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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
NES 1988

Walkthrough writen by Colby Haymond 934400
Walkthrough Started: 12/23/10
Walkthrough Ended: 12/24/10
Walkthrough Updated:N/A

Walkthrough Version: 1.00

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To get this out of the way. I don't want this to be seen on any other website
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I am fine with people printing out the walkthrough and using it that way.
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Hello, my name is Colby Haymond, I have written several FAQ/Walkthroughs this
is my third walkthrough of a game, my other two are Castlevania: SOTN and
Lemony Snicket's a series of Unfortunate events. I wrote this Walkthrough
because I have played Simon's Quest several times and I have grown to love
the game. At first it is a hard & confusing game but it gets more fun the
further you play through.

This is a walkthrough of the game I don't really plan on adding FAQ content
since I'm not too experienced with all this game has to offer, this is a
simple guide. It's intent is to help you beat the game and offer you what
each thing does and if it's worth your time. This game is one of the black
sheep of the Castlevania fold but it is still a fun game. I'm using the
Virtual Console version of this game, since I don't have an NES, they should
be the same content wise and controls.

The story to this game is after Simon had beaten Dracula (castlevania one)
he had put a curse on the land. It is for Simon to travel around the land
apparently collecting Dracula's body parts to ressurect him and kill him so
he can rid the curse from the land. That's essentially what the story is, you
go around towns,kill skeleton's and collect Dracula's body parts!!! Cool,
let's dig in!!


     HOLY WATER     50
     THORN WHIP     100
     DAGGER         50
     CHAIN WHIP     150


Alright we are now in the game, when you start up the game you should start in
the town of Jova. Now exit the city through the right hand side of the town.
You will now be in the Jova woods, you need to collect a total of 200 hearts.
You start out with 50 so you technically need 150, hearts in this game are the
currency to buy things, you will then buy with your 200 hearts a thorn whip,
white crystal and holy water. When you are collecting your hearts the day will
turn into night making the monsters stronger requiring a couple more hits than
before. You also get higher returns because they are stronger, making your
adventure to 200 hearts faster. If by any chance you didn't get 200 hearts in
the night go to the town heal up at the local church at the top part of the
town, if you have around 100 hearts go buy the thorn whip which is located in
a door on the left side of the town use the "up" button to go in the door.
Once in the door press the B button or 1 button to talk to him. He will offer
100 hearts for the thorn whip. This will make getting the other hearts easier,
since you have a stronger whip now. After you have finally gotten the hearts
neccesary go back to town when it's morning, if it isn't morning keep killing
monsters to get extra hearts. When you enter town take the stairs closest to
you go up them and you will see a guy in a grey cloak talk to him to get the
white crystal, then go into that door to buy the holy water. FYI all of those
guys will ask you to buy things from them this what they will look like,
sometimes in different color cloaks. Now pause and press down to get the arrow
on the holy water, you can now use the holy water by pressing up B/1. Now that
the grunt work has been down we can now adventure on, go back out of town the
same way you came in.

A rule I would like to set is, when it's morning you travel and buy things in
town. At night that is when you farm for hearts and train Simon so he can get
levels up, on even levels such as 2,4,6 he gets a life bonus meaning he gets
more life bars that appear on the left side. The more hearts you have and the
less you loose all 3 lives the less time you have to take to buy the crucial
items that you will need.

The first part of the woods you will encounter skeletons and wolves, with your
new whip it takes one hit for skeletons and two for the wolves, in night that
is. This next area is where you meet the merman who will jump up when you jump
to a platform, make sure that you jump and swing your whip at the same time so
if they do jump up you can hit them before they hit you. This new area you
will have a choice to break the bricks in front of you with the holy water
or jump on them and take that route, take the second option. The first one
just takes more time. In the next area you will want to take the stairs down
to the next village, if you are still morning then go to the town and buy a
dagger and chain whip. Which will cost you 200 hearts total. If it is still
night by the time you get to the second town farm hearts until you get to
200, heal at the church if you need too. When you enter the rooms you will
notice that they are empty, the first room you will have to break the two
bricks at the bottom right of the room to talk to the scary looking guy.
The next guy will be at the end of town you will have to walk up stairs to
get to him. In this room you will have to break the floor bricks and travel
down to buy the whip. Next go out of town the way you came, the left direction
of town.


This section is where I summarize what I just explained in the particular

You started out in a town, you farm for hearts up to 200 so you could buy a
white crystal, holy water and thorn whip. Next you traveled the countryside
until your next town where you healed at the local church and bought the
dagger & chain whip which will help you kill monsters a lot easier. Now you
are headed towards the first Mansion.


     OAK STAKE      50

       TOTAL        50 HEARTS

After buying your goods go out of town via the left hand direction of town, go
back up the stairs and head in the right direction once up the stairs. Make
sure you heal soon church's will become a luxury not commonplace anymore. The
next area you will encounter another merman jump on the platform jump off to
the otherside and the next area will be the first mansion to get a Dracula
body part (oh yeah can't wait.)

When you enter the mansion make sure the white crystal is selected if it is
you will see two bricks floating up and down, if not you didn't select the
crystal. Jump on the bricks and then jump on the area where you see the knight
with a lance. Continue pressing to the right direction, you will see two 
stairs leading you down or up, take the stairs that lead you to the upstairs.
If you see a couple of blobs then you are in the right spot, continue moving
to the left direction. At the end of the hallway will be a spot for you to
jump on platforms to make your way up. YOu will have to plan your jump right
before you are about to fall (you will have to do this for all jumps in this
game.) Once up the stairs go to the direction opposite of the lancer knight.
You should encounter some blobs, duck down and when they get close hit them
with your whip. At the end of the hallway you will encounter two skeletons and
some spikes, if you use the holy water at the two blocks at the bottom of the
wall you will find a message saying "A symbol of evil will appear when you
strike the stake." Except they misspelled appear to appaer, there are several
misspellings like that one but you just deal with it. Now go back to where
the Lancer was.

Jump to the lancer and swing your whip then go up the stairs and kill the two
skeletons that are up there. NOW here comes a tricky part, Konami thought they
were cool by putting bricks that really don't support your weight. You will have
to jump but you can't jump on the first two bricks you will have to jump to
the third one or else you will fall, there are more in this game to let you
know. The next area you should see that guy who likes to sell you things,
below you continue going right. YOu could go down the stairs but just jump
down to save you some time. Go down the second stairs and head left, then jump
over the two bricks in front of you and head up the stairs that are right next
to you. Then if you have 50 hearts go buy the Oak Stake from him and hit the
wall with your holy water again to get this message "Destroy the curse and
you'll rule Brahm's Mansion." In other words you will be the owner of this
mansion once you beat Dracula, great you now have a house to live in. 

Now that you bought the Stake DON'T USE IT UNTIL I TELL YOU TOO, IT IS NOT A
SUBWEAPON LIKE I THOUGHT IT WAS. You only use it at the end of each mansion.
Now head down the stairs where the lone skeleton is, next you will want to go
to the right and head down a long and narrow hallway, you should see a blob.
Hit the wall with your holy water to get another message saying "A flame
flickers inside the ring of fire." I'm sorry I don't know what this means at
the current time. Now go back and head down the stairs. Now that you are
downstairs go right but be careful in the background you will see columns, the
second one is a good frame of reference because the two bricks below it are
those tricky bricks you will fall if you don't jump over them and you will
have to traverse this stupid mansion from basically the beginning. After that
lifebreaking decision you are now at the end where you get a piece of Dracula.

Make sure you do all of the following, get Simon as close as you can to the
orb that is on the small column, make sure he is facing the orb. Next equip
the oak stake (it is the item to the far right of the holy water) once equip
use it like you do the holy water, it should break the orb and you should
now "Prossess" Dracula's rib, equip the rib like you did the white crystal,
when you aren't doing anything (like standing) a shield will be shown and you
can reflect projectiles that come your way. Now head back and this time fall
down where I told you to jump over this way is easier to back track since you
don't have as much area to cover, congratulations you beat the first mansion.


After you have bought the dagger and chain whip head back to the area that
you were just at then head in the right direction. You will then be in the
first mansion. You will essentially go in a clockwise direction in the
mansion. You will find several riddles in the walls of the mansion. You will
then come accross the guy who sells you things this time he wants to sell you
an oak stake, buy it if you have the hearts, if not farm for them. You will 
now come accross an area that is very straight, in the background is columns,
the second one to the right is the one you are concerned with. The bricks that
touch it are the stupid fake bricks jump over them. Then use the Oak stake and
make sure you are in the direction of the orb when you use it, now you possess
the rib of Dracula proceed out of the mansion and back to the town where you
bought the chain whip and dagger to heal up.


     GARLIC(2)       50 A PAIR
     LAURELS (4)     50 A PAIR
     OAK STAKE       50 
             TOTAL 200 HEARTS

Now that you made it back to the second town to get healed you now need to go
back to the entrance of the first mansion, I'm sorry to keep you going back
and forth this game is a very not forgiving game so healing is so worth it, if
by some chance you don't need to get healed then head to the right direction.
This next area will introduce you to the new monster the bat, just as annoying
as ALL the other Castlevania's, take the upper path don't bother to break the
rocks those paths are usually the stupid and pointless ones to take. This next
area will also introduce you to the spider which are pretty dangerous if you 
dwell too long by them the web can be deflected by the whip but is pretty hard
to do so, so just hit them if they are conveient otherwise just blaze past

With this new area you will be in a cave looking background, the only thing
you have to do here is just go straight right and into the next area. This
next area will have eyeballs and bats, they take one hit to kill. When you get
to the bricks that are at the bottom hit them with your holy water then travel
to the end and destroy the bricks there to gather the holy flame which is a
very good sub weapon of killing Dracula with. Now exit to the next area.

This area will have spiders and skeletons be careful of the spiders. Now go to
the town if it is morning if it isn't keep farming for hearts and experience
until it is. Then buy Garlic, Laurels (buy twice for 4) and at the top of the
town trade your white crystall for a blue one they unfortunately don't have a
church to heal so hopefully your aren't too low on health. When it is night
time make sure you go to the graveyard that is to the right of this town, use
the garlic you just acquired and throw it on the ground next to where you will
walk out of. Now that everything here is taken care of go back two areas to 
where they had stairs for you to walk down on.

WHen you walk down the stairs and enter the new area you will be in the area
that looked like you were in a cave. Jump onto the platforms and stay on the
platforms, there are the eyeballs that may give you trouble make sure you kill
them when you are in position, going backwards to kill them is a smart thing
so you don't die since you can't hit them. Keep going on the upper path then
jump down. Now you are probably thinking to yourself what in the heck is a
water doing here and most importantly how do I cross it? Have no fear we will
cross it together like Moses did with the people of Israel. Turn on the pause
menu and select the blue crystall and have Simon duck down and wait for the
water to dissappear making it possible for you to go down and into the next
Mansion. (Konami they were creative people,LOL.)

Once you are in the mansion keep going to the right and skip the stairs. You
will then have to jump  to make it to the platforms, the second platform will
look like you can't jump past it, but you can. Next jump over the water spots
and continue going right. YOu will then find a moving platform, stay where you
are wait for it to come to you then jump on it and then jump onto the platform
that is stationary. Next go down to where the spikes are and be careful, that
is where you will get the Oak Stake buy it from him. Next go back to where the
moving platform is and jump onto the platform and go to the top of where you
bought the oak stake from. You will have to be careful since there are two
spots that align exactly with the spikes making it easy for you to die. At the
end break the brick and you will get the message "Destroy the Curse with
Dracula's heart." Now that you have the Oak Stake go back only past the moving
platform, you will see a set of stairs go up them, then go up the next two.
You will then make your descent down a couple of platforms in the right hand
direction. Next go up the stairs that has two lancers by them. You will now
have to make very precise jumps here or else you will fall and have to make
your way back up since you will fall pretty far down.

Now that you made it up here you will notice that this mansion is apparently
under water or it has a pool on the roof of the mansion. Either one works for
me. Now keep pressing in the right hand direction. At the end of the hallway
you will break the wall and get this message "Garlic in the Graveyard summons
a stranger." Hopefully you have already done that at the past town, the one
that doesn't have a church to heal at. Now drop down the small hole and use
the oak stake of the orb to receive Dracula's heart, hooreay!!! Now blow this
popsicle stand and get out of this mansion.

Now you will have the fun of backtracking all the way to Jova which is the
first town and the one you started out on. You will have to keep going in a
left direction you should pass the first mansion, if you do you are heading
in the right direction.


We did a lot in this section, you went back to the second town to get healed
since the third town are too holy to have a church. Then you left the town in
the left hand direction, then went up the stairs and went in the right hand
direction. Next you will get to a town where you bought a pair of garlic and
two pairs of Laurels which will come in hand later in the game and a chain
whip to keep up on the ever increasing monsters. Then after you will head all 
the way to the top left of the town and trade a guy the White Crystal for a
Blue one. Now that it will get to be dark, go to the right of the town and
throw down a garlic a man that looks just like the man who sells things to
you will give you a silver knife. Now exit the graveyard and town, then go
down the stairs which will eventually lead you to an area with water in which
you can't cross, you will equip the blue crystal and have Simon duck. Wait for
a second or two and the water will decrease allowing you to jump down and into
the second mansion.

In the mansion you will keep going straight (right) don't go up any stairs.
You will then jump onto platforms and the second one will make you think that
you are at a dead end, the bricks are fake so you can jump through them. The
next area will be where you see two bricks that move back and forth jump onto
them and jump to the stationary bricks jump down to buy the oak stake. Next go
back past the moving bricks and up the stairs that are exactly past the moving
bricks. Climb up them and you will be in a pretty straight forward position
where you will eventually get to the orb to use the Oak Stake, then you will
have to leave the Mansion and backtrack ALL THE WAY BACK TO JOVA WHICH was the
first town on this game.


     OAK STAKE          50
     GOLDEN DAGGER      blood and sweat from killing death
     DIAMOND            FREE
             TOTAL      50 HEARTS

Now that you have painstaking backtracked make sure you are healed. We are
going to the third mansion which is a tricky way to get there, this mansion
was one that I did after the fifth mansion because there is a trick to getting
there that makes it easy to forget. Now after you are ready go to the left
hand side of the town and exit that way. You should face some pretty scary
looking monsters, they are easy to kill but from here own are some pretty
tough monsters to face.

Further in this area is a swamp you will want to use one Laurel to get through
it, it is a small area there is a huge one in which you will need the rest of
the Laurels to get past. After you get past the swamp pause and switch from
the rib to the heart, then talk to the ferryman, here is where you will get to
the third mansion. IF you didn't equip the heart you would have gone right
past the third mansion, crazy right?!

Jump off of the ferryman and continue in the left hand direction. You will
find yourself in the third mansion. Now head right then climb up the stairs.
Next climb up the next two set of stairs, once up the second set of stairs
head left and up those stairs. Then head right and up those stairs, then after
fighting two skeletons go up the next set of stairs. If you have encounter
those jumping gargoyle things then you are in the right spot, at this point
go to the right, the left is a way for you to get out faster. You should now
be in a new area that has two flying gargoyles, after killing them head down
the stairs. At the end of the stairs will be a Lancer be careful to not get
hit by him and fall into the spikes after you kill him use the holy water on
the bricks in the corner which reads "Wait for a soul with a red crystal on
Deborah cliff." I guess this is how Konami will justify a furture event that
you will get to when you trade the blue crystal for the red one!!

After receiving that insight from the riddle head to the new area to the left.
In the new area you should see that guy who wants to sell you the coveted Oak
Stake, buy the Stake then head down the platforms. Now head down several
stairs. Next walk into the next room that is on the right in this hallway is
three bats that will be overhead, go to the next room which you will encouter
Death he throws scythe's at you, you can deflect them with your whip, the holy
fire is a good sub weapon to use he will stop when you use it on him. After
you defeat him you will get the golden knife which is a stronger version of
regular and silver knife, it also requires hearts. After killing death (HAHA)
go to the next room to get Dracula's eyeball. Now backtrack all the way back
to the entrance of the third mansion, next go to the left. You will face some
fairly strong enemies if you face them in the night, you will also have to
jump on platforms to get to the other side, make sure you jump when then are
at the peak of their height you will only be able to make it to the other one
if you do it correctly. There is a dead end which has that same scary guy, he
will graciously give you a diamond which really doesn't do much it is like the
rebound stone in Symphony of the Night. Now go back to the ferryman.


You finally made it to the first town you headed in the left hand direction.
You equiped the heart when you came to the ferryman because of the heart he
took you to a different place, you then made your way to the third mansion.
While you were there you found some insight into what the red crystal does,
(I was going to tell you) you once again found the guy and bought an oak stake
then you fought Death who requires a lot of hitting and use of the holy fire.
After he was dead you received the golden dagger a stronger version of the
regular and silver dagger. You then went to the next room and use the Oak
Stake to break the orb and get the eyeball of Dracula. You then traversed 
through the mansion and went to the entrance of the mansion. YOu then went
left and continued that way to find another weird guy who would give you a
diamond which works like the rebound stone from Castlevania SYmphony of the
Night, which is a stone that will richochet when it hits ground. You then went
back to the ferryman and he took you to the fourth town, Aldora.


     MORNING STAR     200

                TOTAL 200

When you get to the ferryman stay on him, he will take you back to where you
originally came from, stay on him because you need to go that direction. It
may seem weird but you have to go the way we just came from to get to the
other mansions in this game. You should now be in another town if its dark
like it annoyingly is you will have to farm since you will soon be needing
200 hearts for the coveted morningstar. The items we need in this town is to
get the red crystal if you need Laurels and Garlic you can buy them but the 
Laurels are only needed if you don't have more than 2. To get the red crystal
talk to the guy who just like the one who traded us the white crystal for his
blue one, he is alone and closer to the right side of the town, after doing
that go to the left side of town and exit.

In this next area you will face more blobs and skeletons that shoot fireballs
at you, all you need to do is get close then stop so your shield can block it
then you can swing your whip when they aren't shooting fireballs at you. In
the next area you will find another monster which looks like the skeleton next
to it but isn't, if you kill it you can get more hearts and experience. Next 
go down the stairs and jump on those platforms, they do have some fake bricks
so if you fall use one of your laurels you should be able to get accross with
just one Laurel. Now in this next section it has very strong monsters which
require lots of hits of your whip, be careful the blobs are going to be the
most difficult make sure you get them before they jump too much around you,
if you got to the end at night use a garlic if you don't go back to town and
get one. Use the garlic and the same guy will appear and give you a silk bag
which I believe gives you more space to get Laurels and Garlics with. Now go
back to the next area. Once you get there you will now go left instead of
taking the detour down to the graveyard, after you have gone a little bit you
will find another town called Olden like usual if it is night time farm for

When it is morning if you need laurels you get them on the right side of town.
At the top of the town is a door which leads to you buying the Morning star,
you SHOULD buy the morning star it is stronger and will help by requiring less
hits from the whip. It does require 200 hearts so if you have the hearts go
get the Morning Star, then proceed to the left side of the map.

In this next area you will face the flaming head things and a mummy. Next you
will have to jump over the bricks, like last time remember to jump when the
bricks are at the peak of their height. After the stones comes an amazing
event you are about to witness having the red crystal equipped go by the
rock and duck down then wait. . . . . . . . . . . . for a Twister/Tornado to
come and pick you up and drop you off by the fourth Mansion!!!

Entering the fourth mansion you will come accross a Lancer and some skeletons.
Climb up the next five stairs before you climb the fifth and final stair
watch out for the fake bricks that are by it make sure to jump over them. Now
that you are all the way up go to the right, then keep going right then you
will choose from going down or up go to the up path and jump through the top
two bricks to be in another area.

Keep going down, after going down the two platforms you will have to quickly
kill the skeletons before they take too much life out of you. Then go right
and hit the 2X2 bricks at the bottom with the holy water and jump through and
kill the skeleton. THen go right and you will go past an area that has two set
of spikes on the ground go past and up the stairs and head left where you will
use the holy water to break the two bricks that were previously above you.
When you do it will be another riddle saying "The curse has killed the Laurel
Tree." Then jump down and head right and then head down the stairs. You will
then get to a point where you think you are at a dead end but you aren't go to
the left and you should go past some fake bricks, then walk left there isn't
any fake bricks in which you will drop down from you will then see the guy who
sells the Oak Stakes. Then go left and you will drop down kill the skeleton
and head left, then jump down and head right. Then in this room is where you
will use the Oak Stake to get Dracula's Nail, then walk all the freakin way
back to the entrance of this mansion.


This was a big section that we accomplished, you came back to the ferryman
to take you to the right direction not the unknown way. When you got off of
the ferryman you went to the town of Aldora and traded your blue crystal for
a red one. Next you went to the graveyard and dropped a garlic which appeared
the weird guy who sells you things but he gave you a silk bag which allows you
to hold more garlic and laurels. Next you headed out of the graveyard and in
the direction of Oldon town in this town you hopefully bought the morningstar
which will give you more power to rip through the enemies. With the red 
crystal you used on Deborah cliff by ducking down and waiting for a Twister
of all things to come and pick you up and take you directly to the fourth

At the fourth mansion you had to go around the top of the mansion and make
your way to the far right end of the mansion and drop down and go left to
find that the Oak Stake guy is hiding above where you get Dracula's body part.
You then dropped down and went right and used the stake to get Dracula's tooth
then you left the mansion and went to the Fetra town that is on the right of
the mansion to heal yourself then you went back to the mansion ready to take
on the next section.


     OAK STAKE        50
     LAURELS          GIVEN TO YOU
                TOTAL 50 HEARTS

Now that you are out of the mansion head in the right direction you will be in
a fairly easy area they all take two hits, then you will be in a new town, the
main thing you want to do is heal since getting healed is a luxury now since
only a few towns have church's. After healing make your way back to the
mansion, once you get there you will now go the left direction. You will come
accross another water section just do the same thing you did last time, the
red crystal still works like the blue one.

In this next section the only main concern here is to upgrade your morningstar
into a flaming morningstar to do this jump over the one brick and then jump
onto the platforms that move up and down once at the end use the holy water
to break the bricks then jump over and talk to the guy who will give you the
best whip you can get in this game!! Next climb up the bricks and head left
you will have to face some floating skeleton heads but that is pretty much it.
Don't waste your time with the top part of this area.

This new area will introduce you to the fireman dispatch him quickly his
little fireballs he throws at you are hard to deflect he takes two hits. In
this next area is what I have been preping you for, all of the laurels you
have will pretty much go to this next spot. This is a huge swamp that will
take a toll in your life even if you had full life it would still kill you
to walk past it, this is where the laurels come in you will have to use about
3 Laurels so you should be fine if you have six Laurels. Now walk through but
don't worry about the monsters just keep walking. After crossing that swamp
you will be at the entrance to the final Mansion!!

In the mansion go to the right and jump on the bricks and go up the stairs.
Once up the stairs jump onto the platform on the right and continue going to
the right you will jump over some bricks then skip the stairs that lead down,
jump over some more bricks and you will be in a new area. In this new area
jump on the platforms to in the upward way, keep going right and you will come
accross spikes if you haven't noticed until now like I did every time you buy
an Oak stake from him he is always by spikes, except however to the guy on the
fourth mansion but the others apply.

Now that you have the Oak Stake go back to the left and go down to where you
just entered. Next continue going down until you meet another guy but this
time he is giving you laurels, jump ontot he platform and watch out for the
spikes that will shoot up, if you would like you can use a laurel so you
don't get injured. When you get past that you will now be able to enter a new
room, this time it is a boss, but funny enough its a very easy boss. Death was
a lot harder than this boso. 

You should have no problem with this guy stand a distance away when he circles
around jump and hit him you should be able to hit him twice when he comes
around. After he circles around he stops and shoots fireballs that hit in a 
certain area, just stand still and your shield will just block it, then he
does the same thing over and over again. After you kill him you will possess
the magic cross, now go to the next room to get Dracula's ring, then make your
way out of this mansion and to the entrance.


Not so much happened this go around you used the red crystal to draw the
second lake dry then you went through the huge swamp using Laurels to not
take damage. You then went through the fifth mansion grabbed the Oak Stake and
while in there you were able to get more Laurels you fought a stupid boss to
retrieve the holy cross that allows you to gain access into Dracula's castle.
You then received dracula's ring using the Oak Stake and you left the Mansion.


Our next destination is CASTLEVANIA home of Dracula you will now have to go
past the fourth mansion and travel for awhile to get there. If you would like
on your way to Castlevania buy garlic & Laurels they will help you, but as of
right now you don't need hearts anymore to buy whips or anything just those
two items. On your travels after you have gone through several screens/areas
you will have a choice to go right or go down the stairs and then right. 
choose the second option the other leads to a dead end that isn't worth being
there anyways.

Once you are in the dead town of Ghulash there is no doors that are worth
going in. Just proceed right, to Vrad's graveyard (vlad?) Now keep going right
and you will end up at the bridge to Castlevania. Break the bricks and enter
Dracula's castle, it will have no enemies in it since he is gone, use the holy
water to break the bricks and soon you will be in the room ready to ressurect

Once you have traveled through his castle and get to the door you will be in
the room where you will fight Dracula. You could if you want use the holy fire
when Dracula gets ressurected just sit there and use the fire he won't budge
and you can win that way. Or you can use your Laurels to become invincible
and you can hit him using your other sub weapons like the golden knife would
be useful since you aren't going to be needing your hearts after this point
in the game. GOOD LUCK!!!

After beating Dracula the land was rid of the curse and Simon wasn't able
to recover from his wounds so he will die eventually. Good job in beating a
very underrated game, now if you want you can play it again and I believe that
you can get the best ending if you beat it in under a couple of game hours.


This game is really a fun game it does have its moments where it can be 
tedious and retarded but I really enjoyed this game and I hope you do too.

I wrote this guide in one day I had a lot of fun I had beat the game a second
time the day before and thought to myself I should write this guide tomorrow.
I did and I hope you like it, this is a great series of games and a great game
as well.