Background AnimationEric Urocki
Background ArtistFanny Buecher
Background ArtistIzabelle Gadbled
Background ArtistSerge Mandon
Background Artist/AnimationMyriam Haessig
Character Creation & AnimationJean-Michel Stenger
Character Creation & AnimationFabrice Weiss
Creative Director/Game DesignJean-Marc Haessig
Game & Mission Design/AIMartin Kuppe
Game EngineGuillaume Brocker
Lead ArtistJean-Michel Stenger
Lead Mission DesignerElise Coste
Lead Programmer/Game EngineArno Wienholtz
Level Editor/Mission DesignMickael Parasot
Mission DesignerVincent Lalyman
MusicMichael Anarp
MusicTapio Muley
ProducerArmin Gessert
Project ManagerAndreas Speer
Sound EngineYann Gouverneur
Sound FXYoann Bourreau
Sound FXYann Gouverneur
Sound FXFabrice Weiss
Technical Director/Game EngineStephane Becker


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold and odino.