Wolf Clan FAQ by TheManWhoCan

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Battle Realms - Winter of the Wolf 
Wolf Clan FAQ
TheManWhoCan (joeyolbean@hotmail.com)
this FAQ is Copyright Joe Soloway
Version 1.00

This FAQ is geared only towards the Wolf Clan as it is in Winter Of The 
It is basically an FAQ designed to enlighten people about the clan and 
to use them. 
It is not a walkthrough for the entire game, but it deals with all units 
and upgrades, strategies and any info sent in by other people. Enjoy.


Table Of Contents :

1) Backround Information
- history of the wolf clan

2) Beginning the game
- how to first play battle realms

3) Wolf Units
- all of the Wolf units
- heros

4) Buildings	
- all of the buildings for the wolf

5) Upgrades for Units
- all of the upgrades for the wolf

6) Starting an army
- beginnings of a good wolf army

7) Strategies for using wolf against any opponnent 
- good strategies for using the wolf clan
- in depth

8) Pros and Cons of Wolf Clan
- pros and cons

9) Version History

10) Thanks


1) Backround Information
- history of the wolf clan

The wolf clan are nature loving people. They were enslaved by the Lotus 
clan years ago and had to fight for their freedom. They were forced to 
work for the Lotus and the Serpent in the mines (shale mines) in order
to survive. If they did not do as they were told, they were punished. 
Grayback, the leader, organized his attack on the Lotus to free his 
clan. Longtooth (his friend and strong general) was right by his 
side in fighting for their freedom. Among others the Wolf clan set 
out their revenge. Succeeding in their goals, they are now a very 
powerful clan as they once were.

2) Beginning the game
- how to first play Battle Realms

Battle Realms is a very unique game. 
It's not like any other RTS (real time strategy) you will ever play. 
This game is different for a number of reasons : 
Rice and water are the only two resources collected and somehow , 
they create buildings? 
Yin/Yang is accumulated in the game. If you attack a far distance away 
or in an enemy base , you accumulate it faster then if you were camping 
in your own. It provides incentive for people because heros and upgrades 
cannot be gained without it. 
Peasants are the only way to train units. A unit starts as a pesant, 
then goes through numerous training exercises to become something 
So far , I have found that this game is the only game that focusses a 
lot of attention towards elevation. The higher you are, the farther you 
can see and the more damage you can do. 
This game is also especially challengeing.  


3) Wolf Units
- all of the Wolf units
- heros
This is where the best part of the game starts. The units are very cool 
in this game and they are also very unique. Once you start out, it 
seems a little confusing how to make certain units but the more you 
the more familiar it becomes.
In my opinion, the Dragon is the most overpowered clan in the game. 
The Wolf are not especially hard all the time , but given a chance can 
be very devestating in any circumstance. I'm not sure if they are the 
strongest (damage wise) in the game but I think they might be since they 
tend to be slow producers of both buildings and units, and generally, 
the slower the builder, the stronger the units. 
If your finding it hard to follow the unit production, try checking out 
the buildings production first.

Pesant - basic units for every clan. they collect rice and water, 
they build buildings and train to become your army. they have pretty 
good health and arent that bad in hand to hand combat when compared to 
other peasants. not a good idea to attack with these guys unless it is 
to save your base.

Produced at Peasant Hut
Usefullness - 10/10 (they are the foundation of any army)
Damage (unit) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 2/10
Stamina - 5/10
Health - 4/10
Attack Speed - 4/10

Brawler - weilding two slabs of stone, the brawler is a good hand to 
hand combatant. they have quick attacks and are produced quickly. 
since they are the first unit produced, they are not too strong but can 
pretty much hold their own (especially with the Zen Counterpuch, 
known as the Zen Master Blaster - severly damages an attacker or 
instantly kills a Zen Master [hero] in one blow). not a bad idea to keep 
some of these guys around just in case
Produced in Combat Pit from Pesant
Usefullness - 6/10 (good strength, fast)
Damage (unit) - 5/10
Damage (building) - 4/10
Stamina - 6/10
Health - 6/10
Attack Speed - 6/10

Hurler - these guys have a giant hooked pitch fork that acts sort of 
a slingshot. they hurl rocks and can hit multiple enemies as long as 
are in a line becuase the rock bouces. these are the units that aren't 
bad in hand to hand combat and aren't too bad at firing from a distance. 
They are better from a distance because they are meant to be positioned 
from a distance. They take more damage if they are in hand to hand 
(as does every balistic unit). good for starting out but the upgrades 
much better

Produced in Balistics Ground from Pesant
Usefullness - 6/10 (hits multiple enemies, good range)
Damage (unit) - 5/10
Damage (hand to hand) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 5/10
Stamina (not in hand to hand) - 6/10
Stamina (hand to hand) - 4/10
Health (not in hand to hand) - 5/10
Health (hand to hand) - 3/10
Attack Speed - 5/10

Mauler - they have big boulders chained to their hands and they attack 
smashing anything near them. in theory they sound good, but their 
pretty bad (in my opinion) they seem to lack the intensity that other 
have and they don't seem to have a lot of power. the upside is this, 
can be upgraded into two of the most useful units of the Wolf Clan

Produced in Quarry from Pesant
Usefullness - 5/10 (not too good but can produce two great units)
Damage (unit) - 5/10
Damage (building) - 5/10
Stamina - 6/10
Health - 6/10
Attack Speed - 5/10

Pack Master - masters of the wolves. they control wolves (three at a 
and are pretty good in hand to hand combat. the problem is, the strength 
with these guys lies in the wolves, and in order to get the wolves, you 
attain horses to feed the wolves. unless you have wolves with the 
they are not useless, but not that great

Produced in Wolves Den from Pesant
Usefullness - 6/10 (great with wolves, not so great without)
Damage (unit) - 5/10
Damage (building) - 4/10
Stamina - 6/10
Health - 6/10
Attack Speed - 6/10
Wolf - they usually hunt with the pack master but can be found roaming 
around some maps. ancestrial wolves are stronger, faster etc. then 

Produced in Wolves Den by feeding horses to the Den
Usefullness - 8/10 (they only get eight when they are in a pack of 
Damage (unit) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 3/10
Stamina - 4/10
Health - 4/10
Attack Speed - 6/10

Druidess - the basic magic of the Wolf Clan. the druidesses helped save 
the wolf clan in the story line. anyway, they use an entanglement spell 
instantly gounds any attacker to the ground. the attacker can no longer 
or attack for a short while. she can also recieve blessings from the 
to bestow special powers among wolf units. if they are used though, the 
 armor disappears from the wearer (more on the gifts later)

Produced in Druidesses Garden from a male Pesant?
Usefullness - 8/10 (stops enemies from attacking you)
Damage (unit) - 4/10
Damage (hand to hand) - 3/10
Damage (building) - 3/10
Stamina (not in hand to hand) - 6/10
Stamina (hand to hand) - 4/10
Health (not in hand to hand) - 6/10
Health (hand to hand) - 3/10
Attack Speed - 5/10

Digger - they have very sharp claws on their hands and they can attack 
quickly. they are not too powerful against buildings but have a good 
(able to burrow without enemy detecting it). they are produced pretty 
but again, there are stronger units so don't use these guys as anchors 
life savers. With the damage upgrade, they are actually quite strong
but they have low health.

Produced in Forest Temple from Pesant
Usefullness - 6/10 (fast attackers with good upgrade)
Damage (unit) - 6/10
Damage (building) - 5/10
Stamina - 6/10 (with upgrade 8/10)
Health - 4/10
Attack Speed - 6/10			

Balistamen - carrying a giant crosbow on their back, balistamen attack 
heavily destroying units very quickly. they can also kill buildings but 
units are mainly what they should be killing while your stronger units 
are destroying the buildings. with the two upgrades from the balistics 
ground, balistamen are very fierceome opponents

Produced in Balistics Ground from Brawler or
Produced in Combat Pit from Hurler
Usefullness - 9/10 (with upgrades, nearly unstopable in groups)
Damage (unit) - 8/10
Damage (hand to hand) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 6/10
Stamina (not in hand to hand) - 4/10
Stamina (hand to hand) - 3/10
Health (not in hand to hand) - 6/10
Health (hand to hand) - 3/10
Attack Speed - 3/10		
Pitch Slinger - thowing very hot stones at anything near them makes them 
rather efficient at destroying anything. even though they can kill 
enemies, the main purpose of these guys is to destroy buildings. they do 
a tonne of damage to buildings and sets them on fire. one pitch slinger 
can bring down a building in a very short amount of time. (look under 
strategies for a great tip on how to use these guys efficiently)

Produced in Quarry from Hurler or
Produced in Balistics Ground from Mauler
Usefullness - 9/10 (destroys buildings faster than anything)
Damage (unit) - 6/10
Damage (hand to hand) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 8/10
Stamina (not in hand to hand) - 5/10
Stamina (hand to hand) - 4/10
Health (not in hand to hand) - 6/10
Health (hand to hand) - 3/10
Attack Speed - 4/10

Dryad - not too effective in combat but has a good upgrade and it is 
still another unit that can be used effectively if used correctly, so 
disregard them right away. they can drain towers of their chage 
(with upgrade) which makes all units fight way better

Produced in Forest Garden from Druidess
Usefullness - 6/10 (good upgrade, good in combat)
Damage (unit) - 4/10
Damage (building) - 4/10
Health - 5/10
Stamina - 5/10
Attack Speed - 5/10

Sledger - they carry an enormous hammer and they smash units and 
to pices. very useful unit because of their strength and health. they 
produced kinda slow, but for the usefullness of this unit, makes it well 
worth the wait.

Produced in Quarry from Brawler or
Produced in Combat Pit from Mauler
Usefullness - 8/10 (great at smashing anything)
Damage (unit) - 6/10
Damage (building) - 6/10
Health - 7/10
Stamina - 6/10
Attack Speek - 5/10

Berserker - slow to build but again, well worth the wait for a number of 
reasons. with no upgrades, the Berserker is very strong and attacks 
with the upgrades, he is able to transform into a werewolf just before 
dies, which he then regains fully. the werewolf can then be upgraded 
doing critical damage on the next hit. if it kills, one or two wolves 
from the body
Produced in any one of the buildings because the Pesant must pass 
every building (Combat Pit, Balistics Ground, and Quarry in any order to 
become Beserker)
Usefullness - 9/10 (with upgrades nearly perfect, but slow to build)
Damage (unit) - 7/10
Damage (building) - 6/10
Health - 8/10
Stamina - 7/10
Attack Speed - 6/10

Werewolf - an upgrade from Berserker available from Druidess blessing. 
very tough to beat in combat and generally gets elimated first because 
of their strength. they attract a lot of attention

Produced from Berserker after blessing from Duridess
Usefullness - 10/10
Damage (unit) - 8/10
Damage (building) - 7/10
Health - 7/10
Stamina - 8/10
Attack Speed - 6/10

Heros for the Wolf Clan - all heros are produced in the Keep

Grayback - the Wolf clan leader. great in hand to hand combat and just 
as good in destroying buildings.

Special Abilities - Howl - Grayback howls which gives nearby allies a 
temporary increase in damage. costs stamina
Yin/Yang Cost - 2

Rice/Water Cost - 600/300 (around that)

Usefullness - 10/10 (great hero for the wolf clan)
Damage (unit) - 8/10
Damage (building) - 8/10
Health - 8/10
Stamina - 9/10
Attack Speed - 6/10		

Longtooth - friend of Grayback and trusted general. weilds a magical 
boomerang. able to shoot from a tremendous distance away and is pretty 
good in hand to hand combat.

Special Abilities - Industructible Boomerang - boomerang passes through 
buildings and enemies damaging anything that it touches. costs stamina
Yin/Yang Cost - 1

Rice/Water Cost - 250/300 (around that)

Usefullness - 9/10 (great in long range but not too deadly)
Damage (unit) - 7/10
Damage (hand to hand) - 6/10
Damage (building) - 7/10
Stamina (not in hand to hand) - 10/10
Stamina (hand to hand) - 7/10
Health (not in hand to hand) - 8/10
Health (hand to hand) - 6/10
Attack Speed - 6/10

Shale Lord - a giant angry walking rock. tremendous damage against 
anything. need I say more
Special Abilities - Shale Armor - gives shale armor to any nearby foe, 
excluding heros at the cost (small) of health.
Yin/Yang Cost - 2
Rice/Water Cost - 500/250 (around that)
Usefullness - 10/10 (very dangerous against anything but special 
ability is not so great)
Damage (unit) - 9/10
Damage (building) - 10/10
Stamina - 8/10
Health - 9/10
Attack Speed - 5/10

Gaihla - a nymph with healing powers. she's the only unit that can heal, 
but it costs almost all of her stamina, but it heals almost all of the 
health of nearby enemies. a good idea to keep her away from the battle
Special Abilities - Heal - nearby allies are healed at the cost of 
Yin/Yang Cost - 1
Rice/Water Cost - 250/350 (around that)
Usefullness - 8/10 (heals but just isn't that much of a threat)
Damage (unit) - 6/10
Damage (building) - 5/10
Stamina - 7/10
Health - 6/10
Attack Speed - 7/10

Wildeye - a packmaster master. the ultimate master of the wolves. 
quickly but main strength is within the ability
Special Abiliey - Ancestrial Wolf - Wildeye summons a very powerful wolf 
to serve whoever he chooses. up to three can be active at once. costs 
nearly all of stamina
Yin/Yang Cost - 1
Rice/Water Cost - 350/300 (don't quote me on that)

Usefullness - 9/10 (wolves are very stong and not so bad himself)
Damage (unit) - 7/10
Damage (building) - 6/10
Stamina - 8/10
Health - 7/10
Attack Speed - 8/10

Monk - a quick attacking monk. not much else
Special Ability - Meditation - Monk stands still and regenerates very 
quickly but cannot attack
Yin/Yang Cost - 1
Rice/Water Cost - 50/50 (around that)
Usefullness- 6/10 (yin/yang points can be spent better)
Damge (unit) - 6/10
Damage (building) - 5/10
Stamina - 8/10
Health - 7/10
Attack Speed - 7/10


4) Buildings
- all of the buildings for the wolf

Buildings are just as important as the units. Without the proper 
or the proper buildings, you will be crushed, surely. It's a good idea 
to familiarize yourself with the buildings, just so making units becomes
 a routine. Note - I haven't given the price for the buildings for good 
reason, it will take too long and is generally not that important as 
long as you are not scavenging for resources.
Don't qoute me on what you need to build the buildings because this is 
usually what I have built by the time I get the desired building. 
(ie, Carin - I usually have almost everything I need before I build 

Pesant Hut - this is where pesants are generated. pesants are 
automatically generated, and the speed at which they are generated is 
determined by how many people you have out of your total population. 
the higher the number, the slower the production rate.

Combat Pit - this is the first building that should be produced next 
to the pesant hut. a lot of good units can come from here, and this 
is where your first units will come out of (Brawler)

Requirements - Pesant Hut

Balistics Ground - this is where units are trained in long range 
attacks. Hurlers are the first units that come out of here froma pesant. 
another important building and should be one of the first that 
you build.
Requirements - Pesant Hut

Quarry - units are trained here to become more powerful. a great 
building that produces  many good units. again, build this one fast. 
when you have the other two buildings (combat pit, balistics ground), 
you're ready to make most of the units that you will need to win 
the game.

Requirements - Pesant Hut

Druidess Garden - produces Druidess. a vital building as Duridess 
are a very important unit.
Requirements - Pesant Hut

Well -  a well that contains water. good idea to place it right next 
to a pesant hut so water is collected faster. needed to build other 
buildings so it's a good idea to get this out of the way soon.
Requirements - Pesant Hut

Wolves Den - a den that contains wolves only if you feed them horses. 
it trains pack masters, and is needed to build the Wolf Ball Cout
Requirements - Pesant Hut (mabye something else)

Wolf Ball Court - can be upgraded to Forest Temple. it increases the 
amount of rice you can hold and it increases the rate at which you 
accumulate Yin/Yang

Requirements - Wolves Den

Forest Temple - produces Diggers and Dryads. not an essential building 
but still something to upgrade anyway
Requirements - Wolf Ball Court

Shalery - an absoloutely necessary building for your survival. it gives 
all units armor that is made from rock (shale) and is particularily good 
against magic attacks although is still great against all forms of 
always something to be used. 
Requirements - Well

Carin - this is where the druidess can give her allies special 
if the ability is given to a unit wearing armor, then the armor 
disappears. three blessings are given at first to the druidess 
and can be upgraded to five later on.
Requirements - Druidess Garden (I think)

Keep - heros are summoned from here at the cost of Yin/Yang and 

Requirements - Carin

Tower - towers are very important in protecting you base. they have 
lots of health, a charge that has a special effect based on your clan 
chosen, and you can place a person in it.

Requiremnts (1) - Pesant Hut
Requirements (2 and 3) - Wolf Ball Court
Requirements (4) - Keep


5) Upgrades for Units
- all of the upgrades for the wolf

The upgrades in this section involve every upgrade from the Druidess 
and from the building itself. They are quite important but they have 
to be used wisely because they get rid of armor and they cost Yin/Yang.

Druidess Blessings :

Brawler - Zen Counter Punch - Causes critical damage to the on the next
 hit or instantly kills a Zen Master (Hero)

Hurler - Explosive Rocks - the Hurlers rocks now explode, causing 
splash damage to nearby enemies

Mauler - Spinning Attack - Mauler spins in a circle causing damage 
to nearby enemies. costs stamina.

Druidess - None - recieve blessing from Carin

Digger - Burrow - able to burrow anywhere on the map. can burrow a 
pretty good distance and will stay burrowed until unburrowed, or 
runs out of stamina

Dryad - Tower Drain - drains nearby enemy towers to make wolf 
units fight better

Pack Master - Wolf Call - the Pack Master howls and calls wolves 
fromt the Den

Balistamen - Totem - fires a wooden totem that sticks into the 
ground, slowing enemy units and improving the abilities of allies

Sledger - Stun Slam - stuns nearby enemies for a short while

Pitch Slinger - Sight Pitch - the Pitch Slinger throws a pitch in
the desired location, it stays there and lights up the area as if 
someone were standing there.

Berserker - Lycanthrope - Berserker transforms into a Werewolf which 
replenishes his health and stamina

Werewolf - Wolves Bite - the next hit does critical damage, and if 
it kills an enemy, they transform into one or two wolves.

Building Upgrades -each building has 3 upgrades that cost up to 4 

Combat Pit :
Pesants have more health 
Reduce the Combat Pit's Training Costs
Brawlers and Hurlers can run father

Balistics Ground :
Pitch Slingers , Balistamen and Hurlers can shoot farther
Pitch Slingers , Balistamen and Hurlers do more damage from higher 
Brawlers and Hurlers are less likely to be hit by projectiles

Quarry :

Sledgers do more damage
Maulers do more damage
Pitch Slingers, Hurlers and Sledgers take less damage from 

Druidess Garden:
Druidess recieve 2 additional blessing from Carin
Increases the rate of natural healing
Increase the range of Druidess entanglement spell

Wolves Den :
Tamed Wolves have more health
Pack Masters have more health
Pack Masters , Berserkers and Werewolves do more damage

Forest Temple :
Diggers do more damage
Diggers and Maulers have more stamina
Dryads take less damage from ranged attacks


6) Starting an army
- beginnings of a good wolf army

This section of the FAQ is designed to give you and idea of how to START 
an army. It just tells the basics or beginnings of a good army. All of 
the suggestions are very open to change and do not need to be followed. 
There are tonnes of variation on how to start your army. 
A good idea : try a team battle in Battle Realms , and team yourself 
with a computer and share vision , then watch how the computer does 
things , then do them faster and better. Generally, it's a good idea 
to follow the computers actions since they have been programmed to do 
all the right moves very quickly, beating the compter is just a matter 
of doing the actions faster.

1) take all your pesants and build 1 pesant hut
2) start to collect rice when finished building
3) keep collecting rice until you can build a combat pit 
(should take about 1 trip)
4) when that's done, take one Pesant and start to collect water, 
take another and collect some rice, the take your Hurler 
(you started with) and build a Balistamen when combat pit is finished

5) build a Balistics Ground when you have enough water
6) any free Pesants should help building anything because the more 
pesants you have, the faster your job is, when buildings are 
complete, send the pesants back to collecting
7) Balistamen should be done soon, so then build a Brawler
8) build a Quarry (take 1 Pesant from water and one from rice)
9) Brawler is about done, send one to the Balistics Ground, and 
when the Quarry is complete, send your first Brawler to it to build 
a Sledger
10) I'm not sure what should come next but I think that you should 
be building a Well or a Druidess Garden. If your building a well :
build it right next to a pesant hut as this saves a lot of time for 
pesants to collect water
 If you're building a Duridess Garden :
get 3 or 4 to build it and when done, build 1 Druidess, one Mauler, 
one Brawler (if pesant is left over, send him to collect or build 
a Tower)
11) build pretty much anything you want but shortly you should 
have the following :

1 Druidess
2 Balistamen
1 Mauler
1 Sledger

with that being said, do the following :

take Mauler and build a Pitch Slinger
build another Brawler and when that's done build another Sledger
you should now have the following :

1 Druidess
2 Balistamen
1 Pitch Slinger
2 Sledger

This is a pretty tough unit to beat for the following reasons :
the druidess can help stop any incoming attack and save some of 
your lives
the Balistamen do a crazy amount of damage and can easily take
out a bunch of people
the Pitch Slinger is ready to burn any building down that's 
in the area
the Sledgers have a great health rating and do a good amount 
of damage to any unit

Like I said, it's just a basic starting so it's not the greatest 
army in the world, yet. This is usually the plan that I end up 
following, with some variation. You don't have to follow it at all 
if you don't want to, it's just a beginning so use your discretion.


7) Strategies for using wolf against any opponnent 
- good strategies for using the wolf clan
- in depth

This is where the really good stuff is. It's strategies that usually 
work on anything, and generally helpful regardless of how you play the 
game. Enjoy.

Pitch Slingers are incredible at burning buildings. Whatever squad you 
have, have at lest 3 pitch slingers in there somewhere. When you get 
near the enemy base, let the rest of your men worry about the enemy 
units, and take your Pitch Slingers right into the center of the base. 
Get them to attack the buildings (individually - each Pitch Slinger 
attacks a different one). This way, you get to attack multiple buildings 
at once, and it takes way longer to put out the fires that you have set. 
As long as eveyone is doing their job, your Pitch Slinger are in very 
little danger of being attacked because the enemy is too occupied with 
the rest of your guys.
Use the upgrades a lot. First upgrade the Balistics Ground - Pitch 
Balistamen and Hurlers have a longer range and Pitch Slingers Balistamen 
and Hurlers do more damage from higher ground. With this upgrade, 
Balistamen can hit about as far away as Longtooth can and the 
Pitch Slinger can hit as far as Balistamen can without the upgrade. 
Place one in a tower and they are nearly unstopable because of the bonus 
for higher ground. Balistamen placed in towers with these upgrades can 
kill a Samurai in 3 to 4 shots easily. So in closing, upgrade things a 

Towers are very important. Use them a lot and only place Balistamen in 
them. They do the most damage to units even though the fire slower, and 
they can hit people that are really far away.

Lots of Druidess are a good idea. Trap the enemy as quickly as possible 
then use the rest of the units to kill them.

If you are sending out 1 big squad to attack the enemy and you have no 
units left, build a Druidess to help protect your base. If you have 
towers armed with Balistamen, they will take care of the problem in no 
time because they wll be trying to hit a still target, which isn't a 
difficult task.

Do not send all of one squad that has Druidess blessings into an attack. 
Even though they have blessings, the missing armor is still a huge 
drawback. Only bless some of your troops (1 Berserker, 1 Balistamen, 
1 Hurler if you decided to use one, or 1 Brawler if you use them). 
The armor is incredibly important to every unit. Once you are out of 
blessings, go get armor for the Druidess.

Armor should be equipped on every unit unless a blessing is given. Do 
not send units out without the armor. It takes way longer for you to be 
killed if you are wearing it.

Attack with a lot of different people. Sending in one unit has lots of 
the same uint has obvous drawbacks.

If the enemy has lots of ranged attacks, take a couple of your melee 
units and go send them to attack the shooters (one melee unit per ranged 
attacker.) this way, the ranged attacks are completely nullified, and ,
 all ranged attackers that get into hand to hand against a melee 
are at a huge disadvantage.

Only use the Keep after upgrading from buildings. Getting a Hero is not 
as good as upgrading every single unit that you create. A permanent 
upgrade is better than a temporary one as long as you use the unit that 
you upgraded. Upgrading Maulers to do more damage is useless if you 
never use Maulers.

Heros are incredibly powerful people and should be used often as long as 
you are upgraded, and have lots of resources to spare. You should also 
send in at least 2 heros with your squad. Don't forget, Heros cannot be 
destroyed completely. Once they have died, they can come back after a 
short while.

Have lots of ranged attackers in your army. The Wolf ranged attacks are 
great and are very usefull. But don't only take ranged attackers, for 
obvious reasons.

I'm still looking for any sort of help for strategies so if anyone has 
any strategies, send them in to me using the e-mail at the top of the 
Your strategies will be placed here, and you will recieve full credit 
for it. Thanks.


8) Pros and Cons of Wolf Clan
- pros and cons

This section is just to show the pros and cons of the Wolf.

Pros :

Very strong units
Only clan that can regenerate
Heros are very strong
Great ranged attackers
Armor is available for every unit and lowers damage against all attacks
Druidess Blessings are very effective when used correctly
Lots of health
Can devestate buildings easily

Cons :
Slow builders
Buildings are enormous
Slow unit producers
Can have low stamina
Can be slow attackers
Druidess Blessings remove Shale Armor
Hope that helps put things into perspective.


9) Version History

June 1st, FAQ is started
June 4th, FAQ is complete			


10) Thanks

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Version 1.00 - FAQ complete
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