boomerang. Axe/Spear Knights can be killed 
quickly with the Axe (hah, who would have thought) or even with the Holy Water. 
I personally prefer the Holy Water since you don't have to have aim over the 
Axe Knight's shield. It takes a little longer to kill them though.


HP: 1

They walk across the screen and then leave. They often appear in groups of two 
or three and from both sides of the screen. Wait until the Ghouls get close and 
hit them all at the same time to get rid of them quickly.

HP: 1

They will appear at the height and the direction you're facing and then fly off 
of the screen. They are fairly slow and simple to kill. You shouldn't have too 
much trouble with these enemies through the game.

Fish Men 
HP: 1

They jump out of the water, and if they touch down on ground, they will walk 
around and shoot out fireballs once in awhile. They are simple to kill but 
watch out when they jump out of the water, especially when you're on the moving 
platforms on stage 4. The best way to avoid getting knocked into the water on 
that stage is to move to the edge of moving platform or kill it if you can. 

Spear Knights 
HP: 2

They walk around the screen randomly but they have no real attack. It takes two 
hits to defeat one so give yourself some room before attacking. Since it might 
turn back towards you at any time, avoid approaching one from close range while 
it's walking away after you drop down or jump from a platform.

Medusa Heads
HP: 1

They appear from the direction you're facing and then leave the screen. When 
you encounter them try not to turn in the other direction or they will start 
coming from that direction instead. Jump over or walk under them to avoid them. 
Or just hitting them works as well. =)

HP: 2

They appear in set places in a few stages. They don't move very quick but it 
takes two hits to defeat one. Whip them quickly and move on or they will just 
follow you around until they run into you. 

Bone Towers
HP: 6

These stationary objects can take quite a beating and their fireballs are a 
slight hazard. The fireballs are spaced far enough apart that you can jump over 
each one quite easily but whipping them is just as effective. 

HP: 1

Hunchbacks don't appear randomly, except when a Bird is carrying one, but they 
have a random attack pattern which is usually a short hop, short hop, and then 
a jump. Hit them as soon as possible but don't let them get close or gather in 
groups. You don't need to duck to hit one, which is something I usually did out 
of habit for a long time before I stopped. 

HP: 6

They rarely appear but they are one of the toughest enemies in the game. They 
attack by shooting fireballs out of their mouth, and moving their bodies around 
to avoid your attacks. Since it's anchored to the wall, you should stand as far 
away as you can and attack it from a distance. 

Axe Knights
HP: 8

The upgrade of the Spear Knight and one of the toughest enemies in the game. 
They attack with throwing axes that they will toss either high or low. The axes 
will also come back after flying a distance away. The best way to destroy them 
is to use Holy Water or Axes. Whip the Axes that they throw as well so that 
they don't become a bother when they come back towards the Axe Knight. 

HP: 1

They will only appear carrying Hunchbacks back and forth across the screen. The 
Hunchback fall to the ground randomly and bother you until you kill it. If you 
kill the Bird while it's carrying the Hunchback, both of them will be killed at 
the same time.

HP: 1

They are pretty quick but are easily killed since they follow an obvious path 
which for the most part is flying a little bit when you activate one and then 
flying straight across. They usually leave the screen when they fly straight 
across but other times they will fly down toward you or back up to try and 
attack you again. Whip them quickly when they activate to be done with them.

HP: 1

They are the main enemy you encounter after the Ghouls in the first stage. They 
walk around slowly and wait to turned into a pile of bones. Simple enough.

Throwing Skeleton
HP: 1

The upgrade of the regular Skeleton. They are quicker and have an actual attack 
but they are still pretty simple to kill. 

Red Skeleton
HP: 1 (infinite)

They are the same as the regular Skeleton but they can't be killed. When you 
hit one, it will collapse into a pile of bones but they will get up again after 
awhile. Just whip it and then move on before it gets up again.


Important Items: The items on the screen that make it easier to kill the boss.

Recommended Weapons: The best weapons to use against the boss.

Attack Pattern: The way that the boss attacks.

Strategy: The best way(s) to defeat the boss.

Boss Strategies

First Boss - Vampire Bat

Double Shot

Axe, Stop Watch

It flies around randomly and occasionally swoops down at you.

The easiest way to defeat the Vampire Bat is to use the Axe from the candle a 
few screens back and toss them at the boss. Hit the rightmost block in the 
platform under the stairs for a Double Shot to defeat the boss even quicker. 
It's best to stay on the left side of the stairs since there's more room to 
attack and dodge the Vampire Bat when it swoops at you - just duck or move out 
of the way when it does. If you want to use the Axe or you forgot it, the Stop 
Watch is a nice alternative. Wait for the Vampire Bat to swoop in to use the 
Stop Watch and then whip it until it unfreezes.

Second Boss - Queen Medusa


Holy Water, Stop Watch, Boomerang

It flies around randomly but it will try to run into you. It will also drop 
snakes which will move toward you.

The Holy Water is the weapon of choice against Queen Medusa. You can get one 
near the beginning of stage 4. And before you ask, yes, she will bust out of 
the statue in the center of the room, therefore, stand to the right of it and 
wait for her to appear. When she does appear, start tossing the Holy Water at 
her, which will freeze her in place. Keep tossing and whipping and she will be 
done in no time at all. The Stop Watch works in the same manner. 

Use it to freeze her and then whip the crap out of her. If you don't have 
either of those weapons, the Boomerang will also suffice, although you will 
likely get hit by the Snakes Queen Medusa drops. Wait near the statue until 
Queen Medusa breaks out and then run to the right side of the screen. Crouch in 
the corner and start tossing Boomerangs and whipping her when she's close. You 
can't do much about her running into you but try to avoid her. 

Third Boss - Mummies


Holy Water, Boomerang, Whip

Both of the Mummies randomly walk around, occasionally throwing bandages toward 
you. You can control the movement of the Mummies somewhat by standing in the 
direction you want them to go. It doesn't always work though. 

The best way to defeat the Mummies is to avoid hitting the block where the meat 
would be - that is the lowest block on the left. Stand on the block instead and 
use the height to your advantage. With all of the weapons recommended here you 
should face left to draw them close to you and then whip them. Turn right if 
the Mummies are sticking close to you to make them walk away and then turn in 
the other direction again to continually keep them in range of your attacks.

The Holy Water is weapon of choice against the Mummies - just start dousing 
them in it when they are close enough. The Holy Water should freeze them in 
place long enough that they won't be able to escape. If you don't have that, 
the Boomerang is another good weapon. Crouch and start tossing them at the 
Mummies. It has longer range therefore you won't have to keep them as close as 
you normally would. The last choice is your trusty old whip. 

Crouch and whip them when they are close enough. Retreat to the higher blocks 
when they get too close and/or force them away by using the above methods. One 
final method is to leave the low block intact and hit the Mummies from the 
ground. Keep the Mummies on one side, NOT between you, and run and jump back 
onto the low block if they walk to the left corner. Grab the meat if you need 
it and continue pummelling them until they are both destroyed. 

Fourth Boss - Frankenstein's Monster


Holy Water, Boomerang

Igor: Hops to the left and then back to the right, shooting fireballs at you. 

Frankenstein: Walks around randomly.

Frankenstein is the first boss that can give you a hard time if you don't know 
what you're doing - of course it's not really Frankenstein that you have to 
worry about, it's his miniature partner, Igor. If you know how to avoid Igor 
and it's fireballs you can defeat Frankenstein easily. It will generally hop 
while it's in the middle of the screen and then jump high when it reaches the 
platforms in the corners. Hide on the inside edge of the platforms to avoid it.

But you should keep your eyes open and stay ready to move around since it won't 
follow this pattern completely. Frankenstein can get in the way but he will 
usually stay on right side of the screen. Stay close to the platforms so you 
can jump over Frankenstein or Igor if you find you are getting trapped. When 
you first enter the room, run and jump onto the side of the lower right 
platform to get in some quick hits before Igor starts moving. 

If you have the Holy Water, you can do some serious damage to him and maybe 
even defeat him without Igor ever moving if you have a Double or Triple Shot. 
Without the Double or Triple Shot Frankenstein and Igor will break out of the 
stun after a few seconds but you should be able to take anywhere between 1/4 to 
almost 1/3 of his health. After that keep hitting him with the whip and stun 
him with the Holy Water when you get the time. 

If you have the Boomerang, stay on the ground and toss them at Frankenstein at 
the start. Hit Frankenstein from a distance with the Boomerang and use the whip 
if you are close to him. The other weapons are not as good as the first two I 
talked about but you might end up with one of them. With the Dagger you can use 
the same strategy as the Boomerang. The Axe isn't such a good choice here but 
at least you can hit both guys from a distance. 

Fifth Boss - Death


Holy Water, Axe, Boomerang

Death: Randomly flies around, although he seems to like to be near the corners.

Scythes: Motionless for a second and then they slowly follow you around.

The fight has several similarities to the last one with Frankenstein. The first 
on being that Death is a lazy bastard and has someone or something else do most 
of the work for him, namely the dreaded scythes that he creates. Many a 
Castlevania player has yelled (or swore) into the night in frustration because 
of their inability to deal with the scythes. They move slowly but they are 
numerous and do quite a bit of damage - four bars of damage to be exact. 

Destroy as many of them as you can when they are created and retreat a bit to 
avoid getting hit as they close in on you. Hide in the corners if things get 
too tough but don't stay too long since Death has a habit of floating there as 
well. The second similarity is Death is extremely venerable to the Holy Water. 
If you do have the Holy Water stand on the right edge of the center platform 
and wait for him to appear and start throwing the stuff at him. 

It's not necessary to jump and throw the Holy Water if you're standing right at 
the edge but you have to be quick. Even without the Double or Triple Shot Death 
shouldn't be able to get away but having either of those items will cement your 
victory for sure. The jump and throw method is just as good if you're not 
comfortable with standing on the edge. The bad part is that if Death breaks out 
of the stun, the Holy Water is unwieldy to use against him from this point on. 

A good alternative weapon to use here is the Axe, which will give you much-
needed vertical protection against scythes that are above or on either side of 
you. You can also use it to hit Death from a distance rather than having to get 
close to him. Another good weapon is the Boomerang. It has more range than the 
Axe but you will have to jump around and toss them to hit the scythes and 
Death. Just keep your distance as best as you can and toss them around. 

An added bonus for the Boomerang is that you can always find it in the candle 
on the left side of the first set of stairs in stage 14. The whip is tough 
choice since you will have to get close to Death and the scythes to hit them 
therefore don't bother using it unless it's in combination with one of the 
weapons above. The Stop Watch is unfortunately useless against Death since it 
won't effect him. It's good for the long corridor with the Axe Knights though. 

Sixth Boss - Dracula

Holy Water

Boomerang, Holy Water, Whip

Dracula 1: Shoots three fireballs and then randomly teleports around the room.

Dracula 2: Jumps toward you and occasionally shoots out three fireballs.

The fight with Dracula is pretty disappointing after that dramatic climb to his 
chamber. The moon in the background is a nice touch though. Get the contents of 
the candles except for the last one on the far left side in Dracula's chamber. 
It contains the Holy Water which will help you finish off Dracula later on. 
Wait until he rises from his coffin (best said in garbled Altered Beast tone 
for maximum effect) and stops flashing before you attack him. 

You can only damage his head therefore hitting the rest of his body is a moot 
point. So having said that, there are two ways to defeat Drac: with the 
Boomerang or with the whip. The Holy Water isn't effective against him in this 
form. Now wait for Dracula to appear. If he's fairly close to you, jump over 
his fireballs and whip him in the head. If he's on the other side of the 
screen, don't bother trying to damage him, just whip the fireballs instead.

You can follow the same strategy with the Boomerang but keep in mind that they 
move slower. Keep moving around to avoid getting teleported on and whipping 
him. After you take his last bar of health he'll lose his head. =) While he's 
in his death throes, you can either get the Holy Water from the candle or just 
use continue to use the Boomerang. You're better off using the Holy Water 
though because it will make the rest of the fight easier.

When Dracula becomes remerges again in his new and improved form (hah, you 
thought he was dead?) toss the Holy Water at him and then start whipping the 
crap out of him. He will try to jump toward you but you should keep him stunned 
long enough to take 2 or 3 bars off of him before he does manage to break out. 
When he does just back up and continue pummelling him with the Holy Water and 
your whip. Keep going until he's finally dead. Enjoy the ending.


Final Comments

Goodbye. It's been fun writing this thing for you all. Well, not really, but I 
had to have something nice to say since this guide is almost at the end. Heh. 
Just kidding. Anyway. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praise 
or criticism, they should be sent to with the heading 
Castlevania. If you're looking for specific information and it isn't in this 
guide, please tell me about it and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Konami for creating this game.

David Wonn for some stuff that I took from his excellent Castlevania FAQ. I 
hope he doesn't mind.

Pepsi and Mountain Dew for keeping me awake while I'm writing, as always.

And you for reading. Thanks.

Anyone else who contributes will get a nifty spot here, so don't delay, 
contribute today! 

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