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                                          ROBIN HOOD -- THE LEGEND OF SHERWOOD

                                                    -- GAME GUIDE--

                                                         V 1.0

                                                                        By Radu Bebe

             VERSION 1.0 -- A useful guide of all that you will meet in this game, enemies, weapons, missions etc. and also
some hints, and cool things to do in the game.

                  I. Intro
                 II. What's new?
                III. Enemies
                 IV. Weapons
                  V. Hints
                 VI. Credits


                  I. Intro

            Robin Hood -- The Legend of Sherwood, is an RTT (Real Time Tactics) game, a very good one, I might add. This
game is pretty much the same as Desperados, only it has some new stuff,  I'll tell you about it! Even though Desperados
itself is a copy after Commandos, Robin Hood tends to be more complex than the other 2 of it's kind. Anyway, try to have
fun, cos that's what games are for, right ;)!


              II. What's new?

            Well, if you played Desperados or Commandos, you will have no trouble with the controls in this game.

            What's new:

            1.Between each mission, you return to Sherwood Forest, your home base. Here there are some cottages, or tables
where you can produce items which your Merry Men can use in the missions. There is also an old soldier who can train you to
become a better warrior, and some targets which help practicing archery. Remember, an archer can train at the targets only
if he has at least one arrow in his bag. You don't lose arrows or anything, but (for me at least) the training didn't work
without arrows.

            2.There are two categories of characters:

               a. Merry Men -- These are the main characters in the game, and you can only recruit them in missions, by
saving them. These are Robin's friends (in order of appearance, hope I got them right): Stuteley, Will Scarlet, Maid Marian,
Little John, Frair Tuck. These characters have 3 actions plus a special ability that works only on some (picking up ppl,etc)
 and it's a good ideea to use these guys in missions!

               b. Workers -- There are 3 tipes: one tall guy, one hunchbacked, and one of normal height. These guys only have
2 actions each, and a special ability. These guys are very good for keeping in home base, to produce items. You should use
them in the first ambushes for money that appear in the game, because these ambushes are easy and you can let the main
characters train,  and that will help you in tougher missions. You can have LOTS of these guys, cause they appear after each
normal mission, depending on the percentage of spared lives you have. (I'll name them after their height : small worker,
normal worker, big/tall worker)

            3.There are 4 types of missions:

               a. Normal missions, which help you progress thorugh the game. These are rescue missions, warning missions,etc.
               b. Ambushes which help you collect the ransom for King Richard. These happen on three different maps around
Sherwood Forest.
               c. Blazon missions, which take place on the same maps as the ambushes, only you have to get rid of all ppl on
the map, so you can stop Prince John's attacks.
               d. Castle missions, which take place in the castles that are used for normal missions. There are only two
missions of this sort. Here you have to get rid of all enemies, and you are halped by squads of allied soldiers.
               There are about 40 missions, I think, dunno for sure.


                III. Enemies

               There aren't many types of enemies in the game, but some of them are very hard to get rid of. I named them
myself, cause I don't know their names for sure. Also I will use THESE names EXACTLY in the other sections, when I mention

               a. Weak Soldiers
               1.Foot Soldier: It's the most common enemy in the game and he is armed with a spear, and he has little life.
These guys are almost harmless.

               2.Sworder: These guys are armed with a sword and a shield, and are a bit harder to kill, cause they have
extra armor.

               3.Bladers: These guys have a long axe, of some sort but they don't do much damage, so don't be scared.

               4.Archers: Ughh... I hate these guys, they are the shittiest enemies, with the lowest life, but they are VERY
annoying. They shoot arrows for 10 damage, and If you get close to them, they run away and shoot from another distance.
               Watch out for these guys, cause they can really fuck up your mission.

               5.Crossbowers: These guys are armed with crossbows, but they are almost harmless if u act fast, cause they
take ALOT of time to load their weapon, and you can knock them out while they are doing that. But remember that if they
shoot you once, you're screwed, cause they will load the other arrows faster, and they do 20 damage!!! Watch it!

               b. Strong Soldiers
               1.Governor: These are the generals that give orders to all of the ppl mentioned above. They have a bit
more life than your merry men, and they will order their units to attack you, before they attack you. These guys can lead
huge troops, so be careful when one sees you, cause he will send his troops to investigate. The troops also report to him.
Watch out, he can do quite some damage.

               2.Knights: These guys are very annoying. They are big guys in armors, so arrows don't hurt them. They also
have a huge sword, and they can knock you out with one hit, and do alot of damage. They will also let the other soldiers
attack before charging themselves,  but they are subordonate to the Governor.

               3.Riders: I HATE THESE GUYS! There are about 20 in the whole game, but they are the most annoying things that
ever lived. If they see you, they charge towards you and knock out all the ppl around you! You have to fight them in close
combat, but they have a mace, and it does even 50!! damage. When you knock them out, quickly use a guy that kills KO's to
kill him, cause he gets around very fast. The Riders and Knights (i'm not sure if it applyes to them too, just try it once)
won't bring around tied up or unconcious soldiers, so this is the good thing about them.

               4.Generals: These guys are the leaders of all armies, and they ussualy die last. Only Robin fights these guys,
there are aboout 3-4 in the game, and you duel with them, and kill them.

               NOTE -- There are four different coloured soldiers. The blue ones appear in the first missions, and are the
weakest. The orange ones appear in the most missions, and they are normal. The red soldiers are a bit harder to defeat, and
they appear in many missions. The black soldiers appear only in the last few missions, and they are very strong, so watch
yourself. The green soldiers are allies, so don't worry about them!

               c. Other
               1.CIVILIANS: BE very careful about WELL-DRESSED civilians (a voman with a red-pink long skirt, and a man in
blue clothes),  cause they will get alarmed and warn alot of soldiers in the level, and they soldiers will come looking for


                IV. Weapons

            There aren't very much real weapons in Robin Hood, but there are a lot of useful items.
            The rating is between 1-10 and it refers to how useful the weapon is.

            A. MELEE WEAPONS

            1. Fist
            Is used by : Robin Hood, Little John
            Effects : It can knock out a soldier with his back turned. Watch out though, cos Robin won't be able to KO the
Knights or Governors! Only Little John has that much strenght!
            Rating : 5

            2. Staff
            Is used by : Little John, Robin Hood (only in ambushes)
            Effects : It's very long and extremely useful in combat, it KO's weak soldiers in one shot, and strong soldiers
in max. 4 shots.
            Rating : 8

            3. Sword
            Is used by : Robin Hood (all missions except ambushes), Maid Marian, the normal workers
            Effects : It's a medium sized weapon, does good damage, but it rarely KO's soldiers of any kind. Use it only for
killing enemies, and cutting ropes on drawbridges...
            Rating : 7

            4. Axe
            Is used by : Stuteley
            Effects : It's pretty much like the sword, only a bit shorter
            Rating : 6

            5. Mace
            Is used by : Will Scarlet
            Effects : It's a deadly weapon, it kills quickly, and can KO strong enemies from even one shot (it hits their
head from above). It can be used to kill an uncocious enemy.
            Rating : 8

            6. Sceptre
            Is used by : Frair Tuck
            Effects : It's a pretty small weapon, but does good damage, and fast attacks.
            Rating : 6

            7. Club
            Is used by : Big workers
            Effects : low damage, pretty short, but it KO's all tipes of soldiers, like a staff.
            Rating : 6

            8. Fork
            Is used by : Small workers
            Effects : It's very long, so it's good in close combat. Sometimes it KO's soldiers, and it can kill unconcious
            Rating : 6

            9. Shield (didn't know where to put it, lol)
            Is used by : Will Scarlet, normal worker
            Effects : It defends your men from arrows, but it's almost useless, as the guys that use them stay very close to
the person they want to defend, and if that person is in combat, the shield man will get hit in 80% of the cases.

            B. RANGED WEAPONS

            1. Bow and arrows
            Is used by : Robin Hood (bet u didn't even know :P ), Maid Marian, normal worker
            Effect : Kills weak soldiers from one shot, Governors from two, can't shoot important NPC's or Generals, isn't
any good with Knights or Riders, they both have strong armours, so the arrows bounce off them.
            Rating : 9

            2. Slingshot
            Is used by : Will Scarlet
            Effect : Does a little damage and KO's weak soldiers from one shot, Governors from 1-2 shots. It never KO's the
Knights or the Riders. It has a pretty big range too.
            Rating : 7

            C. Items

            1. Net
            Is used by : Stuteley
            Effects : Stuteley throws it from a small distance, and it keeps a group of soldiers busy for quite some time,
it no one comes to set them free.
            Rating : 5

            2. Apple
            Is used by : Suteley, small workers
            Effects : This item is almost useless. It is thrown from a small distance, and it just gets an enemy dizzy for
about 3 seconds, so it is useful only in special situations.
            Rating : 3

            3. Leg of Lamb
            Is used by : Frair Tuck, big workers
            Effects : It's not a weapon it's only used to heal your charcaters. It restores health to the characters that
use it, but it's only good for them, so it's only use is saving up healing herbs for others.
            Rating : 5

            4. Medicinal Herbs
            Is used by : Maid Marian, small workers
            Effects : It restores a characters health. These are very useful throughout the game.
            Rating : 10

            5. Wasps Nest
            Is used by : Frair Tuck
            Effects : It can be thrown form a big distance, and it keeps all the people in a 4x4 radius busy, so you can KO
them easily
            Rating : 8

            6. Goatskin of Beer
            Is used by : Frair Tuck
            Effects : Keeps an enemy busy for a lot of time, so they only look one way, and when they drink they don't see
            Rating : 7

            7. Money Purse
            Is used by : Robin Hood
            Effects : Makes soldiers KO each other. Sadly, it only works on weak soldiers, and only the blue and orange ones
so use it only in the first missions. Also, the soldiers will fight only if their Governor doesn't break them up.
            Rating : 5

            D. Abilities

            1. Whistle
            Is done by : Little John, big workers
            Effects : Distracts an enemy, and makes him come to your position sometime.
            Rating : 5

            2. Kill KO'd enemy
            Is done by : Will Scarlet, small worker
            Effects : Kills a KO'd enemy, but it doesn't work on tied up enemyes. Use it only on Riders (cause it's the only
way to get rid of them) if u want to get many followers.
            Rating : 6

            3. Tie up an enemy
            Is done by : Frair Tuck, normal worker
            Effects : Just Guess :P . The enemy has to be KO'd, and will be untied if another enemy discovers him.
            Rating : 10

            4. Carry a body
            Is done by : Little John, big worker
            Effects : It carryes a body to a place of your choice. Try to hide the bodies.
            Rating : 10

            4. Agility
            Is "done" by : Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, normal worker
            Effects : You can jump from one rooftop to another, jump on cliffs, etc.
            Rating : 8

            5. Give a leg up
            Is done by : Little John
            Effects : It helps agile men to get up on high places that they could only jump off, otherwise.
            Rating : 6

            6. Climb
            Is done by : Robin Hood
            Effects : climbs up vines, and gets to places that are unaccesible to others.
            Rating : 6

            7. Strangle
            Is done by : Will Scarlet
            Effects : Kills an enemy by strangling him. It doesn't work on Knights or Governors, they can set themselves
            Rating : 4


                  V. Hints

            1. Sherwood Forest

          --This is your hideout, so no one can attack you here. You only have to produce items. When you put a man to work,
he will start moving around his work post, but the results of his work will only appear after 1 normal mission,or 2 ambushes
(consecutive). The results will appear on a scroll that can only be picked up by men who are agile. The same rules apply for
          --Try to train your Merry Men to the max, so you can use their skills in harder missions.
          --If you finish the game, while the ppl start dancing in Sherwood, press on the map. You'll notice that the river
and hills in Sherwood are forming a  " ;) " face. Pretty neat, but it's harder to notice before finishing the game.
          --The most important things you have to produce are arrows and medicinal herbs, so put most of your workers at it.
The next items would be what remains. Also, if u like a character very much, and you use him in most missions, then make sure
you have workers making the items that he uses.

            2. Missions

          --Try to kill as few ppl as possible, so you can have a lot of workers. It would be ideal to tie up all the ppl in
the level. Also, when you kill or tie up somebody, don't forget to carry them in houses. Note that if someone finds a man
tied up on the street, he will set him free, but if you hide him in a house, he won't ever be untied again (BUG!!!)
          --You should ALWAYS have these men in a mission : a guy who carryes, a guy who ties up, and a healer. You should
have a guy that KO's from 1-3 shots, but these are the same guys that carry, so it's the same. The other 2 guys are yours
to choose, dependig on what you like or need.
          --The best team : Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, Frair Tuck, Will Scarlet. After you get these guys, and
train them well enough, the rewards will be yours. The last mission is hard, so it will be alot easy if you use these guys
all trained up!
          --Use the " 8 " shaped attacks with Little John to KO as many ppl as you can at once! My personal record is 34 in
only one hit (they all fell on each other, but it was a glitch I think)
          --Try to fight soldiers on STAIRS. If you hit them hard enough, they will fall, and roll down the stairs, so they
get KO'd! This will help you lots.
          --Give money to the beggars until they say "My last piece of advice". That's the last advice, and you will only
waste money after that, and they will say "Oh, sugar" or something like that. ALSO if you give him a money purse and he
says "Anything else my lord?" it means that the piece of info is more expensive. He can ask for 4 purses MAX! Try to give
them all the money they ask for, cause they ussually give u sub-missions, and one of them earns you 10 times more money than
you paid the beggar!
          --Watch for women saying "He's fainted?!" when they see o KO'd soldier. These are the civilians that alarm the
other soldiers. They will also yell "HELP, HELP and mumble some dum shit to a soldier" so when you hear them, just run to a
hiding place, and after you hide, look around to see who told on you. Try to KO the men and women that squeal, and then tie
them up, but mind that soldiers will get them up again.
          --Blue and Orange soldiers will come looking if they see or hear anything suspicious, and they will alarm quickly.
Red soldiers are more calm, and come only in some cases. Black soldiers however, can even see you fight someone, but they
will remain at their post, and if u leave their sight range, they will calm down imediately!
          --Soldiers will be alarmed if they hear sword noises, and they will look to see what it is, so when you start a
fight, first look who's around.
          --If u aren't to good at finghting just deselect the character that starts a fight! He will fight ny himself, and
will especially defend himself. Use this tactic when you can't KO a Knight, by letting a character fight him, and select a
character that can punch, then hit the Knight EXACTLY AFTER he attacks the other guy, so you won't get hit. This is a good
method to get rid of harder enemies.
          --Use the above method on the castle missions. It will be very useful, as the allied soldiers will fight the enemy,
and you can just go around puching and tying up the enemies.
          --It's a good ideea to get money off bodies. It's good to know that the ppl who have money on them are: Governors
and Knights of any color, crossbowers and all BLACK slodiers. Also note that in some missions, you won't be able to pick up
money off bodies (dunno why), so if u can't pick up money from a Knight, stop searching for others, you'll only waste time.
Also note that Generals always have money on them.
          --Try to complete all subquests, they will give you clovers and money. Also use clovers wisely, and also use them
quickly, as an enemy will capture the KO'd soldier, and u won't be able to wake him up unless you kill the soldier holding
          --Prove that you are the best player by making 100% of spared lives. This is very hard, but you can manage it on
easy level, and even on normal, if u have lots of time :P.


                 VI. Credits

            Thanks go to:

            - You for reading this guide

            - My PC for putting up with me all this time, and not crashing (too often :) )

            - The crew that made this beautiful game.

            - Coffe, coke, smokes, all of y'all for keeping me up so many nights.

            - DLH webpage for putting this Guide up.

            - Just the rest of y'all who weren't mentioned before!!!

            If u have any questions, corrections, complaints, suggestions, etc. mail me at mrgangstarr@netscape.com