FAQ/Walkthrough by Eowyn Rose

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-----Walkthrough: The Fellowship of the Ring (PC)-----

//Author: Jilian Rise
//E-mail: rise2@tcnj.edu
//Version: 1.2
//Date: 3 January 2003

This Guide is completely original - Copyright 2002, Jilian Rise.  It is
intended as an aid with instructions on how to complete quests that
frequently stump players.  The author of this document must be contacted
to authorize any and all reproduction and distribution of this guide.
If you need any further or more specific information on permissions or
game play, e-mail rise2@tcnj.edu, and I will be glad to help.

Version 1.2: More detailed information on how to find Old Noakes' herbs and
how to navigate the Barrow-downs

---Basic Information---
*The best thing to do before you start is read the guide that came with
the game.  It goes over basic controls and elements of game play.  For
those who don’t have that guide, here are the highlights (all keys
listed are default settings):

*Keep your subtitles on (in the game options menu), as they will provide 
you with useful instruction and information about your quests.

*The mouse is used to control the position of the default camera.
Hitting ‘F’ will put you in first person camera mode for a better look

*Frodo gets corrupted every time he uses the One Ring.  When he reaches
full corruption, the minions of Sauron come to claim the Ring and the
game ends.

*The round icon in the upper left of the screen indicates the player’s
stealth status.  When Frodo is successfully sneaking, it will be white.
If it turns yellow, a nearby enemy is alerted, but is not yet aware of
Frodo’s presence.  When the icon is red, enemies have detected Frodo.
To sneak, hold down Shift while moving.

*All items that sparkle are collectable items, and most are pertinent
to your quest.  To pick them up, just move over them, and they will be
added to your inventory (accessible by pressing ‘I’).

*To skip a cinematic or conversation entirely, press Escape.

*To target a range attack, press the Home key and use the crosshairs
to aim.  NOTE: Aim slightly higher than the target when throwing rocks.

*Hold down the Control key to block - this will reduce the damage
inflicted by an enemy attack.

*Save your game frequently (F2-default) so you have a place to start
from if you happen to get killed.

*For a good part of the game, when in doubt of where you’re going,
look for mushrooms/cram.  They will more than likely lead you to the
right place.

---The Shire---
*Once you’ve found the deed to Bag End, go outside and talk to Sam,
then do some exploring.  Talk to everyone; you’ll get some tasks to
complete along the way.

*Completing the task for Farmer Hal will earn you the missing Mill pin.

*Lobelia will ask you to ring the bell in the center of town.  To do so,
target the bell and throw a rock.  Then, return to Lobelia to give her
the deed to Bag End.

*If you keep going past the Green Dragon down the path a way, you’ll
find Old Noakes on a bench.  Talk to him.  Continue on down the path
into Green Hill Country to complete the task.

//Green Hill Country\\
*The first herb is to your left by the water.  Continue on across the
bridge and over the path.  The next herb is in the hollow log on the
right side of the path.  Continue down the path from there and over the

*You’ll find Farmer Maggot’s farm.  There is an herb on either side
through the fences, both guarded by his dogs.  If the dogs spot you, you
will not get hurt, you’ll simply get scolded by Maggot and return to the
far end of the farm to try your quest again.

*Go back and talk to Noakes again.  He will reward you for completing
his task.

//The Riders\\
*After you complete the task for Old Noakes, return to Bag End to find
the key and the Ring.  Go out and take the path to the right to find
Master Gamgee’s house.  This would be a good Save point (F2 - default).

*Head toward Master Gamgee's house and hide in the crevice to your right
and face the road.  Once the Dark Rider passes you in the direction of
your right, SNEAK (hold down Shift-default while you move) across the
road to the house across the street and hide in the crevice to the right.

*Once you're sure the Rider isn't going to spot you, SNEAK up the crevice
and to the left.  You'll see a grassy hill.  Stay on the side of the hill
you are on and go around it - DO NOT go to the top of the hill!  There is
a Rider on the other side who will see you!

*You'll notice that you come to the roof of a house (if you turn 180
degrees, you'll see Bag End in the background).  Get off the grass and
stand up against the front of the house.  There are no Riders patrolling
this part of the path.  SNEAK down the path to the Mill - BEWARE the Rider
patrolling the other path that meets the one you're on near the Mill.

*SNEAK up the ramp onto the deck that wraps around the side of the Mill and
get out of sight of the road.  Throw a rock as far as you can up in the
opposite direction of the Mill.  Once the Rider from the bridge rides away
to check the distraction, SNEAK across the bridge and into Bywater (it's
safe to run once you're across the bridge).

*Once you have reached Bywater (where you will have to kill a single wolf),
you are safe from the Dark Riders until Green Hill Country.  On the path
between Bywater and Green Hill Country, you will encounter 4 more wolves.
DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT THEM!  Just run away until you cross into Green Hill

*You will encounter one more Rider.  Sneak into the hollow log (to the
right), throw a rock in the opposite direction (toward where you came from),
and then proceed (SNEAK) out of the other end of the log and to the bridge
(SNEAKing all the way).

---The Old Forest---
//Finding Sam, Merry, and Pippin\\
*This is fairly self-explanatory.  There are lots of spiders, beware.  And
it’s easy to end up going in circles, so pay attention to where you’ve been
and where you’re going.

//Old Man Willow\\
*Attack Old Man Willow’s fist with your walking stick (melee attack), but do
not attack his trunk.  Beware not to try to leave the area because tree roots
will shoot up from the ground and rob you of a lot of health points.

*After several hits (probably upwards of about 10), Tom Bombadil will come
bail you out.

//Following Tom\\
*You’re on your own to find 12 Water Lilies, all of which are guarded by
spiders.  Once you have 12, find Tom - he will be wandering somewhere around
the river where you have been searching for Lilies, just keep looking.
Press the action button to talk to him when you find him, and you’re done.

//The Barrow-Downs\\
*Tip: Remember where your campsite is!  When you awaken ghosts, you can lure
them to your campsite from anywhere in the Barrows, just make sure they follow
you all the way to it.  They will not be able to go onto the campsite, they
will stay between the rock walls where you can run up, hit them, and run back
to safety without them chasing after you.

*Each ghost will die after 4 of 5 hits

*The path through the Barrows is as follows: take the path from your campsite
between the rock walls to the water.  Take the path right of the water and head
up the hill on your immediate left side.  Go right (you'll see two mushrooms,
one in front of you and one on the edge of the ledge).  Turn left from that last
mushroom and head down the ledge.  When you get closer to the Barrow on your
right side (with the crow squawking on a rock up above), you'll notice a break in
the rock face on your left and a hill going up through it.  Go all the way up that
hill to the top, and then go left.  You'll reach another Barrow and be immediately
taken inside to fight the Barrow-Wight.

*When you get to the final battle, you’ll notice a mushroom and a chest up on
a ledge.  Get those first!  The chest contains a Westernese dagger, which you
will need to kill the Barrow-Wight.

*After 5 hits with the dagger, Tom shows up and banishes the Wight, and all 4
Hobbits are freed and given daggers.

*Visit the room where everyone is sitting and talk to some people.  You will
be told to go check in.  Go back to the room you started in and the innkeeper
will be there.

*Bree is very self-explanatory, just keep in mind that Aragorn’s range weapon
is a bow and arrows and he kicks instead of jumps (spacebar).  Also, once an
enemy is knocked to the ground, stand over him and press the spacebar or the
 attack key (particularly important to beat the foes at the stable) and Aragorn
will finish him off.  Block is an important feature here as well (hold down CTRL)

//The Orcs and the Troll\\
*Dead Orcs drop Cram.  Be sure to pick it all up, you’ll need it later on.

*To bring down the Troll, try to attack its backside to avoid its mashing
blows, and keep moving!  If you head straight at it it will block your
strikes and attack you.  If you keep moving, it will be less likely to hit
you because it swings its hammer while standing still.  Arrows are very
effective for killing Trolls.

//The Ring Wraiths\\
*DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL THEM!  These Wraiths are nasty and will not die.
What you need to do is stand over Frodo and smack the Wraiths around so they
don’t get to him.  Don’t move away from Frodo!  Eventually the Wraiths will
run away and you’ll be safe.

*The Wraiths take away a lot of health points from Aragorn, so make sure you
pick up the Lemba by the fire, you’ll need it!

//Scouting Ahead\\
*You will encounter Wolves, Trolls, and Orcs on this path.  It is a good
time to use all of your skills - range attack (bow and arrows), finishing
blow, block, etc.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew - it’s all right
to run away and fight the beasts one at a time and let your little hobbit
friends help.  Nothing will happen to Frodo along the way.

*There is no quest here.  Talk to Gandalf, and then watch the Council of
Elrond take place.  Afterwards, you can talk to the members of the council
if you choose.  Go through the door to the left of Elrond and talk to Bilbo;
he will give you the mithril shirt and the Sting sword (the one that glows
blue when Orcs are near)...and you're done!

//Hollin Gate\\
*Gandalf is overwhelmed by large groups of enemies and he’s on his own,
so make sure you know how to use his spells, and do take full advantage
of them along the way.  You will meet Wolves and Orcs galore.  The gate
is on the lake.

*To defeat the Lake Monster, back up as far as you can, and shoot arrows
(range attack) at each of the 4 tentacles of the monster until they
submerge (about 4 shots each).  Gandalf will speak each time you (Aragorn)
successfully kill one of the tentacles.  Once all 4 have been submerged,
your battle with the monster is over.

//The Labyrinth\\
*Everything is self-explanatory until you come to the first round room
with multiple doors. Take the door straight across the room. Get onto
the lift. Once you get to the bottom, go out the door and up the stairs
to the right.

*You'll come to another round room. Take the 1st door on your right.
There will be a break when your party suggests you rest. You'll then be
in a room with 3 doors. Go through the one straight ahead and flip the
switch (get in front of the switch and hit the action key). Go back to
the room and take the door that is now on your left.

*You'll come to another room with doors. Take the door to the left and
cross the bridge. You will have to fight a Cave Troll. You'll reach a
room with more doors. Take the one to the left and flip the switch. If
you go through the other door, you will pick up 2 bottles of Miruvor
and some Cram.

*Go back across the bridge to the room you came from. Take the door
that is now to your left. Go straight across this room to the door
with the switch and go through it.

*In this next room, if you take the door straight ahead, you can pick
up Miruvor. Then, take the door that is now to your right and cross
the bridge.

//The 3 Passages\\
*The door straight-ahead leads to Lemba, the door to the left leads to
Miruvor (but you'll have to kill a couple of Orcs to get to it). The
door to the right is the one that you need to go through.

*Now you have to find a way to exit the 21st hall. Go to the statue at
the center of the room. 4 stone blocks surround it. Push these blocks
onto the buttons on the floor directly behind them. To do so, get in
front of the block and hold down the action key (Enter-default) while
you press the forward directional key. Make sure each block is placed
squarely on each button.

//The 2nd Hall\\
*To get the door open, there will be a button on the floor straight
out from where Gimli and Frodo enter the hall.  Go toward the button,
then continue left.  You’ll see a long stone ramp (at the top is an
Orc shooting flaming arrows). Go up that ramp (getting to the ramp
will involve jumping over some cracks in the ground), kill the Orc at
the top, then get between the large hunk of stone and the wall and
face the stone. Hold down the action key (Enter-default) and press
the forward key to push the stone off the edge. Go back down to
where the switch is and use the same method to push the stone onto it.
The door will then stay open.

*Frodo can’t stand up to the Orcs very well.  A good plan is to let
Gimli do all of the fighting.  When Frodo climbs the ladder toward
the end, it would be wise to try to outrun the Orcs there rather
than fight them because he’s only running to the ladder on the other
side to climb down and the Orcs will kill him if he stops to fight
them (it’s like running a gauntlet).

*When you get to the door, just run past the group of Orcs and get
out of there.  This would be a good Save point (F2 - default).

//Durin’s Bane\\
*Take a couple of steps over to the left to avoid the Balrog’s
flames, then immediately go into your inventory

*Cast a healing spell (range attack key), then immediately go back
into your inventory and set up a lightening spell.  DO NOT wait for
the healing spell to finish!  The second you press the range attack
key it will be cast.

*Hit the Balrog with the lightening, remembering to dodge the flames
he’s throwing at the same time - this will be the most difficult part.

*When he bends over, hit him once or twice with your sword and then
back up a few steps and hit him again with the lightening.  Repeat
this until you defeat him.

*DO NOT let the Balrog hit you with his sword!  You will die instantly.

*There is no quest here.  You can talk to the members of the Fellowship
if you wish.  Then, proceed down the ladder directly across the room.
You’ll see some more cinematics, and that’s it for Lothlórien.

---River Anduin---
//Clearing the Riverside\\
*It’s Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir and Gimli against some Trolls, Orcs
and Uruk-hai.  Have fun killing stuff.

*Tip: Stand back and use your bow and arrows when you can, especially
on the Trolls.  You’ll be less likely to get hurt.  And don’t forget
to use your finishing blows.

//Amon Hen\\
*This involves more killing of Uruk-hai and flame-shooting Orcs.
Fight Arrows with Arrows.

*Eventually you’ll get to a camp with two huge Trolls and some wolves.
DO NOT go directly to the camp!  Linger back a ways.  The Trolls will
kill the wolves, and you can kill the Trolls with arrows from where
you are standing.

*Behind the rocks after that camp, you’ll find another Troll.  This
one you need to go after head-on.  You’ll have enough Cram stored
up that it shouldn’t be a problem.  Use the same strategy as for
the Troll at Weathertop.

*Go up two sets of stairs, and kill the Orcs on the other side of
the cliffs with arrows.  You’ll notice Legolas is over there with
them.  He’ll help you.  Once they’re dead, go down the rock face
in front of you.  You’ll have to fight yet another Troll.

*Now you become Frodo and you have to get to the top of the mountain.
Sneak to the best of your abilities!  Avoid confrontation where
possible (though you will probably end up killing a couple of Orcs
along the way).  Once you pass the first camp on the mountain, it
would be a good time to utilize the ring, just watch your corruption

//The Airborn Nazgul\\
*Get behind the dragon and keep hitting with your sword.  Beware the
acid breath; it takes a lot of health points away.

*Once this task is complete, you will have to shoot the Nazgul and its
fell beast while they are in flight.  To do so, head up the stone steps
in the middle of the camp onto the throne at the top.  Shoot an arrow at
the beast as it flies overhead.

-----Congratulations, you’ve just completed the Fellowship of the Ring!-----