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Spellforce: The Order of Dawn

Elven Faq by Daran Humber V1.01
Copyright by Marcus Dohn aka Daran Humber (2004)


It took me some time to write this. All I ask is:
If you want to post this on your site or use this for other purposes
send me an e-mail and ask me for permission first. I probably
won't say no. Nothing is more frustrating than writing this
and finding out that a lot of people just post this without asking.
Copyright by Marcus Dohn aka Daran Humber (2004)


(This FAQ is the first one I made and my mothertongue isn't English.
I only have the German Version of this game. (my mothertounge is German)
So please don't send me hate mails if I spelled sth. wrong or if you found
out I made a mistake in this FAQ. If you have something to add
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(It might take a while to respond, depending on how my studies
are going)


This FAQ is about my favourite of all six races from Spellforce: The Elves. Why
play with the Elves you ask? Well there are some good reasons. Elves only need
wood  and Lenyafor their buildings and planting new trees is restricted to Elves
only in Spellforce. As an addition, most of the Elven units are ranged combat units.
The enemy can't hit you if he can't reach you. Shoot them down before they reach
you and let your Protectors do the rest...And some of the units use ice attacks
to freeze enemies and stop them in their track.
Enough chitchat. Lets get to the content.


I   -Elven Units
II  -Elven buildings
III -Upgrades
IV  -Contact and Version changes

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                                 I  Elven Units
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Your common worker. Chops down trees for you. The worker also plants new trees
and hunts for food/collets berries (only when assigned to the proper buildings
though. Reed in part II, buildings). The Elven workers can't mine stone.

needs: nothing special
costs: Rune energy (DŽoh)
upgrades: no comment...

- - - - - - - - - -
Close combat units
- - - - - - - - - -


Your first common (and also weak) close combat unit. The warder carries a two
handed staff,wears a leather armour and can be upgraded with a shield for 300
units of wood in the Armoury. The Warder is a relatively weak unit. His
(sorry, HER) HP are relatively low and so is the damage she can dish out.

Comments: The Warder will do fine for the first few levels which you have to
          use the Elves in. It takes quite some time until you get the plans
          for the Iron armoury and for the Protector in single player.
          But do not underestimate them. They can usually keep the enemy busy
          long enough for your long ranged units to snipe them down.
          If you are in desperate need of close combat units don't hesitate to
          create a few of them. Once you get the Protector (and Iron) be sure
          to produce theese only if really necessary.

Rating:   Well...relatively weak but better than the worker :)

needs:    Armoury

costs:    Wood: 60

upgrades: Shield upgrade: wood: 300 (in Armoury)


A fine close combat unit. Nothing compared to the Dwarven units,but nice anyway.
The Protector comes with a sword and middle apadded armour. It is possible to
upgrade his weapon thus giving him a Ice sword. The Protector has better
attack/defense and more HP than the Warder.

Comments: If you read the introduction (You didn't, right?) you might remember
          that I mentioned that most Elven units use ice attacks to freeze
          enemies. If you upgrade your Protectors with the Ice sword, they dish
          out a little bit more damage and can freeze (won't always work) the
          enemy for a few seconds. They also get a high ice resistence with this
          upgrade. Be sure to use theese together with wind archers. The
          Protector will "replace" your Warders later but remember,that you need
          Iron to produce them and the armoury, as well as the Iron Armoury.
          You might want to produce some Warders at the beginning before you're
          able to produce theese. Having no close combat units when the enemie
          attacks your village isn't nice.

Rating:   Quite nice. I like their Ice sword. They're nothing compared to the
          Dwarven units, but the Elves rely more on ranged attacks.

needs:    Armoury, Iron Armoury

costs:    Iron: 80

upgrades: Aryns anger: Iron: 100 Lenya: 300 Unit gets Ice sword and high
--------  resistance against ice  (in Iron Armoury)

Titan of the Elves

The Titan reminds me a bit of that talking tree from Lord of the ring
(copyright by you know who). It's a big talking and walking tree. His
attack/defense and HP are really high. The Titan can also use an endurance
aura which affects your units in combat. He's the only male unit, too.

Comments: I always use this big tree once I'm able to. Be warned however: If he
          dies you won't be able to produce another one because he counts as an
          upgrade. Be sure to watch his HP.

Rating:   Really a good and very strong close combat unit.

          If your Titan dies you won't be able to produce another one
          because he counts as an upgrade. (You can produce another one on other
          maps of course or when reentering the map and starting over again)

needs:    small, middle and the large Headquarter

costs:    Wood: 700 Lenya: 300 (!!!build in Large Headquarter!!!)

upgrades: Actually the Titan itsself is an upgrade

- - - - - - - - - - -
Long ranged combat units
- - - - - - - - - - -


Your first and standard ranged combat unit. The Ranger has low HP, wears
a leather suit and a bow. The only thing the Ranger can do is shoot arrows.
Nothing fancy but serves you quite well in certain situations. It seems
The Ranger needs to get a bit closer to the enemies than the Windarcher
or the Wanderer.

Comments: Since you need only wood to produce theese you can usually create
          a lot of them relatively quick. If you're out of Lenya and/or Iron
          theese are your choice number one (actually the only choice). Once
          you get the Windarcher in solo play you should stop using theese
          except when long ranged units are needed desperately or you are out
          of Lenya.

Rating:   What should I say? Your first but weakest of the long ranged units.
          Not too strong but not bad either. When positioned correctly theese
          can be annoying to you enemies (or friends).

needs:    Armoury

costs:    Wood: 50

upgrades: none :(


My absolutely favourite Elven unit. They are not only stronger than the Ranger,
they can also shoot from a bigger distance, can use a spell which helps them
dish out more damage and can learn Ice arrow (!!!). Be sure to prefer theese
to Rangers if you have enough Lenya.

Comments: Did I mention that I love theese already!? They can lear the Ice
          arrow ability which freezes enemies for a few seconds, which seems
          to work nearly everytime. Be sure to always have lots of them in
          your groups. They also come in handy when protection your village.
          Build lots of Archer towers along with Frostbringers and put a row
          of Windarchers in front of those. They'll freeze and damage the
          enemies and the towers will do the rest. Best when used with Protectors.
          HOWEVER: Be sure to have enough Lenya as theese will cost a bit.
          They're only really that usefull if you have the Ice arrow upgrade,

Rating:   I love them!!! 10/10 from me. Try them and you'll love them.

needs:    Armoury, Ailantery

costs:    Wood: 25 Lenya: 30

upgrades: Ice arrow: Wood: 100 Lenya: 200 (in Archery Hall) !be sure to get!


A nice and powerfull addition to the Windarcher. The wanderer has different
abilities and better armour and a slightly better attack than the Windarcher.
The Wanderer can be upgraded with the Ice shield (spell), high ice resistance
and a dagger for the 2nd hand. The dagger is actually an ice dagger. It can
freeze enemies and the Wanderer has a little close combat weapon. The Ice shield
spell however is really usefull (if used on the right unit). It creates an Ice
shield (DŽOH) around the target protecting it. There is a chance that any enemy
in close(!) combat attacking the unit with the Ice shield effect might be frozen
and damaged a little bit.

Comments: A really great addition to the Windarcher. Ice shild is a nice support
          for your Protectors. It already saved my Avatar twice. FreezeŽem
          to death...

Rating:   Like I said. Really usefull if the enemies are hacking and slaying
          at your close combat units, e.g surrounding one. Think of what might
          happen if ~6 enemy units surround a Protector with Ice blade and Ice
          shield. Might get cool. (If the Protector doesn't die, though). My
          Avatar had an ice wand and Ice shield cast on him while surrounded by
          enemies. Helped me quite well.

needs:    Armoury, Iron Armoury, Archery Hall

costs:    Wood: 45 Iron: 45

upgrades: Ice Shield: Iron: 100 Lenya: 300 Unit gets an ice dagger, the Ice
--------  shield spell and high resistance to ice attacks. (in Iron Armoury)

- - - - - - - -
Magical units
- - - - - - - -

Note: I don't have to mention theese units have low HP, do I?


Your average everyday Healer. The Healer wears a robe along with a staff.
Sounds boring? As you hopefully know, Healers heal (DŽOH again) your units
granting them a much longer life. There is an upgrade which has an effect
on the Healer, Druid and Winter Mage. It will make them use less mana for
spells in areas with trees. (Thanks, mother nature)

Comments: I usually take around 6 of them with me. The good thing, like I
          said, is that they will heal you and your units. The bad thing(s)
          is/are that they'll usually immediently heal your units even if they
          got only a scratch. They might get low on mana right after the battle
          started. Fortunately the can regain mana (if you build the Foodstore,
          that is). Another bad thing is if they run out of mana they might
          attack your enemies in close combat (*ouch*). Be sure to keep them in
          the last row and send them away if they start charging the enemies.
          I usually form an extra group consisting only of healers to have better
          control over them.

Rating:   They aren't bad. You will need lots of healing in battles and fighting
          without them is really tough (unless you Avatar is really good at
          white magic). Try to fight without them. It should be a lot harder.
          Just make sure to keep them away from close combat.

needs:    Ailantery

costs:    Lenya: 55

upgrades: Elen's Grace: Lenya: 500 (counts for Healer,Druid and Winter Mage)
--------  Your magical units use less mana in areas with trees.
          (in Hall of Ancients)


The Druid is able to heal your units,too. The difference between the Healer
and the Druid is that the Druid uses a Healing aura which "shoots" at your
wounded units and heals them. As a nice addition, the druid is also able to
damage undead with a neat spell. The undead take some damage over a certain
period of time when hit by that spell.

Comments: A good addition to the healer and also usefull when fighting undead.
          Be sure to keep the Druid out of close combat.

Rating:   Quite good. Their aura always makes sure that those wounded units of
          yours are healed. Since the aura heals quicker than the normal spell
          of the healer you might consider using more of theese.

needs:    Ailantery, Hall of Ancients

costs:    Lenya: 100

upgrades: same as Healer (see above)

Winter Mage

The Winter Mage is your only magical unit attacking your enemies with magic
(except for the druid, which attacks undead). The Winter Mage hits the enemies
with ice attacks and most of the time freezes them as an addition.

Comments: I usually use theese very often. The Windarchers are able to
          freeze the enemies, too (only with upgrade) but The Winter Mage
          has more mana, though. Again, be sure to keep theese away from
          close combat.

Rating:   Good for the last rows and freezing your enemies is what makes the
          Elves so strong. It seems they're able to freeze the enemie for a
          little longer than the Windarchers.
          (Not confirmed yet)

costs:    Lenya: 70

needs:    Ailantery, Hall of Ancients

upgrades: same as Healer (see above)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                II Elven buildings
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Most of the buildings need workers assigned to them in order to work. Be sure
to remember. If there is no "needs" under a building you can build it anytime.

small, middle and large Headquarter [HQ] (no worker needed)

Theese are important if you need to build more units. By paying food here
(the amount goes up every upgrade 100...300...) you can raise you max. amount
of units you are allowed to have.
You can also build the Titan of the Elves in the large Headquarter.
The large Headquarter needs a lot of space though. Be sure to keep some.

costs: Small HQ:  Wood: 100
-----  Middle HQ: Wood: 250
       Large HQ:  Wood: 500

needs: Middle HQ needs Small HQ
-----  Large HQ needs Small and Middle HQ

Woodcutter, Master Woodcutter (max 5 workers)

Without theese nothing works. Assign some workers to them and they'll start
chopping down trees. The Master Woodcutter let's your Elves cut down trees
even faster than the normal Woodcutter.

costs: Woodcutter:        Wood: 40
-----  Master Woodcutter: Wood: 150

needs: The Master Woodcutter needs the Middle HQ

Sawmill (max 1 worker)

A must. The Sawmill doubles the amount of wood gained. Woodcutters bring
their logs here if the Sawmill is close enough to the Woodcutter/master Woodcutter.
Try a game without this building. It will be a lot harder.

costs: Wood: 100

Forester (max 5 workers)

A must,too. Workers assigned to this building plant new trees, providing
your woodcutters with enough work to do. Only the elves are able to plant
trees. Be sure to put them near the Woodcutter, but watch out: They'll use a
lot of space for trees.

costs: Wood: 50

Hunting Lodge/Hunter's Guild (max 5 workers)

Hunters shoot down animals (I thought Elves live in harmony with them?) and
provide you with food. Workers assigned to the Hunter's Guild work even faster.
Be sure to build it near animals (they won't survive long) and most important
near your Foodstore to double the ammount of food gained.
It might happen that some hunters get too close to enemy units while hunting.
This can be very annoying.

costs: Hunting Lodge:  Wood: 60
-----  Hunter's Guild: Wood: 150

needs: The Hunter's Guild needs the middle HQ

Gatherer's Hut (max 5 workers)

Workers assigned to the hut collect berries from nearby bushes providing you
with food. Be sure to build them close to berry bushes and most important the

costs: Wood: 50

Foodstore (max 1 worker)

Workers collecting food bring it here (if it's close enough to the
Hunting Lodge/Hunter's Guild or Gatherer's Hut). It (!) doubles (!) the amount
of food gained and allows your units to regenerate HP and mana. Without this
building, magical units for example won't regenerate mana.

costs: Wood: 150

needs: Small HQ

Lenya Gatherer (max 5 workers)

Be sure to build this near Lenya (wouldn't make sense without Lenya).
Workers collect Lenya, which is important for magical units and certain upgrades.
If you have two fields of Lenya near to each other be sure tu build this between
them so they'll harvest from both.

costs: Wood: 80

needs: small HQ

Ailantery (max 1 worker)

You need this building in order to produce Healers and Windarchers.

costs: Wood: 200

needs: middle HQ

Hall of Ancients (no worker needed)

You need this building if you want to create Druids and winter Mages.

costs: Wood: 250 Lenya: 100

needs: middle HQ

Armoury (no worker needed)

Needed to produce Warders and Rangers.

costs: Wood: 60

Iron Armoury (no worker needed)

You will need this if you want to produce the strongest
(except for the Titan) Elven close combat unit, the Protector.
It is also needed in order to produce the Wanderer.

costs: Wood: 400

needs: middle HQ

Archery Hall (no worker needed)

You will need this building along with the Iron Armoury if you want to
produce the Wanderer.

costs: Wood: 300

needs: small HQ

Archer Tower

Veeeery nice defense building. It shoots arrows at you enemies. Theese usually
do ~ 8-10 points of damage. Be sure to build some rows of theese at the entrances
to your village/s with a row of Frostbringers behind.

costs: Wood: 120


This building shoots ice spells at your enemies, damaging and hopefully freezing
them. Combine theese with Archery Towers. They'll freeze them and the Towers do
the rest. Building theese costs you Lenya, so watch out a bit.

costs: Wood: 20 Lenya: 100

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                    III Upgrades
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This section is about the possible upgrades and where to get them.

- Shield upgrade for Warder
  where: Armoury
  costs: 300 Wood
  Warder gets a wooden shield for better defense

- Aryns anger
  where: Iron Armoury
  costs: Iron: 100 Lenya: 300
  Protector gets Ice sword and high resistance against ice

- Titan of the Elves (Yes, he's an upgrade)
  where: Large Headquarter
  costs: Wood: 700 Lenya: 300
  The Titan of the Elves (melee unit)

- Ice arrow
  where: Archery Hall
  costs: Wood: 100 Lenya: 200
  Windarchers can use Ice arrow attack (freezes enemies)

- Ice shield
  where: Iron Armoury
  costs: Iron: 100 Lenya: 300
  Wanderer gets an Ice dagger, high resistance against ice and
  the Ice shield spell

- Elen's Grace
  where: Hall of Ancients
  costs: Lenya: 500
  Healer, Druid and Winter Mage use less mana for spells in areas
  with trees

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                IV Contact and Version changes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How to contact:

If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to:



It might take a while for me to respond, but don't worry. I'll try to respond
to every e-mail as fast as possible.
If you have anything new to add or found mistakes, I'll add it and give
you credit for it.

Version changes:

V 1.00 I just wrote the FAQ. So no changes yet. Maybe I'll add a tactiques section.
       If you have any be sure to send me. I'll post them along with credits.

V 1.01 Corrected a small mistake. Added description of upgrades in upgrades section.