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Asked: 6 years ago

Mr. Whoopee truck's horn won't work. Can this be fixed?

I purchased the Cherry Popper Ice Cream business shortly after buying Sunshine Autos and filling their vehicle "wanted list". The Mr. Whoopee truck is on the final list, and I delivered the truck to Sunshine Autos *before* I attempted the "Distribution" mission. Now, when I try using the respawned truck at Cherry Poppers, the horn will not sound (ie. the ice cream jingle won't play). Is this because I delivered the first truck to Sunshine Autos? Can this be fixed? I have several saved games, but none go back to before I delivered the truck - am I going to have to start over? Thanks!

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Tap the Horn button.

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You might have change your button to use the horn
Try look for it

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I have the same problem. Redifining keys won't help. And the horn works in other cars. I too did the sunshine auto lists before buying the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory. But the horn problem was before I delivered it to Sunshine Autos as the last car

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I have just tried doing this myself, exactly as you have done. With my game it worked okay.

I completed every car except for the ice cream van. I went to Cherry Popper's and purchased it, I got into the van and drove straight to Sunshine Auto's to complete the asset.

I returned to Cherry Popper's to get into another Ice Cream Van and it immediately gave a cut-scene and started the Cherry Popper's mission. When I lightly _tapped_ the horn button (not pressed it but lightly _tapped_ it) the chimes started okay and I could complete the asset.

When you returned to Cherry Popper's did you get the cut-scene with the word "distribution" on the screen when you got into the van?

Which version of Vice City are you using, v1 or v1.1? I am using version 1.1

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