FAQ/Walkthrough by Moondogg

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-	First person shooter
-	PC

Let's just get that out of the way before we start. 
This FAQ Copyright to Dennis "Moondogg" Marino. 2004/2005.
Plagiarism is a crime folks, and I put a whole lot of work into this, 
please don't steal it.  I covered almost every possible little spot in 
this game, so this isn't a shorty; it's the full blown walkthrough.  I 
know it's not pretty and I don't have some sort of ASCII art, but it's 
all good.

Personal review - 

Just what I thought about the game:  I love this game so much, credit 
goes out to the development teams, absolutely stunning.  The drill 
sarge from the tutorial was hilarious, and to this day my favorite 
character in any game, (best when heard on the Uncensored version).  
The missions are long and the jungle is swarming!  Besides Fist Alpha, 
I hope there are plenty of releases yet to come.


Table of Contents: 

1 - US Weapons
2 - Viet Cong Weapons
3 - Characters and Basics of Gameplay
4 - Prelude (Arrival)
5 - Mission One
  5.1 - Medic Patrol
6 - Mission Two
  6.1 - Insertion
  6.2 - Ho Chi Minh's Trail
  6.3 - Keep Running Charlie
  6.4 - Bahnar Tribe
7 - Mission Three
   7.1 - Midnight Surprise
8 - Mission Four
   8.1 - Tin Can
   8.2 - False Alarm
   8.3 - Tunnel Rat
   8.4 - Arroyo
   8.5 - Underground City
   8.6 - Khe Bana River
9 - Mission Five
   9.1 - Swamped
   9.2 - Papa Oscar Whiskey
10 - Mission Six
   10.1 - Brush and Sweep
11 - Mission Seven
   11.1 - Twisty Track Drive
   11.2 - Outpost
12 - Mission Eight
   12.1 - Radio Relay
13 - Mission Nine
   13.1 - Crash in the Jungle
   13.2 - Seizing the Hill
   13.3 - Ruins of Po Tlong Karai
   13.4 - Cave in
   13.5 - Evade and Escape
14 - Mission Ten
   14.1 - Stream
   14.2 - Near the Bahnar Village
   14.3 - Bahnar Village
15 - Mission Eleven
   15.1 - The Bridge
16 - Mission Twelve
   16.1 - They're Coming
   16.2 - Too Many Targets
   16.3 - The Last Stand

1 - US Weapons

This is the list of the game's original US Weapons, excluding the ones 
found in the Fist Alpha expansion.


Colt M1911 - This is the standard American sidearm, 7 shots to a clip, 
decent stopping power for a pistol.
Smith and Wesson Model 39 -  The US suppressed pistol, for use in 
stealth missions and given to you before you head into tunnels in some 
missions.  Okay stopping power, pain in the ass to aim however.  7 
rounds to a clip.


M1 Carbine - The smaller variant of the famous M1 Garand rifle used in 
Dubya-Dubya Two.  I love this baby, 15 round magazines and puts a dent 
in enemies, semi automatic only.
Thompson - The famous Thompson.  30 round magazines.  Pretty good 
stopping power, semi and full automatic functions.  Basic American sub 
machine gun.
M16 - A very controversial weapon.  Can only carry 18 shots a mag, and 
runs out of ammo rather quickly, but it's deadly in an expert's hands.  
I personally love this thing.
M60 - The American machine gun.  Full auto only.  Carries 100 round 
boxes.  Aiming down the sights is rather testy, a lot of machinery 
blocks your line of sight.  I don't like it, but for death and 
destruction, give this baby to an expert and they'll have a blast.
M1 Garand - The famous WWII rifle returns, this time with optics, 
making it a dangerous sniper rifle.  8 rounds per magazine.  This 
really puts the VC down for the count.  Semi auto only.
Remington 870 - Your basic pump action shotgun.  At close range this 
bad boy can tear the house down.  In the tunnels, forget about it, its 
point and kill.  Obviously, at a distance, it's no good.  However, 
Nhut, your pointman seems to use this weapon as a long distance rifle.
M79 - This isn't a rifle or submachine gun, rather this is a heavy 
explosive weapon.  This is your grenade launcher and packs a wallop.  I 
wouldn't recommend taking this alone into battle, but it's worth 
picking up in clutch time if you need something to fire at and you have 
nothing left.

2 - Viet Cong Weapons

Again, these don't include the Fist Alpha weapons.  These are VC 
weapons, after missions some appear in your shooting range armory and 
you can use them in missions, as well as pick them up off of dead 
enemies.  Bronson cannot give you extra ammo for these, if you are low 
on ammo, you have to find ammo yourself.


Makarov - This is a soviet supplied (most everything is soviet variety) 
pistol that mostly higher ranking VC/NVA people carry.  9 shots to a 
magazine.  I don't mind this weapon it's pretty effective.  I pick it 
up where possible.
Revolver .38 - Lower VC soldiers use this weapon, it's abundant.  6 
shooter, my personal favorite sidearm, it's more easy to aim in my 
Tokarev - Another VC sidearm used by officers.  A little heftier 
looking than the Makarov, also a quality sidearm.


Mosin-Nagant - This thing can take you out in a flash.  A long, bolt 
action rifle.  If this is in your hands, make sure you take on maybe 
one or two people at a time from a safe distance, because using a bolt 
action in close quarters isn't a good idea.  5 shots before 5 new 
bullets are inserted.  This thing can put people down if hit above the 
AK47 - The most widely used rifle in the world.  28 rounds to a 
magazine.  Pretty accurate, and clips are all over the place so this is 
a good weapon to pick up if you run out of US weapon ammo and Bronson 
isn't available.  Recoil is a pain though.
USM3 - Also known as the Grease Gun.  If you have one shot left in your 
freaking pistol and you have the option of picking up a Grease Gun or 
keep going and use that one bullet in the chamber to kill another guy 
and get his weapon, please, keep moving.  It's quite literally a piece 
of crap.  Full automatic mode only.
SVD Dragunov - THE prime sniper rifle in the game.  I love this weapon, 
but it's not for the faint of heart.  If you can handle the sights, and 
the little weaker punch, this thing is for you.  Semi auto lets you put 
two quick shots into an enemy.
Degtarev - This is the VC machine gun, and in my opinion, loads better 
than the M60.  A lot easier to aim, and in later missions ammunition is 
all over the place.
Baikal IZH-43 - If you feel like being a hunter, use this.  It's a 
standard double barreled shotgun, two shots then reload.  The local 
tribes use this weapon.  Extremely deadly at close range.  If you don't 
want to play as a joke, avoid this weapon.  Uses Remington shells.
SKS Simonov - This is a weaker, semi auto version of the Mosin if you 
will.  10 shots to a clip.  Ammo is all over.  It's okay, nothing 
special, use it in a pinch, it's not too shabby.
PPS-41 - The widely known soviet Pepishka.  Great weapon with a large 
drum of over 70 shots.  Aiming is harder than you think, the gun tilts 
to the left when you fire with the sights up, its strange.
PPS-43 - The newer PPS model, more widely used in later missions, 
distinctive muzzle flash.  Very good weapon.

3 - Characters and Gameplay Basics.

Steve Hawkins - This is "you".  He has a weird mouth and a sense for 
adventure.  Shows a sense of humor as well, describes what he finds and 
thinks in detail.  Goes by the nickname of Top later on.
CJ Hornster - The Machine Gunner of the squad.  He loves a good fight, 
but aggravates everyone.  He's basically the squad's pain in the ass.  
Often complains if he's not where the action is.
Joe Crocker - The Medic, I like this guy.  Always responds when someone 
is hurt.  Keeps his mind on the action and only speaks if something 
needs to be said.
Le Duy Nhut - Or just plain Nhut.  He's the Pointman.  A former Viet 
Minh, he knows his way around the land, with added funny broken 
English.  While comical, he really knows how to blast someone in the 
face with a shotgun from a mile away.
PJ Defort - The radioman.  The shortest one out of the crew, and 
Hornster lets him know it.  He's probably your closest ally, as you'll 
be looking into his face while you make a radio transmission.
Thomas Bronson - The engineer.  He supplies you with ammo, and never 
runs short.  He's gritty, and sounds the best screaming obscenities out 
in the battlefield.  The only times he seems to speak is when insulting 

Gameplay Basics

Always examine dead bodies.  You'll get extra ammo and stuff like 
medkits, as well as Intel.  Now I don't know how Intel helps you in the 
long run, or what it does, I just think it's cool, and he sometimes has 
funny reactions to what he finds.  Find cover where possible, and 
unless you're surprised or scared bleepless, pull up the sights and aim 
that way.  It works with all weapons except for maybe the M60.  Make 
smart decisions, don't run into a fray with 6 VC armed with a Mosin 
rifle, you wont survive very long.  Engage the VC on what your weapon 
deems fit and can handle.  The knife is practically useless, I only 
found one spot where I could, but didn't have to use it, and that was a 
sleeping guy in the tunnels.  I use the knife solely for chasing ducks 
and chickens in villages.  When a VC starts yelling, that's generally 
not good when you're being stealthy.  Yes they do talk amongst 
themselves sometimes, but you can tell a scream, this means your cover 
has been blown and they know where you are, don't bother being stealthy 
anymore and take out something that's noisy, its not like you'll go 
away or something if you stop shooting.  Pick up as many nades as 
possible, you can carry a limited amount, but they don't weigh you down 
or anything so what's the harm?  Once the Insertion mission ends, there 
will be A LOT less booby traps.  Most of the traps you'll come across 
will be in tunnels where the ground will have a pit with punji in it, 
grenade traps are scarce but they come back in much later missions, so 
keep your eyes on the ground at all times, because they pop up a few 
times and really scare the hell out of you.  When you get the radio 
signal, and you're still panicking about VC wandering around and will 
shoot you when you're on the radio, don't panic at all.  After you 
fight VC and stuff, the radio icon comes up when the coast is clear, 
and 99% of the time there's nothing to worry about.

4 - Prelude/Arrival

You find yourself on a helicopter on your way to Nui Pek, as you (we 
will call Steve "you" from here on out, because you assume his role) 
talk about what's going on.  As you fly, you talk with Hornster about 
who you are replacing, a guy named Douglas *hint hint, the guy you play 
as in Fist Alpha* and how he dies *cough...foreshadowing*.  Get out, 
and then talk to Defort and he'll tell you to go to the shack with the 
American flag flying on it.  Go there, its not too hard to find.  Talk 
to Captain Rosenfeld, and he'll lead you to your bunker.  Go in and  
drop your bag on the bed (use button on the bed) take the Captain's 
advice and visit the shooting range, it'll get you acquainted with the 
early weapons.  Hornster will give you pointers, well he's actually 
giving the LLDB guy pointers but it really applies to you.  Fire off a 
magazine at the targets and Crocker will come in and lead you to the 
center of the base for a mission.  Hop in the jeep and you're off.

5 - Mission One

5.1 - Medic Patrol
You, Captain Rosenfeld and Crocker head off to a Village.  As you drive 
there, they explain the lay of the land a little and the situation, 
chatter basically.  When you stop, get out obviously, and follow the 
captain to the elder.  Then of course, something goes wrong, you were 
expecting something different?  Follow the captain behind the logs and 
take cover.  He mentions a sniper.  Look to the cliff over to the left-
ish of the rice paddies and watch for muzzle flashes.  Then you can go 
about this one of two ways, the quick tougher way, or the easy long 
way.  If you go quick, take out your binoculars and locate the sniper, 
then pull out your gun and try and pick him off from your position, 
with the M1 it's not very hard.  If you manage to belt him, the mission 
ends in success right on the spot.  If you don't think of yourself as a 
quality shot, follow Crocker to the cliff.  You'll chase away the VC 
sniper into a grove, follow him, and you'll come across a couple of 
them sitting off in a knoll.  Waste them and return to the village for 
a mission success.

6 - Mission Two

6.1 - Insertion

Here's where the fun starts.  You begin with a larger squad (not quite 
the entire team).  After you're done chatting on the radio, tell Nhut 
to lead the team, and follow him.  He'll come across a booby trap, you 
can tell them from the little white or yellow trip wires that are 
strewn about.  He identifies it and tells you to disarm it, he knows 
where they are, just can't do a thing about them.  To disarm it, walk 
to the left of the wire (don't walk across it, please or else it will 
get ugly), and you'll see the grenade in a soup can, crouch and walk 
close to it, and press the use key when the circle shows up to disarm 
it.  Continue after you tell Nhut to lead.  Nhut spots a monkey, the 
way he says monkey is rather funny.  Keep going, you'll come across a 
VC squad, take pot shots at them until they scamper away.  Continue 
down the small hill, but look to the ground you'll see another trip 
wire.  This time it's for a punji, these things are rather unpleasant, 
they are spikes that are tipped with VC crap, that's right, crap, as in 
fecal matter.  To deal with this thing you are going to have to walk 
over the wire, but if you hug the left wall opposite the spikes and 
walk over the wire, the trap will trip but wont even come close to 
touching you.  Get Nhut to run point, and then proceed.  Keep following 
Nhut, I know this doesn't seem like I'm helping you at all but that's 
what you have to do, just keep following him.  You battle the VC a few 
times along the way, they just shoot and run.  After you walk over the 
big pile of boulders, its important you follow Nhut now.  There are 
traps all over the ground to the right of the rocks.  If you run across 
yourself you will most likely die.  Nhut will walk around the 
perimeter.  You'll eventually run into the VC again, waste this small 
group, you'll get a radio transmission when you walk into the small 
alcove of jungle, call HQ and the stage ends.

6.2 - Ho Chi Minh's Trail

As soon as the mission starts, VC are already walking around below you 
in a single file line.  Again, you have two options, you can either be 
a cowboy, and stand at the edge of the cliff and put them out of their 
misery, or follow Nhut and spare them for later.  I'd attack them now, 
although it alerts them, its less for you to kill later.  You'll come 
to a path that seems to go backwards, and it goes up.  Take it.  There 
are some scattered VC hiding here behind bushes and stuff.  Look across 
the canyon, and there are VC over there.  Your team starts shooting 
shots into the wind, they wont hit crap, so you're going to have to do 
it yourself.  Once you take out all the guys across the canyon, tell 
Nhut to move out.  When you cross the bridge, there always seems to be 
a little punk to the west at the bottom of the canyon, waste him and 
continue.  You'll hear the choppers fluttering overhead, so follow the 
path, there's a couple more VC for target practice, proceed to the 
clearing, and enter the path to clear the stage.

6.3 - Keep Running Charlie

Walk over to the bridge with your squad, and whip out your binocs.  
Take a gander over to the east, and you'll see the VC walking along the 
river.  Again we can do what we did with the canyon Congers.  Either 
take aim or save them for later.  I usually wait for later with these 
guys, you don't have too much mobility on the bridge.  Head on down to 
the river where you'll encounter a few more VC waiting for you.  There 
is also a guy on the cliff in front of you, so wing a grenade up there 
to force him down or kill him.  When you waste these guys, and after 
the radio transmission, tell Nhut to continue down the river, where 
you'll encounter another patch of VC (the ones you didn't kill when 
they were walking).  Take cover behind the sloping hill to the until 
you come up to a large landmass on the right, this is where the 
supposed caches are.  Wax all the VC, then tell Nhut to look for 
caches.  He can't find any, so you then walk up a small hill and around 
a pass that overlooked the stream where you just came from.  Go down 
into another stream (or the same one, I don't know), go up a small 
stone hill, and into another small grove with a waterfall.  Zap the two 
or three VC that are sitting here, (two should be on the bottom, 
another should be at the top of the waterfall.  Tell Nhut to look for 
the village and keep walking.  You'll walk over a wooden bridge, pick 
up the commie sign on the ground as Intel.  Go up and across another 
narrow wooden bridge.  If you fall off, you're a real idiot.  Go up 
even more and across a small wooden bridge, and walk over to the ladder 
for a stage complete.

6.4 - Bahnar Tribe

Tell Nhut to look for the village.  He stops, and tells you the VC lost 
a banana (AK47) clip, pick it up for kicks and giggles, who cares.  You 
should always pick up crap that's strewn about.  Follow Nhut, and 
you'll come across a wounded Montagnard, Crocker will move in to heal 
him.  He gets up and tells you his story, Nhut translates for you.  
Naturally, if you try and talk to this guy, he'll flap his gums back at 
you in Vietnamese when you ask where his village is.  So ask Nhut to do 
it.  Follow the 'yard to his village, there wont be any enemy contacts 
along the way.  When you get there, you'll hear some absolutely abysmal 
music, I really don't know where it's coming from (believe me, I 
searched for some kind of primitive radio that I can shoot and end the 
torture), but be prepared.  A small squad of VC attacks the village, 
just look for the red dots on your radar.  Head over there and zap 
them, the chopper comes, so hop in, stage and mission over. 

7 - Mission Three

7.1 - Midnight Surprise

This isn't really a mission to begin with, but it's rather tricky.  You 
begin in the classroom at Nui Pek where you first met Rosenfeld, 
talking with him and Hornster about the current situation.  Rosenfeld 
leads you right into....an ambush!  A VC comes into the room  with his 
gun blazing, have quick wits and mash him before he can do any damage.  
If you get hit, I believe he drops a medkit, so use the one you already 
have to heal yourself, then take his for later.  Follow Hornster's 
orders, and toast the bunch of VC that are hiding near the trucks.  Be 
careful!  Don't shoot any of your own LLDB guys or else the mission 
ends in failure!  Meet up with the group, and then fight where they 
tell you, (a gate opens up to the place where you have to be).  Fight 
your way down the trench, and when its clear, jump up to where Bronson 
is on top of the trenches.  You'll find the VC hole they dug to get in.  
Radio to Rosenfeld about this, and he will tell you to blow it with C4.  
Get it from Bronson and then jump into the hole and arm yourself.  Your 
first turn, I swear, it sent me shooting into the sky, because I was 
shocked out of my mind, you'll see a VC sitting there with his pistol, 
blast him.  He's the only one in the tunnel, so keep moving to the end 
into a large room with crates and a hole at the top.  Stay away from 
the hole in the roof, please.  Even you tell yourself to avoid that 
hole, and if you're truly stupid and you pop your head out, well, you 
weren't kidding when you said you'd get wasted.  So stay in there and 
plant the C4 on the crates, then hustle to the entrance where Bronson 
is.  When you get out, tell him to blow it up.  You'll see the VC who 
were standing near the other hole get theirs.  Mission complete.

8 - Mission Four

8.1 - Tin Can

This mission begins with you and your team accompanying two others, but 
you can only see one of them, the other is a way off.  Exit the chopper 
and tell Nhut to lead you to the other team near the broken bridge.  
Discuss what's going on then make your way across the bridge to the 
other side while your Shrew Two comrades give you some supporting fire.  
I don't think they actually hit anything but that's okay.  Hit the 
other side firing, there are enemies in both bunkers, clear them out.  
Follow Nhut a further way inland, where you will see the tanks that 
Intel mentioned.  As you can see these are old rusty piles of crap that 
don't even have turrets, just hulks of chassis, so in essence, Intel 
goofed, and their little gaffe is going to have you on the run for a 
while.  Look out, because the bunkers and trenches to the west of the 
tanks are loaded with VC.  If you're good with fire support, do it now 
on those trenches, if not, just charge them and take them out.  After 
you clear them out of the trenches and such, tell your team to hold 
position.  Because if you try and go into the tunnels leading to the 
bunkers with your team, its going to get ugly, and you're probably 
never going to get out, because your AI teammates are pretty much 
retarded when it comes to tunnel movement.  So go in alone to the 
tunnels, and make a right into the bunker to the northwest-ish of the 
tanks.  Take out the guy if you haven't already, and go into the other 
tunnel leading out the other way from the bunker, and head back out.  
Stage complete.

8.2 - False Alarm

As you continue, you lose contact with Shrew Three, and you set out to 
find them.  Tell Nhut to lead, and you'll fight off a few VC on the 
way.  You'll come to a clearing on the right, and a bunker atop a hill 
on the left.  Shrew Three is strewn about on the right, and there's one 
wounded guy who tells you what happened.  Get on the radio to the Bird 
to ask for a medevac and he tells you that there is enemy activity 
coming your way.  You don't have much time so get ready.  They'll come 
from the bunker on the hill again.  So have your team kick their asses.  
When you're done, tell Nhut to lead and he'll start walking.  Along the 
way, you'll come across one of the MIA's from Shrew Three, he's tied to 
a tree.  Get close to him and disarm the trap on his hands, but he dies 
anyway, from what I have no idea, maybe some kind of epileptic seizure 
or shock, because he just kind of keels over.  When you walk out of the 
passage to the northwest of him, the bunkers and trenches erupt in 
(inaccurate) gunfire.  Head on over there and do what you did to the 
previous trench loving VC, maybe toss a grenade in the bunkers 
overlooking them.  When you KO them, you report a tunnel entrance.  
Shrew Three is medevac'ed, and Rosenfeld hands you the S&W 39 for use 
in the tunnels so you don't go deaf, so move on into the tunnels for a 
short while until you get the complete screen.  Stage Complete.

8.3 - Tunnel Rat

You fell down a hole into a deeper tunnel.  You start off in total 
darkness, so turn on your light (whatever button you set for it), and 
move forth.  There is only one direction you can go in, so follow it 
until you come to a fork.  Go left into an empty room, and you get the 
radio signal.  You do have some glow sticks, so if you have to make a 
decision here or there on a path, leave one of these to mark which way 
you went if you have to backtrack.  Talk to HQ about what you found, 
and then keep moving.  When you leave the room and a bit down the 
tunnel, you can hear some VC chatting, so keep moving and be careful.  
Keep your eyes on the floor, because as soon as you are about to enter 
the room, there is a grenade trap on the ground.  Disarm it, and move 
into the room and to the right where there is a storage room.  Open the 
crate on the ground to the right for some US grenades that they stored 
away.  Exit the room where you came in and make a sharp right, and 
continue going straight through this long ass tunnel until you come up 
on a lit room on your left, ready your weapon and start shooting as you 
come around, because there are 2 VC crouched in that little hole.  Pop 
them.  Go on in the way that you were, until you come up on another 
room on your right, do the same as you did in the previous.  Keep 
moving, and you'll come up on another VC near a fork in the road.  
There is another VC right around the corner on the right path, and 
he'll shout and most likely scare you half to death, make him pay.  
It's always a good idea if you're lost to head in the direction where 
enemies are.  Hang a right, and hose another VC who is in a room.  Make 
a radio contact, and go back to the fork, because this route is a dead 
end.  Go the opposite direction and open the hatch that is in the 
ground.  You have to drop down, because you can't progress any farther 
because of a punji trap further down the tunnel, and you cant bypass 
it.  So drop down the hatch and walk straight.  Blast the VC who comes 
around the corner, then make a left.  Toast the two VC that are hanging 
around.  These two passages are dead ends, but it's wise to kill as 
many VC as possible.  Go back to the first fork and go the opposite way 
and go until you reach a room with a Makarov and PPS-43 on the table.  
Grab the PPS for later.  It's better to take the Revolver 38 off a dead 
VC than the Makarov, there is more Revolver ammo, but if you want the 
Makarov there are some clips for it, you decide.  Now drop down the 
hole, and go up the ladder.  Stage complete.

8.4 - Arroyo

I don't know why this mission is called Arroyo, but it's quick and 
painless.  You find yourself outside of the tunnel, so make a radio 
call and head out.  There are some VC outside, be as loud as you want, 
you won't be too stealthy here.  Keep going, wasting VC as you go, 
until you come to a log with a hole in the canyon.  You can either go 
around the long way or cut through the middle.  I'd cut through the 
middle, but whatever.  Continue to blast VC, you're weapons free in 
this mission.  You'll hear someone with a Degtarev in a dirt bunker to 
your right when you come through the middle.  Search for a hole in the 
side of the dirt to the west of the gunner.  Follow the tunnel into the 
bunker and toast him.  Take the ChiCom bags from the room (more Intel), 
and take his Degtarev if you want, it works wonders in the tunnels, and 
that's where you're going to be soon anyway.  Be careful though, as you 
come out through the tunnel, there are VC waiting for you, I think 
there are three.  Take them down and exit the tunnel.  Head east of 
your position towards the other end of the.....Arroyo?  Whatever.  
There will be another gunner in a higher elevated bunker, shoot him 
when he pops his head out, and you'll get a radio thing.  Talk to HQ 
and look for a path out.  Now walk maybe 7 paces east from the bunker 
(back towards the middle), and look at the wall opposite the high 
bunker, you'll notice a cutout of vines in the wall, just walk through 
them and follow the path into that bunker high on the dirt.  You'll see 
a tiger camo hat that your MIA was wearing.  Tell HQ about this and go 
back into the tunnels.  Stage Complete.

8.5 - Underground City.

Lots of interesting stuff here, folks.  Head straight down the tunnel 
until you hear some VC chatter.  Round the turn you'll see one of their 
hips.  Blow it off, then when you round that turn, blast another one 
that's right in your face, it would be wise to use that pretty Degtarev 
on the ground, ever imagine using a full blown drum machine gun in 
close quarters?.  Hang a left at the, err....intersection if you will, 
until you come to a small room, pop the higher ranking VC, keep walking 
but be prepared to pop another one, I'm sure you can hear him talking.  
Reload your weapon right now, you'll need it.  Blast the VC who's in 
the kitchen place, then pop the two that are in the dining place thing.  
Call HQ and you'll find your radio is dead.  Pick up the Intel that's 
floating around that room.  Go out through the hole in the back of the 
dining area where there are wooden arches supporting the tunnel, when 
you come to the end of them, make a sharp left into a sleeping 
quarters, where 3 VC await, they'll cut you up pretty good if you don't 
get the beat on them.  Go back out of the dorm they have there and head 
the way you were going.  Keep going straight but make a quick right, 
there are three more VC in another sleeping area.  Examine them if you 
need ammo, but keep heading the way you were.  More wooden arches, at 
the fork, look left and zap another VC trio playing camp out.  Head 
right in the fork, and make a left at the first room.  Drop down the, 
uh, toilet area or whatever that is, to find even more crap, but some 
ammo for the Makarov and Tokarev, and another Tokarev magazine is on a 
box in the room above.  Exit that room and keep going the way you were.  
Make a right going up, then make another right at the fork (you can 
only go right anyway, left is a dead end).  Make a right into a small 
room and pop the VC.  Search him and get a VC flag.  Open the hatch on 
the floor in there and drop down to find a storage room with Makarov, 
Tokarev and AK47 magazines.  Take what you need and make a right when 
you exit this room.  At the fork, look left and you'll see an old 
soviet flag on the wall, go in that room.  Don't walk in too far, but 
you'll hear Americans on the radio, and find out that the VC has been 
tracking radio transmissions.  There are two rooms on your left, enter 
both and wax the officers in there.  Grab the Intel on the table at the 
entrance, the money on the table, and one of the diplomas on the wall 
as extra Intel.  Then use the radio.  After you transmit, leave a block 
of C4 on it as a surprise.  Head back up to the fork and go the 
opposite way, keep going until you reach a classroom sort of like the 
one at Nui Pek, just underground.  Take a look around at the map of 
your camp that they have seemed to scrape on the board (along with poor 
mathematics), and look for Intel here.  Head out the hole in the back.  
At the next fork, look right and pop the VC at the dead end, then head 
back going the other way of the fork.  Go up a hole, and at the fork 
head right into a large room.  Blast the VC that's waking up, then move 
to the room in back and blast the other one.  Make a radio 
transmission, it's fine now.  Now move out the other hole in the 
hospital, then drop down into another pile of who knows what.  At the 
first fork, make a right, then at the second, go left.  Now go straight 
instead of turning, and at the fork further down, make a left across 
some strewn around wood, then you'll hear the commies and Marv 
chattering, head in that direction and be prepared to fight.  Slam the 
first VC near the cage, then look for two more to come out of the 
nearby hole.  Blast them, don't go up the ladder, they will assault 
you, go up there the long way through the hole where you shot the 
couple VC.  When you're up there, blast the VC that hung around, and 
look at the blood on the ground.  Make a radio transmission, and head 
through the hole near the table where the blood is.  Make a right if 
you need handgun ammo, if not, keep going straight.  Remove another 
cover in the ground, and drop down, then come up obviously.  At the 
next fork, hang a right and keep following this path and you'll come 
across a hole leading out.  Stage Complete!

8.6 - Khe Bana River

You pop out of the tunnels, finally, and contact HQ.  The Bird hovers 
over and tells you to pop smoke, you do, but he can't land there.  You 
sort of figured that though, right?  Your C4 goes off, and you know 
that the VC can't be too far behind, so you better get moving.  There 
isn't much to discuss in this mission, Rosenfeld tells you where to go, 
just make sure you can see the river at all times.  Further down the 
trail, there's a bridge, and of course, you'll be whacking VC as they 
come.  So cross the bridge because the Captain told you to go to a 
village.  So cross the bridge and keep walking east, of course killing 
VC.  They're not really in strategic places, you'll be able to see them 
fine.  When you reach the village, check it out, everyone left, again, 
that was foreseeable.  Make a radio call, and he will tell you where to 
go.  Before you leave, note the chickens and ducks running all over.  
They are there for a reason, to distract more feeble minded gamers like 
myself.  You're safe, so take a little to chase the ducks with your 
knife or something.  When you're done, keep moving in the direction you 
were away from the village.  You'll come to where the land on this side 
ends because of rocks.  There will be some VC here, so clear them out 
on your side and on the other side.  Answer all your radio calls from 
now on, I am doing some of these maps from memory, and can't remember 
when you get radio transmissions. When its clear, cross the river on 
the logs and go to the top of that hill, look down at the river and 
you'll see a boat with two LLDB troops in it, they'll call for you.  
Jump in the boat and man the M60.  This is the part I'm not too fond 
of.  Man the M60 and fend off the VC as you sail down the river, the 
M60 is hard enough to hit things when you have the sights up, and 
hitting them while moving is hard as well.  But you'll make it, and 
eventually sail to a clearing in the river where your ride awaits you.  
Stage and Mission Complete!

9 - Mission Five

9.1 - Swamped

This mission is quite frankly a pain in the ass.  As the title imposes, 
you're in a swamp, in the dead of night.  Seriously, when I mean dead, 
I mean dead.  All the gamma correction in the world wont help you here, 
it's very dark.  This is basic though, just tell Nhut to lead and 
follow him.  This can be a bit painstaking, as your other squadmates 
seem to run off and Nhut cant continue unless the squad is near.  If 
you have to round them up, tell everyone to follow you (check your 
advanced buttons in the menu to see how to do it).  Follow Nhut and 
keep your silenced pistol out, you have to shoot one or two VC in the 
swamp.  Keep following Nhut until you eventually get shot at and 
disrupts your stealth.  The shooting comes from a harbor/pier thing the 
VC have set up.  Take them down, stealth is not an issue anymore.  Now 
tell Nhut to move out into the jungle.  You'll get attacked a few times 
here.  Just fight them off and when it's clear, tell Nhut to move on.  
He'll mention you're getting closer, so that's good.  Keep moving until 
Nhut moves through the woods, just follow him.  Stage Complete.

9.2 - Papa Oscar Whiskey

Nhut will lead you to a hill.  This is where your operation will take 
place from.  But there are two VC on the top, so take out your S&W and 
cooperate with Nhut to kill them, once they're vanquished.  Search them 
for Intel and then radio HQ.  You now are going to run your plan.  So 
run back down the hill and follow Bronson, Hornster, and Defort.  DO 
NOT FIRE AT THE VC NOW.  Hide behind the log where Defort is until 
Bronson does his thing, when he gets back, start moving.  Crouch and go 
behind the bushes up against the side of the cliff where Nhut is 
overlooking from (the one you shot the two VC), they're behind 
Hornster.  Slink to the back of the base, make sure no one sees you.  
Hit the dirt and wait for the patrols to move away from the cage.  
Crawl over to the house next to the cage with the yellow basket, and 
take cover behind there.  Move out a bit while still behind the basket 
with your gun's sights pulled up so you can see the head of the patrol 
that passes by and stops there for a while.  Pop him in the head with 
your suppressed pistol, don't worry, no one will hear it.  Don't move 
yet though, another patrol is on his way and passes that way as well.  
DO NOT SHOOT HIM, wait until he walks away behind the house on the 
other side of the cage.  Quickly scoot to the cage and open it, then 
quickly give the signal to Bronson to blow the house.  Then absolutely 
haul ass back to the shrubs you came through to the back of the base, 
and make your way back to the group who were still behind the logs.  
Don't worry about not getting a radio call, make sure the POW is with 
you, then tell them to follow you.  Now run as fast as you can back to 
the top of the hill.  You'll get another radio transmission.  If the 
POW is with you, don't worry about what is said.  The chopper comes for 
you, get in and the rest will follow, as you fly off, you see a 
cutscene where the VC get what's coming to them.

10 - Mission Six

10.1 - Brush and Sweep

This is simple, just follow orders and kill VC.  If you let Nhut lead 
this is easy as pie.  That's what I'll let you do.  After you land, 
just follow the officer to the action and waste VC, don't move around, 
just stay where you are and shoot.  After you talk to the Captain, just 
tell Nhut to lead.  Just follow him and shoot whatever VC that pops up.  
Just seek and destroy, some VC groups are larger than others, but 
nothing that you can't handle.

11 - Mission Seven

11.1 - Twisty Track Drive

This mission's "briefing" starts where Crocker finds you in your bunker 
and tells you to come along with him, Nhut and Defort to a local 
village where someone is ill and having complications.  When three 
people have to escort him, you know something is going to happen.  You 
drive in this mission, so enjoy it.  Follow the road, and when you 
arrive at the village, stop.  You'll get a radio transmission from HQ 
telling you the LLDB base at the top of the mountain is under attack 
and needs your assist.  Slam the accelerator and follow the twisty 
track up the mountain while getting frequent transmissions from the 
mountain base.  This drive can be quite strenuous, because wide turns 
are sometimes made and you could slip into a ditch and never be able to 
get out.  Careful not to flip the jeep or else the mission ends in 
failure.  Keep driving until you get to a roadblock.  You have to exit 
the jeep and continue on foot.

11.2 - Outpost

You aren't at the outpost just yet.  So Tell Nhut to lead, and toast 
the couple of VC on the road and ahead.  When they're wasted, tell your 
men to follow you, and run east down to the coast and wipe out the 
three mortar teams that are scattered around.  Just start from exactly 
east from where the twisty track ended and the valley opened up and 
march west, trashing any VC mortar teams you see.  You'll have to do a 
bit of searching though.  When they're done, start mopping up the 
remaining VC forces that are attacking the base, but actually run into 
the base and hop in the trenches so the troops acknowledge your 
arrival.  Then go hunt out the rest of them.  When you've cleaned out 
the last of them, the mission ends in a success.

12 - Mission Eight

12.1 - Radio Relay

This is going to be rough.  You begin the mission hovering the hill you 
are going to reinforce in the chopper manning the machine gun on the 
side.  This part is rather simple, just waste anything that moves and 
is heading up the hill or shooting at you.  Along with these guys, take 
out the mortar team that is situated on top of a rock formation.  Wax 
them and continue to shoot the VC attackers as the chopper circles the 
hill.  You know you're okay when the chopper prepares for landing.  
When it does, hop out, and take up position on the north wall.  Take an 
automatic weapon, like the M16 or Thompson, you'll need the fast 
firing, and Bronson will be there if you need ammo, as well as a few 
scattered weapons laying around.  This is just a war of attrition, in 
essence.  The VC is going to attack frequently and in numbers.  So once 
you see movement, start shooting at it, it only takes a few steps over 
to Bronson to replenish your ammo, and a few steps over to Crocker for 
medical kits, because you WILL get hit a lot.  The most aggravating 
thing is having to answer radio transmissions though, you have to 
however, its part of the mission.  Just keep fighting them off, you 
have no other objective.  If Crocker or any of your team dies, its 
over, so keep your eye on them all.  Once the chopper arrives, the 
enemies will retreat, just board the chopper and off you go, mission 

13 - Mission Nine

13.1 - Crash in the Jungle

This is a freaking long one.  You start by thinking you are going to be 
part of a huge attack, but of course, you never make it there, and your 
chopper gets shot down in the jungle.  So, from the start, make your 
sitrep to figure out that since you're deep under the canopy, your 
radio is worthless due to bad signals, tell Nhut to lead, and follow 
him.  You'll come quickly to a big hole with punji in it, so follow 
Nhut around.  You'll come to a VC bunker with a handful of them in it.  
So clear these guys out, it would be a good idea to throw a grenade or 
two in there.  Once you're done sweeping, tell Nhut to continue.  
Another VC bunker, but this one is small and you should have no problem 
with it.  Continue on down the trail, but don't rush in front of Nhut, 
there is a poorly hidden punji trap in the middle of the "road", along 
with another VC.  Another patch of VC, take them out.  Keep moving, you 
have to make it to the ruins.  Take out a few more patches of VC until 
you get a message from Fist Bravo that they are under attack.  Tell 
Nhut to keep moving.  You will come to the foot of the hill, so climb 
up the rocks in front of you and make a sitrep, now that you have a 
connection.  Stage complete.

13.2 - Seizing the Hill

You're in for a battle here.  After you finish your sitrep with the 
captain.  Tell Nhut to move out, and he will absolutely haul ass.   You 
cant run as fast as he can, but just do your best and you'll be able to 
keep up.  You'll come across Fist Bravo on the side of the trail, stop 
and talk to them and make a sitrep.  Now get Nhut (if he kept running, 
tell the team to follow you, look in the controls menu to see how 
that's done), and tell him to go.  (Notice you have a flashlight?  That 
means you're heading into a tunnel sooner or later, just a heads up).  
Now tell the team to follow you, it's a lot easier because Nhut seems 
to get lost and mix in with the other LLDB troops, making it a bit hard 
to find him.  Now see where that guy is shooting his M16 in the trench?  
Jump in next to him and talk, take cover in the trench and make your 
sitrep.  Now get out of the trench and press forward until you come to 
a huge tree stump that's uprooted and a downed chopper.  You'll be 
fighting off VC the entire time.  Move to the back of the chopper and 
continue heading up and killing VC.  Now head right towards another 
downed chopper that's on fire, find Defort and make a sitrep.  Fist 
Charlie will arrive to help you.  Now see that hill with all the barbed 
wire?  If you want, take cover and use your artillery support on it to 
clear some way, when the mortars stop firing, CHARGE!!!  If you had a 
successful artillery firing, this will be easy as pie.  LLDB troops 
will be moving in from the top of the hill, so don't hit them by 
accident.  Look right and shoot the VC in the sort of window 
overlooking the battlefield, then keep moving forward.  Hug the wall 
where that window is and you'll see a trench with a tunnel opening in 
it.  And as you'll probably know, that's where you're going.  Make your 
sitrep, tell your team to hold position (or else they'll follow you 
into the tunnel!) then head in and follow the single path tunnel until 
you come to the place where the "window" was and an intersection.  Go 
left and follow the path, and then go right at the next intersection, 
where the tree roots are, and follow this path to the end, where you'll 
find out that this is an entire base and you wont be able to take it.  
So go back to the window room and go left through the other tunnel (the 
one that was straight ahead when you entered) and shoot the VC sitting 
in there.  Keep moving and you'll come across another VC machinegunner 
and a smaller window.  Blast him, and go straight through the tunnel, 
stage complete.

13.3 - Ruins of Po Tlong Karai

You start off coming out of the tunnel you just finished weeding 
through, but with only half your team.  Exit through the left and clear 
the trench and then plant a C-4 on the AA gun there, then run back to 
the entrance, Defort and Crocker should still be waiting there.  Defort 
will tell you the ladder collapsed and the rest of the team is fixing 
it in the tunnel.  Make your sitrep, then take Defort and head towards 
the end of the trench and up towards the ruins.  Make another sitrep, 
Defort says he will camp there but he doesn't and continues to follow 
you, I dunno what that is about.  Head towards the entrance and make a 
sharp left.  Shoot the VC on the ground in the corner and the one up 
top, then make a right into an opening and clear it.  Now go down into 
the tunnel they have in the middle of the opening.  Head in and kill 
the two VC.  Now you're going to have to act really quickly here.  Head 
into the right tunnel, and you'll hear chatter.  You'll notice a door 
on the left, strafe to the right and enter, and quickly wax the VC in 
there before he kills the other American POW.  Talk to him, then leave, 
head left out of the POW room and you'll come to an opening, reload 
your weapon, because there are a couple VC, along with the commander 
your sitrep talked about.  The commander is the one with the hat and 
the M16.  When you kill him, search him and get the Intel.  Now exit 
through the slit of a door on the left hand side of the temple.  Now 
make a left into another opening, and you can see the AA gun at the end 
of the path, but there are VC there, so wax them.  After they're gone, 
run over to the AA gun and place an explosive on it, move back to where 
you came in to the opening from the temple, because you never want to 
be standing too close to an explosive =).  Make your sitrep, and when 
you do, I think you get a medal or something for freeing the POW, he 
includes it in his sitrep.  Stage complete.

13.4 - Cave In

Get ready because it's going to get hairy quick.  When you start, make 
a left, there's a VC waiting for you right there, take him down, and 
then enter the first room on your right and take that VC down as well.  
Exit the room and make a right and go down the stairs (there is nothing 
in the second room either).  Three quarters of the way down, the place 
will cave in behind you, oh joy.  Now take out the VC at the end of the 
hall and enter the first room on your left.  Look right and you'll find 
an armory.  Take either the PPS-41 or the 43, because more enemies 
carry ammo of these types.  Now cross the hallway and enter the room 
directly across from the one you're in.  Take the Intel from the straw 
bed on the floor.  Now exit the room and take a right all the way down 
the end of the corridor, and take out any remaining VC in there.  
Inspect them and you'll get an NVA medic badge.  Make your sitrep then 
go down into the well.  Climb the ladder down, and when you hit the 
bottom you'll get the scare of your life when an NVA soldier shoots at 
you, there are two in this room so clear them out.  Follow the single 
path for a while, and you'll come to an opening where there are three 
VC in there.  Go to the back of the room where another VC may pop out 
of a tunnel, kill him and go in there, make a right into the really 
small entrance and make a left, where the rock magically turns to 
dirt/clay.  At the intersection, make a left and go a short way before 
you fall through (and probably scare the crap out of you).  Try and 
make a radio call to no avail.  You lost your weapon as well.  So 
continue in the water.  Make a right, and then a left and you'll come 
to ground again.  Now make a right and then a left, then a right, then 
a left, and then another left.  Now make a right, and then immediately 
there's another intersection, now make a right, now at the next one you 
tell yourself that you have a good feeling about this tunnel.  Now make 
a right.  Go into the water, you'll tell yourself the water level is 
too high but that's okay.  Jump in and quickly follow the water until 
you come to a spot where there are two holes underwater, take the left 
and follow it and surface as quick as possible.  Now you'll swim to an 
alcove with a dry spot on the left side.  At the intersection in the 
water, go right.  Follow it until he comments on the water being nasty 
ahead, so take a sharp left onto dry ground, and follow it.  Stage 

13.4 - Evade and Escape

You're still in the tunnels, make your sitrep to no avail.  At the 
intersection, take a right, and hook another right and you'll find a 
guy sleeping, knife him, but even if you're quiet it alerts the people 
above you, but kill him anyway.  No exit the room and go right, and at 
the intersection, go right as well.  At the end you will see the hole 
to come out of.  Goody, the tunnel ends right smack in the middle of 
the VC base, but not to worry, go back and go the other way, and there 
is another hole, it comes out on the outside of the house.  Seriously, 
you wont get out of this without making noise.  So peek your head out 
and shoot someone to get attention, but stay in your hole.  They will 
drop down into the hole when they want to attack you, it will be much 
easier for you to do it this way than fight in the camp.  Keep doing 
this until you got most, if not all of them.  Now make your sitrep.  He 
tells you to move east, so follow your compass so you're going east and 
head out into the jungle.  Keep following your compass east, you'll run 
into a pair of VC, they'll scare the pants off you, kill them and keep 
going east until you come to the edge of the water, this is where you 
want to be.  Head into the water towards the middle where there is a 
small island with a hut.  Take out the VC there.  Look around near the 
rocks and you'll find a log bridge leading away from the hut, take it 
across the lake.  When you get off the log bridge on the other side, go 
straight forward, and you'll come to a hill where some ruins are, this 
is where you want to be.  Now make a sitrep, and when you send up the 
flare, hit the run key and go in the temple from the front, from where 
you are, you'll see in the back, on your left hand side, a sort of 
shed/stable thing.  Duck behind there fast because the VC are coming, 
go behind the front wall there and look over with your gun, you're 
going to have to hold off the VC until your chopper comes, this is a 
very good vantage point, you can either hold your gun over, or crouch 
in the corner and wait for the VC to walk in and just blast them, 
whichever you choose, just shoot whatever moves.  Your chopper finally 
comes!  Stage and Mission over!

14 - Mission Ten

14.1 - Stream

After you land in the chopper, use the radio to see the chopper off, 
then tell Nhut to lead.  No sooner than you star you'll encounter a 
grenade trap, head to the far left (where the grenade is) of the trap 
and press the use key to disarm, carry out the sitrep and tell Nhut to 
proceed.  As you proceed down the river, you'll run across another 
grenade trap in the water.  For this one, the grenade is still on the 
left, but the wire doesn't stretch the entire way across, so hug the 
right bank and disarm the grenade from the other side.  Go back to Nhut 
and have him lead.  You'll continue along until Nhut points out that he 
thinks the VC are close.  Be prepared because he's right, you'll fight 
a whole mess of Victor Charlie along the river.  And no sooner than he 
says it, a bunch of VC are waiting for you right around the bend.  
There are maybe five or six here, and after you beat them down, use the 
radio and make a sitrep.  Search the VC for Intel and ammo if you need 
it, then tell Nhut to continue.  You'll run into another patch of 
troops here, rinse and repeat with these guys, search for Intel (I 
still don't know what it does, but it never hurts) and tell Nhut to 
proceed.  He wont continue down the stream, this time he will head up, 
so just follow him, when you get to a ride overlooking the river there 
are a few VC at the bottom, peek over a rock and blast them.  Continue 
on down back to the river, and you'll find two more, zap them and have 
Nhut lead.  Shoot another pair of VC and keep going until Nhut informs 
you that there is no way through the river.  Talk to him again and 
he'll lead the team up and back into the jungle.  Oh goody.  Send your 
sitrep and this part of the mission is over.

14.2 - Near the Bahnar Village

You still remain in the jungle, and Hornster might be complaining about 
itchy feet, so talk to Nhut and have him lead.  Right off the bat you 
run into another friggin trap.  Head to the left of the wire, that's 
where the grenade is, do your job and talk to Nhut.  In a few steps he 
tells you he thinks the VC are close, and again he comes up roses, so 
blast him quickly, and if he runs away, for God's sake don't chase him, 
there's a trap waiting for you and if you chased him, you probably 
wouldn't have seen it.  So disarm it like you would any other grenade 
trap, and then talk to Nhut.  Keep going until you reach a very big 
tree with its roots all over the place, and look out because you're in 
for quite a big fight.  After you toast them all, find Nhut and tell 
him to continue.  You'll come to another one of those trees and there 
will be a single VC there, pop him and keep going.  You'll come to a 
clearing with a very large tree in the middle and a couple of dead 
'Yards, as you can figure out, this cant be good, can it?  Make a 
sitrep and the stage is over.

14.3 - Bahnar Village

Look around the dead Montagnards to find a piece of propaganda.  These 
guys were probably killed by the VC but they look like they've been 
mauled by bears or something.....vicious....Vietnamese bears.  Anyway, 
tell Nhut to lead and proceed behind him.  In a bit you'll find the 
village, and its on fire, but we knew that was coming, right?  Head 
down, and the radio signal will come up, but you'll probably not have 
time to make it because the town will come under attack by mortars, so 
hightail it and follow your team down towards the river near the rocks, 
and there you'll make your sitrep. Of course, air support is denied at 
this time.  Talk to Nhut to have him lead.  Follow him around and into 
the jungle where they are, there is an absolute swarm of them, so just 
take cover and blast them, there is a small trench full of them so make 
sure you get those guys as well.  After you get them all, answer the 
radio call, and after the transmission ends, tell Nhut to move out, 
follow him to the landing zone, and the stage and mission is over.

15 - Mission Eleven

15.1 - Bridge

Do yourself a favor and take the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle along with 
you on this one.  On the flight up the mountain, you'll be manning the 
static M60 in the slick.  If you see anything on the ground, shoot it, 
this includes a few jeeps, which take a few extra bullets to knock them 
out of commission, but they're all baddies, so you're weapons free.  Of 
course, the Air Force tards screw up the strafing run on the bridge, so 
you're going to have to do it yourself.  When you land, get to the 
clearing a little to the right of the chopper, and take the Dragunov 
out, and just start lining the VC up and blowing them apart, take out 
as many as possible.  This is very easy, just shoot all the VC you see 
while moving towards the bridge along the high path.  When you reach 
there, take out the extra VC that are coming which the captain informed 
you about, when its all clear, go to the far side of the bridge, and go 
underneath where the pillars are, there is a small ledge, inspect the 
beams and the circle will show up showing a spot to place the C-4 
charges, put a charge on all four beams, and then start heading back 
down the cliff from where you came.  There will be some more scattered 
VC that just seemed to come out of midair, so just take them out, and 
board your chopper for the victory, mission complete! 

16 - Mission Twelve

16.1 - They're Coming

It comes time where the VC are attacking YOUR house.  Grab your gun and 
head out, you stay in Nui Pek for this one, so you should know the 
layout since you played missions here a few times.  But still, this one 
is going to be a toughie.  Start by heading down from your current 
position towards the outer trenches, and head towards the firing 
machinegunner in the hut.  In this mission your first priority must be 
shooting the "plankers" as I call them.  These VC don't have weapons, 
but they carry a plank which will help him, and a whole mess of his 
buddies run across the "moat" and that gets particularly messy.  So 
take aim at those guys first.  You also get a grenade launcher in this 
mission, so in case they lay a plank down, you can blow it apart.  
Stand to the right of the machinegunner outside his hut, this is 
"between bunkers two and three" to the left is "between one and two" so 
you'll know where they're coming in from on your radio 
acknowledgements.  You're going to have to be frantic to get this one 
done, to get through it, quickly shift between positions in the 
trenches between bunkers left and right of the machinegunner who was 
firing in the beginning.  The whole object is to not let the plankers 
and his friends get across the moat.  Just keep shifting between 
bunkers and don't let them through, and you'll get the radio call that 
you're doing well, and that's the stage.

16.2 - Too Many Targets

This one is at night, and now they have mortars attacking your 
position.  Hike the gamma up a lot, because when it's night its NIGHT, 
the flares the base sends up are welcome signs for vision.  Anyway, you 
pick up from where you left off, defending the outer perimeter.  Shoot 
away until the signal comes for you to pull back towards the inner 
ring.  Follow the sandbag lined trench leading inwards from the outer 
trenches, and hook a left and run towards the gate.  A red flare will 
go up and the gate will swing open, head a bit left.  See that little 
grey box on the wall that says Inner Ring?  Grab the detonator that's 
there, and the stage will end, while you watch the fireworks.

16.3 - The Last Stand

This is it, people.  The NVA brought some tanks, real ones, not some 
piles of rusty crap.  And its your job to clear one out for the escape.  
straight, past your bunker, shoot the two VC who are firing at you, 
look at the right path but don't go around just yet, lean left and pop 
the VC, and you'll be able to see the tank.  Slip to the other side of 
that trench and hug the left wall rather than go down the center 
because the tank will be shooting at you.  Make a right and shoot the 
three VC along that trail.  At the intersection of trenches, make a 
left, and shoot the VC.  Keep hugging the left wall so you wont get 
hit.  There's another VC behind the tank in a bunker-ish hiding spot, 
nail him, and nail the VC on the far side of the trench.  Now hustle 
under the bridge where the tank is, look up and plant a C-4.  
Congratulations soldier, your campaign is over.  Now enjoy the end 
scene and the credits!

Final thought:  I had actually a lot of fun writing this, I wrote this 
step by step as I replayed the game, tons of hours, alt-tabs and 
virtual memory shortages went into making this FAQ, and I can only 
imagine that it is in depth enough.  If you have any questions or 
comments for me, email me at moondogg22@yahoo.com.  This was my first 
FAQ, I hope that you enjoyed it and it helped you.  Lastly, again, 
please don't plagiarize my work, this took me a really long time and it 
would really suck to know someone copied and pasted in 3 seconds.  

- Moondogg