Review by CharlyBucket

"Big Bad Black Hawk"

I have played this game for about 3 years. I never played a DF game before, and now I known every one of them.

The graphic's are dated, but quality. Gun's look great, as does character models.

The physics are... horrible. The dead will either go through a wall or just fly on top of it magicly. If you're standing next to a building and die, you will either go through the wall, or teleport on top of it. You can glitch through walls, buildings, and any other objects thanks to the ability to lean. If there are two walls that intersect at a degree lower than 45 it won't make you stop and not run any more, you'll just appear on top and get flamed for being a glitcher.

I love the weapons, but they're beyond unbalanced. There is the M16 which is balanced, along with the G36 and the CAR15. But pistols are extremely underpowered, sometime taking up to 10 shots to kill a person. The ability to use "AutoRange" on a grenade or sniper launcher takes a talent needing skill to being able to kill a target nearly out of site an easy shot for even the biggest of noobs... who are the ones using said AutoRange. Heavy Machine guns and grenade launchers are the most unbalanced gun's I've ever seen. M60s, SAWs, and M249 MG's all have 1-Hit-Kills, very good accuracy, and 200 round clips which can't over heat. Meaning, the M60 will be the most popular gun on any server but a sniper server. Grenade launcher's come with 6 nades, and are breach loaded. The one-hit-kills carried with it make it the most noobiest gun ever devised. The MP5 is the real gamer's gun. It has a 30 shot clip, is silenced (meaning that if you shoot at a person their map doesn't say where you are), and require's at least +8 hits to kill (Not counting a headshot, that's a one-hit-kill for all guns. Claymores (land mine) have one hit kills, are motion activated, and don't disappear when you die. This means dropping one behind a door way can grant you the noobiest kill possible, giving you the name "ClayWhore".

The audio is useful when being shot at, but lacks anything exicting or entertaining.

You CAN however dance. This means dance off's may ensue causing someone to die from a shot to the head. Ton's of fun. It's fun to run in the middle of a sniper map and dance and everyone laughs at you.

There are a bunch of multiplayer modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill, Capture the Flag (Which isn't played in the old fashion way, there are a bunch of flags that don't respawn.), Flag Ball (CTF with one flag in the middle of the map), Attack and Defend (A turn taking mode in which you blow up the enemies emplaced weapons with satchel charges), and Search and Destroy (Attack and Defend without the turn taking). All of which are fun. You can download an attachment for CoOp and King of the Hill.

The game's fun, but lacking anything making it a heartstopper. Buy it, it's $20.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 09/19/05

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