Additional Level DesignPetri Jaarvilehto
Additional Level DesignSaku Lehtinen
Additional ProgrammingPetri Hakkinen
Art DirectionSaku Lehtinen
Character AnimationPeter Hajba
CinematicsTommi Anttila
CinematicsSaku Lehtinen
Game Programming LeadKim Salo
Graphic Design LeadSami Vanhatalo
Graphic Novel ArtMarko Leinonen
Graphic Novel ArtSami Saramaki
Lead Game DesignPetri Jaarvilehto
Level Design - ArtAki Maatta
Level Design - ArtTero Tolsa
Level Design - ArtMikael Wahlberg
Level Design - GameplayAnssi Hyytiainen
Level Design - GameplayMikael Kasurinen
Level Design - GameplaySamuli Vikkinen
Menu and HUD ArtMarko Leinonen
Menu and HUD ArtSami Saramaki
ModelingHenri Blafield
ModelingMiko Huovinen
Particle ArtPeter Hajba
ProgrammingJaakko Lehtinen
ProgrammingOuti Martilla
ProgrammingPetteri Salo
ProgrammingOlli Tervo
Project leadMarkus Maki
Sound FX and Voice TracksPeter Hajba
Technology Programming LeadMarkus Stein
Texture ArtPeter Hajba
Texture ArtSaku Lehtinen
Texture ArtMarko Leinonen
Texture ArtAki Maatta
Texture ArtTero Tolsa
Texture ArtMikael Wahlberg
Voice Actor - Alfred WodenJohn Braden
Voice Actor - AnnouncerDavid O'Brien
Voice Actor - Bicycle Helmet GirlVictoria Pontecorvo
Voice Actor - Captain Baseball Bat BoyMichael Mags
Voice Actor - Cartoon HostDavid O'Brian
Voice Actor - DemonJohn Zurhellen
Voice Actor - Dick JusticeRodd Houston
Voice Actor - DispatcherOrfeh
Voice Actor - GirlfriendDebra Sperling
Voice Actor - GodfatherPaul Christie
Voice Actor - HookerDebra Sperling
Voice Actor - Jim BravuraVince Viverito
Voice Actor - John MirraGreg Sims
Voice Actor - JunkieFred Berman
Voice Actor - KaufmanGreg Sims
Voice Actor - Lady AmeliaAnn Scobie
Voice Actor - Lord JackKevin Conroy
Voice Actor - Lord ValentineChris Durham
Voice Actor - MamaMarge Redmond
Voice Actor - Max PayneJames McCaffrey
Voice Actor - Mental patientFred Berman
Voice Actor - MobsterPeter Appel
Voice Actor - MobsterBruce Kronenberg
Voice Actor - MobsterLou Martini
Voice Actor - MobsterMike Moran
Voice Actor - MobsterFrank Sims
Voice Actor - MobsterTodd Susman
Voice Actor - Mona SaxWendy Hoopes
Voice Actor - Nicole HorneJane Gennaro
Voice Actor - PolicemanRon Foster
Voice Actor - PolicemanGreg Sims
Voice Actor - PolicemanTodd Susman
Voice Actor - PolicemanMatt Walton
Voice Actor - Porn HostNavid Khonsari
Voice Actor - Russian ManMike Moran
Voice Actor - Russian ManFrank Sims
Voice Actor - Russian ManTodd Susman
Voice Actor - Sharon JusticeKelle Kerr
Voice Actor - Sheriff's ManGary Yudman
Voice Actor - ShrinkRalph Byers
Voice Actor - Valerie WintersonJennifer Server
Voice Actor - Vinni GognittiFred Berman
Voice Actor - Vladimir LemJonathan Davis
Voice Actor - WardenMike Moran
Voice Actor - ZombieJohn Zurhellen
Written bySam Lake


Data and credits for this game contributed by Vortex268, El Greco, I-M-INDIAN18, LordAndrew, odino, and oliist.

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