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* Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead WalkThru (FINAL)  *
*  by Professer Revolution                                   *
* This document is copyright(c)2003 by the author            *
* The game is (c)2002 by EA Games                            *


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FINAL--WalkThru complete
      -Multiplayer/Weapons sections removed
      -Next Revision updated

v1.0--First release
     -Layout done
     -Missions 1 and 2 in the Walkthru


   3A. MISSION 1
   3B. MISSION 2
   3C. MISSION 3

1.                         INTRODUCTION

  Hello and welcome to my Walkthru for the single player game of EA's
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead Expansion Pack for the PC. This
document is just a Walkthru for the single player game, not a discussion
of the history of the battles, or a weapon encylopedia, or anything like
that. Just 100% game walkthru and that's it. I WILL have some info about
the multiplayer game, and yes, some weapon descriptions, but nothing too
in-depth. The main focus of this document is the single player game.

  This also isn't a guide that will help you get the game running on
your computer, or help you tweak your settings or anything like that.
Please don't E-Mail me about any tech support type of stuff. This guide
is assuming you have your game installed(and yes, you need the original
Medal of Honor:AA to play), got your controls and settings all worked
out to where you like them, and are ready to tackle the actual game.

  I know all these disclaimers up front seems a bit rude, but they're
necessary. I just want to deal with the game, not do tech support. That
said, I loved Medal of Honor: Allied Assault(MOHAA from now on) and 
bought this expansion as soon as I could. I haven't been disappointed.
Sure there's some sloppy code in there that causes weird things to 
happen from time to time, but overall I'm happy to have more MOH
goodness to play through. Hopefully you are to, but if you get stuck
somewhere, then this is what the guide is for.

  I've written for a couple other FPS games before, and to be honest
they're kinda tough to do because there are plenty of ways to kill all
the enemies you come across, so to write down what to do step by step
just isn't possible if you still want to have some fun with the game.
In this guide I stick to the major checkpoints and where the enemies
come from and how many, etc, but I don't tell you how to kill every 
single one. I DO, however, give you tips on where to take cover and
stuff like that, or if a certain weapon works really well in some
certain situation, stuff like that. 


2.                      BASIC GAMEPLAY TIPS

  The most important thing in any FPS game is to be comfortable with 
the controls and settings. Set up your control keys and mouse speed so
that you have complete control over your aiming and movement at all 
times. And secondly, don't max out all the visual effects and details
if your system can't handle it. The game still look nice when everything
is set to Medium, and it'll run much smoother as well. If you're system
can't handle Medium, then go with the Lower settings. 


  While I don't give specific spots where you should quicksave, you
should always be thinking about it. After a particularly nasty firefight
or tough event, or even if you finally get back to full health, always
be ready to quicksave, you never know what's right around the corner.


  Probably the most important aspect of any FPS game, but this is
even more true in the "realistic" style shooters. Don't go charging
into a sqaud of enemies with your guns blazing, instead find some
cover and pick them off. This will save health and ammo. The game has
a lean feature, learn to use it. You'll still get a good shot at the
enemy while exposing as little of yourself as possible.


  After every shootout, be sure to check the bodies for health and/or
ammo drops. This is key to getting through those long stages where 
swarm after swarm of enemy comes at you. Also always be on the look 
out for health on tables, desks, etc in every stage. There's usually 
a couple health placks stashed away somewhere to make a particularly
tough battle a bit easier.


  Using the right weapon in the right situation is another key factor
of the game. If you're facing a rush of 5/6 enemies coming right at you
then an automatic or Sub Machinegun will work best. If you're behind
cover and need to take out a couple enemies a bit further away, then
switch to a rifle. If you need to take out some soldiers from far away,
then naturally, use a sniper rifle. Using the right weapon at the right
time will definitely help you get through the game that much easier. 
I only use pistols as a last resort, or if you're only carrying a sniper
rifle and need to get through a tight passage, otherwise they're 
emergency only. If you're pinned down by a group of enemies, try lobbing
a couple grenades at them, then rushing in after they blow. Likewise, if
you're entering a house or a small area where you know enemies will be,
toss a couple nades in before you to clear them out.

I'll add more if necessary or if some useful ones are sent in.

3.                     SINGLE PLAYER WALKTHRU

  You start out this Mission by yourself, but you're quickly joined by
a small group of friends. Eventually they get killed off, so it's just
you and the Captain. The Captain must never die in this mission or you
automatically lose. He really only gets to be a nuisance in the latter
part of the mission where he can get stuck on walls and trees, or get
into a firefight with an enemy that can't even see him yet. Always be
sure to clear out any enemies going for the Captain, and if he gets
stuck just continue on and he'll automatically jump up to where you
are after a short while.

Normandy, France June 6th, 1944

  You start this Mission off on-board a plane, just sit and wait until 
you jump out. Once you're out into the sky, look around and watch the
cool happenings all around you. You'll eventually fall through the roof
of a barn. 

  When prompted, press your USE key to cut loose of the parachute, enemy
soldiers will be all over you. Use your Garand to take out the one on 
the first floor with you, then look out the North window and kill a 
couple more. Go up the steps and kill the other German in the barn and 
the game will autosave.


  Move to the open doors and look down, take out a couple Germans who
come running from across the small stream. Once they're dead, fall into
the water(don't jump or you'll take damage) and go North to where the
ground lowers. There's 1 more enemy right by the water to the East, kill
him then move into the trees and go East towards the Artillery gun.

  Kill the single soldier behind the small wagon, then the two manning
the Artillery gun. Run up to the gun and press USE to take control of
it. Take out the truck that comes from the East with some soldiers on it,
then get off and head South to take out the 2 Germans manning the other
Artillery gun. Switch to the MG40 you picked up and save the Garand for
the next part.

  Now move East, staying near the fence, and kill 3 more enemies that
are in the wooded area. Move to the NorthEast and 2 more will come
running down the road, take them out and go near the road. There's a
Machinegun nest up ahead, use the trees for cover and lean out and
use the Garand to take out the guy using it. Then quickly move to the
MG nest and use it to take out the 5 soldiers that appear behind you
to the West. Once they're dead the game will autosave.


 Look to the SouthEast to see a squad of Germans by a couple houses. 
Move towads them a bit and start firing. This will cause your allies 
to come running in and help you take them out. Once all the enemies 
are dead move to your allies and the Captain will start talking.

  A Tiger Tank will approach on the road, go to the Artillery gun
in the field and wail away at it until it blows up, then go back to
the allies near the house. Another autosave

  After the Captain is done talking he'll put you on point. Head North-
East to the windmill. 1 enemy comes out of the door, kill him then look
in the window to take out the other two. Go up the steps and kill the 
lone soldier up there, then go back down.

  From here you can go South or North, but it's easier to go South.
So head South and clear the house of 3 Germans. Go out the South door
of the house and move East to the barn, take out 3 more enemies in here.
Then exit the barn and head North up the road, stay to the side of the 
road and kill the 3 soldiers that come at you. At the T intersection of
raods, head to the NorthWest towards the garage of the house and take out
4 more soldiers. When you get close to the garage, 4 more will come from
the left side of the garage, SMG them, then look to the East where a few
more are coming at you. Once they're all dead, go to the front of the 
garage with the Captain.

  Stay away from the door until it blows up, then rush in and kill the
3 Germans manning the cannon. You'll then be instructed to blow it up.
Look for the small, glowing red outline of a bomb on the side closest
to the door you came in at, get close and look down at it and press USE
to set the bomb. Then run out the door and join your squad behind the
small brick wall. Once the gun blows up some more enemies come from the
East. Go around the North side of the garage to ambush them. Then go 
NorthEast to the opening in the fence, then East across the field to
the stream.


  The Captain will tell you to take cover while another guy sets a 
bomb on the sewer grate. Once it's blown, follow the guy through
and up to the house until he gets killed(it always happens, no way
to stop it). Do as the Captain says and move to the front of the
house. Use the ditch as cover and kill all the soldiers that come
out of both doors.

  Once they're all dead, go inside the double doors to the right
and kill 3 more soldiers inside(one is up in the loft of the barn),
then go in the next room and grab the health if you need it. Go back
out the double doors and go NorthEast where 3 more enemies will come
at you. Go around the house on the right to the South and kill 1 more
German there. Go South across the road and the game will autosave as 
the Captain talks to you.


  This part is tricky, you have to keep the Captain alive and enemies
come from all over. Once he opens the gate and rushes in, follow him
around and kill anyone who gets close. There's two houses on the left
and another barn on the right. 3 Germans are in the 1st house on the
left, then 4 come out of the barn on the right, then 2 more are in the
2nd house on the left. Thew Captain usually runs straight to the second
house on the left. So take out the guys that come out of the first house,
usually only 1 or 2. Then get whoever comes out of the barn on the right
side, then follow the captain into the 2nd house on the left. Once the
Captain is in his spot, go back and clear any remaining Germans in the
1st house and barn.

  Once they're all dead, head back to the Captain on the 2nd floor of
the 2nd house and he'll tell you to "take a look. Look out the window
and you'll see the other Artillery cannon you have to take out.

  After the Captain is done talking, go out the door on the 2nd floor
and follow the path around to the North and head towards the Artillery.
Kill 3 enemies around the gun then plant the charge and back up to the
path a little. After the gun is blown, 4 or 5 more soldiers come from
the North. Take them out and move near the blown up cannon. 

  Once the other guy is done talking, follow him to the boat and the
game autosaves.


  Hold your fire until the boat has docked and you're moving up to the
house. Go inside and take out the 4 Germans on the first floor, then go
out the South door and 3 more soldiers will come from the West. Once
they're dead the Colonol you're looking for will ride away on a bike.

  Head South on the road that he rode away on, 2 Germans come at you.
Move up and take cover behind the buggy and peek out to take out the
3 Germans by the house. Once they're dead, move around to the South
side of the house to kill two more. THen go inside, 3 soldiers come 
from the room on the left, then go into the door on the right and kill
the other two on the first floor. Once they're dead, go upstairs and
shoot the Colonol until he falls over the balcony.

  Go back down and meet the Captain, then follow him down the road
to the South. A tank comes out of the wall on the right and blows
away your other private. The captain will run ahead, and you go West
through the hole the tank made to the .88 Artillery Cannon. The game
will autosave here.


  Wait for the tank to blow two holes in the wall directly in front of
you, then fire two shots at it to blow it up. Aim away from the Captain
so you don't accidentally kill him with splash damage. Once the tank is
down, go to the captain who tells you to blow up the Artillery Cannon,
go back to it and set the charge then move back to the Captain. Once
the gun is blown a plane will fly over head, this is your weapon drop.

  Follow the captain to the wall, lean out the very right side to take
out one of the soldiers in the cemetary across the road with your Lee
rifle. Then move to the other end of the wall and lean out to see the
MG Nest to the SouthWest. Use the Lee again to take out the guy shooting
it then move out onto the road. Kill the remaining soldier in the 
cemetary, then follow the captain to the North to the weapon drop in
the middle of the road. 

  Here again you'll have to protect the Captain for a bit. As you approach
the crate, 2 Germans come out from the East, and one in front of you to
the North. Take them out quickly, then turn to the West to kill the single
German by the gate. Now, take out the two soldiers by the roadblock around
the corner to the West, then go back and pick up the explosives and Health
by the crate. Go into one of the open gates by the house and move around to
the South. Kill the two soldiers that come running at you, then 1 more 
around the corner. Go into the COMM Station and set a charge to blow it up.
Go through the hole in the COMM Station and kill the single german who comes
from the West, then kill 2 more outside the fence on the road. 

  Sometimes the captain will get stuck fighting the soldiers across the
road in the big house, if he does take them out from here until he runs
away to the next area. If he doesn't start fighting them, then leave them
for later.

  Go West and kill 3 more soldiers by the next roadblock, then move up to
the edge of the wall and lean out to see the guy in the MG Nest. Use the
Lee to take him out then run up to the MG. Two sqauds will ceom from the
right and left, take out the ones on the right first(they're closer to 
the captain), then take out the others on the left. Once they're all dead
follow the road to the North and go to the big house on the left. Kill
the guys through the windows before the Captain charges in and gets shot,
then run in and take out any remaining enemies on the 1st floor. Go up
the stairs and kill the lone German on the ledge up here, then look out
to the SouthWest and Lee Rifle a couple more Germans on the bridge end.
Jump down and the game will autosave, if the Captain gets stuck on a 
wall or something inside the house, after you jump he'll automatically
jump down with you. 


  Go through the blown out part of the wall and kill the soldier that
comes at you. You can take out some guys early here if you want by 
looking up to the SW and scanning for any patrolling guards, 
otherwise follow the walls around to the building.

  Make a U-turn into the building and kill the two workers inside.
Get the health on the table and go East. Three soldiers come out
of the buildings above you to the North, take them out, then head
up the ramp on the left and kill a few more on the bridge end on
the other side of the small wall(you can jump up on the small
ledge just in front of the wall to look over). Then turn around
and get the two soldiers in the small building to the West.

  Then go all the way up the ramp and onto the bridge end where all
the Germans where. Head North towards the bridge and another guy
will appear near the boxes to the left, kill him then wait for the
Captain to tell you to set the charges. Once he does run out along
one of the sides of the bridge and look for the glowing spots where
you're supposed to set the charges. Set the first two, then move up 
and take out the 4 advancing Germans, set the next two and forget
about the enemies behind the barrels. Once all 4 are set run back to
the Captain and the bridge will blow, ending this Mission.

Ardennes Forest, Belgium December 24th, 1944

  Go South along the right side of the road, use the rocks as cover and
take out the 3 soldiers that come from the hill on the right. Then go
up the hill to the SouthWest, using the rocks as cover from the Nerbel-
werrfer. Take out the 3 soldiers on the road down to the left. Move up
to the smaller rock closer to the Artillery gun and kill the 2 Germans
in the trench by the Nerb with a grenade, then rush the Nerb gun from
the side and kill the guy using it. 

  Get near the Nerb and let your squadmates catch up to you, then USE
the Nerb gun to take out the Halftrack that comes in from the North
and the three Germans up on the hill across from you. Stop using it and
your squadmate will give you some Sticky Bombs, get the squad away from
the gun and blow it up with a Sticky Bomb.

  Now, head NorthWest up on the hills, away from the road, and take out
the 2 soldiers in the trench, then move to where they were and kill 3
more to the NorthWest in another trench, then use the rocks as cover
from the Nerb as you kill the 2 soldiers across the road. Once they're
dead, rush the left side of the building and take out any remaining
soldiers on your way to the Nerb. Kill the German running it, and then
the guy up in the tower next to it.

 Get close to the artilley gun and a squad of Germans comes from the
North, use the gun if you want or not, just take them out and then blow
up the gun. Now head South along the right edge of the road and the game
will Autosave.


  Run up to the smaller rock next to the road and use it as cover from
the tank. Take out the German to the right of the rock, then the guy 
running near the tank, and finally the soldier manning the machine gun
on the tank. Once they're dead, stay behind the rock until the tank
fires a shot, then run out and Sticky Bomb it on one of the 4 glowing
spots and run back to the rock and wait for it to blow.

  Now go South-SouthWest towards the large rock and take out 3 more
enemies. Head West on road until prompted to spread out. Use the trees
on the left side as cover from the Nerbelwerffer and take out the guys
up on the hill to the East with the Garand, then move up to the smaller
rocks. Take out the next couple Germans on the higher East hill, one
has a Panzerfaust so take him down quick. Once they're dead turn your
attention to the two Germans to the West in the ditch.

  Rush up to the Nerb on the left side and kill the guy running it, then
another 2 soldiers to the East. Blow up the Nerb, then continue down the
road to the North. Take cover behind the rocks and Garand the guy that's
using the next Nerbelwerffer. Stay behind the rock until the tank runs
off the road and stops, wait until it fires a shot then run up and use
a Sticky Bomb on it and run back to the rock before it fires another.
Once the tank blows up wait by the rock and 4 germans come out of it,
take them out then head East up to the Nerb. Throw a grenade into the
ditch behind the gun and then use the Thompson to take out any of the
surviving 3 Germans. 

  Now blow up the gun and continue to the north, along the right side of 
the road. Kill 2 soldiers, then move up to the two big rocks by the road
and a truck will crash into a tree. Kill the two Germans that come out
then run up to the MG nest and take control. Use the MG on the wave of
enemy soldiers that come from the rocks on the side of the road, once 
they stop coming a couple allies will come running down to the road.

  When they reach you, head to the West towards the well then turn and
go North towards the compound. Kill the 3 guys that come out of the 
door, then go in and to the right, through another door and you'll be
inside the compound. Stay near the wall and go left, take out the single
guard walking around the two garages across from you, then inch up to
the edge of the wall and toss a grenade around the corner into the
squad of Germans waiting there. Once it goes off, go around the corner
and finish off the rest. Then look up and take out the guy in the window

  Go into the left-most garage and take out the two soldiers up on the
ledge, then Sticky Bomb the tank and run back out. Now go into the 
next garage on the right and kill the 3 Germans on the first floor, 
then two more on the top ledge. Then go and touch the truck to end
this section.

  This is one of the most frustrating levels in the entire game, there's
no health pickups and you're constantly being shot at. Be sure to quick
save after every tank/halftrack you kill and are in good health(50+),
take out the other vehicles as quickly as you can and then concentrate
on the foot soldiers. Once you know where everything is going to come
from you'll have a chance to get prepared to take stuff out quickly.

  When you start moving, take out the two soldiers right by the 
compound gate, then the soldiers up on the hill across from you. Take
out the first tank on the left quickly or it will cut your life in 
half. The next tank is on the right behind some trees, fire a few shots
at it but if you start turning away from it before it's down don't 
worry. You'll get stuck on the edge of the mountain and the game will


  Shoot down at the Nerbelwerfer and two soldiers near it while you're
stuck. Once you start rolling down, try to get the German with the
bazooka on the right, then look up to the left and take out the tower
with the MG in it. Once you start backing up and let the truck pass
a tank will come up behind your vehicle. You HAVE to kill this tank
quickly. Hit it a couple times when it's behind the hill, then lay into
it when it comes around into full view. When you start moving down the
road again, take out the couple soldiers on the left side of the road.
A tree will fall in the road, kill the two soldiers in the ditch when
you go around the tree, then shoot the left set of barrels when the 
oncoming tank is near them to take it out easily and without damage.
This is a good spot to quicksave if you haven't already.

  A Halftrack that can really lay into you will be on the hill to
the right, by the trees. Take it out as quickly as possible. If it 
ends up taking you down to below 20 health or so, then quickload
back to where you just blew up the tank and try to get it again.
When it's gone, quicksave, there'll be two soldiers directly in front of 
you on a hill to kill, then a tank comes right at you. Again take it
out ASAP, if it gets you then quickload back to right after killing
the halftrack. Another tank will come down from the left, then a 
halftrack will start tailing you on the far right. Pepper it with
shots until you meet up with your supply truck, then take it out
when it gets closer. There's one more tank on the hill to the left
as you make the final stretch, again quicksave after killing the
last halftrack so if this tank gets you you'll be right back here.
Take it out along with some enemies up on the hill. Allies will
start coming from up ahead on the road. Just ride until this section
is finally done.

Christmas Eve, 1944 Ardennes Forest, Belgium

  This is a tough stage, but just remember that the shellings come in 
waves. Jump in a hole when they start, then immediately run when there's
a break. 

  Jump down into the closest hole when the shellings start, then make
your way North up when you get the "New Objective" message. Go from 
hole to hole when the shellings briefly stop, you can take some damage
since there's health scattered everywhere, but you don't want to be out
in the open during the heavy shellings. Make it to the Captain and you'll
find he's hurt, now you have to head South and get the Medic. Again, run
from hole to hole when there's a break, and quicksave after you make a
significant distance. 

  Follow your compass to the back of the area, where the Medic is in
a tent.


  When you find the Medic, he'll follow you. On your way back the
truck on the left will get blown up and the Medic will stop to help
the driver, don't wait for him, run ahead to the foxhole beyond the
truck before the next round of shelling begins. Once the Medic gives
up trying to help him he'll join you. Now, make your way back to 
the Captain, going foxhole to hole and quicksaving. Get back to the
Captain and grab the health and the Medic will start working on him.
He'll say the Captain will be all right and then gunfire comes pouring
in from the West. The game will autosave.


  Here's another frustratingly fun stage to play. The object now is to
hold the line against the assault of German soldiers. Again, quicksaving
after every objective is completed will cut down the frustration factor
a bit.

  The first thing you have to do is get to the Right Front to the North
West. If any of the German soldiers make it past the ditch then you'll
fail the mission, so stay a bit behind it(this helps you stay out of 
the way of gunfire and explosions as well) and roam from side to side
shooting any soldiers who get close. Once they start running away you'll
be told to go to the Left Front and stop a tank. Quicksave and head 
South, through a patch of trees to the trench that is the Left Front.
The Bazooka that you need is behind the ditch on the ground, the compass
doesn't point to it for some reason. So grab the bazooka then move to 
where the compass is pointing, between a couple trees, to activate the
tank coming at the line. Help the other soldiers take out the advancing
soldiers until the tank comes into view on the right side, then quickly
switch to the Bazooka(hotkey is 6) and take it out with a couple 
rockets. You'll then be instructed to go back to the Right Front.

  Quicksave and head back North to the Right Front, take out the tank
that comes up just as you arrive there, then grab the two missles near
the morter. Switch to a SMG and, again, stay behind the ditch and kill
any Germans that get close. When the next tank comes into view, keep
killing any soldiers close to the ditch then hotkey back to the Bazooka
and take it out. This is a good spot to quicksave at as well, as long
as no Germans are about to cross over. 

  Someone will shout about a Halftrack coming on the right, you want to
take it out as fast as you can because this will signal the other Germans
to start running away, if you wait they'll just keep coming and the Half-
track itself will cross the ditch. So run to the right side and shoot the
Halftrack with your last Rocket and the enemies will start to retreat.


  This is another mission where you have to keep the Captain alive,
usually it's not too hard but there are a couple spots where he wonders
right into the thick of battle. Once again, the quicksave is your friend
on this level.

  Once the Captain lights the smoke grenade run up the middle like he 
says, but don't stop at the small hut, you'll still get hurt by the
explosions, instead run straight to the small ditch to the right of the
hut, you won't take damage here. If you're in good health still(50+)
then quicksave, if not, load from the beginning, you WILL take some
damage in this next part. 

  Run up to the bigger trench directly in front of you and get your 
Bazooka out. There's a tank on the left and a MG Nest on the right, if
your squadmates actually prove useful(hey, a video game first!) and take
out the tank before you can, then rocket the Machinegunner on the right,
Otherwise, use the Bazooka on the tank on the left, then duck back down
while you reload, then pop up and rocket the MG on the right. Once both
of them are down, advance quickly to the house in the middle and take 
out the two Germans near the fence. Then go into the house and take out
a couple more inside, grab the health and ammo and go to the door on 
the left, quicksave in here as well. 

  Open the door but don't go out, shoot the soldier across from you,
then move up to the door and lean around it to the right, there's an MG
nest just beyond the door so lean out and toss a grenade at it. Rush
the nest once the grenade goes off and kill the gunner if he's still
alive. Move ahead along the wall, then quickly turn the corner and go
in the hole in the building to the Captain. The game will autosave.


  The church you have to clear is to the North, run out of the building
you're in and head towards it. Go in before the Captain so he doesn't 
take any damage and take out the three Germans inside. The first two will
run to the edges of the walls and the third will stay by the steps at the
back end of the room. Once they're dead, go up the wooden steps and take
cover behind the boxes, kill the 3 soldiers in this room(1 right by the
boxes, two more in the pews) then get the single soldier in the small
room at the South end of the room. Go back to the boxes and jump up on
them to get to the wide ladder. Jump to it and USE it to climb up. 
Shoot the sniper at the far end of this narrow hall and go grab his
rifle. Look out the window and snipe the soldier down to the right 
with the Bazooka, then go back down to the captain. Quicksave here
then run out of the church before the Captain and go South until the
MG starts firing. Snipe the gunner before the Captain runs up and gets
killed(oh, it will happen, it WILL happen), then keep moving South
along the short wall on the right. Kill the 2 soldiers running the
Artillery cannon and the game will autosave


  Move into the blown up building with the cannon and look to the West,
use the Bazooka on the tank as it approaches or it will kill the 
Captain(who helpfully runs out right into it's path). Now head West and
kill a couple more Germans on the way to the hotel. 

  The Captain will wait outside the hotel for you. Go up to him and 
quicksave after he talks to you. Pick up the Shotgun(but don't use it,
it doesn't work that well in here) and enter the hotel and kill the two
soldiers in this main room. Then open the East door and wait by it for
a couple guys to come up to it. Kill them then go through the door and
take out a couple more at each corner of the room. Now go upstairs and
you'll be in a narrow hall with 3 doors on the East wall and another
down at the opposite end. Open each door on the East wall and kill the
enemies in in each one(the shotgun works here). Once you've opened all
3 East door, open the North door and kill 1 more then go all the way
back down to the other end of the hall, where you started.  Open the
West door and kill the guy by the window. Go up the steps and kill 2
soldiers who rush you, then turn around and kill the guy by the boxes.
Get the health and ammo up here then go back down the steps and through
the West door.

  You'll be in another hallway. Open all the doors on the West wall this
time and kill the soliers in each one, then go in the North door and 
kill 2 more, look out the window and snipe the Machinegunner below. Now
go South and down the steps and kill 2 Germans in this room. Go through
the East door, then back outside via the North doors.

  Head North and use the wall as cover as you take out the new guy 
manning the MG. Once he's dead, keep going North and kill the guy that
comes out the door, then head to your allies past the building. Go 
to the Captain and your allies will blow up a halftrack. QUICKSAVE

  After the Captain talks a little, a plane will bomb you. Now you have
to take control of the AA gun and take the plane down. This can be 
VERY frustrating. But once you figure out where the plane will fly in
from you can take it down after a couple passes. After the first pass
as you're running to the gun, aim at the trees on the left. Aim above
and a bit to the right of the right-most tree and start firing as soon
as you hear the plane noise. After this pass, aim at the buildings on
the right. Aim above the left side of the right-most building(the 
shorter, wider one) and again, start firing as soon as you hear the
plane coming. Hopefully the plane will be smoking heavily after this
pass. Again, aim at the trees on the left, in the same spot and fire
away as the plane approaches. If you hit it enough times, the plane
will crash as it comes back from the right, otherwise it will drop
a bomb that kills the Captain. That's why you need to quicksave at
the beginning of this shootout. It may take a couple tries but once
you know where to aim as the plane is coming in, then you'll take it
down. That's the end of the second mission!

Berlin 0430 Hours

  Once you come under attack, head to the corner right in front of you
and lean out to the South and snipe the 3 soldiers by the railing. Some
soldiers appear behind you but the Russian soldiers will take care of
them. Once they're dead move South down the street, then turn to the
left and head for the truck, take out the soldier standing to the right
of the truck and the game will autosave.


  Jump into the bed of the truck and duck down. Look up at the left end
of the bridge to the South, strafe left until you can see the sniper up
there then snipe him. Switch to the SMG and face the North, pop up and
shoot the single guy by the stone columns, then duck down before the
MG gets a bead on you. Now face the MG to the East and zoom in while
you're still ducked, pop up and line up your shot then duck down. Wait
until the shooting stops and then pop up and snipe the guy.

  Get out of the truck and head East, a truck with some soldiers in it
will come down the road from the NorthEast. Run to the MG and take 
control, wait for the truck to stop and then let'em have it. Now follow
the road as it curves, when you see an open building on the right side
stop and snipe the next sniper up by the flaming barrel. Keep following
the road to the East and move to the left side, take cover behind large
rock by the road then lean out and snipe a couple Germans to the South-
East, then wait for the tank coming up behind you to stop. Run by the
tank and SMG the two soldiers riding on it, then stick a Sticky Bomb on
the tank and run away(keep moving away from the turret!), the rain will
put out the fuse, so you have to shoot the Bomb once you're a safe
distance away. Back away towards the area you just came from, not the
wide open road you haven't been to yet. Blow up the tank, then move
to the NorthEast and take cover behind one of the concrete stumps.
Quicksave here.

  From this point on, snipers will constantly be firing on you, so you
need to stay away from the open areas. Stay behind the concrete stump
until another truck pulls up and stops in front of you, lean out and
shoot the two soldiers when they jump off the truck, then get the 
driver when her comes running around at you. Now stay behind the stumps
and move East, stop at the next to last one and you'll see the downed
plane up ahead on the left with an enemy truck by it. Zoom in under the
truck and snipe the two soldiers on the other side. When they're dead,
move to the last stump and turn back around to the West and look up.
Shoot the guy standing up on the rubble, then quicksave. Now, make a
mad dash to the plane to get the documents, they're laying right by the
plane and truck on the ground. WHen you get near the truck, stop and snipe
the guy up in the building to the Northeast, then turn your attention to
the documents. Stand over them and USE them to pick them up. The game will
autosave. If you take too much damage from the snipers while running to 
the plane, then load and try again.


  Run to the pile of rubble South of the truck and look to the three
story building to the left, aim up at the right side of the building
and you'll see a sniper. Kill him, then strafe across the road while 
looking to the building to the North. Kill the two soldiers on the

  Now go left and run to the blown out building, you'll hear a tank
coming from the left. Kill the two soldiers inside the building in
the small room on the left, then take control of the artillery cannon
and use it to take out the tank. Jump off and shoot the couple soldiers
that come with the tank, then go South into that little room where the
two enemy soldiers were. Go to the steps, lean left, and look out to
the right. Snipe the soldier up on the rubble then exit the door and
take control of the MachineGun, a wave of soldiers come from the South.
Shoot them all, then check for any survivors with your Sniper scope.
Now move to the end of this small alcove and a soldier will come out of
the second story door. Snipe him then start going SouthEast around the
buildings, a tank will come rolling over the pile of rubble ahead, you
it's easier to just avoid it so run back and duck under the balcony where
you just sniped the German until it passes. 

  Once the tank has gone by, go back around the building to the SouthEast
and stop on top of the rubble pile. Get out the sniper rifle and kill the
soldier standing on the street to the right, then look into the right
window of the building directly in front of you(with the car) and snipe 
the guy inside. This causes a soldier to come out on the balcony right
above that window, so shoot him, then strafe right and look into the
right side window of the building and snipe the officer inside.

  Now go onto the street and go right, move to the left side and go into
the small alley just after the "boucher" sign. A truck with some soldiers
riding it will drive in from the South, go by you, then U turn back and
come by again. When it stops South of you, lean out and snipe the two
soldiers that get out, then the driver who comes running around. When
they're dead, head to the truck and then the arch past it. Get near the
arch and you'll hear a tank coming and the game will autosave.


  Run back to the rock across from the truck to keep safe from the tank
gun. Lean out and shoot the 3 Germans who accompany the tank, then wait
for the tank to shoot and run up and Sticky Bomb it. Run back to the 
rock and snipe the Sticky Bomb to blow up the tank. When it's gone, run
past it to the door on the left. Enter the building and quicksave.

  Go up the steps and shoot the soldier standing there, then the one
that comes in from the East door. Go up the next flight of stairs shoot
two more soldiers, then go West through the rooms and turn North, walk
across the beam and open the door. Shoot two more Germans, then go down
the steps and into the first door on the right. Kill the guy in here
then go near the safe, now go back out the door and kill the German who
comes from the East, then go East to the next door(it's on a small West
wall by the bookshelves), shoot two more soldiers, and go inside. Get
near the desk and USE the papers to pick them up, then go back to the
room with the safe in it. USE the safe, then USE the papers inside.
Quicksave here.

  After you get the papers from the safe a tank will pull up outside
and blow this room up, so GET OUT. Exit the door and go East, shoot the
wave of Germans who come up the East stairs then go down them and kill
a couple more in the locker room below.

  Move to the right side of the door and open it, then lean out and 
zoom in on the MG nest up on the building across from you. Snipe the
gunner, then switch to the SMG and run out and shoot the rest of the
soldiers near the tank, about 4 in all. Once they're all dead, get near
the tank and this section will end.


  Now you get to control the T-34 tank. This section isn't as hard as
the one shooting from the truck, but it can get a little frustrating.
Once more, quicksaving alot will cut down on the anger factor, and being
smart when getting into firefights with other tanks will help as well.

  Pull around to the right to get past the first wreckage, then wait 
and MG the soldier by the building. A tank comes in from the left, so
keep waiting and fire at it until it blows. Now move out into the open
area and shoot the Artillery gun across the way, then MG the soldiers
on your right. To get rid of another tank early, try to go North and
the tank will stop you, otherwise you can just kill it after a bit.
Start heading West to the blown up Artillery and make a right turn,
kill the 3 soldiers with rockets from afar with your cannon/MG, then
if you have more than 70 health, quicksave, otherwise start over and
try this bit again.

  GO up to the corner where the road turns right and a halftrack will
drive in. Move out, take a shot at it, then back up to safety while
you reload. This tactic will help out ALOT in this level. Keep doing
this until the halftrack goes down, then turn the corner and start 
heading down the road. MG the three soldiers who come up from the
right, then take out the tank here if you didn't before. Again, use a 
pile of rubble as safety, drive out and shoot at it, then back up to
reload, once it's down and you're still in good shape(50+) then quick-
save again. 

  The road will now bend to the left, and another halftrack will drive
in and park down at the other end of this tall building lined street.
THere's also a tank close by on the left. Stay by the rubble pile where
the tank can't shoot you and drive ahead to shoot at the halftrack,
then back up to reload. Take out any rocket soldiers that are around
as well. Once the halftrack is down, slowly pull forward until you can
see the tank on the left. Pull up until you can get a shot on it, from
this range it should only take one, but you're about to get some health
so you can take some damage if you need. Once the tank is down, follow
the road as it curves to the left again, drive to the very end and get
the health barrels. Then back up and go over the small hill between
the buildings on the SouthWest. Quicksave here again.

  Stop at the edge of the buildings, a tank comes in from the North-
West. Pull out and shoot at it, then back up to reload until it's dead.
Then make the turn and head West, shoot a couple rocket soldiers from
afar then keep going West into this next open area and the game will


  Another tank comes from the South, blast it then shoot the artillery
gun in the blown out building to the North and MG the soldiers around
it. Now head South and there's some health barrels on the right, but
before you get them another tank will blow through a building and stop
for a second. Shoot it while it's stopped and keep shooting until it's
blown up, then grab the health and follow the road along the long U-turn
to face North. MG a couple soldiers and then a Halftrack will come racing
in, shoot it quickly then head down the road it came from, North.

  In this next area, MG the soldiers that are to the East and North
by the sandbags, but stay behind the large rubble pile at the S curve
of the road. Get the radio message and a tank comes in from the North. 
Use the pile as cover and kill it, then head to the bridge. Drive up to
the very left edge of the bridge and MG the soldier on it, the small
wall in front of you will provide cover from the rocket soldiers on the
higher bridge to the left. Shoot the Artillery cannon right by you,
then start out onto your bridge. Shoot the other Artillery cannon on
the other side, then the middle of the higher bridge to make it fall.
The game will autosave here.


  As long as you're above 30 health or so for this part you should be
fine. Drive over the bridge and go right to where the Russians are.
Now you have to hold off the German forces one last time. The perfect
spot for you to be in is in front of the alley where the other tanks
come out of, facing South, with the truck on your left and the other
two tanks on your right. You should concentrate on the tanks that come
directly across from you, and let the others get the ones on the higher
bridge for now.

  After you kill a couple across from you, then you can help out with
the ones on the bridge. There gets to be as many as five tanks up there.
Only about 4 total show up to the South, so once you've killed all 4,
then concentrate only on the bridge. With the other two tanks in front
of you in this direction you shouldn't take much damage. One or both of
your ally tanks might blow up, but that's okay, as long as you don't.

  I'm not sure if there's a real timer or not, or if you just need to
blow all the enemy tanks up, but blow up all the other tanks anyway.
Just remember that only 4 show up, 2 at a time, on the flat land to the
South, and the bridge gets 5. It starts out with two, then two more
come, then a final one. Once they're all blown up you'll get another
message and that's the end of the game. Congrats!

4.                          NEXT REVISION

  I've decided that this document is only going to be the single player
Walkthru, so I've ditched the Multiplayer and Weapons sections. I may
make a seperate Multiplayer document, but I'm not sure. For now though,
this is it. 

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