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Open Questions

Strategy Help status answers
How do you type in cheats in Steam version of GTA VC? Open 2
Other Help status answers
Can I sex(do love) in vc? Open 3
Can you give me the location of all assets? Open 1
Can You Use an Xbox 360 controller or another type of PC control? Open 1
Does cheating stop you from getting 100%? Open 3
Does the game work on WINDOWS 7? Open 3
Grand Theft? Open 2
How Can I Have 100% in VC ? Open 1
How can I have my own gang? Open 3
How can I start the mission Cap the Collecter? Open 3
How i proceed the game? Open 1
How long is this game? Open 2
How many property can i buy? Open 1
How much percentage are rampages worth? Open 1
How should i de-activate a cheat code?? Open 1
How To deactivate the cheat"FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT"? Open 1
How to download this game? Open 1
I by mistake didnt took a phone ,so what to do? Open 1
I have compleled all main stories mission but my last two mission is not coming? help me abt this as soon as posible ... Open 3
I need help with the handling.cfg file? Open 5
I wanna ask that Does the use of cheat codes has any effect on my progress in the game? Open 1
If you use chicks with guns, they won't shoot their guns at gangs like the mafia body guards do. Why? Open 1
Now the storyline is end wut sould i do?? Open 2
Some cheats are not working.Help me? Open 1
Typing in cheats do u just type them in while you are like watching cars drive by or do u go into settings? Open 1
What is mean by Print Works? Open 1
What is the next mission after you complete the job for the Film Productions? Open 2
Where can i find the mission, where i have to kill Sonny Forelli and Lance? Open 1

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