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       #####     • THE FALL OF MAX PAYNE •

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 Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, FAQ written by Anton "FAQ GOD/Nightcom" Forsander.
 Started:  October 19th, 2003
 Finished: October 31st, 2003

 G A M E   D A T A
 Platform:  PC
 Developed by: Remedy Entertainment
 Publisher: Rockstar Games
 ESRB Rating: M (Mature, 17+)
 Genre: 3rd person shooting

 A U T H O R   I N F O R M A T I O N
 Screen Name:  FAQ GOD/Nightcom
 Real Name:  Anton Forsander
 Design İ :  Anton Forsander
 E-Mail:  antykun@yahoo.com

 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S :
 1...........................Legal Information
 2...........................The Walkthrough
 2.5.........................General Tips & Hints
 3...........................Bullet Time Strategies
 3.5.........................Difficulties/Unlockable Modes
 4...........................Weapons Information
 5...........................Cheats/Secrets/Easter Eggs

 If you want to use this FAQ on your site, magazine, etc.
 I'd greatly appreciate it if you CONTACTED ME. I won't
 say no, but I need to know where this walkthrough is
 published etc.

 Don't hesitate to E-Mail me with comments, suggestions, 
 corrections or problems regarding this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH.

   /Ğ° 0.5 Updates   °ğ\
 - November 4th 2oo3
   Added Bullet Time strategies, difficulties/unlockable modes,
   weapons information. Fixed some minor errors/stuff. I will
   add more easter eggs later, so don't worry.

 - October 31st 2oo3
   Well, it's just a pretty small update with a few more easter eggs,
   currently I can't spend all my time on writing this walkthrough
   unfortunately because I have a life and gf, and yeah... I get
   around 10-20 emails everyday, and lots of you are asking for help
   and that's not really helping me out and it stresses me etc - but
   don't feel bad or anything it's just that it's not especially
   inspirational to read something like "help me, part x chapter x,
   I don't know how to [instert something here] bye" without a comment
   or anything at all. Hope you'll at least enjoy this update a little.
   I will start writing more chapters tomorrow.

   Update Today #2: I added Two more chapters.
   Update Today #3: Hehe, I actually finished the walkthrough, and 
   will from now on only have to add easter eggs, secrets and the like.

 - October 25th 2oo3
   Major update with lots of new easter eggs, added a General Tips & Hints 
   section. Added quick search. Switched the order of updates (newest are
   first now, at the top). Finished Part 2 Chapter 3,4,5,6. Part 3 Prologue
   and Chapter 1.

 - October 22nd 2oo3
   Finished up to Part 2: Chapter 3.

 - October 21st 2oo3
   No levels today because of schoolwork n stuff. I added easter eggs
   #12, #13 and #14 today, sent it to ign.com and fixed some minor errors.

 - October 20th 2oo3
   Update #1 Fixed some chapters and errors. Added cheats, secrets, easter eggs.

   Update #2 Part 1 is completed - starting part 2.

 - October 19th 2oo3
   Started the walkthrough and sent it to GameFAQs.com
   expect a big update soon!

               /Ğ°    1  Legal Information     °ğ\
  This file was intended for personal use only. It can't be reproduced
  and/or retransmitted in any way, shape, or form. You must email me,
  if you want to put this on your site - I won't say no but I need to
  know where it is published etc. It's not that tough to email. 

  Anton Forsander acknowledges and respects all copyrights, patents
  (pending or not), and trademarks whether if it's mentioned or not
  somewhere in either the Max Payne 2 walkthrough and/or site as no
  copyright infringement was intended. If for any reason I MUST USE
  any copyrighted resource, then credit will be given.

  This file is mine and there is no unauthorized use of it.
  I have never created this file so that some someone can just steal
  this work and claim credit for it. Also, don't steal the layout.
  I have put a lot of work in this.And I'm the only one that have
  the rights to change it. Thank you, hope you'll enjoy it.

  ____________________/Ğ°  2. The Walkthrough  °ğ\_____________________
  If you want to find a part/chapter quickly simply type in the code
  below in your search field (ctrl+f).


  Part 1 Prologue : P1P
  Part 1 Chapter 1: P1C1
  Part 1 Chapter 2: P1C2
  Part 1 Chapter 3: P1C3
  Part 1 Chapter 4: P1C4
  Part 1 Chapter 5: P1C5
  Part 1 Chapter 6: P1C6
  Part 1 Chapter 7: P1C7

  Part 2 Prologue : P2P
  Part 2 Chapter 1: P2C1
  Part 2 Chapter 2: P2C2
  Part 2 Chapter 3: P2C3
  Part 2 Chapter 4: P2C4
  Part 2 Chapter 5: P2C5
  Part 2 Chapter 6: P2C6
  Part 3 Prologue : P3P
  Part 3 Chapter 1: P3C1
  Part 3 Chapter 2: P3C2
  Part 3 Chapter 3: P3C3
  Part 3 Chapter 4: P3C4
  Part 3 Chapter 5: P3C5
  Part 3 Chapter 6: P3C6
  Part 3 Chapter 7: P3C7
  Part 3 Chapter 8: P3C8

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ\
  \   PROLOGUE                      /

  You wake up in a hospital all dizzy, there's a doorway in front of you.
  Exit through the doorway and then take a right, open the door on the opposite
  side of the room and a cutscene will start. 
  After the cutscene open the door in front of you and take the painkillers.
  There's a door (without one of those panels) to the right of them.
  Open it and step inside - another cutscene will start and afterwards you'll
  be equipped with a gun. Take care of the guard that's in the room and walk
  through the doorway he came from.

  Yet, another cutscene will start - afterwards, turn around and open the door
  on the opposite side of the room. Walk to the right and move towards
  the elevator doors. Step inside and push the button with your "use" key.

  Guess what? Yup, cutscene again. When it's done, walk out of the elevator
  and into the room ahead, bam, cutscene and this little introduction level
  is over.

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ\
  \   Chapter 1: Elevator Doors     /

  You start outside a big industrial looking building. No slide doors will open.
  To the right of your starting point, in the dark, is an open gate. 
  Walk through it and follow the path around the building. Walk up the steps
  near the wall and enter the building. And follow the big shelves until a
  quick cutscene starts. Move towards the slide door and another cutscene
  starts, afterwards you can either follow the cleaning guy and he'll open
  the door or you can kill him and see what happens - you won't
  fail/game over or anything if you kill him though.

  Go through the doorway that he opened (or if you killed him it's already
  open). And kill the cleaning guy attacking you. Walk around the shelves until
  you find a door with a green panel to the left of it. Open it and be
  careful because there are two guards around the next corner having a
  conversation. Get rid of them and open the door to the left of the big
  slide doors with red lights next to them. Then open the door to the left
  in the next room and you'll have some stairs in front of you. You'll also
  hear another conversation between some cleaners.

  When that conversation is over one of the cleaners will head down the stairs,
  so you can either surprise them or wait for the cleaner to head down and then
  take care of the other one. Continue into the next room and then the other.
  Open the next door and run down the hallway and open the door to your right.
  Get to the door in the corner and a cutscene will start.
  Afterwards, two cleaners will attack you so take care of them and move
  quickly into the room where the cutscene started. Grab the shotgun and ammo
  and wait. Eventually, two cleaners will enter the other room - kill them
  and run into the walkway again. Now the door to your right will be open,
  enter the room and be prepared for three more cleaners.

  Sirens will be heard outside, walk through the doorway and a cutscene will
  start. Press the elevator button and wait, take the elevator down and prepare
  for cleaners. Kill/Follow them into the other rooms and when you're near
  the body bags, open the door and another cutscene will start and this
  level is finished.

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ   \
  \   Chapter 2: A Criminal Mastermind /

  After the intro, you'll be inside the Vodka place. Follow the steps up to
  your right, and prepare for three enemies. After the shootout, continue
  up the steps and kill any enemies on your way. A quick cutscene will
  appear when you open the door. You now have a partner to help you find
  Vlad. Although you CAN kill him if you don't want him to help you.
  Walk through the area until you come to an open door, you'll hear
  some guards talking (I always stand and listen to the conversation the
  first time through the game), kill them all and grab the big amount
  of ammo, molotov etc. in here.

  Next, follow the hallway and move up the stairs. Another conversation
  will be heard on your way to the doors up here - only one is unlocked,
  the one to the left. Behind this door is a big room with 5 guards,
  be careful and don't get to reckless (I always quicksave before entering
  this room). After they're all dead, get down to the lower level of the
  room and move around the thing in the middle of the room. Grab the 4
  painkillers and open the door in front of you. This is a pretty though
  room too if you don't know where the enemies are.

  There should be an enemy right behind the door, and the rest are at
  the bottom of the stairs and some will run up the staircase or shoot
  you from below, which can be really annoying so backtrack into the
  room you came from if you're low on health. When all enemies have been
  taken care of go down the stairs that was right in front of you when you
  entered the room, but don't go to the bottom of the room (unless you want
  ammo etc) but walk towards the door that you can see on your way down.
  And then into the other room which has a few enemies hiding behind various
  obstacles. When they're dead, open the door behind the shelf, and prepare
  for another gunfight with two enemies. Drop down to the lower level of
  the room and relax. Quicksave/Save is recommended here. I had trouble with
  the next room on my first run through the game. There's three enemies on
  the ground level and they'll start shooting the instant you open the door.
  When they're dead, 3 more will come from the top area and they will jump
  down if you hide so be prepared.

  After that fight, ANOTHER 3 guards will come from the top again - I usually
  backtrack into the room I came from and wait for them to come after me and
  deal with them in here. When you've finally taken care of them also, the
  screen will fade and a cutscene will start. Three guards will run into the
  room and sirens will be heard outside. Kill them and go down the slope in
  the corner of the room they came out from. Another cutscene will start
  and you've finished this level!

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ    \
  \   Chapter 3: The Depths Of My Brain /

  Whoa, feeling dizzy? Follow the knocking sound to the entrance door
  and open it. Look to the left and keep running down this hallway until you
  will have to turn right, then run to the left and you'll see a LONG set of
  stairs. Run down and open the door, walk up to the morgue containers (?)
  and one of them will open. Wait a few seconds and Mona will sit on the
  surgery thingy. Walk up to her and then answer the phone which started
  ringing. Some cutscenes will appear and suddenly you'll be in an
  interrogation room, grab the gun and kill them. Dream level complete.

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ     \
  \   Chapter 4: There's no "us" in this /

  After the cutscene you'll be in your apartment, a sniper will shoot at
  you when you pass the window with the blinds. Get to the entrance door
  again. Open the closet to find some ammo, I won't tell you about minor
  stuff like this much in this walkthrough because it's pretty
  self-explanatory that you search for stuff etc. with the "use" button.
  Anyway, you'll hear some gunshots coming from the hall outside so head
  out and run down the hall (you might get a glimpse of Mona running and
  closing the door after her quickly). Take a left at the intersection
  and you'll see an open door. You can either leave the civilian alone or
  kill her (I couldn't resist.. >_> <_<). Pass the open door and you'll
  see an open window, jump out and be very very careful not to fall down
  or you'll die.

  Out here, just jump over to the next ledge and so forth. A car will
  drive up and make a sudden stop below. Quickly jump over to the last
  ledge and enter the open window here. You can kill them of course.
  In here walk up to the phone at the table in the corner of the room
  and use it. Turn around and enter the door behind you. You'll see
  a man sleeping in his sofa. The only way to wake him up is to turn off
  the TV. This isn't necessary but it's a funny thing. Unfortunately
  I can't resist throwing a grenade at him when he has fallen back to
  sleep again. You don't have to do that of course =P.

  Exit his room through the open window and enter through the next window.
  In here two cleaners will walk around the corner talking so take care
  of them and another one will try and attack you. When they're dead look
  for an old lady wearing red down the hall and run up to her. Talk to her
  if you want to and then head into her apartment. Make your way to a room
  with another open window. Outside will be the cleaners if you didn't kill
  them before. Hop out of the window and onto the narrow ledge right
  outside the window. Turn left and jump to the construction tower thingy.

  Run up the slope and enter the window, a short cutscene will start.
  Press the use button on the camera, and then grab the sniper rifle next
  to it! Walk up to the desk and listen to the tape recorder, then exit
  the room. Don't open the door up ahead, but wait and listen and you'll
  hear some cleaners talking. Run into the other room to your left.
  It's one of those dark rooms (red light though) where you develop films.

  The cleaners will open the door leading into the apartment and walk by you
  into the sniper room. Jump out and surprise them (or you could've killed
  them before but there's no fun in that right? =P) when they're dead,
  exit this apartment. And move down the hallway to the right, stop at the
  vending machine and you'll see and old lady running away. Run towards
  the doorway and prepare for some cleaners in the next room. After you've
  taken care of them, run up the stairs and if you've only killed three of
  the cleaners downstairs, there'll be two more waiting for you in the stairs.

  Run up to the next floor, the next and enter the doorway. You'll need a
  code to open this door, look at the elevator to your left. There's a plank
  between the doors so shoot it or run through it and take the elevator down.
  As soon as the elevator doors opens a civilian will run and take cover
  behind the vending machine to your right. Also, three cleaners will
  attack you. If you saved him before they got to him, he'll tell you some
  stuff and that Ed the janitor has the code for the door you need.
  Don't walk up the stairs but run down the hallway to your left and
  you'll see a red sign which is connected to the roof that says BASEMENT.

  Follow the stairs down to the Janitor and a cutscene will start. Grab the
  painkillers down here if you need them also. When you head back, two cleaners
  are waiting for you down the hall, so kill them and run up the stairs if you
  want some ammo. Then head back to the elevator you came from and take it up
  to the door with the panel. Press the use button on the panel and the door
  will open. Two cleaners will come around the next corner, kill them and kill
  the 3rd that'll attack you.

  Enter the apartment that they came out from and grab some painkillers,
  then head into the living room and you'll see a dead old lady on the floor
  leaning on the couch. A cleaner will suddenly attack you, after he's dead
  (he might actually show up before this and not surprise you) Anyway, walk
  to the entrance door and take a left, you should be in the kitchen and
  there's pizza in here. Walk into the living room and out through the open
  window. Follow the ledge and jump over any holes until you come to a dead
  end sort of. Drop down to the ledge below, and watch out because there
  will be two cleaners shooting at you from an apartment on the opposite
  side of where you are. Kill them or just hurry to the ledge below and enter
  another open window. Make your way out of the apartment and a short cutscene
  will start and you've finished this level.

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ   \
  \   Chapter 5: A Sign of Her Passage /

  Ok, you're in a similar area as before. Run down the hallway and you'll hear
  some cleaners, they're behind the door up ahead. Take care of them and now
  you can either run up the stairs for some ammo and painkillers (push the
  boxes and they'll fall down for you to grab) or run down the stairs. And then
  down the next set of steps, down here you'll hear that someone is behind the
  door and can't get out. Help him, and he'll be your ally. If you're tired
  of his talking then just put a bullet through his head but he's helpful in
  gunfights. Anyway, you can't do much more here since there's a fire blocking
  your passage further down. So walk down some more stairs and then the next.

  You'll hear a girl yelling, so open the double-doors and talk to her. She'll
  also join you as your ally. Turn around and run down the hallway, three
  cleaners will come out of one of the apartments and attack you. After they're
  dead enter the place they got out from and make your way down to the gas room.
  Turn off the gas by pressing the use button on the valve. Fire problem solved!
  Head back up and prepare for three more cleaners down the hall. Make your way
  back to the fire you couldn't cross before and head into the left apartment,

  which is seriously burned. Exit through the left window onto the ledge
  outside, and follow it -- after a few seconds three cleaners will attack you
  from below. Kill them (or let your allies take care of them) and make your
  way to a scaffolding and jump over to it. Run up the slopes to
  the top and jump over to the ledge on the left side. The instant you reach
  the ledge three more cleaners will arrive below, take care of them before
  the next step. When the coast is clear drop down to the scaffolding below,
  but PREPARE!

  Because it'll fall apart so you have to jump/move to the other side, and then
  that part will fall, so move to the other side until you're safely on the
  ground... for now. When you're down here you have about 3 seconds before a
  black van will enter the stage, and about 5 cleaners will move out. I always
  throw a grenade just outside the doors of the van and they'll be dead almost
  before they opened the doors. Level complete!

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ        \
  \   Chapter 6: A Linear Sequence of Scars /

  This is an interesting and original level. Start out by going up the slopes
  and then through the spinning tunnel. Just follow the level until you see
  a big cage. Step inside and it'll go down. When you come to another cage
  or elevator, step inside and it'll go up. Open the red doors in front of you
  and take a left. Follow the road into the gaping mouth and in here get to the
  upper left corner and you'll be able to get out of the room. Walk up to the
  phone booth and answer the phone. Then proceed into another cool spinning
  tunnel. After that look for a wall that has fallen down, enter that section.

  The first door you see has a room that's probably there to show you their
  dynamics engine (how things move etc), when you're done there (no need to enter
  that place though) proceed down the hall and up the stairs. Find the unlocked
  door, but don't walk down the stairs when you're outside because there's
  nothing to do there, so jump onto the roof to the right and enter the open
  window. Make your way to the bathroom and open the door ;) Level complete!

  /Ğ° Part 1: The Darkness Inside °ğ         \
  \   Chapter 7: The Million Dollar Question /
  Well, on this level Mona will tell you pretty much all that you need to do.
  When you're in the first elevator head out on the huge balcony and look to
  your left, the fence there is broken so jump through it and enter the next
  apartment. In here, run slowly (not that you can adjust his speed but..)
  and carefully up the stairs, some cleaners will have an conversation up
  here. Tangle with them using grenades or whatever, when they're dead walk
  into the room that's in front of you from the stairs. A short cutscene will
  start. Take care of the cleaners that invaded the apartment and go through
  the doorway, they came from. More cleaners are out here so kill them and
  walk down the stairs in the next room. 

  You'll hear someone play the piano, it's a cleaner and don't think they're
  friendly. Kill them both and go outside. There are two cleaners that you'll
  hear talking below, and in the room nearby (down there) there are more
  cleaners inside so be prepared. Jump down onto the awning below, and take
  care of the cleaners. When you're inside, make your way out of the apartment
  and kill more cleaners outside. Take a left from the apartment you came from
  and enter that apartment instead.

  Walk down the flight of stairs, and take a right to get out of that apartment.
  You'll stumble onto a lonely cleaner that'll attack you, when he's gone,
  Mona will talk to you again. Enter the apartment the cleaner was guarding.
  In here you'll hear a conversation between to cleaners. You know what to do
  now right? ;), anyway jump out of the open window and onto the lift. Take it
  down to the scaffolding and make your way down to the bottom (be careful!).
  Cleaners above you will throw grenades and stuff on you and you can't kill
  them so you have to avoid them and perhaps have some luck. Don't panic though.
  When you are at the "bottom", walk forward carefully and go through the open
  window, there's a cleaner in here waiting for you though so take care of him.
  Get out of this apartment and kill the other two cleaners here. Kaufman will
  enter the scene after they're dead. when he and his 7 (?) cleaners are dead,
  step into the elevator he came from and take it down. Level finished.
  And Part 1 is completed.
  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ \
  \   Prologue                   /

  Okay, welcome back to the Police Station. After the intro, go to your office.
  It's in the upper right corner from the room you came from. Press the use
  button in front of your computer and a cutscene will start. When it's done
  enter the Interrogation room which is in front of you from your office.
  Just stand in here and wait for the interrogation to finish. Then walk into
  the room where the victim is, talk to him.

  Exit to your office and another cutscene will start. Afterwards get down the
  stairs and take a left and open the door to find more stairs leading to the
  bottom. Make your way to a closed door and use the panel on the right.
  Go through and talk to the female cop up ahead. See the door next to you?
  Use the panel on this one also and it'll open.

  Talk to the cop behind the desk and take a left. Move down the corridor to the
  last cell on the right. Walk up to the cell door and press use (not sure if
  that is necessary though) and a cutscene between Mona and Max will start.
  Walk back to the cop behind the desk and then back into the room you came from.

  In here, use the phone on the desk. Another cutscene will start. Walk forwards
  a few steps and a cutscene will start again. Grab a gun from the locker and
  prepare for a few cleaners! When they're gone, run down the hall towards
  Mona's Cell and deal with the three cleaners that's out here. Take a right and
  a black van will pull up close to you, it's filled with three cleaners so take
  care of them and run to the left up the slope and out the opening.
  Prologue level completed.

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ         \
  \   Chapter 1: The Things That I Want  /

  Run run or you'll be well done! Hmm, not really but take care of the two
  cleaners that chased you, after the cutscene is done. The gate after Mona is
  locked so you have to find another way. Run up the wooden stairs in front of
  you and kill the cleaners up here. Get to the top and take the three molotov's
  next to the door. Open the "hidden" door, it's hard to see that it's a door
  actually. Walk through and you'll hear some cleaners below having a

  Take them out and walk over the bridge. There's another cleaner down there
  so kill him too so he won't bother you. Follow the narrow path around the
  funhouse until you find a door. Go through it and you'll hear another
  converation between two cleaners below. Run up to the lever in front of you
  and use it, look below at the cleaners and hopefully they're both dead. Haha,
  what a cool thing that is.
  Get to the other side of the room and prepare for cleaners out here. There
  are quite a lot of them so take it easy and backtrack into the room if you're
  low on health. When they're all dead walk down the stairs and take the path
  which doesn't go through the smashed wall. 

  Open the door and a cutscene will start. Kill more cleaners and walk into
  the place they came from (left of the telephone booth). Walk up the set
  of stairs and make your way out of these rooms. Another cutscene will start,
  kill the cleaners afterwards and walk up to the black vans 
  (they're fake though) and take a left. There are lots of cleaners in here
  so be careful and prepared. When they're all dead go through the tunnel and
  open the door at the other end of the room. Kill the last cleaner and walk
  through the doorway. Level complete.

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ             \
  \   Chapter 2: In The Middle of Something  /

  Run up to the steps but stop here. You'll hear two cleaners talk about the
  guy that died in the intro for this level. Hide to the left of the steps
  and wait for the cleaners to go to the van you came from and investigate.
  Surprise them and kill them. Now go up the steps and take a left and up
  the stairs. Open the door and then the door to your left. Kill the two
  cleaners and go up the escalator.

  Get to the door at the other end of the room and walk into the destroyed
  elevator. Drop down to the bottom and enter the elevator and take a right.
  Walk out of the door to your right again and prepare for some cleaners out
  here. Walk inside the little hut for some painkillers and ammo.

  Open the door next to the slope down (don't go down) and then the door
  in front of you. Get out of this room through the double doors and prepare
  for 5 cleaners out here! And two more down the hall, open the door after
  these two are gone and open the door just to your left. Walk up the set
  of stairs and get over the hole in the floor. Get up another set of stairs
  and kill the cleaner around the corner. Jump over the hole and through the
  doorway. Run to the left and kill the three cleaners down this hallway.
  Walk into the room to the right of the one that had a slow motion death and
  open the door in front of you.

  There are four cleaners out here so take care of them. Open the door near
  the hole in the floor, and make your way into the other room through
  the hole in the wall. Open the next door and prepare for five cleaners
  in the next room. Don't go through the door at the other side of the hole
  in the floor yet, but enter the other room. Walk to the upper right corner
  of this room for a sniper rifle and molotovs!

  Head out to the room you came from and get over to the door at the other
  side of the hole in the floor. And enter the next room, a quick cutscene
  will start. Head up the stairs to your left and go out the double doors
  in the next room. Kill the cleaners that'll appear below you and go through
  the door at the other side of the room. Enter the elevator and jump up on
  the boxes and make your way to the top of the elevator. Exit this room
  to the right.

  Kill the SWAT looking guards that'll enter the stage and go down the slope.
  Backtrack to the black van and the start of the level and kill the three
  cleaners down here. Then get back up to the floor where you killed the
  black colored guards and up the slope, but don't open the door. Look to the
  right and you'll see that you can jump to a platform. Do it and jump over to
  the ledge and the door in front of you. Step inside and open the door in the
  upper right corner of the room (which is the only unlocked one). Walk up the
  stairs, and another flight of stairs. Prepare for one cleaner in the
  next room up ahead.

  Open the door to your left and walk towards the next door at the other end
  of the room. In this room there'll be two black guards and two cleaners.
  When they're dead open the next door and then the door to your left into
  the room with the bodybags on the floor. Level complete!

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ  \
  \   Chapter 3: Blowing Up       /

  Phew, all right. Exit the room and follow the hallway until the floor in
  front of you will collapse. You can jump over to the other side and grab
  4 grenades if you want to. Then open the white door near you, don't run
  inside but instead backtrack and wait for the explosion to finish. Then
  run through the hole to the left. In the upper left corner are some
  explosives on a table, shoot them but keep your distance.

  Go through the hole that was created and be very careful since it's easy
  to fall down here. Follow the broken floor/beams until you get to the
  other side. Follow the burning hallway until you can drop down to the
  next floor. Run down this hallway and be very careful again, two cleaners
  will wait down here and the roof will collapse when you drop down to their
  level. Kill them and avoid the falling floor. Open the door close to you,
  and prepare for another cleaner out here - after he's finished run down
  this corridor. Keep running down until you come up to a double door.

  There are three enemies in here, use the explosive barrels to your
  advantage. Look for a hole in the floor (you might have to shoot some
  explosive barrels in here to create it) but do _not_ drop down, because
  the enemies down here has some really good guns and will cause major
  damage on you if you're not prepared. Crouch down and look for any explosive
  barrels and that kind of stuff that you can see and shoot them immediately.
  Hopefully you killed at least one of them. Drop down and take cover, do some
  shootdodging jumps and take care of the remaining enemies. Then drop down
  to the next floor and exit through the double doors. Take a right and run
  quickly down the hallway ignoring the explosive boxes on the floor. Enter
  the hole to your left and then keep running forward down this room, ignoring
  all the explosions and fire until a cutscene will start. Wipe that sweat off
  your forehead and exhale. This level is finished.

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ            \
  \   Chapter 4: Routing Her Synapses       /
  Run down the slope and then to the left, go through the doorway and up the
  wooden stairs. A cleaner will start shooting at you after a few seconds.
  Open the first door you see on your way up the stairs. A cleaner will shoot 
  at you from afar, zoom in with your sniper rifle and pull the trigger. Walk
  out to the "open" area and shoot the cleaner behind you on the 2nd level.

  Move into the next room in front of you and prepare for a really annoying
  part of the level, There'll be quite a lot of cleaners above you when you're
  walking up the planks to the next levels. I don't really have a strategy, so
  do what you feel is best, either keep running up to the top shooting anyone
  in your way, or backtrack down and wait for them to come down or spread out.
  Also be VERY careful not to fall down, as it is easier than you might think
  when you're in action aiming at enemies etc.

  When you're at the top, continue into the next room and a cleaner will start
  shooting at you, but at the same time run against the nearby lift. Kill him
  also, and take the lift down. Another cleaner will attack you down here.
  Afterwards, open the door straight ahead of you. 

  Another fairly tough area if you haven't been here before. There are four
  enemies in here, just use lots of cover and try not to use many shootdodging
  (jumping in slow motion) moves because they'll inflict a lot of damage then.
  Going into bullettime (running in slow motion) is much better in my opinion.
  When you've killed them all, go up the slope and you'll have some stairs to
  your left.

  There'll be 5 enemies above you shooting at you, some of them will come down
  the stairs and some will stay up there. Backtrack, step out into the room 
  and shoot - repeat. It's the easiest way, when almost all of them are dead 
  you can run up the stairs and take care of the remaining ones. It's hard to 
  do that if they're all alive up there though. Anyway, go up the flight of 
  stairs and then the next.

  Move towards the opening, there's a cleaner around the corner. Finish him 
  and enter the room. The next area will have three cleaners, when they're 
  dead three commandos (black colored soldiers) will enter the area where you 
  came from so use cover and take care of them as well. Then three more 
  commandos will run into the room from the door at the other end of the room.
  Finish them as well and open the door they came from.

  In here you'll see three cleaners joking around, when you've finished them
  another three will attack you. Damn, how many are there? Go over the bridge
  and run to the right, drop down to the next level and this level is complete.

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ         \
  \   Chapter 5: Out of the Window       /
  After the quick cutscene, shoot the thug above you where you dropped 
  down. Exit the incomplete room and make your way to a door at the other 
  end of the room. You'll hear a deep rumble and a guard will open the door. 
  Kill him and watch out for the enemies attacking you from above in the next
  room. When they're gone run up to where they were standing and grab their 
  painkillers. Then go down again to where you were and run forward to the 
  door in front of you.

  Another explosion will be heard, make your way to the next room and run 
  up to the edge of the floor you're on. Look at the building to your left 
  and a cutscene will start. Afterwards a cleaner will kick out the wall
  in front of you, kill him immediately but do NOT enter the room he came

  Grab the sniper rifle if you haven't already, and the ammo nearby. Then
  walk up to the edge and look down, you need to kill ALL the enemies and
  not let them get to close to Max. You'll know when the coast is clear.
  When it is, then go into the room I told you not to go to before and
  continue down and kill the other cleaner in here - walk out on the metal
  platform and make sure you kill all enemies down there and that Max
  doesn't get too damaged.

  When they're gone, you'll see a quick cutscene. Afterwards you have to
  kill two more cleaners, and another quick cutscene will start. Finish the
  only visible cleaners now and then backtrack into the room where you came
  from. And then you have to backtrack a few rooms until you see two enemies.
  Kill them and take a left from where they were standing, and you should see
  an opening and a metal platform. From here, snipe the enemy far away. And
  then the two others that'll appear.

  Backtrack again further into the building. And kill any enemies that you
  encounter. You'll see an explosion down the hall and two enemies will go
  through the doorway. When they're dead, enter the room they came from
  and prepare for four more enemies in here. Behind them where they were
  standing is a door, go through it and take a left. Kill two cleaners in the
  next room and step out on the scaffolding. 

  Watch out for the thug up the stairs to your left! Take him out immediately.
  Then shoot the guard below the scaffolding and wait for Max to try and open
  the other door. Since it's locked you have to work your way through the
  building again. A quick shortcut will start. Afterwards, go up the stairs
  out here and enter the building. Find a hole and drop down to the next level.
  Level complete.

  /Ğ° Part 2: A Binary Choice °ğ              \
  \   Chapter 6: The Genius of the Hole       /

  There's a cleaner in front of you. Shoot him and watch the nice slow motion
  death. Yum. Then walk out on the scaffolding and take care of the enemies
  below you. Max will go and check the other door when the coast is clear.
  Unfortunately that door is also locked so you have to make your way through
  the building once again and get to the left side of the building.

  So backtrack and run to the left, here you'll have three commandos attacking
  you. When they're gone, go through the door behind them and then the door to
  the right. Don't worry, there aren't any enemies in this room so step out on
  the scaffolding to your right and kill the enemy below you near the house.

  When the dialogue between you is over, some guards will create a slope down
  above the scaffolding for you to walk up on, BUT kill them first of course.
  Then walk up the slope and make your way through the room and out on the 
  scaffolding here. Prepare for enemies BEHIND you. After they're both gone, 
  another commando will attack you. When he's dead, run to the left and
  through the door in front of you. Kill the guard climbing up to your left,
  and then the cleaner below. Drop down and enter the room behind you.

  Walk over the bridge and a commando will show his face around the corner,
  when you're about halfway across the bridge. Then there are two more
  enemies around the next corner. Grab the painkillers after the battle and
  move further into the room. There are two more cleaners to the left of you
  up the slope. Get rid of them quickly. 

  Make your way through the room to another scaffolding, this time it's inside
  the building. Two commandos will attack you here, afterwards walk over the
  planks and down the next planks. Go down the slope and off the scaffolding.
  You'll see three enemies down here, shoot the gas tank then finish them off
  with your weapons.

  Get to the slope around the corner and go down, prepare for four cleaners and
  one commando down here. Go down the stairs next to the slope the commando came
  from. You'll encounter two more commandos on your way down. When you're outside
  again, you'll fight another two more commandos and there'll be two enemies high
  up on the scaffolding to your right. When you've finished all of them a quick
  dialogue will start.

  Run towards the big crane in front of you, then follow the slopes to your left.
  You'll hear two commandos talking around the corner. Kill them quickly and 
  proceed to the red elevator in the corner. A cutscene will start and this level
  is completed, along with Part 2!

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ         \
  \   Prologue                                             /

  Mhhh, don't get too dizzy now. You're in the 2nd dream level.
  Exit through the doorway in front of you and take a right, you'll see Mona
  running away. Follow her down the corridor and around the corner. Continue down
  this corridor as well, and then go right. A quick cutscene will start, run down
  the prisoner cells and down the long corridor until you come up to a bathroom.
  Walk up to the woman takng a shower and the screen will fade to white.

  Leave the cell and run to the left and then to the right through the doorway.
  Make your way out of this room and you'll realize that you're in the police
  building. Go up the flight of stairs, and the next. You'll find Bravura lying
  injured on the floor in front of you. Continue down the hallway and go up the
  stairs and into the dark area.  

  Proeed to your office and you'll see Winterson and Mona talking. Just stand 
  here and wait until their dialogue is over, and thus ending this dream level.

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ            \
  \   Chapter 1: Too Stubborn to Die                          /

  After the intro, you'll see that you don't have a gun. Look at the wall at the
  opposite side of the door and you'll find four painkillers, grab them.
  Then open the door and the commando guarding it will fly backwards, run through
  the red double doors very quickly and DO NOT stop! And up the stairs, open the
  second double door you come across on your way up and go through.

  Run towards the vending machine to your left and go down the hallway. Enter the
  2nd white double doors and then the next just in front of you. Keep running 
  towards the door in the left upper corner, in the room with the two nurses. 
  Then go through the opened door and hide behind some nearby cover/wall and wait
  for the two guards to enter the room.

  They'll have some dialogue and one of them will search the room (always going in
  the middle of the room). After a few seconds a Hospital security guard will enter
  the room and one of the guards will kill him. Now's your chance! Run up to the
  dead guard and grab his gun, exit the room and wait for the two guards that were
  chasing you before to come after you, finish them and grab their guns.
  Open the door next to the fire extinguisher and run towards the next door in this
  room. Be prepared for 3 commandos! When they're dead, don't forget to check the
  lockers in here for useful ammo. Exit this room and go left of the vending 

  Run carefully around the corner and you'll hear two guards having a conversation,
  backtrack into the office looking room behind you and wait for the guards to pass
  it. Surprise the two commandos with a few bullets and then continue down the hall.
  Prepare for SIX commandos when you're almost at the corner, backtrack if you have
  to. Anyway, when you've finished them all continue into the next room down the
  hallway. And then into the next, and out the next. Next to the TV in this room is
  the only unlocked door, but beware because there are a lot of commandos in here.
  There'll be stairs leading down so be careful. You will have killed a total of
  7 commandos coming up the stairs for you when you're done here, the only advice
  I can give to you here is to wait just outside the room with the stairs and 
  aim with the scope on the MP5 and shoot them as they get to the top floor of the
  stairs where you are.

  Run down to the bottom and go through the red double doors. There'll be five
  commandos down here in this parking lot, backtrack up the stairs a little bit and
  zoom in with the scope. Wait for the commandos to show themselves and don't let
  go of that trigger. When the coast is clear, run behind the black van and towards
  the slope. A short cutscene will start and you've finished this level.

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ          \
  \   Chapter 2: On a Crash Course                          /

  You'll encounter 4 enemies up the stairs. And another one will come out of the
  door in the upper right corner of the room. When they've been taken care of, go
  through the door the last enemy came from and enter the kitchen. In here you'll
  have to deal with two more enemies, kill them and open the door to the left.

  You'll be greeted with bullets the instant you enter the room so be prepared, and
  very careful. There are three enemies on the ground level, two to your left and
  one to your left. Then there's another one at the top level shooting down at you.
  Afterwards, go up the stairs or the scaffolding to the 1st level. Two enemies 
  will run through the door in the upper right corner of the room.

  When it's safe, go through the door they came from. In this room there'll come
  four enemies around the corner, kill them and continue up the stairs to the top
  level. Up here you'll encounter another one behind some boxes, finish him and
  continue through the door in front of you. Walk carefully up to the stairs in
  this room. You'll hear that the guards are talking in the next room to the left,
  and you'll eventually understand that one of them will look out the door quickly
  to see if you're there. Either hide behind the boxes, or surprise them and kill
  them that way. Then enter the room they were in, and open the door in the upper 
  right corner.

  Prepare for two more enemies in here behind a big pile of boxes, afterwards when
  they're alarmed another enemy will approach you from behind and shoot the
  explosive barrels if you didn't do that yourself. The wall will blast away and
  leave a hole for you to go through, AFTER you've killed the 3 enemies on the
  stairs out here. Run over to the stairs at the opposite side of the room and
  another enemy will start shooting at you from behind. Finish him quickly and
  make your way to the door he was backtracking into. 
  It's in the upper left corner of the room from the stairs you're headed for.

  Two more enemies will run through the door you're running towards so finish them
  quickly. Another two are waiting in this room behind the shelves. When they're
  also gone, four enemies will enter the room through the door in the middle.
  When it's safe, go down the stairs to the bottom and open the door down here,
  BUT don't enter this room yet because there will be one commando and three
  cleaners in here, just a little warning. Take care of them any way you want
  and then grab the painkillers in the van and on the wall. Then go through the
  double doors.

  A cleaner will attack you when you're on your way up the stairs, and then three
  more cleaners will wait for you up on the next level. Continue up the next flight
  of stairs when they're dead, and prepare for two more cleaners behind some boxes.
  Make your way to the hallway and enter the door closest to you, on your right.
  Two cleaners will be in here with their backs facing you, so they won't be much
  of a problem for you. When they're dead, a short cutscene will start and you've
  finished this level!

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ  \
  \   Chapter 3: A Mob-War                          /

  OK, after the introduction you'll find yourself inside a garage. Exit this room
  and enter the next and then up the short stairway to the next room. You'll hear
  two commandos talking behind the green door to your left, and after a few seconds
  they'll open the door and if they didn't see you they'll go to the garage where
  you crashed with your van. Either way, kill them both. And head up the first set
  of stairs.

  Up here, another commando will be waiting for you. Finish him and continue up the
  stairs. You'll see a wall to your right that has a big crack in it, shoot at it
  with your gun or lit the gas tank next to the wall with a bullet, and wait for
  the explosion to clear the wall. You'll hear some mobs yelling at the commandos
  outside from a nearby room, but don't be alarmed yet because they won't hear you
  come up here. Anyway, continue through the next broken wall and wait for the 
  shooting to stop. I don't think the mobs will ever win against the commandos, so
  you can enter the room and grab some ammo (their weapons) if you're careful and
  if you have to. Then proceed through the second hole in the wall you saw before,
  and enter the door in front of you.

  Go out on the balcony and then into the room with the stairs to your right. Don't
  walk down the stairs yet, because four mobs will come down the other stairs so
  take care of them first. Then go down the stairs and kill the two more enemies
  that'll come up the stairs, enter the room to the left when they're dead and
  take a left through the green door. Another enemy is waiting for you in here.
  When he's gone, look out the window and you'll see some beams and planks that
  you can walk on, into the building on the opposite side through the little hole,

  Make your way to the stairs, and go down and kill the two mobs down here. Then
  head up the stairs to the top and finish the two mobs in here watching a
  porn movie lol. Backtrack down the stairs and enter the second door you'll come
  across to your right. Then the doorway behind the door you just opened will be
  blocked by the door, so close it and then run carefully up to the cabinet and
  look at/listen to the guys talking - it's a pretty funny scene. Walk out through
  the open window, and onto the beam. The look to your right and you'll see more
  beams and planks, jump over to the next beam and walk over the planks to the
  hole and into the bathroom. Then run towards the door in the upper left corner.

  A cutscene will start, and you'll have 3 allies with you afterwards. Don't kill
  them... yet, but follow them and kill any enemies that'll attack you. When you
  come to the point where another mob will meet you, he'll reveal that you're a
  cop and they'll be against you again - so finish any of them that are alive.
  and continue down the street. Go through the green door with a box next to it
  on your right. And through the broken wooden fence, a black van will pull up
  in front of you. Kill all the enemies here, and a cutscene will start and you've
  completed this level.

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ \
  \   Chapter 4: Dearest of All My Friends         /
  Haha, Vinnie's a funny guy. After the short intro, you'll realize that the
  commandos will forcefully assault the house.
  Something to remember though before starting this mission:

  Anyway when you start, go back through the double doors and grab some ammo,
  then shoot out the lock on the safe in the upper right corner of the room and
  grab the Striker and the ammo here. Then prepare for 4 commandos that has entered
  the house through the windows and wait for them behind the double doors. Finish
  them off as they open the doors (you can slam the doors back at them so they'll
  fall backwards when they try and open them if you want, as it'll be a little

  When they're dead, Vinny will move into the next room and stop behind some
  shelves there. Step outside or look at the wall outside, you'll see an enemy
  standing up there - kill him and three more guards will climb over the wall.
  Afterwards when they're all gone, a total of 7 commandos will climb over
  the wall. I think it's easier to fight them out here on the parking lot, with a
  smart use of BulletTime.

  Vinny will call for you when you've killed them, so head back inside the house
  and follow him through the double doors and into the next rooms. Two commandos
  will enter the room through the open window to the left behind the boxes. Kill
  them quickly and follow Vinnie's instructions. Kill the two more commandos that
  you'll come across and then wait for another two to attack you. The last ones
  will go through the door Vinny tried to go through before. Follow Vinny to the
  next room.

  In here you can do three things, either wait for the commandos to enter the room
  and kill them here, or you can run into the elevator with Vinny and shoot at the
  enemies outside the elevator (the commandos that'll get into the room) or you can
  run through the double doors next to the elevator (not where you came from) and
  kill the commandos in here before they'll enter the room, then backtrack into the
  elevator room and kill the last two commandos that'll enter through the door you
  came from before, and then head up the stairs (or take the elevator without Vinny
  of course). It's all up to you. But by all means SAVE VINNY! ;)
  When you're in Vinnie's apartment, wait for 4 commandos to break inside through
  the door you came in also. Finish them quickly and then follow Vinny again. Open
  the double glass doors and step outside, wait for the guards to finish their
  conversation and they'll open the upper right corner of the wall. Kill the
  commandos out here, and jump down. A black van will crash through the gate and
  it's filled with more commandos, protect Vinny at all costs and then follow him
  again around the corner.

  After you've arrived with Vinny near a garage gate, another black car will show
  up and commandos will climb over the wall behind it. This can be pretty tough if
  you're reckless, so prepare for about 5 commandos in a tough area. But when they
  are dead, 3 more commandos will climb over the wall so kill them too quickly.

  When Vinny finally manages to open the garage gate, follow him inside and
  go up the stairs. Here you'll see a red cord leading to a switch/button nearby.
  Activate it for him, and the lift will start to move up and he'll be able to 
  reach the next level. Beware though, as the lift is moving -- a car will crash
  through the garage gate you came from and 4 commandos will come out from the
  back. Once again, finish them off as quickly as possible to protect Vinny.

  Afterwards, follow Vinny down the stairs and into the parking lot where his car
  is. You'll have to cover him one last time before you've completed this level.
  Four commandos will enter through the double doors you came from, and attack you
  from behind, and when they're all finished a cutscene will start and you've
  completed this hilarious level.

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ \
  \   Chapter 5: A Losing Game                     /

  Right, you're back at the funhouse and there are flames everywhere.
  Continue into the next room from the start and go down the stairs to your left
  in here. Jump down the hole in front of you when you're halfway down the stairs
  and run to the right until the wall in front of you collapses. Either shoot the
  exploding barrels below you in the next room, or jump down and run quickly before
  the flames or explosions will catch you. When you're at the other end of the room
  shoot the lonely barrel to your left and go through the hole in the wall, that it
  created for you.

  Continue into the hallway next to the shower in the room in front of you. A lot
  of explosions will start to the left of you and eventually a huge beam will crash
  down. Jump up onto it and run carefully along it until you're at a stop. Look to
  your right, there's a roof there - leap onto the roof and pass the flames below
  you and then drop down to the right, behind the fire.

  Make your way down this catwalk and enter the hole to your left. Go through this
  room and into the hallway which has a red light. And then enter the next room,
  watch out for the gigantic tank that'll start rolling towards you when you enter
  this room though because it's an instant death. Walk around the flames and look
  for a red panel on the left wall, it's a fire alarm. Press the use button in 
  front of it and then again so you'll pull down the lever. The sprinkles in the
  ceiling will start spraying water all over the place, allowing you to pass where
  the flames once were.

  You'll see some power station in front of you, but you CANNOT pass through here
  without shutting off the power. So head through the door to your left, and into
  the next room. Jump over the boxes and go open the next door. Take a left and
  use the lever in front of you. Problem solved!

  Head up the stairs behind the power thingys, and run around the flames until you
  will see a big burn mark on the floor. A quick cutscene will start. Afterwards,
  jump over the rubble in front of you and go up the flight of stairs to your left.
  Enter the room behind you, and another cutscene will start. Level complete.

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ \
  \   Chapter 6: There are No Happy Endings        /

  Ah, you're in Max' 3rd nightmare this time. Just enter the room to your left
  and wait for the dialogue to finish and the screen will fade to a medical
  bed. In the police headquarters. Make your way to a door with the sign
  "LINEUP" next to, and enter it. Then go through the next door and a cutscene
  will start. Run to the left afterwards and go around the corner down the hall.
  Walk towards the janitor cleaning the wall and another cutscene will start.
  Run down the hallway again and through the next room with the TV, around the
  next corner and down the long hallway. You'll notice that the roof is gone
  and you can see a very devilish/feverish sky. When you're at the end of the
  hallway, go through the door to your right.

  Run through this room, as there's nothing of importance in here. And then
  do not do anything before I tell you, because it's a little maze and you might
  get lost. Go forward through the door in front of you, and then forward through
  the next door again, and then again forward. Yep, just forward all the time.
  Walk around the corner and run down the hall, eventually a cutscene will start. 
  And this 3rd dream level is finished. 

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ \
  \   Chapter 7: Love Hurts                        /

  This is one of my favorite levels actually. You start outside the big house,
  and Mona's behind you helping you out. You can hide somewhere and wait for her 
  to clear the area but it might not work all the time, and it can take time.
  But when it's clear, a cutscene will start and you'll have to kill 2 more
  commandos behind the fence in the upper right corner from where you started.

  When they have been taken care of, the front door will open and an enemy will
  attack you. There's also a commando inside this room. Step inside and go up
  the stairs to the next door and wait in any of the corners. When it's safe
  (you'll know what I mean when you're there), another enemy will open the door
  you couldn't open before, so finish him and enter the room. There'll be a
  cleaner behind the piano here, waste him and go through the glass door.

  There will be two more enemies out here around the pillar in the middle, and
  Mona will shoot at the enemies on the roof. When they're all gone, a cutscene
  will start. Afterwards, when it's finished, the metal doors will slide up and
  reveal some glass doors. Behind them are two commandos, take a left and then
  enter the door on your right when you've killed them.

  In here, you'll see a TV and a door to your left. Open the door and backtrack
  into the room you came from. Stand behind the door and when the enemies open
  the door run towards it and they'll fall backwards, turning them into an easy
  prey. You'll fight a total of six enemies in the next room up on the ledge
  above you. So jump up onto a bookshelf and fight them off from there.

  After that battle, two more commandos will enter through a door on the ground
  level - so jump down and take care of them as well. Then go through the doorway
  they came from, and hide around the corner to the left. Three more commandos
  will open the door at the far end of the hallway after a few seconds, so jump
  out and shoot at the gas tanks on the floor and then backtrack behind the
  corner and hope for the best. If there are any survivors, shoot them of course.

  The next room is big and tough. Don't get reckless. There will be commandos in
  two corners of the room, and another enemy on one of the four inner balconies
  here. When they're dead, Mona will help you out against the rest of the enemies.
  It's quite tough so be prepared and remember to backtrack if needed.

  Open the door in front of you where the guards came out from, and then take it
  easy once again. Because around the corner and up the stairs will be a total
  of 5 enemies, three of them are commandos. When you've killed them all, proceed
  up the stairs and down the hallway, and into the room to your right. It looks
  like some kind of surveillance room.

  Go through the door into the next room, and then the other door. The second you
  step into this hallway, two commandos will rush against you through the door to
  your left. Kill them and step into the area they came from. You'll have three
  enemies shooting at you from below here, and it can be quite annoying. And when
  you've finished them, another one will come through the door next to the stairs.

  Head inside that room, but don't jump down the hole or you'll have to run around
  the whole place again. Wait for the dialogue with Mona to end and then run
  through the door to your left and prepare for a battle with yet another commando.
  Just keep running forwards, through the doors until you come to an outside area
  again. Fight some more enemies out here with Mona and a cutscene will start when
  they're dead. And you've completed this level!

  /Ğ° Part 3: Waking Up From the American Dream °ğ \
  \   Chapter 8: That Old Familiar Feeling         /

  Whoa, after the introduction go through the door in front of you, and kill the
  enemy in here. A short moment later, the explosives will set off and the safe
  room will collapse into the room. Head into it quickly and close the door by
  pressing the button on the inside next to the doorway.
  After the bigger explosion, open the door again and step outside. Three more
  commandos will be dead out here. Walk over the debris and around he corner, look
  to your right and you'll see that the wall is completely gone, drop down the
  hole in the floor and prepare for a battle against a commando down here. Run
  towards the door and into the next room, shoot the two commandos in here and
  keep running, making your way around the shelves and into the next room. DO NOT
  STOP in here at all, but keep running and up the stairs to your right. The room
  will tear itself apart from the explosions nearby and you have to jump over some
  holes that'll be created by the falling rubble. Make your way around the top
  ledge and go through the door here.

  When you approach the next corner, you'll be surprised by two commandos.
  Kill them quickly and go through the next door and stop. Look at the boxes 
  behind the stairs. There is a commando behind them so kill him before heading 
  up the stairs. Beware as you enter the room after the stairs, because there 
  are explosive boxes on the floor and the guards will throw a grenade at you when 
  you enter this room, so backtrack immediately.

  Then run around the corner and take care of the two commandos here, walk up 
  some more stairs and finish the two remaining guards. A dialogue between you
  and Vlad will start and afterwards the bulletproof glass will slide to the side.

  Enter the room which the commandos ran into and shoot at the exploding boxes on
  the floor, be careful though as the explosions are very big and can majorly hurt
  you. After they're dead, call the elevator and step inside and take it up.
  Stand as far to the left of the doors as you can, or you'll be greeted with 
  a lot of bullets as you reach the top. There'll be two guards on the ground 
  level in front of you when the elevator doors slide to the sides, and another 
  one up on a ledge to your right. Vlad will also be shooting at you a bit from 
  the same ledge and then backtrack into the room he came from up there.

  After this little shootout, grab some painkillers near the bed and make your 
  way out of this room through the white colored door nearby. The stairs will be
  inaccessible, so push the button in front of you (to the left of the stairs)
  and a tiny lift will start moving down towards you. About halfway down, Vlad 
  will cancel it and it'll start moving up again. Push the button again, and it
  will finally come down and stop there. Don't be too happy though, because a
  commando and Vlad are waiting for you up there. Kill the commando and damage
  Vlad some and he'll hide behind the cupboard.

  Push the button on the lift and it'll move up towards the next floor. Crouch,
  and when you're about halfway up - Vlad will escape into another room and two
  commandos will attack you from the front, so kill them quickly before they can
  inflict too much damage on you. When you reach the top, step into the door in
  front of you and a cutscene will start - prepare for a boss fight.
  This will be tricky if you don't know how to do it. First thing that you do is
  to look up at the thingy in the middle, you should see some yellow colored
  metal pins/pegs. Shoot at it and eventually it'll fall off, do this on three
  of them. Then look up again, and you'll see four more. When you're still
  avoiding the dynamite that he's throwing at you from above, shoot off three
  more of them and wait for another cutscene to finish. He will now stand up and
  throw molotovs, and shoot at you so be VERY careful. Especially watch out for
  the holes around the structure because if you fall down you'll die instantly.
  Run around the structure and shoot at him with all you've got, and after a 
  little time he's had enough and you've finished this level and...

  Completed MAX PAYNE 2: The Fall of Max Payne ! ! ! 

                   /Ğ°   2.5 General Tips & Hints     °ğ\

  On Part 1, chapter 5, go to the fifth floor, before or after you meet 
  the ex-cop, doesn't matter (but maybe before you meet the gun-toting 
  hooker), and you will see a stack of boxes to your left when you get
  off of stairs. On top will be one painkiller, and some AK rounds, 
  which will be helpful, seeing as AK is best combo between firepower 
  and accuracy. As you head down to basement, and turn off the gas valves,
  there will be two locker cabinets. Each one will have a painkiller. 
  The locker just outside the control room (to your right when you exit 
  the room), will have desert eagle rounds (not sure about this).

  On that same level, once you get outside and are on the ledges, and 
  after you've taken out the first batch of bad guys, the second will 
  appear as you turn the corner, and get ready to go up the first set of 
  scaffolding. Jump there, and then the second group of badguys will 
  come out. It will be easier to fire at them from the scaffolding, 
  as you can just step back for cover, instead of being out in the open 
  for the guys with the shotguns, etc to have free target practice on you.
  (will save a bottle of painkillers or two for later on seeing as how 
  you won't be so red)

                  /Ğ°    3. Bullet Time Strategies     °ğ\

  If you're trying to limit the number of times you die or how much damage
  you suffer, it's a wise choice to enter bullet time before you open doors
  or round corners. New rooms often contain enemies and you will often be
  surprised by a foe after rounding a corner. Activate bullet time before 
  entering a room or rounding a corner and you can get a jump on any of the
  enemies in the next area.

  Having just cleared an area, disable bullet time and wait for it to 
  replenish before continuing onward. Bullet time is your biggest ally in 
  the game. Gunfights are extremely difficult if you aren't using bullet 
  time. Enemies can fire their weapons very quickly; additionally, the 
  enemies are quite accurate. Combine the two and you'll be lucky to survive
  most firefights without bullet time. So don't enter heavily populated 
  areas with minimal bullet time. Be patient and wait for your bullet time
  to replenish either significantly or completely.
  Bullet time slows down enemy actions so much that you can even see the 
  enemies' firearm projectiles and dodge them as necessary. When an enemy
  shoots (when you see their muzzle flash), move to the right or left 
  (you could even shoot-dodge) to avoid the projectiles. Don't stand in 
  one place or you will be an extremely easy target even under the influence
  of bullet time.

  Careful weapon selection can help you survive tough encounters. 
  Shotguns are best used in close-quarters, such as when you surprise an 
  enemy around a corner or lure them into a doorway; desert eagles are 
  excellent at long-range because of their accuracy; and the MP5's zoom 
  makes it an all-purpose weapon with good close and long-range power. 
  Monitor your ammunition as you traverse a level and be prepared to switch
  to weapons as your ammo supply dictates.
  You can only carry eight painkillers at a time, so if you are currently 
  holding eight, have suffered some damage, and discover a medical crate with
  a few more bottles of pain killers, don't pass them up. Instead, use some of
  your painkillers in your inventory to make room for the bottles you just found.
  Headshots inflict more damage. Aim for the head in every battle to dispatch
  enemies quickly. Obviously this is much easier with the help of bullet time
  so use the technique in combination. Precision weapons are much easier to use
  when aiming for the head. The assault rifles (MP5, M4 Carbine), sniper rifle,
  and the desert eagle are excellent in this regard.
  A good strategy when encountering a new group of enemies is to try and lure
  them through a doorway or around a corner giving you the opportunity to ambush
  them with bullet time and a huge dose of weaponry. Enemies often respond to 
  noise so try and alert them with weapon fire or an explosion. 
  They'll also react on sight. Let the enemies see you and they'll move toward
  your position. Hide around a corner or just beyond a doorway and wait for them
  to approach. You can even adjust the camera angle so you can see them approach
  but remain out of their line of sight. Enemies won't necessary perish in a 
  single shot. Watch their hands for a sign on whether or not the enemy has
  been eliminated. If the enemy drops their weapon, you can shift your target
  crosshair to another enemy.

             /Ğ°    3.5 Difficulties/Unlockable Modes     °ğ\

  Completing Max Payne 2's single-player storyline unlocks several new gameplay
  modes. This section reveals all unlockable modes and provides a few strategies
  for each where applicable.

  Hard Boiled and Dead on Arrival
  When you play Max Payne 2's single-player storyline for the first time, you
  complete on the "Detective" difficulty level. Completing the game on Detective
  unlocks Hard Boiled, a higher difficulty level. Completing the game on Hard 
  Boiled unlocks Dead on Arrival, the highest single-player storyline difficulty.
  In Dead on Arrival, you possess a limited number of saves per level.

  Completing the game on Dead on Arrival features its own bonus. Finish the game
  on this highest difficulty level to watch an exclusive ending sequence that's
  altered from the two lower difficulty levels.

  New York Minute
  New York Minute is unlocked once you complete the game on Detective difficulty
  level. In New York Minute, you can select any part and   chapter in the game.
  When the chapter begins, a timer starts ticking in the upper right corner of
  the screen. Your goal is to complete the level in the fastest time possible.
  Eliminating enemies reduces your time by two seconds. Cutscenes (such as Max's
  spinning reload) and graphic novel interludes aren't included in the time.
  Also, bullet time delays the timer to correspond to the slowdown.

  Your goal is to balance speed through the level and killing enemies.
  You shouldn't ignore every enemy because you do receive the time benefit from
  killing each foe. Keep moving toward the level's end as you defeat the enemies
  so you aren't taken off route. Level memorization plays an important role in 
  the game mode; the better you know the level, the more you will eliminate
  "wrong way" mistakes to create the fastest times. Seek out shortcuts and, as 
  with other game modes, aim for the head for quicker kills, which will generally
  have the effect of reducing damage to Max or Mona. Since you won't want to 
  waste time seeking out painkillers, you need to remain as unscathed as possible.

  Dead Man Walking

  In Dead Man Walking, your goal is to stay alive as long as possible in a
  confined space. Enemies spawn slowly at first but as time progresses, more and
  more enemies enter the area. You can gain time by killing enemies; so the more
  enemies you kill, the greater your time (essentially your score).

  You must carefully balance your goal of killing enemies with your goal of
  staying alive. Bullet time drains just as it does in the single-player
  storyline. You'll need to utilize bullet time carefully. Don't stay in bullet
  time unless you're either actively killing enemies or reloading your weapon.
  You should use bullet time to reload because you're extremely vulnerable while
  reloading (since you can't shoot back). Avoid remaining in bullet time if
  you're just ducking behind cover. You want your meter as high as possible when
  you're attempting to clear a large group of guards.

  Obviously you should aim for headshots with each and every kill. The faster
  you kill enemies the better. This permits extended bullet time as well as
  increasing your time on the map. Avoid shoot-dodging. You're extremely
  vulnerable when getting back up after a shoot-dodge. The maneuver isn't worth
  the danger. You should utilize bullet time exclusively. Save your painkillers
  and use each bottle to its fullest extent.

                      /Ğ°    4. Weapons Information     °ğ\

  Grenades and Molotov Cocktails

  Grenades and Molotov cocktails offer a secondary means of damaging enemies.
  You can equip either into your secondary weapon slot and throw them using the
  default "F" key. These items can be thrown at any time and are ideally used
  against large group of enemies but can also be used to uproot stubborn enemies
  from behind cover or to damage them around corners or through doorways.
  You should also use grenades to create some devastating chain reactions.
  There are many objects to detonate in Max Payne 2: explosive crates, boxes of
  ammunition, toxic barrels, etc. Toss a grenade near them to create a more
  damaging explosion. Note that you can also equip "melee" as your secondary
  weapon. Here you'd use the "F" key to use your firearm as a melee weapon. 

  9MM Pistol and Desert Eagles

  Both sets of pistols are good all-purpose weapons, though the desert eagle is
  the better choice at longer range. The desert eagle possesses excellent
  accuracy coupled with bullet time. If you don't have a sniper rifle, it's
  almost the next best thing (as long as you don't need zoom to see your target).
  Headshots are easier with the desert eagle than most other weapons. Note that
  both pistols can be dual-wielded. But if you're looking for an accurate shot,
  consider just the single variety. Then again, if you'd rather dish out a lot
  of damage in a short amount of time, equip dual pistols for maximum damage

  Ingrams and MP5

  The Ingrams, which you can also wield in dual mode, possess an extremely high
  rate of fire. But the speed of these sub machine guns comes at a price: 
  they're very inaccurate and consume ammunition extremely quickly. Though you
  should be in bullet time in nearly every combat situation, it can be even
  more important with the Ingram. Bullet time will help you adjust your aim
  precisely so you don't waste valuable ammunition. The MP5 is another submachine
  gun with a slower rate of fire than the Ingram but a more accurate shot.
  It also has a scope, which makes it more useful at longer range. With bullet
  time enabled, the MP5 can become a "poor man's" sniper rifle with its faster
  rate of fire. 

  Strikers, Pump-Action and Sawed-Off Shotguns

  These three weapons comprise the shotgun set of weapons; each of these weapons
  is best used at close-range. Shotgun projectiles launch in a spread; the
  farther the target, the greater the spread. When less projectiles strike the
  target, the target sustains less damage. The shotguns are best used as ambush
  weapons. Lure an enemy around a corner and blast him at close-range with the
  pump-action or sawed-off shotgun. The striker is a drum-fed shotgun with a
  faster rate of fire. The concept remains the same, however; get close and
  crush the enemy at close-range. Watch your ammunition levels carefully,
  especially with the sawed-off shotgun. You'll have the reload these weapons
  frequently so be prepared to make a quick retreat or enable bullet time to
  reload safely. 

  M4 Carbine and Kalashnikov

  These are the assault rifles and both are powerful weaponry excelling in any
  encounter. When you find ammunition for these weapons, use   each shot wisely
  and conserve ammo for the most challenging battles. Push the fire button for
  each projectile launched. Aim for the enemy's head for the most damage.
  With bullet time, you can be extremely accurate at medium-range and eliminate
  a group of enemies very quickly. 

  Sniper Rifle and Dragunov

  The sniper rifle and Mona's Dragunov are your long-range weapons. Enable zoom
  for pinpoint aim. Avoid using these weapons at close range and conserve
  ammunition for longer range engagements. Combine with bullet time to slow
  your enemies' movements so you can fire an accurate shot. Utilize these
  weapons in long hallways or in rooms with multiple levels (such as scaffolding).

                        /Ğ°    5. Cheats     °ğ\

  Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developer, then press ~ to open the 
  console. To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on your
  desktop) and add -developer after the target line, here's an _example_:

  "C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developer

  Then there shouldn't be any problems bringing up the console during gameplay.

  Type any of the following commands in the console:

  clear - Clear console screen

  clr - Clear console screen

  coder - God mode, all weapons, health, inifinite ammo

  god - God Mode

  mortal - disable god mode

  getallweapons - Get all weapons

  quit - quit game

  showfps - Show fps rate

  showextendedfps - Show extended fps rate

  getberetta - Get beretta with 1000 ammo

  getbullettime - Put player into bullettime

  getcoltcommando - Get coltcommando with 1000 ammo

  getdeserteagle - Get Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo

  getdragunov - Get Dragunov with 1000 ammo

  getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in part of the story line

  getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in part of the story line

  getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in part of the story line

  gethealth - Get 1000 health

  getingram - Get Ingram with 1000 ammo

  getkalashnikov - Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo

  getmolotov - Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo

  getmp5 - Get MP5 with 1000 ammo

  getpainkillers - Get 1000 painkillers

  getpumpshotgun - Get pumpshotgun with 1000 ammo

  getsawedshotgun - Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo

  getsniper - Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo

  getstriker - Get striker gun with 1000 ammo

  jump10 - Jump 10 high

  jump20 - Jump 20 high

  jump30 - Jump 30 high

  showhud - Turn on HUD

  help - Much more debug commands

  How play as 20+ characters
  Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developerkeys, then press ~ to open the
  console. To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on your
  desktop) and add -developerkeys after the target line, here's an _example_:

  "C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys

  Then there shouldn't be any problems bringing up the console during gameplay.

  Press the Page Up/Page Down key when you're playing and you'll turn into any 
  character that's in the game keep scrolling using Page up or down and you'll
  also be able to find the famous nude Mona. Enjoy.

                     /Ğ°    Secrets     °ğ\

  Secret Memorial
  In Part 1, Chapter 7, there is a secret room on the outside of the building.
  At the bottom-most ledge, you'll see a pipe blocking off a section of the
  ledge that leads away from an open window.
  Follow this ledge (jumping over the pipe) around to the secret room. 
  This room contains a memorial to a fallen developer.

  Beat the game on the Dead on Arrival difficulty to obtain the secondary ending.

                   /Ğ°    Easter Eggs    °ğ\
  I don't remember which level it is, but in the Fun House, on your first
  visit, when you get up to Mona's room, there's a poster for a "movie"
  called (if I remember correctly) The Dragon. It has a picture of Max1
  doing a jump kick from the Kung Fu mod. The starring actor? None other
  than Ken Y, the Kung Fu mod's designer.

  Also, if you type addressunknown.tv (snagged from one of the posters at
  the fun house) into your webbrowser, it takes you to maxpayne.com.

  Dick Justice, the TV show that mimics MP1 shares its name with a gun.
  In the first game, one of the conversations you over hear at Cold Steel
  is a soldier saying that he calls his rifle "Dick Justice."

  Oh, and while not exactly an Easter egg, it is easy to miss: one of
  Dick Justices little speaches has what must be the best in-joke ever:
  "I had a permanent constipated grimace on my face."

  In a room to the left of the final showdown in Vlad's Restaurant
  (First time) there are all of the stuff from Ragnarock in MP1.

  To wake up the guy that is sleeping in the apartments, turn off the TV.
  He explains some paranoia stuff.

  Max has the CD "Late Goodbye" on the table in his bedroom.

  On the Janitors Walkman there is a strip of tape with 1337 on it.

  Under the flamingo at the funhouse, the original max payne is 
  on the big sign.

  In the first level (the hospital) when you come out of a door
  you will see a nursery with little kids pictures on the winodw
  in a row fomr right to left. The 1st picture is of a police car
  driving home. The 2nd picture if of a happy family, A wife husband
  and kid, the husband looks just like max from mp1. The 3rd picture
  is of an evil green moster face probably symbolysing V.
  The 4th picture is the wife and the child dead covered in blood.
  And the fifth pictures is a guy who looks just like the max from mp1
  stood crying. Obviously it's the scene from MP1.

  There is a place on the street after you join up with the 3 Gognitti
  men to get to Vinny called Tar Cafe or something of that sort. 
  If you read it, it says on the bottom "615 ALL YOUR BASE ARE.."

  12. When Vinnie is trapped in the Baseball Batboy costume and leads
  Max to his apartment, Vinnie gets very embarrassed about all the
  Baseball Batboy cartoon memorabilia on the walls and starts
  explaining that it's just like collecting art, and that this stuff
  could be very valuable someday.

  This is clearly a joke on Gary "Baba Booey" from Howard Stern show,
  who got his name from collecting Baba Looey cartoon art and said
  almost the exact same thing on Howard's show.

  13. When you first arrrive in the police station, you get to
  roam around before mona's lineup. If you go to the parking
  lot, you'll listen to two policemen having a conversation.
  One of them is called Broussard. the other guy says he must
  do something quick if he wants any recognizement. Broussard
  tells him to wait, he'll release his stuff once it's done,
  and he'll be worshipped for it. OK, so the words aren't
  exactly these, I'm just bringing it back from memory, you
  might want to check that out for yourself.

  The easter egg is: if you've been following FPS history,
  you'll know the "Duke Nukem Forever" game has been postponed
  several times and is currently MIA. release date is "when
  it's done". and one of the key developers of the game is
  called "George Broussard". I think it was the same with Max Payne.

  14. In Max' first dream where Max starts out in
  his apartment, on the table next to him is a picture
  of his wife.  Next to that is his wedding ring, which
  I also noticed is not in the real world (the picture is).

  15. Part 1 Chapter 7. After you exit the first apartment,
  of the guy who died in the tub, go straight out of his apartment
  (not to balcony), all the way across lobby to the far door.
  knock/try to open it, and you will hear a woman moaning.
  Stay around for a while, and you will her say some interesting
  things (give it to me , yea) and then eventually find happiness.

  16. When you ask the janitor for the keycode he says "667 the
  neighbor of the beast, you get it?" and Max says "Yea I get it."
  In the first Max Payne towards the end in the bunker you have to
  get that keycode. When you get it it's 665 and Max says 
  "Neighbor of the beast."

  17. At the police station, there is a cop sitting in one of the
  toilets (behind the radio speaker, close to where the girl is 
  whining about her computer-game-fanatic boyfriend). If you knock
  the door he'll say something like: "Hey, What about some privacy?
  I will be out when its done!"

  18. When you're in the sniper's room, you can see a recording
  thingy on the table, if you listen to it you can hear max payne
  calling a phone-sex-line.

  19. In Vinnie's apartment, after him getting embarressed about
  the memorabilia, you can also hear that he has the themesong on
  his answering machine, and if you start shooting the posters,
  he will start freaking out about it.

  20. In Part 1, Ch 4 (No "Us" in...) if you don't kill the old
  lady and instead talk to her (with the "use" button) a couple of
  times, she will give you a shotgun and ammo.

  21. In the same place you hear the tape of the sexline, you can
  look through the sniper's camera and you'll see something funny.

  22. In the police station, where there is the bathroom guy, there
  is a room close to the girl with a computer-game-fanatic boyfriend
  (when she is sit) with a slide show, see the images (you can change
  the slides) and you can see that there are the images of the dream
  he have when vlad shoots his head, the one where Bravura shows his
  corpse on the ground, headshot.

  23. In the beginning, just when the cleaner open the storage door
  to you and begins to shoot you, after killing those 2 firsts 
  cleaners, go to the truck in this same room, active it and it will
  lift the plank, just use it to reach higher a box with items.

  24. In the 3rd dream sequence (with Bravura in the PD Station on
  the gurney) there is a posterboard in Max's office. In the real
  world it details the plot points of his case, but in the dream
  it says, "Wake up! You are in a computer game!"

  25. In Max's apartment complex level (Part I, Chapter 4), after
  you get the code from the janitor and head back up on the elevator,
  you encounter three cleaners coming out of an apartment.
  You go inside that apartment, head to the right, and you can get
  out onto the outside ledge via a open window. That is what you
  would normally do, I'm just setting up a reference point.
  Follow the ledges and then, now, this may sound crazy, but
  jump *around* one of the drainage pipes. Use bullet time if
  you need to, but it's simple enough. There will be some sniper
  ammo there as your reward. Curiousity got the best of me, and
  I had to keep exploring this top part. After you pick up that
  sniper ammo, there's a gap in the ledge. Do a bulletdodge leap
  forward to the otherside of this gap. There's a whole pile of
  loot just waiting for you as a your reward.

  Feel free to email me with new cheats, secrets, easter eggs, hints!

               /Ğ°    6.0  Credits/Copyrights/Kudos     °ğ\

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is İ Remedy Entertainment and İ Rockstar Games.
This walkthrough is İ Anton Forsander 2003.

Credits (Easter eggs and more): MrPsycohed, Phizzle, evilbebi, Pakelika, Twiznoy,
DrCrawford, C H R O N I C, Thor The Almighty, S0LAR, sroh, JemyM, $The Don$,
Helliax, HAHECOPYRIGHT99 and Gojinn, Nuwisha, Iuri, Isaac Cajina, Elixir, Peter.

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