Question from bond21

Asked: 6 years ago

How does it run on Vista?

GTA SA froze a hell of a lot whenever i went to the menu, does vice city do it too?

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From: askehole666 5 years ago

Yeah i play Vice CIty on Vista Too,But It Freezes Sometimes.All i Do Is Shut It Down

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I have Vista Home Premium and it works fine for me.

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Yah I got premium as well. It has the occasional crash but that was probably from me ALT+TABing out of it.

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I have home premium as well, alt tab it ALOT, and it never freezes, only bug i get sometimes is the radio getting stuck (wont tune no matter what i do) and can't answer the cellphone, but it's kinda rare.

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I play Vice City on my Laptop on Windows Vista all the time when I have free time at school, never had a problem. You shouldn't have a problem running it. If you buy it it will work.

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Like a dream.

Sometimes it doesn't recognize the mouse and when you press ESC it freezes, but this happened on my other XP computer so it's the game's problem. Even then this won't happen if you don't press escape too much.

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